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Jena Explains Labor Day to Rob

*Hey LTR-ers, This Saturday’s videos will be hosted by none other than Jena, our very own video mod from the forum! She finds, creates and posts all the best so we’ve asked her to bring some Rob goodness over here for you! Enjoy! Moon&UC*

Dear Rob,

It’s Labor Day weekend which for many of us in the US means no work on the first Monday in September and the weekend before we either relax or party it up!  It’s in recognition for those who are part of the working people. It is also considered the last celebration of summer. Forms of celebration include picnics, barbecues, fireworks displays, water sports, family vacations, public art events and in your case, panty poofing!

You’re one of the working people! You said so on Ellen that you wanted to be “one of the people” but this time I’m not talking about owning a clown car with “wind screens” and “wipey thingies”. I’m talking about celebrating you for your work and what you have brought to us fans.

Most of us work hard at our jobs, but we also have to endure quite annoying things from time to time.  We have bosses on our asses for deadlines, we get called in when we’re supposed to have the day off. We talk to clients who sound like women on the phone but we find out they’re men. We get interruptions by clients when we’re trying to blog or read blogs. We have days we oversleep, days we want to call in sick….you get the picture. But through it all, Labor Day is about recognizing those who work hard. *****cough****which includes*****cough****blogging you all day*****cough.

Let’s take a moment and reflect and congratulate you on your achievement for your recent cinematic work by acknowledging the awards you have received so far this summer and appreciating how you “take one for the team” (aka us fans) when it comes to having to endure annoying things when accepting your recognitions.

First we have the MTV Awards…..where you got cock blocked by an almost kiss, announced to a live audience you were about to soil your pants (btw, I wouldn’t have judged you Rob, I would have been right there ready to help you with my handy dandy Tide pen), greeted Jonah Hill with a kiss on the cheek, got hit on by Jim Carrey who declared a turn of Prop 8 at the sight of you (who can blame him!), were told to raise your hands in the air because you played Edward Cullen, and watched your “supposed” girlfriend drop her award.  But it was all worth it because you deserved those awards!

Then there’s the Teen Choice Awards where you were up for a bazzillion awards, had to sit through stupid Jonas Brother’s dares, forced to throw a Sean Kingston flag in the air, sit through Miley Cyrus’s stripper pole performance, escort “toe thumbs” up on stage, walked off the stage with giant surf boards without smacking yourself in the face  and all while wearing your best friend’s sweaty left over shirt from the night before because apparently….You forgot to do your laundry.

You, Rob, endure it all for your fans while being ready and willing (that’s what she said) and there with a humble smile!  Bless you and your work and enjoy your weekend because you’ve worked hard to get there proving you’re more than just “a big hard tool!”

I salute you with my microwaved carrot!

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  1. “We talk to clients who sound like women on the phone but we find out they’re men.”

    Love that!

    It happens to me daily and then the man/woman gets very upset when I call him/her ma’am!

    Happy Labor Day!

    • It happened to me last week and I swear to God his name was Robert. True story!

  2. Is it even possible to fall in love with Robert all over again? I mean, watching him stumble over his words during the acceptance speaches just makes me swoon….I can’t help myself.

    Thank YOU Rob, for ummmmm your work….

  3. Thanks, I love watching Rob make fun of himself. He is just so adorkable! 🙂 I actually didn’t get that, about the popcorn coming out of his pants. I didn’t put two and two together! Haha.

    Thank you Rob for your sharing your talent and your royal hotness with us! You’re super delicious 🙂

    Happy Labor Day y’all!

    • I fell in love with him all over again at that moment!

  4. LMAO! Jena you are totes awesome!
    That man is so precious-How can we possibly thank him for the joy he brings to us each and every day! I’m sure we could all think of ways…;)

    • Yes…….dumpster meetings!

  5. Loved the post Jena…..You’ve managed to turn me into a 14 year old fangirl with the teen choice video, my stomach’s all squirmy and squishy right now……….

    Our here in UK Labour Day is the day you give birth {tongue in cheek girls!!} I’ve had three of them!!!
    Happy Labor Day my American Cousins

    Oh and Happy Birthday Moon…enjoy….

  6. I bet in reality Rob was just squirming inside when he got the same amouunt of audience *squeals* as the Jonas Brothers at the TCA (aka the Totally Crap Awards).

    Thanks for posting this Jena. Have a great weekend everybody and remember, don’t wear white after Labor Day 🙂


  7. Damaged Goods! Great song on that video. Thanks Jena. x

  8. Happy Labor Day! Poor Rob. I hope the MTV VMA’s coming up aren’t so 2nd-hand-embarrassing. But who cares if they’re premiering new footage!

    Oh and I was in the grocery store yesterday, and the OK magazine cover story was “Rob and Kristen engaged! … Weeks after moving in together, Rob proposes on set in Vancouver” or something like that. Ha!!

  9. Jena~Loved your post.

    I nearly spit out my freshly made blueberry smoothie all over my computer monitor when I read the “toe thumbs” comment!

    • Those things are sicknast!

      • Yes…yes they are! And that picture Jenna provided shows the full force of their yuckiness. I’m assuming its some kind of a birth defect or something.

  10. Jena I love this post! “Then there’s the Teen Choice Awards where you were up for a bazzillion awards, had to sit through stupid Jonas Brother’s dares, forced to throw a Sean Kingston flag in the air, sit through Miley Cyrus’s stripper pole performance”


  11. If staying sober through the entire Teen Choice Awards, having to choke his way through his homage to “the hottest hotties” and being within grabbing distance of Cougar Catherine isn’t the definition of “work”, I don’t know what is!

    Here’s to Rob and everyone else who deserves to be honored on this Labor Day weekend!

    Heart y’all!

    • He called us all hotties! WIN!

    • Ahhh!!!! come on girls lets have some sympathy for Cougar Cathy, {yes I’m an even older COUGAR than her} but even though I know what she did to Twilight, she DID cast Rob… least she got that right yeah????
      And how many of us could have helped been so wired in the presence of HHH?
      I KNOW I would have been excited……
      OK I’ve been celebrating tonight, hubbies home and it’s Moon’s birthday….and it’s Labour Day in America and I’ve had 2 bottles of wine ❤ all….

  12. Great Job Jena, as usual!!!

    Happy Labor Day to all, and it is kind of rainy today, does anyone know if I can wear boots yet? White shoes are put away!

  13. “I salute you with my microwaved carrot!”
    great post 🙂

  14. Haha– great job Jena! It’s Rob’s human side that keeps us lusting for more.

    Happy Labor Day to all! I have to work Monday but It’s only emergency cases only, so as long as people don’t do anything stupid like set firecrackers off in their pants It will be a good holiday.

    Wait, Wait, Wait!!! Rob if your gonna trip over your feet or get hit in the head with a sign could you do it this holiday so we could spend the day together? We could fly firecracker pants to another hospital. Oh and there’s a Pub on the corner for after hours and my house is only 5 miles away where you can get plenty of *cough* rest *cough*.

    • Brandi~you know that won’t happen. Theres always some dim-witted jackass thats going to do some stupid shananagins with firecrackers

  15. Omg – reading/watching this post led to probably an extra 30mins or so of watching Rob/Kristen youtube videos + the Best Kiss win for Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. How hot was that??
    Thanks for the sweet Saturday entertainment!

    • I was hoping they’d go all Rachel and Ryan. Did you see last years best kiss win? I forget who they were but it was hot! They were all over each other! I think they were from Step it Up.

  16. Great vids! Enjoyed those muchly!
    Here is a link to a video I made showing the latest pics without the misplaced tags –

  17. Nice selection Jena!

    I just noticed for the first time that Rob is thanking Stephenie Meyer for winning Hottie of the year. She did not provide him any genes did she? Thank Clare, thank Richard, but Steph? What the EF? :p

  18. GREAT post!! haha

    unfortunately im restrainign from watching the videos (gasp!) bc im here at work, 😦 sigh.. no labour day for me.. the restaurant industry never closes except for xmas day!

    rob looked uber delish!!! ❤

  19. Ugh! The toe thumbs are nasty.

    Happy Labour Day to the Americans.

  20. Hey guys – word on the street is that RP Australia was SHUT DOWN over the new Interview pics. I sucked up my dignity and stuck my snark in the closet and took that stuff down. I could cry. Just wanted to let you know/FYI…


    I’m not worthy

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