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More Rob Pattinson New Moon press junket than you can handle!


How you doin'?!

Dear Rob,

Since there is SO much video/picture goodness coming out right now from the New Moon press tour I thought I’d pick all my favorites and write you mini letters for each.

Sound good? Yup, just shake your head yes!

10 Days!!!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Dear Rob,

Clearly the British school system health/reproduction/sex ed classes are severely lacking because you don’t know where babies come from. Spoiler Alert: it’s NOT your armpit. If this is true no wonder Kristen has such a sour look all the time. I’d be pissed off too if some dude insisted on boinking my arm pit.

Sex can wait!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Dear Rob,

“Insecure about something, eh?” Says the guy who drove around LA in a green Porsche!

It’s the motion in the ocean,

tons more Rob after the jump

Dear Rob,

And with this you made every cougar in the world shed a single tear from their overly botoxed eye region.

Not a cougar,

PS Hey Samantha, “Dancing with the hasbeens” called they need their awful hostess/backstage reporter back. Thanks

Dear Rob,

You called Chris a “saint” and “one of the best people I’ve ever met.”


VP of the Chris Weitz Fanclub,

Seriously, Rob I’m still digging through all the videos and interviews from you and the New Moon cast this weekend. As I type your voice is coming out of my speakers like I’m listening to the old timey Twilight radio hour. Now all’s I need is some hot chocolate and the perfect evening is complete.Β  There’s almost too much to take in but at least that means UC and I will have tons of shiz to talk about in the coming months. But for now back to interview number 837474 of 29904432$028.5

10 DAYS!!!!!!!

Find some more awesome videos at The Forum
More Twilight/NM madness at LTT than you can handle!
Are you following us on Twitter? If not you’re missing out on a GOOD time.



  1. I honestly don’t think I’ve even seen ONE video of the whole press thing.
    I know, it’s such a faux pas. But since everyone hogs my laptop I am forced to internets from le iPhone which I am grateful to have, but that also doesn’t allow me to view certain things. It makes me sad.
    Oh and it’s only 9 days here. Muahahahaha! πŸ˜›


    • You’re in the single digets in countdown days and I’m jealous. That’s Normal.

      • Everyone’s got the CULLEN SMILE ON TODAY! Cuz his lordship Robbie is BACK!

        Break out the cupcakes!!
        Speaking of which… TomStu (my little cupcake) will be coming out in a movie FRIDAY Nov. 13th called PIRATE RADIO.
        As a show of support for Robbies best buddy, go see the movie! (heard it was pretty funny anyway.. got some great tunes by the KINKS, CREAM, etc.) . Check it out at:


        • Please stop calling him Robbie…real creeeepy

          • we call him robbie all the time. and snuggle monkey too

        • Dude, that movie freakin RAWKS!

          I was dancing. I was drooling. I was wishing it was the 60s again goddammit!

          Girl I want to be with TomStu, all a-day and all of the night!

          Bill Nighy = GOD!

          • Isn’t Bill Nighy the Science guy? Or am I mistaken?

  2. I actually quite like that woman who is sitting on his lap (not for sitting on his lap though) I watched the interview with her and it was good, I liked her. Jus’ sayin’.

  3. Dear Rob,

    If I ever get the opportunity to sit on your lap (that is, if I ever hunt you down in the street and tackle you), will you put your hand mere centimeters from my hoochie like you did to that DWTS chick?

    Seriously, that was the first thing I noticed about that picture.


    P.S. I’m loving the fact that your adorkable laugh is back in full swing. It makes me smile!

    • I haven’t watched any interviews yet… Fangirl fail. But the word hoochie made me laugh. And subsequently made me feel like a 6-year old who thinks the word ‘pee pee’ is hilarious. πŸ˜€

    • OMG, I’m glad it was not just me! That’s the 1st thing I noticed too!!! Lucky.

      • That’s normal!

    • Um, if I am anywhere in the area of sitting on his lap I have to say that I will be straddling him.

      • Amen to that sister! Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands (so to speak).

      • Haha hilarious, I have to look for the meaning of “straddling” and laughed out loud over my dict. I would do the same but without being photographed!NO WAY!

        • Oh hell- I’d be sure to be photographed! I’d be cheesin’ it up like, “Uh huh, that’s me!” I’d wear a shirt with puffy paint spelling out my full name (including middle initial) and I’d bring my own camera for memory security. I’d share the wealth by posting the pics for you all here so you could live vicariously through me.

          • Screw that (thatswhatisaid), photograph schmotograph. I’m filming the whole thing and making a fortune!! Like One Night In Paris. I’m gonna call it Lap Straddle Hoochie Pee Pee in honour of all of you.

        • Hahah, see you’re learning a lot!

          Ich liebe Rob!

          • Honey, how sweet is that??? I said it, you are a genius!

      • They’d have to get security to haul me off his lap!!!

    • whoa – i just back and looked at that pic – his hand is in dangerous child-bearing territory!!!!! omg.

      And I want to know how this picture came about!

      Samantha: Can I sit on your lap, Rob?
      Rob: Sure, Christmas is just around the corner…tell me what you want from Santa.


      • Ok, I am breaking this picture down. If she were sitting the other way, HER legs would be in between HIS legs, which maybe she thought was a little too intimate (hello, she’s already basically sitting on the sparklepeen, I think this is about as intimate as it gets!). If she was sitting like that, his hand would be more on her waist, but since she is sitting the other way, his hand is…RIGHT…THERE! Truth be told, with his long fingers and the length of her skirt, um, yeah, use your imaginations. Nothing is stopping Rob from putting his hand on her waist, but he chose THIGH. Some people have said he looks uncomfortable, but I don’t think so. He has said, after all, it doesn’t bother him if women go nuts over him if they are attractive πŸ™‚

  4. Interview Rob is… back?! FINALLY!

    Let the celebrating begin!

    That laugh in the Access video reminded me of all the good ‘ol times. *sigh* Whyyy were you hiding, Rob? In any case, it’s great to have your adorkably handsome self back. ❀

  5. Someone please tell me how to take a soundbite of Rob saying “like a DORK” and making it into a ringtone. That would keep me laughing all. day.

    • JaG at RAoR probably knows that πŸ˜‰
      I bet it’s already in her library!

      • Not yet…but she has two of him saying pussy and one where he says Jesus Christ.

        • ooohhh.. a rob ring tone with him saying pussy twice..

  6. I β™₯ Interview Rob

    I *think* I watched all of the interviews (but since there are 2586039482 out there I’m sure I missed one.)

    I always love the Access Hollywood ones, I think Shaun Robinson does a great job with the interviews and I loved the whole hair touching part. Also when Rob said the work “dork” it was hilarious.

    Overall for all the cast I think the press tour was great this year. However, in one of KStew’s interviews I think she broke Rob’s heart by saying she refused to hide in a dumpster πŸ˜›

    • Oh my God. The look on Rob’s face when she touched his hair is priceless. It’s like he’s gonna cum right there πŸ™‚
      By letting Smantha sit on his lap , Rob sending a message to all cougar out there that he is open for all ages 13-90. Oh, such a heartthrob πŸ™‚

      • Where, where? Who touched Rob’s hair? Can you post a link? Thanks!

        • It’s the Access Hollywood interview

          • Oh ok I thought it was Samantha something that touched his hair. I’ve seen this one. Thanks though! πŸ™‚

            I heard “litrally”(literally)!!! Swoon!

          • I love how he said “nice”…and the eye-expression while touching the hair…

      • This made me laugh out loud. open for all ages 13-90. ROFL.

      • Yeah, I seen the one where this old cougar is sittin on Robbies lap with a BIG SMILE on her face. .hmm hmm..
        AND Robbie’s got the Cullen smile on too.

        Maybe sparkle peen made an appearence??
        hee hee.


    • Hahahahaha That’s the first thing I thought when she mentioned people hiding in dumpsters. I thought: ‘I wonder who you got that from’. And now I’m positive that’s the reason they got into that fight in the lobby.

      • @ GIZMO. I missed the dumpster comment stewie made. :(( bummer.

        BUT YOU KNOW.. I BET Stewie reads this blog cuz UC/Moon, talk about the dumpster stuff ALOT.
        She’s been wearin the Cullen smile too during interviews I notice.
        Maybe she got a big $$ bonus!!
        I’d smile too if it was about money.

        The the festivities begin!!
        BREAK OUT THE CUPCAKES.. (speaking of which). …

    • Yes, Kristen, you have so much dignity. She either needs to deal with her fame a little better (where are her advisors??) or go work in community theatre. Yes, she’s in the eye of the storm right now but it won’t always be that way. A little grace could go a long way. I try to cut her some slack because she is only 19, but she certainly could take a play from her other cast members on the fame navigation.

    • YES! I saw this interview and thought it was hilarious she brought up dumpsters. It’s because she knows they are Rob ‘special place.’

      • Proof . Kristen’s been lurking here.

        • Proof2. finger porn= “flippy”…lol

          • Ditto on niahid and ronbgirl86 re: “flippy and dumpster diving”
            Those two words have been quoted on here on this blog numberous times. I think KStew looks at this blog.
            In one of the interviews, Kristen says that her name for Rob is FLIPPY.

            Anyone catch that interview? revealing somewhat.

            Is that what one would call one’s lover or BF? Flippy?
            Go figure.

            Its an odd fauxmance those two have.

      • Yeah, I bet the dumpster is the Happy Place that Rob goes to. All the time. πŸ™‚

  7. “How you doin'” LOL. Joey Tribbiani

  8. I haven’t heard any of these interviews because my speakers are unplugged or something. I’m too damn lazy to figure it out.

    The reason behind KStew’s evil bitch stare discovered:

    “If this is true no wonder Kristen has such a sour look all the time. I’d be pissed off too if some dude insisted on boinking my arm pit.”

    I lay in bed awake at night wondering these sort of things. Thank you for helping me get better sleep.

    LTR is better than ambien.

    • Haha, I watched that interview and I totally missed that! LOL.

    • Word of advice: Never ask about an arm pit boink while playing the 10-finger (I’ve never) game at work. It’s impossible to keep a neutral expression when you get a confirmation of THAT one. Truth.

  9. Interview Rob makes me quiver in all the best places. He looks so happy I could just squeal. But I won’t.

    In other news…I made cupcakes this weekend (dark chocolate fudge with cream cheese frosting, dontcha know). My first thought: Come and get it Tattward. Next: UC likes cupcakes.

    I need help….

    • OINK!

      pass me some O’ them cupcakes PinkyD.
      I’m drooling on myself already.


    • On the contrary, That’s Normal. I, too, associate cupcakes with a blog. A guy in my class this morning had a shirt on about cupcakes, and my first though was UC and Moon.

  10. I watched all the interviews on Friday but haven’t had the chance in watching the others since then. I’m scared how much time I’m gonna lose tonite when I’m supposed to study for an exam *eek!* but hearing Rob’s laugh certainly makes it better. God I love that laugh *swoon*
    When I saw that lady sitting on his the first thought I had was “lucky bitch. Get off” and then saw the tag Gozde had for it and laugh because everyone must had thought the same thing. We can be a bitchy bunch of women when the time arrive.

  11. I’m totally relying on you girls to post good interviews because I can’t find all the good ones. Thanks!

    Oh, and did you notice the grandma hands on Lap Lady above? Yowza, Grams, cover those mitts up.

    • LMAO on the grandma hands! Rob’s hands look more feminine than those hands! πŸ™‚

      I’m just curious but can you get botox in your hands? Hahaha.

      • Hi hon, I dunno know about botox, but here you can get a handlifting, a very creepy surgery…

        • Re: old lady hands:

          Actually, they can do a hand rejuvination procedure using Thermage (no cutting involved). Its way less than surgery and not invasive (a lot less $$ too) and hardly any down time.
          They can use Thermage on your face and body as well. Amazing it is.
          Check it out:

          Ashley Green and Kellen where up here in San Francisco!!!
          whoo hooo..

    • Yes, that was the first thing I noticed..that old hands…she is not that old, but the hands

  12. How do you think that shot was even engineered? Do you think she was all “Hey! Why don’t I just sit on your lap?” or do you think she slipped the photographer a $100 to say “Hey Sam, why don’t you sit on Rob’s lap”

    Either way I’d be all “Oh – I blinked, take another, I’ll just hang here, I don’t think your flash went off”

    • love your system for prolonging the pose!! Must remember that if I ever get a chance to sit on Rob’s lap!

  13. I love the shizz eating grin on Rob’s face with Samantha in his lap.

    It is a cross between “How the hell did this woman get here?” and “I hope she doesn’t notice the sparklepeen is poking her in the butt.” look.

    • LOL…sparklepeen poking her hohaa.

  14. Let me just say that I’m thrilled Rob is still filterless. Dropping BS in the middle of an interview, talking about his dandruff, saying bizarre things about being pregnant in his armpit. I feared he would lose all of this and become a soundbite memorizing robot like Taylor*, but we get full-on WTF Rob, and I’m cringing and loving it.

    *Bless his heart.

    • Yeah I agree – he says wildly inappropriate things at inappropriate times just like me! Long may he remain this way!

    • I strongly believe that Interview-Rob is, in fact, the REAL Rob.

      At least, I hope so. Though, I’m pretty sure his verbal diarrhea is a result of nerves and not really how he acts in real life…

    • Ok, someone PLEEEEZZZ tell me what happens in that interview that’s lead to these comments about humping in the armpit area. The video is “unavailabe in (my) region”.

      • Rob gets asked what the weirdest story he has seen about himself is, and apparently some Australian mag says he is pregnant. When asked to confirm or deny, he says “Yes, I’m hiding it in my armpit.”

        • Um, ok. (thanks by the way) πŸ˜›

  15. I had seen most of the interviews and I loved them, especially the one with MTV and the press conference…I had missed the laugh and the giggles so much…I love his new hair colour and the leather jacket!
    He is still filterless and funny but at the same time he has matured in a good way and so had Kristen…

    The cougar on his lap has made a good interview but making such a foto is highly unprofessionel and it looks, I will say, NOT good, sorry

    • Good morning Sis! I think Samantha Harris thought “screw being professional, I’m sitting on Rob’s lap while I have the chance!” She lost all her decorum. πŸ™‚ I think Rob has a way of affecting us that way. Hahaha!

      • my reply does not reply so scroll down plz…:-)

    • I’m still staring at the foto with that Samantha, hard thinking of “what doesn’t work” in this pic? Ok, she is a cougar with old hands without any behaving and she has more forehead veins than he has, his freshness makes her looking even older she is…..Ahhhh that’s it….
      she is NOT Demi Moore, in other words…. cougar, but NOT hot!

      • “Ok, she is a cougar with old hands without any behaving and she has more forehead veins than he has, his freshness makes her looking even older”

        LOL! You’re seriously cracking me up! Cougar w/ old hands!!! Wowza, yeah the forehead veins, she must have been really tense when she was sitting on Rob’s lap! Oh my goodness, it just made me think dirty thoughts. *snickering*

        Oh btw, I got the Vanity Fair mag!!! EEEEK! The lady at the counter laughed at me. I started thinking “yeah laugh, I bet you got these stashed in your robporn too.”

        • Don’t worry honey, that woman surely already had two or three VF saved…under her bed…blear goose! lol

    • Oh, she should have just gone for a head-on attack, giving him a big wet kiss and forgetting about trying to get a photograph. (I would!) Vanity over love, don’t you know – it gets you every time…and you end up looking bad and have people make snide comments about your hands… πŸ˜‰

  16. “If this is true no wonder Kristen has such a sour look all the time. I’d be pissed off too if some dude insisted on boinking my arm pit.”

    This is hilarious!

    And am I missing a bunch of interviews? I keep reading how everyone is behind in interviews and watching interview after interview and I thought I visited most Rob sites over the weekend and only saw one from E! Online, one from MTV (the preggo one), some from KStew from Access Hollywood and a Rob interview from Access Hollywood. Am I missing tons more? Hook a girl up with links pwease!

  17. THAT’S IT, you are a genius..

    “She lost all her decorum!”
    I wonder if I would kiss him, losing decorum AND husband…lol

    • I’m trying really hard not to judge this woman because if I was in her position, I don’t know what I would have done.

      I’m like you, I guess I would lose my husband too…I don’t think I’m ready for that! Who’s gonna finance my robsession huh?

      • I think NOT loosing decorum with Rob is very difficult…what about giving him 2 kisses on the cheeks, one for you and one for me, but I guess we won’t stand his hotness…so…you know I just can see OUR BOTH decorium flying to hell….we could end as two tramps under a bridge in London?

        • 2 kisses on the check? Are you kidding? I want more than that!

          Yeah girlfriend, you and I are gonna be tramps under a bridge in London, wow that’s such a funny visual! LOL. So ok when I visit you, you better drive me to London, but only if Rob’s gonna be there! See I better arrange a babysitter!

  18. Annnnnd, I have found my activity while hubs it out of town this week.

    Is it tonight in my bed with wine yet?

  19. I really don’t like that jacket, but he is still way too adorable!!! I’ve been soooo looking forward to seeing him laugh, giggle, and say inappropriate things during interviews. I just want to eat him up, he’s so cute.

    My brain is going to go into overload, with all of the press out there. Saturday’s blog should definitely be filed under Robporn. So much Rob to see, so little time…

    I am actually glad that I was unaware of Twilight, when the first movie came out. The fact that we will be going through all of this again in June, with Eclipse, scares me a little. Not to mention the insanity that will be happening when New Moon DVD comes out, in the spring. I am definitely getting ahead of myself here…

    Thanks UC and Moon for showing us the best of the best, and keeping my head from spinning.


    • My effing head spins too from this craziness.

      Last November, I made fun of the idiots sleeping in the movie theatre waiting on Twilight (which I will still probably do this year bc I am waiting until 7 pm on Friday night).

      I tried to keep up with ALL the news for about 2 hours on Friday (or was it Saturday?) but I got freaking overloaded. I do have a RL sometimes.

      I just have to trust that Bunny & Moonie will share all the things that are important aka stuff I can make fun of.

    • I know. I kept up with some of the twilight craziness, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed now. I’ve decided that I’m imposing a Twilight-free month of December. No LTT/LTR (I’ll miss you guys!), no Twilight Lexicon, no reading the books, no nothing. A little detox, if you will, before Eclipse.

  20. I missed EVERYTHING this weekend, including LTT and LTR! I had houseguests this weekend who think that Twilight is silly, so I had to reign myself in. It was a tough weekend to do that. Why couldn’t they have visited a couple of weeks ago when Rob was still locked up in the hotel living in his Hot Pocket fort? Damn inconsiderate family.

  21. Okay here goes my first post and I despo need team normal help. I have just found out that I’ve won two tickets to the new moon fangirl screamfest in London this Wednesday!! After deliberating as to whether I could actually bring myself to attend… Er yes… I think… I need to think of some witty original question which may get put to the holy trinity plus the Dilf!! Only problem is i’m just not that creative so get your thinking caps on and let me know! Please??

    • Yes yes yes attend!!!!!!!!!

      Questions for the Trinity plus the DILF.. hmmmmmmmmmm I’ll think on it- I’ll tweet it!

    • You lucky, lucky, lucky girl! Congrats and good luck interviewing them…. Wow. THE trinity? and THE DILF?

      Smell Rob for me, will ya… Juuuust kidding. *avoids eye-contact*

    • Were all dying here at your good fortune on the Scream thingy.
      Be sure to give us all a blow by blow update on what happend.
      good luck to you!

    • Maybe you could ask him which city he’s been to has the best dumpsters?

      I’d love to hear his reaction to that question.

  22. OMG – my first date with Rob – I’ve won tickets to go to the New Moon party in London on 11/11 and will actually get to see Rob in RL; (along with about 2000 other fans, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!)
    I will be cool when I see him. (This is my mantra until Wednesday night!)
    very quietly …… squeeeeeeee.

    • Aww. Congrats bb. Enjoy

    • OMG you’re so lucky!!!! I’m so jealous! Here I am stuck in Louisville while you are gonna get to see HHH in the flesh!!!!

      Have fun and I hope he notices you darlin! πŸ˜‰

  23. Whoop whoop juliep me too!! Are you also wondering which one of your friends you can take and still seem sane?!

    • I’m taking my niece, may not be a good move as she’s 17, blonde & gorgeous! We will have a laugh though. Major dilemma is what to wear & not look like a cougar!

      • Hey, you are so lucky, congrat.!!! Your post make me laugh, b/c one big problem is solved ( seeing Rob in person= another problem has to come out=what to wear…life is so mean sometimes!) Enjoy it!

      • Same issues here although not a cougar quite yet but defo old enough to know better. Maybe DH’s finest plaid circa 91-93 nirvana days. Good times.

        • Plaid is a good call!!

      • I vote for the Pattinson pants and a Wal-Mart cammy.

  24. Yeah! The Rob we love is back!!! I saved myself all weekend for U.C, Moon and JAG’s take on the weekends events.
    So, I’m watching these interviews for the first time right now. I actually squealed with delight when I watched the ET interview.
    I’ve sent out notices to all of my co-workers saying I’ll be extremely busy today “catching up” on work, so to only bother me in an emergency. Basically, I’ve cleared my calendar for Robwatching.
    What a great way to spend a Monday!!!

  25. 29904432$028.5 is my favorite number. ❀ your face.

  26. “AND the Gods said…LET THERE BE ROB! and there was…and it was good.”

    All of these interviews are too much for me to handle. I’m going to trust that you’re going to put the best ones up here so that I don’t have to dig as much.


  27. I saw all the audio videos on Robsessed and thought, “Who would waste their time just LISTENING to Rob giggle and fumble his awkward way through the same 3 questions he’ll be asked over and over for the next few weeks?”

    Well, apparently, I would. Cuz I did.

    Awkward Interview and Filterless Rob make me happy.

    • I did too….I could hear his voice all the day…like “the man in my ear” exists “voice”porn?

      • This is crazy but is there a way to download these interviews into your MP3 player? That way I could listen to his interviews/voice anytime I want, heck even when I’m running. πŸ™‚

        Now I must go to my therapy, clearing I need a lot of help!

        • Not crazy…That’s Normal!

          I’m the Normal police today.

        • That was exactly my question…so I could hear him before sleeping..I mean as a lolloby-voice…and wait….. I will go with you to therapy…lol

        • You can download the MP3 (in two parts) of his press conference and you should be able to put the MP3 on your ipod

          Part 1 –
          Part 2 –

          You can also convert/download youtube vids using this software:

          It’s free to download

          • Oohlala, thanks sweetie pie! πŸ™‚ Squeeeeee!

        • also is insanely easy

        • Ahhh another idea. . . I am so technically challenged that I did not know downloading from video was possible. I will now be falling asleep with Rob discussing his arm pit pregnancy. Very Seksi;oP

  28. Oh at this time he has landed in Paris, only 3 hours from me by car…lol…it’s 7:00pm and inexplicably I’m happy, oh man what you have done to me?
    That’s not normal, I guess….

    • What?! That’s TOTALLY Normal! If Rob were 3 hours away from me, I would be in my car, driving in his direction right now. But then if I saw him in person, I would bite my tounge off before I asked him for an autograph….and I think that’s still Normal.

    • C’mon you know you want to go~!

      Is the Paris location closer than the one in Germany(for you)? I thought the other location was 5 hours away.

      • Paris is closer than Munich….hahaha I am still thinking about a short trip

  29. And with this one post, I have added filter-free Rob to the list of “Robs” that do it for me. Last week it was Special Rob. Crap, are there any Robs left that I wouldn’t take?

  30. No Moon, he is not just “some dude”! Rob can boink my armpit anytime, anyplace!

    Love the post! Love your armpit!

  31. What luck you Brits! I’m jealous! Wear something so outrageous that the papz AND the Patz will notice you. Here’s your one chance Fancy don’t let us down! Damn! We really DO need “that’s normal” t-shirts! Take lots of fotos!!!

    • will do!!

    • Very good idea..I want to have a shirt, a dress and a pyjama with”It’s normal”…

  32. I have wasted (enriched) my life today watching every video I can get my hands on. I missed so much this weekend! I have to shout now: INTERVIEW ROB IS BACK! I’m so glad that he hasn’t completely cured the verbal diarrhea. He’s still the sexy, self depreciating, insecure, sexy, funny, curse-slipping, sexy guy I came to love during all the Twilight promotion. Kristen, however, seems like she has gotten a handle on the interview situation and it suits her. She’s still being honest and sincere, and not nearly as hesitant as before. I’m a KStew fan. Girl’s a badass IMO.

  33. It’s clear that Rob just didn’t want to give it up for the paps, since he’s not under contract to them. They are neither fans nor are they signing his paychecks – just making money off of his non-sanctioned image.

    Rob never left…

    • This paparazzi-shit in La is really a shame I mean what a creepy job to stalk celebs…I dunno know, but I felt very ashamed of really stupid comments in Vancouver…If I were in there position I couldn’t handle that behaviour,sooner or later I would have a reaction..I saw them today in the airport, Kristen had headphones on…YES girl, you are right, I would hear “Ramstein” at this point!

  34. While I am commenting here, there are lots of more pics and video on Jag’s blog, I am kind of switching all the time, I saw some behind the scene pics and I wonder if he already gained some weight, he looks soo good!
    So all that stuff is really overwhelming…but in nice way…lol

    • Where is this Jag blog?

  35. Rob’s so adorkable πŸ™‚

    Me and the girls watched Goblet of Fire today.. It was hilarious.. We just laughed at him the whole time, and well duh.. drooled a little too

  36. I saw Twitter exploding over the weekend while I was away – all this business of new interviews and the Hot Topic stuff. I was so confused and felt so left out. Thanks for the recap, this was helpful πŸ™‚

  37. I think I could listen to his voice all day. Mmmm.

    PS 8 days here.



  39. […] like Moon yesterday, I’m not even halfway into all the crap that has come out since Friday and Saturday. […]

  40. Wonderful…Rob is in the house again.
    I was away on Iceland all last week and missed the exploding New Moon junket. Now I am back and – overwhelmed. I think I’ll hide my head under the blankets and sigh a little. πŸ™‚

    No joke, my first thought this morning was wondering what it would cost to get on a plane and go to Paris…but I guess I can wait. Foreplay makes the heart grow…what? Fonder? Harder? I think I lost the metaphor..

  41. HAHAHA he has such a geeky laugh… it’s so cute;)

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