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Going back with Rob – Saturday morning delight

Dear Rob,

You know when you have a new significant other and it’s finally time to bring them home to Mom and Dad? And what do Mom’s and Dad’s like to do more than embarrass their kids by pulling out the old baby book and home videos of naked bath times, recitals and the cursed awkward years? There’s nothing better than your mom showing the person you want to impress the most a picture of you in head gear and neon shorts. Seriously burn those Mom, please! So why don’t we do that today? UC sent me some links to casting videos of you from How to Be. Short hair, nerdy voice and what was with that shirt? I call it the “loafs and fishes” shirt. Were you going to feed the 5000 after you left this casting?

How to be audition tapes

(go check out the rest of the casting videos)

And how about we keep digging through the embarrassing “home videos” and take a gander at some Rob as Cedric Diggory videos

Um, someone might wanna alert Chris Hanson to GOB director Mike Newell. He sounds a little TOO into Rob

And the real gem of the Cedric years… behind the scenes of Harry Potter tour with Rob

Bow your head for a moment of silence for the beanie and cargo pants at the end. I half expect to see the blue sweater or ripped up Stoli shirt peaking out. Oh the good ol days.

Well hasn’t this been a fun trip down memory lane? Hopefully we didn’t embarrass you too much, the videos Clare and Dick sent didn’t get here in time… but maybe next time we’ll get that video of you as “Claudia” or a montage of first day of school pictures! Fingers crossed!

Happy Saturday!

PS what’s your favorite “vintage” Rob video?

Spend some quality time in The Forum with your pals!
Time to head over to LTT today!

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaawwww cedric….. le sigh. I am te only one who thought “handporn” while they were putting make up on his hand?

    • Don’t feel bad, I got sorta hot when she was shaving him. Good God!

    • Yes! Same here! Hahahahaha!! And watching him shove cereal into his mouth also did it for me, for some strange reason (maybe jaw porn?) LMAO

  2. The last video is such a gem: young nerdy Rob on disney-esque instrumental tunes. I’m always so 2nd hand embarrassed watching him in that on-set golf cart.

  3. Dude.
    I love that behind-the-scenes of GoF vid!
    I watched it on the spesh features when I first got the DVD and I remember thinking it was a really good extra.
    Then I watched it a few months ago Post-Twi and giggled like a schoolgirl at how effing adrokable he looks.
    Oh and the beanie at the end? I almost cried with excitement. I remember thinking:
    “Awwww. He was even rocking that delicious beanie look way back then!”


  4. OK who else wants to hear Rob go “ohhunnnfff” like in the last video? Only we can make him make that noise without wires!!!!!
    Also why do all these directors want to get get Rob tied up and swinging from these wires?……Silly me… I’ve just found a whole new fantasy mmmnn Rob, rope and me……..RWAR

    • LMAO WORD!

      • I wsa thinking that was his growl or O-Sound during sexy time….Rob, where have you been all my life?!? God. Damn. It.

  5. All I can say is in the GoF vid I wanna have Philippa’s job πŸ™‚ Any job where you get to tell Rob what to do, is heaven on earth in my eyes. Yes Rob, a little lower there πŸ™‚


  6. Clare reads LTR, you know she does. And Dick stands over her shoulder with a cocktail and says, “don’t read that rubbish!” But he’s secretly absorbing every word. In fact, Dick really wants some Patti-pants to scoot around the house in. Clare probably even posts once in awhile. If you were Rob’s mum what screen name would you use to be incognito??? [I’m leaning towards TammyO] hahahaha

    • I think she would try so hard to be incognito that she would use something like RobWhoO.. Which would totally blow her cover on a blog named Letters to Rob.
      On the other hand it would be totally awesome that both of his parents got drunk one day and decided to comment as Dick&Clare and share with us form the family albums. You know who I think visits on a daily basis though? That batshit crazy aunt of his.

      • @ Gizmo: Oh sure the crazy aunt is reading this! Only she’d expect to be paid if she shared any family gems! Every family’s got one…

  7. how young is Rob in the GOF video? Cause I watched it (um twice) and he looked so delicious but so young and I started to feel like a Tay-Tay is legal in Georgia kinda girl.

    Yeah, so I might have to watch that video like 1000 more times and fervently pray for something just like that for the New Moon DVD extras only 2 hours long.

    Oh yeah, and that noise. That “unguh” – um . . . gotta go.

  8. Awesome!

    After ranting & raving (and probably scaring everyone) on LTT this morning, I think I will keep my comment very short.


  9. I couldn’t see the first video. Oh well.

    Yeah I’m thinking the director had crush on Rob, either that or he’s just a very sensitive guy.

    I loved the 2nd video! I’ve seen it before but because I love Rob and I love to hear his voice and hear him laugh, I’ll watch it over and over again. So gorgeous, sigh.

    I guess I need to head over to LTT, sounds like there’s some drama there.

    • Yeah, def would have been worried about that director if I’d been Rob’s Mum or Dad – full on crush on the boy and not ashamed to have himself video’d admitting his personal WW1 fantasy: “Over the top, boys, let the Bosch have it! Home to Good Old Blighty before Christmas!”

  10. Rob is the last guy who should be allowed to take a cameraman on an unscripted tour. The awkwardness is palpable.

    • True story. πŸ˜‰

    • But isn’t that something we just loooove about him? So, please, let him lead the tour on the behind-the-scenes material on the New Moon DVD. All of it. From the cantine to the dressing rooms to the werewolves work-out room…talking incoherently and making faces all the while…:-)

    • This is also why (as much as I love Rob) he could not, SHOULD NOT host SNL!

    • Young Rob is amazing! All his most endearing qualities are pretty much already in edicence. How did I ever miss this?

      Head tilt, raised eyebrow, dorky laugh, l-o-n-g fingers, lack of athletic ability, careless clothing, evidence of debauched late nights, fast food, cheapness, overall good humor. I loved it.

  11. BOOOO the first vid is removed! It’s soo good too!!! I’ll look for another one. If you find it- let us know and we’ll re upload!

    • Yes, I got here too late and missed it – please try to find it, would love to see it!! Love young Rob!

      • Is it still up at Robsessed? I watched all 4 parts yesterday when I got home from work and it was the best 16 minutes of my week. When he says “at least I’m not a f*cking bitch…” Gah! So hawt! (yeah the shirt was heinous, but overall, a great boost for the waning mojo!)

    • Check German twilighters for the HTB casting!

  12. He’s so cute here: . It’s normal Rob before all of the crazy fans, there’s no way in hell he would do that now.

  13. My favorite is the make-up artist – “I do Rob, in theory.” If only she knew how true that statement was.

  14. I started watching those “how to be” vids at work but had to stop because it was so obvious that i was doing non-worky stuff (work-y stuff NEVER makes me grin like a dolt like that…). agree on the odd shirt choice, but then again, you’ve noted that he’s more of a “grab what’s handy on the floor” dresser than anything else. : )

  15. I’m a bad fangirl. Again. I always say that… but it’s the truth. I only just saw the behind the scenes GOB footage like 2 weeks ago. I definitely own that dvd too, so I’m not sure how that happened.

    Seriously though, who thought letting Rob loose on that camera was a good idea? So many awkward pauses. I mean, *I* love it. But… really? At least he didn’t talk about shitting himself.

    • P.S. It also took me like 2 solid mins to try to figure out what the abbreviation “GOB” stood for, because I couldn’t get away from seeing George Oscar Bluth. Even in the context of this blog and a VIDEO from the movie right in front of my face… I’m an idiot. COME ON!

    • I know! That vid has been sitting on my shelf forever, and I never even thought about the extra material, until I came across that interview on the Internet and picked it up. Epic win!

      He is so adorable in the behind-the-scenes and just like his wonderful, unselfconscious, charming self. Wish that I had known him then – I am so afraid that all this Twilight fame will ultimately spoil him for the world, make him hard and closeted and wipe that goofy smile off his face..

  16. Boo on youtube for taking off the first video.. I totally wanted to watch it.

    AND.. I love that last video. Behind the scenes with Cedric the Goof makes me smile every time πŸ™‚

  17. Cedric, Lesigh. Thats the first time I noticed Rob years ago and was like ( Hummmm, hes cute)but back then I assumed that he was the same age as Daniel. Found out the was older (Yea!!!!!) and I didnt need a visit from Chris Hanson.

    His laugh…siggghhhhhhh……

  18. BTS GOF video is my favorite!!!
    So adorkable.

  19. Young Rob is so awkward and darling. <3s it!

  20. GOF Rob has a different accent. Anyone else find this curious? When he says, “make a natural sound” he doesn’t SOUND like himself at all. Maybe he had a cold.

  21. Geez, he’s even adorable when he eats cereal…yep, I need help.

    • “golf buggie” Heee!

    • That’s ok – I need help too. Adorable, cereal-eating Rob seems pretty hot to me!

  22. aww I love Cedric.



    He looks SO nerdy, what a difference a few years made!

    He loves having his makeup put on for him so that he can booze it up the night before! LOL

    I love that Rob’s so cheap and loves having his meals provided. “I don’t have to pay for it” hahaha.

    I want our old Rob.

    Ash ❀

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