Posted by: themoonisdown | August 21, 2009

Someone call the Rob-ulance, I am died

Don't bother looking this quote up, I did. It's from the Veronica's. Yuck

(the classic 'yup, still there pose') Don't bother looking this quote up, I did. It's from the Veronica's. Yuck

Dear Rob-

WTF?! I’m annoyed at you for a week for being a recluse and for probably with that girl who has a mullet and then you go and do something like this?!

And I am beside myself.

I think you may be the devil or Jesus himself because there is no other explanation for you. You take us from hate to love to anger to swoon and back all in a matter of seconds. This just isn’t human or normal or natural or to say the least: fair! You have me totally smitten and drooling over a couple 1 inch thumbnail pictures. WTF. Seriously this is my life and I’ve just turned from annoyed girl to fan girl in 2 seconds flat.

What are you doing to me?

I think you might me talking to be through these itty bitty pictures…

I don’t know Moon, what AM I doing to you? (mmmm don’t know can’t think…)

I know what I’m doing to you and I think we both like it…

Ok so let’s just lay here and think of something else… do you like this batman shirt?

or this toliet paper holder behind me?

What about me in a vest near a piano?

Why don’t you join me on this couch?

And we’ll talk about whatever you want…

Like the weather…

or scarves…

Fuck it, I’m over talking let’s find a dumpster

Does that sound good to you?

Yup, I thought so

Making a deal with the devil,

Which is your fave?

Give these folks a hand for bringing us the pics… check out THE REST at: Pattinson Life, RP Souce, Robert Pattinson Life

Follow the cut for some suggested listening while you gazing longingly at these…

Yup, his own voice should serenade you to these pics…

and then wrap it up with this classic

Special thanks to Chelsea and Kristin for walking me through this. There’s a special place in Rob-eaven for you!


  1. I just died in his arms today. Or some other euphemism for an orgasm (Robgasm?) I think I like the “we’ll talk about whatever you want” one the most. Cuz his eyes caused the destruction of my panties at 8 in the morning.

    PS. I too was curious about the toilet paper holder when I saw these pictures. and why aren’t they bigger!!!!

    • Wow I really misspelled my own name. Now I’m a pig dolphin instead of a pink one. Thanks Rob.

      • Did that yesterday.

      • How come my original comment isn’t here? It was funny. Something about ruined panties at 8 in the morning. And I typed my name as OinkDolphin…which makes the pig thing make sense.

        • it was pending… since it thought ‘oinkdolphin’ was a new person.
          ps i’m dying.

          • I’ll think I’ll sign all my comments “Oink” from now on. It has a nice ring to it.

          • …and oink rhymes with boink, I like it!

      • love the “oink dolphin” ..

    • so does anyone else have Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died in your Arms Tonight” now stuck in their head?!?!

      • You’re welcome!

      • YES!

        i just diiiiied in your arms tonight! must have been something you said!!

    • To sexy for words! My two favorite Roberts in one place!

    • Loved your lit……..I am laughing so great!!! Listening to old Beatles and totally screaming!!!! Rob is tOOOOOOO much! Hotter than a fresh grown NM chile!

      Con Mucho mucho Amor
      Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico


  2. Well f* me against a wall and call me naughty…

    where did these come from?!

    • supposedly for some European magazine…..I don’t think they have been published yet hence the small pics….

      • oh really? i was guessing the vanity fair shoot he did in boston this summer… ROB DORK OF THE DAY AWARD!

        • European magazine?! That means
          it’s gonna be harder to get! NNOOOO!
          I was under assumption it was VF to.

          • Quick! Which European magazine???

            Justice! For once I get something out of living on this side of the Atlantic, so far, far away from Rob….

            (Robbie, come home! All is forgiven! I’ ll even get one of those hideous wigs you seem to like so much…)

        • sad that we find ourselves speculating over where it came from, REJOICE in his hotness. who cares where they’re from? all i want to know is are there more and when rob is gonna take the full frontal nudity step in his career cuz not only will i make it my screen saver, i’ll fight bitches in line to get tickets for a glimpse at his sparkle peen.

          • I am torn here! I am totally in line with you for a glimpse of his sparke peen, but if he does full frontal in pics then that might be a deal breaker! AHH! I am pulling my hair out here!

  3. I was trying to behave, Rob. You know I was!! Save myself for ‘New Moon’, give you some privacy and all that blah blah, but you’re not helping, Mr.
    You’re not… *sigh*


  4. The last one… I really love the last one… he’s killing me, drooling over 1 square inch of Rob is normal I know but just imagine when the full pics come out… there won’t be a bucket big enough to catch all the drool

    • “drooling over 1 square inch” hilarious!

      What does Rob do to us??

      • i dont know im still trying to figure that out!

  5. Its just too much hottness that its had the opposite effect on me… im now depressed that i dont have my very own Rob ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Don’t be depressed-there’s only one, so most of us don’t have our own Rob. Enjoy the eye candy.

    • I know EXACTLY how you feel, when I look at rob, he has a way of making me melt right off my chair and onto the floor….then reality freezes me there when I realize that I will never meet rob, it’s bittersweet, an addiction that I know is bad for me but I just cant help myself…btw the 3rd pic up from the last is my fav…one word: WOW.

      • yes definitely bittersweet!!

      • I know how you feel Misty :-(. But we’ll just enjoy him as long as we can although he’s not really here. He’s definitely alive in our dreams!

    • Yes, I know what you mean…that sinking feeling, just like the roller-coaster of the sugar high: way way up yipiiiiiii, and then down, down, oh, right THIS was reality.

      Well, I guess I’ ll go bake myself some chocolate chip cookies to go with these pictures.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • don’t forget to grab some Ben and Jerry’s…it seems to help me, some.

  6. Firstly, I think in some of the pics he looks like somebody else, I just can’t for the life of me decide who.

    Me likey skinny tie Rob with white shirt (even with Verucca’s, oopps, I mean Veronica’s quote). Things can be done with ties, in fact things can be done with shirts as well….like take it off now.

    It’s the start of the weekend, that can only mean one thing, Rob is bound to go out at some point….remember “you can take the boy out of London but you can’t take London out of the boy” ; )

    Happy Friday everyone!


    • Like young Rob Lowe

      or James Dean

      yet more beautiful.

      The first photo is my favourite, and I was so taken by his eyes, I haven’t noticing anything but him (and Batman T-shirt, you can’t miss the Bat signal), no piano, plaid, paper holder….

    • In the third from the bottom he looks to me a bit like Jonathan Rhys Meyers (sp?). He’s such a chameleon. I look at pics like these and think there’s no way he can NOT know how hot he is. And he seals the deal with the last one, laughing as if to say, “well, there’s another job well done.”

      Great post Moon. As usual!

    • He looks like fucking heaven on earth… that what he looks like…

      • A-FRIGGEN-MEN. Preach it.

  7. He’s wearing a red and black checked shirt… KStew has a red and black checked shirt… Ashley has a red and black checked shirt… You know what that means, right!?!?!?!!111

    They must belong to some sort of Pacific Northwest Lumberjack Gang! I need to go call Star magazine..

    • They need to photograph together like this…..
      it’d be like Christmas when all the men on one side of the family
      get red and black flannels and they pose for a picture with
      them on over their own shirts as their unwrapped packages lay around the floor at their feet. I know this because……it happened once at my house.
      2nd hand embarrassing.

    • Or they are all really big fans of the Brawny papertowel man. They do love the mustache, apparently.

      • Brawny! You win. =)

    • THREESOME!!!

      actually i have a red and black plaid/flannel shirt too! FOURSOME!!!!!!!

  8. OMG…what a choice. They’re all pretty hot, but my faves are the first one, and the sixth from the bottom, the one where Rob’s lying on his side with his head on his arm. Like how he’d be in my bed, after we-well, that’s private. But he wouldn’t be wearing that sweater.

    Where are they from??

  9. There is NO WAY to ignore any of these pictures, but the first one….THE FIRST ONE!!

    I may or may not have slept with this picture next to me last night.

    I’ll throw in my caption for it….”Down Boy”

    *I, too, am died*

    • slept with the picture! hahaha i wanted to pour one out for it since i needed alcohol after this.

      • When i read ‘pour one out’ i thought you meant something COMPLETELY different. See what Rob does? Makes a perfectly normal 32 year old turn into some raving nympho with a 1-track mind. Awesome.

  10. Oh Moon, good thing you always use all your well-learned politesse. Because otherwise that man will lay your soul to waste, Rolling Stones style

    • he kills me repeatedly. darn him. DARN HIM!

  11. ummmm………the picture at the piano, it’s like he’s pointing right at me!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    *swoon, drool, thud*

    yep, that covers everything!!!!

  12. Oh. My. God.

    Saw these last night. May have let a little pee out.

    Hey Moon, where do I sign? Man, God’s not gonna like this.

    • i know but i feel there’s no other way.

      • You’re right. We’re at an impasse ;)….

  13. Dear Rob,

    There’s a dumpster in the back of my office. True story. I’ll meet you there in 2 seconds!

    The 7th one down. Nuff said.

    I totes didn’t notice the piano, now I love that one even more! Thanks Moon!

  14. “or this toliet paper holder behind me?”
    hahahahahahahahaahahahaha OMG

    • sexy, no? which leads me to believe he’s sitting on the toilet seat.

  15. Saw these last night after a couple of PBR’s and having just made the comment “You know, I’m really not that into Rob…he really does nothing for me.” And then, BAM! these show up and make me eat my words.

    Especially the Weather one. Nothing but sculpted sex.

    • seriously! at like 6 yesterday i was like MEH ROB and then at 601 i was ina puddle. ugh

  16. I like the bookstore picture… oh my god, Rob and books in the same shot, mash me up and put me on toast please because I, too, am died.

    RE: books, am almost done with 9 Stories by Sallinger… I love Sallinger anyway, but I’m particularly enjoying this because I can picture Rob reading these stories. Hmmmmm…. sigh…..

  17. I don’t even know what to say. I mean, well, I don’t know….he’s just, GOD! I can’t even spit it out (that’s what she said)…..The last 3 pics do it for me in a big, big way! Good Lord, hold me back!

  18. Holy Hotness!

  19. Ooooh…..HAPPY FREAKIN FRIDAY!! I just died here in my office. Moon…I can’t thank you enough for this post, and I agree….ALL WE GET ARE STUPID THUMBS?? Ugh.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Boycott the Mullet.


    • Boycott the mullet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg……we should picket the set in vanconver with signs reading “we hereby boycott the MULLET!” maybe he’ll see us and leave the 1980’s and join us in the 2000’s, since we’re all friends, I don’t mind sharing rob

      p.s. my sign will say: Team Robsty (Rob + Misty) foreva, and eva, and ena AMEN

      • Ooooo…..I like this idea. Let’s take it further and just boycott her all together…..we can call her Mulletsten or Mulletstew….although that one kind of makes me sick….mullets and stew….not so much. So, who’s booking their flights to VC…..I will bring the hot pink poster board and sharpies!

        ps. I love the team Robsty. I think I will be team Rbird! Woo hoo!!

        Who else is in?? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • i’m already in canada (in ontario) so now all I have to do is convince my husband…..not easily done…..

          GO TEAM ROBSTY + TEAM RBIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • OK, crap, we have the same name! Hell I am going to have to get a new one. Oh, I don’t care put Rob in front of me, put Rob in back of me, (that’s what she said), but just put Rob on me!!!!

          My pink poster board and sharpies are ready! I just got new colored sharpies for back to school, yeah!!

  20. I was not prepared for the assault of hotness that you just laid on me this morning, Moon. I let out an audible GASP and did a little dance in my chair for these. You are making it VERY DIFFICULT for me to mask my obsession from my coworkers!

    Speaking of coworkers, just brought in Twilight and New Moon for a friend to start! Let the deflowering/obsession begin!!!

    P.S. I actually realized that I’m totally jealous of her for being able to read the series for the first time. That’s Normal right??

    • yes

    • 100% im always jealous of the virgins! have a good time getting those late night texts: “HE’S A WEREWOLF?! OMG!” “HE LEAVES???? WTF????”

      hahah the best!

      • HAHA YES!!! The late night texts are ALWAYS best. My favorite was “WTF JACOB SHE’S JUST A BABY” and it came in around 3am. So. Much Win.

        I miss being that person… le sigh ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  21. Love the batman shirt. I literally saw that exact shirt for toddlers at target while shopping for my friends baby boy yesterday (no joke). The whole bats and vamps idea is cute wonder if they did that on purpose. These pics are beautiful but way over saturated his eyes look deep deep blue aren’t they really greenish? Either way he is a sexy beast

    • he is a sexi beast too good for him own self

  22. OMG these are awesome! He always takes my breathe away *sigh*. My fave is the 6th one, this is how I imagine him laying on my bed (snickers) in the morning, without all the clothing.

    I can’t decide, but yeah the 1st one is also beautiful, he’s gorgeous doing his usual hair thing.

    Oh my gosh I’m giddy like a schoolgirl!

  23. I really REALLY thought I was starting to get OVER him you know… crap!

    • We’ll never get over him! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I SOOO know what you mean. I hate that I love him so ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • I have gotten over Rob several times…briefly. Recover, move on, see great Rob photos (esp last 3), WHAM, fall back into Robaddiction. It’s a vicious cycle. Enjoyable, but vicious all the same.

      BTW I love the hair-messing-up thing he does. Makes me feel all cool because I’ve been doing that forevah myself. Wow! We’re a team!! ::leers at Rob::

      Note that my name already has Rob in it!! Never thought of it before. Duh.

      • My temperatures rises at least 20 degrees when he does the hair thing! He is so sexy when he does that. It could be a nervous habit though, but still very sexy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I. Am. Dead.

    And I’m in heaven. Or total hell. I really do not care.
    I don’t know if I am paying for my good works or my sins, in fact I don’t know if this is purgatory (because I will never have him).
    But if this perfect, beautiful, sexy, devilish angel is the ticket to hell… I’ll take it, I don’t care. Kill me. Kill me now, please…

    My God. I have to stop sweating and getting blushed. My coworkers believes that I’m getting sick. O dear dear dear…

    I have to stop thinking
    what I’m thinking.

  25. I think my favs are no. 4 and no. 8 and no. 11…hell I love them all.

    It’s like he has special powers with that stare…it just reaches to your soul and turns it into a pool of jelly.

  26. These pics are so good. They are so “Rob”. I am putting them in my top 5 photoshot pics ever…and that is saying something since all we have are thumbnails. I’m pretty sure I will die when they come out in all their full sized, HD glory.
    And then I will cry because he is dating the WRONG Kristin…

    I haven’t written you a letter in a while, but these picture make me want to scream! It’s “I-N” Rob. NOT “E-N”. YOU HAVE THE WRONG KRISTIN. This KristEN girl is not right for you. I know these things. I’m a little older than you, experienced and ready to show you everything I know.

    • HA!! Oh, Kristin ((hugs)) too funny!!

      Dear Rob,

      You have the right spelling of Kristen. The -EN’s are the best way to go. I think you need a blue-eyed blond who is a bit older with an hour-glass figure, who could help you learn even more of what it means to be a man.

      Thank you for saying “Kristen” a million times in interviews. If only I wasnโ€™t such a techno-loser, I would make all the times my name (ok, so technically NOT me, but this is my letter) into a MP3 and have it running on a continuous loop. My name from your lipsโ€ฆahhhhh

      Another Benefit? In the throes of passion, since my same is the same as the other Kristenโ€™s, if you yell out the wrong one, no one will know. Just a thought. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Of course Rob.. if you Yell “Kelly” in the throws of pasion.. I won’t admit to anyone it’s me ๐Ÿ™‚


        • He says my name in the DVD commentary – I am definitely died on that part

          • He says geekmagnet??? wow I’m gonna need to watch that commentary closer


      • LMAO – okay well lets just say…he should be with a Kristen or Kristin whose last name is not Stewart and does not have a mullet. I will share with a fellow LTR’er..

        haha, I love you people to bits! XOXO

    • you’re ALL wrong!! it’s spelled M-O-O-N!!!!

      get it right!

  27. The boy is aging and it suits him. I cannot wait to see him nearing 30. He is definitely getting better with age.

    That 5th thumbnail? Whoever took that picture deserves a medal, or a peace prize, or an Oscar, or a SAG award, or hot escort for the night. Just SOMETHING to thank them for that exquisite picture. DAMN GINA!

    • man I totally agree, he’s gonna be like Johnny Depp, Sean Connory, and George Clooney – those lovely leading men who mature like fine red wine ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. text from Moon last night “ Hottest new pics of rob. I’m DYING over the thumbnails”

    I think… ‘ew.. Rob has long thumbnails cuz he plays guitar. And Moon likes them. Gross” (my hubby does too- ew)

    So I tell her that’s gross- I hate thumbnails. she responds:

    “ew gross- PICTURE thumbnails.. not real ones…”

    I am glad. I LOVE these thumbnails…

    • LMAO!

    • It’s true; thumbnails are neither a detriment nor an accelerant to Rob’s fiery hotness. However, if Rob had sicknast-Megan-Fox-style-toe-thumbs, his thumbnails would cause an EXTREME depreciation of his hotness. And would be just … wrong. Wrong. Ew. No.

      • omg, toe thumbs. AGH. Those things gave me nightmares. If Rob had them, it would be an IMMEDIATE hose-down for me. I totally have a “thing” about hands and nails — dudes are NOT allowed to have long fingernails. I can maybe deal with a long thumbnail IF, and only if, he serenades me with his guitar on a regular basis.

        • here here!

    • those texts made me a little sick… rob with long creepy fingersnails! YUCK!

  29. That’s it!! I’m leaving for the day, game over!! No way can I be expected to sit at my desk all day surrounded by mediocre looking men after being exposed to that kind of hotness!!! Talk about ruined panties, I don’t think my desk chair will ever be that same!!!
    The third from the bottom, OMG!!!! Rob, anytime, anywhere!!!!

    Moon, you never cease to amaze. AWESOME post!

  30. So.. you think a few little pics of you doing your dazzle stare thing is gonna make up for the ruckus you’ve caused over the last few weeks?

    You think that you can just lay around like man of the manor in a few photos with that smoldering gaze and we will what … just forget the trouble you’ve caused us, the heart break, the angst?

    You think you can toss in a sly “look-away” grin and we’ll what.. forget that you haven’t been seen in almost a week?

    I can’t believe it.. dude you totally own us.. we are putty in your hands… we melt into puddles of hormones with one small sultry gaze… the shy grin… the come hither stare….the batman shirt

    I totally hate you for it you know.. I hate you…

    (whispered in the distance… you can hear the sly grin and perfect brit accentโ€ฆ “No you don’t Kelly”)

    <chewing on edge of bottom lip, contemplating response

    OK maybe I don't hate you.. but you owe me an apology… I'll let you know where and when you can make this all up to me…. just in case.. you'd better bring the batman shirt!

    • I wanna hug you. I feel your pain. and joy. and lust for Rob. I hate him too. Its just NOT RIGHT what his doing to us. Sigh.

      • Thanks… sniff… I’m ok.. Rob and I are working out the details of his apology ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @Kelly

      Do you think if we flashed him the Batman-sign (you know the light in the sky one) he would come on, sorry, to, us?

      • Oh… there was a discussion a ways back about needing to have a “batman” type signal we could flash when we needed him….

        His head turned in sillouette would be perfect that jaw is unmistakable and whenever we needed him we’d just flash it out into the sky… and kstew would look out their bedroom window and say…
        “F*ck your LTRsessors are at it again!” And he’d be off in a dash to please us…

        Hey a girl can dream right!

        Since I’m lost today anyway… this deserves another look if you haven’t seen it before.. Most have.. but ya know.. it’s a fitting theme today : )

        • You are a genius! This video deserves a blog post all by itself. He is so effing sexy!

  31. I love you guys – you totally make my day. Oh Rob, I heart you too. But you dont make me laugh quite as much.

  32. I think I need an accountability partner.

    • We can meet at the Starbucks every Tuesday and Thursday night with our duct-tape Bibles and copies of “The Power of a Praying Woman” (which should really help in getting us laid … by Rob).

      • Duct tape bibles?

        What is that????

        • Hahahahaha! xo

        • A Bible read so many times that the person has to duck tape the spine to hold it together. Instead of just springing for a new Bible. It says, “I am so awesome, and read my Bible so many times, that it is falling apart at the seams…guess I’ll duck tape it together!” PLEASE…do not ask me how I know this, OR get mad at me for my explanation ppl! It is what it is. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yes, am I qualified to answer…so shut it!

          Hugs and Kisses,

  33. favorite is definitely the “And weโ€™ll talk about whatever you wantโ€ฆ” ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. The level of his ownership over my girly bits is simply obscene.

    • totally agree

    • I wonder where the hell he keeps all the girly bits he owns??? Cause mine are his too!

      • He must have some serious storage somewhere since he owns gazillions of our girly parts.

    • maybe he’s got his own girly bits and does not need ours..
      and that’s why he’s staying away?

      • Bite your tongue!

      • You shut your whore mouth!!!

  35. I love that I was just freaking/admiring/daydreaming about these photos AND you guys have a letter expressing all my very thoughts!!

    And I agree he that he maybe something non-human to affect grown, civilized woman the way he does…because I am at a loss…Time to update my Pattinson screensaver at work!!

  36. Dear Rob,

    aargh! Are you trying to kill me? I mean come on? Please, can’t you go out and kick a puppy or push down some elderly lady while she is crossing a street?

    Help me Rob, desperately trying to break this crazy mojo you work simply by looking into a camera lens!


    • Yeah… just go all Sean Penn on somebody and get it over with!!!

      If you really care you’d help us out here!

      • It is nice to know I am not alone! lol

        • You are not alone my friend! I’ve been begging Rob for this for a while.. I just need one little thing.. trip a girlscout and steal her cookies… kick a screaming kid in the ass in the grocery store and tell it to shut up.. Look a Twi-mom in the face and say “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” just one little thing and I think I will have this whole thing under control! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • yes, that is right…maybe we can come up with a 12 step..quitting Rob program… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Oh I don’t want to quit him… it’s just.. my kids are hungry and I think my husband misses me… could we create a 12 step robsession control program? I can’t imagine my life witout him now.. I just need some control ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Not going to lie… This would probably just turn me on: “kick a screaming kid in the ass in the grocery store and tell it to shut up”

            I know, I’m a bad person… but who HASN’T wanted to do that?! :X

          • HB..

            How did I know that would do it for you ๐Ÿ™‚

          • we just need to learn to be functional addicts, thats all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. oooohh, and I really thought I was starting to get over you Rob, after the pictures of the past week and all the Robsten nonsense littering the Internet. But that was just a temporary lull in my fever chart, it seems, because now I am running a temperature again from all your hotness! Help!!

    It’ s such a relief that this is Friday and I have a drink waiting, and the uninterrupted weekend with you to look forward to. Maybe I’ ll start getting over you on Monday? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Moon – I love that last picture: the smile gets me. Everytime. (Thud!) *just fainted*

  38. well i am at a complete and total loss…lately i’ve been trying to lust after Jon Hamm like a reasonable person my age but i’m back to perv square one with these pics…

  39. Thanks moon!

    This is the perfect send off since I’m leaving for vacation today. One full week of family time with no computers, trying to act like a normal human being. I’ll only have sideways glances at the trash magazines in the grocery store. How sad that I actually thought of that as some sort of contingency plan. I don’t know how I’ll survive.

    Have a great week ladies! Save all the good stuff til I get back!

  40. ahhhh.. rob..why did he have to come into our livves through twilight knowing millions of fans girls will kill to see him even for a sec. ummmm why rob damn you!!!xD
    love this article

  41. i like the first one.. and the seventh one.. and the last one.. and.. eff that, they’re all hott

  42. ‘Why don’t you join me on this couch’ is a pretty hot one.

    but really, ‘Fuck it I’m over talking let’s find a dumpster’ . Would have to be my favorite

  43. Holy Hottness Batman! The Joker (Moon) has done it again!

    I want to go to Rob-eaven!!

    Rob looks hot even on the toilet! It is just not right!!

    My comments are so all over the place, sorry, I am a little Rob drunk over here!

  44. Robert Pattinson wants it.

    • Oh yes he does!

    • And he wants it from me…

      Whoops did I say that out loud?


    • I smell a new blog…

      • I will visit everyday.

      • Me too… every day

  45. I hope they don’t release the full size of these all at once. It will be a dazzlegasm overload!

    • Giggle… dazzlegasm… hehehehe

    • Dazzlegasm is my fave word of the day.

      Dazzlegasm: what happens when looking at too many hot pics of Rob at one time


      Dazzlegasm: “outcome” achieved by using the Vampsicle (NSFW)

      p.s. changed my name here to zees. I still need to come up with a better handle

  46. Wow, I’d only seen these pics on my iphone, so they were really tiny, but they are much better on the comp. Still can’t wait for the full size HQ. There will be some panty dropping thuds going on!

  47. Melting, melting, melting!
    I didn’t think I could melt even more because of pictures of mr. Pattinson, but here we go again…

    He just got in first place in a Norwegian “This Fall’s Hottest Guys”-list, and no, I seriously CAN NOT see why! Oh, dear, I’m kidding of course – just seeing him would’ve made me faint and fall to the ground.

    I’m wondering which magazine these were taken for too, there’s a chance they may sell them here.
    Large scale, pretty please?

    All of your posts are awesome, UC and Moon, and I can not thank you enough for the joy you make me feel while reading them. They’re pure entertainment and no magazine would write entries like these better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. “Fuck it, Iโ€™m over talking letโ€™s find a dumpster”

    Defs my fave pic AND my fave caption. Fo sho! This has to be the BEST post yet, b/c it combined hot Rob pics and The Cure. I nearly cry every time I hear that song, and I don’t think I’ve really listened to it since my Robsession began. It totes has new meaning now. I had something funny to say, but now I’m listening to the song again. God, I love The Cure and Rob.

  49. Dear Rob,

    Can I be an EMT on your Robulance?

    I could turn the red lights on and make the siren squeal..(thats what she said;)


  50. This was much needed considering our current Rob drought! I like the ‘dumpster’ one best. That look will be the death of me.

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