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Rob talks hair lines & gets a new hat. Oh & answers boring questions about Edward…


Seriously? I answered that question 2 minutes ago. The answer was lame then. It will be lame now

Dear Rob,

Are you as tired of answering questions about the hardest scene to shoot (The Break-up scene) or your favorite scene to shoot (The night before the break-up in front of Bella’s house) and how Twilight differs from New Moon (duh) and how difficult it was to play dream sequence Edward (it was hard- because it isn’t Edward- you asked Kristen how she would play it) as I am of hearing the answers? I can’t even imagine what you’re going through answering this crap over and over again. Then again, I’m not getting paid to listen to it- you’re getting paid to answer the questions. Hmm. Okay, I have the worse end of the deal.

Anyway, like Moon yesterday, I’m not even halfway into all the crap that has come out since Friday and Saturday. I’m overwhelmed. I need you to slow down a little bit, ok? Or at least stop doing 8 minute interviews breaking down how you got into the Edward Cullen mindset. Or do something to spice it up. I gave you a few suggestions a few weeks ago. How about next time someone asks about the chemistry of Edward & Bella in New Moon you go on about your palatial pad & the fun you have with microwaves. And when the interviewer stares at you blankly gasp and say, “Oh, did you say Edward and Bella!? I thought you meant Kristen & I. Sorry I confuse us just like the majority of our fans.”

Anyway, onto business. A few things stuck out to me as I was falling asleep watching really enjoying all the news and videos of the past few days:

MTV & Fandango polled their readers asking the question:

“Which of these young actors will be the first “Twilight Saga” veteran to win an Oscar in their career?”
Actors and final answers
a) Robert Pattinson (43%)
b) Kristen Stewart (23%)
c) Anna Kendrick (1%)
d) Dakota Fanning (29%)

False. The question was not, “Which of these young actors are the most attractive.” It was who will be the first to win an Oscar. The correct answer would be Dakota Fanning. (Imdb says she has won 17 awards and has been nominated for 16. Which makes no sense.) Or quite possibly Anna Kendrick. The girl is legit. Or maybe Michael Welch is going to surprise us all and become the next Philip Seymour Hoffman. Moon saw Phil eating alone out in L.A. the other night so I pretty sure he’s not getting laid. And we know no one is banging Michael Welch. It could happen. But Rob Pattinson winning an Oscar? Hmm.. I’m pretty sure the Brad-Pitt effect is in full force here and Rob, you’re too pretty for the critics to take seriously. Sorry to break it to you…*

What “Do” would not look tight (:50)

jack-nicholsonDid you smoke a little weed before you went into that interview because you weren’t sure how you were gonna survive Slater without it?  Did you forget to take off the plastic wrap off that hot pocket you ate the night before and it melted and mixed in with the pepperoni and you ate it causing the chemicals to go to your brain? Does Kristen’s grandpop look remarkably similar to Jack Nicholson and she swore she’d send Taylor Lautner & his karate moves after you if you ever criticized a member of her family? Did you really say that you like THIS Haircut of Jack Nicholson’s? This isn’t a haircut. This is Jack, praying every day that he can one day in the future get a hair cut again. That “Jack Nicholson thing where it kinda ‘goes up'” is called a receding hair line. So far you aren’t taking after your hero in that respect (Although you are right about Bradley Cooper. His hair kinda “goes up” too)

You got a new hat

Rob-LBhatAnd with every new article of clothing (and in this picture I believe you’re modeling at least 12 pieces) I feel you’re sending us a message. Sure, the “LB” on this hat could be some sports team I’m unaware of because the last time I was physically active was when I was in 7th grade and played softball for 2 weeks until I got shin splints and quit because of the pain (aka I didn’t like that I was sweating) and I married a musician. We don’t know so much about the sports in this house. (But we do own a pink hammer).  Then again, I don’t know that you’re the biggest sports fanatic either, so I’m going to go back to my initial thought that you’re sending us a message:

  • LB stands for pound (lb) and is a homage to the British pound and you’re rubbing it in your American fans faces that the pound is so much stronger than the dollar. Therefore you’re richer than Michael Welch since you’re British. Also you’re richer because you’re Robert Pattinson and he’s Michael Welch. Nice. Way to rub it in his face.
  • You know that next week there is a beach BBQ being held in California for LTT/LTR gals in town for the New Moon premiere, but you’d rather we hold it at Long Beach. We’ll change our plans Rob, for you. But just so you know, you’re gonna need to lose the layers….. ifyouknowwhati’msayin’
  • You have a sudden love for the band Limp Bizkit and they sent you a tour hat because they’re so thrilled to still have at least one fan.
  • You hooked up with a girl from Long Beach state and stole her hat, sending us the message that you’re not, in fact, tied down to Kristen and you are very willing to partake in random hook-ups as long as there is something to steal that compliments your wardrobe. I have a pair of Christmas socks that I believe would keep your little piglets perfectly warm during long flights to and from Europe. You’re welcome to come by, randomly, and see if you think you might like to steal them…

So I hope your flight to Europe went well (although I’m sure your toes were cold) and we’ll see you in Long Beach next week- I’ll bring the Heineken. In the meantime, the next time an interviewer asks you the best thing about being Edward, instead of some bullshit answer about not being a werewolf, open up your wallet and pull out a handful of British pounds and wave them in the interviewer’s face saying “I get a lot of these….”

Good to see you smiling again!

Poor Michael Welch! What did he do to me? Why did I pick on him today!? Also, I forget what I learned in economics. If Rob gets paid in US dollars, that’s not a good thing for him, right? Cuz it’s less in British pounds. I’m confused. Been out of college too long. Also don’t really care. Rob has plenty of money to buy $.50 shirts and steal hats from Cameron Stewart’s room (Kristen’s brother) that are just from his 5 week stint at a local community college in the Valley. PapaStew hoped he would amount to something in life, but he just wants to smoke the tree, ‘mon.

*Bring on the discussion. It’s way to early in Rob’s career to actually discuss this with anything to back us up- but can you see Rob having the curse of Brad Pitt and being deemed too pretty to be taken seriously in his acting career?

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  1. Oscar? Hmmm… I’m sure nobody took Johnny Depp seriously when he was on 21 Jump Street. He was just another pretty boy.

    Of course, Johnny’s never won an Oscar either.

    Damn! Sorry, Rob. Guess you’ll just have to settle for being rich and beautiful.

    Sometimes life is hard.

  2. Kendrick for the win! Up in the Air looks amazing, and she’s already generating legit Oscar buzz for her role in it.

    I dig her.

    And Dakota will def win an Academy Award. Right after she takes her Homecoming Princess crown off her head. I love that she’s so Apple Pie.

    That jacket reminds me of the Incredible Hulk. Is all I’m sayin’.

  3. “This isn’t a haircut. This is Jack, praying every day that he can one day in the future get a hair cut again.”

    Amazing. Rob is the only man in the entire world that is wishing his hair would recede – which is doubly ironic as he has the best hair of all men, everywhere.

    Am I the only person with the opinion that EVERYONE on that list is going to get an Oscar before Rob does? Sorry Rob, but look at Leo, Brad and Johnny! You’ll get nominated, sure, but you’ll have to do pretty great in order to win. Jus’ sayin’.

    • I agree, I don’t see an Oscar in Rob’s near future. Sorry, Rob, as much as I love you I have to be brutally honest. What do you want an Oscar for anyway? It would make your duffel bag 8.5 pounds heavier and anyway you know you think the surfboard is way cooler.

  4. Limp Bizkit… haven’t heard that name in forever

    I did it all for the nookie

    • I joke that I want “Nookie” played at my funeral, because I really did do it all for the nookie.

  5. I think Rob will go more the Heath Ledger route (though hopefully without the untimely death) than the Brad Pitt route. I mean, a year and a half ago Rob could still believably pass for 17. This year he’d have a hard time passing for 30. He’s aging fast and rough and those sexy cigarettes are doing a good job of smacking the pretty off his face. It’s only a matter of time before he’s all grizzled playing a gay fireman and is back at the Oscars.

    • AMEN…lol

      • Not that I’d kick him out of bed or anything… ;P

    • I agree he is looking a little rough around the edges these days….that boy needs a good night’s sleep 🙂


    • I call this an “accelerated development to my age” Thank you Marlboro and Camel filters….hahaha….He’s looking gooooooood…!

    • I know, I wish he’d quit smoking and not drink so much. Wish he’d eat healthier. 😦 He is aging pretty fast, but yeah I’m not kicking him out of the bed too. I’m older than him but he looks so much older than me!

      • Hi sweet girl “older than Rob but looking younger”…lol I think YOU are HOT !

        Sooner or later he has to quit otherwise he will look exactly like J.N. in a few years…drinking, smoking etc…it’s kinda the british idea of beeing a “cool guy”, you remember? He would like to be a pianist in southern France…but wait, perhaps it was “southern-belle” yeah…your lucky girl! Damn!

        • OK thanks for flattering me…I guess, in my dreams, Rob will come searching for southernbell. I sent you a novel of an email.


          • I actually responded to you ❤

      • Dakota Fanning looks older than you. =)

        Personally I love that Rob looks like he’s my age. Makes me feel less pervy. But I’d like it if he’d level off at this point and not bypass us all.

        • @JodieO – hehe I’m sticking my tongue out at you! LOL

          • Hee!

    • I have so been thinking this exact same thing. You know how presidents age quickly while in office? That’s what’s happening to Rob while doing this franchise. At this rate, he will look like he’s 65 by the time this is over….

      • Excellent point! Except maybe Rob won’t have it quite as hard as some of the Presidents, ’cause his approval rating is only going up!

        Rob’s face on our currency, anyone? P’raps call for a re-do on Mt. Rushmore? Rob, Stew, Tay, and . . . . C-Dub, maybe?

    • Oh no! This killed me! He is aging way too fast. Poor Robbie, he better be careful what he wishes for or his hair may start “going up” too. Although I also would not kick him out of bed!

  6. I personally think that Harry Clearwater’s Famous Fish Fry should be nominated for an Oscar. That, or Gil’s delivery of those famous lines. Cause that shiz was brillz.

    • He is down with the kids…

      • He’s the bomb.

        • I suddenly have a hankering for a Vitamin R and to go polish my shotgun.

          • Who doesn’t?!

      • Other famous Twi-lines worthy of Oscar:
        “Animal Attack.”,
        “Hello, My name is Forest, Forest Gump…er Edward Cullen”,
        “What? N..are you se…No….No..I..ha..I don’t even… what are you sa…how…ga..gaa..what are you talking about…do you want me to go away…no….I can’t….no…I can’t just leave you…I “,
        “How you likin’ da rain, guuuurrrl”,
        “You can google it”,
        “We used to make mud-pies together”,
        “Cat” (sigh) – fake goth pussy lover should be nominated for Oscar gold for that sigh.

        • Buttcrack Santa (RIP) needs a nomination for his performance!!

          • YES!! RIP Buttcrack Santa…RIP. I mean, he DID hand out all of those little bottles. I don’t think anyone has ever played such a masterfully skeezy S-Claus before. NO ONE.

          • Best Musical Performance in a Drama:

            “Mama said . . . . something something make a kitty MEowwww”

        • If there ever was an Oscar for best stutter-er, we all know who is would go to… 😉

          • Best blink-stutter combo.

          • Hahaha!! 😀 Your “Um, hi I like puppies” just made me snort with cheer. Loves it!

        • Can I just add a quick nod to the largely over looked “purple’s cool.” and, “Any wet….cold….(throws up in mouth)…thing….I (shakes head and shudders)…”???

          • Yup, yup. And then there’s the one that’s near and dear to my . . . heart . . . or other, more southerly-located body part:

            “Well, you really shouldn’t have said that.”

          • That is Oscar gold. The acceptance speech would have to go as follows:

            “I….I….wo-wou-would like to thank the color purple. And all the wet, cold things in the world.” *blink blink* *bites lip repeatedly*

          • Worst line ever. Like her life was just overflowing with cold, wet..things. Frogs? Slushies? The creature from the Black Lagoon?

            How did so many crappy lines make it in to that movie?

          • Dazzled, love your mind!

          • Hahaha, you girls (?) are friggin hillari-o’s. You put a smile on my face. I want to thumb up you all…….wait, that doesn’t sound right….Um, hi. I like puppies.

          • That’s what I thought dazzled…I’m watching the movie for the first time and thinking, “Did I miss something in the book? Chapter 3.5 where Bella discusses her hatred for all wet/cold combos, perhaps? Damn Cougeriffic for making me second guess my Twi-knowledge!

        • What about the waitress!? She’s the brains behind Buttcrack Santa and fuels all the tension about the animal attacks with “the chief”…

          Plus we know she was molested off camera by all those hairy old men.

          • Agreed. I mean the delivery of the veggie plate was…there are not strong enough words. I may have cried a little during that scene.

  7. I would like to think that he would one day win an Oscar or the British equivalent, but I am afraid that he will fall into the Brad Pitt category. Sorry Rob.
    As for Johnny Depp, he was nominated for an Oscar. His day will come.
    I think that Dakota and/or Kristen will get Oscars before Rob does.
    I watched video interviews for over 2 hours last night, and am already bored with the questions. Rob’s laugh is the only thing that made me keep watching. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him on David Letterman.
    I am actually impressed with Kristen’s interviews. She seems so much more relaxed. I am starting to warm to her.

    • So glad that you (and a whole lot of other people) are coming around. Kristen is the shiz. 🙂

      • I’m coming around to Kristen’s team, too. I like how she’s not all Hollywood- Paris Hilton-full of herself and just wants a little privacy and respect . . .

    • Kristen is impressing me too. She must have been forced to take PR classes since Twilight. She definitely is coming off better now.

    • Kristen respondes so much better, it feels like SHE feels good…perhaps she pretty much Rob beside her to give her sincere advice and much SUPPORT….teehee 🙂

    • i am MUCH more interested in Kristen’s interviews than Rob.

      Thus as of tomorrow this site changes to LetterstoKirsten

      • Who’s Kirsten?

        • Kirsten Dunst, the new leading lady of Rob Patterson…lol

          • OH!!!! duh. of course!

          • she has vampire training. and a snaggle tooth. that =’s savings in the make-up department. it IS a recession you know.

          • Nooooooooo! Stop with the Kirsten Dunstnense!

            Hey, Claudia! I know you’re pretty fierce, killing prostitutes and kissing Lestat and all, but Jane is the scariest tween vampire of all time! OF ALL TIME!

          • Oh StotheP how could you say that. I think Kiefer was possibly the sacriest….well, unless we’re talking scary bad – then it has to be Cory Haim in LB II…now that was BAAAAAAAAAADDDD!!!!

          • Scariest TWEEN vampire! Haven’t seen LB2 – just can’t stomach the thought.

          • StotheP, thank you Kanyeing Kirsten. She’s a gold star douche. That is all.

          • LB = Lost Boys ????

          • Yes, LB=Lost Boys. And you may as well keep your lunch in your stomach, cuz believe me, that was some HORRIBLE acting/writing/FX’ing/basically-everything-that-goes-in-to-making-a-movie’ing I’ve ever sat through.

            I kinda think of Keifer in LB as a tween vampire. Maybe cuz Haim/Feldman/Newlander were all so young. We didn’t really have the word “tween” back then though. We just had a name for the girls: “prostitotts”.
            But you’re probably right….not so much tween as teen. And truth be told he wasn’t even that scary. Vampires generally aren’t……for me…they’re just incrediballs sexy!

          • The Old One = The Wise One. Rob is giving a shout out to his vamp predecessors from LB with his nifty new LB hat!! He’s also got an hommage to Haim on his drawers!!!

    • Seems more mature too :-).

      • matured guys=hot guys
        Benefit? Def. no more Efron-Pattinson comparisons!

        • Oh I was talking about Kristen but yes now that I think about it, Rob seems more mature too. Love his answers!

          • Hahaha, you know it, sometimes I post a comment without understanding it well, so that’s my risk!

            StopheP said a few days ago “love has no language” Big wave I had missed you a lot, read your comments and understood 80% yeah, I am getting better ….lol

            Southerndakota (you have to change name!)I will write you tomorrow ❤

    • Agrees..
      Stewie is much more professional and at ease now in these interviews.
      its easier to tolerate her. wonder what changed her?
      Hope she can keep it up.

      re: oscars-
      Don’t think Rob will ever get one (sorry about that).
      I DO however think his little buddy Tom Sturridge may; sometime in the far future if he continues to take on challenging roles as he’s done film as well as stage, and he’s come out with the best of the best to learn from them:
      Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Toni Collette, Annette Benning, Eddy Redymane, etc.
      So he knows the type of actor he wants to be.. (not a teen idole).
      Missed that bullet.
      cha ching.

  8. I don’t know who will get an Oscar. This kinda thing stresses me out. I can’t predict the future, darlings. I hate picking even after they have been nominated.

    “pull out a handful of British pounds and wave them in the interviewer’s face saying “I get a lot of these….”

    If Rob does this, I will stop trying to leave him for other hawt actors. Seriously, Rob. I NEED to see this.

  9. Did anyone else think Rob’s hair looked ..almost unattractive in those interviews? It was sort of swept back at the sides.

    I am kind of bored by hearing the same questions over & over (yawn).

    Also did you see the pap video where someone (Rob himself?) yells Go fuck yourselves! at the paps, who had Rob and his entourage cornered in an elevator? They were really taunting him- it was kind of scary, I could definitely see someone getting hurt if it keeps escalating.

    • I thought his hair looked horrible…! You were much nicer critiquing Rob than me; I feel almost guilty, now. Then again, one person saying ONE negative thing about Rob isn’t the worst thing in the world. This is the first time I’ve disliked his hair. He looked like Wolverine… :O He even had the matching sideburns! Stop channeling Hugh, Rob.

      • Keep channeling Hugh, Rob!! Ain’t nothin wrong with it.

        Seriously, they’re both sexy foreigners. I can dig it.

        • Mmmhmm. Wolverine. Rawr.

        • Oh, THAT Hugh! Got scared for a min when I thought you meant Grant.

          • I can handle Hugh Grant… but Wolverine…? No, no, no, thanks. Nothing against him, he’s just not sexable in my opinion… I know. Blasphemy! Then again, I also don’t find Brad Pitt or Leo attractive… I go for creepy Hollywood types… Like Hugh! 😛

    • I didn’t see this. I almost don’t want to…unless it is Rob who yells “go fuck yourselves!” I would like that. Someone needs to say it.

      • It does sound like Rob-it’s on Youtube. The paps are such unrelenting assholes, trying really hard to provoke him while he’s backed into a corner. They so deserve a good, hard kick in the balls.

        • Can someone please post the link? Can’t find it. Thanks!

          • here it is:

          • oh my gosh! well, good for him for at least venting a little bit. it’s not going to deter them by any means but i think i would have lost it a long time ago if i were him. those dudes are soooo freaking classless.

          • That’s not Rob’s voice….
            There’s a difference in the way Brits and Americans say f*ck..
            that was def an American…
            and Rob is never that loud even when he’s smashed

            That vid was 50 shades of f*cked the hell up
            Welcome back to LA….

          • Yeah I agree, I don’t think that’s Rob, sounds so different. Sounds like an American.

          • maybe not-it’s hard to tell.Whoever said it-good for you! And I wouldn’t blame Rob if he did (or does) say it. Paps are despicable, inhuman pieces of sh*t.

          • The thought of a restraining order on anyone with a telezoom lens camera comes to mind.

        • Ok, that video was so many levels of fucked up….I don’t even know what to say. I don’t think it was Rob that yelled, but whoever said it gets 10 thumbs up from me. Remind me why this sort of harrassment is legal?

    • The Paps are doing a disgusting job with this guy, I wish he had said the line…I get the sensation to vomit (sorry ladies…) each time I see them provocating almost dangerous airport situations….

      The hair, it’s an “a-week-ago-Edward-no-hair-of-of-place-cut”….so it will be grow…Rob is lazy with cutting it, so we will see the Rob-hair soon, I think for Bel Ami it has to be longer…only an assumption…

      • Sorry my typing goes wild by immagination of beautiful Rob with Jack Nicholson hair….

      • Did you see he’s going to be playing a guy raised by Comanches in Unbound Captives–I can see the flying Native braids and feathers and the loin cloth, and he has to learn to ride bareback . . . (that’s what she said)

    • Well I liked his hair like that, swept to the side. 🙂

      • honey, this is TRUE LOVE !hahaha

      • someone please photoshop Rob with a Leave It To Beaver side-part haircut…….:P

  10. And he wonders why there are rumours about him…*rolls eyes* doesn’t he hear the words coming out of his mouth?! Oh, I forgot. *smacks head* He has verbal diarrhea! He doesn’t realize what he’s said… EVER.

    I love that he didn’t know what a receding hairline is… Does he actually not know, or does he think Jack Nicholson gets all the “nookie” and, therefore, wants to be like Jack? If it’s the first one, he’s seriously the most naive person on the planet and he seriously just got cuter. le sigh.

    • Dude, he’s JACK NICHOLSON…of course he gets all the nookie.

    • His naivete can be so endearing!!!! He’s so cute, uhmmm.

  11. I can’t believe I’m going to say this about anything pertaining to Rob, but I’m bored. It’s not his fault, he’s still entertaining and he’s engaged in every conversation, but these idiotic interviewers need to ask new questions. They need to read more Twi blogs, ’cause we’re full of the important questions.

    “Rob, have your tastes in Hot Pockets changed from pepperoni and sausage to the more respectable ‘Chef Inspired’ Spinach Artichoke Chicken Lean Pockets?”

    “Exactly what fan fiction have you read? What are your favorites? Do you act out Beautiful Bastard scenes with…Kristen?

    And most importantly…”Rob, are you sporting a turtleneck?”

    • Done. You get to interview Rob if I ever get to choose someone to interview Rob and it can’t be me or Moon.

      • Sweet heat.

        • Will this interview be taking place in the fort or behind the dumpster? Or in the fort behind the dumpster? I volunteer myself as kind of a kick ass videographer to film said interview. I could make that sacrifice.

          • We’ll keep in touch. You’ll be our first contact. Oh and I forgot the most important question – and I say this without even a hint of humor: “Rob, do you read LTR? If so, what do you think about it?” God, I wish someone could ask him this question! You know he has stumbled upon LTR at one time or another while Googleing himself. I wonder if the funny was enough to make him hang around.

          • He def. has stumbled to LTR, I stumbled from Google within 3 steps, in terms of time..2 minutes!

            Really NO effort…and I am like an Internetforeigner…I mean..I

          • All Twiroads lead to LTR/LTT. Or, at least, they should.

          • That would be awesome if really reads LTR/LTT. Let’s pray all the compliments won’t get to his head. I like him the way he is.

          • Southernbellle..I actually think to know even one truth about him, he is down-to-earth! so I can actually hear his laugh about our posts!

          • @robgirl86 -yeah I am sort of embarrassed now(if he’s actually reading these posts) because of all the weird things and somewhat sexually-loaded innuendo I use!

  12. I am kind of bored with the questions too… someone should ask different things. I don’t know:
    1- What book are you reading right now?
    2. Do you know you can microwave marshmallows to make them softer and make smores?
    3. Why are you always wearing so many shirts?
    4. If Corona ask you to sponsor their beer would you stop drinking Heineken?

    *sigh* at least he’s smiling 🙂

  13. Thx UC..boring questions, amazing Rob,Jack Nicholson hair? Oh Rob…no way…
    I think J.N. would go mad if he would have YOUR hair!

    The Oscar? No…this man is too less hollywood-compatible…and I love it!

    King of all dumpsters and forts? YES, and I love it!

    Finally the message on the new hat? I think it’s for you…Moon and UC…..”LB”= Love you Back !

  14. The British definitely will outweigh The Pretty. Just look at the ratio of British Oscar winners to British non-Oscar winners for your answer. Also, he may rather win a BAFTA and that is mos def in his future. Plus, let’s be honest, he can uglify pretty easily (eg How To Be) and the Academy loves The Pretty acting The Ugly (eg Kidman and her fake nose).

    Also, I think I involuntarily wet my pants and start convulsing at the sight of that heinous green pleather jacket. Rob, you are so in need of a stylist, it’s no longer optional. I’ll bet Summit would spring for it. It won’t cost you a thing.

    • “the Academy loves The Pretty acting The Ugly (eg Kidman and her fake nose).”

      That’s true. Didn’t Charlize Theron win for that movie Monster? The one where she didn’t even look like herself? About the killer lesbian…Christina Ricci was in it too?


      • Yes, she did win for Monster. It’s amazeballs that someone that pretty could look so fugly.

      • Kstew’s staring in the re-make with Nikki.

    • I thought he was totally cute in How to Be!

  15. I was so 2nd hand embarrassed when I saw the results of that poll. Because it sends out a message that the fandom is quite ignorant.
    There is no way Rob is winning an Oscar. Ever. He’ll be the next Keanu Reeves. A regular handsome presenter at the show, but never a nominee. As much as I love both of them (Keanu was my first celebrity crush), they are really not good actors. Sorry. But I watch all their movies anyway.
    My vote goes to Anna.

    And the receding hairline? Only Rob..

    • I have to challenge you on this: NO ONE is a worse actor than Keanu Reeves. To compare Rob to him in the acting skills is a big bowl of wrong. You may be right on the Oscar front, but Rob could act circles around Keanu. Hell, my 3yo could act better than Keanu.

      • I’m sorry, I have to disagree. Have you seen Rob’s audition clips for How To Be? I was cringing through the first 45 seconds on the very first clip and couldn’t take it anymore. I’ll have traumas for a long time from that. But like I said, I watch their movies nonetheless.

        • OK, you got me on the audition. Bad, bad, bad. But re-watch Much Ado About Nothing and then get back to me on Keanu. 😉

          • Aww.. I know Keanu’s acting is shitty, but I have a soft spot for him. Especially after all the personal shit he’s been through.

      • totes with you on Keanu – he is a terrible actor. And in one way, he is the opposite of Rob. All Keanu roles are delivered completely deadpan, no expression. Rob has that plastic face thing going – he can practically make a Picasso face for real.

    • I adore Keanu Reeves. He was also my first.

      • He was my first too (celebrity crush that is)… And I practically stalked him (attended his concerts) during 2000 &. 2001. I stalked him so much that I ended up being an extra in his movie “The Replacements”. ahhh good times.

        What’s that you say? My 30s are showing?

    • Ohhhhhhhhhh. *rocking in corner, fetalesque* Ohhhhhhhhh. Stop. You’re hurting meeeeeeeee.

      You’re not wrong. I’ll say it. But stop talking about Keanu like that.

      Oh, Keanu. Why do people critique your acting? Why do they expect a performance? Isn’t it enough for you just EXIST? To just BE in this world?

      Do they not REMEMBER the arms in the shirt on the bus in Speed? Can they not HEAR the adorable stupidity of “Ted” Theodore Logan, who owned the original Pattinson hair?

      Why, friends? WHY must you try to make my monkey man dance? I just want to pet him so . . .

      • Oh don’t worry, I have a clear visual of his arms in Speed permanently tattooed on my brain. And I’ll happily keep my mouth shut about the acting part. I guess we’re sisters in Keanu appreciation.

        • Nay, we are sister-wives. Dibs on Sunday.

          • Well can I get in on that action? I am an admitted Keanuite. He had me at “Dude!”

          • Fine by me! The more the merrier!

          • Me. Me. Me can I be in it too. Love me some Kenu’.. It’s my pet name for him.

      • Let’s put this KReeves topic in the Iron Maiden (EXCELLENT!!!) and exicute it (bogus).

      • StotheP, as usual your 80’s reference makes my day. Also, on behalf of all proud Canadians, we thank you for defending Keanu’s honour. Sure, he UNDERacts, but who doesn’t in this crazy day-and-age?

        Bravo, my friend. Bravo!

        P.S. “Fuck, me!” was so sexy coming from Keanu in Speed…

        • Oh no.. You just pushed my button.. Logging off to go watch Speed. I need some Keanu love after those pictures of Rob and mullet holding hands.

        • That line wasn’t the only thing coming from Keanu during that movie.

          (Wow. My cheeks are flaming hot right now.)

          It warms the cockles (wtf?) of my cold, rock-hard little heart to please Canadians. You see, I’ve never been to your fair country, but have held a love for it since . . . well, ever. Love your tv. Love your exported actors. Love the accents. Love your vast and varied landscapes. So much love, really. Is it NORMAL for a six-year-old to dream of the day she can visit Canada, and to carry that wish around in her pocket for the following twenty-three years?

          Oh, Canada, one fine day I will meet you. Prepare thyself.

          • Love our Absolutelyvlc’s too?

          • ABSOLUTELY!

    • I thought Ro’s acting was great in The Haunted Airman. I wanted to cry for him.

  16. To win an Oscar often means to f*ck Hollywood producers….so Rob, run as fast as you can… can come to my place, I have “Oscar-beer”…lol

    I mean, Nicole Kidman won an Oscar….and pleeeaaassee…for WHAT?

    • LOL! Oscar-beer? What’s that? Do you have room for one more?

      • I invented it…lol…. every excuse is working for getting him to my place…!

  17. Don’t you just know that Rob digs through the racks at Goodwill eyeing oddball items of clothing with the intent to purchase only the things that will get a rise [yes…that’s what she said] outta Moon. Works like a charm.

  18. LB clearly stands for “Lesbians”….the fake ones….an homage to his favorites…..Kstew and Nikki.

    Anna Kendrick is the next Reese Witherspoon…..Anna was so good in Rocket Science….it reminded me of Election.

    UC…it’s what I like call “Musicians Math”….just this weekend I was with my husband at a fancy work dinner and I was talking about “the other 56 weeks in the year”…..I think I might have said it twice….finally my husband looked at me like I was nutz…..which I am ….Musician’s Math strikes again….jeez! I swear they teach it to us musicians in school!! 🙂

    Happy Tuesday!!

    • “Anna Kendrick is the next Reese Witherspoon…..Anna was so good in Rocket Science….it reminded me of Election.”

      (said like Jessica) I know, right? I loved both Reese in Election and Anna in Rocket Science. That’s exactly where my mind went. Oscar, meet Anna.

      • I was so surprised at how good she was in that movie….such a departure from Jessica…..totally right!!! I can’t wait to see her new movie… looks great and it can’t be to bad to play across from George Clooney!! Hey, great minds think alike! 🙂

  19. I personally don’t see an Oscar for him in the near future. All the Twilight frenzy will have to die down before he is taken seriously. As for the Brad Pitt comparison – BLAH! I am one of the few women who think Brad Pitt is a mediocre actor at best, with typical “jock – Homecoming King” looks. Angelina could do SO much better – just sayin’. Plus, one can add a few points in his favor for being British. Look at all the brilliance that comes out of a country that is smaller than the state of Texas. Maybe someday he will be, Sir Robert Pattinson ~ SWOON. . .

    • I so agree with you. I never understood the hype around Brad.

      • Agree, Brad is ok (good body and pretty face), but as an actor he did never changed so much, beard, no beard, long hair, no hair…he was always Brad…
        5 films with Rob, he never looked the same and he is almost at the beginning of his career….

        • Aren’t you lovin’ the braided-beaded beard? {stomach heave} What’s up with that? Just doesn’t fit his persona. It’s like he’s trying to be a Bohemian “dirty” boy for Angie. Note to Brad – Not working! Only Rob can pull-off hot dirty boy;o)

          • Here in german we have like a proverb for this…

            “You have to put a pillow on his face by doing it!” Big wave to Angelina…

          • In America, one would use a paper sack. Unless you’re going “green,” in which case you would use a recyclable tote.

            Brad’s okay. I don’t know that I think he’s ever given an oscar-worthy performance, but I think he’s getting even hotter as he ages. Although, let it be said, I have an even larger girl crush on Angelina.

            Like winning the fake lesbian lottery, that would be.

          • StotheP.. you’re right, Angelina is beautiful, Brad too….since I saw the “truth beauty”……our baby …lol, funny thing that american word…global culture is just here!

  20. You know. I totally think that Dakota will win an Oscar before Rob BUT I have to give the boy props.

    His idol is Jack Nicolson. One of the greatest actors of ALL time. He has been nominated 12 times, won 3. (7 BAFTAs, won 3)

    I think that if NOTHING else, Rob will aspire to find roles that will challenge him and round him out better. Thus bringing the POSSIBILITY of an Oscar closer.

    And I am done sucking up to Rob and just have to say…I have also heard talks about Mirah Carey winning awards for her role in Precious. So who knows?

    • Just the thought of Mariah Carey makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

      • Second that! Also, I’m kinda thinking maybe Rob is referencing a widow’s peak instead of a receding hairline. And that’s hot. Plus, it’s kinda a vamp trademark.

        Uncle Fester (?) from the Adams Family, the Count from Sesame Street . . .

        • That’s what I was thinking too (or maybe I’m just drawn to you mentally StotheP, you dazzle me) – a widow’s peak. I thought he referenced that in the audio commentary on the Twilight DVD…I mean, I just heard that he might have….I didn’t watch it or anything (right).

          • And you are like a drug to me.

          • Like your own, personal brand of heroine?

          • I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore, Scooter.

            Pee Ess – Scooter? Am I right? I’m not down with the kids enough to be sure of your avatar.

          • Scooter, Beaker. Whose keeping track. I still love you StotheP. You’re MY spider monkey 😀

          • Awwwwww – avlc – I just wanna try one thing . . . .

            Beaker. Noted. Your avi has sex hair.

          • That’s cuz it’s a pic of Rob leaving my bedroom last night.

  21. The only thing that keeps me watching the almost endless parade of interviews is Rob’s smile and laugh and the hope for maybe a tidbit of new info or funny/awkward comment by Rob. Hell, 78 or more, 3 to 5 minute interviews, answering basically the same questions must have turned his brain to mush. It probably helps some to know there is a cash payment involved and I guess these press junkets are a necessary evil for all actors.

    • My fav.interviewer Lewis Carrol, he seems to know him quite well, Rob looked kinda relaxed there…

  22. After the interview with Albert Clifford, I am now convinced that Rob knows exactly what he’s doing in these interviews. He bullshits until someone asks him a serious question about his work, then he goes into over-self-analyzing mode…

    Okay, done analyzing Rob today.

    P.S.- How could he not know the term “widow’s peak”? Is that another one of those phrases that all women know, but men claim they’ve never heard of? Like “sconce” or “periwinkle”?

    • Total agreement with you. And seriously, whatever gossip show AC works for, why don’t we just send in the whole gang next time? Can we get Zack and Kelly to interview Edward and Bella? I mean, Zack and Kelly totally had their share of break-ups and make-ups, too. This would be soooo rockin’ I can’t even allow myself to go all the way there because it’s blowing my mind.

      • LMAO

      • Dare I dream? That would amazing! Now you’ve got me thinking, would Tori be the Jacob equivalent? No, that can’t be because she and Kelly never had a confrontation. Maybe it would be Jeff… Wow, um, not that I ever watched Saved by the Bell or anything.

        • Saved by the Carlisle. Get it? Do ya do ya? Ahem. Mr. Belding could totally bond with Charlie. The Volturi would be like the rival school, Valley.

          • Hahahaha! Saved by the Carlisle, I love it! Mr. Belding and Charlie could totally be down with the kids. Mr. Banner and join Mr. Tuttle in chaperoning a field trip… Edward can beat Felix in the track meet…

            I’m getting way too excited about this.

  23. I’m not liking a lot of the questions that are being asked. Would it kill someone to ask something a little more interesting than, “How hard was it to get back into character?” Go for the gold people! “What was up with some of the tweed ensembles you were sportin’ in this film?” or “The grandpa shoes. I must know the story behind them!” or “How come you look like a meth addict when you tell Felix to go to hell?” and, finally, “You were wearing more make-up than a tranny on Judy Garland appreciation day. What gives?”

    • Exactly. Those are the big mysteries.

    • So, I think you should apply for a job as an interviewer for MTV, Access or ET. You’d be Rob’s favourite interviewer, ifyouknowwhatI’msayin’! 😉

      • I so am now and I insist that you come with me. We should be a power team that asks all the hard hitting questions: “Be honest KStew, what’s your handle on LTR?”

  24. “Did you really say that you like THIS Haircut of Jack Nicholson’s? This isn’t a haircut. This is Jack, praying every day that he can one day in the future get a hair cut again.”

    I laughed so effing hard! Simply awesome.

  25. Rob is definitely too pretty to win an Oscar (what a curse…) I compare him to my former (when I was 13) sweetheart, Leo DiCaprio, who has been a Serious actor in some very critically acclaimed roles for almost the past 10 years, but yet to be acknowledged by the Academy. They seem to really hold a grudge against former heartthrobs.

    Indeed I doubt many of the readers polled actually read the question. It seems more like a popularity contest than anything. I think the Oscar will definitely go to Dakota, with a vague possibility to either Anna or KStew sometime in the distant future.

  26. I don’t really care if Rob wins an Oscar, he is fine the way he is. I’ll always like him :-). And I think he’s a fine actor. I’m so impressed with his acting in The Haunted Airman.

    I don’t know the sub-culture of the Oscars, perhaps he is too pretty to be taken seriously. As for Brad Pitt, I’ve never really liked him, not my type.

  27. Another awesome post, UC!

  28. OK I don’t mean to go on about it, but when I go to the NEW Moon UK Fan Party and we have to put forward questions for the Q&A session;

    Jus wondering if I can really put forward the turtleneck question??????

    I want to ask something really interesting, but am struggling, any suggestions gratefully received.

    • Read my comment above. We might be sharing a brain today. I was totally kidding about the turtleneck question, but if the stars align and the universe smiles down upon you and you ever get the chance to ask Rob a question, please, please, please, ask him if he reads LTR! If you get a second question ask about the fanfic.

    • How are you holding up julie?? I’m seriously jittery cannot sit still at all!!! This time tomoz!! I’m also getting scared of encountering the crazies!

    • You have to ask him, “Do you own a turtleneck?” If he thinks you’re talking about a sweater, that tells you one thing, but if he blushes and giggles, that tells you something else.

      • yes, you have to be sly about it. I don’t think questions about Rob’s peen will be looked upon kindly.

  29. I’ve been watching all Rob’s interviews and I’m not tired of seeing and hearing him and I don’t think I will. I was just asking here yesterday if I could download his interviews in my Mp3 player….yep, I’m crazy and pathetic like that!

    I’m really enjoying listening to his accent too…so sexy!

    • I just said it, true love …and I am with you…we wait for a very long time, I can’t really critize b/c kinda fixated on lips, bones,neck, hair,EYES, chest….and all the rest…
      have you seen France Rob today ?, hair is growing during the flight…lol…I think..just a week and we have Rob-Rome (or this time Munich-Rob) again…

      • Yes, true love. I too waited for a long time, I had a very bad dry spell. It got so bad I started watching all the interviews from last year. And yes like you I’m fixated on those things. I love his jaw, that’s the most beautiful jaw I’ve ever seen and it drives me insane!

        You should see how many pictures I have now on my computer!!! LOL. I may be overdosing on Robgoodness!

        I haven’t seen Rob in France today, I saw some fr Robsessed getting pics with fans and signing autographs. I thought that was from yesterday? Isn’t he going to Spain next?

        • Tonite he will be in London….lol…feel like he is flying around me…hope he can finally sleep in his old own Barnes bed…!

          • Sigh, he’s gonna be in London. I’m sure he misses his hometown. He’s been away far too long. Before long then he has to leave again :-(. He’s dealing with all this craziness so well, I admire him for that.

  30. Sparklecakes here has a list of all the important questions.

    • that was for JulieP

  31. I don’t know if Rob will have the Brad Pitt curse or not. But maybe Rob can at least take fashion advice from him; that man makes hobo-chic look wonderful. Note to Rob: you can dress in beanies, plaid, cut-up jeans and still look divine…just don’t shop at Goodwill.

    • Have you seen the photos of the Holy Trinity + DILF in Paris? Rob has taken disheveled to a whole other dimension. Wrinkled dress shirt, ill-fitting Herringbone tweed sport coat and old combat boots. Contrast him with Taylor – it’s astonishing that a 17yo out-dresses him every time. Even Kristen looks awesome.

      UC, did you notice Chris Weitz’s pants must have been lost in flight? He’s wearing a grey suit coat with GOLD pants. I think he had to borrow them from a flight attendant.

      • Hilarious…, I thought exactly the same…the shirt looks like a pyjama top..and surely he had NOT comb and WASH the hair since Friday…Rob is everytime everywhere just himself!

        • Exactly…that’s my point and sometimes it’s not pretty. Doesn’t he know he can go to Nordstrom and grab hobo-coutre? Stop with the Goodwill.

        • Do u think he hasn’t washed his hair for real?

          • DeF. not with cleaning product…he makes the every day shower with water all over… pretty sure about that!

          • So then he’s got dandruff again? LOL

            I saw in the interview w/ Shaun Robinson, he said he just got rid of his dandruff :-). Haha, he’s so funny. Weird thing is that he doesn’t think he’s sexy and funny and that makes him even more sexy and funny!!!!

      • …and speaking of lovely C.W., he is a hobo too…today is the 40th anniversary of the sesam-street…and this morning while my radion station was mentioned it…. I had kinda “enlightenment” …C.W.looks a lot like lovely ERNIE…and that puppet was my HERO! Just wanna say it..

        • He DOES look like Ernie! I see it too!

          • Ernie!!!! And you know Ernie just turned 40!

  32. Kendrick will most certainly win first, seeing as she is already the youngest Tony winner ever…I think.

    Way to pull this letter together. I agree with everything…except for the LB thing…Don’t they use the Euro in GB/France/Europe now? I don’t know, they probably use both. And I forgot effing economics too…someone will know…or call you dumb and explain it to us. Either way mystery solved.

    Dear Rob,

    Stop being so boring…get drunk. If you’re near Sam at all, I know he has a bottle of whiskey he’d share with you.


    • Nope. GB still uses pounds. They have to be special.

      • We ARE special – we gave you all Rob. 😉 I’d welcome the Euro though, Europe is totally amazing and full of the friendliest people! FACT.

        • I can attest that the friendliest people I’ve met on vacation have been Londoners – they beat NYers and DCers anyday!

          LB? “Loves Boobs”


          • Wow, Self. Didn’t stop to think there just MIGHT be some NYers and DCers on here, didja? Really, I mean, what are the chances?

            I love you all, Amerkans. I do. But that one time @ the White House and that one time @ JFK, it felt pretty dang unrequited.

          • Awww. Do over, do over. you didn’t tell us it was a test. We were just grumpy about GWB. We are much nicer now that we have a shiny new President! Come on back to DC

          • @Xylem
            HAHAHAHAHA I have a few friends in the US that still keep apologizing to me (and the rest of the world in general) for the GWB. I find this a hilarious phenomenon.

            And also, welcome to the Kenu sister-wives club.

        • FACT!

        • Thank you so much!

    • Ugh… you and UC are soooooo dumb.* They use the pound in the UK still. The pound is worth considerably more than the US dollar usually. I think it’s currently like 1 USD = 1.67 GBP.

      *This is a blatant lie. But you asked for it.

      • NICE. I berated you after someone already answered the question. This is what I get for leaving the page up for 1/2 an hr before commenting. Seems I’m the dumb one.

        • I love dumb!

          • me too. He ain’t dumb he’s my HeyyyBrotheeeeer!! sing it!

            Maybe Rob’s contract stipulated he get paid an equivalent amount of GBP to what he would have been paid in USD? Maybe he’s a totally brilliant mathematical and marketing genius and he’s just gonna retire before he even gets to win an Oscar cuz he’ll have made shitloads of dosh and then he can just focus on his musical instruments….er, I mean musical interests…that was a Freudian slip…I was thinking about Rob’s instruments (again).

        • NO , you’re not, I do that all the time…that’s RL!
          And…the last months the pound has lost ca. 30% to the Euro…good for me…shopping in London is GREAT!

  33. LB=”Little Bobby”

    His nickname for his, you know…..ahem.

    • You are missing the obvious: LB so clearly stands for LaPush Baby.

      • Oh dear lord, so obvs I miss it.

        (up since 4am with sick child? my excuse?)

        OF COURSE he wears my name on his hat, he stole it out of my room!

    • hahaha, I think you actually you broke a rule…even for the ..ahem..Rob!

    • Little Bobby. LOL

  34. Rob is trying to send me a message LB is my first and last name and he is thinking about me while he is across the Atlantic!! hahah I knew it!!

    (ps I wish)

  35. Lapushbaby – you just got a full LOL from me (and I thumb upped you!)

    So, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the media blitz. I can’t keep up. I barely get to read my LTR each day (I know, I need to prioritize better). There’s just too much Twi going on. Never thought I’d say that.

    I did like how Rob avoided the “can’t get a date” question from Extra and just went back to his “I was pregnant” story. He and KStew are getting really good at completely deflecting those questions.

    Speaking of KStew, she clearly got the message about smiling. She seems so much happier this time around. And more relaxed, cracks a few jokes, enjoying the chaos a little. I’m happy for her – at least she doesn’t look like she’s going thru hell on this press tour.

    Please keep helping me UC & Moon – I am depending on you to find the stuff for me to take the time to read or watch. I can’t handle the onslaught by myself.

    Oh – and about the beach BBQ – I so wish I was coming to LA for the premier. My silly husband has to go to Australia next week, so I can’t go anywhere – need to do my S@HM job. Maybe I can make it out for the Eclipse party.

  36. Have you noticed? No Nikki Reed on that list?….

    omg I can’t get over her “suck your cheeks and now you look exactly like Rob” statement to the interviewer!(Don’t remember the name, a blond guy..)

    The day, that girl will get ANY award, will be the day of ditching my Twilight DVD, 3 special edition….what a resentful b***h ! (I put in 3 stars b/c I am well-educated….I think….:-)

  37. I had a thought, what if Rob goes the Russell Crowe avenue and wins his first Oscar and then gets all fat and ugly????? Oh God, the horror, the horror!!!!

    • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    • I thought you were going to say that Pob
      is gonna start throwing cell phones at papps.

  38. Maybe Rob and Leo are in a secret club since they wear the same “LB” hat. I’ve heard that it does actually stand for Long Beach but who knows?,,20318203,00.html#20701197

  39. “How about next time someone asks about the chemistry of Edward & Bella in New Moon you go on about your palatial pad & the fun you have with microwaves. And when the interviewer stares at you blankly gasp and say, “Oh, did you say Edward and Bella!? I thought you meant Kristen & I. Sorry I confuse us just like the majority of our fans.”

    That’s my dream come true that he’d say that!
    True story! 😉

    “Did you smoke a little weed before you went into that interview because you weren’t sure how you were gonna survive Slater without it? Did you forget to take off the plastic wrap off that hot pocket you ate the night before and it melted and mixed in with the pepperoni and you ate it causing the chemicals to go to your brain? Does Kristen’s grandpop look remarkably similar to Jack Nicholson and she swore she’d send Taylor Lautner & his karate moves after you if you ever criticized a member of her family? Did you really say that you like THIS Haircut of Jack Nicholson’s? This isn’t a haircut. This is Jack”

    LMAO! I’m crying with today’s letter! Hilarious!
    And Mario Lopez just became my new fave interviewer just based solely on his excitement alone! How cute was he all with the cast and hugging Kristen….Oh Slater! He did not deny his inner man squee, he flew his “out and proud as a unicorn” flag high!

    I can’t wait to see you all in “Long Beach!”

  40. Entertainment Weekly keeps talking about Anna Kendrick being a serious Oscar contender for “Up in the Air” — so my vote is for her.

  41. Today I have to make an announce to all the lovely ladies here, it’s off topic, but my inner outer has to say:

    “Thank you so much , Moon an UC, and ALL of you for making my days funny and full of laughter….I actually throw down the balcony our 2500 Euro plasma-shitty-TV!

  42. Anna is already getting some Oscar buzz:

  43. Ok, I’m just gonna say this (mostly because it’s dead at work today and this is the most fun I’ve had on LTR since…well, since maybe last week): I totally dig what Rob is saying about the widow’s peak thing, and….(deep breath)…I think widow’s peaks are totally sexy. I mean, I’ve never been a Jack-Nicholson-is-hot kind of girl, but hellooooo, Jude Law anyone (
    Or Jonathan Reese Meyers (
    Or David Beckham ( oops, my bad) or even some Christian Slater in his day ( Huh, huh? I’m I the only one. You know you love you some male pattern baldness too………Bueller?…….Bueller?……… (crickets)….oh, there’s another one: NO NOT THAT ONE, THIS ONE: You know you love it!

    • Hale to the yes! Christian Slater! Love your hairporn collection.

      • Christian Slater, the original HHH (no, not “His Holy Hotness” aka, Rob. I’m talking Happy Harry Hardon!)

  44. Hello,

    I meant for a long time to leave a comment. Thank you for all your witty, sharp, insightful (…) letters. They always make me laugh.
    Today s one was not different

    If you did not already know, Rob just got interviewed on the evening news here in France (He even spoke a few words in french…so cute..).. and the questions where quite different from what has been released lately (No favorite/difficult scene, no how-do-you-relate-to-edward questions… )…
    (I think the interview may be already online on the channel s website… I ll have a look next… to re-view it..)

    • Yes! If you find it link to it here!!! SO lucky… Rob spoke French.. siggh…

      • I found it :

        Rob shortly appears (no talking) between 1:10 & 1:30 and his interview starts around 29:20 (@ 27:30 theres a small “reportage” about New Moon/Rob/Twilight success)
        It s all in french and Rob s voice is mostly covered by the translator (I may be able to make a summary/bad translation of it if really necessary…)

        Anyway…. enjoy !

        • Oh Rob, I’ve got your Supernova, epic fantasy and sexual undercurrent right here baby. Come to mama.
          Thanks NathInFrance for posting that.

          P.S. Rob, you’ve ALWAYS got a choice. Choose wisely.

  45. I actually saw the interview and I am in the lucky position to understand french….but guys, never cover again porn voice…pleaaazzzee!

    And…again…he looks gooooooooddd!

    Cher Rob,
    voulez-vous coucher avec moi, cet soir?
    je t’aime

    • Hahahah, you naughty girl!

      • Hey, he is actually flying over my head…I can’t get go to sleep right now… my home is placed under the air corridor Paris to London…that’s NOT normal! I am 6 hours forward, I think.. it’s 11 pm!

        • Now I HAD to go to sleep. he is landed…lol..In honour to his HHH I have to make an acception of posting some german:

          “Hey Rob, genieß London, wir warten auf dich in München! Gute Nacht!
          Gute Nacht nach Kentucky über den Ozean zu meiner Freundin Southernbelle ❤ Kisses to all! Küsse an alle!

          • Hahah believe it or not I actually understood that! 🙂 Thanks C.

          • Auf wiedersehen! Schlafbrunnen! Ich hoffe Rob-Besuche Ihr Traum.


  46. re:

    ….” In the meantime, the next time an interviewer asks you the best thing about being Edward, instead of some bullshit answer about not being a werewolf, open up your wallet and pull out a handful of British pounds and wave them in the interviewer’s face saying “I get a lot of these….”

    and a big win!!
    Keep telling it like it is babe!

    Hot damn, we know where that CULLEN smile is coming from now.. AND we know its not from getting laid, its the MONEY that Robbies gettin that's makin the sparkle peen shine!

  47. LB = Le Bastard

    He’s owning his role as beautiful bastard :).

  48. […] Rob talks hair lines & gets a new hat. Oh & answers boring questions about Edward… Dear Rob, Are you as tired of answering questions about the hardest scene to shoot (The Break-up scene) or your […] […]

  49. Lookin forward for your breakin this ( ) down post. OMG!!!

  50. OME!! i know this has nothing to do with the post but it’s ROBSTEN HOLDING HANDS!!!

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