Posted by: themoonisdown | September 28, 2009

Hey Rob, um there’s something uh… on your pants…

I'm very sensistive someone said that's a plus, now I'll go home and change

I'm very sensitive someone said that's a plus, now I'll go home and change

Dear Rob-

So from the looks of these pictures from Saturday night you read our letter calling a moratorium on the word “Jizz” and were so happy that we finally decided enough was enough and went out to your local watering hole to celebrate with the locals and share the good news… but apparently you might have been just a little TOO excited and um well… now there’s some weird white marks all over your jeans. As much as we’d like to take credit for your “explosion of fun” we wondered if it couldn’t have been a few other things that caused your spotty, dotty pants. Thing such as…

  • The obvious: had a quick-y with Kstew in the trailer and just couldn’t be bothered to fully take off the pants
  • Got hungry and decided that eating confectionery sugar straight from the bag was a good idea. Next time strip nekkid or use a spoon
  • You really wanted to revisit your Dali role and decided to paint a self portrait in only white paint. You realized it looked more like the hotel wall then your face
  • You say I'm premature, I just call it extasy

    You say I'm premature, I just call it ecstasy

    Dunkin donuts was giving away as many powdered donuts as you could hold. You held 20 and the last 5 fell on into the street and you cried. But since you follow the 10 second rule you ate those bad boys anyway. Still good! The extra dirt just helps your weak immune system

  • The crap on your pants is actually white out? You decided to change your name in the middle of autographing stuff Nick and Stephanie sent you to sign after you finally learned what “spunk” actually means and changed it to “handsome ransom” and then looked down… saw the white out… and said “shit.. it looks like I “spunked”  all over these and threw them all in the trash. Too bad Kellan picked them out and Ebay-ed that shit. So beware of “Handsome Ransom” autographed pics on the net
So care to tell us which on of these things happened, cause obviously our guesses are the only possibility of what could have happened! May we suggest priming the pump before heading out to celebrate the end of a vocabulary word next time? Just let us know if you need any help with that.

Whisper in my ear that you want some more,

Follow the cut to see your Monday surprise!

I know we said one last time, but it’s Monday and who couldn’t use a laugh right about now?

Now get over to LTT to share in some more Twilight SECRETS! YEA!!
The forum gives us weird white marks on our pants
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  1. Well. it would be easier if he wasn’t wearing a shirt at all.. mmhmm

  2. I’m voting for the powdered sugar donuts. For definite. Unless it be jizz filled powered sugar donuts…???… Holy shit, that would be weird.

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