Posted by: Bekah | August 23, 2009

Do you wanna be like Edward Cullen?

Dear Rob,

Some fans are crazy. Others are, ahem, creative. Some are Unicorns and some are just gosh darn funny (I’m keeping the swearing to a minimum, it is Sunday) I think the following fan, whoever the guy is who made this video, is potentially crazy, very creative, definitely a Unicorn & really funny:

So I ask YOU, Rob.. do YOU ‘wanna be like Edward Cullen?’

Happy no-swearing Sunday,

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psst. Thanks Lula for the vid link


  1. Wow..this guy knows his stuff. A very inspired tribute, by an undoubtedly very strange guy. A friend of PattinsonPants?

    • He is the official king of all Unicorns!!! OOOOH, and, he’s in the running for hottest man who is not Rob, on account of th eway he sooo badly wants to be Edward. I think he should get major LTR play for being so innovative. And if all else fails he can dress up like him for halloween and I’m sure he’ll get some poon(since we’re not using dirty words……. wait) for it.

  2. Awesome! I love it.

  3. love it!!!!!!!!

  4. “Wish I could do the Edward run,
    Then I would be real quick, too
    And I could home in time for

    Love it!


  5. ROTFLMBO (the b stands for butt since it’s Sunday and we’re not swearing)

    That was made of all sorts of win!!

    I can’t even pick out my favorite line because the whole thing was freaking awesome!!


    “Don’t want to be near Rosalie though, cause I have a thing about being around a-holes.”


    • That was my favorite, too. =)

    • okay that was where i really laughed out loud!

      • Ditto. Hilarious!

        That and the line “And honestly I wanna play the piano” — why was that one so funny? lol

    • Poor Nikki, even this dude is trying to get the eff (no swearing!) away from her!

  7. “Don’t wanna be near Rosalie, though,
    Cause I have a thing about being around A-Holes”

    That is sheer genius. I want to meet this kid, he is wicked awesome.

  8. For some reason the video is no longer available for viewing, so I cant comment to it , but it seems like it was funny, by the comments that are left.

    I hope rob just wants to be himself, because Edward Cullen is in love with bella (not us). In “real life” rob loves us all and we are so happy that we blog about our “good times” with rob

    Have a great day everyone!

  9. I have no words. XD

    • oh come on Rob, we know you come on here as MG.. give it up boy.. tell us what you think, we promose to be gentle with you.. unless you piss us off.

  10. Now that was funny.. thanks for the share! Have a great day everyone!

  11. “This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions”

    Now…WHAAAAAT? :((((((((

  12. The music is surprisingly good. The video made me laugh. When all is said and done, though, I kind of think this guy is more jealous than admiring.

    Over on my website, we’re having a vote: “Is the book always better than the movie?” You can probably click on my user name to link over, if you want. If not, my site’s called Passing Love Notes and it’s also on wordpress. You can google it.

    Look, unintendedchoice, I know it’s sort of obnoxious to steal your traffic like this, but the book vs. movie vote is important, don’t you think? So if you want to make a similar traffic-stealing comment on my site, feel free to do so. I like your site. Happy to support it.

  13. It’s not letting me view the video on my iPhone but im assuming it’s the spoof of heartless by kanye west right ? I saw this video the night chris allen sang it on American idol. I was trying to find his performance on YouTube to show my sis and we stumbled upon this little gem. Good times.

    • Yeah I can’t view it on my iPhone either 😦

  14. Holy Crow! No swearing?

    That was some funny chiz.


  15. That’s really awesome! I can’t wait to show it to hubby!

  16. HAHAHAHA! that was awesome. Even got a laugh out of the DH

  17. No swearing…mighty hard for me having been raised by a sailor and all…

    Anyhoo, that was hilarious!! The best part was when I started playing it and my brother told me I might be the gayest thing he’s ever seen. Like I would even care. I needed to get my Cullen on! I think I like the chorus the best because it fits really well with the rhythm of the original song.


    • for the love of all things holy!!!!! the oink girl, it’s killing me. i lovez it, it’s your name now, oink dolphin, it’s like manbearpig from south park.


  18. “Walkin walkin walkin’s dumb… wish I could do the Edward run”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Fantastic.

  19. Love the vid! My Unicorn in training (my 5 year old son) is singing “I wish I could be Edward Cullen-ullen-ullen” all over the house. Thanks for that! Happy Sunday!

    • Ha ha! Our sons could have a playdate! Between it being a Kanye song (we’re all big fans here) and a Twilight video, me and my son had a great time watching!

      I was surprised how hard it was for the guy (guys?) to stay on tune – I didn’t think Heartless was such a hard song to sing. Maybe it is harder when you say more syllables than really fit in the phrase.

  20. ok, seriously…there are no words…i watched and listened to that with a mixture of horror and awe….i laughed out loud all by my little lonesome
    in the living room hoping nobody else in the house would hear and ask what i was watching…they already think i need to be admitted πŸ™‚

  21. Ok, who is this guy, he’s frickin’ hilarious!!! And clearly has a huge man-crush on Edward Cullen. Or maybe just intense jealousy. But then, who can blame him? – Definitely the King of Unicorns.
    And I loved his lines about Rosalie! That was awesome!

  22. LOTN??? Anyone around??

  23. LOTN?

    • Mind reader!! LOL! How are ya???

    • Hey!! How are you?

      (I posted another message, but apparently it’s awaiting moderation)

    • present and accounted for.

      How have you been E? WordPress was in meltdown mode when i came to play yesterday

      • Hey gals! (I keep trying to post, nothing’s working) 😦

      • Hi Lizzie!!! I didn’t know there was a problem. Hmmmm. How are you? FN is in service again so at least there’s some action here!

        • Excellent actually despite the fact it is moody monday. Had a fab weekend which helps!

          Let’s afce it probably wasn’t wordpress it was probably me, speeaking of they replcaed my computer monitior today the other one inexplicably just died. no surprises there then either.

          Yep saw FN was back up, i fliked her an email as she is the only other person I know reading House of Cards and a MAJOR OMG MAJOR OMG plot point happened in the latest update so I ahd to send her an email telling her to hurry up and get there so i can talk about it with her. LMAO.

          • ACK! I’m getting there I swear! I’ve only read like 1.75 FF updates so far! lol

          • Another monitor??? That is really too weird.

            It’s so good to have some of us back on here again.

            Glad your weekend was good. That helps.

          • c’mon, get the speed reading happening!

          • I know, I know, I’m horrible. I just like to take my time. πŸ˜‰

  24. WTF?? EyeC, I tried to reply to you twice. WP hates me apparently.

  25. Testing, testing….

    • Hi purple monster! New email—and I had grown accustomed to your face. lol

      • I tried using the new e-mail, I switched the pic back to the old Rob beanie pic and everything 😦 It sent all my comments to moderation! I’m sure they’ll all show up tomorrow. I’m using the old e-mail now. I suppose it doesn’t matter.

        • It’s all very confusing. I’m sure it will work out eventually.

          So, how did the move go and what have you been doing for the past week?

          • It IS confusing and annoying! I miss the beanie dangit! It’s bad enough I have to come back to the whole Robsten crap. And the supposed pics of them making out! I don’t want to think about that anymore. I’m going back to my happy place.

            The move went well, I’m all settled. This week has been annoyingly boring. We haven’t had cable (well, the cable in the main house sucks) so I’ve been watching the only series I have on DVD. lol I had a few orientations at school this week and those all went well, I’m excited to start.

          • That’s great that you are excited about your classes. It should be a new experience as a grad student.

          • I’m hoping I can handle the work. I signed up for a few extra classes, but the advisors weren’t too concerned, so I think it’ll be okay.

          • About the Robsten. You know I’ve been kinda down about that but I think I’ve realized it won’t affect my fantasies. lol And maybe we’ll see him smile, even glow a little. That can’t be bad.

          • Haha, true. The Robglow is lovely. lol

          • I’m sure you can handle the work. I’m also sure there will be days where you’ll think you were crazy to take on extra, but that’s normal.

          • yes post coital robglow works, did i mention how everyone was commenting how glowy i myself looked today, coincidence?

            Now if you really want to forget E, let me lure you to the dark ide, slash FF, trust me robsten wiull be avery distant memory, LMAO!

          • You’re right. It’s just one of those things.

          • Still not there Lizzie. I do love my B&E though. Now I’ve added a second library stalker, a piano player and a sex surrogate Bella to my list. I love When Fiction Becomes Reality–ready for her to update, but what else is new.

          • the only thing missing is Bella the repressed nun who starts an illicit affair with edward the priest, oh wait i think that has been done with Abelard and Elosie already, oh well, for middle ages wrting Abelard and Eloise were HOT!

          • haha! That reminds me of this movie I’ve seen called “El Crimen de Padre Amarro” and that’s basically what happens. LOL Actually, the girl wants to be a nun and it’s a young priest who’s going to “teach” her a thing or two about a thing or two and he knocks her up and then makes her have an abortion and then she bleeds to death….yeah…anyway….lol

  26. Argh! I’ve been having conversations with myself. I tried to switch to my new e-mail address, but it’s not working 😦

    I’ve missed gals! How is everyone?

    EyeC I got on right before you! lol

  27. FN, what a cute little purple monster you are!

    Hi Lizzie and EyeC!

    • Hi EP! Oh good. It’s old home week here at LOTN! Yay!

      How did the clasroom set up go?

      • Awesome! I love my teacher, she’s the coolest. AND I found out I’ll be student teaching with her in the Spring, so score on that one. I go back tomorrow for the first day of school.

        How have you been?

        • fantastic that you scored a good teacher makes all the difference.

        • Yay! You have had good luck with most of your teachers along the way. First day of school–always so important. Alll the kids will be so excited.

          • or not, just don’t attach yourself to the miserably teary one who doesnt want to be there, avoid that kid at all costs!

          • It’s 4th grade so they are 9 and 10, shouldn’t be many teary ones. Plus, I met most of them on Friday, I already know who is going to be trouble.

          • Agree, if there are still tears at 9 or 10, def avoid those ones. you got to love the trouble makers though, thaey are the ones who will make it interesting.

          • The troublemakers are usually my favorites, most of the time they’re the smartest and most witty. The quiet ones are fun too.

    • Long time no chat Missy, nice to see everyone popping up today!

      • I know, I’ve missed you Lizzie!

        What have you been up to?

        • Yes you are stunning in blue, that’s ed’s fav colour you know…

          you know just the ususal, apparently the work monitor could no longer stand me died and had to be replaced. Wait for it though the big news is (oh this makes me such a dork and I am admitting this publically) but today we booked and confirmed the cinema for the private new moon showing so that is al sorted, finally decided it was time to get real and spoke with the cinema on friday and firmed it all up today, at least they didn’t laugh at me like they did last time i approached them, Ok that was first day of filming for NM, but you kow some of us are just organisers at heart!. 10 points for dorky me, woo hoo!

          • Actually, I don’t look good in blue, at least I don’t think so.

            And you and your computers. They should give you a notebook of paper and a pen and be done. Yay for your New Moon showing!

          • You’re awesome. And I think you’re grrrreat for admitting that! lol

          • 99.9% dork, 0.01% twit, its ok, I am cool with it, have learnt to accept it is what it is!

      • I’ve missed you too Lizzie!

    • Aww…thanks! I forgot how cute my little gravatar is. Yours has a better figure. it’s much more hourglass shaped. LOL

      • I’m stunning as a blue monster, I know.

        • It’s true.

          • you may not have the figure but you can wink, my monster just does mouldy stunned mullet (oops trying to avoid all things mullet for obvius reasons right now), typical even in fake life i get dudded!

          • haha! I was too distracted looking at the roots sticking out of the sides of mine to notice the wink! That does give it SOME personality, right? lol

            Ewww…mullets make me nauseous!

            Your gravatar has awesome lobster claws. How the heck am I supposed to pick anything up? I don’t have fingers? How will I learn to play the piano???

          • i’d rather someone play the piano and feed me, claws are over rated!

          • That’s hilarious!

  28. Holla to mah LOTN.

    • WORD! (that works, right?)

      • Totally. Plus I feel cooler.

        • That’s totally what I was going for.

    • BFF!!!

      • You really are in a good mood, bff!

        • I know! I still don’t know what that’s about, hope it lasts.

          • you got the rob glow too huh?

          • Uh, maybe. I’m just in an insanely good mood. Can’t stop smiling.

          • He is so transparent that way, don’t you think?

          • Me too, bff. Maybe it has something to do with seeing kids tomorrow. That’s a sign. Scary.

          • yep E, you can totally tell when Rob has had some.

          • Might be about seeing the kids, scary yes. But also good, it would be nice to love what I do.

          • I meant you wanted to have babies of your own. But of course it’s nice you love your job!

          • Babies of my own is scary.

          • All part of the 7-year plan! It IS a sign!

          • you can introduce me to the brit boy who will be the father of Ep’s hourglass blue babies while i am in London, i do hope he isnt green, i woldn’t want you to clash

          • @ FN, you are such a smart ass

            @ Lizzie, I hope he’s not green either, that would be weird.

          • I can’t think of a better kind of “ass” to be. πŸ˜€

          • Hot British Ass maybe?

          • That might work, but then you’d be attracted to me and that would just be weird. Although, I don’t have curly hair, so I might be safe….lol

          • That would be weird, but you are safe, unless you get a perm.

    • well about time young lady, we haev been waiting

      • Sorry, sorry! I was getting all my crap in order so I could sit here for a few minutes with my ladies.

        • ok forgiven, but now you have to play the piano and feed me, just sayin

          • I can do both of those! As long as I don’t have to cook.

          • I think I could probably stir something w/ my roots. Soup anyone?

          • thanks but no thanks, when someone offers you food after winking, i tend to try and steer clear just another pearl of wisdom i have picked up over the years.

          • Lizzie, I make a fierce Grilled Cheese sandwich. And I’m not winking. Interested?

          • maybe, can it come with bacon and tomato?

          • Fine. Opening the can was going to be problematic anyway….

          • LOL FN, your noodle arms remind me of my noddle from another dimension.

    • Hiya Jenny! It gets better and better.

      • Save the best for last, right? Right? πŸ˜€ Hahaha

        • But of course! Really, it’s just good to have us together again even if for a moment.

          I saw that Tara came on the other afternoon and she said she missed us but she has a life now. LOL

          • I miss T!

          • Yeah, it is nice, I agree. It’s been a while!

            Awwe, poor Tara! I still don’t have a life, I just have to get up early. Boo.

          • just don’t get up with boo boo i heard he is decidedly udner age,

            Shout out back to you T, when in Calif i am swining by in and out animal burger.

          • A life, pft.

          • ppppppppfffffffffftttttttttttt, not that i am getting into a raspberry blowing competetion with you or anything

          • LOL–I know, right? But I think that class started that she was going to take, so that’s good for her.

  29. I’m moving it down here cause i am scik of scrolling – but yes FN have seen the nun/prest movie, it was actually quite good.

    • It was! I love Gael Garcia Bernal! He’s another celeb crush I have. Not as intense, but he’s not bad to look at. lol I love his green eyes.

    • Yes Lizzie, I can provide bacon and tomato. And now I’m really fuggin’ hungry.

      • and my work here is done!

      • No more mention of food around Jenny!

        • Thank you EyeC! It’s really just torture! The food, the food…

      • Me too. 😦

        • I may have to start the tea.

          • It’s orange juice for me tonight, still trying to beat down the horrible sinus infection I got in Denver.

          • Oh no. Sorry to hear that.

  30. Did i also mention haging around you midgets in cyberspace is apparently having a detremental effect on me? Twice last week people commented that i had shrunk, i know I am getting old and you shrink when you are old but NOt YET, so I have instead decided to blame you lot for trying to sneakily steal my height!

    • If I was trying to steal your height, then I am a massive failure. So… nothing new.

      • i should have known it was you, once cm for you and one for EP, no wonder I am shrinking at such a rapid rate.

        • Jenny and I are still pretty tiny.

    • Sure, sure….blame us. Whatever works. Did those crazies ever think that they’re just weird and still growing??? Sounds like a freak of nature thing to me.

  31. EyeC, I started Clipped Wings. Are you proud?

    • despite the fact i am not a tatt person and i see twi-tatts instead of what ever they are tatting, which does kinda kill the buzz a little, i have to admit to really, really liking this one. As soon as the main characters are messed up i’m there!

    • I am very proud, yes. lol Now we just have to get EP on it! LOL It’s something about his inner dialogue and the continual tease….

      • UST it is the best isn’t it?? I actually went to her blog where she ahs an interview with Edward (a la the Dom interviews) and it was quite funny.

        • She does those in between chapters a little too. So funny!

        • Lizzie, I went there too–that Edward! He’a so hot! A Maxum barely fits! lol

          • Wait, that’s Magnum, huh?

          • LMAO, that’s a subcoscious mistake if ever i read one, still chuckling over here….

          • LOL Freudian slip. Oops!

      • I still think we should start EP with Wide Awake

        • She’s already read most of it. I think….

        • She is reading Wide Awake. hahaha Slllllooooowwwwwwwlllllllyyyy.

      • EP really sucks at reading FF.

        • just think all that time to spare while sitting in your cramped tin bucket flying to London, hum, what should Ep do, I know I have an idea….

          • Read fanfiction?! What do I win?

          • Lunch or dinner with Lizzie, how’s that?

          • YAY!

      • Yeah, I’m really liking it, EyeC! You know I have nightmares about tattoos, and tattoos/permanency in general freaks me out. BUT, I love the story. And I have to admit, Edward does sound super hot. It’s those viperbite piercings! Hot.

        • I can just pretend by reading the descriptions. I wouldn’t mind licking those tattosm though!

          • you go E!

          • Whoot Whoot! πŸ˜€

  32. Jenny, was your noodle green??? That’s just weird….lol

    • what the other dimension comment didn’t phase yu but the colour of the noodles did???????

      • LOL! Is that weird? lol

        • Damn me and my “LOL”s!!! ARGH! πŸ™‚

          • you are just to cute little winking purple people eater.

          • Thanks buddy! πŸ™‚

    • The noodle wasn’t green. It was noodle colour, like…beige. Or whatever fuck the colour of noodles are.

      • I’ve seen green noodles. But they were that weird, ugly green. Know what I mean?

        • Ohhh yeah, me too! Yeah, like puke green. I dunno why it was ever called that. Has anyone ever puked up green stuff?

          • That chick from The Exorcist did! ICK!

          • Ew really? I clearly need to re-watch that movie.

  33. I feel like I should share this. Don’t be offended by the ending, ‘kay? Thanks:D

    • I thought fucking noodles was normal. Maybe that’s just a Canadian thing.

      • LMAO!! OMG! I’m SOOOOO glad I didn’t get anything to drink just yet!!

        • LOL You’re welcome. πŸ˜€

      • for the first and possibly only time in my life I am going to choose to ignore the comment that immediately sprang to mind…. now J-m or anyone else do you ahev any other non ff stories to recommend to me, for the bus you see, can’t be reading that on the bus, don’t know why, seem to have no probs pritning it that work and risking complete mortification, but heaven forbid som stranger sitting behind me on the bus catches me reading ff…

        • LOL! You’re funny. You’d rather be caught by people you know…kinky. I think that is a result of FF itself.

        • Lizzie. Please, please tell us your original comment.

          • Oh yes! I wanna know too!

      • Canada is effing weird, it wouldn surprise me. πŸ˜‰

        • We are! Why would we choose you over Bobby?! INSANITY.

          Kidding. ❀ Ilubb.

          • πŸ˜›

  34. Ok ladies, I have to be at school before 8am and it’s now 2. Good night and sweet dreams.

    • Have fun tomorrow and good luck EP.

      So nice catching up everyone, but I am also out for today as need to tidy up a few work related matters so i can go home and make green noodles for dinner…

      ❀ you all!


      • Just don’t puke them up. My advice for the day! Bye Lizzie, have a good night!

      • Good night gals! It was nice chatting with y’all!!

    • OK Good Night EP–have a great day tomorrow and good dreams tonight.

      Bye Lizzie. Always leave me laughing!

  35. I should probably head to bed too. Up in 5 1/2 hours. Ugh.

    Night ladies! Nice chatting with you all again! We’ll have to do it more often. Sweet dreams.

    • We should! It’s wonderful!

    • Night Jenny! Sweet dreams and happy trails to you.

  36. EyeC, I just saw your “magnum” comment! LOVE IT!

    • Well…. He calls it anaconda for a reason.

      • Right right. That reminds me of this AWFUL forward text I got the other day. It’s a penis that looks like a dragon. For real. It’s tattooed. For real. No lie.

        • Yeah, they had it as a link on one of the LTRs last week. Un*be*lievable! There was also a snail–creepy. lol

        • OMG! I think I saw that too! I think it was a link on Twitter. That was gross. The dragon was bad, but that snail was just….EWWWW!!!

  37. EyeC, I just finished the HL5 update! I HATE Charlotte!

    • I know. That ending of that last chapter has left me feeling very worried all week. You know Bella is going to read all this shit into the situation and right after they made such headway. It’s going to screw up this meeting they have set up. What kind of illness do you think he’s dealing with?

      • I don’t know. I think it’s something that’s been going on for a LONG time by the sounds of it. I hope Bella doesn’t freak out. I kinda wonder if there isn’t some truth to what Charlotte said. And I don’t understand why Bella still thinks they’re “just friends.” Obviously there was more than friendship going on on the dance floor. Does she REALLY not see it???

        • Sometimes it seems like she’s being a tease. I think she just can’t completely admit to herself how much she loves him–always so afraid of getting hurt. There may be truth to what Carlotte says but that would mean it goes all the way back to when they were kids together. My stomach lurches whenever I think in the end they might walk away from each other. It’s very tense.

          • I guess I get the not wanting to be hurt thing. It’s frustrating to know things the characters don’t know! lol They HAVE to end up together! I can’t imagine any scenario where I’d be okay with them split in the end. At all! lol

  38. Ladies.
    HL5 should update today or tomorrow.
    Teaser is epic wicked.

    Would also recommend a new one for you…
    The Blessing and the Curse by the Black Arrow…

    • I’m almost afraid to read the next update. Very worried. I’ll put that new one on my list.

      How are you doing now, Nat?

      • Ee,

        I have missed you! How are you?

        Decided to take some quality time and remove LTT/LTR from my life.

        It wasn’t going so well after embarrassing drunken blog post a few weeks back. But missed the gals today and thought I’d stop by and say hello.

        I’m looking forward to the next update. But HL5 is going to kill me. I’m sure of it.

        • Embarrassing drunken blog post??? Did I miss something??? lol

          • I made a reference to bling and Jews. It didn’t go down too well.
            It was mortifying. I was/am still very embarrassed.

            I think I offended JanetRiggs, too, with a reference to fuckery that she mistook as sarcasm, when it wasn’t intended that way at all. And I just felt… well, you know I have a love/hate relationship with this blog.

          • Oh dear! Nat, stay away from the booze! LOL

            I’m glad you keep on truckin’ and come back to visit us.

          • No, will not stay away from booze.
            Will stay away from LTR/LTT instead.

          • I should point out that I wasn’t drunk when I think I offended Janet. I was sober. It was on a different day. And I haven’t approached her about it, because… I dunno why, I just haven’t, and I might not have offended her at all, and I might had misread the situation and then I felt like a loser, so I just… didn’t stop by for a bit.

            Gah. Glad that is out in the air.

          • LOL! Whatever works! I’m glad you feel better about it.

          • Yes, whatever works.
            Avoidance is usually good.

    • Hey Nat! How are ya??? Did you get my e-mail???

      • I did get your email, Nuggety, just haven’t had time to respond. Sorry.
        How has the big move been? You started school yet.

        • The move was okay, I’m handling it better than I expected. School starts tomorrow (around noon, well actually closer to one, but I have to get a TB test done at 12 so I can stay up a little longer lol) and I’m excited and nervous. I think it’ll be fine.

          • and no biggie about the e-mail, I was just curious.

          • It’ll be GRAND. The next chapter of your life. Excellent.
            You’ll get there and wonder what the fuss was about!

          • I hope so!

          • Sorry, Nuggety. My bad. Work has been busy and I’m trying to get ready for my trip and all that…

          • Not a problem.

          • So, what is this TB test?
            And what are your subjects?

            EE, what else have you been up to?

          • I’ve still been reading a lot of fanfic. Getting ready to go to the cabin next Friday for a week. I’ve started writing another girlfriend from high school who I saw on my trip back in July.

  39. Oh yes, new Ray Ban vid is up…

    It’s the only non-funny one out of all of them.

    • Whew! That was HOT!!! Very nicely done.

    • I loved your video. Also I LoveLoveLove that you’re recommending FF at the end!!! AWESOME!

      • But of course. That particular FF is awesome by the way. Really cleverly done. Incomplete, angsty, and only just starting, but gold.

        I’m glad that you girls like the Ray Ban vid. I think that they are getting better as I learn how to use the program. I prefer the funnier ones, but that song has been in my mind for a Ray Ban vid for a while.

        Next one is back to the funnies. I think. If he ever comes out of hiding in Van.

        • He must be very content to be holed up so long—or truly going stir crazy.

          • Or he has got better at being discreet.
            It’ll be a long few months for them – concentrated Twilight- Mania. Gah.

            See that the beanie is back, Nuggety?

          • I think he’s spending all his free time reading FF. (like us) LOL

          • What?!? I haven’t seen any new pictures at all!!! AHHHH!!! THE BEANIE!!! *SQUEE*

            I’m excited!!!!

    • Loved the video — sliding d-o-w-n blue-shirted Rob… and Muddy Waters to boot!

      Glad you’re back

  40. Of course he’s reading FF. I mean, seriously. And he watches videos about himself. Wearing Ray Bans.

    But yes, the beanie is BACK. He was wearing it the other day over at Godze’s site.

    • I must check that out!

      And the TB stands for Tuberculosis. I have to make sure I don’t have TB before I start working w/ clients and stuff. I got one last year, but that was at my other school plus I think we have to get them annually. Wa-hoo! lol

      • Is it a painful test? Or just blood?

        • Not painful. They just stick you and inject some solution into your skin and then you go back in 2 days to have it checked and if you have a certain reaction to it, then you’ve got TB. Last time, my little prick swelled up and I was freaking out b/c I thought I was going to have to be quarantined. lol It went down after a little while so all was well. πŸ™‚

  41. I see that Sam has also released some new demos.
    Recommended or not?

    • I don’t think I’ve heard any of them yet.

      • Nuggety, that is SO not like you. What do you mean you haven’t heard them? Apart from the move, and the BritBoy extravaganza, and the move, and the new course, and the move, and your FF addiction, it’s not like your life is busy or anything.

        • LOL! You’re right! I’m *such* a slacker!

          • Get off that stupid radio station that you listen to on Twitter and go and listen to your boy on MySpace, slacker. You’re doing him a disservice.

  42. Alright ladies. It’s been wonderful chatting with you, but I’m gonna get some sleep.

    I’m glad to be back. Talk to you tomorrow!!

    • Good Night FN. Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Happy dreams.

      • Thanks! Sweet dreams!

  43. Ee, what fan fics are you reading at the moment?

    Any recommendations?

    It’s so cool with all the social networking sites and how you can reconnect with people from your past.

    • I finally read Deconstructing Dracula and enjoyed being in London for a while. It deals with psychological situations of fear from the past and gaining confidence to trust yourself.

      Lizzie recommended When Fiction Becomes Reality where Bella writes a book in college to get rid of the feelings she still carries for Edward from high school. It becomes a best seller about young love. In the meantime Edward has become an actor and is offered the lead when the book is made into a movie, not realizing it’s the story of his own life.

      I am really loving Wild Swan. It starts out sad where Bella is leaving Edward after 7 years of marriage. He’s in his residency and is treating her like crap. He’s lost himself along the way and she gave up all her true identity to please an overbearing Esme.

      Just finished Love Among the Stacks where Edward meets Bella in the library and they happen upon a couple back in one of the nooks while she is showing him where to find his reference books.

      Surrogate Love, where Bella is a psychiatrist/sex surrogate and she takes on a shy Edward as a client.

      Now I’m on Piano Lessons where Edward and Bella first meet up at a piano bar where he is playing and she is out with the girls to celebrate Angela’s coming wedding. There are some strange happenings that first night and the following night she is invited to Esme and Carlisle’s for her birthday where she is introduced to Esme’s nephew, Edward. Esme and Bella are middle school teachers and good friends.

      Lots of new ones to keep up since so many of my old ones are finishing up.

      Yes, it has taken me years to want to connect with old high school friends but now that I have it’s been really fun.

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