Posted by: themoonisdown | August 22, 2009

Drunken Lullabies with Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob,

As much as we love the pretty, we also lurve the drunky times Rob. Some of us more than others (ahemjanetahem) so this is dedicated to all of us and you!

Tear it up tonight kids!
moonie pie

The song used in this video sucks arse, may I suggest a FAR FAR better alternative…

so if you will open this video in a separate tab/or maybe right here, turn down the hideousness on the video above and have at it! Party in a video!

Follow the cut to see some good times drunk Rob Porn! WHOOHOO last one there’s a rotten hot pocket!

The Office, anyone?

Yea, I think we should find out. WHATUP, Forum girls?

You better!!!!

Oh looky, one for me! This is EXACTLY how it went down. right.

Buttons debunked!

double mint dorks

Robert Pattinson
not kool bro

Super special thanks to Brookie Lockart for sending the lovely video and ZephyrSky for being our Rob Porn guru! You gals rock my face

Whats going on today at
And it don’t stop over at the forum!


  1. LOVE YOU girls for listening to Flogging Molly! :)))))

    • luv gettin my molly flogged..
      going to get it flogged again tonight.


  2. “The Office, anyone? ” ROBGASM…..yes PLEASE!

  3. I owned an identical fugly sofa to the one Rob is sitting on at :25 in that first video, weird giant lumpy pillows and all.

  4. Drunk Rob is the best Rob.

  5. “I can’t believe I forgot the condoms.”

    That’s okay baby, I’m on the pill!

    • LOL! I got a thumbs down!

    • Uh, yeah, me too. *wink, wink*

      • So what if I’m not on the pill.
        There’s nothing wrong with having good looking Rob’s babies.

        • Hehe, thanks! If I wasn’t on the pill it would be totally okay with me too!

  6. MMMmmmmm drunkRob. I bet he smells fantastic all schmuckered.

    Sparklehoodie FTW! My lust for him freaking spikes vesuvian proportions at that. I love that the pic you used, he’s wearing the beanie. LOL. Plain Jane? I don’t think so.

  7. LOL at the Summer House pic near the end of the video where he is lurking in the background. LOL!

  8. Drunk Rob looks happy pretty much all the time. Happy people are easier to take advantage of. Holla!!

    • PS. I totally want to party with Rob and the Weasley twins!!!!

      • DITTO. That’s like a triple decker sandwich of awesome right there.

  9. Dear Rob,

    any time. any where. drunk. or. sober.

    call me,
    misty ❤

    P.S. you can even bring TomStu but mullsten MUST stay home 🙂

    • He can bring mullsten. That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

      • Maybe she can even make herself useful. Do some laundry or something…

      • Mullsten can videotape…

        • enjoykim – “Mullsten” won’t wanna videotape when she sees the things I’d do to Rob, trust me,she’ll be throwing the camera down and running from the room crying and saying, “Rob, why won’t you do those things with me?” and he’ll say, “because Kristen, you’ve got an ugly-ass mullet, and oh by the way, this woman’s much older and much more experienced than you, and I’m not passing up this chance.” LOL

          • Hella-ya!!!!!!!!!

    • Waa haaa! “mullsten”

  10. Loving his sixties style pictures.

    Rob + sixties = WIN

    Ohhh and the sixties are back :).

  11. I love the “tryin’ to get laid”-Rob. He is so damn sexy. It truly is a matter of supply and demand. We’ve certainly flooded him market with way too much pu**y so now he has to be coy and guarded with us. So if all back off at the same time he’ll be back to his normal pu**y hound ways. How about it?? ‘Cause I miss THAT Rob. *sighs*

  12. I would love to visit Robs sparkly hoodie!!! The forum has been hilarious on this topic for the last couple of days. Bring on Little Rob wearing his beanie!!

  13. how could someone chose that song for that kind of video? evanescence, seriously? must have been done by some 14yrold emo and that’s party music to them, haha.

    no offence to evanescene fans ;P

  14. btw, love the video! drunk-Rob is my favorite.

  15. omgz. the first picture…”yes I just shoved your panties in my pocket” just made me die.


    It might just be my new desktop wallpaper. Secretly, though. haha.

    ❤ Ash

  16. Flogging Molly is the theme song of Rob’s life cuz drunk Rob IS the best Rob. (I’ll be Janetrigs here for moment).

    She’d say ” Behind the dumpster baby.. we’ll make it rock!”.

    what happen to “Oink” Dolphin?

    • I managed to get my moniker right today. Yay me! Should I stick with Oink?

      • YEAH!!!
        LUV the OINK!

        OINK IS UNIQUE..
        ITS SPECIAL.

  17. where’s uc and moon today?

  18. Love the drunken RobPorn. LOVE the Flogging Molly. Not sure I love the video of his pics… Some of them were so private that I feel like a total voyeur right now. I also can’t shake the feeling that some “friend” sold him out by distributing those pics, and that’s gotta hurt…

    Meh, guess I’m a Debbie Downer today.

  19. I don’t know whether to feel relieved that there aren’t that many embarrassing drunk pics of me in the public domain, or really sad that I obviously haven’t lived a party lifestyle anywhere close to Rob’s! “Party like a rock-star”

    It’s so endearing to see celebs off their faces, it’s nice to know alcohol really is the great leveler

    To Alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems!

  20. OMG, you are SO right about the music, great choice with Flogging Molly!! ❤

  21. omg i don’t know where to start….LMFAO

    1. That was soooooooooo funny some of those pics made me nearly piss my pants!

    2. That vid made me want to go out and get lathered and smoke a whole pack of cigarettes at once and i don’t even smoke! Tis midnight sunday night hear what do you think are my chances of finding someone to get trashed with me and go and look behind dumpsters….you know just in case!

    3. Rob drunk with the Weasley twins = GOLD!

    4. And the drunk robporn killed me!!! Too hot and too funny!

    PS thank you sooo much for the awesome Flogging Molly!

    *heads off to get a beer*


  23. I think I’m going to be VERY controversial here but I feel a bit bad that these blatantly private pictures of Rob on nights out with his friends and not intended for public consumption are out there for all to see. Does anybody else think that? I’d be mortified if all the drunk pictures of me (there are MANY, Rob and I are cut from the same boozey Englishman cloth) were put together into a slideshow by someone I didn’t even know and shoved on Youtube. I found it so uncomfortable to watch that I had to turn it off. No criticism for posting it and I love LTR so much (obviously!), it’s just my thoughts! Discuss…

  24. i love me some drunk rob

  25. Gosh .. Robert is a cutie but the pics in the first video with the music of the second is freaking hilarious!

  26. omg I love Flogging Molly! And their song fits so much better with those pictures!

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