Posted by: Bekah | October 11, 2009

How I fell for Rob: A thank you letter

Sometimes a thank you is in order

Sometimes a thank you is in order

It’s Sunday once again, and we reflect on how we fell for Rob…

Dear Rob

This letter is long overdue. It’s a thank you letter. And it’s almost 3 months late. I haven’t wanted to admit this because I saw it happening to me and thought it was a little pathetic. But I realized it is what it is and everyone needs something to help them get over the hump sometimes.

What hump was that for me? A nasty breakup. Sounds simple. Not so much. A nasty, been on a roller coaster for all of my 20s, thought he was my soulmate, breakup. I TKO’d in the relationship…finally threw in the towel. I was devastated I finally saw that my guy was not meant for me. In the past, our many breakups would take me ages to get over. Together a year, take a a year to get over him. Together again, take another year to get over it. I was a wreck, you can imagine that kind of back and forth depletes you emotionally. So this final round, I was worried I’d go to a darker place than before since I was finally admitting we weren’t good for each other. But something saved me. Saved me from drowning. From losing myself for far too long. It was you, Rob.

This is when I feel a bit like a loser since you’re a celebrity and yes, I had a miracle encounter and got to meet you but I’m intelligent and I am definitely not one of your fans that thinks we were meant for each other if only you got to know me. That being said…this is how I fell for you.

Follow the cut to read the rest of the (wonderful and cry worthy story)

VFRobtireswingI knew who you were vaguely when Twilight came out. It was huge so how could I not know. But I didn’t think you were special *walk of shame*. Those thoughts feel blasphemous now. I had a couple of friends tell me, “Read Twilight! It’s right up your alley!” “Yeah yeah”, I said. “Sure. Teen fiction.” But I decided to give it a read for the new year. Well not quite. I only bought the book on my iPhone to test out a new reader app I got. When I wanted to see how you buy books I couldn’t think of a book I wanted to buy. Then I remembered my friends said TWILIGHT! It was $7.99. $7.99 that changed my life. I didn’t read the book until 4 months later. In the meantime you went to the Oscars. I watch the Oscars. I adore the Oscars. I remember how KSTEW dissed the Oscars…but you didn’t and went anyway. I didn’t remember you much. Saw you on the carpet but was more into Penelope Cruz’s dress. Seems nuts now. I’d follow the lint you drop on camera because it was a part of you. Crazy.

Then April barreled down and I don’t know why I decided to start Twilight but I did. I haven’t been the same. The rest is a whirlwind. Like most fans, I finished the book in a week and a half (I stretched out BD because I didn’t want it all to end). I watched the movie immediately after. I thought you were great as Edward but wanted to know more about you, the cast, the movie, the series, the phenomenon. So off to the internet I go. When I love something I must know everything about it. So I searched and I searched and thats when I truly found you. It was right around the time that you had your birthday. I had seen old interviews (the laughter! the comedy! the charm!), heard your songs (the voice! the guitar! the talent!), looked at old pictures (those eyes! those lips! that hair! THE JAW!), and realized you were just a living god. It was around this time that things with my guy were heading south. He broke up with me right after you went to Cannes, got shirtless for the world in Italy, and the MTV Awards aired. Those 3 events were what did me in. No turning back. I was Robsessed. Things ended with my guy and I spent about a week feeling lousy and sorry for myself…but then you went to New York. And you filmed Remember Me. You gave me endless pictures. I discovered the best blogs about you. I discovered the heavenly hell that is Twitter. I discovered everything I could ever know about you (well only the stuff that’s publicly been put out there…no need to freak). And then my miracle. A month ago, I ran into you. Well you damn near ran into me but whatever. It was the pinnacle of what all of this meant to me. This random celebrity saved my heart and I actually got to meet him. Kinda chokes me up.

VFRobsidewaysIt’s still embarrassing that you were my healing method. I feel sheepish thinking about it. But I can’t care about that really. I can’t explain why you healed me up and made me move away from the bad relationship but you did. Maybe I wasn’t suppose to read Twilight any earlier than I did. I think I was suppose to fall head over heels for you exactly when I did. So I thank you, Rob. You’ll never know who I am and never read this story but the thanks must still be put out there in the universe. When I met you I told you “Congratulations on all your success”…you smiled sweetly and said “Thank you so much”……no Rob, thank YOU. So much.

A fan forever indebted,

I don’t think any explanation is needed tinkrbell! I have a feeling you’re not alone in calling Rob your “healing method.” What do you all think!?


Pictures from Robsessed

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  1. awww i heart this letter!! My fav How I fell for Rob so far πŸ™‚

  2. wow. I cant wait for the day he runs into me!!!!

  3. Aww… That is so sweet!

  4. Aw wow, that was lovely! Any more deets on your meeting with HHH?

    • Yes, more deets, please!!!

    • Oh my goodness yes, spill the details! Where, what, how, what was he wearing? Did he say anything else? Sorry I have so many questions!

    • i got deets alright *winks*….read the first link for back story and then the 2nd link for the miracle of a lifetime

      1st story for back story

      2nd story about my miracle

      • I remember reading your story on Robsessed – SO CUTE! What a great memory to have πŸ™‚

      • I also read your story before BUT I just read it again lived vicariously through you! Loved your story! So real – because that’s probably how I’d react….because you want to see and meet him but don’t want to invade his privacy but also don’t want to pass up the chance. Awesome pic! I would so frame that and place it in my bedroom. Gosh – if that didn’t put on a smile on your face every morning – I don’t know what would! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • I’m so happy for you! I had a huge smile on my face as I read your story, and you just looked marvelous, happy smile and all! πŸ™‚ That’s ok if he wasn’t smiling, because like you said, we see tons and tons of pics of him smiling/laughing. I got all giggly for you, how awesome is that, that you met him so random!? That’s how I want to meet him too, unplanned and totally random.

        I’m pretty sure I’ll react the same way you did! The whole world will fade into oblivion while I only see Rob’s face!!! Eeeek!

        Wish I would bump into Rob too, someday! Thanks for sharing you story!

      • Thank you for the story. Just how amazing! My God I can hardly be coherent for thinking about what it would be like to meet him. Serious respect tinkrbe1/3!! Love that you got a personal smile xx

      • LOVELY story – thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  5. What a wonderful letter…it is so poignant that she got to actually meet him. I bet seeing his sweet smile in person will be forever etched in her memory…

  6. Tears. Joy. Rob.

  7. This my favorite of this category so far. So sweet and so perfect because she actually met Rob.

    And yes Rob has been the healing method in my life too, so you’re not alone :-).

  8. He smiled so sweetly and said thank you! Gawd, I’m in luvvvvvv….He is our savior, don’t u think?

  9. I lost a very very close family member 2 yrs. ago, and thought the pain would never heal. Then his smile, personality, looks got my attention, and yes, helped me heal.

  10. That’s a lovely letter! They should give Rob an honorary MD for all the healing he does of us broken ladies.

    But you yada yada’d the best part! Where, when, how, why did you meet Rob and what was he wearing? No skimping on the details!

  11. Lovely letter πŸ™‚

    And so delighted you got to meet him – dying to hear the deets πŸ™‚


  12. I’m so glad she got to meet him! I’m still holding out for my meeting now…Sweet letter!

  13. You’re not alone tink! Sometimes I actually feel thankfull for the brutal break up though, if it hadn’t been so nasty I would’ve never felt the need of sheltering in Rob and the Twilight saga. And all the awesome blogs I’ve found. And fan fiction… crap, I’m too obsessed. But… that’s normal

    September of 08 I ended things with my on again off again boyfriend of 8 years. I spent my entire teenage life with him but was sick of the ups & the very low downs. I was really scared of how i would feel once i finally left him for good but when it happened i was right in the middle of discovering my love for Twilight and everything about it. Needless to say, Rob healed me too!!
    Now if only I was lucky enough to run into him…

  15. I’ve heard so many great stories about the profound impact one little teen series has had since I got into this Twilight world. Never fails to warm my heart. I love the impact that it has on people.

  16. Here is her story from Robsessed about her amazing encounter with HHH.


    • This link is her story about her encounter with HHH!!!

      • Thank you! That’s pretty cool!

    • thanks for linking πŸ™‚

      • So sorry for the triple posting! I didn’t think it went through.

  18. Wow…what a beautiful story! And it IS so possible to be brought from a dark place to see the light again because of Rob. When Twilight first came out on DVD, I was in a dark place, addicted to drugs and in an abusive relationship. Long story short, I put myself in rehab and got over my addiction. When I got out, my ex(the bad guy) kept trying to worm his way back into my life, as did the horrible people in my life that called themselves friends. Being at this computer, keeping myself “wrapped up in Rob” was a lifesaver for me. It kept my mind off the drugs and it kept me busy so I didn’t want to run the roads and go back downhill with the losers. So yes. Rob helped me start my life over in a wonderful, positive way! Thanks for being so interesting (and HAWT) Rob! I’ll never get tired of seeing your adoreable face or hearing your adorkable laughter on my computer!! =)

    • I’m really happy for you that you were able to pick up your life. Keep on keeping on!


      • Thank you!! *big hugs*

        • I wish you could tell Rob in person about your story sweetie! I’m sure he will be touched :-). I think he would love that and I’m sure it will inspire him to be even a better person than what he is now.

    • powerful story….rob doesn’t cease to amaze me and he’s a great way to channel our energies πŸ™‚

  19. Wow – this one really gets to me because I am living this story right now.

    Over a decade in and out of the relationship. Currently “in” but hanging by a thread. And it’s long-distance. So painful.

    Thanks for your story – it gives me hope.

  20. Love my girl, Tink!

    Great heartfelt letter!

    • teehee I’m so proud of our girl =D
      go you Tink, love ya heeps and thanks again for sharing this *wipes tear*

    • hey guys! *hugs* i feel the love in these comments! its like a big old love fest…so warm and fuzzy πŸ™‚

      • It’s a beautiful story and a beautiful letter! I would be great if Rob could read it πŸ™‚

        • i might send it to him since folks say he reads his fan mail…takes awhile…but they say he reads it.

          • You definitely should!

  21. awwww!! thats such a nice story!! ❀ ❀
    what an awesome memory to hang onto!

  22. I promise I’m not making this up. While reading this I have some Rob music playing in the background. Guess what he’s singing – I Was Broken! So perfect for tinkrbe1l3, and many of us who have felt broken. Twilight/Rob/Etc has helped a lot of us through difficult times. Thanks for sharing your story!

  23. Very encouraging! You all have such great stories!! I moved into my Twilight/Robward bubble a few months ago and I like it just fine, thank you! It’s a great escape from RL – just happy and dreamy and no reality to deal with (not all the time – life keeps going) for a few hours several times a week…okay, about 2 hours/day, I just don’t have to think about the dust on the furniture or the floor that needs to be mopped. I am grateful to have fellow fans to hang with virtually.

  24. I was having such a crappy day, but nothing like a story like this to cheer me up! It warmed my heart.

  25. […] How I fell for Rob: A thank you letter It’s Sunday once again, and we reflect on how we fell for Rob… Dear Rob This letter is long overdue. […] […]

  26. Oh Wow, I loved your letter.
    Beautiful. Hopefully, that day happens to me as well.

    I envy you, very much.

    Again, great letter. I loved it.

  27. Thanks for your story! Rob has the power to heal!

  28. Hey tinkrbe1l3,
    I’m a little late getting to LTR today but I loved your story. All things happen in good time. So sorry about your heartbreak but Rob does have that something special about him. I’m amazed at your presence of mind to congratulate him in the moment like you did. A kind thought like that is what all of us need and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does have some memory of the incident. Rob seems to be grateful for the new opportunities that Twilight has offered even if it means he has to put up with a lot of crap. I’m glad to hear his kindness is still intact.

  29. tinkerbe1l3, Your letter was great. I had a big smile on face the whole time I was reading it. Your sentiments echo mine. Rob was there at a bad time of my life and gave me something to look forward to.
    Things are better now but he’s still the first person I go to for a laugh or just to look at. I mean really, who can have a frown on their face when viewing that man’s beautiful face.
    We’re all so lucky to have a place like TRL. A place where we can express these sentiments that other people don’t understand.
    I’m so happy you got to meet him. Your letter is just one more reason to love him. He’s a generous person who gives back to his fans without even knowing he’s doing it.

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