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Really, Robert Pattinson? Really!?!

Dear Rob,

We have a special treat for you today- a new feature for LTR. Have you seen the great SNL sketches with Amy & Seth? Take a quick minute and watch this video so you understand our special treat:Vodpod videos no longer available.
and now presenting…… Really!?! with UC & Moon:


Robert Pattinson should host SNL

Moon: Really Twilight Fans?! You want ROBERT “Mumbley” Pattinson who fumbles even the simplest of lines to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE? REALLY?
: Really? Are you sure you have the courage to sit through that 2nd-hand embarrassment?
: You want the guy who wore his friend’s shirt to an awards show and talked about fecal matter in an acceptance speech to host a LIVE variety show? Really? It’s not bad enough most people think this saga is lame because the vampires sparkle, we dont need to give them any more ammo when the star really does sweat profusely under the lights and leaves his fly open. REALLY!
: Really!

Edward shops at Powell Volvo


Really, tell your buddies I sent you

Moon: REAALLY Powell Volvo, you think using a picture of Edward next to a VOLVO SUV is gonna make my dad want to lease a new car?
: Really? Is Rob the new “hot cougar in a teeny, tiny bikini” used to coerce easy targets into overpriced vehicles? REALLY? I’m pretty sure to get Moon’s dad, you need the cougar in the bikini, really.
: Imagine him driving up to meet his buddies at the golf course, sliding out of the new Volvo and telling them “Check out my new ride, Edward approves!”
: Really, Powell Volvo?
: “I’ve been getting more tail in the back of this sparkle-mobile than my Buick ever could”
UC: Really? You just made Moon talk about her dad getting tail.
Moon: Really.
: And do you think Summit won’t find out about this and sue your sorry asses for using Edward’s image without permission? Really?
: REALLY!? Trust us, we receive cease and desist letters all day from them and all we do is photo-shop Edward into JORTS, so using their characters on your dealership website might send off a few warning signals. REALLY

Much more after the jump! REALLY!

The cast pities Rob

UC: Really Kellan Lutz? You feel bad for Rob because he’s more famous than you?
: Is that why you’re out running in West Hollywood in a purple wifebeater with a dog that probably isn’t yours?! Really!?!
: You feel bad that he’s making a living off of the Twilight saga while you’re stuck having to do events like a Twicon, a Twilight cruise and a corn husk in Iowa? Really!?! And really?
MOON: Really!?!
UC: You were “upset” when the papparazzi caught you working out at the gym the other day? Is that why you went to the public gym instead of foregoing the private one Summit set up for you? Really?
Moon: Next time you might not want to make this statement while hugging a Twimom in a conventional hall. REALLY

Rob gets voted Best Dressed

I REALLY dressed myself! (Fine, that really wasn't me in the pic on the right)

I REALLY dressed myself! (Fine, that really isn't true about the pic on the right)

Moon: Really People Magazine,
: Really!?!
: Rob is one of your BEST DRESSED STARS?! That’s like saying Britney Spears is mother of the year or Lindsay Lohan should be a teenage girls counselor
: That’s like saying Taylor Lautner is starting to look like Big Daddy or it wouldnt’ be sexy to have Charlie’s copstache rubbed over your face. Really
: I mean really,
: Really!
: Why not next time play IMDB Russian roulette to choose your best dressed. Anyone in the top 10 is fair game. Have a PA come in, turn around 10 times and point to the screen for your winner. REALLY
: Really!?!

Rob and Kristen are too popular for Twitter or Facebook

Moon: REALLY Rob and Kristen? You’re too popular?! or you have NO FRIENDS?
: Really Rob?
: Really?
: You’re too popular for Twitter? Or is it that you don’t know what the apple key does on your new macbook and lost your iphone and didn’t get a new one because you’d rather use your jitterbug phone anyway. Less features. Really?
: I mean really,
: Really!?
: What up and coming teen/early 20 something dudes don’t have at least a Facebook for random hook-ups in towns where they’re filming. REALLY
: Do you have toe thumbs like Megan fox and it makes the typing difficult? Really!?!

Kathy Griffin desperate to hook up with Robert Pattinson soon

UC: Really Kathy Griffin?

‘[Robert Pattinson] looks like he’s about to die anyway so I’ve got to grab him and f*** him while I can’ (source)

Moon: Really Kathy, desperate to hook up or desperate for relevancy? Call up Levi Johnston again and take a walk down Robertson or get at the end of the Rob fan line. REALLY
: Really!?!

Wedding of the Year

Moon: Really, OK Magazine? Wedding between Rob and Kristen would NEVER be your wedding of the year. Anything that involves flannel tuxedos for the bride AND groom and a hot pocket cake does not a front cover make. REALLY
: REALLY. Would it be an event of the year for thrift stores around the globe because they’d finally sell out of their stock of flannel & grunge that they’ve had since early 1992? Yes, but really?
: Wedding of the year?
: I mean, it’s not like they’d acknowledge that they got married, even if they were photographed IN VEGAS AT the little white chapel and Elvis confirmed it. REALLY!
: Really
: So go back to your pics of fat Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian’s ass cause this is no wedding you want to see. REALLY
: Really!!

This has been another edition of REALLY?! with Moon and UC

UnintendedChoice & themoonisDown

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  1. Really, where do you keep getting it from? Like, really, where do you find the time to write awesomeness like this every day? Like… really?

    Ok. I’m lame. Really. But it’s ok if you admit it, right? Really, right?

    • I sense a new trend on this website! Really.

    • Really? You’re sweet

      • I have to ask… Who comes here nearly every day only to give thumbs down? Don’t they realize that “thumbs down” is ynonymous with hugs??

        • That’s me. It makes me feel better about myself. Thumbs down, Everyone. THUMBS DOWN! BOOOOO!

          • ❤ you.

          • THUMBS DOWN!

            ❤ you back! =)

        • hahah.. i knew it was JodieO..
          give it up to her.

          (in my best british school boy /Oliver voice) …..

          “May I have more thumbs down please. “

    • This is one the best letter I have read from this site. really!

  2. All I have to say to this post is: Word.

    People will probably want pinch me in the face when they read this, but I REALLY agree with you about the whole SNL thing. As much as I love me some Rob, I think I would spend the whole entire time watching SNL, while cringing and holding my breath. I know he is a professional actor, but I think the whole comedy bit-live routine might give the poor boy a stroke. Does that mean I wouldn’t watch. Hells no. I’d be DVR’ing that shit because it still would be Rob, and he still would be HOTT (even if he had major pit stains from nerves, and mumbling more than usual.) Imjustsayin.

    Great post today, as always! 🙂

    • It would be like watching a train wreck. You really don’t want to watch, but you can’t look away.

      I would have to be really drunk, but that’s okay because Rob would be too!

    • I totally agree with you. It’d be one of those things that you watch, but only on mute… like a Justin Timberlake concert video. Wait, what?

      • LMAO!!! Really.

    • I don’t care if Rob comes out stumbling drunk and really does crap his pants ( or TomStu’s or Marcus’s whose ever they are-surely they share pants too) I’m dying to see our boy on SNL. He has such a great sense of humor, I think he’d be amazing if he could hold it together. I hope they can get him.

      • Rob would totes lampoon himself. Too bad he couldn’t do the same about Edward- that would be even funnier, but I doubt that Summit would let him do it. Maybe even SM would nix that especially while the series is still in full promotion mode.

        His comments made while watching himself play Edward would be a great place to start with skits. He was histerical. Remember how many awkwardly embarrassing moments he had with Kristen and Cathy?

        The comment that Kristin and he have the same eyebrows = side by side screen shots of him “live” and Kristen photoshopped with his big eyebrows on her face.

        Rob laughing at his bouffant hair and little pee coat looking all feminine = he could totes drag queen-up Edward in a skit.

        How about The Kiss comments- that he was waiting for her to come in and that’s why it took so long- except in the skit there could be Rob’s thought commentary streaming during the scene where he’s screaming “I just can’t let her touch my lips- Don’t make me do it! It’s like kissing a 12 year old boy! Nooooo!”

        “I still have the little tuft in the front of my hairline. Like Bob’s Big Boy.” Oh, dude, he should do a Bob’s Big Boy parody of Edward. Hilar!

        I think Rob could pull this off. It’s a WIN!

        • SNL should put you on their payroll- you’re hilarious!

    • I completely agree with you – I think it will be just too much for him, we all know how shy and awkward the boy is, I really can’t see him pulling something like SNL off!

    • not that we wouldnt totally watch it and LOVE IT hahaha i would be hella worried the whole time. itd give us content for years! and years

    • I agree with ya but there have been far less talented entertainers on the show in the past and coming soon. Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and now Megan Fox. I really think he could do it and it would probably be very funny BUT I doubt Summit will be down with the idea. They have to rehearse ALL WEEK before the live show. His schedule is going to be jam packed doing other New Moon promo events. What I’d like to see – Rob doing a little cameo on Weekend Update. That would be cute and I could see Summit being down with that.

    • See, that’s my thing, too. I don’t think he could make it through without butchering it COMPLETELY. And that is completely why he should do it! Cuz, let’s face it, dude has Skills!! He’s got an awesome, quirky sense of humor, and you pair it up with the mumbles and giggles and you have serious WIN.

      And just think, we could all spend days on LTR breaking it down. All the mumbles and giggles, imagining what he is saying in his stupor, what we were thinking in our stupors as we watched.

      I say “Go Rob!!”

      Let’s be honest, we all want to see it, just to watch the fingers run through the hair, to see what color plaid he chooses to wear, hopefully catch him taking one of those sexy puffs off a cigarette, and pray to all that is holy that they find some way to put him on there half naked.
      AMEN to that!!

  3. I had to laugh at every ‘really’. You could have said it 10 times more and I would still have laughed.
    Poor poor Kellan. He’s even attending an event that has Mr. Mollina on their ad. Mollina as in not Banner and as in the vice-president of Forks immigrant-community.

    (the video is not available outside the US btw)

    • boo! Not available outside of the US? That totally sucks.

      Ummm if you find an available vid- let me know. (or any snl “REALLY” videos!) I’ll link!

      • there used to be a skit on SNL about donatella versace, she was selling “versace hot pockets” it was crazy balls funny!!! can’t find the link here in canada though…

        • Hahaha! I remember that skit! Maya Rudolph was ridic as Versace! I loved it. I stopped watching SNL after she left. *tear*

        • My sister does that impression perfectly and we totally refer to Donatella’s “cheesy cheesy champagne hot pockets” all the time!

    • Trying to see the video reminded me (once again) of how frustrating it is (when trying t view videos) to live outside of the states! What do sites have against us outsiders!?! Okay that’s my 2 cent tangent!

      Loved today!! I’m pretty sure I know the skit you’re talking about… so in my head.. everything made sense 🙂


  4. Actually I really would like to see Rob host SNL. I think the 2nd hand embarrassment would make my year complete. Really. That would make it all the more hilarious. Really!

  5. I love this skit in SNL! Besides Kristen Wiig, it is the only win left on that show.

    Best parts of post:
    I’ve been getting more tail in the back of this sparkle-mobile than my Buick ever could

    Hot pocket cake! Brill!

    And I can think of a much better place i want Charlie’s copstach, ifyouknowwhatimsayinandithinkyoudo

  6. That blurb on how Rob and Kstew are too popular to tweet was one the most horribly written things I’ve ever read. Someone needs to go back school and learn grammar and sentence structure and shit. =)

    The first time I saw that OK magazine I laughed so loud I caused a scene.

    Well, I’m off the Powell Volvo to get something shiny and silver (or charcoal…whatevs!).


    • I forgot to say that I would die a happy woman if Rob hosted SNL!!!!! And if they got my first boyfriend (Justin Timberlake) to do a guest spot WITH my current boyfriend, I’d probably pass the eff out on the spot.

    • I laughed loudly at that story in OK, too. Not only was it ridiculous, but the picture of them on the cover with the WTF-face was f–ing hilarious.

  7. I thought that same thing when I saw the cover of OK Magazine the other day. Wedding of the year? Maybe the most awkward wedding of the year.

    • There would be a lot of blinking and stammering and half-mumbled drunken vows!

      • I hope Oregano is in charge of the guest book!

        • Oregano will be in the balcony, banging on the glass, before he tries to steal her away in the back of a bus.

          • Is this before or after he sings “On My Own” from Les Mis?

          • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! That would so be the case.

          • OMG! The Graduate is one of my fave movies!

            I love Mrs. Robinson in her leopard lingerie! Go Cougars! Rrraaawr!

          • The question is: is the bride leaving in a bus with another man CLASSIER than the intended wedding? Tough call, I think.

          • Oh, I don’t think she’d leave with him Kate. Really? Kristen pick ManSpice over Robward? Really?

    • And Kristin would drop Rob’s ring, and the bouquet, and the cake knife…

      • Hey UC and Moon!
        You could be Wedding Planners!!! If you are stuck one day about what to put up… there you go…. Plan the wedding of the year!!

        What would be served?
        Who would be invited?
        Who would be bridesmaids and ushers?
        What would be the first dance?

        I’m sure with you (and some other readers ??) could plan out the perfect on for the couple!

        tweed and all!!

        it’s already started… it would be interesting to continue..

        just a thought.

  8. LMFAO – You guys are the funniest shiz! These made me DIE:

    “Moon: REALLY!? Trust us, we receive cease and desist letters all day from them and all we do is photo-shop Edward into JORTS, so using their characters on your dealership website might send off a few warning signals. REALLY

    “Moon: Really People Magazine,
    UC: Really!?!
    Moon: Rob is one of your BEST DRESSED STARS?! That’s like saying Britney Spears is mother of the year or Lindsay Lohan should be a teenage girls counselor”


    • notice Moon was the funny one and all I said was “REALLY!?” but i say it in a high squeaky voice like Amy, so it’s cool

      • It’s all about the squeek.

        Or is it squee….?

  9. You guys REALLY made my day with this post.

    Tell me you photoshopped the pic of Rob in red or I may have to gag up my breakfast. Arggggg!

    • nope! real picture!

      • Breakfast now gone.

        Where was that picture taken?

        • London Harry Potter Goblet of Fire premiere! Apparently Rob was really excited about this outfit…that he chose himself…really.

    • What does it say about me that I like the red outfit?

      • It says you’re Normal.

    • Did you notice how his shoes match the jacket? He still made an effort in those days.

      @ChinNubbin: I agree a tiny bit. The fact that his shirt is partly unbuttoned may or may not have something to do with that. Leave it to Rob (and Lenny kravitz) to make this stuff look edgy.

  10. UC and Moon,
    you make some valid points, you really do. But I REALLY want to see Rob on SNL. REALLY. So badly that I’m considering buying a sleeping bag to sleep on the sidewalk and try to get standby tickets if he does do it. Really(?).

    Do you really get cease and desist letters from Summit? What a sad world we live in:(.

    • Yep, buying a sleeping bag to sleep on the sidewalk in order to get standby tickets, (at 7am as a matter of fact,yep, 7am)? I’d be right there with you!!!

  11. Sorry BHBabe but that’s Rob’s own creation as worn at GOF premiere, such a sense of style!!

    This post really!! made my day and is it true that you get cease and desist notices from Summit?

  12. Please never even hint at the possibility that Rob may or may not have sicknast toe thumbs again.

    Thank you.

    : )

  13. I Rob wearing red sequined wingtips? Cause they look a little “Over the Rainbow”…and he probably had a stylist for that!

    The only way this post could have been better is if you two could have actually done it behind a news desk for us!!


  14. Hahahahah! I’d never seen that SNL sketch before, but it wasn’t nearly as funny as you ladies. Really.

    I completely agree about Rob hosting SNL. As much as I love to look at him in all of his sex and clumsiness personified, I would never be able to let myself watch the horror. How could I ever explain myself after my friends and family saw him fumble through that???

    And Kathy Griffith? Oh, honey. Not a chance.

  15. I might have to get a volvo…..really

  16. BRILLIANT LADIES – Really!!!

    Thanks for always keeping it REAL – Really!?! I was hoping Rob would host SNL, oh the skit material. But, you ladies made me realize what a horrible mistake that would be – all the Twilight haters would have a field day. I can hear my husband, while watching Rob bumble and mumble through the skits and giggling too (I highly doubt Rob could keep a straight face) — “Now tell me again, what is it you see in this guy?”

  17. Uh yeah, you’re gonna have to go ahead and make this a regular feature. Love it when Seth & Amy do it, and now I love it when Moon & UC do it.

    Rob hosting SNL would be a disaster. But that’s why I want it to happen. It will provide a solid hour of squee time for this here lame girl who loves his bumbling nerdiness. I actually think he could do comedy quite well – just not live comedy.

  18. I really think you 2 ladies should be hosting SNL.

    • hahahahahahaha

      i wish you knew me in real life.. so you could realize how awkward that would be


      • Would it be KStew awkward?

  19. Yes! The CopStache! Billy Burke is fun for the whole family – and by fun, I mean sitting on his face, and by family, I mean me.

    • Totes agree! Grrrr Billy Grrrr! I’m all about the porn’stache!

    • Perfect shirt for ol’ Charlie –

      • Holyshit! I just spit out my coffee when I saw that shirt! I so need to get that for my brother.
        Awesome post ladies, as usual. I would die if Rob hosted SNL. And by die, I mean I would watch it. Alone. With a assorted bottles of alcohol (little ones) and a pillow to cover my face for when I get too embarrassed for him.

    • Ditto. Are you willing to share?

  20. I can’t watch the video is not available outside the us… but! I don’t know if I’m ready to see Rob in SNL, maybe he will surprise us and be a perfect host… I mean, he is talented… really???

    “… or it wouldn’t’ be sexy to have Charlie’s copstache rubbed over your face.” Really??????

    hahahahhahahhahaahha you guys keep doing it better and better everyday jajajajajajjaa
    I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!


    • i’m glad it’s funny even without seeing the vid first!!!

      • Who gave you a thumbs down? to whoever it was: buhhuuuuuuuu rude! Im giving you thumbs up 🙂

  21. “Imagine him driving up to meet his buddies at the golf course, sliding out of the new Volvo and telling them “Check out my new ride, Edward approves!”

    —–I would actually love it if my father did this. LOL! True story. I.Am.Lame.

    Hell yes, I want him to host SNL! I would love to see a moment where he breaks character and starts laughing just like Justin Timberlake did when he and Jimmy Fallon did the Barry Gibbs talk show. HILARIOUS!

    • Oh god the Barry Gibb talk show…one of my favoritest ever!

  22. Oh man, 2 epic funny posts in a day! You girlies are on fire!!

    Do you ever find yourself saying ‘I mean REALLY?’ in RL, and people just look at you like you are a grandma, not like you are Seth Meyers?

    I mean REALLY.

  23. I love it here!

    This post was hilarious and the comments that follow are complete and total WIN.

    I think Kristen should host SNL…really. Poke fun at all that angst 🙂

    • I’m with you Pinky, I REALLY love it here. In fact, I reckon we could obtain world peace by making everyone in the world read this site every day. Who needs the United Nations when we have UC & Moon 🙂


    • They should make them host together – can you do that? Because that would be WIN.

  24. ‘Moon: “I’ve been getting more tail in the back of this sparkle-mobile than my Buick ever could”

    UC: Really? You just made Moon talk about her dad getting tail.”‘

    LMFAO! Love it!

  25. Rob hosting SNL? Yes, please! I know he’s awkward… like REALLY awkward… and shy, but he comes up with the funniest shiz ever spur of the ‘mo! I mean, the guy is talented. And, the whole “Spunk Ransom” bit was hilarious… in a second-hand embarrassment sort of way…

    Okay, maybe for compassion’s sake, Rob hosting SNL is NOT a good idea. Though, I’d still love it 🙂

  26. Oh My God! Really? Like you two could be any funnier. Like you aren’t already keeping me from doing shit around my house or being on time for work. Really?! You have to go and make jokes about Moons dad getting tail in the back seat of a Volvo Suv. Really?! As if the thought of Rob hosting SNL isn’t embarrassing enough you have to bring up his sweaty pits and word vomit skills? Really. Okay. Really you are.Funny. ❤ you both!

  27. […] Really, Robert Pattinson? Really!?! « Letters to Rob – view page – cached We have a special treat for you today- a new feature for LTR. Have you seen the great SNL sketches with Amy & Seth? Take a quick minute and watch this video so you understand our special treat: [EMBED] and now presenting…… Really!?! with UC & Moon: — From the page […]

  28. I, for one, can’t wait to see Rob on SNL…REALLY! I’ll probably be toasted by that time on a Saturday night anyway so it’ll be all good. I actually enjoy some of his 2nd hand embarrassing moments…except for the feces moment…I still cringe. Rob can (almost) do no wrong.

    • Dear Rob,

      We as fans should never have to type, utter or whisper the phrase “feces moment” in reference to any of your future actions. Don’t let that happen again.

      Thank you,


  29. I agree that Rob would be great doing comedy, but live comedy might be too much for our boy. Besides, SNL ain’t what it used to be.

    I think he should do a guest turn on 30 Rock. He has said he has a thing for Tina Fey/thinks she’s sexy. He should play himself with a huge crush on Liz Lemon.

    Who’s with me?

    • Meeee!! Me! Me! I totally agree! Tina Fey is gold, and mix her with Rob and I anticipate perfection…

  30. LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! 😀

  31. couldn’t watch the video, can’t watch SNL where i am so it’s moot whether Rob should or shouldn’t—everything i’ve read about the show in recent years is that it’s pretty lame fare compared to its glory days—i’d rather see Rob fencing with Jon Stewart or Letterman since in interviews he doesn’t mumble & often produces a fine ironic edge which is delightful—

    for the rest, i vote for Volvo every time—your dad, Moon, could do worse though he should avoid the sparkling peenmobile (too twenty sth) in favor of the gunmetal-gray metallic (better suited for a Dadmobile)—since honesty is the best policy, however, he’d make more of a splash at the links with a BMW or a Mercedes, both preferably in businessmen black—

    thanks, ladies, for today’s best laughs—<3

  32. Honestly, one of my fav posts of all time. And I never say that, but J to the Rigs loves her (yes, I am talking about myself in 3rd person now) some SNL and this bit in particular. You just pointed out every WTF?? thought that I have been thinking over the past week or two.

    Did anyone count the # of times UC said nothing else but “Really”? Love you guys!!

    Gone to post you on the FB, cause I pimp you out like that now….Not sure why, just cause.

  33. Yes, REALLY!

    Rob on SNL = hysterical awesomeness. (It is scripted and rehearsed – whew!)

    And if he was also the MUSICAL GUEST??!!! There are NO words…

  34. Rob on SNL? O–K? Who is the musical guest? Please say 100 Monkeys, please oh please!

    But seriously, Rob would be hilarious to watch and he probably wouldn’t even mean to be funny!

    Love you girls and your funnies (kinda like cooties only better)!

  35. I know I’ve seen it before, but the red velvet sport coat and leather pants pic is killing me! Also, he’s SO white you can barely make out the white button up (he obviously picked up off his floor, sniffed then shrugged while putting it on). Thank the Lord for stylists who help him now.


    • But, let’s be honest: would you turn him down in that ensemble? I mean, REALLY!? 😉 haha

      • re: Marz – the Rob assemble.. .
        Hmmmm Robbie looks … well, I can’t describe it.. Suffice to say that Red velvet is definately NOT his colour. Maybe he’s got some sort of Victorian thing going on.. or maybe one of his friends dressed him up?

        I seem to recall seeing a picture of the guy from the Doors dressing like this… (forgot his name. he’s the dead guy).


        • I can’t believe you refer to Jim Morrison as the dead guy from the doors! I’ve killed people for less you know…;)

          • I dunno… I think he looks vampy in the pic… Slightly TERRIBLE, but great in a Rob way.

            Alnd like Aice said earlier: Rob’s got that rockstar/Lenny Kravitz thing goin’ for him in this pic, hahah! I mean REALLY! Would you turn Lenny Kravitz down?!?!

          • haha.. yeah… I had a moment….. . for the life of ME I COULD NOT REMEMBER JIM MORRISON’S NAME!!!
            forgive me pleassseeeeee!!!..

            oye veh!


    • I’ll bet that button up white shirt is sleeveless too!

  36. Breaks my pervy heart to take your comments from 69 to 70, but had to say I died laughing at the Jitterbug comment. I love that Rob is so fucking easy to figure out. We read his ass like a book.

    • I love how we make him out to be a huge dork/dad who borrows his friends’ plaid shirts and uses the Jitterbug phone…because that is who he really is! I laugh at those Edward fans who think Rob is a total dreamboat!

      • …but he is a dreamboat… in spite of all these things… because of all these things…

  37. Yet again UC & Moon, you make me want to be your fake lesbian girlfriend. Will you help me deal with that Prop 8 silliness so that we can consecrate our love forever? And by our I mean mine for you. And by forever I mean until my husband finds out. Do you two like kids?

    The post was so good – so filled w/ LSAYROYPSPDKYC (laugh silently as you read on your phone so people don’t know you are crazy – like LOL but subtler) moments. Best dressed? I know! Wedding of the year?! I know! Rob mumbling & slurring his way thru SNL?! I know!

    Thanks for another huge smile!!

    • We’d love to join in relationship with you!

  38. Wow. Leather pants?? Really??

    Ladies you amaze me daily!!


  39. I wanna grow up and be like you guys. really!!! This post is made of Win!!!

    One more “really” for Kellan…

    Really Kellan?!?!? Do you think that free-balling while jogging will take the attention off of Rob and onto you??? Really.

  40. This column was one of the funniest things I’ve read. You people are hilarious! Okay, I still would love to see Rob on SNL. I live in NY and would love to be in the audience, but that’s doubtful, I don’t think tickets can be gotten for SNL like normal shows. The Volvo thing? Well they may be sued and so they should if they’ve used his likeness without permission, but Daddy doesn’t have to lease/buy a Volvo. How about Mom???????
    Oh! and all the other actors (Twilight and Non-Twilight) that pity him? Please. Like you said, sounds more like jealousy to me too. It may be hard for him, especially being so shy and all, but don’t most actors go into the field for the notoriety? Money? Fame? Adulation? He’ll do just fine and it’ll all die down at some point. The teenage girls will find someone else to harrass after the Twilight saga is over and Rob will go on to do whatever he desires.
    And the best dressed thing. Yeah he can be best dressed when he tries or someone else is dressing him. He’s beautiful in a tux or even a suit, but most of the time, naw! Doesn’t make me love him any less, though!

  41. OK Magazine editors must of lost their minds..

    And srsly.. Clules Pattinson.. Major WTF moment

  42. Oh my gosh I’m so happy I’m not alone in thinking rob on snl= disaster. I’ve actually have been praying and fasting against it happening. Rob please don’t embarass me in front of all my friends!! I honestly don’t think he will do it. I am excted to see how Megan fox does this week. I hope she totally bites it. Oh that’s mean I’m sorry.(not really)
    Haha best dressed my arse. What’s with People magazine? Remember when they named him one of the fittest celebrity bodies? Really? If Smoking 2 packs a day and having a diet of hot pockets and beer what makes a hot body You can call me Miles
    Davis.(I don’t eat hot pockets)
    PS I love Seth and Amy. Seth and his brother on Jimmy Falon last night made for one of the best episodes of late night ever!
    Oh and I love you guys too. Really!

  43. Aawwh. I’d love to see Him host SNL. I think he would be awesome and make us proud. So what if he stumbles a little and sweats a little… aren’t these the quirkies we love about him? He does have a great sense of humor and as mentioned above, it is scripted and rehearsed. Oh…ye of little faith. I want to see him silly and enjoying himself…not taking himself too seriously. I vote YES.

  44. Awesome post. UC and Moon, you guys are a marvel.

    I actually think Rob hosting SNL wouldn’t be too bad. He’s funny, intelligent and we all know that that the boy pulls some of the funniest shizz out of his add when he’s put on the spot. Plus, he’d have the perfect venue to take a shot at the paps. He’d probably even take a quick shot at himself. Which I think would be worth the price of admission. Rob on stage with a guitar in front of a live audience. BONUS!!

  45. I just read yesterday’s post again because it was so unbelievably hilarious. The emo album names. I am weeping with mirth, while blaming you for my emotional instability.

    Viva la LTRs!

  46. This post? WIN.


  47. Really, SNL Rob Pattinson!!! Let’s get UC and Moon, now that I’d watch, well, I’d love to see Rob tripping over himself and laughing at himself!

  48. He could go on SNL and make fun of this kinda stuff, which has followed him forever. Not that we care… we dig him unconditionally:

  49. Rob on SNL will be really awesome! I’d love to see him do some comedy.

  50. Ok i am late late LATE to the party, as usual, but that was EPIC WIN of a post!!! still crying – in a good way…

    Please, if you love us at all, make a video out of that and put it on YouTube??? Pretty please with Robert Pattinson on top???

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