Posted by: Bekah | October 16, 2009

A Rob for everyone

Dear Rob,

You’re a pretty diverse guy, did you know that? You can go from handsomest creature to have ever walked this earth to one of earth’s creepiest creatures in a matter of days…or hours…. or just a few misses of the showering. The diversity you bring to the table makes me wonder, can we all love every “Rob” out there? Do we cling to one “Rob” over another? Is it possible that someone can pick and choose the “Robs” she likes? Or is it a “take them all or no Robs for you” kind of situation? Even if we have to accept all the different “Robs” as a package, we can still have a favorite Rob, right? How do I choose? What “Rob” is right for me?

I decided to do a little public service to help me figure out which “Rob” is right for me and hopefully help your other fans, along the way.

I’ll take you all,

Unsure of what Rob to pick? Feeling confused because of all the Robs out there? Today I’m here to help. Of course there’s the cliche Robs: The Hobo Rob- The guy you pick when you want to feel good about yourself- because it’s almost like you’re helping a homeless person (Otherwise known as “Makes me feel pretty-Rob” because you can hang out with him, even when you’re bloated, broken out all over your face and on your period, and still feel beautiful) and then there’s Opens the Door for you Rob when Rob stops traffic wearing Armani’s latest and someone buttons his buttons for him correctly and you meet up with him in the coat check room after everyone’s already checked their coats at some gala. Otherwise known as Coat Check Rob, Romantic Rob or “Get me drunk on champy, take me home, get out of that suit and rip off this dress- Rob”

But here are the lesser-known Robs:

(Potentially) Gay Best Friend Rob

Let's shop

Let's shop

Maybe you’re the kind of girl who always ends up with a guy who is one step past metro-sexual. Like, everyone thinks he’s gay, but really he just loves to shop, buy shoes, go dancing on Friday nights with 20 of his closest girlfriends and isn’t afraid to admit that the Notebook is his favorite film & that he thinks Ryan & Rachael are meant for each other. And every time he sits down to have a serious conversation, you’re pretty sure this will be “the one” where he outs himself to you, but time after time he doesn’t. So you just go on with it because he’s a lot of fun, he loves to snuggle & he’s the only guy you’ve ever met who can pick out the perfect accessories for that outfit that’s just missing ‘one little thing.’Β  (His words, not yours) Plus you never have to worry about him cheating on you because no other girls actually believe he’s straight! If this sounds like you, then denim, sequin-wearing potentially gay best friend Rob is the guy for you. And bonus! You can share each others jeans!

See the rest after the jump!

Polo-playing Horse Rob



Are you looking for a classic, British boy who screams well-bred and has a potentially royal bloodline?Β  If you take your tea at exactly 14:30 every afternoon, went to a posh boarding school started by the beloved Queen of 1763 and can actually name two different breeds of horses, then this Rob is for you. Let him take you to Buckingham Palace to see portraits of his relatives and then watch him play a pick-up game of cricket with a couple Barons from around the corner at his parent’s house in the English countryside. Don’t be discouraged by his apparent up-tightness, Polo-playing Horse Rob wants to let you find out if the rumor about British guys is true. Yes. You know the one.

Lumberjack Rob

I like wood

I like wood

How’s your tolerance for man-smell at the end of a long work day? Do you give a killer back massage and enjoy rubbing smelly feet? How well do you know your way around wood (ahem)? It’s okay if you’re not an expert. As long as you’re willing to soothe an aching man night after night and don’t mind the occasional brush burn (ahem), LumberjackRob is for you. He works hard and it shows when he falls asleep in the shower at night with the razor in hand and you pull him out to tuck him into bed unshaven, yet again. But if you’re there for him, he’ll be there for you. His grizzled exterior matches the bear inside who wants to take you over and over again (on the weekends, of course, after he’s rested a bit) Plus he can whittle you the cutest little wooden owls to sit above your fireplace. Just don’t ask for a little wooden wolf. Seriously. Don’t.

Drunk Rob

I like boobs

I like boobs

Oh DrunkRob,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee when you steal shirts from grandma and get so red in the face
I love thee when your friends abandon you and you seem so out of place
I love thee when you’re hitting on models and staring at big boobs
I love thee playing air guitar and your sexy drunk dance moves
I love thee pissed off, looking for a fight
I love thee hiding your face, staying out of sight
I love thee drunk on wine, liquor or beer. No matter
But I may not love thee if it makes you get fatter

Connect with any of the descriptions in that poem? Then Drunk Rob is who you need. I can’t promise he’ll do any of the things mentioned above, but I can promise it will be an interesting ride (ahem- depending on the level of drunkenness, don’t count on much of a ‘ride’) where you could potentially relive some college days or end up in another country, karaoking with some A-listers.

Creepy Uncle Rob

I knit this just for you. Try it on. With nothing underneath

I knit this just for you. Try it on. With nothing underneath

Did you like it when a male family member’s eyes lingered on your body in your bikini during the water balloon contest at the”Schlosser Family Reunion Summer of 2009″ a little too long by most people’s standards? What about when your uncle hugged his girlfriend and looked at you while he ran his hand down her back and onto her butt, settling into her crack? Does it give you joy to get older men thrown in jail? Are you a homosexual man looking for a freaky relationship with a potentially in the closet, possible internet-porn maker who talks in a soft, high pitched voice? And who knits his own sweaters? Then creepy uncle Rob is for you. If you don’t mind the dust from the curtains, you can spend your days parked outside of a junior high in a rusty old van, handing out free New Moon posters to any girls who don’t mind stepping inside the van for a few minutes. Ignore the video camera, it’s for, uh, his dog walking service. He wants to upload some cute videos of the dogs onto YouTube. Yeah, that’s right.

Which Rob is for you?

Sorry.. I know.. Creepy Uncle Rob… I couldn’t resist. He….owns me. (I DID use a different picture!)

Go see how Rob’s flat at The Forum is decorated today. To cleanse your mind from CreepyUncleRob!
And head on over to dress Moon on LTT and enter yet ANOTHER contest!

Thanks Brookie for your help. And to my fav Spanish Pic Source


  1. I will take polo-playing horse Rob.

    While I am not British (probably the exact opposite) I have a unwavering love of all things British.

    That accent! *Melts…

    Can I get him to go?

    • They actually sell them at Harrod’s.

      • Really? You think they could Fedex him here?

        I don’t want to pay too much for shipping. Hope he doesn’t mind sitting in a box for two weeks…

        Oh wait! That is what he does now. He definitely won’t mind then. I’ll give him a nicotine patch & a hot pocket when he gets out.

      • He’s on my Christmas list.

        • All I want for Christmas is Robert Pattinson :-). I want him to show up at my doorstep on Christmas morning with red roses. Then we can sit by the fireplace and sip hot chocolate and eat cookies…maybe more action later.

      • hahahahahaha

    • Ohhh. . . I have to admit, I too LOVE all things British, so initially I would like Polo-Playing Horse Rob with a spattering of Lumberjack Rob, minus the beard:D

      • Lumberjack Rob reminds me too much of that Monty Python song
        “He’s a lumber jack and he’s ok, he works all night and he sleeps all day, he likes to wear womens panties, suspenders and a bra ..just like old dear ma ma… ” hee hee. Ok, I’m for Drunk Rob (so is Jane Trigs)

    • I ordered one last week. I tracked it and it should be here tomorrow. Hope they remember to drill some holes in the shipping crate.

    • Rob needs to be in a period movie…..that would be awesome. I believe he could pull it off.

      • Um, yes. Waistcoats and overcoats and cravats and gloves and … unf.

        In addition I would like to find out more about that British boy rumor. At.The.Source. PoloRob FTW.

      • HE DOES! I don’t know, but Rob as Darcy… *swoon* SM did base him on that particular hottie, did she not? I would ADORE him in a period movie. le sigh.

        • I remember posting that on here a few months ago…Rob as Mr. Darcy :-). So who’s gonna play Elizabeth Bennet?

          • me. i will. i would be perfect!

  2. I’ll take (potentially) gay best friend Rob, as long as he wears that vest with no shirt. While he’s trying to show me a thing or two about accessorizing, I’ll be showing him a thing or two. Ahem. We’ll giggle about how all the other girls think he’s gay-hahaha.
    Keep on bedazzling, Rob.

    And actually I’d take any Rob. Even creepy uncle Rob could clean up a little.

  3. What the f*ck is he wearing in the drunk pic?!
    Jeez, boy, turn the light on next time you throw on a shirt and make sure you’re in the right wardrobe! You know, not your mum’s.
    As for which Rob I love best . . .
    I would have to say the shy, hot, mumbler.
    I’m sure you know the one.
    Oh and throw in a bit of plaid for good measure.


    • It looks a lot like a moo-moo my grandma used to wear, only smaller.

      • I’m a victim of a grandmother-with-a-moo moo too. My mother would wear them too when I lived there….*shudder*

    • Drunk Rob looks more like Miami Vice Rob πŸ˜‰

  4. Drunk Rob. No question.

  5. I’ll take polo-playing British Rob. Only because I don’t know what the rumor is about British guys. (Did I miss something?) I can take a guess – and yes I do want to find out!

    • I don’t know what it is either – and I’m English!! Maybe it’s specific to the Welsh/Irish/Scottish???

      • the rumor on the street… is that british guys aren’t exactly big in the nether regions. if you know what i’m saying. which you probably do. since i wasn’t exactly trying to hide it by saying “nether regions”

        • Could you be more specific?

        • Bahahaha! Well, my English experience would say otherwise, but now I think about it, I have way more experience with Australian men than English ones, and when I think about it more, I’m coming off as a total slut.

          • “coming off” lol

        • Say it UC! Say it! πŸ™‚

        • ha ha whether this is true or not I’d still let him touch the southern regions any time he wanted, and Drunk air-guitaring Rob is he best-cause I play drunk drums and we could totally start and air band…

        • Geez…I thought you were refering to the fact that most British guys aren’t cut! Shows how much I know! At least they aren’t Asian guys!

          OMG, I can’t believe this is going there…

  6. Damn, I can’t pick. Can’t I just have a different Rob for each day of the week? πŸ˜›

    • ohhh you mean like Mon-Fri underwear? A Mon-Fri Rob? I like that!

    • Yeah…I like the whole “Mon-Fri Rob” idea!! πŸ™‚

  7. Obviously you thought that I was joking when I kept talking about Office-Rob, that guy you keep riding the elevator with and imagining the hot, steamy, block-the-security-camera effing. With the suits, and the hair and the mmmmmmm.

    • Brooke…there is NOTHING funny about that joke. Office-Rob is why I went to college.

      • hahahaha Sassy.. love it

        Sorry Brookie, I ran out of time! From the intimate details you shared, i KNOW you weren’t joking!

  8. I wonder what polo-playing Rob’s horse is thinking.

    And srsly… what’s the rumour?

    I’m itchin to brag about my trip to London in two weeks… but who likes a bragger? *pleaserobbeinlondonpluswearingthatexactoutfit-horseisoptionalbutapro*

    • Oh I’m jealous! I haven’t been to London since last year and I miss it. Great city πŸ™‚
      Enjoy your time there!

  9. I’ll take (Potentially) gay rob, with a bit of Polo Rob and a hint of Drunk Rob. Yes, I know, I’m finicky, but one Rob just isn’t enough for me.

    Ok, that’s a lie. One Rob would probably be too much for me, but I’m still willing to give it the ole college try.

  10. Ill go for drunk Rob any day. I think weΒ΄ll hit it off, he will not stand a chance against drunk me since IΒ΄m a bit persistent in my advances after a couple of drinks and he seems like an easy catch πŸ™‚

  11. I’ll take the Lumberjack Rob. Damn, he is too fine-I swear he is speaking to me in that pic. Nothing chaste is going through his mind there. I’ll put up with (rejoice in) the burn from that beard anytime he would like.

    Does he dress in the dark? What’s up with the wierd Aunty shirt in the drunk Rob pics? I do love the flushed drunk face though.

    • Being from the Pacific Northwest, I’m going to have to go with Lumberjack Rob as well. Have many relatives that have worked in the Forest Products industry and I know my way around flannel. Would like my lumberjack to keep his British accent though, think I’d like to hear him say Spotted Owl, controlled burn, and clear cut…..

      Dear Lumberjack Rob,

      Let me know when you’d like to go out in the woods together. I have a special way of measuring the circumference of wood.

      • Too. Freaking. Much.

        Laughing so hard in my head right now, so’s not to attract coworkers notice, even though she’s watching Seven Pounds on her computer right now. LTR and movies. Hard day at the office.

        And there is no control for the Pattinson burn. Hose. Me. Down.

        I think I just ew’d myself out.

        • No, you’re right, best to just let it burn πŸ™‚

          Never thought I’d be applying all of my knowledge of forestry practices to Mr. Robert Pattinson, although I guess if you’ve got a nice log it’s inevitable πŸ™‚

  12. Among those, I’ll take Drunk Rob anytime, without the shirt though and as long as he doesn’t have a creepy uncle who knits sweaters. Or one he doesn’t see. Ever.

  13. In my younger days, I would’ve said Polo playing Rob all the way (it’s my inner Pollyanna coming out), but since my friends joke that my hubs is Grizzly Adams, I am going to have to go for Lumberjack Rob. The great thing about scruffy guys is that once they shower, mmmm they smell great and still are a bit rough (twss) around the edges.

  14. Well, normally I’d go for Lumberjack Rob because I love facial hair and frankly I’m impressed that he can grow a (mostly) full beard… but out of these choices, I think I’m going to have to go with Gay Rob. I don’t care if he’s wearing a bedazzled vest if it means he wears jeans that tight.

    Oh, you know you all zoned in on his crotch too. πŸ˜‰

  15. Lumberjack Rob!!!

    What’s the rumor about British boys????

  16. Lumberjack Rob, how do [can] I love thee. Let me count the ways…

    I’ve always loved a man with a beard.

  17. You realize that the “I like wood” caption could be used for BOTH Lumberjack Rob and Potientially Gay Best Friend Rob?

    I personally would like the New York walking down the street looking like I’m going to a sports bar Rob…you know the one with him and Tom Stu during Remember Me…he is wearing a hat and plaid shirt unbuttoned with THOSE jeans.

    Yes, please.

    • haha you’re right. I should’ve used that caption twice!

    • Not gonna lie, I mostly like this Rob because he’s with TomStu. I LURVE TomStu ❀

      • I wouldn’t say no to TomStu-Rob either!

    • Remember Me Rob is the best Rob! (with or without pink sleeping bag)

  18. β€œGet me drunk on champy, take me home, get out of that suit and rip off this dress- Rob”

    YES! This Rob!

    I just read that line and my decision was made for me. Although, I would take Rob in any form. And I’d prefer BB-Rob (or a Rob that does not exsist). I should probably read the rest of the letter though. πŸ˜‰

  19. I missed something too. Whats the rumor about British guys? Is it along the lines of what is said of large feet and hands?

    I will take Rob anyway he comes (*ahem) Polo, drunk, lumberjack…though I have my worries… I think at times okay, where is it? Wheres the flaw?

    Green eyes – check
    sexy accent – check
    fantastic laugh (and giggle) -check and check! sigh
    Tall – check
    nice hair – check
    nice hands – check
    looks hot in a tux – check, mmmm
    button fly jeans – check
    potato sack – check

    … wheres the flaw? Is there a flaw? (is it – kstew? likes plaid and mullets?)

    I know the FF isnt real but it leaves a really nice “impression” (ifyouknowwhatimsayin)
    with mad skills. mmmm -what?
    I need an new chapter!!!!!!!

    • Oh yeah!

      Anyway, anywhere, anytime! There is no “bad” Rob.
      I choose to believe that somewhere, there is proof of his bedroom skills and the FF is just relating the truth.

  20. Potentially Gay Best Friend Rob? No can do. I actually already have a No Doubt About It Gay bestfriend.

    Polo-Playing Horse Rob? Not so much. I prefer coffee.

    Lumber Jack Rob? Nah…reminds me too much of my husband

    Creepy Uncle Rob? I’ll pass….but thanks.

    Drunk Rob? HELLZ YEAH!! That’s what I’m talkin ’bout! First of all, I’m a drunk too and all that birds of a feather and what not. Second, I have a great rack and the rest of me looks MUCH better through beer goggles!

    • ILH, there you go, saying what I think better than I do. Samebrain. I did think LJ Rob was sexy, but the more I look at it….yep that’s it, Mr LPB has a beard. And, I LOVE coffee.

      • oh creepy…I was just leaving you a comment about our gays.

        • That was an awesome mindmeld!!!

  21. You guys rock I love this post!! I love polo Rob, British guys are SEXY.

  22. I want Lumberjack Rob. I normally don’t like beards, but he rocks a beard like nobody’s business and gets my nether regions dancing!
    I will just say the following words…..”screen door in a hurricane….” πŸ˜‰


  23. I’ll take one of each please. Minus Creepy Uncle Rob. Can I get that to go?

    Seriously, I have a dirty fantasy for each Rob posted, minus CUR. It’s why I write fanfic. So I can (kinda) make all my dirty fantasies come to life.

  24. Alright now, I want a little bit of each one! That creepy Rob pic you got here today is really not too bad, I actually like it.

    Anyway, if I can only get one, I’ll chose the polo-playing Rob. I love British accent and he can school me on being uppity, ha! Southerner and British, hmm, I think we’ll be perfect together!

  25. How about this scenario…..Start off the evening with Polo-Playing Horse Rob, nice wine….then the wine kicks in and beers come into the picture……introducing Drunk Rob….YES PLEASE…the coat comes off, color rises in his cheeks and its party time! (insert office rob here, thank you) Wake up with Lumberjack Rob.

    • HA! that was EXACTLEY the order I was going to put them in!

      • Does anyone else think that Lumberjack Rob looks like Jason Preistley in his scruffy bear period? Me likey!

        • I mean scruffy BEARD period. Duh.

          • Yeah, I do see that a little πŸ™‚

  26. I’ll take Rob any way possible, though I do love that Lumberjack Rob. I have a gay BFF already, (who would not be caught dead in that vest,) and he is happy to help me accessorize, and he would feel sad if I got a new ‘potentially’ gay BFF…..I just have a feeling Drunk Rob is the Best Rob. You know, easy.

    • My gay would rather take a sharp stick to the eye than wear that vest and he’d get all bitter and bitchy if I tried to replace him with a gay knock-off.

      • Exactly!!


  27. Lumberjack Rob… there’s something naughty about that look with that beard, together… hhhmmm makes me wanna do something naughty to that look and that beard… jijijijiji

  28. YIIPPPEEEE DRUNK ROB!! Almost my Dream Day….although I am not sure how to make it much better…..Hmmmm.

    • i know. i know. and i almost didn’t include him, but I knew I’d feel your wrath

    • Drunk Rob is the best! If I ever meet Rob (never going to happen) I want to meet drunk Rob!

      BUT what the Hale is that shirt?

  29. Wow. Lumberjack Rob got me a little worked up there with your description… And then Drunk Rob kept that excitement going. Found myself all in a tizzy here at my desk. It’s 37 degrees out but… it’s getting a little warm in here. And then… Creepy Uncle Rob. Holy hosedown.

    Love it.

  30. I’ll take Rob any way he wants to present himself to me. True story. I can even handle Creepy Uncle Rob in small (small!) doses. And I do happen to know two different breeds of horses (Tennessee Walking and Clydesdale), and have been to a polo game and stomped the divots a la Pretty Woman, so bring it on Polo Playing Rob.

    But I think out of the batch presented to me here, I like Lumberjack Rob the best. What can I say? I love a dirty man!


  31. Yes, my synopsis would be that while polo-playing Rob is perfection, and I wouldn’t mind coat check Rob either, I’m hopelessly smitten, possibly irrevocably, with Daniel Gale Rob.

  32. I’ll have a Lumberjack, please..

  33. Okay.. so maybe I made up the rumor about British guys? I wrote what I THINK it is in one of the first comments questioning it.. but ya know… I’m all nervous now that it’s the OPPOSITE.. or totally something unrelated. I know who will know. EastFriend from The Quad. I will ask her and report back.

    And if it turns out I made it up, I will not admit it. I will create a fake website just to prove that this rumor exists.

    • I thought the rumor was about them being uncut…cause it isn’t common like it is here in the states anywhere else in the entire WORLD.

      Never heard the size thing though. But wouldn’t being uncut make them look a little bigger with all the extra?

      And I think that Pixie’s Sleeping Peen pic and the Oscar Free Ballin Rob pics prove there isn’t really anything small about the dude.

      • Oh, now THAT’S true – I’ve never had one (ahem) the other way. OK, I’m really going to stop now – no one needs to know this, and as I’m drinking it’s only going to get worse from here on in.

    • I’m pretty sure you should NOT be nervous if it was the opposite.

      Sure, you would have made up a rumor about Rob, but gossip mongering can be forgiven…

      Mini-Peen? Significantly less forgivable.

    • I thought it was definitely the sparklehoodie rumor. That’s where my mind went at least. And I agree with sassy … commandoRob (which should be on the list … at the TOP of the list, although I guess one could argue that ALL Robs are potential commandoRobs) proves the “smaller” issue is moot.

    • And speaking as a Brit with cosmopolitan tastes and old enough not to be shy about confessing to experience – you’re quite wrong about British guys – no shortage in the luggage area if you know what I mean and I think you do ;).

      • I think we aaaaall do. πŸ˜‰

    • No, no – you’re totally right about the rumor! Rumors become rumors for a reason…besides, why would Hugh Grant have to pay for sex… thinks he must be embarassed about something!

  34. Also.. do you get the impression I lived through that description of the uncle & his girlfriend & her buttcrack?

    That’s cuz I did… And I will never think of Mexican-themed labor day picnics the same ever again

    • I could recommend a therapist.

      But as you live on one of the coasts (not sure which) and not in Oklahoma, I don’t think that would help much.

    • Awww!! Now I will never think of Mexican-themed labor day picnics the same again either!

    • Ewww. That part made me feel all dirty inside. And not in a good way.

      I’m so sorry if that happened to you.

    • UC – That is super foul. I’m sorry that happened to you. And even nastier than when my friends’ dads speak to my chest instead of my face.

      Now back to ignoring reality and staring at my Robchoices.

      • my sisters & i were just happy he was touching her ass instead of ours. We get the ‘goose’ from the uncle quite often.


        • See, the wolves come out to hunt vampires, but no reaction at all to a real creepy uncle. They should come out en masse, the whole pack, and hunt Reality Creepy Uncle down!

    • Buttcrack Santa (sans bottles) comes to mind. Sorry

  35. I’ll take wood Rob.. nothing like a guy in a scratchy beard to set my heart aflame..

    And my face… you know.. from beard burn…

  36. The Rob I would like is the one I see when I roll over in bed the next morning.

  37. hmmm…i’ll take a rob for all seasons.

  38. Is it just me but I find that lumberjack photo creepy. I like some facial hair but not that much! He looks so much older!

    • I think that picture makes him look like one of the Whoo’s down in Whooville.

  39. Definitely denim, sequin-wearing potentially gay best friend Rob (I’ve already had a few of them…one was even named Rob). Plus I think my husband would mind a lot less.

  40. I would like Lumberjack Rob he like’s wood, i like wood (cough) it will be a match made in heaven

  41. HOLD UP!

    Creepy Uncle Rob changed his shirt!

    Why can’t hot, sexy, totally effable Rob learn something from his wise uncle?

  42. Oh .. I LOVE Uncle Rob .. I don’t care what you’re gonna think . LOL

    • You also need a therapist.


      • LMAO….Dr. Phil’s coming.

  43. It’s not that I can’t pick… It’s that, well, I find Rob in all of his forms (from drunk and slurring, to posh and debonair) doable. Rob in all shapes and sizes is great.

    Having said that, I am slightly more partial to Drunk-Rob, but only because he’s not as alert, therefore easier to seduce, when I pounce on him… *cough*

    • P.S. I totally thought he looked… less manly in those pictures from the Us Weekly photoshoot (the ones where he wore the vest). Who was he trying to be… one of the Village People?! Combo of the construction worker and the guy in the leather… Yeah.

  44. It’s a toss up between Polo Rob and Lumberjack Rob. Polo Rob…ungh. There is something so sexy about classy well-bred British boys with longish hair, but Lumberjack Rob looks like he knows how to work….hard (that’s what she said).

  45. Thank you for starting out with possibly gay best friend. I laughed so hard!! What a great way to start off a Friday!

  46. I’ll take some polo playing Rob with some drunk Rob thrown in. That poem was the best!!

  47. Lumberjack….no wait

    Polo….I mean…

    Gay…no.. changed my mind…Hobo…. Drunk..
    for sure…Drunk…

    just a sec….Lumberjack…mm-beard…argh..Polo..parka.

    but I…..Gay…yes definitely gay…

    but then again…Hobo….

    damn… I changed my mind….Lumberjack….

    umm…007….GQ….Beautiful Bastard…jaw…fingers..
    uhhh, what was I saying

    yes please.

    • I would like to have GQ Rob most of the time.

      And then a little Lumberjack Rob for the cold nights. Then some Drunk Rob on the weekends. I need a Hobo Rob when I have a bad face/hair/clothes/shoes day. This is all reasonable, right? Seriously.

  48. You didn’t show him, but I like happy and laughing interview Rob the best. Hand throught the hair Rob is a very close second.

  49. lumberjack rob. hands down. he looks like he wants to snort copious amounts of illegal substances off of me. then he looks like he wants to throw me over his shoulders. can’t you see the restraint in his eyes. he’s ready to pounce. yes. definitely lumberjack rob.

    although drunk rob is always a win…. but something tells me lumberjack rob has some drunk rob in him too… gotta keep warm in the cold, dark woods.

    • Drunk Rob is always entertaining and always hot. But, let’s not forget the effects of copious amounts of alcohol on some men…I’d hate to think Drunk Rob doesn’t have the stamina, let alone the ability to er, uh, get it up. Lumberjack Rob looks like he knows how to take care of a lady.

  50. PLEASE PLEASE UC AND MOON – do the mon-fri Rob. One for each day of the week. Oh, God. Oh God …..

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