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Last Minute Halloween Ideas for Rob

Scary PumpkinDear Rob,

Did you wake up this morning and scream “AH” because you thought TomStu put a big black-haired monster in bed next to you as a Halloween joke? But then you calmed down because you realized it was just Kristen in her redneck Halloween costume? Then you screamed again because you realized the mullet wasn’t a costume and still hadn’t grown out? I understand.  And I’m here to save you cuz I heard your final scream of panic that was louder the one you had for the monster and the mullet all the way here in Pennsylvania. You’re right. You did forget Halloween. But I’m here to save the day.

It won’t cost you a lot. It won’t take you a lot of time. No, no…. you have so many Halloween costumes right in your hotel room- just take a look around at the items you’ve stolen from the many sets you’ve been on, hotels you’ve stayed in or tourist attractions you’ve visited. You could go as:









Waiter at a Seafood Restaurant: You already have the lobster hat (and I’m sure you stole this lobster bib). If you want to work at some-sort of theme restaurant, you already know the words to “Nacho-Nacho Man” so you can sing it while serving the apps.

Edward Cullen in Tweed










Psychiatrist on a first-name basis with the sales reps at Harris Tweed: All you’d have to do is add those leather patches to the elbows of your Edward coat. You can improvise & cut out shapes from the brown bag from your latest liquor store run. Then you can get it on with your hot patient on your psychiatrist couch. Guess who I am dressing up as for Halloween? (Hint: I need a prescription for Prozac)

Rob wears Marcus' shirt









Marcus Foster: This one is really easy. Go to that big mound of dirty laundry on your floor. Dig underneath. Keep digging. Keeeeeep diggin. There. See that shirt? Yes the one Marcus left on your floor a few months back. Shake it out. Febreeze that bad boy. Put it on. Bam- you’re Marcus. If you really want to perfect the look, spend a few minutes googling images of weasels and imitate them.

See, Rob? I saved the day. Now why don’t you steal Carlisle’s scrubs and lab coat and you can be Dr. Love. I’ll be the patient

Trick or Treat!

Follow the jump for a special surprise:

Have you seen Jimmy Fallen’s Halloween Rob Pattinson vid yet?  If not, enjoy this as your hween treat from us. If so, enjoy it again because we have no other treats:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What else could Rob be for Halloween!? There are countless ideas. He’s stolen SO much…

Thanks Brookie & Moonie for your help!

Celebrate Halloween over on The Forum and on LTT


  1. “Then you screamed again because you realized the mullet wasn’t a costume and still hadn’t grown out?”

    I ❤ this!


  2. lounge singer?..and is it just me or does that pumpkin look eerily like k-stew? i mean the grumpy eyebrows, the snarl…drunk/scared rob in her mouth (thatswatshesaid)…..

    or maybe im just mean, sleep deprived and jacked up on pain-killers…. in other words, just another halloween…

    have a good one guys…!!!! 🙂

  3. Happy Halloween!

    My advice to Rob for an easygoing costume:

    Put on a mullet wig, make a knot in your shirt, try (!) to do a grumpy face expression…

    eh voila….you ARE the perfect Kristen….:-)

  4. He could take a shower and go as Zac Efron :o)

    • But that would require man bangs. Ew. Epic Fail!

      • He used to have them once, (How To Be) he could sport them again. (Or just comb his unwashed hair over his face! Voilà! Man bangs!)

  5. If he’s taken the wardrobe from past films, I’m sure none of us would be adverse to repeat appearances by Art or Daniel Gale (especially heinous clothes in this one)!!!!

    Is that picture of him in the lobster bib real? if so, I find it really funny!

    Happy Halloween everybody!

    • yes! leaked from vanity fair!

      • I like the multitasking he’s doing in the picture- corn-on-the-cob in one hand and a familiar green bottle that he’s drinking from in the other. And the bib is adorable!

  6. On second thought, I hope that he doesn’t have the wardrobe from the ‘zygote Rob’ photo shoots. Though, it would be really really scary!

    • Yeah.. Too bad he can’t go as Zygote anymore. He’s got (painted) abs now.

      But KStew can.

      • Bahahahahahaha…fall off my chair, that was sooo funny!

  7. Rob could just shave and go as Zoolander…
    Blue Steel!

  8. Blue Steel – he did that at the oscars. He could dress up as Jimmy Fallon and get his revenge!

    Or dress up as a bell-hop and escape his hotel for the evening by calling a cab for himself and driving off into the sunset.

  9. better option for today:

    Rob, take a plane, come back to Europe (ähmm ME!), we could both have a nice halloween party without halloween….

    you don’t need a costume, you not even need clothes…come as you are this morning, it’s ok!

    • After you’re done with him please send him over to Kentucky, alright darlin? 🙂

      Your sister-in-Rob

      • Hey good morning sis, be sure about it!

        Sharing is caring!!!

        Hugs back ❤

  10. A Fabreezed Weasel. Now that’s a Halloween Costume!
    p.s. Is it normal that I want to have lots of sex and babies with Jimmy Fallon??

  11. I dunno…would Rob really bother w/ Febreze? I would think he might like the lingering Marcus scent.

    • So right…and by the way, I bet 100%, he really doesn’t know what is Febreze! Fever? Breeze?

      I can immagine his face expression…..hahaha, Clare for sure, didn’t taught him!

      • I think you’d win that bet! Since he doesn’t seem to know what laundry is anyway, why would he know what this product is?

  12. Rob please dress up as Cedric Diggory please!!!!

    Or as Harry Potter! 🙂

    • ….oh yeah…as Harry Potter in his last role as “naked Daniel Ratcliffe”!!! ❤

  13. He could be a Hot Pocket!! I’m sure he has enough left over HP boxes to fasten them together to make some sort of collage/billboard ensemble.

    • He could borrow quite a few boxes from his fort!

  14. I love that lobster pic!!! Is that corn he’s holding in one hand? Haha! Classic! Corn and lobster?

    If I was there I would have wiped his mouth with that bib :-). So cute,uhmmmm.

  15. He should totally don a flesh-tone body suit and go as a young Dali…tuck perfected! Seems a waste of talent not to put that to use. Draw on a handlebar mustache and he’s good to go!

  16. Rob, put on your Oscars tux and come pick me up-we’ll go as prom dates. And later, I may even let you “de-flower” me…you know, just for the sake of costume authenticity. 😉

  17. Ohhh, another fine costume..

    …as the little Jesus-baby…lying naked on his FUR all the day….

    • Haha, you crack me up! 🙂

  18. Rob’s so famous now he IS a costume.

    • Yah I know, I’ve seen some guys copying his style. 🙂

  19. Today is a day of many costume ideas…UC your LTR today inspires me a lot…

    I’m thinking about Rob-Longstocking…

    a) a red wig (dye the mullet wig for the Kstew costume !)
    b) some nice freckles…(you can reuse the Edward-sparkle-dots…)
    c) a horse (Kstew has to come with…)
    d) and a monkey man….hello Kellan!

  20. I wonder if Rob would ever consider doing one of those skits with Jimmy… I think that would be funny and hell!

    Bothered much :/

    thanks for the giggles!

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  21. “sweetened lard pellets”. That’s so funny!! I wish we could wake up in the morning to pap pics of Rob at a Halloween party.

    Drunk Rob in costume is always a WIN.

    Happy Halloween LTR-ers.

  22. Dali

  23. bovvered. that’s gold. though it automatically makes me think of catherine tate, of course. am i bovvered? i’m not bovvered!

    rob could get a spray tan and go as jacob, I wonder if that would cause any team switches for halloween night only?

    • bahahahhaha…
      i keep thining of Ross and his spray tan….Rob seems like a guy who’d count “one missisippi…” in his sexy brit accent…

  24. “Pumpkins are dumb fat squashes!”


  25. “I can’t think of a better middle finger than getting that in a bag for Halloween!”

  26. Rob should go as a sparkly peen…then we could la, la, la, lick him like a lolly-pop! Tasty.

  27. Jimmy Fallon you are a riot! (i could watch these all day), as for mr P’s costume,i have a feelin little miss kstew won’t even let him come out and trick or treat tonight (sooo sad) but he can always put on a wet blanket cuz that’s all he’s been for awhile.

  28. Monster Mash with Robbie, Stewie, TomStu AND
    a special guess for your halloweenie viewing pleasure. – cheers, Hermes

    Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

  29. oops try the monster mash with Robbie here.

    • Gave you a thumbs up and thanking you for that. Just made a video of me and my 3 best grade school girls (along w/ the deceased M. Jackson) to send out. Priceless!

  30. I think he should go as the dumpsterman, lugging a miniature dumpster with him, nicely padded on the inside for immediate viewing pleasure. Who wants to be the first to take the tour? 🙂

  31. […] Last Minute Halloween Ideas for Rob Dear Rob, Did you wake up this morning and scream “AH” because you thought TomStu put a big black-haired […] […]

  32. haha, i actually had a trick or treater who was Dr. cullen. i like freaked out on her, she was a bit scared especially since i was dresses as minnie mouse and was screaming “twilight!” at her

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