Posted by: themoonisdown | September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day Rob and LTR!

Dear Rob

Guess what?! Yup, it’s time for another whacky American (and Canadian as I found out on Twitter) holiday that doesn’t really mean a whole lot other than most of us don’t have to work which pretty much equals boozing, bbq-ing and someone passing out in a kidding pool. Fun, I know! So since you’re not from these parts and are used to working on Labor Day we’re gonna let you do all the work while  we head back for 2nds and uh 3rd and probably 4th helping of the potato salad. If you need us you can probably find us passed out near the slip n slide in a hamburger induced food coma.

So Happy Labor Day Rob and all you US and Canadians. As for the rest of you sorry… this Rob porn will have to tide you over till tomorrow when we’re back in full effect with the good times and to kick off a very special LTR/LTT week. Do you know why? First person to guess correctly wins a totally fake prize!

Smooches and hot dogs!



Celebrate more labor day Rob porn after the cut!




Enjoy! And we’ll see ya back over here tomorrow!

Got a whacky holiday Rob and we should share? Tell us about it? In fact why don’t you make your own Rob Porn and share it with us?!

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  1. No need to worry Rob I’d do all the labour while you’d reap all the reward…….

    Enjoy your rest everyone I’ll be thinking of you….

  2. He can celebrate Queensday here in Holland with us. It’s all about alcohol alcohol and alcohol LMAO

    SPecial week? You are going to host the MTV VMA? OMG I will go all fake lesbian with you guys! hahahahaha

    • you forgot about the Alcohol

    • I’m not the only Dutch girl here, I see…


  3. I don’t know what it is but those pictures with his hair down and long (3rd down) remind me of Shawn William Scott on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

    Definetly not the usually Rob hotness I’ve grown accustomed to.

  4. (Furiously waving hand in air) I know, I know, I know…. You and Moon are going to Vancouver (NOT set-stalking, natch, cause you don’t roll like that) I hear it’s lovely at this time of the year.
    And if by chance, you should bump into Rob in the vicinity of a dumpster one drunken evening, not only will you NOT offer to blow him, but you won’t even ask to take a picture with him. Be careful though, cause HE may want to have his picture taken with YOU. And he may follow you back to your hotel. It’s gonna be hard to shake him off, so be vigilant. You may want to consider pepper spray cause that guy is persisent. He cannot take a hint.

    Happy travels, and Make Good Choices!

    • I’ve heard that fly spray is more effective than pepper spray since it shooooots out at a more powerful speed from the can 🙂

  5. Er, I meant you and UC. I got so excited by my obviously correct answer that I didn’t see who posted this.

  6. Happy Labor day girls & Rob!!!!
    We celebrate Labor Day on May 1th here… and it’s all about passing out eating!! so happy happy day!!!

  7. Happy Day Off for you guys that have the day off.

    We had our day off last Monday, and yes, I spent it in a “cheeseburgers” induced coma. Fun!!!

    Mmmmm, special week…….dunno, cannot guess, but dying to know



  8. Special week? You will finally reveal that you two and you know who have been having a love triangle for a while now?

  9. Hmmm special week this week huh? Well there’s lots going on. Bobby’s playing in vancouver tonight. And then there’s this weekend… dur Rob will be at the VMA’s so that’ll be nice to see.

    But next weekend is also Stephenie Meyer day (well they stretched it to the entire weekend) in Forks and Sunday is Bella’s birthday.

    Why am I thinking about this so much… it’s my day off, I shouldn’t be thinking!

    • Holy jesus jizz Robsten! Is it just me or was that a whole lotta twi-hardin you did up there? It was like someone vomited twilight knowledge all up in that message.

      My thought is that in your special week you will reveal the nudie pics of Rob you got when you stuck on a mullet wig and showed up at his hotel in Vancity where he mistook you for she-who-must-not-be-named. Am I right?

  10. I’m going to eat that yummy rob porn….delicious pics!!!

  11. I’m in a hotel right now, and what I wouldn’t give to run into Hotel Rob in the lobby!!!


  12. A very special LTR/LTT week. Do you know why?

    Hmmmm, your busy booking the inflatable castle, pony rides, and cake for Bella’s birthday on the 13th?


  13. Ah, if only you would kidnap me on your way North to Vancouver, Moon.

    It takes a minimum of two hot girls like yourselves to draw Rob’s attention, but he’ll never make a move when he surrounded by his twi-group and Kristin. I however, would be more than happy to distract them via dancing with Kellan on one of the tables and partying it up. The frivolity will be too much for KStew to take and she’ll be forced to flee from the room in repulsion, leaving you and UC free to occupy Rob’s time while everyone else joins Kellan and I in a congo line or some such thing.

    So you see, there’s just no way around it, I’m a must 😉

  14. “A Very Special LTR/LTT Week”….sounds like an after-school special movie with a Very Important Message. Are you going to deliver PSAs about STDs, drug use and teen pregnancy?

    …got nothin’…

  15. AUUGH! Moon is on her way to Vancougar? (KNEW you and Robbie were secretly getting it on). YOU SLUT!. (sigh). Give us the scopage luv when you get back.

    – So Bobby Long finally got his Visa approved to get into Canada? good for him. I told him that if he didnt tell the Canadians he preferred Canadian Beer it would get him into trouble (its all the dutch swill he and his buds drink that got him into trouble).

    ok, back to entertaining these drunken sods I have over my place. (My turn of duty- it was either this or christmas).

    I’m serving margarita’s (tequlia, triple sec, ) topped by Mezcal. They’ll be passed out in an hour or so, so i don’t have to deal with them.
    And I’ll serve them burnt hamburgers that resemble mini blackend meteroites. they’ll love it, cuz their too drunk to notice what their eating.

    oh joy.
    help me.

  16. Well, if he wants to (which he does) he can totally celebrate Midsummer here in sweden with me next year.
    We’ll dance around a pole covered in flowers singing about frogs and pigs and have flowercrowns in our hair. then we’ll get drunk on Absolut vodka and start singing abba bc that is the only swedish music rob has ever heard of.
    then, as a special treat, we’ll drunkely bike to the sea where we will all (me, rob, kellan and jackson) swim around naked. then we pass out in true Midsummer spirit with a promise that they’ll all come next year again.

  17. I’m celebrating a holiday today too: it’s Independence Day! That’s right, 9/7. It’s time to celebrate the independence of Brazil! So, everyone is @ the beach, dressed all green and yellow, ‘baking’ in the sun, having LOADS of beer, listen and dancing samba non-stop and drinking caipirinhas (=ka-pur-een-yas), and eating those awesome shrimps in a stick and… WAIT. What?!? This sounds just like a normal weekend here! haha

    About this line: “A Very Special LTR/LTT Week”, well, I have NO idea…

    Happy Labor Day to everyone who’s celebrating it!

    • I´m jealous-that sounds sooo good…beach,drinks,samba-ayayay…*bootyshakin*
      It´s raining and cloudy over here 😦 and def no beach in sight.
      Seems like everybody´s enjoying a delightful holiday…Have fun!!

  18. Bella’s B-day–same day as new trailer–same week as SMeyer’s week (only in Forks)…nice week, huh?

  19. I absolutely love that first picture of Rob. Never mind that he seems to be itching. *Sigh*

  20. Ah, RobPorn! Can’t get enough.

    About “very special LTR/LTT week”… Is it your 9 month anniversary? You are due tomorrow. Am I right? Am I?

    Anyway, happy 9 months to you guys and thank you for the laugh. 🙂

  21. Every week is a special week at LTR/LTT! (do I sould like a suckup? Well, I am so :P)

    Pointless holiday I have!
    Our state (not even our whole country) gets the day of for a horse race.
    Except, in my state they didn’t want to admit they made it a holiday for the horse race because all the public servants would go to the racetrack instead of work, so they call it “Family and Community Day”.

    On which day I put on a swank dress, big ol’ hat with a feather in it and some hiiiigh heels, then head to the track with my girls to get totally furshnickered on $6 bottles of champagne.
    Because, you know, that’s totally what family and community is about!

    I think Rob would appreciate it. He could judge fashions on the field, laugh at all the girls carrying their shoes as they try to hail a cab, and end up in a pool of his own (or someone elses) vomit on the grass in his nice suit clutching a bottle of champers bemoaning the loss of thousands of dollars on “the sure thing”.

    It’s awesome.

  22. Roll call for LOTN… ?

  23. Hi Jenny! Long time, huh? I’m present!

    • EyeC! Thank goodness! I was starting to wonder if you made it back from your cabin adventure alive. How are you? How was the trip? Fill me in!

      I read Wild Swan. I’m in love! I forced FN to read it too, she’s almost finished.

      • Jenny! I’m so glad you like Wild Swan!!! I keep checking for a new update but at least she’s writing. Isn’t that blog a great idea?

        I read Poison Study and loved it! Now I’ve got Magic and Fire coming in soon. I think Valdek is very Edwardesque.

        • Valek. Oops.

        • I know, I loved Wild Swan! The story was so different, and really heartbreaking. It was hard to get through, but I like where it’s heading. I think the blog was a great idea, too!

          Awwe, I’m so glad you loved Poison study! I was worried! I can’t wait until you read Magic and Fire. Valek is SO Edward-esque! I just love the entire storyline, it was so awesome. Can you see why I’d want to play Yelena, if a film was ever made? Love her.

          Maria V. Synder also wrote another series with one of the characters you’ll encounter later. I think you first see her in the Magic Study – her name is Opal. She plays a very small part in the Study series, but then Maria writes a whole new series with Opal playing the lead. So you get the same world with a focus on different characters. It’s really good. I’ve already read “Storm Glass”, and Sea Glass is supposed to come out this month (last I heard)!

          • Yes, I think the role of Yelena would be so great to play–all the action as well as the mental games.

            I see that the library has the other series so I’m sure I’ll follow up with that. I’ve got one to rec–I need to check for my note for the author.

            Have you heard from EP? How does she like her (multiple!) flat mates? She was worried.

          • Yeah, Yelena is definitely one of the fantasy roles I hope to vie for! Here’s hoping. 🙂

            Ooh, I’d love another rec! Gotta add some things to my list. Let me know!

            Yeah, I have heard from EP. She had 6 flatmates, so there’s 7 of them in the flat including her. But it’s pretty big, and quite modern looking, so she loves it. There’s 3 rooms for the 7 girls, and she shares a room with 2 other girls. 5 of the girls are 20, one is 22, and then there’s EP who is 25. So she feels a bit out of place, but all her flatmates are great girls so she’s getting along with them nicely.

  24. HERE!

    • Woohoo! Done homework?

      • Uh…..not done yet….working on it though.

        • Faster! Finish Wild Swan! Why do you like to torture me so?

          • I’m torturing myself here! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve read House of Cards???? lol

          • Haha Don’t even mention other fanfic names to me! ACK!

          • Well, after catching up I took Lizzie’s rec and started Emancipation Proclamation and it’s fantastic! I read all last night and a bit today after I got up. She was right about that one!

          • Totally going to start reading Emancipation Proclamation right now. Hah!

  25. How is everyone???

    • Hi FN! It does seem like a long time. I’ve been thinking about you and all your studying–gotta keep up.

      I’m reading CWAIA–it just updated and earlier I read HL5. I haven’t even responded to all your questions. I’ve been reading like mad.

      • Oh EyeC, I just finished both of those updates too! I liked them both. CWAIA could’ve used a little more smut though. Darn. I swear, Tattward never gets any release! It’s torturous for me too!

        • I know–he just keeps denying himself when she’s begging. So unnecessary!

          • I know. And he’s got so much pent up sexual energy, it’s frustrating!

      • Oh yes…the studying….it sucks. lol

        I haven’t read CWAIA yet!! It’s killing me!! I did read HL5 though. So SWEET!!! I bet you have a ton of updates to catch up on.

  26. How was your trip EyeC?? Did you take lots of pictures with your new camera??

    • About the pictures–FAIL.

      • that’s lame! lol

        • I know. lol

  27. My trip was great. Every day was sunny and that never happens. We went on some drives and made the tri; to Rapid City to visit favorite stores–of course I bought books!

    The only problem was this rash on my lower legs that continued to get worse and itch like you wouldn’t believe. I still haven’t figured out the cause. I had it before I left. Homeopathic gel seems to be helping. I tried about 5 other things.

    The dog loved it! She got to run free and bark at chipmunks. Made new friends.

    I listened to Twilight on CD again–ready for NM.

    Lots of updates and I think I’m caught up now.

    • Oh no! I hope your rash gets better. Glad the gel is helping.

      Glad your puppy made some new friends.

      I’m ready for NM too!! Is it November yet???

    • So jealous about your trip, it sounds like it was really relaxing! I’d love to go browse some used bookstores. I think I’ll be doing that a lot in London, since I won’t have anyone to hang out with for a lot of the time. Haha Eek.

      I’m sorry to hear about the rash, that’s terrible. Just dry skin, or what? My calves and shins are always freakishly itchy, and I have no idea why. People think I’m nuts, just frantically scratching my legs. But they aren’t dry, and there’s no rash, so it’s a mystery.

      Glad you got caught up on all the FF updates. I tried reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s… but it’s not my favourite. I liked it at first, but they fall in love too hard and too fast for me to really connect with the story at all. I keep trying though.

      • Not dry skin. Deeper and spreading. I’ve got about 4 things I’m looking into. Ever had chicken pox and the uncontrollable urge to scratch?

        • Ack, that sounds unpleasant. I have had the chicken pox, yes. But I also get hives. I’m allergic to severe heat (or stress, which heats up my body) and to the cold. It sounds made up, but it’s not. I get different types of hives depending on whether it’s hot or cold, and they’re always uncontrollably itchy. The heat hives are the worst though. I’m glad I only get those in summer. And not very often anymore, which is nice.

          • That’s what I’m leaning towards. Very uncomfortable.

  28. Can I just say how much I love (and have missed) these late-night conversations? Because I do.

    I ❤ you gals!

    • Back atcha FN! I totally agree.

    • I def agree!I feel like I don’t have an anchor when we don’t talk for a while. I realize things have changed and that’s to be expected but it’s nice to touch base with everybody. Where are the Aussies? At least we can email EP—and I will be doing that. Also Tara has other commitments now but it is good to keep in touch.

      • Where ARE those Aussies?? Are they too good for us now??? lol

        I bet Nat is over on Twilighted. I believe she said she spent a lot of time in the HL5 thread. Hopefully we’ll hear from them soon.

        Awww…Tara…I’m glad she finally got a job, but sad she hasn’t been around.

  29. Doesn’t seem to be much going on with Rob these days.

    • Nope. He’s filming Eclipse, right?

      • Yes. I need to do some web browsing. I feel a little out of touch. I’m still writing letters to him in my head. lol I read another good book that I thought he might like. I’m so lame! lol

        • You’re not lame! You’re awesome! lol What book was it??

          I’m definitely out of touch too, no worries.

          • LOL It was Larry McMurtry’s new one called Books: A memoir. I just think it’s an interesting read for anybody who loves books. The chapters are short and it moves fast but the other part of his life–besides being an author and screenwriter is as a book dealer/seller for years. Since I worked as a manager of a small bookstore for 4 years and went out as a book scout for the store every Friday and Saturday in search of books to enhance the stock, I could really relate to his stories. He was a much bigger player in the game but at a basic level, I got it.

          • That sounds really interesting. I might have to check it out. Did you read “Haunted” What did you think??

          • I’m feeling so guilty…. I took it with me. I KNOW I’ll be reading it—I’ve renewed it to the max. I got sidetracked and I still don’t read as fast as I want to.

          • LOL! That’s hilarious. I need to check and see when my books are due. I’ll have to recheck them out.

  30. Here it is Jenny:

    The Hunger Games and soon to be released

    Catching Fire the first 2 of a trilogy

    by Suzanne Collins

    While I was reading P S there was a similar thing about traveling from tree to tree as a means of escape and eluding those who were after her. Very good. Intense. I think it’s in YA fiction.

    • Thanks EyeC! I added them to my list. Next time I’m at the bookstore I’ll hunt them down. Thanks for thinking of me.

  31. I’m still feeling the loss of TOV. I wasn’t ready for that one to end. She made some comment at the end about ‘Tropic of Gemini?’ so I wonder if she’s thinking about it.

    • I forgot that one was done!! I hope she decides to write a sequel (although I hope she doesn’t make that the title lol).

      • I do too. That was one of my favorites. I’m getting a long list of favorites! I still think TRL is there. She was going to write a sequel this fall so I’ll be checking back with her.

        I’ve been going through the faves of the best authors and my list is very long. Have you read AG’s Withering the Ferns? I haven’t. She is still planning the epi for WA, isn’t she?

        • I forgot about the sequel to TRL!! That’ll be nice. I haven’t read Withering the Ferns. I wish she’d do something with of Gemini and Gypsies (or whatever it is! lol) Yes, the WA epilogue should be up soon. I think…

          • She promised she would get going on Of Gemini and Gypsies so I’m counting on her.

      • I also see that finally somebody put TOV on the list in the forum. That’s good.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean EyeC. For some reason I keep thinking back to Wide Awake. Don’t want that one to end either.

  32. Okay ladies, guess I better head to bed. Sweet dreams to both of you, when you go!

    • Good Night Jenny. Sweet dreams to you.

    • Night Jenny! (sorry this is so late)

  33. EyeC, I know it’s kinda late, but I’m going to head to bed too. Night!

    • That’s good. Sleep well and dream.

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