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Our favorite Rob things… in video form – The head edition

Dear Rob-

We love when we can find videos that focus on some of our favorite parts about YOU! You know stuff like your laugh, your hair, you funny faces, your shiteous nikes, your love of Tomstu, ya know the regular things people love about you! So when we found these we knew they had to be shared. And it just so happens they have to do with your head. That’s what she said!

Happy Sunday!

Your hair… and that nervous twitch where you’re always touching it…

Cause we haven’t heard a terrible Savage Garden song in a while… Sorry!

and what he uses to cover it up…

Nope, not those NY caps or the lobster baseball hat but the infamous beanie!

The bonus…

and what the heck, why not a little moon extra from me to you…Since it’s Sunday bliss out and take it easy with a sweet little video set to “Fade into you” by Mazzy Star cause who doesn’t love this song and who doesn’t love when it’s coupled with black and white pictures of Rob!?

Do you have any favorite videos focused on just one page of Mr. Pattinson? Share them!

Have a good one yall!

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  1. The third video-flawless.

  2. I actually think he looks hotter with the beanie. His hair is distracting me at times.

  3. i haven’t read you for the last 3 or 4 days, and i was having fun as always with the past letters, but NOW i think ill be traumtized 4 life for that DRAGON thing…

  4. So I love Rob’s eyebrows, and of course, since it’s Rob there is youtube video out there honoring them. Make sure your volume is on, it’s a classic song.

  5. I really don’t know if I love or hate the way he compulsively touches his hair…sometimes I just want to slap his fingers when he does that, other times I want to kiss them . (Is that normal?)

    A thought: What if Rob decided to go into therapy, and the result was superhuman self control, so that he sat on his hands in interviews and never, ever touched his hair in public anymore? Would you still love him? Or would you go: “Who are you and to what alien spaceship have you abducted the real Robert Pattinson!?”

    Talk about signature body language…I’ m torn.

  6. Rob in black and white is what makes this world perfect… complety flawless… perfection.

    And, Oh my God, how I wanted to be able to touch that head…

    • *Completely flawless
      (finger dyslexia)

      • I get what you mean, but actually, Libby, isn’t what Rob’ s displaying here closer to finger Tourette’s syndrome? 🙂

        • jajajajajajaja

    • *Completely flawless (finger dyslexia)

    • Please excuse me for a minute while I let my inner immature and perverted teenager self out to play:

      “how I wanted to be able to touch that head…” — which head / that’s what she said!

      • I’m sure you can figure it out… jajajajaja
        I didn’t mean to sound so perverted… jajajajja
        no, wait, yes I did…

  7. Actually, it’s a song by Roxette, not Savage Garden.

    Carry on.

  8. Third video is phenomenal… Yikes.

    Confession: I don’t have a favorite video because I actually refuse to search for videos of him on youtube. Part of it is because I feel like if I did do that, my obsession would be crossing some imaginary line that I’ve placed for myself… But also because I’m afraid of what 2nd hand embarrassing videos could be lurking out there. So, thanks to you two lovely ladies, I only get to watch the very best (or, in AmanDUH’s case, the very entertaining/worst).

    • I keep imagining what the video would look like that I made..;-)
      I know one thing for sure: the music would be Robyn’s “Be Mine”..about an unobtainable love.
      “No, you never were and you never will be mine….”

  9. Can we make requests for the next video? we really need one on his hands… they can be anywhere but yeah his hands and fingers…

  10. The first vid was my favorite! 🙂

  11. Any part of Rob is just yummy but … his super gorgeous eyes/eye lashes and lips make me weak in the knees. Watch on YT in full screen 😉

  12. Ha ha! What body part do we get to do next? Can I make a suggestion?

    Mazzy Star makes a good bed time song, as I found out last night getting ready to crash on Moons couch. Mmm….body parts…lol!

    • I prefer the RobCrotch2 (TM) :-). I have begged the vid creator to make RobCrotch 3 (the Italian shirtless pix alone would make it awesome).

  13. I have my RomeRob vid. Focusing completely on the hotness he showed us in Rome.

  14. Thanks for the post as always wonderfully funny.

    Given this is the weekend, and were talkin funny vids.. wanted to share this interview/vid because Rob basicially tells Heidi Klum to suck it. (re: Rob to Heidi:
    my hair came in a box this way). LMAO enjoy

    • Funny interview! Rob’s just funny, without even trying. I liked Heidi’s comment when he said he didn’t wash his hair. “You’ll never hear the and of THAT!” She was sooo dead on. He never DOES hear the end of that.

  15. A sexy Rob video to “I put a spell on you” by Nina Simone. -Enjoy -x

  16. ooo boy.. i just wana run my hands thru his hair when he does that!

    have mercy.. robert pattinson, you are AMAZEBALLS

  17. any one want to play?

    • Rob will of course be joining us…

      • Lizzie, are you still out there?

  18. Hellooo (pops out head from behind lurker screen)
    Phew, that felt good, finally out of lurkdom
    This blog rocks my world. You guys are hilarious. I’m so glad to have finally found a sane outlet for my acute fondness for Rob Pattinson. Seriously, I’m as acutely fond of this blog as I am of the man himself. I’m sure many others feel the same way, and that’s just awesome, that you ladies have drawn in such a large following of like-minded people, not afraid (well maybe a little afraid) to jump on the crazy train and laugh our asses off. I gotta be upfront with you though, I wanna bang your blog. I keep rereading my favourite letters and I LOL every single time. I’ll be stalking and posting every chance I get.

    • YAY! Stalk/post/love/lurk
      WE love it all!

  19. ooh don’t forget about this next favourite rob body part!! his sexy ass! *drooling*

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