Posted by: Bekah | September 16, 2009

Bringin’ back that lovin’ feeling with Robert Pattinson

Did someone say hump and Urban Cowboy in this letter?

Did someone say 'hump" and "Urban Cowboy" in this letter?

Dear Rob,

You know in the beginning of a relationship when everything is fresh & new and you want to learn everything about a person? And when every look and every touch gives you that feeling in your stomach that can only be described as “the butterflies?”

Yeah, I don’t feel that with you anymore.

I think we’ve lost the spark. And it’s not a coincidence that you were “Forgettable” at the VMAs. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on us. It just means that I’m feeling a little stuck. I feel we’ve come to that point in our relationship where something has to change- we’re at a crossroads.Β  We can either call this what it was (a mildly obsessive 26-year old writing letters to you) and move on or push through the hard times and get to the next level.Β  I am committed to us and to getting through this hump and moving on to whatever is next (which I hope will also include some sort of ‘hump’). Are you?

That’s not to say that it won’t take work.Β  But I’m determined to get the butterflies back for you. Here is my plan:

  1. Today I’m going to start reading the Twilight saga again. On second thought, that might just help bring back my spark for Edward, not you. Oh whatever, it can’t hurt. Plus there’s a couple other things I need to do this week- you’re not the only thing- might as well write them down here too.
    cullen smile
  2. After I finish the books, I will watch Twilight, the movie, again. I will watch it alone. I will fast forward through all the parts except those you star in. I will not stop to laugh at Buttcrack Santa. I will focus on you and only you, as Edward and mute the sound when you say “Hello I’m Edward Cullen,” so I can see your face without hearing your weird voice in that scene.
    cullen smile
  3. I need to pick up papertowels and some mouthwash at Target. Yes, this has nothing to do with you, but at least you know my mouth is minty fresh & my kitchen counters are clean.
    cullen smile
  4. I will watch every single dorkalicious moment you had during the Twilight press call interviews & TV appearances last fall & this past winter. In fact, I will go into Rob overload and watch the movie, then watch all your interviews and do nothing else- just like I did after seeing you last November in the theater for the first time. My husband may also leave me, but that’s besides the point. Minor details. We’ll work it out.
    cullen smile
  5. I will pull out my ROB-Q (GQ) magazine from underneath my bed and lightly caress the cover. I’ll trace the outline of your face, your lips- your eyes, and when I’m ready, slowly open to your photo-spread. I’ll close my eyes, sit back with the magazine draped across my breast and remember my first time- our first time. It’ll be like seeing Urban Cowboy Rob for the first time.
    cullen smile
  6. I will borrow a plaid shirt from Moon and wear it to an important function without washing it. I’m going to a cocktail party fundraiser next Saturday night. Do you think that’s an appropriate venue to rock the flannel?
    cullen smile
  7. And when all else fails, I will watch the latest video by the amazing PetitBiel. Cuz Robbie, if this doesn’t bring back the spark, I’m not sure anything will:
    sercret msg to rob

Um… wow…. I think another 3-4 views of that video & the butterflies might be back for good! Can PetitBiel be in our wedding? She’d look great in flannel standing up in the front next to Moon!

Bring back that lovin’ feeling now it’s gone, gone gone….

Have you lost the spark with Rob?? What IS it? Is it because he’s been in hiding and/or he looks pale & sickly when he shows his face? Discuss!

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  1. Having never lost the spark….I can’t help much here.

    However, I would recommend that you watch the eye fuck from the Oscars and all videos labeled “funny interview moments.”

    Two doses and call me in the morning.


    • The eye fuck from Robscar day!!!



    • Best funny interview moments montage. Always gives me back that loving feeling:

    • Imiss interview Rob, the one where he is smart and funny and awkward. That is the Rob that sparked my Roblust. The one that made me want to leave my hubby, fly to VanCity, rent a dumpster, strategically place it behind his trailer and go knock on the door. For the love of jeebus someone go ask the man some questions and record it!

      • Interview Rob-

        Maybe Robbie will go on the Craig Fergusson Show?
        Craig Fergusson is a lot of fun(crazy Scotsman) go to his web site and request Rob as a guest. Robbie will l have funzies, good times and we’ll see old Rob.

        Confession: I like Rob, but I think I like TomStu more.
        The two of them, are the Order of the Plaid, Hot Hobo Love, The Bromance of all time. Sex on Fire…(sigh) but I digress

        Hey, whats say in honor of Robbie we all wear plaid to the premier of New Moon, along with our “Kristen Stewart Wants It” buttons, and T-shirts.
        Bring the “Little Eddy” action figures as well and film the event!
        Don’t forget the cupcakes and tequlia.

        Yep, Good times!


    • Hey, I don’t know, I felt the spark coming back with a twitching heart pain and melting of the internal organs after about…15 seconds of those eyes and smiles.
      *sigh* Oh, I am so not over him yet. Hand me antidote of 2 doses Aberlour 12 year-old whisky and a bag of nuts, please!

  2. Oooo just watched that vid and I thought she was saying “loving in my baby’s ass”, I thought so appropriate for Rob then realized that she was saying eyes…oh well, I’ll keep dreaming and loving Rob’s ass πŸ™‚

    “I would do anything in the world for you, loving in my baby’s ass”…tum tee tum…..


  3. I think you should add Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to your to-watch list and recall those virginal times when he was just ‘that cute guy that played Cedric Diggory’. If only we’d realized sooner how gorgeous we would end up finding him and migrated to Britain back then…

    • good idea – also rent “Vanity Fair” – he’s at the end and he’s Reese Witherspoon’s son…yep, i think she was like 5 years older than him or something like that?

      • anyways you will gasp! when you see his face…

        • yes… he is so beautiful it hurts.

          • Ouch Rob!

      • What!!? I stayed up until two in the morning to watch Vanity Fair on tv, hoping for some of those wonderful pics of Rob – but COMPLETE FAIL – his part was deleted from the finished movie (yea, I know, he said so in interviews, but I still had hopes).
        But now you’re telling me he is back in the DVD version??? Must see where I can find that, then – he is so effing beautiful in that movie!

    • Definitely! The Goblet of Fire has just done the rounds again in my office, and the consensus is ‘he’s just SO BEAUTIFUL’.

      Funny you’re talking about ‘the spark’…. we were wondering (praying?) it might dissipate somewhat – to the point that only 3 or 4 hours of the day is spent talking/ thinking/ dreaming about him. Hope ‘the spark’ comes back in full force for you quickly because we need you ladies.

      • Don’t get your hopes up… In my experience he keeps coming back throughout the day, much like Bella’s visions of Edward, minus the adrenaline kicks.
        Oh, if I jump out of a high building, will I get to meet Rob? Right! I’m heading for the window now…

  4. I am more in love with Rob than ever.


    But I will watch Twilight and Little Ashes *sighs* and THA and BMA again, just to make sure.

    And read all the SM books. Again.



    • Yes, we will always have Paris… – no, I mean the DVD player! Going there now…

  5. *sigh* Wish I could watch the video for my morning “spark”, but stupid work blocks them. Sadness. And I’m kinda with you on this one UC. HOWEVER, I have a feeling that when New Moon comes out the sparks/tingles/butterflies/inappropriate thoughts/feelings will all come rushing back. πŸ˜‰ I mean, all it took was the trailer shown at the VMA’s and Robward dishing out the swears to make me all *RAWR* again. Keep the faith UC. Keep. The. Faith.

    And ps…Is it wrong that when he was all like, “You can go to hell”, that I wanted to simultaneously high five him and cling to him like a *ahem* spider monkey??

  6. Nooooo, UC don’t move on, don’t call it what it was, Rob needs you and by that I mean we need you to keep writing this blog.

    And call me Nov. 16 about those butterflies, I bet they’ll be back in full force.

  7. Oh UC its like you were speaking directly to me…for I too have lost the spark between Rob and me…probably cuz I got an overload of BLong this summer) πŸ˜€ anyway…I have resorted to lighting candles to the saints in hopes that maybe just maybe with a little prayer we can get it all back…Rob and I!! πŸ˜‰

    • Which Saint would that be exactly?

      • try St. Anthony—she doesn’t far enough gone for St. Jude—<3

        • sound far enough gone—sorry—

      • Yes, I’m curious too! Who is the patron saint of awkward celebrity crushes?? I ummm…need to light a few of my own candles!

  8. Awwh! I love the “Hallo, I’m Edward Cullen?” part. It’s cute!

    Don’t forget to watch the movie with the commentary, watching Leno Rob, Ellen Rob, and shy Comicon Rob. Those Robs will get you through this.

    • HAHA, Leno Rob is one of my all-time favourites – who else would ever admit out load, let alone to Heidi Klum, that you’re not really into hygiene and all that stuff?

  9. Since I spend 75% of my day looking at pictures of Rob, I haven’t really lost that feeling, and when I feel it slipping away I just go into photobucket and stare for 20 minutes… works every time πŸ™‚

    • Never lost the spark. I’m beyond help in this Rob Addiction Syndrome, really. Try the Rob detox once but not working. Well, i might as well enjoy while it lasts.

  10. Ah UC, you are so right. I still love him, I still want to do him…but I remember that “new love” feeling when I first started watching interviews and listening to his music. When I play “Never think” or hear the twilight score….it all comes back. Sigh…I hope he is as candid and silly when the New Moon press starts up, but I have a feeling we are going to get Robot Rob who says the same thing over and over. I hope I’m wrong!

    • I miss the “new love ” feeling too..especially listening to all this crap about the Mullet (I don’t care if she still has it or not ), seeing so many pictures of Rob looking unhappy, (what few pictures there are,that is), seeing him always with security. It’s just not the same.
      I am desperately hoping that Rob doesn’t turn into Robot Rob, and maintains his endearing candor, silliness and amazing personality. Pleease don’t go all Hollywood on us, Rob. If that happens then I fear the spark just might go out for good.

      I’m trying hard to keep it up-rereading the books, watching Twilight and commiserating with all the wonderful ladies at LTR is a big help. And really I pretty much fall in love all over again when I look at a picture of that outrageously beautiful face.
      We need to stay strong! I don’t think Rob will let us down(I hope I’m right-fingers crossed).

  11. How weird that you wrote this today UC, I was only thinking the same thing. BUT I think this is the calm before the (return of the) storm. It’s our Robsessed brains dialling down the obsession in order to smack us full force in the stomach when we get that first climpse of Edward in New Moon. You know those butterflies will be back then. Trust me.

  12. Flannel bridesmaid dresses = WIN!

    And I am about to officially stop watching Rob videos. I feel like a pervy stalker. Esp. since I always wait on the love to take my daughter to school before I watch them.

    I need a patch or something!

    • haha-my husband was hanging over my shoulder while I was watching-finally he got up and left, saying “’s like stalking a child”. Hello, I am NOT that old and Rob is not a child.

      • He is actually a year older than me. So I can’t feel bad for that.

        It’s just like watching dirty movies. lol

      • That is why I try to watch it when DH is at work. He works nights and that setup seems to work excellent for me :-). One time he said that Rob is just a “boy.” Hellllllllllllloooo…I don’t see a boy there, I see a MAN!

        • Agreed-Rob is definitely a MAN! My hilarious husband tells me I should start a blog and call it-get ready for the hilarity-ROBbing the Cradle.
          He should have his own sitcom, he’s just so funny.

          • dazzle, your husband and my husband should have a comedy show! They’re just jealous of course ya know? LOL. DH has told me several times that he’s sick of seeing and hearing about Rob. He was like “what is so special about him?” Maybe our husbands should start a blog called : Robert Pattinson stole my wife.

    • flannel: its not just for lumberjacks anymore!

  13. Phew! After watching that clip I’m afraid the spark is burning brighter than ever. Jeez, I may have to go and have an hour with my very own ‘sparklepeen’ after watching that! Sorry, I can’t help you on that topic, but maybe you’re losing the spark because there haven’t been any new candid interviews to sit and drool over. Roll on New Moon promotion Rob (and lets just hope Summit stops cockblocking interview questions. Non edited Rob is sooooo much better!)

  14. I think that maybe it is just time for a new GQ spread….Rob, we need some new material!!! UC, I will be praying to the baby Jesus in the manger that he will relight your Rob fire…..otherwise, I might not be able to get through a day of work without the blog…..mamma has to pay her rent! πŸ™‚


    • Uc & Moon-don’t even think about shutting down LTR!! It’s the first thing I do in the morning, even before I feed my child. I would be like Bella after Edward leaves if you took away my LTR fix. Seriously, get that spark burning again.

      • ….it would be as if someone punched a huge hole in my chest…..

    • I’m down for a new GQ spread… mmmm… Rob.

      Here’s an idea for their concept: Rob. In. The. Rain. I loves wet Rob! ❀

      • Rob. In. The. Rain. Drunk. Even better! πŸ™‚

  15. Stop at :38 to strike the match, and at 2:23 to fan the flame! (Good lawd, is it LEGAL to make drinking a Coke that effin’ sexy?)

    Don’t give up hope πŸ˜‰

  16. That video…ah mah guh! Great song!

    1:43 love.

  17. It’s true… I’ve kind of lost the spark. I would watch my dvd in an attempt to reignite it, but my dvd player is busted WITH MY TWILIGHT DVD STUCK IN IT. I’m 5 seconds away from throwing it out the motherflipping window just so I can get the dvd out. (I guess I could use a screwdriver, too…)

    Oh, and thanks for the subliminal cullen smile messaging πŸ˜‰

    • Hahaha. Well, that’s why I have the dvd on my laptop. It may or may not have its own icon on my desktop. Bill Gates would never let us down.

  18. Well, Rob and I have only been together for six months (since March) so we haven’t reached that “hump” yet. I still get butterflies in my stomach and he still doesn’t fail to amaze me everytime I see him. Sorry I can’t help in this department! I think you got a good plan though!

    Goodluck and may you get the sparks back! πŸ™‚

  19. Aj and I are going throught the same thing. We have had several textversations about this.

    I actually started researching about the new health bill, and checking on what my boy Barack had been doing lately. He missed me, said he’d been good and we caught up.

    After seeing that vid though, whew…maybe I can fit Rob back in my schedule…..

    • Totally. Funny thing is when I was JUST talking to you about this and had not even seen this post I ALMOST said “I think that UC is getting over Rob too”

      Also, I am cheating on R this week with my Serbian boyfriend Novak.

      UC, I think your feelings (and my cheating) are perfectly understandable. Its not like Rob has ever sent us flowers or told us how beautiful our eyes are or…you know…”other things” that keep a woman mad for a man. πŸ™‚

      I think that he CAN get the fire back though in three words: NUDE PHOTO SPREAD.

    • i finally turned the Twilight soundtrack OFF and npr ON on my hour commute to and from work just last week. It’s been good to know what’s going on in the real world again.

      Just kidding. I didn’t play the twi soundtrack for 11 months straight. I mean…. not that I will admit….

      • my solution is to have CNN on tv in the background while I’m online….that way I still know what’s going on the world (because I’m a political junkie as well)

        • Rob would approve of your political interest… Didn’t he want to be a politician? le sigh.

          • If Rob ever shows up as a CNN commentator or sits in the House of Commons(I don’t care if its 20yrs from now) I will srsly implode/explode/turn into a puddle on the floor…having both of my obsessions combined will have serious consequences to my panties and my girly parts

  20. And be sure to watch the fueltv girl-with-red-braids Twilight premiere video. That’s always my favorite. His laugh is awesome….

    • link? xo

      • Nevermind, I found it πŸ™‚ I love that girl…love her. And the laugh, like a little boy. Adorable.

        • can you share with us, please? I’m not sure i’ve seen this.

      • As you wish…

        This is also the vid that made me realize there were people out there who did not take their Twi/Rob obsession SOOOOOOOOO seriously, which led me here, which….well, you know the rest.

        • I forgot alllll about that video – the reactions of the cast are freakin priceless! Thanks for posting.

  21. I think that spark will come back for you when NM comes out. All you really need is one awkward Rob moment and it will come back.

    That’s what we’ve all been missing. We need Rob to get up on national television and tell us about stuff coming out of his pants or perhaps make awkward and inappropriate sexual innuendos about underage girls at charity auctions.

    Have faith, he will slip up at least once on the NM publicity tour!

    • “That’s what we’ve all been missing. We need Rob to get up on national television and tell us about stuff coming out of his pants or perhaps make awkward and inappropriate sexual innuendos about underage girls at charity auctions.

      Have faith, he will slip up at least once on the NM publicity tour!”

      EXACTLEY what I’m looking forward to!

  22. I lost that ‘new’ feeling with Rob too. I might take your advice and re-read the Saga and watch the movie. For some reason I can never make it pass the baseball scene. I get to it and then fast forward to the end at the prom…

    • Watch Twilight with the commentary on. I was doing that the other day and I forgot how adorable he his. He literally giggles. I’ve never heard a guy laugh like that. You can’t help but smile when you hear him giggle!

      • GiggleRob = cuteness

        • the giggle makes me swoon.

          • I love it when he giggles and his eyes slant and get so small. He’s so adorable. Then sometimes when he laughs he looks down…sigh. Or sometimes he runs his fingers thru his sexy hair. Sigh. Oh Rob, my heart can only take in so much.

  23. I never actually had a spark. So I got nothing.

    But I can tell you that for your cocktail event you could probably get a tartan print dress for it…it’s still a little warm for flannel, but not for plaid!

    Since the Cullen surname is a Scott/Irish name (see below) I’m sure you could get the actual tartan print…

    “Captain John Cullen (descended from Cullen Prince of Cumberland in England, who was elected King of Scotland in the tenth year of the tenth Century) came to Ireland with Oliver Cromwell in the year 1648.”

    But I’m just trying to help a sista out.

  24. How much (if at all) do you think it has to do with Rob possibly being ‘taken’?? Was part of his excitement that he seemed to be this young, hot, wild thing out on the prowl?? and maybe now with all the Robsten madness and some indications they might actually be a pair, the mystery is lost?? This is something that occurred to me. If we know the answer to a question (Rob has a girlfriend) it limits our imaginations a bit, don’t you think?

    Just a theory – he’s still lovely but perhaps we also couldn’t keep up that level of furor forever?? All good r/ships have their ups and downs : ]

    Good day ladies!

    • well, I was going to add that in the beginning of relationships, jealousy helps FUEL the fire… like some chick looks his way.. I think/say ‘uh. helllll no.. he’s mine’

      and you’d think all this robsten nonsense would fuel my spark even more…

      but alas…. I don’t actually care.

      SHHH don’t tell Rob

      • @ UC.
        Someone does not like our comments about nonstene
        and I’m gettin thumbs down talking about the TomStu bromance.
        oye veh!
        is Tammy O back on the warpath?
        I thought she was run outta dodge?

    • I feel the slump also and completly agree it’s because of all this robsten crap!! It has totally brought me down and I’m sorry to say that. I wish it would’nt effect me in this way but I guess it’s part of the “robsession” taking over. I’m so relieved to read i’m not the only one feeling the loss and I can now stop feeling so guilty about it. I wish confirmation would come out one way or the other so I could just get over it but this “are they/are’nt they” is driving me insane!

      • Right, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll all be as crazy about him if we think he’s no longer available. I mean, if he were married, would he be THIS massively popular?? Just thinkin’.

        : ]

  25. “Urban Cowboy” That is so very In Style of you!

    I think you’re not to blame in this relationship. Love is a verb. You already show that every day by writing him a lovely letter. It’s now time for Rob to step up his game and work it!

  26. I heard that Rob would be in Vanity Fair for October or November – perhaps this would help. Did anyone else hear that? I agree that the spark is fading but it’s just a matter of time before we see more Rob…at least I will keep telling myself that cuz it makes me feel better.

  27. I don’t think I’ve lost the spark with Rob. He always makes me feel butterflies, and I always sigh when I see him…
    However, I think I’m upset with Rob. Probably because he has been hiding.
    Probably because I’m almost sure that his interviews for the promotion of New Moon wont be nearly resemble the funny, natural interviews of Twilight.
    I think I’m going to hear him said: “Ask me what it feels to be the sexiest vampire, ask me”. Or that he will show his text messages to a reporter. But I know he wont and I wont get to see him as free and happy. 😦 (That scares me and bothers me).
    Oh Rob, I love you. That doesn’t mean that occasionally i get mad at you…
    However, the butterflies in my stomach will always be yours.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Libby!! And dear UC, you’ve really outdone yourself this time! you’re a kind of “UCward” reading our minds!!

      *sigh* but I don’t even know if your tips 1 and 2 can do much for me. I mean, Edward is “cute”… ok damn cute!! but, after watching Twilight, it took me almost one month to fall with Robert. In my case, I fell because of that awesome first Comic Con panel… I saw a youtube vid by chance one night, when I wasn’t even looking for Rob’s stuff!! O.O_____ oh my, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!!! He was the most shocking, charming, beautiful and delightfully funny “thing” I’d seen in my life … and THAT hair!! Then came an interview, and another… I spent the whole night at my computer and when I eventually went to bed smiling, I was totally lost.

      And now that flame is fading, I’m afraid… 😦 I don’t know if I want to watch more old interviews if THAT Robert no longer exists. I don’t want a prefabricated, censored and politically correct Robert. I also miss 2008 Rob!!!

      I must confess that Robsten histeria hasn’t helped much. And I cannot blame Robert for hiding or, on the few occasions he has appeared lately, for looking uncomfy, moody, serious, too thin, evasive, even sad and scared at times. But if all this seems no longer fun for him, neither can it be to me… *ImissUasHellRob*

      Anyway, I’ll try to be a good girl and follow your tips to get my roberflies back… and, if anything, I’ve already prepared my bridesmaid flannel dress!!! Thank YOU SOOO much for posting my little vid, dear, you gals totally stir my tiny flame!!! *hugs*

      • who gave you a thumbs down???? that’s rude! 😦

  28. That video is luscious. And don’t worry, the spark will return in full force when the full size of those thumbnail images are relased!!

  29. Oh…what’s Buttcrack Santa?

  30. I *wish* the new-love flame Rob and I share were dimming into that comfortable been-together-too-long relaysh feel b/c I’d have a lot more free time and my RL friends would shun me less. Last week I took a Robbreak for five whole days, and it helped some. The RobDrought ’09 didn’t help–just made me want him more. The flame is back this week: damn VMAs and NM trailer. I’ve watched approx 28 times the 14.3 seconds of DrunkRob on the VMAs; I have searched online for the Dries Van Noten suit he wore and concluded that only Rob can take a suit that hot and make it average by pairing with a crumpled pajama top (I’m actually glad no one has ever told him the shirt collar should go over, not under, the suit collar); I have watched the NM trailer, but only the parts with Rob, more than 20 times; and I made plans to go to NYC to see NM with my bestie. I do think this MEH feeling we’re having is all about the lack of DorkyRob or DumpsterRob in the Couve. We need the FootinMouthRob to show up for the NM promotional tour. Maybe we should let Summit know that we love our Rob best when he is uncensored, frumpy, embarrassed and slightly inebriated?

    • Sing it sister. Are you listening Summit? Let the bird out of the cage and let him fly!!!

      • Flyyyy Hiiiigh oooohhhh Freee Birrrrrdd, YEAH!

        Spoken by Lynyrd Skynyrd. And applied to Rob. Now, who
        would have ever thought that could happen?

        UC, keep Rob close in your heart, and even closer in your pants, and you will feel your love for him return. Truth.

        Stay strong, Be Safe. Make good choices.

  31. Nope, still haven’t lost the spark. I walked by the posters at Target last night and had to come home and change underwear.

  32. The great thing is that even if and when we all do stop feeling that loving feeling with rob I think that we will still meet on here and enjoy loads of laughs together!

    LTR Girls of 09′ πŸ™‚

    • agreed!

    • @ AJ.
      Cheers to you.. and I’ll drink to that!

      p.s. I think Tammy O’s on the warpath again givin some of us a thumbs down..

  33. I just replay LIVE DRUNK ROB from the VMAs to get my butterflies back! Cause DRUNK ROB is my shizz.

    • Can you post a link to drunk rob at the vmas? Watched it live and kept hoping he’d fall off the stage; would like to relive the moment.

  34. I can’t say that I know what you’re going through. I’m still as robsessed as ever. ( much to the dismay of my family and friends) Maybe it’s not a bad thing. Think how much more you’ll appreciate him when he starts the NM junket. It’ll be like discovering him for the first time.
    Remember the first time you saw that “panty dropper” stare? Or the wonderful “unfiltered” interviews? How you laughed at his crazy faces and longed for just one unabashed giggle. How hot the room suddenly became when his long, graceful fingers would slowly reach up to touch his unruly, silky mane of hair. You’d sit there dreaming that those fingers were reaching out for the top buttons of your blouse as you leaned closer…. Ooops got a little carried away there. Anyway, I think you get the point. Keep the faith UC, the good times will be back!!

  35. I have high hopes for the New Moon press to be almost as good as daily Remember Me pics. All it takes is a few of these:
    “I get 12 year old virgins to lick it.”
    “Go on, ask me how it feels.”
    “Feel like it’s dirty, feel like it’s wrong.”

    … and it.will.all.come.back. Trust.

  36. am concerned, UC, that you may be losing your Rob-butterflies [wish i knew your secret], but i have an Rx for you—just concentrate on Petitbiel’s video above ca. 2:02-2:06—play these 4 secs several times—then hop over to YouTube & call up RP video ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ (Eva Cassidy)—supersexy Rob (the indexed photoshoot by Mark F*ckaduck) against a supersexy blues vocal with a text perfectly tailored to buck up a Robsession (‘Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone’)—was still on the last time i looked—sorry, can’t give you a link—it’s beyond my tech. ability—that should help you to get back your Robgroove—xox

  37. I started re-reading Twilight two nights ago for this EXACT same reason.

    Asshole Edward at the beginning is definitely bringing back some of those butterflies.

    This is only my second read through, and wow, it’s a lot harder the second time.

    That’s what she said.

  38. Oh, I’m glad I’m not alone! My butterflies were lost a couple months back. I just don’t believe I’ll feel them again until Robward comes across the screen in New Moon and I will squeal like the girl I am! I felt them for a second when he told Felix to go to hell. Oh yes, Edward! Talk dirty! hahaha…

  39. Wow, I can’t believe you wrote about this today. I’ve been somewhat heartbroken for about two weeks now because I have lost that feeling and in my mind I know it’s time to move on. I get the feeling that Rob doesn’t want us anymore.

    He has no smiles to give us. He hides from us everywhere he goes. He can’t even sit in the assigned seats at award shows for more than 5 minutes. He doesn’t walk the red carpets. Even when caught by just one fan at a Retro store in Vancouver, he has no smile for the pic (it was just one fan – no paps)

    I saw him in person two Mondays ago at the Bobby Long concert at the Backstage Lounge in Vancouver. I didn’t say anything before because I didn’t get pictures. If the crazies there had really looked into his eyes (and Kristen’s) and had any little bit of a heart, they would have all been crying instead of trying to get up in his face, yelling and calling Kristen a b*tch. He looked totally miserable. There is no soul in his eyes, no sparkle, and no excitement left. It’s like he’s been drained of all human emotions.

    Now I know you guys can say things like “he chose this life”, “it’s the paps who hound them everyday”, and β€œhe was drunk”, etc….and you will all be right in some way BUT you really should have seen his eyes. And he is way way too skinny for his height.

    Don’t get me wrong. I care about Rob and his success. I’m sorry for being such a downer on this but it’s how I feel right now.

    • I’m the first to say he chose this work and he could get out any day, but this really made me sad.
      As Nonsten as I was, I was starting to believe that he & Kristen really are together, in love & happy and hiding from everyone else. But there he was, attending one of his best friends’ concerts and his girl was there and he was miserable. And only a week later, he was smiling at VMA.
      Can’t we hope, for his happiness’ sake, that he was just tired and his eyes were hurt from contacts he has to wear.
      I really really really want to believe that.

      • I really wish I could say that was the case but it was on Monday (Labor Day). They had had the whole weekend and Monday off. Most of the cast had flown back to LA. Rob, Kristen, Nikki, Elizabeth, & Paris (Nikki’s date) were there. He did smile at the VMAs but it wasn’t the same as other shows. I first noticed it at the Teen Choice Awards.

        I so hope we get 2008 Rob back. I don’t care who he is dating..I just want to see that happy and carefree Rob.

  40. Hi UC,

    First of all, I just want to say to you (& Moon) that I appreciate your honesty & candor and this is probably why this is 1 of the few websites I visit every day. It reminded me of the post about what a true fan is – and yes, a true fan has opinions, whether we agree with them or not. πŸ˜‰

    Since I still visit this site every day, I guess I am still enamored with Rob … altho I know what you mean about wondering whether that lovin’ feeling is fading.

    After some thought, I actually think not, altho I do miss him. I recently got to watch some old (circa 2008) interviews of Rob on Robsessed & Pattinsonlife and it only convinced me that I am a fan of Rob’s not because he plays Edward but because he is really one of a kind & unlike anyone else. This especially shines thru during his interviews. He is charming, witty, intelligent, always polite / treating interviewer with respect, doesn’t come across as arrogant or full of it.

    How long has it been since we’ve had a decent interview of Rob’s? Comic Con? Where he did the presscon, fan meeting & EW interview but skipped everything else? And during VMA’s he totally skipped the red carpet & did no press interviews at all?

    Dude, am hoping this wasn’t done simply because they are avoiding Robsten questions (because if there’s anyone who can answer those questions cutely – it’s Rob). I hope this is all just meant to whet our appetites because NM promos are going to be EPIC. Rob’s going to have his big VF cover – among others. He’s going to host SNL & do the rounds of the talk shows (daytime & late night). He’s going to be as charming during the press tours & they won’t be censoring questions. He needs to show more of his real, dorky but still adorable self.

    Sometimes I feel guilty & wonder if we are asking for too much. The poor guy hasn’t been able to visit London since Feb. We all know he went straight from Oscars to New Moon filming to MTVMA to New York (Remember Me filming) and back to Vancouver for Eclipse (with a few pit stops in between). But still — I agree, he does need to remind everyone about why we all fell for him in the first place and that’s thru interviews and not just thru crazy tabloid covers.

    Nick / Stephanie need to earn their keep and I hope they are giving him sound advice.

    Pardon the rant πŸ™‚

  41. I started liking Rob in March… and I was so ashamed to admit it! I felt unoriginal and like a sheep, but I couldn’t help liking him! Especially after reading up on him and how LITERATE, INTELLIGENT, AMBITIOUS and FUNNY he is! Like, the fact that Rob is always reading… BIG plus for me… and the fact that Rob aspired to be a politician… Can you say “Iwanttojumpyourpants”?

    Anyway, may I suggest watching How To Be? Rob as Art is deelish and too adorable for words! Or watching the Haunted Airman? He’s so dark and gothic… PRRRROW! Or Bad Mother’s Handbook… Daniel is so supportive and awkward! Or Little Ashes?! Rob with another dude… Is it wrong that I find that hot?

    Let’s face it, the boy is TALENTED. I can never forget the butterflies for that reason… and the others I’ve listed… haha

    • Don’t forget TOMSTU ! Robbies other half!
      that sweet little cupcake. He reads too.

  42. I’ve been feeling the same way…. I mentioned something about the whole new relationship anaolgy here.. if you want to read

    I said pretty much the same thing.. I think now is just a true test, is it an infatuation? Was it short lived because there was nothing behind it.. or do I really care about this person?

    It’s funny, none of us knows him, but it feels like we do. We loved 2008 Rob, he was tangible and real to us. We didn’t want him to change. We loved who he was.

    I think, whether because of his own need for personal preservation or his management, he has had to change somewhat. He is needing to pull back into himself in order to have some sense of self and avoid over exposure (lest we forget the cries of β€œEnough Rob!!” back in July and August while he was filming β€œRemember Me”). The craziness that goes on around him, we all comment on how it would be daunting to deal with, and I think, under the circumstances, he’s dealt with it longer than most, at a heightened level. Most would have gone into hiding long ago.

    What to do? Well, I think you have a good plan, go and see what it was that brought you to this place, writing letters to him on a Blog. Find it again, and when you do then hold onto it. Because, just like with a new relationship that suddenly has real life crash into it, and things change and you have to decide, do I really want this… you have to decide, do you really want this to continue. And then when you decide you do.. you have to have faith.

    Believe that he is doing what he needs to do, to survive. Remember that above all, we really do want him to be happy. And though we joke (half heartedly) about wanting to meet him behind a dumpster somewhere (I said half heartedly.. Rob just say when and where and I’m there πŸ˜€ ) I think that his personality makes most of us just want to be close to him, you want to be around someone like him because something about him reaches out an touches you (NOT LIKE THAT… CALM PLEASE). He has this β€œthing” (that’s what she said) that just is magnetic, he pulls you in and he doesn’t really even have to try… it’s just there.

    I had to step back and remember why I do this, and it came back, the butterflies… and I realized what is really wrong… I really, really miss him, like a friend I haven’t seen or heard from in a while, someone who always makes me smile.. I miss him… and I’m ok with that.. it’s a little sad, but I know he’ll be back eventually. And when he does, the smile on my face will be uncontrollable.

    I’m in it for the long haul Rob… because no one in my life ever made me feel this way, and I want to keep feeling it.. it makes me happy. Who’s with me? πŸ˜€

    It’s not sexy.. but here’s a little something for you all.. he’s just Quiet right now… that’s all…

    • Sorry I am so long winded!!! That’s why I don’t comment often.. I take up WAY TOO MUCH SPACE!

      • If it’s any consolation, I read all you wrote & I liked it. πŸ™‚ That said, my post was really long-winded too. πŸ™‚ I think UC’s post touched a nerve with us all.

        • Thanks… I worry I sound Odd.. Crazy.. weird.. but it’s all normal right? πŸ™‚

          • Normal for Rob fans like us YES, LMAO. πŸ˜‰

      • I defintely agree with starryrae–this post totally hit a nerve. Poor Rob-obsessed ladies that we all are!

        • Yes – Kelly – not Odd or Crazy – I expressed similar thoughts on another blog on Monday – the VMA’s really saddened me! I also feel we won’t see our ‘ole Rob on the publicity tour and alot of Taylor and Kristen. But we do need to just “keep the faith”

    • Ah Man.. who gave me the thumbs down.. what did I say that deserved a thumbs down?:(

  43. I’ll admit I lost the spark but I think it may come back once New Moon draws closer. The reason for the loss of spark maybe because he’s hiding or it maybe the over exposure of Robsten. It may also be due to the fact the Rob gets little or no press coverage for New Moon; since it is Taycob’s time to shine. I think whatever Summit has done with Rob, made him more aware of what he says to the media and that has kind of changed Rob from last year when he was more carefree and dorky during his interviews and all. Um yea thats it.

    • I think you’re right, it’s a combination of all the things you mentioned – Robsten overload, incessant pap attention (gone are the days when he could walk around Vancouver all by himself), Summit’s decision to bank on Taylor – altho I hope that the new trailer (which was more balanced amongst RP, KS, TL) is an indication that Summit’s realized their mistake – that it can’t be 99% about Taylor, and just overall fatigue.

      I too hope that as NM promos approach, we’ll get to see more of the Rob we know & love!

  44. I feel you, I really do. MTV was a FAIL, I need more/new silly interviews, pictures, GQish mag spreads. Kellan is slowly moing in on you Rob, what do you think about that? I am not happy about it but Kellan is giving me what I need right now, grey sweatpants running pictures w/o any underware on..oh my. But yes I totes agree, we need to fix this & fast…

  45. Hey UC and Moon

    is there any way I can search on which day I made a certain comment?


    • no.. but i can… let me know what you’re looking for!

      • Will PM you at the forum πŸ™‚

        Thank you!


  46. I’ve def lost it. It started this summer when Rob was filming in NYC. He looked sooooo sad all the time- what with the movie and the crazies and cabs after him all the time.

    I miss SMILING Rob- where did he go?????

    I want happy, goofy, word vomit Rob.

    All I’ve seen since early summer is recycled Rob pictures and interviews.

    Come on! Give us something to squee about!

    Come out and play, Rob!

    I really miss you and don’t want to lose the butterflies.

  47. I know this is off topic but I was just on the Robsessed site and apparently Rob has made People magazine’s 2009 Best Dressed List.

    To quote Rob from his MTV interview: WHAT??!!!

  48. Uh ok… this might explain why.. I mean.. Give it to me right or don’t give it to me at all… right?

    • Whoa! What is that from at :38?

      • That’s from Twilight…

        I love the slow shots of him “biting” Tyra’s neck… holy crap! POOF!!!

        • Ahh, I see it now. It looks like it’s from a different angle. I didn’t recognize it. Great video!

          • Thanks for posting that Kelly. Love those new photos in there too (the ones that got pulled a few ago)… Yup, I’m right back to square one-A again.

  49. I admit my Rob interest has been dipping. I no longer have that old zeal for it like I did before. But then I think it was a mixture of all of the above. He was seriously overexposed in NYC and he looked so sad. He then went into hiding….then the rumor mill started and then I just couldn’t take it. I actually stopped looking for new info about his goings on. I mean I even missed those leaked photoshoot pics!! Which I could kick myself for because some of them were super hot.
    Anyways. I think we’ve gotten comfortable, so much so that I have started looking at other guys again and I wonder about their skills. Is this just a bump in the road? I sure hope so, I mean I can’t help thinking Luke Grimes is hot now or that Matt Lanter looks really good without a shirt on. It’s just that bump. I know when some amazing intervew or photo comes out I will devour it like I did the rest and I will return to that original level of commitment we once had.

  50. I have pic’s of Bobby Long at his concert last Monday 9/7/09 if anyone wants to look at them. Some of dark and blurry. The little british fart wouldn’t hold still for very long..HA HA. He’s really good and when he talks…it’s just so funny. His manager is really nice too.

    I loaded them on my facebook…let me know if you can’t get there.


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