Posted by: themoonisdown | September 21, 2009

Super HOT Monday with Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob-

We usually try to bring the funnies on Monday since it’s the start of another work week but I’ve decide to change it up and make this a SUPER HOT MONDAY! Cause what I’m about to show everyone is so smokin’ hot they might wanna disable their smoker detectors. You on the other hand will want to not die of embarrassment and I’ll ask you questions about how you do all this hotness…

First up we have a hot n smexy video by a GREAT vid maker who is new to us (and who we hope keeps making the HOTTNESS!) ย She brings the hotness by coupling only the best in video clips with the song “Breathe on Me”

So this begs the question… if you breathed on me would I pass out? Would it be like hot garbage, jelly beans or roses? In the Twi books Stephenie writes that Edwards breath is icy and intoxicating which always makes me laugh. Who’s ever been dazzled when a man breathes in their face? Discuss…

Robert Pattinson
Then you show up looking like this… Oh Rob are you trying to kill me? SMILING in the rain, in a NEW jacket, wearing CONVERSE! Oh you flirt, stop trying to get in my good graces. Only thing that could make this better would be you whistling “Singing in the Rain.”

Robert Pattinson
Oh wait… maybe you are! Or maybe you’re practicing you blue steel pose again.

You on the set Sunday… le SWOON. Black/Gray clothing is always a win in my book. Here’s a thought, why don’t you just steal Edwards clothes from set and wear them around town cause I’m sure no one in wardrobe would protest. I will punch them if they do!

And because you’re not the only hot ticket in town, here’s a video that shows us ALL the hot men of Twilight. Looks like they left out BooBoo but maybe he’s not legally a man yet. Watch out Rob, you got some stiff competition.

So Rob, how do you do it?

Pics from Robsessed, Soul for her awesome video and whoever else made/took this stuff!

Was that hot enough for your Monday?

Laugh over at Letters to Twilight
Make Monday even hotter by heading to the forum


  1. The first thing I noticed when I saw those photos was the Converse. That made me way too happy for my own good.

    • Where the heck have the grey converse been? He wore them at the VF shoot in September 2008, yes?

      Does he only wear them in September? has he been carrying them FOR A YEAR? In his mustard bag?

      It all seems very bizarre, but still HOT. Obviously!

    • I have those exact same shoes. I think I’m subconsciously turning myself into Rob.

      • Dude, the other day I looked down at myself and reailzed I was wearing the KStew uniform. Chucks, faded black jeans, graphic tshirt with a button down over it, faded black hoodie, messy hair.. the works. I got all freaked out thinking I was subconciously trying to make myself attractive for him despite my firm standing in Nonsten.

        Where’s the LTR therapist when I need one?!

        • Pass out the therapist number when you get it……I too just bought my first pair of converse (hangs head in shame)

      • Me too. Oh no…

      • Did you sport the mullet?

        You MUST complete the package!

        I was sad to see the mullet go, she looked so good on the VMA’s I don’t want her getting all shiny and beautiful. It makes it harder to gag when I think about the robsten duo.

        (No gagging on the Rob-that’s what she said)

    • ok, can i just express my shock that the words “stiff competition” were not followed by a that’s what she said? I mean if we can’t drool over rob in his new/oldascrap converse, worry about our unconscience attempts at becoming KSpew for him, and be slightly pervy at the same time what are we doing here?

  2. Best video ever.

    Me and Rob can be twinners in our matching gray Chucks. Clearly we rule.

    p.s. Xavier Samuel is gorgeous. Seriously. I hate that Riley’s not a bigger character in Eclipse. (That’s what she said.)

    • Ahem…I think Xavier will be the sneaky show-stopper in Eclipse that Jasper-and-the-bat were in Twilight.

      Note: Yelling in the theater to “PAUSE!” and “REWIND!” doesn’t work.

    • Good news for all of us, then! I was sad that Riley would have the same *minor* role in the movie as he did in the books, but I read that he’s going to be more prelevant in the movie! Yay!!!

      Xavier Samuel is definitely gorgey! Though… my Twlight number 2 is Jackson. Dang, that kid is CUTE! Even his name makes me swoon!

  3. If Rob were close enough that I could feel his breath on my face, I probably would be dazzled. Because that means he close enough for me to bite his lip.

    Rob and I are twinners! I whistle all the time. It’s fate!


  4. I have the same pair of Converse. Though mine are undoubtedly smaller. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love him.

    • Add that to his list of over-adequacies.

  5. Did they srsly replace the words ‘a human’ with ‘sex’ in the first vid? That was some schmexy vid, but that line just kinda killed it for me… LOL!

    The second vid is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ Although Jamie Campbell Bower looks like a girl. The rest, however…

    I’m also have the same pair of Converse as Rob. We should start a club.

  6. Ohhhhh Well.. guess after all that hotness I’ll HAVE TO spend an hour or so in Fanfic land……..
    Happy Monday to all…

    • An hour or so always turns into 2 days for me.

    • Fanfic land! Love it! Images of care-a-lot started popping into my head instantaneously.

  7. “…if you breathed on me would I pass out? Would it be like hot garbage, jelly beans or roses?” === WIN!!!

    Oh and Converse suck. I have bought five or six pairs that I have only worn once due to the huge amount of discomfort they put my feet in.

    The first thing I noticed about those Rob pics is the fact that his jacket has the same sleeves that my bf’s HS letterjacket had.

    Now that is a subliminal message from Rob!

    • The first few times I wore my Chucks it felt like I was walking around in bear traps. Now they are super comfy. You just need to break them into submission.

    • Converse have absolutely no sole/support. I’ve been wearing them for ’bout 15 years now, and I think my feet have actually flattened out ๐Ÿ™‚

    • LOOOOOOOOOVE my Chucky Ts…..they must be designed for my feet. I’ve been wearing them since Jr Hi, going on ….let’s just say over 20 yrs….Now my daughter wears them, too!

    • Jelly Beans! Definately Jelly Beans. I am sure. And it’s the Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Not the cheap crap. Gourmet.

      I. Want. To. Taste. THAT.

      • Probably Tutti Fruitti. Yes, Tutti Fruitti Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Breath.

        le Sigh

        • Nearly22 here. Changed my name bc I am actually 22 now and don’t want to be a skeazy liar. Even on the internets.

          Definitely Jelly Belly but probably those pink colored ones that are so freakin awesome. Don’t remember the name.

          But YUM!

  8. Watch that video and pretend you are Rob. Embarrassment begins at 0:01.

    But I’m not Rob, so … niiiiice.

  9. In love w/ second video.

    Beautiful pics along w/ song I like to sing to my love while driving=== DOUBLE WIN!

    • Am I the only one who had issues breathing when it was done!?
      Talk about *le SWOON*

      I’m sorry Rob but the 2nd video is my WIN today!

  10. Umm not show my Rob stalker side or anything, but those pics of him on set are from Saturday not Sunday… Rob was in my bed all day Sunday, showing me some of the moves in that first video.

  11. Oh and those Chucks are the same pair he wore in the VF shoot… so cute

    • I must say, I haven’t yet made it through all the archives yet. . . kids, husband, soccer, laundry, blah, blah, blah. But I especially loved his itunes list and your interpretation. Yes, he does have an eclectic taste in music. I had to download most of them (that’s normal right?) and I must say I am most impressed with his love of the classics. I must say, as I was downloading the songs (a nice mix before going to bed), I felt like a giddy 14 year-old. I kept waiting for hubby to walk in – the jokes would’ve been never-ending, if I was caught.

      What is it about Rob? I keep telling myself it’s the Edward connection. Rob is only the poster boy for the wonderfully, perfect, immortal and God-like creation of Stephanie Meyer, right???

  12. I โค this post. *drools just a little bit*

    Yes, we all love the Monday funnies, but I don't think anyone is going to complain about this…not one little bit.

  13. the first time I watched the new Biel video, I was sneaking quality video time quietly at 4am, trying not to disturb the hubs (with the music and/or my heavy panting)

    Now, did my lil ears decieve me, or during one of the verses…is that Robward saying “sex” a few times over the music? (ungh!)

  14. I’m not usual a Kellan fan but he totally stole the second video in my opinion…and Peter but that kinda freaks me out a little.

    • The photo of Peter givin’ it to the chick on the stairs came from some Lifetime movie I happened to stumble upon one afternoon.

      He was undeniably smokin’ hot and the sex scenes were VERY racy, for the channel, I thought…..

      aye, but I’m a bit of a closeted Charlie Bewley fan…..

      • Don’t be closeted. Shout it from the roof tops!

      • I was appreciating that stair-loving scene. A lot.

  15. Rob got a new jacket? Are we sure the world isn’t ending???

    • you know there’s a good chance that it belongs to someone else….LOVE IT!

      • Hmmm… Wonder who he borrowed it from. Sam’s in Vancouver, isn’t he? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Is it a Forks High letterman jacket? Cause that was my first thought.

  16. I agree, Biel really does the best vids out there…

    “Are you ready right now?”

    You don’t know how ready Rob……


  17. I love those pics of Rob in the rain-please wear the the Converse more often, please please please..

    re: Edward’s dazzling breath-I always rolled my eyes at the mention of his breath being sweet, intoxicating, blah blah blah. You’d be much more likely to become intoxicated from Rob’s breath after a night out.

  18. Love smiling wet Rob.
    Happy hot Monday!

  19. I think the converse photo is my new fav. EVER!! Having worn chucks from the age of 10, I love them and actually have a few pairs from high school saved b/c of all the signatures/comments on them. I would always get the funkiest/craziest pair from the converse store and wear them with crazy/funky socks and kiddie shoe laces.

    The rain and hoodie just complete it.=perfect

    A piano playing, chuck taylor wearing, thrift store shopping, Dr. Marten loving, sensitive, messy haired guy with funny facial expressions that reads obscure books…..oh how I love that man……*passes out*

  20. I sure wish I could see the videos…

  21. Chucks!? Instead of those heinous nikes or those other terrible all black shoes? PRAISE BE.

    I could do without that jacket though.

    Also, how does he make walking in the rain so hot? Seriously. Like I haven’t seen 47 billion dudes walking in the rain in my lifetime. This is the only one that makes me want to caress my computer screen like a massive creep.

    • Did I not just tell you that I want to lick my computer screen?

      ROB!!! The things you do to me!!!!

      • You did. If we were in a Creep-Off, it would be a close call to see who would win…

  22. I need a cigarette after watching, “Let’s Get Sexy Robert.” WOWZA!!!!

    I just stumbled upon LTR last week and I can’t get enough. You ladies are BRILLIANT. I love your blog. It makes me feel less alone in this crazy, I mean mild attraction, to this awkward, sexy and non-conventional 23 year-old.

    Keep it up – especially love the, Breaking it Down “Vanity-Fair Style.” It’s so my type of humor, yes the type of humor only few people understand;op

    • just stumbled here!? YAY! welcome!!!

    • welcome to the mad house ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Oh Dear Lord have mercy! That first vid!!! I had to remind myself to breathe!

    And he looks so lovely/sexy whistling and smiling in the rain “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head, Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head…”

    but honestly you look a little skinny to me Rob, come on… you know you want some cheeseburgers and coke, eat baby, just a little ๐Ÿ™‚

    Im glad Happy Rob its back… even just for a friday night…

    • Do you think he needs an incentive to eat? Maybe an extra long dumpster session?

      He looks much too thin to me. I’m beginning to worry about him. Nick and Stephanie need to take note. Feed that boy!!!

  24. Ugh. Wet Rob is definitely number two on my list of favourite Robs (right after Drunk-Rob). His lips look yummier when wet… haha… I’m creepy. *averts eyes*

    Though, I am going to have to defend the black Nikes, as I’ve grown to heart them. They’re part of his trademark (after the hair, the Stoli tee, re-sewn pants, and perfection that is).

    • Totally agree…I LOVE wet Rob. Makes me think happy thoughts of him in the shower – if he was ever to take a shower.

      • UGH. I know. The scene in Twilight where Edward is explaining Vamps to Bella and she’s nice and covered from the rain and he’s getting DRENCHED *always* does it for me.

        Again, his lips look ridic when wet!

        MMmmmm… Rob in shower = Happy thoughts! haha!

        • Yes, exactly! That scene! One of my faves…for like the first few times I watched the movie, I couldn’t even tell you what the dialogue was…I was fixated on his mouth! God, I need help.

          • Hell’s no! You don’t need help. Remember: it’s normal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. is like this —> O.O holy crickey… My hoohah just twitched.

    Who says Mondays suck?

    suck…*foggy eyed*

    *shakes head*

  26. 1) That Video….seriously, it’s the sexiest fan made video I’ve ever seen and…..POOF.

    2) LOVE the converse! Why am I happy it’s fall? Because I get to break out my black converse!

    3) “Stephenie writes that Edwards breath is icy and intoxicating” So is his breath like Orbitz wintermint? I think so!

    • It always reminded me of liquid nitrogen before. Orbitz wintermint makes it so much better!

  27. To answer your question, yes I would faint if/When Rob faints on me. I’m saying “when” because I’m trying to be optimistic!

    The converse made me happy too! :-). My hubby has the same shoes. Glad to see he’s wearing something stylish although I won’t wear those shoes in the rain though. I also had thoughts of him going ala Gene Kelly in that photo!

  28. I kinda think you’re both sauper HOT ladies!

    PS, I really did enjoy the “letterman jacket” of the above pics. It was like “dylan mcKay meets Buffy”. Wait!! Wasn’t Dylan McKay in the Buffy movie? Yup, I believe so. It was like that…

  29. Now I’m in a total video watching rampage…devouring Robvids (nom nom nom)

    …gonna go dig up those Trixie vids….

  30. Okay Monday, you are redeemed because of LTR.

    Since I’m totally normal, I’m going to give you a brief synopsis of what just occurred in my head whilst viewing those pics of him walking in the rain.

    Welcome to Kristin’s Brain: So those converse (shudder, swoon) are from the VF photoshoot. I don’t think I have seen him wear them outside of that so I wonder if he got them from the shoot? Also, every once in a while we see a new pair of shoes, pants we haven’t seen in a while, random jackets, tshirts…so is he just taking things from people or are Clare and Dick fedex-ing him a few wardrobe pieces at a time since he dumped all his shizz at their house when he let his apartment go. There are like boxes of random shit, records, clothes, shark tooth necklaces and such all piled in the corner of an extra bedroom. I wonder what happened to the Plain Gravy shirt…I wonder if that was even his? Probably not since we haven’t seen it again. I miss the red tshirt. and the shit kickers. Haven’t seen those lately either…..

    It doesn’t stop there…sigh. I’m so normal. Because knowing so much about one persons wardrobe that i have never met is TOTALLY NORMAL.

  31. I think we need another post of Hose ‘Em Down.. that last video was hot stuff, WOW.

  32. purrrrrrr….

    That is all.

  33. You had me at “hot garbage.”

  34. “Holy chicken wings Batman”, that first video was HOT!! I’m going to shut the door to my office, turn off the lights and spend the rest of my lunch hour watching it over and over….. Biel owns me.
    If that vid is any indication of hot he can be on screen in PG-13, I’ll need to bring a change of clothes to Bel Ami!!!!

    Converse, new jacket? After the video who cares what he’s wearing.

  35. 2nd video, um yes please and Thank you!!

    Monday has just become my favorite day of the week!

  36. AAAWWWW Bejeebus, what the hell r u doing 2 me? I’m gonna have 2 spend the ENTIRE day in my room with my Vamp. Holy God, I thought I had this under control.
    mmmm more pleeze

  37. Oh shit yo,….the first video was awefully,…steamy! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    And the second video? In less then the 20 seconds within when it started, I favorited it!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ah Geez,…I love people!!!

  38. I stumbled upon this site a month or so ago and I was hooked at first read! It’s a daily fix… thanks UC and Moon and everyone else for their 2 cents! It’s FAB!!!

    The second video was brilliant!! It’s like one stop shopping LOL!!!

    Looking forward to reading more!!

  39. I feel a little dirty after watching that first video!

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who had to catch their breath after watching the first video….WOW!

  40. Loved the video of all the gorgeous men of Twilight, but they left out Edi Gathegi, I love him as Laurent. As for Rob having stiff competition, in my book the others can’t compete with him and Rob wouldn’t even care if some of the “pressure” was taken off him. It hasn’t been the case so far though

  41. Smokin’!!! Damn I was hating Today until I just came home to these videos.
    I have a red pair of converse. They remind me of Rob cuz when I wear them I think of a can of “Coke”. LOL
    Glad I have earphones so I don’t wake anyone up watching the videos over and over. They sounds better with earphones too.

  42. Um, I imagine the breath to be a pleasant mix of ciggies, Coke, and Hot Pockets.

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