Posted by: themoonisdown | September 26, 2009

Robert Pattinson + Tom Sturridge = Bromance 4 Life vol. 2

Dear Rob and Tom,

I know it’s been a while since you two pals, you two love birds, you two life partners have been together. If my Rob calendar is correct (and by Rob Calendar I meant the piece of paper taped to my breast where I record your every single move) the last time you were together was in New York City when Rob was filming Remember Me in June. That’s at least 3 months (I refuse to count months now after the whole anniversary debacle!)! Now I know you’re both busy successful boys, what with Tom on stage in the west end in London and Rob with his beard on the set of Eclipse in Vancouver, but I know it’s difficult, I know that longing. I mean UC and I don’t live in the same city or even the same side of the country and it’s been 6 months since we last saw each other, but we make it work and I’m sure you guys do too. But to celebrate “friend love” I’ve got a couple special videos for you to enjoy!

Do you ever feel like someone’s watching you Rob? It’s because Tom IS!! Isn’t it nice to have someone watching your back?! Even if it’s to creepy music?

(:53 GOLD. Also, Bonus TONS of Marcus and Sam in this video… no Bobby, sad)
“Clowns to the left, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you!” – Yup, I feel like this line is for UC and me just as much as for you guys. See we’re more alike that you think!

See, now doesn’t that make you appreciate your pal even more? So when can we expect some new RobStu pics? We need some Bromance in our lives, boys!

XO and Happy Saturday!

Robert Pattinson + Tom Sturridge = Bromance 4 Life vol. 1!

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  1. has it been six months Moon? Or just five…. I don’t believe our math anymore… i miss you. You’re the tom to my stu.. or wait.. the tom stu to my rob.. or… whatever.

    • 2 weeks at the most!

  2. The random champagne popping in the middle of the first one is a nice touch.

    • Random?? I take that as a dark implication that someone is enjoying friendship with unspeakable benefits. Shoo, Tom, shoo! That cork ain’t yours to pop!

  3. I’ve just realised that Tom is like a better looking version of Daniel Radcliffe. And that the way he holds his cigarettes is way camp.

    • Ooooo, he DOES look like a hotter version of Dan Radcliffe! A couple of years ago, I thought Dan would grow up to be a super hot guy, but he still hasn’t grown out of his ‘squeaky.’

    • Hmm, or maybe more like a young Daniel Day-Lewis?
      I never thought Daniel Radcliffe would grow up to be a hottie – but he is still an extemely likeable guy! I love watching him in interviews. May he grow up to be a good actor… (liked his comedy stunt in the last HP movie, when he was doing drugs, OK, “Liquid Luck”. Hilarious!)

  4. Hm… This really makes me want a bromance (regardless of the fact that I am a 22 year old female and mother and have had the same Mr. Fang [he would kill me if he knew I called him that] for 6 years now!).

    What is the female equivalent?

    Just Bff’s?

    That is lame.

  5. I am female and I have BROmances – with guys I love like they were my BROthers.
    Why would being F or M limit our lives? That would be lame!

    • I agree! Some of my best friendships are with guys, and they are a lot like bromances. OK, so if I start wearing plaid and let my hair grow shaggy, can I have a bromance with you too, Stu? *wink wink*

  6. RobStu lives! But can’t they just make me happy and let me have ONE decent photo of Bobbert? Not a photo of their backs (although I do love that photo), not Bobby guarding the entrance to the thrift shop, but just a photo of Rob and Bobby together. Why is that so impossible?!

    • It’s a cospiracy I tell you!! a conspiracy!!!

  7. I truely hadn’t realised how pretty Tom was til now….I think my focus has all been on Rob {duh surprise}……
    Soooo now I have some more eye candy to go along with Taytot {legal in Georgia}….
    Sigh….. none of them make me want to line up behind a dumpster though…. guess Rob’s still got me {whether he wants me or NOT}!!!

    • Agree! Tom is lovely.

      • I can see him playing turn of the century movie parts, he’s got that soft british baby face that goes so well with suits, spats and long white scarves.

  8. Ok so did no one else notice that in the second video while the person who made it knew BOTH of TomStu’s middle names, they couldn’t even spell his last name right??!?

    It’s STURRIDGE, not STURRIDE. spelling fail

    I love TomStu popping up in random places in the first vid, so creeptacular and the song is perfect!! Even if it makes me think of the geico commercial.

    • Yes, yes, but since when do we criticize spelling here? We are all about acceptance and (sisterly) love. And we read fanfic (some of us) which trains you to be forgiving about spelling errors. 😉
      Try this on for size: refinerary, no, refifinerary, no, raffinerary,no, (bloody h*ll) refinery! There! (OK, so I’m sitting here in a strapless dress after a party and the best part of a bottle of chardonnay, so I can STILL spell. If I put my mmmminnd to it!)

  9. how much of a slut am i since i now realize that Tom is quite goodlooking? yep -i am superficial like that.
    can i have both of them?
    wait – MAY i have both of them?

    Dear TomBert-
    I’ll be your huckleberry.


  10. I personally like the photo of Rob in the lovely suit and Tom is in jeans and sneakers.

    • I am leaving another comment to ask who is the guy in the 3/4 length coat at 1:35? Because I am a sucker for a guy in a coat of that length! In case there’s any confusion, he’s wearing a green tie.

    • Yes! Well put. Give me Rob in that lovely suit. Now, please! And if he is wearing a 3/4 length coat, never mind – I’m sure I can lure him into taking it off. (You may keep the green tie, and the guy that goes with it.) Goodnight!

  11. Oh the boy-love… both of them are too cute to be real…

  12. I hope “Punk Rock” (Tom’s play) gets an extension and a transfer to “London’s glittering West End”, so his bff can go see him (it is at a surburban/fringe theatre at the moment).

    But would quite like him to bring “the beard” with him, I would go fake lezzie for her ……..


  13. I think TomStu is growing up rather nicely! As long as the Joaquin Phoenix type beard does not make another appearance. Not his finest hour IMHO. Especially if standing next to Rob. I guess you didn’t want to distract from the glory that was the sex hair this time last year so you decided to go all out in the other direction and hide yourself behind that bush of a beard. So considerate of you, but such a shame and you didn’t have to prove to us that you could be so hairy just like Rob ……

    But it’s the voice that gets me …. I mean Rob has a great voice (all his film accents, but his own voice in particular I mean) but Tom’s …. oh my gawd, tie me up and read the Burger King menu to me ….. it’s all honey and whiskey. I want to see Tom do some Shakespeare.

    Am admitedly a bit smitten nowadays …. Well you should never have all your eggs in one basket should you?

    • OMG his voice yes, it so doesn’t fit with his cute baby face. It’s so manly!

      “Honey and whiskey” = WIN

    • Agrees, his voice is to die for.
      Sturridge voice is trained. There is a big difference in a trained and untrained unstudied voices. ie. Ralph Finnes voice is also trained as well .

      You notice the difference in actors who have trained voices for theatre.
      Sturridge is getting rave reviews by the way in Punk Rock the play he’s currently doing in London’s west end. fyi I literally bumped into him earlier this year, and he is as beautiful as you can imagine.
      And his voice is too. He’s only like 5 feet 9. and small boned.

  14. UC and Moon, you haven’t seen each other in 6 months?!?! That’s terrible and should be remedied IMMEDIATELY. I’m thinking… pilgrimage to Seattle!

  15. Sturridge is a tasty little cupcake (le sigh). My homage to the bromance. -thanks moon and uc made my day! – H

  16. I LOVED these videos. I must admit, when I saw tom popping up over Rob’s shoulders, I actually snorted out loud laughing. So funny. And I noticed the champagne popping, and backed the vid up a little, to see Rob’s hands moving in a self pleasing manner, then the pop, so I think that’s what that was about. LOL. Priceless work, ladies. You make me smile.

  17. I watched again, I couldn’t help it. Question: on the first video, at about :54, is that Lou Diamond Phillips? WTF? LMAO

  18. Oh my, is that really Rob’s tongue? It’s so long and makes me think innapropriate things.

  19. I totally get the feeling Tom has a thing for Rob—not clear on whether it’s reciprocated or not. I can’t see Tom as anything BUT gay, but maybe it’s just his super boyish face??

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