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Rob is the 44th (out of 49) most influential man!

Oh don't worry about me, just another day being influential

Oh don't worry about me, just another day being influential

Dear Rob, recently voted you one of their top 49 most influential men of 2009. That’s exciting, right? I mean just knowing you’re thought of as an influential person… that what you say REALLY matters. I mean they MUST know you’re a serious dude who demands to be on top (that’s what she said). So, wanna know where you landed among these 49 other supposedly stellar dudes? Number 44. Yup, 5 from the bottom.

This got me to thinking (surprise) if you’re number 44 then who are the other guys who made it, especially the 5 below you, how were they not more influential then the dude who plays Edward Cullen, the vampire? So I took a look and here’s what I found…

#49. Lance Armstrong – Won like a bazillion Tour de France championships. Oh and he battled cancer and came out victorious though one ball less. AND all while boinking Sheryl Crow, Kate Hudson and an Olsen twin! This guy lost to you?!

Yup, still influencing over here...

Yup, still influencing over here...

#48. Jenson  Button – Who? Besides the cute name who is this dude? Apparently he’s a Formula One driver which says “is like NASCAR without the chewing tobacco and mullets.” Ah, what an illustrious career option. So unless you consider banging a lingerie model influential, I can’t quite figure out why he’s even on this list. He looks like Andy Samberg meets someone blonder and way lamer.

#47. Santiago Calatrava – Some old architect dude. He’s designed a bunch of impressive shiz and will be designing he new World Trade Center transportation hub and something in Chicago. *Snnnzzz* Sorry, I lost you there for a second. You can tell MEN chose this list. Of course they’d pick some dude like Santigo cause guys like Brad Pitt, Donald Trump and yuppie middle men advertisers get off on stuff like architecture.

#46. Mario Batalli – Freaking awesome hot ginge chef! This is the guy who could teach you to make a killer homemade hot pocket but with stuff like leeks and raw eggs and crap inside of pepperoni. I’ve been to his pizza place, Mozza, many times and sorry to say it Rob, but Mario should be at least top 10 or at least higher than you cause his food will influence you to get reservations months in advance.

#45. Italo Zucchelli – Head Designer for Calvin Klein. Um, I think you know how we feel about your wardrobe choices. While the constant parade of flannel and plaid is endearing we gotta call you on your choice of Awards Show attire. Obviously Taylor is well acquainted with the works of Mr. Zucchelli, I’m gonna suggest you do the same.

Follow the cut to read the rest…

Have I influenced you enough yet?

Have I influenced you enough yet?

#44 You! Robert Pattinson (read their break down and the ensuing 35+ comments. most comments out of all of them) How you’re number 44 most influential I’ll never know. I mean you single handedly revived a Dutch beer company, a microwavable sandwich, made flannel and plaid a fashion DO, had every woman aged 0 to 100 swooning over your discussions of “wipey things” and things coming out of your pants, reading obscure literature, lining up to see arthouse films about Salvador Dali and a guy named Art, you plucked 3 musician buddies out of total musical obscurity only to tour the US to sold out shows, tested the police protection of major cities including New York City, LA and Vancouver, and of course you took Twilight which was a literary success and turned it into a cultural phenomenon. So, influential? Yea, maybe just a touch.

#43 & 42 – Basketball dudes. It would probably help if I knew more about professional sports in general to make some type of statement about how influential they are and why more than you. But then again I’m too busy blogging about YOU to figure it out.

Other notables:
#19 – Ryan Seacrest – Really,, Ryan SEACREST is #19? REALLY?!
#16 – Conan O’Brien – DUH! he should be #1. He should also be my lovah
#14 – Jack Dorsey – Creator of Twitter. I’m sure a lot of you owe him your everlasting love and gratitude. He is also a foxy nerd.

Influence THIS Don Draper

Influence THIS Don Draper

and as much as I love Don Draper (#1) how in the HALE did he, a fictional TV character win out over Barack Obama (#3!!), leader of the free world. WTF?

And while we’re at it, may I ASK why 49?! Why not 50? Why not 48? Answer me that.

It’s surprising you even made it on this list Rob, since it was voted on by men and men are notoriously Rob-blockers (thx Vickyb!) which is worse than a cock block. So maybe it really is a miracle you even made the list though I think you were a pretty influential person in 2009… but maybe I’m just biased. But then again, I gotta question a MEN’S site that votes RYAN SEACREST into any sort of list.

You’ll always be #1 in my book! Well at least top ten…

So what do you think about this list? IS Rob an influential person? Is he influential compared to other dudes on the list?

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Make you own list of influential folks in the forum!


  1. letterstorob says:
    so i take it rob turned down the drink askmen sent over to his table one of the nights you guys spotted him out on the town. better luck next time! try heineken.


    That shiz right there is y we love moon… 🙂

  2. Erm, sorry if this sounds stupid… but who’s Rob?!

    Love the blog though, despite not knowing who the hell you’re talking about 🙂


  3. Fantastic!!!

  4. hahaha’re welcome.
    Srsly…why 49? Don’t the Askmen (I totally want to call them AssMen) know I hate Odd Numbers…geez.

    Anyways. Wow. Our little Robbie on a list of influential men. I mean I know some things he does influence like:swooning, thudding, being died, jizzing, and many many other things that I won’t go into detail about but most of these other men are not on that list…well a couple are. I don’t know I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean Obama just won the NOBEL Peace Prize for which he was nominated for only two weeks after taking office…but I digress. Congratulations Rob you can now have this to add to your list of accomplishments along w the golden popcorn and big ass surfboards.

  5. I’m vickyb’s opposite, some of my favorite numbers are odd with 44 being my all time favorite! (Srsly!! worn by John Riggins of the Washington Redskins)
    I’d say Rob is influential……he does influence me quite often in lots of ways.

  6. When he, like, wears those sewn up pants at the crotch with slightly matching blue thread and, like, doesn’t wash his hair for, like, a month and when he walks around with white donut power of his black jeans with unevenly buttoned up shirts…yeahhhh… he influences me to, like, drop my panties or something? idk. Yeahhhh…

    So, i see it. I think they were on point with this award. Definitely. *nods* Not a lot of men can pull that off.


    I miss his late late show.
    It was a tad dirtier than the primetime one. I like me some dirty CoCO. lolz.

  8. you girls of LTR are the best example why rob is influential.. if he can make a bunch of girls devote hours of their time to create LTR and LTT, then he really ought to be considered influential..

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