Posted by: themoonisdown | October 6, 2009

Paps catch Rob, maybe try a new outfit!

Dear Rob,

I’m just catching up on all the weekend activities and saw you hit the town for a little din-din with Sam Bradley, KStew and your agent Stephanie and some other folks. Not surprisingly you were followed by paparazzi and fans and looky-loo’s and which you seem to always handle relatively well. I get the feeling that you don’t let it bother you or you have learned to hide it really well if they do. But what I did noticed from that paparazzi video of you guys in the elevator (yes, I watched it and no I’m not less of a fan) that it bothers you when it bothers other people. And we ALL know it bothers ol KStew and it’s pretty obvious from that video.

We’ve told you guys to suck it up, act normal, be fun and go about your lives till they get bored with you buying toothpaste and running to the Subway around the corner and eventually leave you somewhat alone. But since you haven’t taken those suggestions yet, may I offer you one more: WEAR A DIFFERENT OUTFIT!!

From my limited dealings with these paparazzi folks they’re not the brightest bulbs in the Christmas tree. They work off what other people say, old pictures of celebs and tips and sometimes don’t even know what celebs are which and ask those around them to identify the celeb. So taking into account this is what you’ve worn in the last month or so you’re making it easy on them!

Same shiz, different day!

Same shiz, different day!

Seriously? You’ve worn the same outfit or a variation of the same outfit countless times when you’ve been out and these are just the ones I could find on fansites. Word to the wise: ditch the leather jacket and that hat and maybe, oh I don’t know COMB YOUR HAIR and put on something that’s been washed. Steal some of Edward’s wardrobe from set, I bet NO ONE would find you while wearing THIS Tweed coat out in public. Or even just in a semi new get up. They’d look you over because they’re too busy looking for the dude in the “Interior Power” hat.

I’m just sayin’! You might try it next time.

Oh and smile, it increases your “face” value! (thanks mom!)

And PS. KStew, seriously with the whining and bitching? You’re a celeb. A semi BIG one now. So put on your big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT.
PPS Rob? Lose the zero and get with a hero.

See video of apologizing bumbling Rob and pissy KStew in the elevator here!

Hopefully there’s some smiles on LTT today
Collect all the Interior Power Hat/leather jacket pictures in the forum!
Last few days for the Imma Contest! Enter now!


  1. Why do people seem to think that because they pay $9 to see Rob act in a movie they are entitled to participate in every other facet of his life?

    My boss may pay my salary and while I appreciate it, I’ve already earned it by doing what I was supposed to be doing during business hours. I would be pissed if my boss showed up while I was out having dinner with friends.

    I get that it would be in my best interest to be polite and NOT to punch my boss in the face if we happen to run into one another outside of working hours. BUT I would also expect my boss to respect that there are boundaries between work and personal time. Why is it so different if you are a celebrity?

  2. Thanks Moon, looks like I’m in good company. I pretty much voiced the same opinion as you on the forum the other day when the pics came out, but before the vid made it’s appearance. It caused a bit of an uproar! But everybody forgives me now. Love your blog! I read it every day.

    • awww <3's!!

      just remember it takes all kinds! and we always welcome differing opinions here and in the forum!

  3. Here’s the thing… Rob has already admitted to being paranoid and not liking the fame game. When you pair him up with Kristen, who so obviously can’t handle the attention – AT ALL, it doesn’t make him happy. You asked where happy Rob is/was? He was BEFORE KStew. Since allegedly hooking up with her, all his pics have looked miserable. However, she is the only thing he as access to right now. Let’s face it, his world is really small. How many people can he spend any time with, get to know, and trust? I wouldn’t think too many.
    Sad, very sad.

  4. […] well, you’re famous.) and girls run after you, paps chase you down the street because you refuse to change your outfit and, therefore, are the most recognizable man, next to the naked cowboy, in […]

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