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Remember Me – I sorta know what it’s about now (some spoilers!)

*I’m anti-spoilers so if you want to be a Remember Me virgin in 2010 then go read LTT or an old LTR post today cause while I WILL NOT give it away, I’ll mention some stuff that you may not want to hear. So come back another day if you don’t want spoilers, trust me I TOTES understand!*

posterDear Rob,

Warn a girl next time she goes to see one of your movies and THAT happens!! And by “that” I mean about 800 things! For serious. Holy crap! Can’t say I saw that coming, talk about awesome!

So Remember when I said I had no clue what Remember Me was about? Well funny thing is after watching it we had to fill out a questionnaire and they asked us to summarize the movie and I really couldn’t tell you a simple one sentence answer. It was about a bunch of things but oh so good! Here are the highs and lows of those bunches of things…



  • Sitting behind Summit distribution dudes and Alexandra Patsavas and ladies from her Chop Shop crew (yes, I’m a nerd who knows what she looks like)

It's not about a Zombie eating brains!

  • The spaghetti/shower scene. Yea, trust me in 2010 you’ll be saying MOON the spaghetti/shower scene was redonkulous, you were SO right about that one!
  • Big Brother Rob is pretty much to die for. The girl who plays his sister Caroline is a star waiting to happen
  • I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again: “holy sex sceneS batman.” Um, wow. I think the men in the audience probably felt uncomfortable (or turned on) by the group moans and sighs all the women let out. I’ve also never been more glad Twilight doesn’t have sex scenes. THANK YOU JESUS you know my heart couldn’t handle that
  • Rob and his friends banter has some really great one liners and funny moments
  • Random American Pie/Chris Weitz shout out in the middle of the movie. I seriously said “CHRIS WEITZ!” outloud. I am whipped for him, after all

Yup, still hot

  • Yea, the fight scene was even hotter (in that weird, totally wrong way) than it was in that paparazzi video all those months ago
    • Rob gets an Executive Producer credit on the movie. He has good people working for him!


    Follow the cut for even more Remember Me goodness!


    not gay OR blind!

    • Being yelled at, wand-ed, evil eyed, and basically strip searched by 500lb men looking for cell phones. Welcome to 2009, EVERYONE has a cell phone but that doesn’t mean they want to make a shitty video phone version of your movie! Um, thanks!
    • A rando girl getting in a fight with said 500lb security dude
    • Pierce Brosnon’s on again, off again, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t Brooklyn “accent”
    • Rob holds the guitar and never plays it. FAIL.
    • Suspect music choices, which made me think they were temps/placeholders and why Alex and crew were brought in, to hopefully kick the soundtrack into high gear

    black V neck NOT worn in the film

    • My pal Steph was banned from all future screenings put on by this suspect company. We got a good laugh out of that
    • A few oddball cuts and editing decisions. Hopefully it’s because they’re still working but a rando fade to black in the middle of the film was odd

    It was great seeing him play a character other than Edward! Tyler is definitely NOT Rob playing himself, though there were a few Robisms that made it endearing but I don’t think Rob is anywhere near as intense or ready to throw down like this character is. With a few more edits, fixing a few plot points and shining up the beginning and end, then droping in a killer soundtrack: this will be a really nice film. Sure in the end it’s probably not Oscar worthy but it’s definitely ladies night worthy! Take all your lady friends, your mom, your grandma and NOT your dad and enjoy the many faces of Rob! Intense Rob, Crazy Eyes Rob, Punching Rob, Romantical Rob, Brother Rob, Sexy times Rob, Bust-into- your-dads-board-meeting-and-tell-everyone-to-STFU Rob, yup they’re ALL there! Just don’t forget your tissues and designate your hand holding buddy before you go in. Emmeloowhoo and I may or may not have help hands and dried each others tears but that’s between us and the stadium seating.

    As for the details of those sex scenes that so many people have begged (yes you people begged like addicts!) for, I will be giving a graphic explanation and play by play including shadow puppets 😉 around the campfire at Camp LTR/LTT this week at the NM premiere. Cold showers and hosing ’em down optional.

    Spaghetti Rob is the new spaghetti cat,

    PS I think I’m gonna go read the script now!
    PPS thanks and big hugs to these lovely ladies who went: Emmeloowhoo, HisOneandOnly, Vickyb, Chelsea, Ashley, Kim and Steph! You gals are the tops and I would share a spaghetti shower with you any day!

    So whatddaya think? Excited? Annoyed? Not interested? Hate my guts? Want to have your own sex scene with Rob (ok, ok that’s a given)?

    Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum LTR Twitter


    1. I can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the sorta kinda spoilerish free recap Moon!

    2. OMG …reading the posts (especially mine…lol)…
      SEX scenes HERE and SEX scenes THERE, front, ass, legs, naked, naked against the wall…..

      so hoping Rob is too busy today somewhere here around doing interviews and NOT reading LTR today….

      otherwise from now on I have to fake some little acting interest…

      • Not just a vanilla sex scene.. but it has one of those “Angry sex” kinda rough scene.. Enough to make your overies explode and melt.
        Bring plenty of ice water to hose yourself down.
        heh heh.

        • Hahahaha angy sex = best sex= I neeeeed to see it!
          There will be not enough ice water in the world….I swear!

          • Ohhhh angRy….you call it “shit typing”or not?
            Sorry mind is blowing away…..
            Tomorrow in MUNICH! YEAH!

      • 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Oh, I’m sure you don’t have to fake anything with Rob.

        • Je ne vous regret rien.!lol

    3. I ant wait to hear the scoop of the “scenes” next week. I will be died of course.

    4. Sooooooooom lucky, thank you so much for sharing :)))

      And, as I will not be at the LTT gathering next week, please could you come to London and show me?

      Thanks 🙂

      P.S. I met Chris Weitz on Wdeds too, I agree, totally delightful and gracious. AND he was wearing the yellow trousers at the time!!!!

      P.P.S. Still dazzled by Rob too 🙂

    5. […] over to Letters to Rob if you wanna be […]

    6. Oh, so much twatblocking.

      Listen carefully, you can hear my ovaries crying.

    7. this is like the biggest cocktease ever. i hate your guts and wish i were you all at the same time.

    8. Ok, gotta explain the spaghetti/shower scene. What on earth is that about?

      • Jena, read my review a bit down from here!

    9. super duper excited… and was kinda hoping for a leaked scene or too… i do believe in spoilers! so jealous that my head might explode when i re-read this post!

    10. Hate you like always. But you know…whateves

    11. OMG I am so jealous. I cannot wait to see this although I’m scared I’ll do the old sobbing-cry at the end and totally embarrass myself.

      What is the LTT/LTR camp thing – I want to go.

      Executive Producer Rob – so happy that he got to give creative ideas and it sounded like he had some input with Jenny Lumet on the changes in the script. Love it – Hope Rob is going to be around for a long time in Movie production.

      Ok I’m in LA – how do I get invited to a screening LOL – excited for you Moon that you got to see it …… but come on give some spoilers 🙂 – at least the sex scenes ……..

    12. okay, so i just downloaded a copy of the script.. it says Memoirs by Will Fetters on the front. is this the one? i perused and in one line, tyler was quoting ghandi..

      anyways, i’m contemplating whether or not to read the script.. but knowing myself, i think i would. but should i?

    13. Spaghetti Cat!!! You like how the thing Im most excited about in your review was a reference to Spaghetti Cat? Read the script months ago, not sure if Im going to go see this (who am i kidding?) but dudes if I cried THAT hard reading a script then imagine the fool I will become watching the last few minutes unfold…damn you Robler… oh also I think watching Rob simulate sex may give me a heart attack/ break my brain…

    14. Moonie…I woke this morning missing sad rob and all his spooning glory and for some strange reason I wanted cake *huh* weird.
      Your descriptions/comments were perfect. Little bit of work and this movie will be one that Rob can be so proud of.
      The smexin’ scenes were pretty hot and kinda put the Twilight kiss to shame *sorry* Our boy definitely has some moves!

      Thanks for letting me join in the awesomeness of the movie and the stimulating convo afterwards with you and all the girls! So much fun.

      February 12, 2010 Remember Me..Go See It!

      • so glad to finally meet you!!!!

      • Ok that comment about “our boy definately has moves made me squirm and I bet all the stamina you can imagine but I want to know about the kissing is it passionate or does he just tug at her lip…

        • Oh no…. definitely steamy. I mean he is NOT holding back like he has to in Twilight. Gah. If I was Emilie I would have wanted to do a few takes on each kissing scene, You know…to make sure we got it right!!

    15. Three things I am absolutely sure of:

      1. Wet Rob = steamy
      2. Fighting Rob = hot
      3. Me = jealous bitch

      • LMAO! But refering to the third thing…..

        that’s not just you, that’s a whole registered (LTR) association right now…!

    16. Moonie –

      What is the kissing like?


      • Moonie I want to know the same thing how passionate is their kissing??

    17. The first sex scene was about 1-2 minutes long. Most of it are close ups of them together having sex…naked…moaning…and groaning. We do see skin!!!

      The second sex scene is what I’m assuming is the next day after they have sex (or it could be a couple hours after the first sex session). They are both naked in bed laying side by side. It was kind of weird and awkward as they both started gyrating under the cover and started to make weird sex faces.

      The last sex scene was hot! Although, during the discussion group people felt that this scene was unnecessary and confusing. The scene takes place after he comes back from storming into his dads board meeting and confronts his dad for not showing up to Caroline’s art show. He comes back to his apartment (he and Ally had gotten into an argument before he confronts his dad) so they are both frustrated and angry. He storms in and is an emotional wreck. Ally tries to comfort him..which leads into hot, angry, frustrating sex. He’s pushing her up against the wall and they have nice wall sex together.

      • Oh. My. Goodness. Thank you so much for explaining! Ah, my mind is going into a different place right now! I can’t wait to see, oh my goodness. When the DVD comes out I’m sure I’ll be replaying the sex scenes over and over and over again. *blushes and hides in a corner*

        How did you see this movie so soon? Oh my goodness did you say moaning? AHHH, like in New Moon when he kisses Bella? Swoon.

        Rob not better be lurking here today….that or my mother.

        • I know right it’s gonna be the death of me seeing Rob in a love scene like this and hearing moan I almost stopped breathing when I saw the extended kiss scene from NM and he lets out this moan and I think my back arched when he did that so freaking sexy….

          • Rob is so sexy, he oozes sex appeal no matter what he does! Pretty much anything he says or do turns me on, darn this is not even normal!

      • OH they better keep that in.
        Hot, angry wall sex = such a turn on.

        (I’m a little weirded out that there is actually a scene like this in existance. I just commented the other day about a sure-fire way of seeing if Rob is doomed to suffer the Brad Pitt effect is to have him reinact the Thelma & Louise hotel-room scene – which was one of the best angry sex against the wall scenes of all time…..poof, my wish was granted…..hmmm, let’s see…..I wish Rob were standing in front of me right this very minute holding a toasty Hot Pocket and wearing nothing but that effing sexy wrist band….)

      • Note to peeps in Focus Group: NO SEX SCENE with Rob is “unnecessary and confusing” I felt it was necessary and I was totally unconfused. Thanks!

    18. Ladies! it was lovely to see you all and meet those of you i didn’t know. and Moon, I won’t tell anyone about the hand holding… oh wait.

      Again, shocking ending and I sobbed and sobbed, I’m sure Moon was concerned at some point because the chair was shaking. UGH! over all good.
      over all glad to meet people.
      over all i think i may be banned from further screenings because I admitted during the focus group that I had read the script. when asked where I got it and how long ago I had read it I said, easy, you can google it. anything is on line these days.

      • OH no, really???

    19. So glad you read the script.. I can’t, absolutely can NOT wait for this movie.. the script broke my heart.. I cried… while reading it I cried.. .
      that SH!T just doesn’t happen to me.

      I can’t wait to see him in this role!

    20. Rob sex scenes……………………………..ksdfhuefbvsudhfebfa;ksdfhuegbv;jvbjv

    21. Moon do you think Summit will take my advice about putting Iron and Wine’s song Trapeze Swinger as the ending montage? they would be dumb asses if they didn’t. Ive been saying that this song is perfect since I freaking read that script back in may.

    22. […] Source […]

    23. I am witness to those sacred sex scenes.

      Watching Remember Me…I put myself in Emile’s place…and it ALMOST how a fanfic of Rob and myself would go…if we lived in New York and he had a crappy apartment and drank beer and smoked cigarettes all the time. He made a spaghetti dinner where he neglected to break the noodles before he put them in the pot and ended up just crushing them down with a spoon *cringe!* Rob “does” the dishes, kind of, and ends up spraying her with the sprayer…in return, she DUMPS the leftover noodles on him. Enter shower scene. *DIES* My favorite part. YES it was a dirty shower but it’s easily ignored when Rob is there…:)

      It was a great movie.
      Hopefully the soundtrack will be better.
      Hopefully they’ll make some cuts and edits.
      Hopefully they’ll add more shirtless Rob. *DIES*
      I, like Moon, still can’t tell you the plot or theme of the movie. It was, however, Robalicious. He had a GREAT performance.

      ❤ Ash

      • Can you tell us about the kissing is it passionate?

    24. OMG. Rob and sex scenes!!! I can hardly wait for New Moon – less than a week!!! Now we’re teased and tormented with SEX SCENES!!! And we have to wait til March.

      Dear God in Heaven, I need help.

    25. Moon, why did Steph get banned for life! That ridiculous! 😦

    26. Ashley & Emme 🙂

      What about the kissing?


      • Yeah I want to know about that tool is it really hot???

    27. Moon;
      I read the script months ago.
      good thing you brought tissue for the tears. 😦

      I take it they must have left the “angry sex” scene in? Between robbie and his girlfriend?

      THAT scene was enough to make my overies explode and melt. whoo whoo..
      I can understand why you were shocked then..
      poor Moon!
      hee hee.

    28. please please!!! i want the script, can’t wait til March. let me know who has it & i can give you my email…Moon- such a cockblock!! well played moon, well played.

    29. Can NOT wait for this movie! Moon you crack me up! Looking forward to the campfire at Camp LTR/LTT!

    30. Is Rob convincing as Tyler
      Do any scenes stand out that show Rob’s good acting.
      You only seem focused on how he looks. This worries me

    31. OMG-all your references to a looming date at the end of the movie and I can only think of one that is tragic in NY! Say it isn’t so!!

    32. I have mixed emotions right now.

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    34. Okay, did i hear full frontal like we’re gonna see him naked in the sex scenes? I have to tell you I’ve read a detailed description and there will be moaning going on and I’m afraid if I hear him doing that it’s gonna majorly turn me on…like over the top he has a very sexy groan and mix that with some sweat and heavy breathing and some grinding whooo is it getting warm in here.

    35. OMG, great review. Can not wait to see this movie…the script was amazing, and although I’m sure there have been plenty of changes…it sounds like most of it is the same…

      Sex scenes will be the death of me!

      • I know right all I got to do is hear him moan and I’m like puddy…

    36. Hello all I also have the script if somene wants to read it then send me your email.

    37. […] Click here to read Moon’s review.Lots of spoilers! You’ve been warned!!!! […]

    38. I have to ask this…was there any sun in the movie? It seemed that from the moment Rob arrived in our fair city, it did nothing but rain until he left.


      I’ll let you know next week when he returns for NM promos… 😀

    39. I need the script – I’m dying here!!!

    40. Whoaa, a lot of Rob sex scenes is just WOW. But, i’m gonna be a really objective and critical fan coz i want to know so bad if he could get rid of Edward Cullen image and see his acting skill. Remember Me should be the first test for him. See, Rob please give me some good work (beside some of ur guud body, teehee)

    41. Even afterradng those spoilers, I’m still going to summarize “Remember Me” as “what happened to Claire during season 5 of Lost- the island transported her to New York, where she got it on with Rob.”
      Wow, I want to find this island now.

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    43. Sasha, how is Tyler and Ally’s kissing is it really hot? I mean like open mouth, wet with maybe some tongue too or is it more reserved like Twilight?

    44. I honestly don’t know if my heart will be able to see Rob in sex scenes specially if he’s letting out erotic moans it might be the death of me.

    45. […] Remember Me – I sorta know what it’s about now (some spoilers!) *I’m anti-spoilers so if you want to be a Remember Me virgin in 2010 then go read LTT or an old LTR post today […] […]

    46. can i post your report here?

      i’ll write the source to it

    47. […] Twilight was lucky enough to attend an exclusive pre-screening of a rough cut of Remember Me, and she has a detailed look at what to expect from Rob’s new film. Warning: some minor spoilers are included in this […]

    48. OMG I’m sweating, moon – this article is HAWT yet hysterical, if I was a dude I would have blue balls! I’m dying to see you are SO lucky! I hope you dont mind, I posted the link and some of your best quotes on our site, of courseeeee I credited you as the quoter of the day! Cant wait to see it, I think I have to go shower off now.


    49. okay just read the script. that ending… if were being honest that made me cry more than when i read the breakup in New Moon. i cant wait for this movie (even though idk how ill get in) yea being 16 has its drawbacks…..

    50. I knew it. The first time I saw the title. I knew he would die in it.


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