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Pictures and videos of Robert Pattinson I’ve never seen. And some raunchy music to go along with it

Dear Rob,

When it rains, it pours right? You probably feel like you can never please us. One minute we tell you to go away, the next we ask you to come out of hiding, I’m sure it’s all really confusing for you. But we are women so it’s our prerogative just like Bobby Brown says “they say we’re crazy but I really don’t care. They say I’m nasty but I don’t give a damn, it’s my prerogative.” So deal! HA. Like we said we’re glad you’ve escaped that hotel jail cell they kept you in and now we have a ton of new pictures from photo shoots, press events and you just running around livin’ your life like it’s you prerogative. Sing it! Maybe you and KStew should karaoke this song, she could do the air humps while you wear the hammer pants.

Anyway all that to say there’s a ton of new pictures out that I’ve never seen before so thought I’d share em with my gals (and gays who aren’t commenting) and start our weekend off with a bang. All together now: that’s what she said…

And without further adieu or sexy lyrics I give you: Picture of Rob I’ve never seen

The photoshoot that keeps on giving

Rob’s serenading the photoshoot folks with something very moving I’m sure. Like Party in the USA, Mambo #5 or heck, My Prerogative. He’s gotta be on point for his duet with KStew

Bunny and Noreen party of two, your table’s now available at the Olive Garden. Right this way ladies, lemme show you to your table. I highly recommend the mushroom ravioli. With extra CHEESE.

Why does this feel like one of those old timey news reels they used to play before movies during World War II? It looks like Rob is a military hero receiving some kind of medal for his bravery for saving his whole platoon and the local village from an air raid attack and that crying girl lost her boyfriend in the battle but is thanking Rob for his bravery.

Follow the jump for more Friday good times and pictures/videos I’ve never seen!

From the Japanese press/Fan event
EEEHHHHYYYYYOOOOOoooo you over there! It’s the Fonz!

New Moon still
I’m soooo F*(-$cking pissed off right now and I’m wearing tweed so move bitoch, get out da way!

NM production still
OH EM GEE Chris, you’re so funny. If Moon wouldn’t fight me for you I’d totally switch teams. Have you met my friend TomStu?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If UC and I worked for these entertainment news shows these are the kinds of videos we’d make. Only it would be pap footage of Gil Birmingham flying coach to the TwiCon event in Duluth or footage of the dude who played Buttcrack Santa getting on the city bus with crickets chirping. Or maybe choirs of angels singing. Whatever we feel like.

number of times Rob uses the word “UH”: 138 times
number of women wearing an orange wig while giving sexy eyes to the camera: 1
number of Miss American bouquets given to men: 2

Dear Rob, how does it feel to be over shawdowed by your hot DILF-y director?! Yup. I’m feelin’ it and all that’s missing from this picture is ME and than it would be a Rob and Chris Moon sammy. Hot.

Yea, that’s what I got for you today! Enjoy the running commentary in my head which pretty much is a soundtrack of obscene rap and R&B songs!


Did I miss any newbies? What’s your favorite?

Sources Robsessed, Spunk Ransom

Enjoy some Friday jams

For serious when you’re having a bad day, listen to this! It helps and people stay away from you!

Rock out with your… uh… lady bits out over at The Forum
Laugh your arse off with UC at LTT


  1. Umm Moon, I have to tell you. That last picture where you inserted the half-moon, really looks like a giant Rob banana-penis.

    That’s okay, though. That’s how I’ve always pictured it!

    • It’s like he’s trying to hold it down but the tuck is no more…

      • It will not be contained.

        • Because the sparkle peen is alive! and wants to come out and play.
          It’s been a while.
          Too long.

          Where oh WHERE is TomStu!!

      • Even Rob gets turned on by the DILF!

    • As hungover as I am, and any movement hurts my head.

      I needed that laugh!

      • aw honey….you hungover??? Can’t imagine why 🙂

        • PBR.

          Makes me struggle EVERY time. But it was freaking $2!!

          • ohhh you got screwed. we pay $1.75 ’round here

    • Ha! I couldn’t figure out what it was at first, and then I realized, and then I LMFAO! You, girl, are hilarious (and have issues 😉 ). Teeheehee. I want to be inside your head for just one day. MWAH!

      • Do you mean me or Moon? Because if you mean me, yes I DO have issue (thanks for noticing 🙂 ) And you probably don’t want to be in my head, seeing as how I apparently have the sense of humor of a 12 year old.

        • Ha, I mean Moonie-Pie! Sorry! Teehee 😛

    • Loved the post as always, just one thing….not that I would ever presume to correct you or your brill closings…… The correct version of rock out with your co!@ out for a female is jam out with your cl#m out. Just sayin.

      • and yes….I just corrected the way you say obscene and slightly offensive geni phrases. Aquiredtaste: Offending and disgusting the masses since 1982.

    • Bahahahaha, LOLgasm of the day! From bananager to bananapeen… that 100Monkeys suit is never gonna be the same again.

      • Oh holy crap, I didn’t even make the connection! That is awesome!

  2. Moon, I’m starting to feel a pang of jealousy building when you talk about your love of the DILF! But are we really going to let at hot director come in the way of our friendship? Ho’s before bro’s!! I guess we’ll see come November 20th when we leave the cinema either clamering for a bit of DILF-y action or readying out torches and pitchforks.

    • ok, i’m lost.
      whats a DILF?
      (i’m so out of it).

  3. Props to the Ludacris:
    “Feels like a midget is hangin’ from my necklace!”

    Rob’s hot.

    Am I the only one who wants to go do kickboxing or something after watching the last vid? Combined with the Volturi smackdown?


    Just me?

    Oh well.

  4. Rob, Luda, and my own personal road rage song?! What a way to start the weekend.

    Seriously, if you ever see me driving down the road with “Move Bitch” blastin….get the f*ck outta my way!!!!

    • It’s also a good “club” song. I’ve had to tell many a bitch to STEP-OFF and “get out the way!”

      Makes the rage subside. *smiles sweetly*

      • “many a bitch”. Haha omg! That’s fantastic.

  5. Good God Rob looks like 007 in the 2nd pic!! Panties = *POOF* 😉 This man is so ridiculously handsome its unfair…its like one of my peeps said ‘Rob is like God’s way of playing a cruel joke on us’ and I couldn’t agree more!! Happy Friday everybody!! 😀

    • I think that too – like, how is it possible someone can be THAT good looking, THAT talented, THAT humble?? It’s not natural.

    • I’ve said this, too! Countless times to people in my life who neither know, nor care, who Rob is. Ignorant fools. But it’s true… Not only is he, all that Shleeeigh said and more, but he’s “with” Kristen… Who, as my friend Dustin said “is hot, sure, but she looks like she’d be a royal bitch. That, and the characters she plays are one-dimensional, self-centered and way too angsty.” I then proceeded to “reward” my friend. But not in the way you’d think! Geez…

    • Oh I know! He’s just so handsome! There are no words!

    • You said it!
      Such a beauty perfectly unperfect and soo sexy..!!!

      But everytime I talked with my colleaguess they fancy about George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matthew McC….(I cannot spell that!) and my inner myself would like to respond: I DON’T KNOW THEM!..and I mean …please… no comparison is possible!

      • Hahah, you go girl!

        Matthew who? Brad who? George who? I only have eyes for Pattinson, sorry!

      • I forgot to tell u my other friend in Germany found out about my robsession…well she knows very little okay, just a little tidbit. She was just mortified! Here’s our convo last week:

        Me: Yeah um, yeah I do like Robert Pattinson. I love Twilight and I love Rob!

        Friend in Germany: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no, on no Southernbelle no!!!! Not you too? What the heck do u see in that “vampire?” What’s his name? Edward Patterson?

        Me: Hmm, everything! And for the record his name is Robert Pattinson!!!!


        • Hahaha….I know this reaction so well…
          I get always strange looks like…omg she’s a freak!!!

          …next time you could say….
          “His name is HHH Robert Thomas Pattinson and I LOVE him!”

          ….so this surely will put your convo onto another thrillingly level…lol

  6. The Bobby Brown was enough to make my day better. I’m going to dig out my New Edition tapes and watch Krush Grove now. Pic of Rob playing the piano was just icing on the cake.

    • Typing fail. That should be Krush Groove… Krush Grove is something different entirely.

    • Don’t forget Breakin’ while your at it.

      • Breakin’?!? As in Electric Boogaloo? As in Van Damm in unitard?

        • ..and Ice T on the mic at the Radiotron?! Hale yes!

          • Movie marathon at my house! Bring your moves and favorite neon sweatband/slouch socks combo.

  7. well helllooo, second picture; i think i’ve just gotten pregnant from looking at you. thanks, moon. now i’m gonna have some ‘splainin to do.

  8. Hahaha I love the pic with rob and chris and a moon drawn in!! not going to lie, it took me a minute to figure out what it was…

    • Yeah, it took a while to figure it was a bannana
      Frankly I thought it was a quarter “Moon” , and Moon was trying to tell us that is where she would like to be..
      (which, tells you where the mind tends to wander now days).

  9. It’s finger/hand porn Friday gals! As I said yesterday, in Japan he looked young compared to the VF pics so I ended up just looking at his fingers. The things he does with those fingers are probably only legal in Georgia 🙂 I have never known a man to hold a mic the way he does….thud, she died on the kitchen floor again. Arise Sir Pattz, I award you this knighthood for services to fingers…..


  10. “Konnichiwa, Tokyo”

    Did anyone else find this mind-blowingly SEXY? Something is wrong with this man that he can say something in ANY language, and we’d still do him

    Bless you, Rob for being the sexiest man in any language. You should try my native tongue (Spanish) or my second language (French). I may just move to LA, then. You know… to live in a warmer climate than Canada, as opposed to being closer to you. That would be creepy… Who would move because of you…? Crazy talk. Pshaw

    *averts eyes*

    • @ Marz;
      Read Robbie was going back home to the UK and will puchase a town home so he can get another dog (Patty died last Dec. ’08, may she RIP).
      He does not want to live in LA LA. Too much traffic, he gets lost AND he’s afraid of the earth quakes.

      pssst (also) he misses TomStu (my little cupcake) le sigh.


      If he does have to live on the west coast for biz, he mentioned he’ll live in Vancougar as he’s come to like the city.


      • GASP! Vancouver?!?! It’s only 12 hours from where I live…

        Excellent… 😉 I’m NOT that creepy, guys…
        Thanks for the 411, Hermes. I’m glad you’re still up with your TomStu knowledge. I haven’t seen him in ages. And dang! The boy is very, very yummy… ❤

    • @Marz
      spanish please!! Have you seen the vid when he says ´twili…. Uh I mean Crepúsculo´ ?
      OMG i rewatch that part like 23 times i love how he says it, and that´s why i was so sad they sent him to tokio instead of mexico…:(

    • And the way he holds the mic when he says it… absolute and total fingerporn.

    • YES… It definitely had something to do with his hands… You’re totes right. Fingerporn is the finest Rob-porn…

      And no, I haven’t seen any vids of Rob in Mexico, but I’m sure (judging from the pics) that he was amaze-balls…

      *runs off to find Rob in Mexico vids on youtube…*

  11. Hahaha…priceless..”Miss America bouquet to men”

    When I saw the video yesterday, I cracked up for this scene….

    With the flower-bouquets they both look kinda like the

    “Two-municipal-workers-of -the -local-city-aministration-who-won-the-intra-plant-christmas-jackpot-2009”

    First winner: Chris..(he’s holding the bouquet in a better way!)
    Second winner: Rob..(1 Minute longer and the flower will fall to the ground…)

    • Did anyone else notice that CW smells his bouquet? I love that!

      I’m sure I’m in the minority on this, but I can’t stand the way Rob holds a mic. It’s a cross between how one holds a wine glass and how I presume lounge singers hold it.

      • It’s b/c of his long highly movable fingers, he can twist them around like
        chewing gum…so sweet, handporn from another world ❤

  12. I would kick a Granny down the stairs to see Rob and Kristen karaoke ‘My Perogative’. I can so see Rob getting all up in Nikki’s face like:

    “What is this a Blizzard, that I cant have money in my pocket and people not talk about me? This world is a trip!”

    *Insert Kristen air humps in Nikki’s general direction*

    “Hey, let me tell ya something this is my perogative I can do what I want to do!”

    *insert Rob neckroll*

    “I made this money you didn’t! Right, Kris?! We outta here!”

    I would pay top dollar for this ish.

    • The music video I have just come up with in my head thanks to that imagery is amazing. Rob is ghetto fab, obvs.

  13. Um.. Luda is awesome.

    I think my ghetto-ness is showing.

    Rob is hawt.

    Confession: Last night while watching Supernatural, I decided that the guy who plays Dean (don’t know his real name, don’t wanna google it) is so much hotter than Rob sometimes.

    Rob in VF & GQ > Dean.
    Rob in Japan < Dean.

    Dean is just hawt by existence.

    Rob must have the sex hair going full blast (that I desperately want to touch & maybe pull) to blow Dean out of the water.

    Ok. I broke down and googled his name. Jensen Ackles. I like Dean better.

    Just think about this ladies. "Special Rob" is really making me second hand embarrassed. "Sex Hair Rob" really makes me want to …. well, you know. 😉

    • It’s all about Sam in Supernatural! Rake me in a piece of that!

      • @fang I just googled your boy Jensen. Not bad at all, but I think I’d still take “Special Rob”. Sorry. It’s a sickness.

    • Jensen Ackles is his name :-). I like Jared Padalecki better though, he’s my backup in case Rob and I don’t work out. LOL.

      • Jared = Original Dean. Gilmore Girls folks!

        • Yep!!! Funny how in Supernatural he’s Sam and Dean’s his brother. I love Gilmore Girls!!! I have the entire season DVDs!!!!

    • I’ve been a fan of Jensen Ackles since the first season and I can attest that the man is all kinds of HAWT! And was #1 on my top five for many years but hotter than Rob?
      No, effing way. Jensen has got the body and nice eyes.
      But Rob has got sooo much more. I’ve never wanted to grab a man and have my way with him more than I do with Rob. It’s almost a sickness.

  14. Did you miss something? You have kind of suggested it with the …moon (??). Remember the Oscar’s red carpet? Well, the bulge is back in Japan.
    Oh, I love tight pants!!!!
    I wonder what he is thinking of in front of all these japanese girls in complete adoration.

  15. I clearly remember being a Freshman in High School on the cheerleading team standing on the sidelines of a Friday night football game doing the air humps when the band played My Perogative.

    I might go home and get my old uniform on just for shits and giggles. (as if I could get my leg into the tiny piece of fabric now!)

    But for what I would like to see Rob sing…Kim Zolziwhack’s “Tardy for the Party”…it’s catchy.

    • He couldn’t do any worse than she did with it.

    • I can’t believe you know how to spell Zolziwhack

      • It was a guess…probably an incorrect one but fitting nonetheless.

  16. I take Rob in the second pic, singing Ginuwine’s “Ride My Pony.”

  17. The picture of him tinkering on the piano is amazing!!! 🙂

    I can’t believe these girls were crying! OMG. Robbie’s like The Beatles! Who am I kidding? I’d probably have a hard time keeping my composure too.

    • Hi hon, thx for mailing….
      and I often thought about how it would be to see him in person….
      on 14th Nov. he will be in Munich, but it’s for a screaming-s*hit-teeny-award (the Bravo Otto)…and it was my nightmare last week b/c of “so near so far”…

      I imagined myself in first raw, behaving like a stupid teen…then he would came along…looking at the crowd…and I really could immagine his face of “Who is THAT freak woman overthere? So….NO WAY of making myself a fool, I will stay at home….:-( Life sucks!

      • I am with you on this one, I told you.
        And you know how we had hopes for January and Bel-Ami in Paris, well apparently he’s not filming in Paris anymore. So when will we stumble into him “by chance” ?
        I think with the latest/lamest news I am capable of going to a restaurant (his agent seems to love french gastronomie) or I don’t know a place where I could find him. Or go to the after-party in London.
        Is this normal?

        • Awww sorry to hear that! I too would love it if I bumped into him accidentally. Hopefully it won’t be when it’s one of those days when I look like crap and doing errands! I want it to be random but please Lord, let it be on a day when I look good, preferably with some makeup and a nice outfit and no toddler in tow…and not at Walmart!

          • Hon, I dunno know…thinking about Walmart, it’s not that bad…you and him between the Heineken and Hot pocket shelf, I can see alot of nice possibilities… think about it when you’re there next time….<3

          • Thanks for feeling for us!
            But maybe you’re being a bit difficult. I’d love to see him at Wallmart, I’d love to see him anywhere except for a fan event. I’d even like to see him in the toilets of some small bar. Actually I’d love to see him in the toilets of some small bar. Oh, did I just tape that?

          • Have y’all been to Walmart? No, I’d rather meet him somewhere nice, perhaps a Starbucks or the dry cleaners, LOL.

          • go for the dry cleaner’s 🙂

        • Oh yes, we talked about it and I heard the same of Paris, damn I had to cancel my flight…let’s wait for a London break, it will come and than….here my plan is ending… Do you have an idea? PLZe!

          • Robgirl, I think we’re in deep sh**, but it feels better knowing there’s someone there feeling the same as I do. This place is like therapy:)

            Apart from the plan (which I’m not sure to be capable of) trying to go to a place where he could go (and feeling lame for that) or going to the airport to “wait for a friend”, I don’t know. There’s also the after-party in London on the 11th…

            Sorry about your flight. I think I might guess the time you wanted to come here, I was all excited about that time too. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

            We should definitely meet in London or Paris, according to the news we’ll have. You can come to my place if you’re coming to Paris for the famous still possible shooting.

            You can always try to take the same plane as him, but it’s becoming a bit creepier

            I neeeeeeeeeeeed to know where that shooting will take place.

          • So do I, and yes it’s like therapy, you go for it for a long time,you speak,you turn your inner inside out,you hope…but NOTHING will change this fixation! So kinda like non-working-therapy!
            We will wait! We have no choice…waiting for a “friend” at the airport sounds funny, but you know, airports are huge, so we could get “old” there…I like the idea of London, getting in some pub of Soho or around Leicester know it’s dark and a bit messy…that would be a nice occasion to meet him…I am dreaming and my eyes are wide open…..oh…. now I wanna kiss him…omg feels like it’s a vicious circle…<3

          • I forgot…the aftershow-party in London..perhaps he will face up for 2 minutes, so one for and one for me…No good idea. we should organize a party by ourselves, inviting some creepy unknown guitarists of the 70ties….and I am pretty sure, Rob would share…and THEN, we could get our chance…lol

          • 🙂
            Yeh, I know what you mean I don’t just want to see him, I WANT MOOORE!!!!! Actually I think I’m not masochistic enough to just see him. That’s why I’m not gonna go to the airport, but it’s a good plan if you know what flight he’s taking, you can get there just in time, without getting older:)
            In London instead, I’m counting on your great plans, cause I don’t know how I’ll bump into him without getting old.
            The after-party it’s like a joke but still since it’s an open bar, I was hoping his friends might appreciate it. They did last time.
            Are there any unknown gutarists from the 70s who are still alive (vagetable state not included) after the drugs of that period?:)

      • Robgirl86 you should go!!!! C’mon, wear a mask or something if you’re afraid of him seeing your face! If I was there, I would drag you over there, I look like a teenager anyway, we can pretend I’m the crazy daughter obsessed with Rob.

        Seriously don’t u at least want to get a glimpse of Rob? 🙂 For me please? Take some pictures of him?


        • Oh thanks alot, YOU are afraid to meet him without make up and stuff and I SHOULD wear a MASK? Which MASK, perhaps one like “BELLA” ??? You made me crack up! lol

          And the other “hilar” idea….you as my Robsessed daughter and I….like…a TWIMUM ??? I guess today is your day of really lovely little selfish ideas….hahaha

          I think I have to make a call to your other friend in Germany…teeehee

          • :)))))))))))
            You two are too funny and kind of ruined my couch since I spilled a glass of red wine loughing.

          • HAHA! I’m laughing so hard. 🙂 Don’t be upset k?

            LOL on the makeup comment too!

            @Minuit Passe – sorry about your wine!!! Haha!

  18. sex on fire!
    haha i must be on a KOL streak, bc the song that popped into my head was ‘soft’ for the pic w/ the banana, and thinking he def ISNT! hahah

  19. That girl is so lucky she got a hug from Rob!!!! Squeee!!!! Rob you know, I kind of look like her. I’m petite, same hair color, length and style, same skin tone. 🙂 I dress like that too. Can I get a hug too? Pretty please?

    • “YES dearie, of course I will give you a cuddle too!” (that was my inner Rob for you!)

  20. Call me kill joy, but that second picture looks like the cover for Guido Monthly. All we’re missing is a gold chain and that damn pinky ring!

    • Yeah, I’m not feeling the slicked back hair, either. Plus, as Tyra and the ANTM judges would say, he lost his neck.

      • Totally lost the neck. Is your monkey shocked about the large crescent moon banana peen? The wide eyes and o face: awesome-sauce.

        • That’s awesome. There are no other words.

  21. The piano picture? Clearly serenading bystandards;

    I love myself
    I want you to love me
    When I’m feelin’ down
    I want you above me
    I search myself
    I want you to find me
    I forget myself
    I want you to remind me”

    followed by the THUD heard ’round the world.

  22. My world is happy again. I’m sure there’s stuff going on in RL, but I don’t care, there’s lots of Rob pictures and interviews everywhere; and he’s in London next week. I might catch a glimpse. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Just some Rob. Le sigh!

  23. I ❤ Moon
    Well, I ❤ Moon and Rob.
    Oh, crap, I ❤ Moon, Rob and UC.
    D'oh I really ❤ Moon, Rob, UC and Chris.

    Phew…think I covered it.

  24. Oh Moon.. I love the Friday chuckle you brought me.

    I made this for you and only you will be able to see this extra special lol

    • Your link doesn’t work.

  25. I’m a new commenter – I adore your blog. you and UC are the funniest I’ve read about Twilight. I nearly cried laughing about the girl thanking Rob for his bravery. The 2nd hand embarrassment was great for me in that clip.

    I think I’m having a surge in Twilight obsession. The closer the date for New Moon gets, the more obsessed I’ve become. Husband has started to notice.

    Completely off-topic, have you seen the trailer for Pirate Radio? I’m so excited to see it because I adore anything British. Anyway, Tom Sturridge is in it, but did you notice who his love interest in the movie is? Talulah Riley, the actress who ‘starred in’ that odd short film The Summer House with Rob. I’m trying to go back through your old posts – don’t know if you’ve ever broken that short down Vanity Fair-style.


    • @ TLG I CAN’T WAIT FOR PIRATE RADIO AND TOM STU (my little cupcake)


      One of the girls here from the UK said that its hysterically funny.
      Tom Sturridge plays a young man who looses his virginity (to a girl,).
      Thought I’d mention that, cuz we have some snarky women here who would’ent let that comment pass them by (and you all know who you are, …saucy wenches! ).

      Anyway.. 😉


      • Yes, it’s on my list to see Thanksgiving weekend. In the UK it’s apparently called The Boat that Rocked. Too bad Tom and Rob aren’t like Matt & Ben, who always show up in each other’s movies.

  26. Why are CDub and Rob standing behind a high school drama club’s balcony set prop? Are they being serenaded and “oh that I were that glove”d by the Japanese fans? Color me confused by Japanese culture.

    • Whatever it is, it’s embarrassing. Let’s not look up at men and profess love while crying. It’s gross. Even in a foreign language.

  27. Love the New Moon still of pissed-off-Rob, I LOVE that view ….agree with moon, it seems like….

    I’m wearing the tweed”…would add…
    “…and I’ve done my hair for 3 hours…”
    SO MOVE….!!!

    • I love him in every expression: Pissed, happy, sad, angry, drunk, etc. etc.

      • A.M.E.N.

  28. Moon: “thought I’d share em with my gals (and gays who aren’t commenting)”

    LOL Moon — gals and gays or gals and guys? Just curious 🙂

  29. Ok I just had to watch Rob’s interview again– oh my goodness, how I love how he says “enormous” and “always.” Sounds like anomows and oways….sigh. Rob’s sexy British accent really got to me today. Sigh.

    • Ok.I would try:
      autumn,pavement,lift,call box,dustbin,cutlery,rubbish,rubber
      now do you actually fall in love with me? I got you too?
      OMG my inner german sounds sooo british today…


      • Thanks! I love how he says literally (litrally) and don’t know (dunno)!!!

  30. My observations:
    HOLY CRAP ON A STICK THOSE ARE BIG SHOES!!! Or maybe it’s just the way my monitor makes them look like hooker cloggs on the tiny be-wigged woman. Speaking of tiny, the interpreter behind Rob in the last “Rob in Japan” video is so tiny I didnt’ even see her – she’s blocked out by Rob’s own skinny butt. Speaking of Rob’s butt (and I could all day) he scratches his butt just before he accepts his flowers. Speaking of flowers…I bet it’s an enormous collection of Japanese “pop music” that you have. That’s what I call my porn collection too. Oh, and Rob, thanks for the special ‘secret code’ that you say to me through the camera at the very end there…”Schadenfreude” to you too. It’s our little secret code word.

    • Yeah those shoes are so huge!!!! How the heck was she able to walk in them? They looked so heavy! Pfft I’m short too but no way in the world am I gonna wear those shoes! I may break my ankle!

      I think the shoes weigh more than her!!!!

    • She looks a bit like “japanese Daisy Duck”!

  31. Check out Robbie’s face as that one girl in the Japan vid is crying her little heart out. He looks like “IS THIS WOMAN SERIOUS!” .

    Talk about your second hand embarrassement.

    Don’t dispair Rob they’ll be many more of those coming up in the next several weeks as the movie rolls out (second hand embarrassing moments that is).

  32. Thanks UC and Moon.. b/c of you I now have Luda stuck in my brain now…

    But are right… I can’t help but smile… Especially when I imagine RPatz dancing behind me in da club..

    Oh wait.. do you think he can dance??

  33. @Elicia;
    In an interview, Rob said he used to be able to dance and then he turned 16 and couldnt anymore.

    Maybe his manly man hormones kicked in?

  34. you guys are so funny – for serious!

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