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Breath Me Rob, like 800 times please!

*This Saturday Morning Delight is brought to you by the lovely forum Video Mod, Jena! Followed with a little something from me!-Moon*

Dear Rob,
You know when you hear a song and it hits you hard (that’s what she said) and you just ache with it….but in a good way?
And you feel the need to listen to it over and over…..Well the first time I heard this song (Ashley Green’s celebrity itunes playlist thank you very much) that happened to me and I instantly had to download it and it’s listed as one of my favorite songs ever.
Then it gets paired with moving images of you and I forget to breathe…..

Hold me, wrap me up, and breathe me,

Follow the cut for more!

When Jena sent this over we both agreed how awesome Sia’s song “Breathe Me” is and how much it reminds me of the season finale of 6 Feet Under and the amazing and lovely Micheal C Hall. Seriously people watch that show! But what really got us laughing was about how fan video’s seem synonymous with this song now. Oh I’m gonna make a fan video, I know which song I’ll choose! Why breathe me, of course! What else goes better with 500 still photos of Rob at ComicCon and Hot Topic?! Nothing I know of!

So off to Youtube I ran to grab some good ones and surprise when I searched “Twilight Breathe Me” it came back with over 1700 videos and almost 400 for “Robert Pattinson Breath me”

and then in my wanderings I found this gem:

a fan video created for WIDE AWAKE the epic fan fic (turn away Janet!) put to what else? BREATHE ME! So I sent it around to some pals who had also read it and we sighed like little school girls and reached for some tissues. If you haven’t read Wide Awake by the rad AngstGoddess003 then I highly suggest getting yourself over there pronto! What else do you have to do on a Saturday? Errands can wait! And yes, I finally gave in… I’m like 5 chapters from the end. And yea maybe I cried when Edward called Carlilse on the phone from Chicago last night.

Happy Saturday!!!

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  1. Um… watching that vid NOW….<3 the wide awake. ❤ the sia.

    (sorry this didn't post at 8am.. OUR BAD)

  2. I find the most amazing songs on these Fan vids all the time! This one and many others have been added to my collection. You can’t beat Images of Rob AND amazing music – he is truly a phenomenon!

  3. um… that wide awake vid!? BRILL!

    • Agreed.

      Does anyone know when the WA epilogue is meant to be posted?

  4. Yeah Wide Awake is great sigh…..Wait till you get to the end ………Thanks to SnMLamb {shout out where are you I for miss you girl!!!} I’m addicted and wait in anticipation for each new chapter of the ones I’m hooked on….just can’t understand how some of these girls aren’t published?

    Anyhoos…great vids of our great man, I ❤ Saturday Delights…

  5. I’m in the FF purity club as well. Will watching the video break my pledge of FF abstinence? Hmm..

    This song is beautiful. The sigh at the very beginning kills me every time. And ditto on the finale of Six Feet Under – goosebumps.

    I’ve actually been listening to it a lot over the past 2 weeks. Esp when driving to work. Something about the song makes me want to drive REALLY fast… Don’t know why. Getting away from something? Who knows.

    Oh and uh… Rob is dreamy. The end.

    • HB – I’m torn as to whether to tell you that you HAVE to read WA, The Office and numerous other amazing stories or to tell you to stay pure! FF can take over your life. There’s no getting out for me now. And my newly purchased Margaret Atwood sits beside my newly purchased Sarah Waters…beautiful hard covers untouched. sigh.


    • HB –

      Lost my FF virginity on Wide Awake; it was worth every minute of it. Hopefully AG will write/post the epilogue soon.

      Unfortunately, now I’m acting like a “teenage hormonal MF” (to quote WA) about FF and the spousal unit is getting concerend …


      • Ditto, I can only confess this shiz here. Totes hooked on FF. You all make me feel normal!

        Last night I heard a tv ad for The Office as I was walking thru the family room and I jerked my head around thinking – What??? Got really excited there for a moment and ……then the let down. I am so screwed. (That’s what she said……and I think Edward from The Office, too.)

        • LMAO! That is too much! Now THAT would be a show to watch!

          Oh, it IS normal to love the ff. Each one a little universe unto itself that we can live in for awhile. There are some amazing stories out there and it seems an endless amount to look forward to. Happy-time reading.

      • i think WA is a gateway drug. i saw it mentioned on some blog, read it in one weekend with like 4 hours of sleep in between days and then i was like a junkie begging for my next hit as i awaited WA updates. now im completely addicted to FF and cant stop. so much good crack is out there!

        im ashamed to admit this but ive been re-reading new moon for like almost a month because i cant stop reading fanfic to actually read a real book. *hangs head in shame* hi, my name is katie and i am a fanfic addict.

  6. I have to confess to being a little worried this morning while catching up on the week’s LTR news (I hate being back to work) to not see today’s post up. First thought was someone is sick or hurt. Glad I was wrong. 🙂

    Love the vids and the WA vid is awesome. What a great complement to a brilliant story.

    Happy Saturday all. Off to mark English papers. I have a whole new marking vocabulary in my brain inspired by the ladies’ comments on this site. Is it okay to tell a kid that his test was “an EPIC fail”? Or to suggest that a student who’s a great writer start writing fan fiction? Or to inquire whether someone was “jizzytyping” while writing their essay, so numerous are the typos?

    Just wondering.


  7. Can anyone PLEASE
    give me the link for The Office??

    I know… such a loser
    but I tried to keep my castity about FF
    and this is where I throw the castity through
    the window and be happy….

  8. UC you need to check out the VF shoot of him and Kris that has this song. It goes really well with that vid. It’s so emotional and you end up watching it over and over. When I saw this vid so many months ago, that was the first time hearing this song. Breathe Me by Sia.

    Robert and Kristen Vanity Fair photo shoot

    It has 1,334,584 views

    • oh my word. I’ve never watched much of the VF shoot before, but that right there is like porn for Rob-loving women everywhere. Very intimate. Nice to see them both happy and goofy – unfortunately we don’t see that much anymore 😦

      That said – am I the only one who doesn’t “get” the pose where Rob’s head is up against her stomach? Seriously, wtf is that all about?

      • Such is the power of the sex hair, I believe he is impregnating her in that pic. Betcha that’s what started all the “KStew is preggers” rumours.

    • Oh. My. God.

    • *Sigh* There’s not one moment of the one hour long vanity fair shoot video that I don’t love. But this video captures all the best parts and sets it to a beautiful song, I’m not sure I could ever get tired of watching it… I think I contributed to like 250,000 of those views…

  9. Vanity Fair……le sigh. I’ve even seen a vid of KStew mouthing the words right along with the song from the shoot. VF played the song for them during the shoot. I’m surprised it’s not on the soundtrack! LOL! It could be the theme song! LOL! It’s kind of sad that I have not heard any other songs by Sia.

    I also need to get on the fan fic bandwagon!

    • Yep, I’ve seen all the clips for the shoot on You Tube. And Kris is mouthing the words to this song while getting her photo taken by herself. That’s the really pretty pic of her with the sunshine streaming through her hair. Check out Sia at That’s what I did long ago after the first time watching this vid. The video for Breathe Me is there and a few other of her songs. Sia was on David Letterman earlier this year. I bet if you look her up on You Tube you could see it.
      Really, you can check out all her music on YouTube like so many other musical artist.

    • Sia Rocks!

    • I can’t believe YOU’RE not reading the fanfic Jena! (cause I totes know you, right?) Get on it!

      But really, after reading the archives throughout the month of July, I do completely feel like I know you all.


  10. OOooooooo panic set in ths morning when I kept clicking on LTR and seeing yesterday’s post!!! My first thought was that I had a virus due to leaving my youtube page open all night so that I could watch the new ‘new moon’ trailer once more, and by once more, I mean once more 😉 and before the ‘summitdevil’ came and poofed it away.

    I succumbed to the FF a few weeks ago. Although, now everytime someone mentions the Fall Fair at my children’s school, I automatically think Fan Fiction. I fell for The Office & The List and oh how I love my dirty Edward…….sigh.


  11. Fan Fiction is crack. It’s not like crack – it IS crack. Once you start…well, let’s just say I’d be willing to pawn someone else’s jewelry to keep my internet connection intact.
    Love the WA vid. Seriously, Angstgoddess should change the names and PUBLISH that story! I need it on my bookshelf!
    Thanks for making my Saturday so pleasurable (um, is that what he said?), and for giving my hubby just one more reason to haze me.

  12. Okay I give in. Where can I read this Wide Awake? Is it on Twilighted?

    I’m reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s right now, it’s really good.

    These videos are awesome…love the song too. I hear this song all the time but I didn’t know the singer. 🙂


      Try it… but prepare to get addicted (as in no sleep, computer eyes, emotional rollercoaster type of thing)

      • Thank you!

  13. I still haven’t read any Twilight FF. I confess. When I cash in my v-card it will be to WA. I think that might be soon…that video…

    • Come on, ’86 Rabbit, get ON with it! Join the club!

    • WA is the best on to lose it to for sure.

      • *best ONE not on lol

        • You two and your evil ways.
          Stay clear, Rabbit.
          They’ll have you addicted to FF before you can blink.

          • Who us?!? *insert maniacal laughter *

  14. Summit take note… this should definitely be the saga’s theme song, so beautiful 🙂

  15. Okay, I know I’m going totally against the grain with this one..but I just tried to read Wide Awake for the first time….and I hated it. Maybe I’d like it as something completely separate and distinct from Twilight but I really don’t want to see my beloved characters like that. It’s not even them really. Would Edward ever, ever say f***? Don’t think so. Maybe its cause I’m re-reading Eclipse right now and the comparison is too much to handle.

    Now I’m disappointed I just lost my FF virginity. Totally underwhelmed – its like eating a low-fat Hot Pocket, what’s the point???

    • OK My opinion obviously but…..if you want a ff that evolves from the true saga I suggest Let your light shine then it’s sequal A life extrodinary by Lolashoes.
      Go to the forum the Fanfic thread and its there both are complete {although Lolas promised another sequal}.
      Basicly it starts from the honeymoon in Breaking Dawn and the characters {for me anyway} stay true at least until the story line allows them to evolve accordingly. Lots of loving lemons and Cullen family time. One of my fav as I’m a romantic softy……

    • AGREED.

      I just can’t do fanfic. It’s not the Edward I know and love – he’s only in the books Stephanie writes, which is why Midnight Sun NEEDS to happen!!

  16. WOW i like that song!
    some good vids made with it, I didn´t know that Ashley picked it in ther itunes list, I saw robert´s for the first time on myrobertpattinson site, butdoes someone knows how to get the other playlists from the cast?
    I would apreciate the answer 🙂

    Great posts… I laughed a lot with the one posted yesterday about rob´s workout rutine, I bet it may not be too far from reality hahahaa

    • In iTunes, just type Celebrity Playlists into the search box and then click on Celebrity Playlists (on the left side). I think the Cast of Twilight playlist is on page 4.

  17. RIP KStew’s VF hair

    I love Sia. I think iTunes offered Breathe Me as one of their weekly freebies awhile back. I’m so glad I downloaded it because it is now one of my favorites.

    The Wide Awake video is quite good. For those who haven’t read, just a warning that the story is pretty cracktastic. It had me in its clutches for weeks! I’m finishing Withering the Ferns by the same author and really hoping to break the FF cycle for a while. I might need Janetrigs to berate me out of reading more.

  18. I caved two weeks ago and lost my ff flower. I read wide awake and I loved it. But I did not imagine vella and Edward in my head when I read it. The story is totally sting enough to stand on it’s own. I had to repent after reading a couple of those chapters but it was so good and I also may have cried at the phone booth part too.

    • I lost my cherry to the office – i only imagined e & b as far as their looks were concerned, but they’re meant to be physically 10 years older anyway so it’s really not the same either. I’m a sucker for a really dirty romance a la mills and boon…

  19. Jenna- I like the music!
    thanks for the fyi. i heard it before, but did not know who the artist was.
    will go to itunes asap to buy and download copy.

    ps. moon /uc women of LTR/LTT – see if you all cant’ put together a song list in the forums section? would love to hear what everyone is listening to the best of …

  20. LOTN???

    • Hi FN! I’m out here. Read anymore on EmPr?

      • Uh…yes. I’m reading it now. I was up ridiculously late last night. I’m on Ch. 20. lol

        How are you doing tonight?

        • LOL! Yup, crack….

          I’m surviving. Taking Benedryl every so often and woke up with the sore throat that hubs has had for over a week. I really thought I’d avoid it. I’m writing the friend from hs that I just re-met on the trip back. I kept putting it off so I could read. lol Sent an email to EP. I’m actually accomplishing things!

          • Yes, crack indeed.

            Oh no! Have you been to the doctor? I bet your immune system is not 100% because of the other stuff going on. I hope you get to feeling better (I know I said that last night, but it’s true). Reading is wonderful. No one can knock you for reading lol. Oh EP…it’s not the same without her. It sounds like she’s really enjoying it there so that’s good.

            YAY for accomplishing things!! I actually did some of my homework!! *GASP* My sister wants me to go hang out with her tomorrow night so I had to get my stuff done so I could go out. And I wanted to be able to spend as much time as I want reading…lol

          • You’ll be up to chapter 43 in no time! Long chapters though.

            I see that Mr. Horrible has updated today. Have you checked TPE lately? I’ve decided that one month is long enough for an author to write one chapter! Any longer than that and it’s abuse! Do you think that will make a difference to anyone?

            I’ll be going to the doctor sometime in the next month. Hopefully I won’t be decimated by that time. I’m drinking lots of herbal tea. Lots. Have my Cold Ease zinc cough drops. Some Airbourne. Should be set.

            It’s good to get out after a week of brain drain. Planning ahead helps.

          • I hope so! I can’t wait for them to TALK to eachother about this! (as usual)

            I saw the e-mail about Mr. Horrible. I haven’t read it yet. I haven’t checked TPE lately either. I think that’s more than enough time. I hate that crap. I’m going to be positive and say yes, it will make a difference. lol

            Continuing with the positive thinking…you will not be decimated by that time. It seems like you’re doing what you can to keep it under control. That’s good.

            Planning ahead is nice. I should do it more often. lol

          • They aren’t talking by chapter 20? You lose track once you’ve read it.

          • They haven’t discussed their feelings yet. Not with eachother anyway.

  21. Edward talking about Career Day of Spirit Week:

    “What did they want me to do, put on some goddamn wingtips and carry an AK-47? Because the rate I was going, that was my future.”

    This is SO funny to me for some reason!

    • It is! LOL Can’t you just see it? I don’t think we had Spirit Week but it sounds a little familiar so I’ve either read it somewhere before or they used to have it when my older sister went to high school.

      • We had something kinda like it I think. I never really got into it. I wasn’t into sports much. I actually liked days when there were pep rallys b/c it meant I could sleep in. lol

        I think OLLU does Spirit Week. Well, I know we at least have a Spirit Day b/c class is canceled this Thursday. I think they’re doing a BBQ or something and all the different departments are having “Olympics” they told us to go and be cheerleaders if we weren’t participating in the Olympics. It sounds like fun.

        • That should be fun. Never know who you will run into.

          • we never had any of that stuff, the closets we come is we have “O” week for orientation week before classes start adn basically it involves a lot of alcohol and as much free stuff as you can get away with, not nearly the same things as your pep rallies and stuff!

          • Wow…that sounds a LOT better than Spirit Day! lol

          • And yes, EyeC, I’m trying to work on my socializing skills.

          • you’re just too cute FN!

          • LOL FN! Good girl!

            I met hubs during orientation my freshman year–who DOES that? I dated around for about a quarter before we became a couple.

          • AWWWW!!! That is so cute!!

            And thanks Lizzie! *blushes* lol (If I blushed b/c I’m Mexican and don’t really blush)

  22. hello my sweets just catching up, have turned on the compiuter for the first time thisw weekend and you sauy the magic words, Mr Horrible has updated – yippee!

    • Hey there Lizzie! Yes it has. Have you been having fun?

      • Hey E sorry to see you aren’t well, look after yourself. Hey FN, how we doing on HOC, you must be getting close…

        Thanks have actually ahd a loverly weekend I had a friend visiting and have dropped her back at the airport so now madly trying to catch up on boring chores. Was 33 degrees here today, seriously i am not ready for it to eb that hot yet!

        Had an email from EP, she sounds really well and look forward to “meeting” her and the crazy one (hola J-m) when i am in London.

        • Oh, it’s good to have friends visit!

          Yeah EP does sound like she’s enjoying it over there. Glad everything is working out well for her. Lots of visiting the sights of London. Lucky girl! You’ll have so much fun with the two of them!

          • Yeah it is nice, when friends visit, also generally means you get out and about a bit more instead of being a sloth! And i think the meeting in London def has potential (for danger) E, you can call a lawyer for us can’t you?

          • Hope it won’t be THAT bad!

          • just being prepared, just in case!

  23. Hey Lizzie!! Glad you had a good weekend.

    OMG! I finished HOC the other day. Is it weird that I wasn’t surprised? Like, I saw that coming? I feel horrible. I’ve been reading EmPr (thanks for that btw)! I love it!

    I don’t know what SA is like in October, but I’m willing to bet it’s pretty hot for Fall.

    • did you really see it coming, i didn’t, i knew she had to get out of the way but the method genuinely shocked me, particularly a cannon character.

      Yep Em Pr totally owns me now.

      • I didn’t KNOW it was going to happen, but apparently I had suspicion b/c I was all like “that sucks, moving on.” It made me sad. I didn’t realize I was expecting it.

        • i think cause i had decided at the end of TFR she was going to end up with jacob, my thoughts kept straying in that direction. I like tio be surprised, and i can say i genuinely was!

          • I like to be surprised too. I really thought there was something going on with Jacob. Poor Jasper though. And Mike is a sicko! I’m glad he’s gone!

  24. Have been laughing some freako has decided to make a claim for fame by annoucing that Twilight should be banned from libraries due to the raciness of the novels. I loved that as they were annoucing this on the news they kept playing the NM trailers with the shirtless Jacob (nipples carefully hidden behind his long flowing locks a la lady godiva) and Edward pecking Bella on the forehead, racy indeed! all the emails coming in were like are you kidding me, i kept waiting for it to get seriously hot i coul;d barely get the fire started, amused me anyway! Was happy the new trailer klept being played on a loop though.

    • LOL! That’s hilarious. And here I am waiting for these two to get it on already!! lol

      • imagine if freaky dude stumbles across FF! LMAO

        • For real. Maybe he could use it. Did he have a contact e-mail address?? I think he’s ready for TFR.

  25. as a good scientist wanted to repeat my experiment—somehow the fairy dust got here first, so the Nobel goes to s.o. else—thanks, dudes!—<3

  26. Holla back, Lizzie.

    Sup LOTN?

    • Hiya Jenny! Glad you’re here.

      • Awwe thanks EyeC! I hope you feel better soon. I was creeping on the convo a little… Haha

        • Thanks J. Wish I had a magic wand right about now to poof ot away!

    • Just haging around waiting for the someone to bring the crazy!

      • so what’s J-m been up to?

        • Today was ridiculously hot, so I laid outside and listented to music and read… and sweated off 5 lbs. Then I ate a delicious spicy chicken burger for dinner, with fries and a diet coke… and gained 5 lbs back. Then I went and had coffee with an old friend that I’ve known since I was 5 years old but hardly see anymore (because we run in different circles). We always keep in touch, and we’re always the same when we see each other… but fuck. You know what we did? We sat in my car, with coffee, and she talked about her boyfriend for 3 hours. And do you know what I thought? “I could be at home reading EmPr right now.”

          Seriously. This is my life.

          • don’t you hate that, I have seriously been thinking about investing in a iphone so i could sit there ans sneakily read other stiuff while nodding away while being talked at. Have resisted the ohone simpoly on the basis that i get into enough trouble with FF now, imagine if i could be at it 24/7. BTW i really hate that saying 24/7 but like the rest of the world use it anyway.

            I have consumed so much diet coke today i think i will be awake for the next week, the byproduct of being unprepared for seriously hot weather two weeks after winter finished!


        Actually, you prob will, cuz my head is fucking pounding over here. I need some advil and god damn rice krispie square.

        • that sounds fantastic! (the rice krispie square not the pounding headache)

          • I’m seriously addicted. My mom made a pan, and I’ve eaten half of it by myself in the last day. I’m trying really hard to resist… but…

            I fail at eating healthy.

          • I thought you were a sadist there for a minute FN! Leave it to Jenny to bring up food. lol

          • Rice is good for you, right? lol

          • I made a batch when we went on vaca, so I do understand.

    • what’s up lady??

      I totally almost gave you a thumbs down b/c the “reply” button is on the other side. That was the first time I almost did that. Weird…

      • YES! See! It is. I knew it.

        • What???

          Also, I’m shocked and appalled at you creeping on us. You creeper! (not that I’m judging, b/c I don’t do that)

          • The other night I said something about how I thought the reply button was on the other side, but if I was wrong, it was because I was doing crack.

            Jesus, I can’t believe you don’t remember every little thing I say. What’s wrong with you?

          • i do, i judge constantly, well someone has to admit to it…

          • Oh yes, I remember that comment. I wasn’t making the association. Without it that sentence wasn’t making sense.

          • i;ve told you about the crack stuff J-m, if you are going to do it you need to SHARE! (kidding people just kidding no write ins from freako people please)

  27. I read Coming To Terms late last night i quite liked it one 1 ch and epi left to be posted, was surprised as I didn’t realise it was going to involve a baby which luckily isn’t the focus of the story rather a plot device for E & B, doesn’t own me like Em Po (but then again nothing else does right now) but still worth adding to the list. Also knocked off A rite of passage and its sequel The Way back – OK, quite liked gthem.

  28. Random thoughts:

    I need advil asap.

    My Denver University sweatshirt is massive and completely comfortable.

    I’m starving. Nothing new.

    I think one of us should write FF. If it’s not me, I volunteer to be the beta.

    • I wish I could share mine.

      that reminds me of Edward’s football jersey

      I had some snack mix, it was nice. Still no ice cream though 😦

      I could probably help brainstorm, but as far as putting it into words…I’m useless.

    • Wow, we haven’t had random thoughts in a while.

      Get some. We’ll wait.

      Comfort is a good thing.


      I keep waiting to be inspired by some fantastic dream!

    • not anvil sleep? i hear being knocked out by one of those things can be quite permanent.

      I will sort you out a Uni Syd one when you get here so you can have 2 comfy ones

      I know that feeling and i shouldn’t given the amount of food i can consume and do consume.

      I do too, i think it would haev to be crack fic though, not sure we are cut out for deep adn meangingful ones, unless you want me to try my hadn at slash fic?

      • BTW anyone who betas anything i would write better have a good typo/spell checker ion their machine!

        • Did you have to explain that L? Remember, it’s your charm!

          • Maybe I could write a fanfic about a twit who is a crap typist oin such a hurry to get her thoughts out accidently sends an email to someone by accident, they start up a flirtation adn it gioes from there, what do you think, he benefit of that is if i wrote it in the first person i could keep all my typos…

          • You, Lizzie, are a genius!

          • Brill!

        • I would beta the shit out of your fanfic. And it would give me warm tingles to do so!

  29. randome thoughts:

    I LOVE EmPr!! For real.

    Randome thoughts are amazing and I miss them.

    I wish I had some ice cream.

    Uh…I wish I had better randome thoughts, I haven’t done them justice tonight.

    • Me too. I almost don’t want to read it tonight so I can keep the rest of the chapters going as long as possible. Stupid updates.

      I missed them too!

      I want some too. Something with chocolate, or cookie dough.

      I liked the thoughts.

    • So do I. I ahev it right up there for WA I read it exactly the same way stright through and drop everything the minute an update is up.

      I missed them to, just as well i didn’t have any random thoughts while they were mia though or I would not have known what to do with them.

      I had ice cream covered in praline, pistachios, crushed nuts and choc sauce fri night then last night rocky road in a waffle cone -was so so good.

      You had them though, we are back to baby steps random thoughts!

    • Absolutely! I think we have another HL5 or TOV on our hands with this one.


      What kind is calling to you?

      They’re fine. We can’t be deep thinkers every time!

      • I’m glad we all share this love of FF. We seriously need to get EP on this bandwagon.

        Any kind of ice cream sounds good. Lizzie, I am so jealous of you right now! That ice cream with all the nuts sounds wonderful.

        I ❤ you guys for being so supportive. lol

  30. I interup with thie VERY important annoucement new ch Em Pr just gone up

    • ACK! How will I ever catch up???

      • You mean you want to catch up? And wait for updates? Bitch be crazy!

        • You’re right. That was the slap in the face I needed. But I DO want to be caught up so I know all the secrets like everyone else.

          • She says 60 chapters, maybe more.

        • good point then you get stuck like me…and it sucks, but at least Em Pr updates twice weekly, that i can cope with, it’s the once a month or lonbger that kill me

          • You know she must write all the time with the length of these chapters and updates twice a week. Yay for her–my new hero!

          • seriously that is a MAJOR effort to get 2 long ch out a week

    • WAHOO!!!!

    • OMG!!! Hooray!

  31. I love that now we’re all going to be really slow to respond to anything, because we’ll all be reading EmPr.

    • In all fairness, I’ve been reading EmPr. lol

      • OK I’m back, I’ve read the ch I am good to go again

  32. Franny, don’t read this.

    EyeC, Lizzie, can I just ask… what the fuck kind of outfit did she wear to the New Year’s Eve party? I’m reading the part where she’s getting dressed and… wtf.

    • was just normal clothes with E’s shirt over the top, Alice & Rose made her lookm “hot” that was all

      • No, but for real… that would look weird.

        Plus, I hate flared pants. With a fucking passion. Even a little flare? FUCK OFF FLARE.

        • I hate the Jeannie harem pants more and maxi dresses too.

          • so take them off RIGHT now J-m

          • Jeannie harem pants? Wtf is that?

            Also, maxi dresses?

          • you know the harem pants that jeannie from I dream of Jeannie wore, for some bizarre reason it has been decided that is what we should be wearing this summer, NOT! Simnilarly maxi dresses you know really long summer dresses that sweep the floor that only look good on 7ft models, apparently we are getting a second summer out of those, again NOT!

          • Well right now I’m wearing bright green pj pants, with Minnie Mouse on them. How does that rank in your fashion book?

        • You’re so funny! The Nikes had a hot pink stripe (symbol) on them. I assumed they were black. Then the top was low cut with pink and black stripes. I don’t know if the pants were dk blue or black denim. Then that white shirt.

          • Yeah, I know what the outfit was… but didn’t it seem a little strange? Like, she’s so much smaller than him. That white button up shirt must’ve been pretty huge and long on her.

          • i thought it was bizarre too but then wondered if i was just imagining it wrong?

          • I think the white shirt was just the whole ‘it’s HOT when a girl wears her boyfriend’s clothes’ thing.

  33. I just checked the support stacie auction site to see, the author if Em Pr is up to $260 for her to write a story or outtake for you. I am tempted to bid, srriously

    • $250 for author of cliiped wings
      $325 for Mr Horrible author
      $375 HOC author

      bids so far

      • $270 for HL5 author

        pretty good totals don’t you think, i do.

        • WOW!!

          • don’t you like that slash is highest so far! lol

          • I really do!

        • Yes. I hope they bring in lots of money.

          • so far Twilight all up is about $10k, way above the other fandoms

          • That is ridiculous. I didn’t realize it was that big of a deal. I think it’s cool that SMeyer is helping out. And I wanna know what she writes. lol

          • And here are the totals for the first night of the September 2009 Author Auction:
            Doctor Who……..$4,197.98
            Gilmore Girls……..$1,006.02
            Harry Potter……..$83.00
            Other Fandoms……..$826.21

          • Forget my previous comment. I’m stoopid. lol Seriously, it’s too late. lol

  34. Lizzie, you still there?

    • yep just got distracted by seeiung what authors were going for, you know me attentions span of a gnat

      • ****SPOILER QUESTION****

        I’m still at the top of the chapter–had to finish what I was reading.
        I just started thinking about who Renee is and what her DNA would show. I now remember that she was brought into the family of Charles’s parents as an adopted daughter and then Charles came along and the mother pushed her aside. So I’m wondering if she is the elder Swan’s biological child just like Bella is Charles’s bio daughter? Even if she wasn’t his (and she was some other big-wig mobster’s child) would she still be legally a daughter and entitled to half of the property/business. I guess legality wouldn’t figure into anything the mafia does. lol

        • I’ve been thinking the DNA angle too, and I agree in order to have the DNa links and to more or less explain how they were slaves to begin with i kind of agree that Renee is clearly illigitimate daughter of either Charles Swan Snr or the wife who either had an affair or was raped by mafia don they were allowed to keep the child but raised as slaves same as bella

          • That makes sense. If the wife was raped I suppose she might let her daughter become a slave but that would be hard for most women to do. I think more likely it was Charles Snr’s or some other important one. It wouldn’t be the don–that was Carlisle’s father and she said it wasn’t a blood relative. I keep thinking there was a clue somewhere that I missed.

          • I know what you mean, i think i should be able to see it, yet so far haven’t. On the wife thing i was sort of thinking if she was “used” as punishment for somehting and then renee/bella kept as reminders of their actions, don’t disagree would be hard for a woman to do that but may explain why Snr was “better” to Renee and Bella than Jnrs wife who clearly just took it out on Bella and Renee blaming the girls for Chareles actions

          • Yeah, I can see that. One other thing I just got: Remember, I’m at the beginning of the chapter: I see the dilemma for Bella because she doesn’t understand all the things Carlisle was alluding to (but we do!). I just figured out how Bella can solve the problem with Edward. For a while I thought she should work with his temper, calming him. Then I thought she could refuse to move or go limp if he tried to run with her but E would just pick her up and take her with him–he would! Now I get it. She needs to have Carlise declare the emancipation proclamation for her, giving her her freedom and then there is nothing for Edward to run from. They will both be free. Free to stay. Free to be in love and marry. Free to have a life together.

          • Good point, Carslisle is th eonly one who can do that. Given that the author said this story takes place over 4 yrs or so (there will be time jumps) clearly she is going to play this out for quite a while longer, i think the bellas dna card will be the thing that stops E from joining the mafia in the end not sure how we will get there but just have a feeling wehn it is revealed it will be the deciding factor for him adn the fact B will tell him he will end up being a slave just as she was and C is is he joins swapping one serviturde for another,

          • I didn’t realize the 4 year timeline. That means 2 years out of hs for Edward. He was already considering college. I think you’re right about her DNA being the thing that stops him from joining. At least it won’t be when he’s 18. Also maybe a bit of maturing will help. Will he use his piano talents? Will Bella develop her artistic ability and use it to make a living? What kind of pressure will come from Aro for him to join? Will Carlisle live through it all?

  35. Suzie Quatro is on aust idol she has the blonde version of Kstews mullett

    • GROSS!

      • agree, what is it with these mulletts, you can be taken seriously as a rocker without having a mullet

        • BTW Suzie not lookimg so good, maybe should have invested in some moisturiser, at least she is def not doing botox so kudos for that

          • LOL!

  36. ok my peeps i need to go make dinner and sort myself for work tomorrow,
    ❤ u and J-m wake up and go to bed.


    • Later Lizzie!

    • Yes ma’am. Bella-style.

      ❤ you Lizzie. G'day! 😉

      I'm gonna hit the sack ladies. Sweet dreams.

      • Good Night sweet Jenny.

      • Night Jenny!

        I think I’m out too. Sweet Dreams EyeC!

        • Good Night FN. Have fun tomorrow night!

    • Bye Lizzie.

  37. Aww, I love that song, but I have for years and it’s not something I’ll ever associate with Twilight or Rob.

  38. Loved this song when it played for the last episode of Six Feet Under…. still cry when I hear it, and now this! Oh lordy, I’ve come undone.

  39. Just died a little when watching the vid for
    “Wide Awake” So amazingly beautiful!

    I read the story a coulpe of months ago and it’s by far the best fan fic I’ve read….

  40. I know I am late in putting in a response to this post – but I found I was curious about the fanfiction you were applauding – Wide Awake. I felt I couldn’t appreciate the fanvideo until I read a little bit of that story. At first – I though ehh…a little dark for me, but I was immediately taken in by that darkness & sleeplessness & angst for those two lost souls. I am not quite finished – real life keeps getting in my frickin way of finishing it…but I am so torn up, elated, sad & in love with that story that while I want to find out what happens – I also don’t want it to ever end. And that fanvideo made me cry…Wide Awake deserves to be published and then made into a movie starring our favorite cast so I can get lost in it forever. So many thanks for pointing out that compelling story – I would never have found it on my own.

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