Posted by: Bekah | November 1, 2009

How I fell for Rob: A Man’s perspective…


Wanna watch the game together this afternoon? I got a new pocket knife I want to show you

Yes, our first letter from a guy for our “How I fell for Rob” feature. But it’s not what you think. We don’t have to compete with the gay guys (yet). This guy likes Rob for a different reason…

Dear Mr. Pattinson –

I felt compelled to write you a “thank you” note and possibly send you a bottle of wine. You see, you saved my marriage and my sex life. Not that they were in any true danger, but ever since my wife has started producing what I call “RobPorn” she has been reborn (so to speak)! After ten years of marriage and two kids we had fallen into a foggy routine of comfortable stability and familiarity, but then you appeared.

I watched “Twilight” with my wife for the first time last April. It was ok, for chicks I guess, but I noticed my wife’s eyes glaze over when you passed thru the cafeteria doors. I know because she kept pausing the damn DVD and rewatching it! I commented that you were attractive “in a creepy British sort-of-way” like Hugh Grant, and was immediately silenced with a series of shhhhs. That’s where it all began.

The next day she purchased the “Twilight” box set of books from For two weeks, I saw little of her. But after finishing the series she suddenly had a new hobby . . . YOU! Every free minute was spent trolling the internet for pics of you. She spent endless hours watching other Rob related smut on YouTube. Then the inevitable happened, she hit me up for a new computer and software so she too, could become a purveyor of RobPorn. I have to say I was skeptical at first. But all of that pent-up sexual tension from watching you had to go somewhere, and luckily it came my way! In abundance!!!

Rob in a white sweater

Steve, I'll let you borrow my dad sweater

I don’t mind now when she spends endless hours editing videos of you, jotting down storyboard ideas at the dinner table, and chatting incessantly on random Rob blog sites because I know I will get my just rewards for humoring her. I love my wife. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother for my children and better friend for myself. It makes me happy to know that you, Mr. Pattinson, make her happy! So I support her “Robsession” wholeheartedly.

So, in closing, thank you, Rob! Thank you for firing up the women of the world, especially my wife!



So we’ve seen the convos in the comments from time to time about if or what your men/hubbys think of your acute fondness for Rob…but are they like Steve? Kinda grateful? Or are they in the dark? Talk it out!

Then have fun on The Forum and LTR



  1. OMG!!!

    Admit! This was MY bf to write this LTR, his name is Steve….
    I feel like “caught in the act”…hahaha

    I think, that this Steve knows only, I guess 25% of the truth Robsession, ….and I really don’t know if he wants to know the whole fact….at that time the letter could sound different…
    (Hello STEVE: PornRobsession, have you heard about it from your wife? No????? OK……..!)

    • so……keep on dreaming….lol!

  2. OMG! I thought my husband wrote you guys/Rob! Other than rewinding the cafeteria entrance *gasp* scene (I would never have been so brave to do it in front of my husband), this is my husband and me! Even down to 10 years of marriage! I’m thinking my husband may have secretly made up this “Steve” fella now.

    Husband? Is this you? Rewards galore with the new VF pics when you return from your business trip. 😉

    • Agreed! When my hubby sees me on the computer and asks what I’m doing, my normal response is: “Homework, ugh. Hey, do you want to help me make some flashcards?”
      That usually gets him out of the room 😉
      I think he’s catching on, though. I asked him to make a “list” the other day…he looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Where is this coming from? Are you flying the freak flag because of that Twilight crap you read? Not that I’m complaining.”

      Yes, dear.

  3. I thought my husband wrote this letter, until I got to the part about two kids. Maybe he was including the dog?

    I’ve often told him he should write a thank you note to Rob.

  4. This is so funny. My husband reaps the rewards of my RobPorn all the time. He just doesn’t know it–he thinks I am just reaching my sexual peak!

    I just say nod and say “yeah, it’s probably going to take me years to get over it”.

    Then I continue reading smut and trolling youtube for more Rob.

    • My husband thinks it’s because I had my tubes tied and I’m no longer worried about getting pregnant. I just nod and go along.

  5. Wow.. That guy really loves his lady. Lucky woman she is..

    Steve, you’re a great guy!

  6. I wrote a letter to LTR very much like this one, for my husband, when he finally confessed one day, that he was grateful for Rob.
    I still don’t think that he knows the extent of my fondness, but I also don’t think that he is bothered by what he does know.
    I shhhed my hubby a bunch of times when we watched Twilight on DVD the first time, but I didn’t rewind any parts. I do remember looking at him, right after seeing the kissing scene the first time, and mouthing the words, Oh My God. He definitely got lucky that night!!
    I just bought tickets for us, to see Twilight on the big screen, because some theaters, thru out the country, are showing it on Nov. 19th. He said that he would go with me to see it, so I do feel lucky to have him.
    Let’s just say Rob and fan fiction has changed our lives for the better.

    • You wrote a letter like this and had your husband sign it? At gunpoint? or was he willing but too lazy to write it himself?

  7. What a great guy!
    I know, for a fact, that if my guy came panting at me after looking at his 2003 Marissa Miller calendar (it’s in his closet) I’d kick him in the jewels. Haha It’s all about subtlety in this house.

  8. I watched Twilight with my girlfriend one night. Later that evening, I totally attacked her – it was wild and wonderful.

    Next day, she gave me a sly look and a crooked grin (yep, she has one of those – lucky me) and said, “Yeah, so you were pretty worked up after that movie last night.”

    I feigned innocence, but I don’t think she bought it.

  9. Is that dad sweater picture for real?! for REAL?

  10. I’m a little in love with Steve.. just saying!

    Oh that all of us had signifigant other’s who understood, and actually SEE that they do indeed receive benefits from the “robsession”

    Steve’s Wife… you are a lucky woman.. give Steve a hug from me… and you know, where ever it leads from there is all on you:)

  11. Wow. That was awkward.

    Please never let my love thank a random celebrity for any sort of action he is getting.

    Of course, I think Rob is hawt! (Or I wouldn’t be here, would I?) But I can’t sit here and watch Rob videos all day. I’ve watched a few when they are posted here but I tend to skip them. I read a few fanfics but I skim the lemony parts. It’s just too much, you know?

    Maybe I am totally not “normal” according to the standards of this blog. I shall be waiting to be kicked off…

  12. Good work Steve – way to put it out there. All the ladies know Rob is their fantasy bed mate but you are man enough to admit that he is partially responsible for your ” Twilight benefits” – high five to Rob for keeping the magic alive in many marriages across the country.

  13. Mr LPB has No Idea….plus he thinks Rob is gay, so if I talk about him he just chuckles…..

    Any post that includes the fanny pack Rob photo makes my day!!! Thanks for that!

    Mrs Steve, you are lucky to have such an understanding partner, what a great guy.

    Happy Sunday!

  14. OMG I had to scrowl down to the bottom of the letter to see who had signed it. It sounded like my hubby. Phhheewwww.


  15. Oh Steve what an evolved man you are! You are above the “caveman” mentality that surrounds most husbands – can you please oh please talk sense into my husband? Mine started acting like a “girl” and said “you get all hot & bothered looking at pictures of HIM and then expect me to fix it for you!” what’s wrong with that picture? Haven’t women been subjected to that same type of treatment with the invention of playboy..? Mrs. Steve, you’ve got a winner – sometimes make it just about Mr. Steve too.

  16. I totes thought I had been busted. My hubby got me a new laptop in May, and we’ve been married for ten years. Kids…

    Holy S*&t!!

    But, sigh! I am safe. I don’t think my obsession with Rob and all things Rob have REALLy affected my ahem, romantic situation with the hubs, but it also doesn’t slow me down from hiding said infatuation, just in case he would think so…

    I just wonder how Steve found LTR. No offense, but unless my husband has spyware on my computer, he has NO idea I frequent this blog. And by frequent I mean at least 4-6 times per day. You know, just checking in

    Happy Sunday ladies, oh, and you too Steve!


  17. Wow, I’m impressed by such kind of devotion to one’s wife, especially, after 10 years of marriage! Steve, you rock!
    I’m still trying to make my bf read the 1-st book of the series… Of course, he has NO idea of Rob’s existance 🙂

  18. I love this! All of it! Men need to be more supportive of the “acute fondness” and this is great!

  19. I’m back, here is evening alright and I read all your comments, it’s perhaps just , but me the major ones seemed to be more serious with this “husband-letter”…

    I made a joke as the first post and now I felt like….maybe I have to add one more genuinely notion?

    I love my bf, I’m really crazy about him, and we stayed together since 10 years….he knows about my “Addiction-to Rob”, so we laughed always alot about my strange “behaving” ….
    but in the end I like to have some little “secrets” and I hope he has them too… it’s like a benefit to RL….:-) and Woman to Steve: your hubby ist great!

    • Hi Robgirl, don’t worry I don’t think less highly of you :-). I know what you mean about secrets.

      How’s your halloween?


      • Hi My lovely-sister-in Rob..:-), nice to hear from you….

        Since a few years ago, Halloween was completely unknown in Germany, we have “carnival” in February for almost a week (Cologne,Düsseldorf), but since that Halloween becomes bigger and bigger, especially for kids…

        The bad side of both “events”, some drunken people behave like idiots and broke up my garage and stole two expensive bicycles…..

        So I hope you are fine and had yet enjoyed the new VF shoots…to die for! A big Hug, hope to”hear” from you tomorrow….

  20. OK, I believe my Steve may be our mystery man! I just found his email reply from UC in our yahoo account (we share an email address). There are no secrets in this house! I will be happy to have Steve do a Q &A session with the blog ladies pertaining to said comments! We also share a computer and LTR is in our favorites, hence how he found the site. He says he is not ashamed of his letter and that it is the truth! If Rob Pattinson Porn equals Steve getting laid, then he is all for Rob! I am moved that he wrote the letter. He said he would eventually, but in guy time that could mean anytime in the next decade. I am grateful for my Steve. He shall be well rewarded for his efforts!!!

    • From the very first line, I was sure my husband had not written this letter!! So dear Kelly, the day Steve decides to teach courses on “How to be a civilized and caring husband to his wife’s obsession,” please let me know.

      For instance, Robert landed in Madrid on 12 and my husband is planning a weekend in London (wtf??) If he could, I think he would leave the continent!!!

      I guess the fact that my little son calls Robert “mom’s bf” doesn’t help much…

  21. Ok, I know I already posted once, but….
    This post actually sparked a conversation between hubster and I. It went a little like:
    “Yay! Only 19 days til NM!”
    “I hope you bootleg that shit so we don’t go broke from your trips to see that stupid movie”
    “You should be GLAD that I love that movie! It’s not like you haven’t enjoyed the benefits!”
    “Yeah, that’s true. I should probably write them a thank you note.”
    “Steve already did.”
    “Who’s Steve?”

    • LOL, that is funny!!

      I too hope to bootleg this movie as well, because I will go crazy waiting for it to come out on DVD.

    • I just gotta say, love it! 🙂 Sounds like the conversations in our house! Maybe we should all get together and go bowling one night. LOL!

  22. My husband could have written this!!! 🙂 So true. He feels exactly the same.

    In the beginning my hubby was peeved at my new “hobby” as Steve would call it. However recently he’s been on board with it. He’s been buying me gifts left and right! I guess I must be doing something good! However I still can’t talk too much about Rob to him, he starts to gag!

    This morning I told him about the Vanity Fair magazine…lo and behold he said after he gets out of his double shift, he’s gonna look for it on the day it supposed to hit the stores.

    • Sounds like your man is a keeper! 🙂 I don’t know why more guys don’t support the “acute fondness” for Rob? Hot Rob = hubby getting nookie. I don’t see what the problem is, do you?

    • hey, you already saw the pics… them

      …and the thing with your husband is sweet, I think he tries to control (in a good way…) the whole ROB-situation, my Bf does the same, I love his face when he made some really non-witty joke…it’s a bit a rivalry-thing, unfortunetely with PICS…hahaha!

  23. I have a Steve.

    I received this someecard, personally crafted, from mine for Halloween yesterday:

    That was a wild night,
    freakin, fuckin hot…
    let’s do it again…
    love – Robert P.

    I asked him “how did you know Rob likes to drink?” and he said “he just looks like it.”

    • Hahahaha, perhaps he knows him better than you had realized since yet…:-)

  24. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww
    Steve is one of the cutest husbands ever!!
    More man should be aware of how helpful Rob has been to their lives with their GF and wives, instead of feeling “threatened” by him.

  25. My husband is actually completely unaware of my Robsession, as far as I know. I am worried it might hurt his feelings, so I just don’t mention Rob around him at all. He knows about my Twilight obsession and that I spend a lot of time reading LTT/LTR and fanfiction, but he has no idea about my “little” crush on Rob. The funny part is, he somehow got the idea that I have a thing for Kristen Stewart!!! Seriously, a couple of weeks ago when I was glued to the TV watching that TMZ video of Rob and Kristen at the elevator, he turned to me and said, “oh look, honey, there’s your Kristen Stewart!”. To which I just smiled and laughed to myself. Right. I’m ogling the TV because of Kristen Stewart. Silly boy!

    BTW, this is my first time to comment. I’ve been “lurking” for months now, reading the blogs daily, but just finally decided to come out of the woodwork today. UC & Moon, you guys are awesome!!!

    • Haha! That sounds a little like my bf. (together for 6 years) He thinks I’m just way into Twilight…and knows I read “stories” online. He doesn’t really seem to care about what I’m doing —whenever I bring things up Twi or Rob-related, he just gets bored. It’s probably the same as when he starts talking sports to me. One time I did start gushing over Rob and saying he was going to be next Johnny Depp and he started bashing him completely. I was so annoyed and was about to defend Rob…but then mentally told myself, ‘no, it’s not worth it.’ lol It’s weird – he doesn’t care about my ‘acute fondness for Rob’ – I think he just prefers me not to rub it in his face.

    • Hey Elizabeth, welcome…
      Your story is so sweet. that’s why we Love MEN, they sometimes don’t get it….and that’s a good thing when you are Robsessed….:-)

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