Posted by: Bekah | November 5, 2009

Your really important Robert Pattinson news

Dear LTRers,

Suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of Rob news, pictures and gossip floating around on the interwebs? Don’t know how to prioritize which stories to read, which magazines to buy and which pictures to blow up as 8 x 10s, crop out that “girl,” laminate and hang in your shower? I feel ya. So as I did yesterday on LTT, I took one for the team and spent the evening ignoring the cries of agony of the Philadelphia Phillies fans around me and caught up on all the Rob news anyone would ever want to know ever. Seriously, I watched like 23 fan videos of Rob in Japan including the one entitled, “Rob Pattinson kissing me in Japan” which turned out to be a 18 minute play between some young Japanese girl’s Hello Kitty keychain figurine & Pocket Edward (Who does a little more than kiss that poor kitty cat).


  • Rob finds out that there’s a thrift store next door to his hotel in Toyko and walks in and says (through his translator) “Give me the highest Japanese fashion you’ve got” And the translator makes a mistake and says to the store owner, “Robert would like a varsity jacket from the 60s that a 10 year old boy could fit into.” He was in luck! The store had one.
  • No seriously, Rob actually did go to Japan, but I only got through :35 of the first video before deciding I don’t care what he has to say about New Moon because I’m going to see it in TWO WEEKS from tonight! But if you care (or if you, like me, like to screenshot the D.I.L.F. every chance you can get) Watch all the vids here
  • It’s possible Rob IS reading something other than porn inside those pretentious books of his! He makes a political joke about being the guy who wrote a health care bill for Obama (#5) Also, we learn “Things we didn’t know about Rob” that we did already know (Get some new stories Rob! You can’t drive- got it. You blossomed at age 12 (I’d beg to differ) You’re cheap (see bullet point #1). You don’t wash your clothes got it. Tell us something NEW!


  • Rob lands in L.A., Moon makes a joke about needing to “Run over to LAX” for something and I haven’t heard from her in like…12 hours. You don’t think….. No…. maybe??
  • New pics emerge of Rob as a child and he looks so much like my ex-boyfriend when he was younger that I’m half-tempted to call him up and attempt to rekindle the romance just in case he turned out to look like Rob in the past 8 years.

    One day I'll listen to "Puddle of Mud"

    Even though last time he called me he didn’t say anything and instead held the phone receiver up to his radio that was blasting Puddle of Mud’s song “She F*cking Hates me”. That’s Normal… right?
    stupid spacing issues


Hey guys. I like baths

  • Rob washes his hair for the first time with a hair cleaning product and it doesn’t know what to do. So it does this fluffy “Yay I’m clean” hair-dance and ends up look like this, which can only be described as exactly how a newborn baby’s hair looks after it’s first bath.
  • Michael K. gives an opinion on Robsten: He doesn’t believe in their magicness. He thinks Rob is too busy pondering over things like corn than to be bothered with trivial things like banging hot chicks. If this guy wasn’t super flaming, Moon would’ve married him 5 times by now. Here are more of his thoughts on Robsten
  • Ever wondered what the real story was behind Rob almost getting smashed to smithereens this summer by a cab in NYC? Our fav Rob video makers are back. So now we know:

How’s that for a quick newsflash? Feel informed? Good! Me too!

Happy to help. Love,

The gals over at The Forum ALWAYS know what is going on. As does Moon- she tells me everything. So see what’s going on on LTT

Robsesssed is where I got most news/pics and this source

Psst. I love Moon



  1. Yes I feel overwhelmed too, I mean everyday my friends are hearing me say “did you you see this pic?’ or if you see the VF magazine, can you pic up 2 copies for me (you know in case one gets “messy” lol) BUT this is WAY better then not seeing or hearing from him….I hated the dryspell of no Rob….now there is so much of Rob; I’m loving this Robspell.

  2. Rob’s hair in Japan… really? Why does it look bad? I didn’t even know his hair could look bad. But it does. In Japan. Look bad.

    Sad face.

    • Maybe Japan can’t handle the hair so he was advised to tone it down, along with the brooding smolder.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that I find Rob (and Rob’s hair) more attractive when he’s dirty. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Amen.

      • I third that! And if I’m being honest, I have to say that I wouldn’t mind if his mouth was a little dirty, sometimes, too. Maybe he should take a cue from KStew – trash it up a bit, Rob!

        • Sigh, me too. Is there anything sexier than a foul-mouthed Brit?

          • Psh. Yuh. A foul-mouthed Brit making me breakfast after letting me sleep until ten in the morning.

            What say you?

          • with a killer jaw!!! swoooooooooon

          • I’ll have pancakes and a side of hasn’t been washed since July plaid, please!

            “sit down, have some plaid.”

          • Mmm… plaid and pancakes.

      • Totally agree – Rob, grow it out another centimeter, don’t wash it for two weeks, then go back to Japan and try again. Actually, you should probably come to my house so I can check it first…

    • What did Heidi Klum say?? Too fresh?

      • OMG just reminding that Jay Leno show, when she doesn’t get the “Ring of the Nibelungs-joke”…Heidi is maybe very popular in the U.S, but when she opens mouth and speaks german…it’s always like..running away as fast as I can…not only for the mistakes she makes, but in everything SHE says she is so narcissistic and moneyobsessed…sorry for Heidi-lovers, but on that show she always reminds me “Miss Rottenmeier” from the Heidi-novel…love you Rob!

        • oohh… I remember when Heidi Klum was on the Leno show with Robbie.
          That Leno show was hysterically funny.
          Rob is quick with a comeback.
          Heidi kept interrupting the interview (she loves to be the center of attention, and she’s rather catty) .

          Heidi started in on Robbie (about his hair).

          “Do you put product in it? do you style it like that? How do you get it to stand… so …. so… straight” (she makes a face at him)..

          Robbie turns to Heidi and replies in his best British school boy voice:
          “No, actually it came this way in a box, and I just put it on my head in the morning”….

          Heidi knew she was beat and finally shut up.
          Leno looked non plussed.
          The audience roared.

          ah.. it was a Cullen moment.
          Bwaahah!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Maybe they have low flow shower heads and he can’t get all the conditioner out.

  3. At this time in 2 weeks … It will be 23 hours since I saw New Moon. Muahahahahahahah! ๐Ÿ˜›


  4. I saw his face at work on the Empire mag. I wanna buy it so bad. Is this rhyming thing a fad? Maybe just a tad.

    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.
    But yea, there’s like, 3 teen nags I’m seriously contemplating purchasing cos it’s got NM shiz in it.

    • ‘Stop rhyming! And I mean it!’

      ‘Anybody want a peanut?’

      • I do!

        Anytime someone mentions a peanut, I think of my daughter.

        She watched Pirate’s of the Caribbean a few months ago. Now, at the oddest times, she will pretend to pick something up or out of your hair and say “MY peanut!”

        It is truly hilarious. Probably not hilarious to the rest of you but I don’t care today… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • StotheP – 100 points. That was awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ Aaassss Yoooooouuuuu Wiiiiiiish

        • Inconceivable!

        • But what about the R.O.U.S?

          Robert of Unusual Size? I pray every night it exists.

          K, K, I’m stopping now.

          • Seriously, we should probably be BFFs.

          • sorry, I’m still stuck on the Robert of Unusual Size image….

            I think the whole “I have one leg that’s shorter than the other” line’s a bunch of BS. Truth is he’s gotta hobble like that to accomodate his ROUS.

          • Sparklecakes – Done and done.

            Absolutelyvlc – The ROUS IS his shorter leg.

          • Hahahaha! “The ROUS IS his shorter leg.” – FTW!

          • yeah, dude, my point exactly.
            Um, Tuesday, enlighten this ‘tard – what’s FTW?

          • FTW = For The Win

  5. So Rob is weird. Japan proved it. Why can’t he just look all VFish all the time? WHY THE IMPERFECTIONS?

    Just kidding (kinda). I โค Rob, mostly for his hair, so that picture of the "newborn baby hair" is shattering my fragile hold on reality.

    • My theory is that it’s in that awkward inbetween length. Not long enough to be TRUE sex hair but I also really like the famous hair cut of last winter. Getting boxes at the post office never looked so good.

  6. LOLOL!!! You know what…I have yet to see a jacket that looks like it actually fits him. Either the sleeves are too short, or the back is too short…
    If he’s gonna steal his friend’s clothes off his floor, then he needs taller friends…

    • From one Mrs. P to another, I think we can agree that the real problem is that he’s wearing clothes, period. At least the never-nude jorts packers show some skin! Although I will allow that it’s probably really time-consuming to get airbrushed every morning, so maybe he could just wear that new Stoli shirt we have yet to see and some flannel boxers?

      • Ewww… Do you really want to see his white, hairy legs?

        I would like to keep the mystery!

        • I’ve seen the hairy legs ๐Ÿ™‚ from the Remember Me filming. The beach kissing scene w/ Emilie de Ravin remember?

          My hubby has the same hairy pasty white looking legs!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I kind of like hair on guys though, I mean they got to have some chest hair and leg hair, that’s just me I guess. I’m not talking about gorilla looking chest hair but what Rob has is just peachy! :-).

          • EEEEEEEEXactly! If I could get my husband to rub some of that glitter body gel from Claire’s on his legs and stick them in the freezer for a min, I MIGHT think about the Princess Leia outfit.

            WOW. I’m going to need you all to get the eff out of my bedroom now. This never happened.

          • I could go home and look at white, hairy legs all day.

            In my fantasy world, they do not exist. Sparkly or not.

            @StotheP OVERSHARERS UNITE!

            (I just hope my mother doesn’t read this… ACK!)

  7. For some reason Rob’s political comment got me all excited. I’m a geek that way. It’s nice to know he’s aware of what’s going on in the world around him and not just in “movie land”.

    I get the impression Kristen probably doesn’t even know who our president is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I bet she does! She has “issues with authority figures.” Know thy enemy, Kristen.

      • ROFL! That cracked me. I actually snorted.

    • Rob. Talking politics. In front of a fire.

      THAT, my friends is my wildest Rob fantasy. And today, UC, you made it just a little more real.

      le sigh.le sigh. LE MOFUCKIN’ SIGH! Sorry. I get carried away by hot Brits who wanted to be politicians back in their youth… How different things would have been if Rob hadn’t followed stardom…

      • I agree, I am a complete dork but Rob talking politics by the fire, gah!
        We could be watching CNN and discussing the news blurbs that go by on the tickertape….

        • You two are cute. Maybe you’ll get lucky and Rob will play the Prime Minister in a movie.

          I on the other hand want to see Olympic swimmer Rob…oh man..I can’t belive I’ve never given this the attention it deserves…Photoshoppers!! Make it happen!!!

        Tom Stu is (le sigh) my little cupcake
        Wildly sucessful play (Punk Rock) should be over now.

        He’ll hopefully be over this way soon promoting PIRATE RADIO.
        Lets all support him and go out and l watch the movie when its released on November 13!

        Its a comedy based on true events that happen in the UK in the 1960’s . Where the government outlawed the playing of Rock and Roll to only 1 hour a day (can you believe it? ) the country that gave us the Stones and the Beatles). So these Pirate DJ’s get an old boat and anchor themselves in the north sea off the coast of the UK and broadcast in rock and roll 24/7. Also stars Philip Seymore HOffman and Bill Nighy.
        Check it out. *Robbie would love it if we support his bro).

  8. That jacket so is small enough that it looks like some kind of varsity shrug. I’ll never understand hobo style.

  9. Maybe Nick made him trade jackets because Rob’s green Ex-Britan jacket was just too confusing.

  10. Question: I thought Rob got a Porsche? In the Harper’s Bazaar interview, he said he only spent money on his $1500 exploding car. Hmmm…. Any answers?

    • Yeah, I noticed that too.
      The interview was done a while ago, so maybe he traded up afterwards?

    • It was probably a rental.

    • pretty sure that was a rental

      • Thanks ladies! I guess he is still one of the people, then!

    • Dear Rob,

      Get out of your car. And into my dreams. That is all.

      Lovesies and missies,

      • WIN! 80’s references are the shizzle, StothePizzle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Ok, I can deal with most of what Rob wears but that jacket??? After dressing in that suit that fitted reaslly good in all the right places. It like he was trying to get back to hobo roots.
    I haven’t gone to a convenience store just for fear that I’ll end up buying all the magazines that contains New Moon stuff. The only one I will be buying is the Vanity Fair and just because I need to have it in my own hands (that’s what she said)
    *side note* Number 27 for the Yankees!!! Woot woot! Sorry. Just had to.

    • you know why you got a thumbs down


      • Of course I know!!! *coughsorelosercough* =)

    • Not into baseball, but I’ll take Pout 27, please.

      • Definitely Pout 27. Any day.

    • I didn’t give you a thumbs down (just can’t ever bring myself to do that) but I gave UC a thumbs up for thumbsdowning you.

      • Women!

  12. “And the translator makes a mistake and says to the store owner, โ€œRobert would like a varsity jacket from the 60s that a 10 year old boy could fit into.โ€ He was in luck! The store had one.”

    I think I just pulled a ab muscle laughing at this. (Nice to know that muscle is there though – thanks!)

  13. I don’t know gals.. In the latest pics he’s been looking quite “special”. Japan especially.
    The boy jacket and his backpack don’t exactly help either. I hate to admit but I’m kind of getting Rain Man vibe from the airport pics. Do you think he maybe threw a fit and insisted on only flying with Quantas and they had to give him happy pills?

    • I totally agree. I photoshopped his head onto Corky’s body last night. It’s like he’s trying to promote some kind of handicap awareness without using his words.

      • hahahahaha total awesome, although I should be kinda miffed since I’ll be singing the song while lookin at pictures of him

      • why have we not seen this picture yet!?

        • I’ll e-mail it in two seconds. I tried posting it in the comments last night and failed.

      • OMG I just saw it! LMFAO!

      • I just saw it, too! You AND your picture = AMAZING!

    • Love it….my vibes of the jacket/backpack/plaid-combi are like…oh…
      Rob’s first day at school….

      you know I am a teacher and this is when pupils come to school for the very first day, prepared by their mothers, I’m pretty sure in the backpack are some great sandwiches for the interval….lol

      • That’s it! Claire must have read the HB interview and sent him his first-day-at-school clothes. And is probably flying to LA as we speak to do some laundry for the boy.
        Oh, and you know he had some Hot Pockets in the backpack.

        • The “haven’t done laundry since July” is appalling but you know what? I still love him and I’d still do him! Haha! I don’t care if his room reeks with garbage.

          Well he said too that he steals socks and underwear….darn, might have to send him some!!! LOL.

          • OOOOhhh wait, I have a vision….
            our Rob only with nice southernbelle socks and underpants (both hand-knitted please!)

          • @robgirl86 I am crazy for even thinking about it. I’ve finally lost my mind.

            Handknitted???? Won’t that be really itchy? Lol! We don’t want him to get eczema!

          • No it would be cool, you know like the ones we used to put on our teddy-bears….lol…
   won’t be very sexy, so let’s just come back to Rob without socks and…yes, That’s def. sexy!

      • Sorry.. I mean Clare.. Obviously..

  14. Crap in Japan he looked young, too young for me. Bring back the Vanity Fair pics for god’s sake…at least I won’t feel so guilty when doing him behind the dumpster ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way, not sure if you all saw on twitter the NM Collector’s Edition Time Out London


    • haha-I got my VF yesterday…this is better than GQ, I think. At least equal. I think I’m going to skip Harper’s Bazaar-I don’t want Kristen sullying my porn collection.

      • Dazzled – What? Where? You got it? I went to Borders and they don’t have it, they don’t even have a clue when it’s coming!!!! And worse the clerk was a twenty-something and when I asked when the “new VF mag” will be out she immediately knew what I was talking about. Ughhh.

        Me: So when is the new Vanity Fair mag coming in? (after scouring the entire store for a copy).

        Clerk: *Furrows her forehead*. OOOOOOOOOOOOh, that one. Haha. I have no clue.

        Me: *Blushes and runs right out of the store, with toddler tagging along.*

        • It was out in NY and LA on Nov. 4-it will be out everywhere else on Nov. 10.

        • The clerk’s a bitch!


          • Hahah, yeah thanks!

        • Girl I’m there with you! Blush with pride and ask for it to be gift wrapped just to piss off the clerk even more ๐Ÿ™‚


          • That sounds like a good idea!!!! I bet that clerk will have 10 copies of it though for herself!!! She got dibs!

      • That’s why I won’t buy the HB mag. Kristen has her moments when I can tolerate her but, I don’t want her to be in the way of my Robporn collection. It like pftt….get away!

    • i couldn’t put my finger on what bothered me most about those pics…but that’s it! soooooo young…maybe because he shaved for once? and had the new baby washed hair? (speaking of Baby Rob…i do love those pics – makes me want to squish his cheeks)

      • Totally. Rob – GROW YOUR FACIAL HAIR BACK.

        That is all.

        • Yes Rob, please bring in the SEXY stubble. We girls dig that on you. Uhmmm.

      • Which cheeks are you talking about ifyouknowwhatImean? *wink*

    • He was definitely channeling Robdric in Japan. Who’s goofy and cute, but YOUNG. And kind of makes me feel like a perv.

      • I like him young. But I also like feeling like a perv, so I may be alone here.

        • nope.

  15. I guffawed at the newborn baby reference. Because it’s true.

    PS. I wish SNL would hire you to do a weekly Rob-Update with Amy Poehler. THAT would be worth me staying up late to watch!!

  16. im having trouble keeping up w/ alll the pics!! they’re SCRUMPTIOUS!
    well.. except that jacket/ vest outfit.. he needs to lose! but man o man is he ever getting me hot and bothered first thing in the morning!


  17. I guess when his hair is clean it reverts to the flock of seagulls look as a default….I think I like it with the dirt. ๐Ÿ™‚ ps. does it look like his hair is thinning lately…..not like going bald or anything, but it used to look like there was tons of thick hair and now it is just kind of limp and weird looking all the time. ROB, take of the trucker hats for a bit or you will lose all your hair presh…..that is where your magic is!!!

    • His hair does look more thinned out than usual. Whoever is cutting his hair these days is going a little too crazy with the thinning scissors. Maybe they think if they give him less hair to work with it will be easier to keep clean. Or less hair to look dirty when he chooses not to wash. Whatever the reason, just give me the crazy, tousled hair – like he just got out of bed after a wild romp. Perhaps Kristin is the only one that can have the wild, crazy hair right now…it’s a deal in their relationship.

    • Oh please no hair loss! That would make me weep uncontrollably. I can tolerate it with my hub…he just shaves his head and it looks good that way. But can you see Rob w/ a shaved head?

      Ok, not that I want to be frightened but someone must do a photoshop of bald Rob (oh wait…AmanDUH already showed us Baldward).

      • HA! And a Bloatward. gah.

        I gotta say, I think a balding Rob would be the end of my crush (minus me keeping the pictures of him in his prime, of course).

        • perish the thought.

    • I like to pull hair, Rob. You must keep it dirty and full.

      Good Lawd. Did I just type that?

      Don’t judge.

      • Hehe. Scroll up and read my response to your hairy-legged Rob comment. Apparently, we’ve both oversharing today.

        • O, and I got distracted and didn’t reply, but your tiny dancer on Twitter is sooooooooo cute I want to mail her a hug.

          Side note: I have no idea why my friends tell their children to call me Ouiser. I love other people’s children.

          • Thanks!

            I had no idea what Ouiser was so, again, that voice told me, “You can google it.”

            I’ve never seen Steel Magnolias. Sad face.

            I get the impression that she was a child hater. Am I on the money? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

          • Yeah, she’s super-crabby and sarcastic, and THAT part I get about why my friends call me that. In the movie, it’s kind of a joke that kids should be scared of her. So I guess that’s why my “friends” tell their kids to call me that. But, again, I heart OPC (Other People’s Children).

            Note: Back off, Hansen.

          • I’m Down Witโ€˜ OPP (Yeah you know me)

            Who’s down with OPP (Every last homie)

  18. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, but WHY does this sounds so filthy to me: “or if you, like me, like to screenshot the D.I.L.F. every chance you can get”

    I’m one paragraph in to that dlisted piece and holy hell is that hilarious. “Keeper of the Unicorn Forest”? Brilliant.

    • “Keeper of Unicorn Forest” – i loved that too –

    • Just read the comments. They are harsh and totally negative about Rob but funny.

    • Um, I dunno, either, but I agree. In fact, when I read it, I read “rimshot” instead of “screenshot,” which I THINK is some kind of sexual term but I’m not really sure, and even if it isn’t it kinda feels like it. I’m right there with ya . . .

      Mmmmm. Keeper of the Unicorn Forest makes me wonder how awesome Legend would be if zygotesque Tom Cruise were replaced with any incarnation of Rob. Save the unicorns, Rob! Save them!

      BONUS: Tim Curry could reprise his role as Darkness and they could use the downtime between takes to discuss Rob’s upcoming portrayal of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the remake of RHPS.

      FANG! Whaddya think?

      • Fang thinks that she <3's StotheP. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • haha….
      haha.. i just love you

      and i THINK you’re kidding (haven’t read my “how can you tell if someone is being sarcastic” doc in awhile) but in case not, it just means image capture….

      yeah.. you were kidding


      • HAHAHA I love you for that. Silly UC, I’m a total techie nerd who makes jokes about “juno” and “angelfire” because who doesn’t love a good joke about the early interwebs! I just made a joke that “Google would never last” and cracked myself up. And apparently, “screenshots” get me all hot and bothered too. I have issues. My lameness, let me show you it.

        • Angelfire! I used to make webpages on geocities for fun… while I was chatting on ICQ… and listening to Soundgarden. Sigh… I miss the 90s.

  19. โ€œNew pics emerge of Rob as a child and he looks so much like my ex-boyfriend”

    UC – is this the same ex of which you feared I might be his mother? *side note to all…no, I’m not that old*

    LOVE Michael K. One of my daily haunts along with LTT/LTR. He makes me feel so dirty but I just can’t help but lurve him.

    • YES! That’s him… why.. have you seen a guy that looks just like that picture in q-town?

      • You’ll be the first to know…trust.

        • Beth, your avatar cracks me up without fail, ever time.

          • Kinda looks like one of those blow-up dolls, doesn’t it? Sex toys for primates?

          • ME too, it’s like WWWWhhhaaaattt? Beer sold out today?

          • I was thinking more “This is my ‘o’ face.

            Thanks, Beth, for that visual. โค you anyway.

  20. I’m so glad to see Rob back in our lives I don’t care if he’s clean, dirty, baby hair, in small, large or anyone else’s clothes. He’s still HHH and I luuuuuurrrrrrve him ๐Ÿ™‚

    • yes I will take what I can get!!!! Come here Rob!

  21. UC, I love that your ex did the “play a song in lieu of speaking” phone call!!! I had an ex that played Possum Kingdom over my voicemail for a week. My guess is that he’s currently incarcerated.

  22. Dude, it’s like you were in my brain. I WAS feeling totally overwhelmed by all the info, and I, too, skipped the interviews about New Moon. I’m all: ah who CARES?I’m going to see the movie in 2 weeks and there is NO way Rob has any insight for me. uh oh, bad fan alert. Though I may or may not have zoomed in on the hairy legs as you recommmended yesterday, and possibly the package next door. Possibly.

    • The package next door – love. it.

      Baby Stewie: It’s my package. God sent it. I signed for it.

  23. He looks like Cedric Diggory!!!! I was just telling this to my friend a few days ago how he looked so young in the Japan pics. And his hair, it looks so soft and silky, not used to that(as if I’ve touched his actual hair), but it still looks sexy!!!!

    That video is so hilarious!!! I can’t stop laughing! Wow I hope I don’t act like that when/if I meet him.

    • YES! he looks like Cedric!
      Cedric always showered….

      • Oh that’s right :-). Rob in I Love LA always showered too. Hehe. He smelled like coconuts! I think I’m getting RL Rob and Robfic and Cedric mixed up now! Oh well.

      • Cedric had impeccable grooming skillz. It’s in the book. No, really.

      • yes and he took long baths in that big ass tub with Moaning Myrtle

        • ahaha Moaning Myrtle — original LTR girl!

        • Hell yes!

        • You KNOW she looked.

          • Duh, yeah! LOL. I would look too!

    • Do you and your friend have any openings for new bffs? I have no one I could have that conversation with in RL. Boo.

      • Yes, we got openings in our Twicrazies group! We could always use new BFFs. Want to join? Haha.

        • Hi, my name is 3hboyshouse and this is my first twicrazies meeting.

          And seriously I have no one in RL that would get this! Luvs!

        • I’m in! Categorize me in the “Team Robsten minus the foaming mouth” subgroup.

        • Hi hon, naturally I want to be in the circle too…and you can all come up to my house, it’s hidden in the forest….so nobody will be recognized…lol

          • Aren’t you in Germany? I’m so there.

            Rob + lederhosen = thud

          • StotheP…so as usually I didn’t get it…hahaha, you are in Germany or you would come? Had to cancel the english lesson today and I think FOREVER for Roblesson, so…my english will remain like a four-year-old…

            Rob+Lederhosen= MunichRob=thud, so right!
            What’s about…
            Rob+a fine Beck’s..or two,three…=GermantipsyRob=thud thud

          • Haha – sorry to keep confusing you with fangirlspeak! I’m in Texas, America (woot!) but GermantipsyRob would make me rob a bank to buy plane tickets to head your way!

        • Heheeh, I’m in Louisville, KY but we all can go to Germany to Robgirl’s house!!!

          We will have Heineken, hotpockets (do they come gluten-free?) and New Moon Twilight candies for snacks!


          • You are All invited….
            I will be prepared: lots of (really) good beer, cheeseburgers, hot dogs,frankfurter, brezeln,all kind of food with cheese (americans like it, or no?)….and southernbelle…even the beer without gluten!

            No hot pockets here, you have to bring along…I kinda immagine this event like a “Rob-Woodstock-thing”, sounds good?

          • Oh, yeah – we love the cheese! We watch Twilight, don’t we?

            (Just in case that doesn’t translate, allow me to explain that here in Amerkuh, we sometimes refer to movies that are not high-quality as “cheesy.” See also “corny.” Then see all previous posts referencing Rob eating corn-on-the-cob and understand why people in the U.S. are so into food metaphors.)

          • Oh my lovely StotheP-Prof. you are sooo sweet to explain all that complicate food metaphors, suddenly you sound so…well-prepared…and a bit like Rob, when he gets all serious….LOVE THAT! Kisses to Texas in Amerkuh!

          • Yee haw!

    • To me it’s like a “Cedric-has-grown-up-and-goes-now-to-university-doing-well-look”….

      by the way…the hairdresser has to get arrested without process or appeal..basta!

    • So Rob looks like Cedric? I’m confused…

      I thought Cedric was black.

      • Apparently, I’m the only one who thought that was hilarious.


  24. Overwhelmed? Well, I started DVD #9 last night. The media shows are on fire! My DVR better not fry itself when I’m in LA!

    “New pics emerge of Rob as a child and he looks so much like my ex-boyfriend when he was younger that Iโ€™m half-tempted to call him up and attempt to rekindle the romance just in case he turned out to look like Rob in the past 8 years.”

    If he does can I date him? LOL!

  25. I actually like the clean hair. Don’t get me wrong, greasy, unwashed hair, that’s matted to his forehead or styled with his hair oil makes me ridiculously attracted to Rob. More so than one would think is normal. But, the soft hair makes me want to stroke the perfect locks… just one touch, Rob….. Please?

    On another note, I want to see that Hello Kitty video. Sure, I’ll be scarred for life seeing Pocket Eddie molesting the iconic cat, but my curiousity is piqued… and you know what they say about curiousity and cats.

  26. I just want to thank Micheal K. for writing the words “seductively breathe onto its neck… like he’s ready to suck an orgasm out of it”. UC and Moon gave me my laughs for the day, and now MK has given me the “fodder” for tonight.

    (damn, did I just really type that? and am I really about to hit “submit comment”…..yeah, I guess I totally am. dont’ be judgin’, you just KNOW that you too are fantasizing about having corn for dinner)

    • I will never look at corn the same! LOL!

    • No judgment here. ‘Cause that’d be pretty hypocritical of me, what with all the creamed corn ‘recipes’ dancing through my head.

      • I think I might like creamed corn now.

    • haha! That was pretty awesome. I might or might not have had a disturbing (yet totally normal!) visual over that line. I will never tell.

      • Oh c’mon!!! Don’t be a prude! Share!

  27. “Rob my love is like a river, peaceful and deep.”
    Love it!

    18 minutes of Hello Kitty and Pocket Edward? You are a devoted blogger! Thanks!

  28. Just wanted to say “Thanks” to everyone for their well wishes for my kiddo and his surgery. Everything went great!

    • Thanks for sharing the good news! That’s so great!

  29. Airport-Rob,Rob-in-Japan,washing-his-hair-fluffy-Rob,smilingRob,happy-Rob,Rob-getting-back-to-LA,Rob on VF,HB….it’s REALLY overwhelming..


    I’m doing this for 2 days til now, my brain Rob would say..just on “basic motofunction” with this results:

    1. the haircutter has to get arrested and put in prison without process and appeal
    2.Rob-in-Japan looks to me like a “Cedric-goes-now-to-university-and-he-does-it-well-look”
    3. Four-year-old-Rob looks exactly like my son and so I don’t want to look at him, even if he is making on that pic the same teeth-bite-lips-smile as grown-up-Rob
    4.I really want to see the pic when Rob and his mate living in London in the famous Soho-flat made the “twi-annual-convoi” to get their dirty rags washed
    5. …all the other unprocessed stuff will be my winter stocks of Rob!

    So finally I’m fine with getting overwhelmed…

    • Oh I’d pay to see that convoy!

  30. Today I have some difficulties to put my posts on so perhaps I’m repeating myself….

    On the baby pic he does the same teeth-bites-lips-smile as grown-up-Rob, that’s cute!

    After 2 days of clicking-saving-reading-clicking-….

    I just wanna see a pic of the “twi-annual-convoi” of dirty Rob rags !!! That interview-piece was hilarious…

    • He so cute as a toddler! Look at that platinum blonde hair! Awww. Adorable. I still see the same charm :-).

      • Hi sis, today’s frickin post-put-in-failure…lol

        To the cute baby pic, very very sweet and charm, he was born with that really rare virtue…
        send you email on thursd. and short email today, you got it?

        Baby baby you’re just to good to be true, I can’t……
        โค โค double!

        • yes I did get the email from yesterday, sorry I haven’t replied to that, I did reply to the one this afternoon. My hubby came home early last night because he got hurt at work :-(. I’ve been mothering him since then, now I have a little break to go on here and feed my inner fangirl. Write you a longer one later ok? I’m exhausted, I need a long nap, preferably with some Rob dreams!


        • Thx, is was just for knowing if it works, really no pressure…hahaha we’ll take it easy…lol

    • So I said it, f*cking repeat, sorry ladies

      • Don’t apologize. I’m quite fond of your avatar so as far as I’m concerned you can post whatever you want as many times you want. I can’t guarantee to actually read it though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Ummm I love you for linking the Phillies to a picture of John Kruk. That’s all!!

    Also, those Michael K. links were hilarious. “We shouldn’t laugh and smile over lobsters. We must brooooooood.” โค

  32. Like our dear Steph would say, “Thanks for the laugh line ladies”

    You made my day !

  33. Lovely. Just lovely. I feel well informed.

  34. Can’t wait for TomStu to visit him, so we can see Robbie flash that “Cullen” smile again.

    Long live the order of the Plaid!
    Bros not hoe’s.

    ps. Has anyone seen/heard from Stewie? She and wolf boy were in Mexico doing the promo last time I heard.

  35. Hey ALL;

    Tom Stu is (le sigh) my little cupcake–
    Will hopefully be over this way soon promoting his movie PIRATE RADIO.

    Lets all support Robbies best buddy and go out and l watch the movie when its released on November 13!
    Check it out here; its a comedy;

    • I’ve seen it! Great movie! Really funny..

      • @ Gizmo;
        Are U in the UK? (probably, as we have yet to get the movie here in the USA.) How was the reception to Pirate Radio over there?
        I heard some folks panned it… but others liked it..

        I bet you it turns out to be a big sleeper hit over here like Juno or Little Miss Sunshine was.

        Lets see how it goes!!

        • Yep.. We got it way earlier here in Europe and it was received really well. It’s a British comedy with some good British humor. Cute and fun.
          And the cast is brilliant. I’m a big fan of both Bill Nighy and Phillip Seymour Hoffman and you can’t really go wrong with the two of them.
          And there’s TomStu of course.
          What is even better than the movie itself is the soundtrack. Regardless of the movie it is a must have compilation.

          • Pirate Radio sounds Groovy! (to use my mom’s phrase from the 60’s). I can’t wait to see it.

            I heard Tom Stu got mobbed by 70 girls at one of his performances in Punk Rock in Manchester.

            He’s going to give Rob some competition.
            I bet TomStu was terrified.
            There was no security at all.
            They were unprepared.

            my poor little cupcake!

      • It really is a great movie ! As Gizmo said, it was released last year in Europe. If you like rock music from the 60s (and TomStu) , go see it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Moon/UC – next topic for exploration should be; why Rob won’t bathe or wash his hair.

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