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Rob’s playing Hide & Seek with us!

OH EM GEE, remember those days?!

OH EM GEE, remember those days?!

Dear Rob,

On the heels of yesterday’s Back to Basics post I found myself watching all your old interviews from the Twilight press junket and missing the “good ol days” of what we like to call “Fun Rob” aka you being goofy (probably you just being yourself) talking about dandruff and your car and being proposed to. We miss those silly days. A lot. I sat there wondering where’d you go? Not only physically because once again, you’ve been missing for a few days but also where did “fun Rob” go? Are you playing hide and seek with us? This prompted forum mod Kristin and I to once again hit the paper and pen and write another parody song together. We’re just like Lennon and McCartney, Rogers and Hammerstein, Ebony and Ivory, well you get the picture… We decided since you were playing hide and seek that we would do just that: parody “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap. I mean not only is it an amazing song but it closed out the first season of The OC and well, we all know what kind of love I have for the OC.

Here’s to November and seeing “fun Rob” again!

Follow the cut to enjoy our musical stylings and some “fun Rob” oldies!

Kristin and I tried to record this together but seeing as we live in different states it didn’t quite work… trying to mash up two different tracks without a scratchtrack or any real audio editing software doesn’t quite work… so for now you’ll just have to trust us when we say it was magical and hopefully soon we’ll have a recorded version.

(the original… have fun with these rhythms! HA!)

Hide and Seek

Where is he?
Where the hell has “fun Rob” gone?
The tweed is just too serious for us
Bad jokes and laughs are missing
feeling… needy

Checked behind the dive bars and dumpsters
This can’t be happening
I called the cops, they said no hobos
have gone missing… but try goodwill

Hide and seek
We miss fun Rob on tape
Admitting that you
run like “string cheese”

Oily hair and unwashed clothes
where could he be, we looked for days?
been spotted with a mullet-ed sad face little girl
We would frown too

Frown and sulk
no laughing like a geek
(Oh like Twilight last year)
“big, hard tool”
Those were good times

Rob, where’d you go-oh-oh?
fans they follow you home
then scream and shout

Rob, where’d you go-oh-oh?
Mm shake out your dandruff
it turns us on

Rob what’cha say?
You steal Edwards clothes
bought underpants

Mm what’cha say?
Rob, what did you say?

“I’m really cool,” “I’d love to be the prez”
“Garden burger” with Hayley from the band (Hayley from the band)
“Ring modeling, I have such girly hands”
Your freak outs
We miss your tizzy fits

The picture that started this nonsense last night!

wherever this street is, I want to move there

The videos that started it all… if you’re ever needing a pick me up, watch ALL 9 of these (they’re in the sidebar). Trust me you can’t NOT smile after watching those!

Does it rival “We are the Rob?!” What’s your favorite “fun Rob” moment?

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Laugh at this song in the forum!
DON’T FORGET the Imma contest! You could win awesome jewelry from Bella Bejeweled!

*Special Thanks to Kristin, forum mod for writing with me and suggesting this song!*


  1. “I called the cops, they said no hobos
    have gone missing… but try goodwill”


    So did anybody send in vids for We are the Rob? And will you be posting any of those? 🙂

    • maybeeee

      • you taundry tease!!

    • Greetings all

      YES! its true.

      He does not live at the hotel with Kstewie.

      This was reported by Justin Chong (the one we all thought was a little asian woman). Justin blabbed it out back in september (it was corroborated in a very low key manner – seen it mentioned briefly on TV by one of the gossip shows owned by CNN a long while back ) .

      So that is why we are not getting to see him as much as we used to I presume.

      I’m sure come the promo tour in Nov. you’ll get to see His Lordship in all his messysexy glory.

      Maybe TomStu will pop up after his tour with PunkRock in Manchester UK?
      (which should be by end of Nov. …(le sigh).. TOMSTU.. my little cupcake!! ).

      – H

      • OOOOOh… TomStu ❤

        I take it you saw the video post this Saturday 😉 Quite the drool-inducing videos, I might say…

        • @ Marz-
          New TomStu porn? Where?
          give us the linky pleezeee :))

          gracias, x H

          • @ marz-
            oops never mind.. it was the bromance #4 ltr posted on sept 26th.. YEP I seen TomStu lurking as usual.

            If there is anymore new TomStu pass my way please.
            I need a cupcake fix.

          • @Hermes-
            knowing your acute fondness for TomStu,you probably know about this but if not-have you seen the movie Murderous Intent? Starring your little cupcake TomStu? If not see it right away-he’s quite creepy in it . I liked it a lot.

      • I heard about that too from another Twilight website :-).

  2. One of my favorite Rob moments was the Ellen interview. It was his first interview I watched (came to the “Rob Party” a little late!). His self-depracation was so refreshing! What other guy do you know that admits he really can’t drive well and uses technical car terms like “wipey-thingy”?

    • “wipey thingie” and “wind screen” WIN!

      • I also like to hear him say “nothing works” in his accent.

        • I love that he wasn’t at all embarassed to have both of his parents dancing on national t.v. In fact, he seemed rather proud 🙂

    • “exploding clown car” HAHAHA

      • “One of the people!”

  3. Um, I love you.
    That is one of my most favourite songs EVER.
    And you know what you went and did?
    Well do you?
    You made it better!
    I shall have to put these lyrics in to my phone to sing along with when listening to my iPod!


  4. Waaaa! FUN ROB, WHERE ARE YOU? I miss you!! Will it ever be the same again??

    Awesome lyrics, Moon! Makes me slightly less sad about the whole thing. I hope there’s an adorkable Rob explosion (that’s what she said) in the run up to New Moon!

  5. We must be sharing a brain, Moon. I was totally feeling bummed out last night and watched this very video. It let me smile myself to sleep for a change.

    • it’s the go-to when youre a little down!

  6. Ok everytime you say “fun Rob” I think of Fun Bobby (if you can’t tell by now my two obsessions in this world are Twilight and Friends)

    I just hope Rob has a steady supply of alcohol to keep him fun, I don’t want depressed Rob.

    I still love his Access Hollywood interview with Shaun Robinson where he pulls out his phone and shows the text message about his proposals. Classic Rob

    • And when his mom texted him during the interview!

      • Ooohhh I forgot about that part.. so cute!!! I ♥ that whole interview. I got one of my favorite gifs from that interview… total Rob o-face

  7. When my fondness first started, I used to watch all 9 of those vidoes daily. Wow, that looks lame written out, doesn’t it? Oh well.

    Mullet-ed sad face girl = win!


    Dear Rob,

    I too am really cool and have no problem telling people that their pets will one day die. Call me!

    • “I too am really cool and have no problem telling people that their pets will one day die”

      No problem with that either, ‘cuz my dead dog would still be able to wipe the floor with that yapping tyke of his.

      • mine wouldn’t waste their time—also, the westies i’ve known don’t yap—as Rob described his Patty ‘a little girly dog, but she doesn’t have a girly attitude’—‘she has a Beyonce walk’—loved that interview—<3

        • Haha he really does love Beyance doesn’t he! Yeah I know, westies are cute.

          • BeyOnce that is.
            I could really use edit buttons! WordPress fail. Or my fail. Whatev.

      • mine too.

    • I love how you call it ‘fondness’.

    • Oh my… I felt so awkward for Kristen when he said that. Just goes to show you that the boy is FUNNY and likes to watch people squirm. Oh how I heart him!

    • That’s definitely one of my favorite interviews. And when Kristen asks him to do his “sexy face” and he says, “I thought I was”. Adore him.

  8. Who else can say “terminal groin chafing” and make it sound, oh, soooooo good.

    Rob we love you just the way you are.


  9. I miss old Rob!
    Wonderful song!!

  10. I love that song. And I couldn’t help but to play a music only version and sing your lyrics…you did a damn good job ;o)

  11. Rob,
    Love you, miss you from the good old days, but am happy ‘cos I just got a copy of AnOther Man – Had to fight through all the guys reading their car, football and computer magazines, but I got a copy. And wow! do you look hot! Am all set for some serious lusting over the weekend 🙂

  12. Dear Rob,

    I have honestly not watched a lot of interviews and stuff of you. I have seen the Ellen one and my favorite part of that was the Patty’rents dancing.

    Then the interviews with the Champions of the TriWizard tournament…you talked of liking the makeup department because you could come in looking all awful from being out late and they would make you look amazing…and how you basically stood alone and just drank 10 cups of coffee while on set. And the awesome grunting as you did your own stunt work in the Maze at the end of the tourney…you know the part where the dude had a rope around your ankle and you thrashed on the ground acting like vines were getting you…the part right before you die.

    Yeah, good times.

    • OMG…I remember watching that interview of him, behind the scenes of Goblet of Fire, in the beginning of my “acute fondness” of him. I totally fell in love with him and his cuteness. I loved how he said that the food wasn’t so bad, because he didn’t have to pay for it. So sweet, struggling actor then.

      How to Be did it for me. I completely fell head over heels for him, after watching that movie. The outtakes from the movie are pretty hilarious, too!!

      I miss “Fun Rob” too. I think that his scary, stupid, teenage fans have frightened him away. Maybe KStew is also bringing him down…

      My more recent favorite “Fun Rob” moment is him at Cannes. The interview that he did, where he is asked about how he feels about being watched constantly and everywhere he goes. I loved his response, “just sitting, yep, still sitting.” His smile and laugh, does me in, every time. *Sigh*

      By the way, I LOVE the back end picture of him in the blue shirt. We definitely need more pictures of that…

  13. Dear fun Rob,

    Even though you make me totally second hand embarrassed when my love see you, please come back.

    While I have an odd love for Tweed, I also love the goofy laugh. Please wear the “Got Jorts?” t-shirt from LTT on your next public outing.


    • That would be absolutely hilar if he wore that shirt. I am now too on the campaign for Rob to wear a wolf pak shirt. And maybe the I don’t give a crapsten shirt too. Just sayin

      • Win! Out with the Stoli shirt, in with “I don’t give a crapsten”!

        • lol, truth!

  14. Dear Rob,
    I know you are out there somewhere, giving your laughs and your goofy moments to some lucky people off camera. Thank you for sharing your Robness with others!

    Only, please, please, don’t forget that the rest of us needs our fix too, so please save some of your good and weird moods for the promotion of New Moon!On camera. That’s all I ask. (If dropping your pants in public is out of the question? OK, I thought so.)


  15. The Rob smoking suspenders one is hot in a way that should not be so hot.

  16. I hit the floor somewhere around “I can show it to you if you want!” OMG. How I have waited to hear those words!

    *giggle, giggle, snort, giggle* I just can’t stand it. Rob, WHERE the eff are you?

    (The giggling was me, btw.)

    At the end, sitting on that red sofa, he reminded me on that Tim Conway (is that right?) character. What was it, Dorf or something? My memory is fading in my Rob-induced stupor. It was the little character from the Carol Burnette show.

  17. I love any video of Rob where he’s laughing, which is pretty much all of them I guess. Oh that giggle-it kills me every time.

    I really do miss fun, giggly Rob. Please don’t go all serious, tortured big Hollywood actor on us, Rob. Tell us more about not washing your hair, the joys of microwaving and buying underwear. Alright just tell us about the underwear. Size? Color? Style?

    • Stains?

      Well, I’d still want to know.

      • Everything else has stains-why wouldn’t his underwear? It’s a given.

        • I should say be grossed out but I’m not…it’s Rob so oh well, that’s okay then! 🙂

          • He’s probably afraid to send them out for washing for fear they’ll end up on Ebay. Who can blame him?

        • I would so wash his skid-marked undies. Just sayin.

          • That is sicknast to the extreme…

            But I try not to judge.

          • lol. It was a joke. :oP

          • Ok. Good. : )

          • well, joke or no joke, if I picked them up off my bedroom floor, i would wash them. That way he’s stuck there, in my room, nude.

          • Excellent idea.

  18. And I was just thinking, do you think that mulleted wonder has him locked away in a closet or something?

    I mean, cuz if she does, I’m wantin’ to launch a lynchin’ squad!

    She can either share, or she is going DOWN!

    And I say this out of fondness for all things Rob.

    • Let the lynchin’ begin!! I’m with ya!!

  19. Dear Rob,

    You make me smile. I think I fell in love with you when I saw your interviews. I miss the good old days when you seemed happier and carefree. I hope you’ll have more interviews like these. It would be nice to hear you talk your heart out again.

    Looking forward to hear you speak your mind some more.


    • southernbelle,
      I fell in love with Rob through his interviews too. As gorgeous as he is without his personality he’d be just another (heartbreakingly)pretty face. I hope he’ll show that sweet, funny side of himself again too.

      It makes me sad to think we might not see that again. But I think we will-I don’t think he can help himself.

      • dazzledtodeath,

        That makes me sad too, thinking we may not see that side of him again. He’s been corrupted by Hollywood! I hope he has someone to talk to, like someone he can really talk to about what’s going on with his life. Everyone needs somebody like that.

        Oh well, guess since I need another pick me up, I’ll go watch that interview video again.

  20. this was better than we are the rob. waaay better.

  21. Loved the vid! THIS IS WHY WE LOVE ROB! I dont want to see paparazzi photos, as the whole being stalked thing is enough to make anyone miserable. I’m happy watching the interviews that he’s agreed to partake in, rather than watch snatches of conversation where he’s being harrassed. The more relaxed he is, the better! This vid has made my day.

    • That’s a good point – I hate seeing pictures of him looking miserable but I hate seeing nothing new at all!!

  22. I love this song. The real version, I mean. It makes me feel… very emotional. Now? Sweet Jesus. I bow down to the comedic and musical brilliance of Moon & Kristin. Well done, ladies!

    P.S. the picture that started it all looks a whole lot like a gift I received the other night… hmmm

  23. Dear Rob,

    My love is unconditional. I will take you funny, serious, clean, or dirty. It doesn’t matter. I will just take you.

    • On the floor, by the door,
      In a car, near or far,

      In a box, hobo style
      Either way it makes me smile.

      I will take you, rob

      The end

      • “In a box, hobo style”…brilliant! I loves me some Dr. Seuss!

    • Dirty underwear and all.

    • On the bar! On a towel by the DOOOOOORRR! 😀

  24. aww… I didn’t realize just how much I missed ‘fun rob’ untill watching that video : (
    Now I feel really sad & will have to spend the rest of my day watching old rob videos…
    “where’d you go…?”

  25. I LOVED the Vanity Fair interview where he nearly laughed soda out of his nose, or the Tyra show where he fondled the Team Edward thong, or…. the list goes on and on.
    Favorite line from a radio interview:
    ” Feel dirty about it, feel dirty, feel like it’s wrong” (Commenting on older women feeling dirty about lusting after him.)
    I love all things Rob!!!!

    • “Feel dirty about it, feel dirty, feel like it’s wrong”

      Loved that one too!

  26. Miss you Rob!! Come back soon!

  27. Awesome songstresses!

  28. I woke up. And was disappointed. B/c on LTT I told them YOU were singing the song…
    sigh.. I lied
    what happened?

    I heard your version. It’s so much more amazing than Imogen heap-of-crap’s version

    (ps i love Imogen Heap.)

  29. Here’s my dilemma: why the self-imposed exile? Whoever is giving them advice that this is the way to handle publicity is out of it. My guess is that it’s Summit trying to drive the “mystique” in the ethers so when press time comes, it’s going to be a thousand times worse than last year. All those screaming teenagers…
    I bet Rob is just counting the days, minutes, hours until Thanksgiving, so this will all be over for now and he can go home, go to Oz, and hopefully take a break.
    I seriously wish he’d get some decent career advice though…he needs to sit down with Johnny Depp over a nice bottle of wine and JD could teach him a thing or two about dealing with fame.
    Rob needs to find his joy again, whatever it may be ’cause it breaks my heart to see sad Rob all the time.

    • Did someone say JD??

    • If Johnny & Rob were ever in a room (or GASP, movie!) together, I would die. Literally die.

      Too much hottness. It would be like sitting on the surface of the sun!

      • OMG fangbanger…maybe we were separated at birth…

        JD and RP…my idea of heaven…

        there would be smelling salts distributed when you walked in the theatre

      • Rob and Johnny Depp in a room together or movie, yep….DEAD. Johnny is my second in line guy that I lust after….Captain Jack Sparrow in all his glory!!!! I would love to see an interview with both of them like when Rob did “Artist on Artist” with Hayley (Here) of Paramore. But the camera would probably burn up or explode or something.

      • Look, if you ever manage to get the two of them together in a room – CALL ME!! Because, that’s, like, my fantasy too..

        (OK I’m gonna shut up now, or risk blurting out a typical Bella-incoherent-string-of excited-words.)

  30. I know Goofy-Rob is still around. My proof: he danced to Beyonce’s Single Ladies at the Video Awards. Too bad there’s no video evidence…

    • Also, my favourite Rob interview is definitely the co-interview he had with Hayley from Paramore. How cute/awkward were they?! You could totally tell she was diggin’ him and Rob was his adorable, awkward self. Also, “garden burger” and “heee-ehre!” –totally memorable!

      • I LOVED that……”heee-ehre”…SO cute and adorkable!!!!!!!

  31. “6000 people screaming, it sounds like the devil coming down.”

    AHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! That’s so great!!!

  32. “We miss your tizzy fits”

    I thought it said “Fizzy tits” hahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  33. First, you all make me laugh every day. Thank you for that! The posts, comments, everything just make my cheeks cramp from all the laughter.

    Please oh please let Fun Rob come out to play!

  34. I love that picture of Rob in the red shirt carrying the ripped xbox 360 package.

    It makes me giggle every single time.

    I can just see rob sitting in his hotel room, cutting out UPC codes, with 4 xerox copies of his receipt–sending in for rebate. That would be his “project” for the night.

    omg, lmao

  35. OH MY GOSH BRILLANT!!!! Hide and Seek!
    I am rolling….not down a hill or down a river, just laughing….hard….really hard!

    • Oops, I hit send too soon.

      But when you sing the song with this…..HILARIOUS!

      Hide and seek
      We miss fun Rob on tape
      Admitting that you
      run like “string cheese”

  36. Remember the time when he told Heidi Klumm that he has no sense of personal hygiene. LOL!
    Good times!

  37. Moon, the text is impressive & actually does fit both the weird (perhaps unusual would be more to the point) shifting rhythms of the Heap video & Rob’s recent weird behavior—now if you & Kristin can lay down some harmony even vaguely approaching the original you will be entered in my little black book of illustrious Moments Musicaux—

    there are 2 Rob interviews that i love: the one is just audio with two 30+ chicks from Seattle (Radio Interview Moving 92.5) which is a flirtfest hovering just above down & dirty (the ‘feel dirty’ bits are here); the other is another flirtfest (not down & dirty) in the interview with Jan of Good Day, Philadelphia—always wanted to ask UC if said Jan is as young & pretty as i have imagined from Rob’s behavior—hand porn, hair porn, jaw porn, tentative smiles, etc.—

    am looking forward to hearing your version of ‘Hide and Seek’—please don’t be shy & bury it in The Forum—xxooxx

    • the 2nd interview is where Rob talks about Patty—<3

    • I thought the “feel dirty/feel like it’s wrong” thing was from Elvis Duran radio interview.

      Although the Ladies Room one from Seattle is also a classic. “Throw your panties at me!!”

      • i think you’re right—in the other one they’re throwing panties—<3

        • The Good Day Philadelphia one you mention is also one of my faves. He was SO cute in that one – I think you are right that he thought the interviewer was cute, because he was pretty flirty.

          I loved his face/glance at the camera when she asked him to do a teaser. And how he thought he hadn’t had a “proper” cheesesteak.

          • Can someone post that interview? Pretty please?????

          • Found it!

  38. Jeez-o-pete. I watched the access hollywood interview, and I swear, i am not going to make it through the day.

    When he said “I just said how I wanted to play the part, and all the ways I’d like to play it”

    Somebody help me.

    Why can’t I stop taking all of this, and putting into different context in my mind.

    I’m afraid this isn’t normal?

    • Don’t worry. That’s Normal!

  39. Your song is now my anthem. You guys really did a great job!

    I think my favorite moment is the infamous “WHAT?!” moment on MTV. Also, accepting the proposal of ten emails and turning around and admitting he doesn’t like children… at all. Ah, I love it.

  40. So much sadness/doom and gloom in comments today!

    I don’t think FunRob is gone at all, you guys! I was watching a vid with footage from this year’s Comi-Con, and he was still making his goofy faces and doing his huge wide-open-mouth laugh, etc. It left me grinning after watching his adorkableness.

    I just think he’s kinda over all of the hype, and is being his goofy self less publicly. Also, he’s now in a position that Summit can’t dictate to him that he needs to do 70 bazillion interviews – and that’s a good thing for his happiness/mental health.

    Don’t worry – he’ll still be obligated by contract to do 20 bazillion this time around, so we’ll still get to see him do his thing. His silliness is too integral to his personality to be hidden.

    It’s all good.

  41. i’ll have to watch the videos later when no one is around and not expected home. lol

  42. I’m gonna go ahead and be extra dorky and mention that “Hide and Seek” actually closed out Season 2 of the O.C. Season 1 was “Hallelujah”.

    I love me some O.C.

    And some old school Rob!

    • It’s ok Kate, you’re safe here. We don’t judge.

  43. I have a plan to bring Fun Rob out. I read that interview with Kristen where she said that she can’t go anywhere and be normal anymore. In order to bring Fun Rob out, I think that the entire fandom is going to have to pick a day and agree to ignore him. (No fair picking a day to lure him out, and then pouncing on him either.)

    I think that it’ll be hard to do. You may be arguing with yourself saying, but if I don’t scream at the top of my lungs and throw my arms around his neck how will he REALLY KNOW that I love him. Will he think that we’ve forgotten him? Not possible. I’m thinking we’ll have to go with T-shirts that say, “Outside I’m calm and ignoring you, but INSIDE I’M SCREAMING LIKE A FANGIRL!” Then the back can say “National Ignore Rob Pattinson Day: Because We Lurve Him.”

    Too Much?

    • LOVE the idea!

      • Ok, well I’ll tell the, um *counts on fingers,* 4 people I know. Can you get the rest of the fandom to agree?

    • PERFECT! I am SO in.

    • Do you think we could get him to wear a shirt that says, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be ignoring me?” Or maybe, “Move it along folks, nothing to see here.” That way if anyone gets a picture of him in his special “National Ignore Rob Pattinson Day” shirt we’ll know they were cheating…

  44. IN! I would never be around to scream (and wouldn’t) anyway..


    Hell. I would stay off the internet for an entire 24 hours. Extremely hard but doable.

  45. my fav quote of rob in the vid is when the interviewer says
    “they told people to bring paper bags to the movie”
    and rob in his adorkable innocence said
    “why to throw up?”

    • Don’t commit to something you might not be able to follow through on.

      • oops that’s supposed to be for fangbanger06.

  46. LMAO@ song. Win.

    “Fun Rob” left the moment idiot fans started hangin’ off his neck in NY.

    Thanks idiot fans! We can only thank you for making Rob look sad in pics these days. At least he still buttons his shirt wrong. We can hold on to that.

    Celebrity-ism (cuz thats a word) suuuure makes people pissy. :-/

  47. Robbie is reading LTR and drinking a brew right about now laughing so hard Heniken is blowing out of his nose.

    • ’cause you know he DOES read LTR to boost his spirits after being around KStew all day. He likes hearing from the normal fans.

      Hi Rob.

  48. great job, girls! lol. i thought “We miss your tizzy fits”
    was “We miss your fuzzy tits” at first glance… oh my

  49. […] Rob’s playing Hide & Seek with us! Dear Rob, On the heels of yesterday’s Back to Basics post I found myself watching all your old interviews from […] […]

  50. […] how we lamented the lose of “fun Rob” aka you being unfiltered, giggly and most of all funny in your interviews. Well you and […]

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