Posted by: themoonisdown | August 19, 2009

All the Robert Pattinson news fit to print

Dear Rob,

You’re a busy guy and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the news alerts and posts about you, so I’ve put together a handy little dump of all the important stuff we need to know about you. So ya ready?

  • Bandslam flops because of shizzy marketing and Summit finally releases an HQ version of the Jacob “trailer” wherein YOU have one millisecond of a scene. You are either going to puke or you got kicked in the balls by Jane, can’t decide

(as if we needed another excuse to watch this!)

  • You stop and take pictures with THESE fans, but you run by ME at the Hotel Cafe?! As Michelle Tanner says: “How Rude!”
  • Cathy spills the beans on who else was in the running for Edward Cullen. We knew Jackson was a potentional but can you imagine Letters to Shiloh?

And in Kelly Clarkson news…

  • Apparently, Kelly is hoping on the Rob/Edward Cullen bandwagon these days. She was handed an Edward Cullen cut out at a recent show and flipped out, bringing it on stage, singing to it, cuddling and then finally kissing it. Sounds like a normal day at my house.

Her life would suck without youuuu. You’re singing my life sister!

the end!


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  1. Wait…out of ALL this news the only thing that stuck out to me was the fact that there is someone ACTUALLY named BOOBOO that got an ACTUAL role in the movie!!! WTF!?!?!?!!?!?!!?? LMFAO πŸ˜€ Seriously??!!!?!???

    • I found out yesterday, much to my relief, that BooBoo does not appear on the child’s birth certificate. His real name is Nils Allen Stewart Jr., but apparently BooBoo is his SAG name, so it will be in the credits for Eclipse. Blerg.

      • Can I just say how big of a relief it is to hear that, but now the bigger question looms… Why did he decide to go by BooBoo?!?! At first I thought it was his parents that were effed up for naming him that but now I find out it’s of his own doing…

      • Twi-Dork of the day award!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tiff I love that you had to get to the bottom of the booboo confusion. Haha thanks for doing the research for all of us

        • Yes, thanks tiff, I too was worried about the mental state of his parents thinking they named him Boo Boo. Now I just have to wonder what kind of a kid chooses to go by this.

          • i feel like booboo might be our new joke!!

    • I’m never gonna get the images of Yogi Bear and BooBoo Bear out of my mind now.

    • Truly true story: I used to take tap/jazz when I was nine, and there were two sisters that joined the class late. One was Bo, and the other was Bo Bo. I think it was a cultural/language term of endearment thing that unfortunately translated to English wasn’t as cool.

  2. OMG Shiloh Fernandez is HOT!!!!

  3. Jackson was #2? Huh… Do you think he’s saying “Thanks, Rob, for taking my big break and turning me into a constipated poodle with two lines” or do you think he’s saying “Thank god I dodged that bullet and can still walk down the street without batallion of security”?

    • “turning me into a constipated poodle!” LMFAO!

      • A “constipated poodle with two lines”…I second that laughing spell on the floor…LOL

    • LMAO! Awesomeness.

    • jax is probably loving life cause being jasper he’s famous enough to get laid whenever but not famous enough to be stalked by paps

      • Very good point.

  4. Holy shit!!! Rob’s coming back in Eclipse? Oh, great day in the morning! My life is complete now that I have heard this news!

  5. I so wish you would have named our new fav site, although, I’m sure ROb is already aware of Kristen Stewarts want of it. However, I am thankful that you brought out the Michelle Tanner reference. God Bless you.

    • I debated whether or not to out myself as a bigger dork and say that Michelle Tanner didn’t say the “how rude!” saying it was Stephanie. Michelle used to say, “you got it dude” to which I’d imagine ways that they would possible kill her off the show. Does this mean I get the “Full House” Dork of the day award?

      PS. Kristen Stewart Wants it.

      • YOU WIN!

        PS Kristen Stewart STILL wants it

        • @Janetrigs;

          I asked the guy from that site: “Kristen Stewart Wants It”
          if Kristen Stewart STILL wants it, even though she’s on her period, and has been for the last year.

          Waiting for a response.
          {great site BTW thanks for pimping it ❀ πŸ™‚ }.

        • Yes, thanks, janetrigs. I laughed all night last night reading about how much she wants it and I got a great ab workout. btw, I think she’ll still want it when she’s on her period – there is not a limit to kstew’s want.

      • Kill her off the show? “Have mercy!”

        (Seriously, what is it about this place that makes me blow the nerd factor off the charts???)

      • oh Brooke I’m extremely impressed with your knowledge of full house catch pharases good thing I read through the comments before I corrected moon for her full house slip up. You totally saved me a comment.

        • “Well pin a rose on your nose” – Stephanie Tanner.

      • full house dork of the day award to brooke!

        DUDE how did i miss that one?! i have a gif of her saying it too! i suck!

    • By the way, I want to see you WANT IT face tomorrow!

    • thank you for introducing me to the greatness that is kristen stewart wants it. i have a huge want for witty sarcasm.

      • Oh me too. I was literally shaking with laughter while trying not wake up sleeping husband. Too funny–and I am a KStew fan.

  6. But we’re missing the news that he still is single since they had an exclusive interview. Duh. As if we didn’t know that already after yesterday’s post.

    • That article did just say that they’re still filming New Moon in Vancouver. Geez, sure way to know that the article is just an amalagamation of stuff he’s said here and there.

  7. When does Taylor turn 18 again?????

    • Thursday, February 11, 2010

      5 months
      3 weeks
      1 day

      • Awesome. Can’t wait for him to be legal!

      • Fortunately, I am within driving distance of Georgia. No countdown necessary. πŸ˜‰

      • Hahaha…someone gave u a thumbs down for this.

        • I know! What is that shizz?

          Probably the same girl I told to play nice.

          • I love when people give me thumbs down! Sometimes I click on it myself so people will be like whoa tiffany pissed someone off today. It’s my rebelious nature taking over!

        • Oooo, look…it’s a tie!

      • We need a Taylor is legal countdown gadget

        • a thousand thumbs up for this!

      • not that we’re counting or anything…

        headed back to georgia!

        • So guys, are we completly off Robbie because supposively he’s hooked up with Stewie?
          You know I have a feeling that shizz will change in a month or so. More drama ahead.

          BTW i see the attraction now for Stewie.. she resembles a 13 yr old boy.. (kind of like TomStu).

          So does that mean the bromance still lives?

  8. And the news on twitter today, is that Rob is dead. Who the hell starts this crap anyway? And as somebody pointed out, if he really was dead, twitter would have crashed by now.

    Grrrrrrrrrr, there are some crazy people out there….long live the Queen, long live Cadbury’s chocolate and long live Rob.


  9. I will now refer to Mr. Stewart as “My Boo.” Because he’s just begging for it with that nickname.

    And I will sing Usher’s “My Boo” to him. All day long.

    p.s. I used to respect Kelly Clarkson. Now…she’s just another cast-off from Hot Topic.

    • The first time I read your comment I though you said MS. Stewart and was quite confused… so do you think Booboo and Kstew are related… yeah I didn’t think so either.

      BTW can we call him BooStew??

      • I approve of the ‘BooStew’ motion.

        • Seconded. Count me as a “yay.”

        • I’m pretty sure that’s what I had for supper last night.

      • I need ya boo gotta see ya boo and the hearts all over the world tonight.
        Chris brown’s career (RIP)

  10. I think it was Stephanie Tanner that said, “how rude!” Michelle’s catchphrase was “you got it dude.” I think the point comes across though, since I’m probably the only one lame enough (and that obsessed with Full House) to notice.

    Everytime I see that BooBoo kid’s name, I think of the end credits of family ties and I want to say “Sit booboo (it’s really ubu) sit, good dog.” I think that’s enough 80s tv references for me today, poor kid. He’s an actor and his name is ripe for making fun of, life’s gonna be hard BooBoo.

    • LMAO I think you get the Full House dork award for the day!

      • omg. i was JUST gonna say that!

      • You don’t know how much I would actually delight in that award if it were real…presented by John Stamos (or Bob Saget if he were unavailable) whilst giving me a classic “have mercy!”

        • looks like someone should start up a “Letters to Full House” blog. Or better yet, “Letters to John/Uncle Jessie.” Or both. I think you might have the obsession and the know-how to do both.

          • I totally would if I had the time, and the companion blog could be Letters to Dave Coulier.

    • i totally remember that sti ubu sit, good dog ending with the music!

  11. how could they even consider changing out Rob for a different actor, do they realized how many “Twilight Moms” are going to send hate mail to them?!? God, wtf are they thinking….although when I read Twilight, I pictured someone NOT as hot as Rob and now that I’m reading it again, he’s all I picture…”I’m forever your girrrrrl” (P.A.)llllll.

    • @ Misty?
      They want to switch out Rob for a different actor?
      are you Punking us Misty? πŸ™‚

      give us the scoopage. where did u hear this?

  12. Yea well welcome to the freaking Robward bandwagon Kelly Clarkson..I should be bruised from all of my attempts to jump off of said wagon..One day I will be strong enough…ONE DAY!

    • NEVER!!!!!!!!

      • aaah Moon you are such an enabler lol

  13. I can’t get over ‘BooBoo’.

    I just can’t.

  14. Rob? Who cares about Rob?

    Dude I am less than 48 hours away from PBR and Bobby Long!!


    • Professional Bull Riding? Or Pabst Blue Ribbon? Win either way.

      • Bobby Long riding a bull would be interesting but Pabst Blue Ribbon!!!

        Gawd, I’m so country!

        • Bobby Long participating in PBR while drunk off PBR sounds like a good time.

          • I’d watch it. And I’m gonna start a movement. Kristen = KStew, Rob = RPattz, Tom Sturridge = TomStu. I move that we call Bobby Long BoLo. Like the tie. Any takers?

          • ooooohhh.. Sir Bobby the Long!
            I agree, cheers to the Bobbster!
            Drunk Bobbo.
            He can be our subsitute Rob until faux romance is over.

    • Oh Bobby! You will love him! Please check out the hawt way he runs his hands through his hair. Like someone else we know….and his lips, oh, his lips….


  15. Well, well, well.. HELLLLOOOOO Jacob Black… you could come flying up a tree into my room anytime!!….

    <<<<Pausing… something isn't right.. wait…

    Ewwwww.. ok I tried.. he's just too young.. I mean you know he's looking fine.. but he's just a baby… But I think he's gonna be great in the movie.. can't wait to see him!

    I'm am looking forward to this part of the relationship for Bella and Jacob.. and being able to leave the story on the screen.. I don't need another obsession, thank goodness he's not legal cause you know I don't have the time for another one!

    The milli-second for Robward.. yeah.. Jane kicked him I'm sure.. but the acting.. WOW… totally looks like he was mentally kicked in the balls… I kind of like the way he just looks like a dick in the clip by leaving her and the next time you see him in the clip he looks like he's been through hell… they totally knew what they were doing with that one.. although I kinda wish it wasn't a commentary preview.. WTF.. that would have been great for a sneak peek from Access Hollywood.. not for a movie trailer!

    And Kelly Clarkson… Bless her heart…snuggling up with Robward on stage….love it! something tells me she was already on the band wagon… Welcome sister… take a seat in line.. THE BACK OF THE LINE πŸ™‚

    You know.. if that's all the news that's fit to print about the Dreamy One.. I wonder what we are all making such a fuss about…

    (<<<< Suddenly hears Disco Stick in the background……)

    OHHH YEEAAAHHHHHH!! That's what the fuss is about πŸ™‚

  16. “As Michelle Tanner says: How rude!”


    I’ve always liked Kelly, now I like her even more!

  17. I can’t get over the name Booboo. My daughter says “kiss my booboo.” LOL

    Never heard of Shiloh Fernandez, will google.

    Kelly Clarkson’s so funny! I will always love her! “For a moment like this, some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this…!” That song would have been perfect for the Edward Cullen cutout!

    And FTR, that’s a normal day in my house! Kissing pictures/cutouts of Edward Cullen!

    • Boo Boo makes me think of Yogi Bear.. HEYYYYYY BOOO BOOOO!! πŸ™‚

  18. I can so see a LetterstoJay site!

    When ever he looks at Rob, he’s probably thinking, “It could’ve been me, man. It could’ve been me.”

  19. The new trailer needs more cowbell and by cowbell I mean Robert Thomas Pattinson the Only. Tay-tay is so effin’ unattractive I don’t even need him to be underage for me to not give two hoots in hell about him. Hey Scummit, run that up your flagpole and see if anyone salutes.

    You posers drooling on and on about him, either get to the end of the Rob line or just put on your GoTeamJacob shirts now and leave the Robsession to the pros — those of us not besotted by some steroidally-manufactured six-pack.

    As for me, Tay-tay will always be that clueless, too innocent bay-bay who, during an otherwise fun, freewheeling interview, couldn’t say “fucking” as the word erupted from the laughing mouths of every other castmate.

    What’s the countdown to “Eclipse”? Only 314 days, woo-hoo! In the meantime, I’m off to see my very first celebrity crush — Sir Paul McCartney. Ahhh, those beautiful Brits…they really have a hold on my heart!

    • OUCH!

    • Hey now.. come on… Taycob is a little sweetie.. he reminds me of those overly happy stage kids who have stage parents standing behind them threatening them if they don’t smile…

      OK OK.. Taylor deserves his props… he earned the role.. for real.. let’s not be mean to him.. hate the book because Edward leaves.. ok..

      As they say.. don’t hate the playa, hate the game

    • Wow…clearly you didn’t get the memo that we play nice here…granted with a healthy dose of snark but we don’t get rude or do we slam others for their views. Unless they start it and then we finish it.

      Some love Rob, some love Taytor-Tot, some love Animal Attack…at the end of the day we all love Twilight.

      Be nice. Play nice. And we’ll all have a good time.

      • @Sassysmart: whoever expresses an opinion in this tone of voice is not deserving of a reply—there is consolation, however, in the fact that even the gods battle stupidity in vain—or in a more modern mode: ‘artificial intelligence is no match for human studpidity’—or even more modern: an ass is an ass is an ass!!!—:)

    • OK where’s that “how to tell if someone is being sarcastic” article? I think we need it now.

      Hey whoever u are, I’m Team Edward and you know some people actually find Jacob attractive so let them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    • you’re rude!

    • so you’re saying you’re NOT team jacob???

      “The new trailer needs more cowbell and by cowbell I mean Robert Thomas Pattinson” HAHA!

    • thank you sir, may I have another?

    • Hahah, you go girl. Now you’ve really stepped in the Shizzz!!! I ❀ your face for loving Paul McCartney!!! I just saw him on the 19th and it was Amazeballs – love those Brits (helps explain why Rob's the most I've obsessed, evah)

  20. How about where we ridicule and chastise him for choosing such a ridiculous name? Oh, and harass him until he brings us on set to meet The Hot One.

    Actually, that’s probably a bit too harsh, seeing as though I’m 90% certain he’s nothing more than a child…

    Btw, I could handle a Rob and Kelly Clarkson pairing. Robelly? Kelbert? Girl’s got some curves and seems a hell of a lot nicer than his current mulleted squeeze.

    (I’m so surly today)

    • he’s supposed to be 15 & he really is quite a handsome little guy—

    • BooBoo Stewart is so tiny. It kills me that they made Taylor Lautner double in size* for the role of Jacob then they hand the Seth role to that little guy. Maybe he is bigger now, or maybe he has to start small since he’s not a wolf at the beginning of the movie, but I can’t get past his total tinyness.

      *slight exaggeration

      • We need photo! I imagined him young but hot, muscular, big…
        He can’t be a little guy, nooooo.

        and he is ….he is a kid….

        • He is so adorable! I just want to pinch those cheeks!!!

          • @ southernbelle- pinch the cheeks on his face I assume?
            I’ll pinch the other set of cheeks if you please πŸ™‚

            (going to Georgia were 17 is legal).

          • @hermes – yes the cheeks on the face!!! LOL…you are so naughty, Rob needs to tie you to your bed and give you a good spanking!

      • Oh Christ he IS little. Lord help Summit if they try to merchandise him with a little Pocket Boo… It’d be a chocking hazard for sure.

        He’s far too petite. Though Taylor may have been smaller in the first movie, he was no pixie like Boo, so at least his wolf transformation was semi-believable (though for me he’s still too short).

        He’s so fem… He’d make a phenomenal drag queen.

        • Ugh. “Chocking” should be “choking” — spelling fail.

          • robs gonna luv em

  21. Moon, did you put that Full House goof in there on purpose to see what dorks caught it? Cuz I totally caught it.

    I defs need more Rob news. I miss Remember Me filming. I thought back to the post where we all agreed we needed a Robcation, and then I thought…”What the eff were we thinking?”

    • yeah I bet moon is trying to trick us that or this is the nerdest scavenger hunt ever: Find a late 80’s misquote.



  22. Have you guys read this? It’s the funniest thing ever. Should be on the NEWS update!!! LOL

    • was that first paragraph originally written in a foreign language and poorly translated into English?

    • OK Read it.. and all I can say is

      HUH?.. what wast that.. I missed something.. where did that first paragraph come from? I’m lost.. somebody help me.. please

    • This paragraph was obviously written by the same Chinese copywriter factory full of underage overworked kids that write ALL the instruction manuals in peculiar English to ALL kinds of electrical appliances.

      They also have a side-line in modern poetry.

    • the filming of the film???

  23. It’s official. Our commenters are the funniest people on the planet.

  24. Um, so when is Kelly Clarkson coming out on her website? You know she and SM hang out and read LTR/LTT!

    Did Kelly have the cutout with her before the show or did someone from the audience give it to her?

    I saw the Edward full size cardboard cutout at Amazon. It is only like thirty bucks! I may or may not have considered purchasing!! πŸ™‚ I think my hubby may be a little jealous. Better not to test him, huh!? Normal right!?

    Kelly Clarkson is normal too! And now I am a fan!

    Great post once again! I am waiting for the day you don’t have a great post, but it has not happened yet!!

    • Someone from the audience gave it to her!

      • Yes, because I always have a life size cutout of Rob with me wherever I go!


        • lol

    • I was tempted to buy one too. They had it at FYE.

      • that’s where I got mine!

        • Really! It was 29.99. I got the Twilight blanket instead, I was still a closet Rob fan that time. πŸ™‚

  25. WOW…Had I been Catherine or Kristen before, I would have totally picked Ben Barnes to play Edward then we would all have missed out on Rob entirely.

    Edward Cullen would not have bouffant but a long shoulder length hair as Catherine initially envisioned….

    Let’s all thank KStew for crushing on our Rob

    • Yes I’m glad Kristen chose Rob! I think Ben Barnes is pretty darn adorable, but I dont see him “chiseled” and “marbled” (lol) enough to play Edward.

  26. Robnews—ha!—still struggling in vain aginst my Robsession—even with st. jude on my side it would be a lost cause—& so in every new Robvideo the hobo is still singing my life with his song—what we need is another video with Roberta Flack singing it—it’s a blue wednesday—for that there is no music—sorry—:(

  27. I ❀ Kelly! She's always talking about how much she loves Twilight so I'm pretty sure she's just as obsessed as us, plus I have a feeling she is also in love with Robward ;). She's said before how she loves his music and his voice, wishes he came out with an album, and compared him to Ray LaMontagne! lol

    • OK I officially like Kelly Clarkson now.. as a person that is.. I like that she likes the books…. that was a sweet interview….

      What cracks me up about it is this, and it’s universal…

      People love the books, we join blogs to chat about the books and it’s stars. ehem… but.. SO MANY don’t want to admit to it in public.. I mean run out and say “I Love a Romeo & Juliette” or I Loved “Sense & Sensibility” or any other classic.. and boom no problem… announce to a crowd that you loved twilight, being over the age of say 20 and you … I know I’m on the wrong blog.. I need to be over on LTT but hey this was here so here is where I write!

      So I’m deciding right now that I will no longer cringe when I announce “I Love Twilight, the Whole series.. I’ve read them cover to cover more than once” I will no longer cringe when I make that announcement… of course I will probably bite my tongue off before I announce that out loud but…… :/

      That’s why I come here… to announce it all…. with the internet to hide my true identity πŸ™‚

      • I never deny I like Twilight, but I hold back for as long as I can when I meet new people lol. People can be so judgey jugdgerson when they don’t know what they’re missing!

  28. I am so glad today wasn ‘t about Robsten. Mentally I have been cringing under the barrage against my sanity of words and blurry pictures. I was beginning to feel like my mind was being dipped in boiling hot tea and rolled in gravel. (Brrr!)

    Taylor is a welcome relief! I would have him as my house pet/ visiting foreign guest student anytime. (Think about it, Taylor, some foreign experience in Scandinavia might just do the trick for your “growing into your, well you-know-whats” as Kristen so kindly suggested)

    But, actually, I woke up this morning with a brilliant idea: of course Robsten is just like my first 12-month crush on a guy in college who was all “Oh, I don’t feel the need to define our relationship”. I am sure that both or one of them is too scared to commit, or ask questions, and so they keep fumbling around without ever defining what their relationship is all about, friends, boy/girlfriend or BFF with extras.

    They are just as confused as we are! Big relief. It ‘s just, you know, life. It will work out in the end. Now back to the pictures of Taylor…

    • Here Here Maria!!! I was so tired of hearing about Robsten that on my twitter account I mentioned that I am creating a”ROBSTY” (Rob + Misty) movement…

      • I am going with Robbird. Probably would sound better with my real name, oh well!

        Go Robsty!

      • OK, but not like in Rob “oink-oink” sty, right??

        Now I am confused. But that’ s normal.

  29. Biggest Rob News of the Day: *I* totally made out with him in my subconscious last night. Daniel Gale rainbow-striped-sweater style. And we were in my old church gymnasium, which is practically the first place I ever made out ever, so it was like making out for the first time. With a hot geek. Awesome.

    • Oh my god-a rob dream! You are so lucky that your subconcious decided to bestow upon you the holy grail of dreams. Mine hasn’t given me one in months.

  30. I’ve gotta say I love how slowly we are evolving into a blog about full house. Pretty much my dream come. True. Someone should make a full house/ twilight parity! I will take the liberty of casting myself as aunt becky. Justin chon and kstew will be playing nikki and alex, rob will be uncle Jesse. Mike welch will be joey (of course) nikki reed will be donna jo, anna will be playing the part of the lovible stephanie (or dawn) Ashley Greene and Elizabeth will be switching off to play michelle Jackson will be Steve, and of course in the role of danny tanner will be filled by mr madina. Oh wait I forgot peter… I guess that leaves one person…kimmy gibler oh wait kellen.. Well that ones obvious I guess… Teddy michelle best friend orginally played by taj mowray brother of tia and tamera. Who wants to be Stephs troubled friend who smokes Gia!?

    • Good times! Srsly, how do you remember all of those characters?!! What happened to DJ’s hot boyfriend? What was his name?

  31. Anyone got the dirt on this? It was only a matter of time…


    Where it was shot, how it was leaked: see the secret footage of Rob and Kristen that’s rocked Twilight!

  32. I love Kelly Clarkson.. she’s nuttier than a Mars candy bar.

  33. Just wanted to share this pic that got me off the Rob-wagon today, and maybe forever.

    Off to listen to 100 M songs! I know I’m fickle, but Rob cheated on me.

    • i’m sorry, but his hair look ridonkulous in that pic.

      the look on his face is quite endearing though!

    • After looking at that pic I can’t stop thinking of that Johnny Cash song “Jackson”….
      We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout,
      We’ve been talkin’ ’bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out.
      I’m goin’ to Jackson, I’m gonna mess around,
      Yeah, I’m goin’ to Jackson,
      Look out Jackson town.

      He looks HOT! LOL

  34. moon ~

    if rob had clearly seen you outside of hotel cafe, he would have ditched kstew in a heartbeat and thrown you into the back of that cab… no doubt about that, sister!


  35. Can I say how much I love that Moon made a full house mistake and we all were like “OH NO! It wasn’t here! It was Stephanie!”…I feel special. Really special.

    PS – I had dreams very vivid dreams about Uncle Jessie. *shivers

  36. I heart Seth Clearwater in the books. And as far as I remember Seth is a pretty BIG boy like Jacob (weel almost)… So why in the hell did they cast that little PooPoo??!! (ok, sorry couldn’t help it)
    I mean don’t know the kid, but a quick research tells me that he’s only a little tiny boy..?

  37. i knew when i saw the name BooBoo that it would show up in here – i love this place

  38. Taylor absolutely cracks me up in the new trailer. It’s something about the way he is so matter-of-fact like he is giving a PowerPoint presentation.

    I can only imagine what a “Meet Edward Cullen” trailer with Rob commentating would be like! “Sometimes I feel like I’m inside my own belly button…there I am with my shirt off, this is so embarrassing, I can’t even talk about it…oh here I am kissing Kristin, it was really hard not to grab her robust butt right there…” It would be Summit’s dream come true!

  39. I may have just pissed myself, well not really. I’ve been out of touch with reality for awhile and well that what ever it was trailer type thing definitely has me wanting more.

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