Posted by: themoonisdown | August 13, 2009

Confirmation: Robert Pattinson is together with…

Dear Rob-

You can no longer deny it! After these pictures came out I knew it was true, you guys are together. It must be sweet relief after all these months to finally be together, out in public, touching and not caring what other people think anymore!

Yup that’s right we finally have picture proof that you’re together…

(NEW BUTTON! Open this is new window and use it when I say HIT IT!)

Cause I’m a tease, follow the cut to see all the juicy secrets finally revealed in public…

Lovers don't shake, lovers gotta HUG!

Lovers don't shake, lovers gotta HUG!

Yes, Rob Pattinson and Hugh Jackson are TOGETHER!


Notice the hugging, the touching, the OBVIOUS sex eyes! I mean obviously something went down in Japan and Summit has just been trying to keep them apart all these months. It must have been agony to finally meet that one person who rings your bell and then be forcefully torn apart by meddling studio overlords! The nerve!

The good news is you can’t keep a good Karaoke duet silent for long! Soon enough you two will be filming Unbound Captives and singing “Total Eclipse (Ahem) of the Heart” together in a dusty New Mexican dive bar while eating fry bread. Reunited and it feels SOOOO good!

How cute, Rob took his Megan blow up doll as his date!

How cute, Rob took his Megan blow up doll as his date!

Or wait… now that I’ve read this criteria and seen these pictures I’m beginning to rethink ALL your encounters Rob!! What about HER??!!

Yes, Rob Pattinson and Megan Fox are TOGETHER!!!


We all saw the Teen Choice Awards… How they hugged each other as they ascended the stairs to accept their his and hers Choice Hottie Awards. And she’s called him hot in several interviews. AND Her dress even looks like a ripped up version of one of his old (old) shirts! So it MUST be true!

(she SO looks like a Blow up doll in this pic)

And well if we’re going to continue going down this road I might as well add…

Rob Pattinson and MARCUS FOSTER are together!!



Plaid = love

This might be the most damning evidence of all. If Twi-lore evidence legends hold true than both of them wearing the same shirt means they are secretly together and their only way of showing each other how much they care is by wearing the same shirt in public! Yes friends, if you love someone (secretly): wear their crusty shirt in public and that will mean true love forever! There’s no need to match up holes or look for tears this is the real deal yall!

Congratulations to Rob and ALL his lovers! I hope you are happy together for at least the next 2.5 months until you inevitably break up over who gets to wear the plaid shirt today.

Love is in the air!

PS I never met a sarcastic post I didn’t like!

SO what evidence did I miss?!

UC yucks it up over at Letters to Twilight today!
Compile all the relationship evidence over at the forum!

Source: Thanks for Pac games for their awesome awesome buttons and other random shit you need in your life! Pictures from Just Jared, Robsesseddr


  1. Great post πŸ™‚

    LOVELOVELOVE the drama button!!!

    Epic win πŸ™‚

    • the drama button is my official fave thing ever. here’s a tidbit, jenny garth, mike dexter’s wife recently confirmed that he is dating one of his co-starts. so my question is…….. where are the kellan and rob shots? I always knew they were fake( and by fake i mean real) lovers. go and see why new moon is bad for you at

  2. The Hit It Button = Gold. 24 Carat. Whole way.

    Dunno where you dug that one up from but EPIC SCORE!!!

    Kristen’s was wearing Rob’s RayBans in LA-Van transit (not normal to know this, it is in fact wrong), and the Twi-Jail-Bait went there at Comic-Con (even more wrong). What does it all mean?!?

    Now, to go and play with Drama Button a bit more… this could entertain for hours as I read the Aussie mags tomorrow. Would also work with Ted C.

    • they drama button should be the official sound for ted c’s blog!

  3. OMG te drama button LOL. πŸ™‚
    You missed the sunglasses
    Great post again Moon!

    • sunglasses?! i didnt see that one!

      • Kristen’s wearing Rob’s Ray Bans.
        So is Tay-Tay.

  4. This post made my morning. I concur with everything…geez rob’s kind of a ho. Love it and Love the hit it button.

    • To the above next to Marcus I would add:

      Re The order of the plaid (a cult) –
      tomstu, hotburt,marcus, bobby, etc. (from the urban dictionary)..

      Also the sole inspiration of the cult, the Plaid’s. They wear Plaid shirts religiously. The legend of the Plaid Shirt echoes from sensual times shared between HotBert (aka robbie) and TomStud (aka tomstu). After their scene of intimacy they dress in the dark and the one who dresses himself in the shirt will be the submissive at the next turn of Hot Hobo Love.

      HotBert- “Dude, Kstew is totally chagrining on my dazzle, bro. Have some Hot Hobo Love laters? Maybe YOU can wear the Green Plaid Shirt this time?

      TomStud- “Ha, no way. You have the vag in this relationship, hookuh

      (hit the drama button NOW)

      • is the plaid shirt kind of like the traveling pants?

        • it’s most definitely the traveling shirt of the britpack. fits everyone no matter what their size and magical things happen when they wear it. sounds like they need to write a sequel to the pants books!

        • dazzled: You just made me crack up! The brotherhood of the smelly pit-stained plaid”


        • HAHAHA! That’s insane! πŸ™‚

  5. I probably caused permanent hearing damage hitting the drama button. (that didn’t stop me from hitting it 5 more times.)

  6. Can I just throw it out there that Rob and Hugh is something I would totally be down with watching (and/or joining)? OME . . . two sexy accents?

    Moon…I’m glad others are as fluent in sarcasm as I am. Makes me giggle like a little girl. =)

    • Yep, Rob and Hugh, me too. Pass me the popcorn?

    • omg can you imagine… dueling accents! english vs australian!

      sign me up!

  7. Thanks for “breakin it down”…
    one drama button at a time.

    Will someone please scuttle the “Rob-whothefuckcares-ship” once and for all!

  8. I had a moment of panic when I started reading but this was a riot. I loved Hugh & Rob making sex eyes at each other.

    The Drama Button-Rob’s soundtrack.

    • hahah GOTCHA!


    The ladies on the forum know that I have recently come out with my love of all things hughbert, it was only a matter of time, you can’t deny that look in their eyes when the see each other.

    And you know they’re a together when people on LJ start making icons with two of them, I finally came across my first hughbert icon last night and could hardly hide my excitment!!!

    • Hughbert lives πŸ™‚

    • Hughbert SO does live!!!

    • a hughbert icon! HAHAAHAH amazing

  10. SOMEONE had that photo of Rob and Hugh on their facebook wall and it kept showing up on my highlights. When shrunken down to thumbnail size it totally looks like they are going in for a smooch. I have been doing second-takes of it all week.

    Wasn’t Taytor Tot photographed wearing the shiteous Nikes? Is Chris Jansen waiting for Rob at the Canadian border?

    • hahahaha. we MISSED that!

      • Well, I guess Taytay’s have an extra white stripe along the bottom, but I’m guessing that’s really so the boys don’t mix their shoes up in the mad scramble to redress themselves when someone comes knocking on the trailer door.

        • LMFAO

          • um i think you missed the most important part of this picture:

            BIG DADDY!!!!!!!!

      • wait, there is more: Dan Rad + RPattz

    • LOL.. I luv Tay Tay… but his personality hasn’t caught up with his body yet. I say Kellan.

  11. Is it wrong to hope that Hugh and Rob will star in “Brokeback Mountain 2”?

    • That could only be right. With accents. Guh.

    • That’s Normal

    • Golden!

    • @toooldforthis
      I would add to Brokeback Mountain 2…
      a big……

      ridem’ cowboy!(sidesaddle)

    • I will camp out for three nights for the first showing of this movie.

    • um best idea EVER?!


  12. OW yeah! I always suspected Hugh and Rob to be lovers!! i’m a total Hubert Shipper!


    “I never met a sarcastic post I didn’t like!”

    Sounds like part of a Kimaya Dawson lyric??? Or am i way off??

    • no idea! just wrote it!

  13. We all know Hugh and Rob sang an elaborate Abba karaoke number in Japan, if that wasn’t a statement of true love i don’t know what is. I just wonder whether it was Dancing Queen, Lay All Your Love on Me, Man in the Middle, The Day Before You Came, or You Owe Me One?

    Love Hughbert, at last one Rob hook-up I can happily deal with.

    • I was personally hoping it was take a chance on me, super trooper or Fernando

    • THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC! hahahaa

  14. F.T.W.


  15. This is awesome! So funny! I love the drama button! We should have had that on LTT last week when the picture of Kris and Rob from the Bobby Long concert was posted! πŸ™‚

    FTR I absolutely adore Hugh Jackman!

  16. I’m still laughing my twiarse off at the Megan blow up doll pic…..priceless and perfect.


    • i am absolutely shocked by this vulgar doll—am not sure what such a sight is going to do to my moral fiber—LOL

      • thinking about it further, it does kind of resemble Miss Vulpine—she with Lear’s gilded butterflies on her shoulder—(hurl)—

      • Moral Fiber – The juice is worth the squeeze when it comes to Rob.


  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me smile again. I was so down in the dumps when I read Nikki and Mrs F going on about Robsten. Not that we will probably ever meet (Rob n me), but it’s easier to dream when he’s defo single.

    Now I’m laughing and sooooo looking forward to Brokeback II – wahay!!

  18. Clearly, Rob is in a menage a trois with me and Moon. Because we both love Pacifico and he also drinks that. (It ain’t always Heiney, ya know?)

    WAIT! He drinks Dunkin Donuts coffee. I also drink it, every single morning of my life.

    WAIT! He has a 15″ MacBook Pro. So do I!

    WAIT! He loves Van Morrison. I bow at Van’s worthy feet, too.

    WAIT! He read “Kill Your Friends.” I did, too…and still want it to be made into a movie, starring Rob himself. (Oh, the smoking, drinking, drugging, sexing he’d get to portray in that one. His dream job, literally.)

    WAIT! He doesn’t like cake. Neither do I!

    I could go on and on…it’s just more simple to say…
    HE’s WITH ME.
    (And my husband. Ahem.)

    p.s. Moon–what happened to The Price is Right fail button? That was my fave!

    • You don’t like cake? I find something creepy about people who don’t like cake. That’s like when Chandler admitted to not liking Dogs. You just can’t come out and say it. People do not understand.

      • I don’t like dogs. At all. 😦

        But I LOVE cake! Do I redeem myself?

        (I realise we don’t know each other and aren’t even pretend online friends. lol).

      • WORD!

      • Chandler also doesn’t cry. YOU ROBOT!


    • wait maybe you ARE with him! hahahaah

      we needed a the drama button since it was a day of revelations and not fails!

  19. The Drama button didn’t do anything for me?! What was supposed to happen?

    • OMG I’m such a tool. The post nicely said ‘open this in New window’ but I didn’t. Of course it didn’t work as merely a tab. It needed a whole brand new window for it’s awesomeness.

      The Drama button rocks.

    • haha.. i gave this a thumbs up.
      that’s sad. try it again.

      it’s really dramatic music!

  20. LOVE the drama button! I am using it at work for all my e-mails today!!!

    Hughbert! Love it! Can it get any better than Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson? To be the middle of the sandwich between the two…*sigh*….

  21. A blow up doll… that’s EXACTLY what she looks like… I’ve been trying to figure that out for months now! Wow, thanks for finally figuring that out for me. πŸ™‚ Love you gals! xoxox

    • I always thought she looked like a slutty Barbie doll but blow-up doll works too.

      • Oh yeah… slutty barbie doll works too….

    • re: Miss Megan.
      She’s pure plastic inside and out. (well, maybe the twin “girls” )are made of silicon. Is silicon plastic?

  22. Moon,
    I fell in love with you when you wrote:

    “If Twi-lore evidence legends hold true than both of them wearing the same shirt means they are secretly together and their only way of showing each other how much they care is by wearing the same shirt in public! Yes friends, if you love someone (secretly): wear their crusty shirt in public and that will mean true love forever! There’s no need to match up holes or look for tears this is the real deal yall!”

    Twi-lore…there so is Twi-lore!

    I truly think Rob is just effing with us. You know he was like, what fug shirt can I wear and they’ll still swoon over me…even better this shirt smells like cat vomit in an ash tray. WIN

    I ❀ Moon

    and well, now i feel bad… I ❀ UC too.

    oh and yes, all you others, you know who you are… I ❀ u too.

    • thank you. i was feeling sad

    • I ❀ you Brookie baby!! And I ❀ Moon and UC.


    • it’s all become twi-lore hasn’t it?!

      ❀ you back!

  23. Like Brookie, I ❀ Moon & I ❀ UC, plus a million other of you Twi-Lore-whore bitches!

    PS Dear God, please don't let there be a rumble over this sarcasm today. Can't take any more meaness.

    • hearts!

    • Awww I so feel the love!!! πŸ™‚ I ❀ u too Janetrigs!!! You and drunk Rob are like kittens and puppies snugled together on a stormy night!! πŸ˜‰

      • ❀ your face!

    • I ❀ you JANE trigs. Yeah, I said it again. And we are TWITCHES… not Twi-whore-bitches, missy!!

      Oopsie….you said LORE. I'm leaving it. I don't care.

      Craaaapp!! You said Lore-whore….I'm still not changing it.

      Heart your face and thin blood. lmao!!


    • hahaha i just kind of ask for the meanness sometimes dont i with this shiz!? hahahaa

      • No worries! Jennie Garth nicely distracted everyone with her blabbing.

  24. …When the awful truth is that Rob is not only voluntarily impotent but sadly (for us) gave his vow to the Holy Catholic Church as a twelve-year-old that he would never, ever defile himself with anything remotely sexual. And he would never do anything to upset the Holy Father, like going back on his vows!

    Since then he has unfortunately become one of the sexiest men on the planet and is now fighting people of in droves. But at heart he is pure, and consoles himself only with cigarettes, Heineken and hot pockets, trying desperately and craftily to keep everyone at bay with his disgusting personal habits and old clothes.

    It’s too bad that people keep throwing themselves at him (down Hugh, Down!)
    and stealing his sunglasses as some kind of fetisch. We should all pray that our Rob is left alone to commune with God. Maybe he should get himself into a nunnery – or the equivalent thereof…after he finishes the Twilight series that is. He does have obligations to Stephenie Meyer too, you know. (oh what a man of sorrows he is!)

    • And he would be known a Father Whatawaste.

      • Father What-a-waste? surely not in a nunnery! πŸ™‚

        • “When the awful truth is that Rob is not only voluntarily impotent but sadly (for us) gave his vow to the Holy Catholic Church as a twelve-year-old that he would never, ever defile himself with anything remotely sexual”

          HAHA! No, this part…he would join the semenary (sp?) and become a priest…they vow celebacy.

    • Let me point out that my theory would explain his earlier comment about how “people enjoy screaming at him in relationships.” Picture the scene:

      She: Come again. You made a vow of WHAT??!
      (Rob mumbles and pushes his hand through his hair in a gesture of embarrassment.)

      She: This means we are n-e-v-e-r gonna have sex?? EVER??!!
      (Rob pushes his hand through his hair apologetically and mumbles.)

      She: *incoherent screeching ensues*

      Sorry, girls. Sad, but true.

  25. Great post – but my comment is this:

    As much as the drama button rocks, did anyone check out the link to the Hiyoooo button?

    I have no idea how I’ve lived 27 years without it.


    • loves! pacgames rules my life!!!

  26. You forgot that Sam and Rob were both wearing the Rayban wayfarers…they are lovers.

    If leaving a hotel smiling is any indication then the pictures of Rob and Stephanie Ritz leaving in Cannes proves they are lovers. (which I think is most likely)

    But the pure love and joy in Hugh’s eyes when Rob was on stage overshadows it all. He looked like a proud husband or wife…I guess that depends on the day.

    BTW – LOVE the Tommy Boy reference. Fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a little coat…oh Richard!!!! Uh-o.

    • I think this is the second or third day we have posted side by side, there it is…we must be lovers. And I was smiling when I posted, were you Sass? You totes were, don’t deny it. See…this isn’t complicated.

      • I never deny.

        Wait. I mean…

      • Pros….are you cheating on me? I thought we were life partners *single tear*

        • BB, like Rob, I’m kinda a ho…

          πŸ˜‰ Sass is my Kristen, Brookie is my TomStu. U Know I ❀ You!

          • Bros before hos Pros, bros before hos *hanging head*

        • Relationship? Are you kidding?

          • LOL…OMG. xo

  27. @Moon I ❀ You…and if you had in your possession a crusty, smelly, plaid shirt I would don it proudly.

    Love the drama button, and you are clearly stating the facts. One cannot deny the facts. πŸ™‚

    • proof = truth folks.

      im fed ex-ing you my plaid shirt from today for you to wear

  28. Unfortunately I had the volume turned WAY up on my computer when I hit the drama button. And now i’m not sure my ‘secret blog’ is such a ‘secret’ anymore at work….

    • *snicker*

      I want to have a sound chip made with this to wear on my person, this would so come in handy. Imagine the possibilities during a RL conversation? Fantastic!

      • That really sucks UC I remember playing this stupid game once while my students were taking a test and when I lost in the game…the exorcist came on the screen screaming really loud and scared the shit outta me…not to mention um my students screamed as well…yea good times LOL πŸ˜€ AND Pros I think you may be unto something with that button on someones person…oh imagine the possibilities!!! πŸ˜€

    • I listened to the “hit it” button on my headphones, but didn’t realize how loud the sound would play and I’m pretty sure that EVERYONE in my office still heard the sound through my headphones. So yes, when I lose my job due to the blog, I will still be taking you up on sleeping on your couch.

      • theres always room for another at my house! you are welcome!

    • How much of a secret has your secret blog really been?

  29. Oh, holla, for the Tommy Boy reference! I don’t ever miss a Tommy Boy reference. Great Post, btw.

  30. I seriously love everyone on this site*. In a world where the lines can be blurred your insanity is keeping me sane!!!

    *not as much as I love Rob, obviously πŸ˜‰

    • haha so glad you enjoy it!

  31. I love this so much. I thought you were serious at first lol.

  32. OMG! OMG! OMG!
    (what about TomStu??)

    ** srsly hit the drama button now***

    • TomStu is experiencing the drama that is the Long Distance Relationship. So few survive it. It’s really hard to swap shirts when respective shirts are continents apart. I think I’d like to see Rob wearing some of KStew’s tee shirts. Just imagine the definition…*swoonange*

      • But I thought TomStu was living with Robbie? (at least staying in close by vicinity, like at Sam Bradley’s , who lives in Vancouver).

        Its not like TomStu’s doing any movies..(I checked IMDb).
        I mean, TomStu seems to pop up all over the place!
        really, you think TomStu’s bank in the UK?

        (hey UK people, have you had any Tom Sturridge sightings over there?).

  33. Great Post Moon! Our little Robbie is just gettin’ around!

    Love the “Drama” button!

    Wolverine and Edward, Wow!

  34. it’s pouring rain here in the Old World—naughty as i often am, hit the Drama button without waiting to be cued (mea culpa, Moon)—wasn’t expecting the volume that bloody button cues—neither was the cat who was sleeping peacefully on top of the kitchen cabinet—i jumped half a foot & Pussykind was so startled she fell off the cabinet—

    love your theories, but suspect Rob is more likely shacking up with an 80’s hairdo a la UC—<3

    • This made me laugh so hard.


    Rob is a man of many lovers, as he should be…

  36. this post stirred my blood.
    i was so nervous when i started reading
    oh gosh..
    you really gave me a heart attack

    • hahahaha i love how i faked everyone out!

  37. I KNEW IT!!!!!! I knew I saw the twinkle in Jackman’s eyes when Rob walked up there to accept his award…I also knew that as frigid and constipated as Megan Fox is that she would never let Rob hold her like that because in all honesty she’s a bitch and she rejected Seth Rogan on the Conan show and DENIED him a kiss on the cheek while walking up the steps…so if she allowed Rob to ‘hold’ her like that…she wants to ride HIS disco stick!!! AND….I knew I’ve seen that shirt somewhere at first I thought it may or may not have been Bobby’s but now I know it was defnitely Marcus’!!! Okay so I may or may not be a little obsessed with the Brit pack…ehhh whateves! LMAO πŸ™‚ As always great post and I too ❀ UC & Moon!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Agrees.. re Megan Fox.
      She’s a bimbo schmuck anyway. no class whatsoever.

      yeah..I seen that Seth Rogan TV episode on Conan where she pushed him Seth away like he was an STD or something ..humilates him on national tv!!!!

      I was hoping she would fall on her face @ the TCA with those high heels she was barely tottering on.

    • she totally stopped rob on the way up to tell him she needed his help getting up the stairs in those shoes. That’s why he was holding her/ practically carrying her up the stairs he is a gentlemen. It sort of looked like lars. From lars and the real girl.

      • she was definitely the “real girl” hahaha hello blow up doll

      • loving you for the lars note!

      • I was just happy to see him touch a girl, since he never touches girls in public, sometimes not even ones he is supposed to be in love with in movies!

  38. omg, the Drama Button is awesome.

    I love the plaid shirt drama. Clearly, they are dating, and btw, those are my pants he is wearing…

    (Megan Fox looks really weird)

    • I KNEW I recognized those pants! Hope you get them back! πŸ˜€

  39. I haven’t read any other above comments yet so if these are repeats then …suck it.

    1) Rob is wearing Sam’s black blazer so there’s more Brit Pack love than just Marcus and Rob.

    2) KStew and TayLaut have been seen wearing Rob’s RayBans so there’s definitely a three way happening with those kids.

    3) Kellan has been seen in the sexpenders so he’s definitely tapping that.

    I can’t think of anymore. lol You KNOW they’re all just getting wild and trailer crazy though. True story.


    • Wow, i hope Rob is using protection cause cleary he gets around and around.

    • THREEWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. drama button added to it SOOOO much. thank you!

  41. I don’t know why I ever take you seriously when I see a tweet that says “confirmation rob is with” but everytime my heart starts beating really fast and I tell myself it was bound to come out sometime. Of course hugh jackman. Who else could it be.
    Dude meg fox TOTALLY looks like a blow up doll in that pic. So much so that I don’t find her attractive. She has the personality of a blow up doll as well. Seriously. She is upee creepy. I so don’t get the obsession with her yikes.

  42. That drama button is a bitch! i didn’t know it was so loud! I woke up the whole town….okay, my laughing woke them up. Anyway, you guys are on a roll today. Tears at LTT, sarcasm here phew!

    Love you girls! Keep it up!

  43. LURVE this!! Rob in 2 words is a man whore. This has been proven time & time again and now through this post again. πŸ˜‰

    Hughbert, Robgan & Robcus LIVES! πŸ™‚

  44. Just found your site and have been lmao reading all the great stuff. Rob=man whore (funny, but I think it’s true as well.)

  45. I want to be the cheese in the middle of that Hugh and Rob sandwich.
    hot hot hotness!

  46. That shirt was the smoking gun for RobCus! You know how, when you first start dating someone, and you have to be away from them, and you just want to feel close to them? Breathe in their smell? Maybe wear their clothes? Yeah, you’re getting what I’m saying, right? During the photos he’s all “Kristen, don’t hang on me. All I can smell is your Britney Spears Fantasy perfume! You’re interfering with Marcus’ natural musk!”

    And now I want fry bread.

    RobEtc FTW!

    • OMG FREYA!!! i DIED!!! simply DIED at this:

      β€œKristen, don’t hang on me. All I can smell is your Britney Spears Fantasy perfume! You’re interfering with Marcus’ natural musk!”

      britney spears fantasy perfurme!!!!! HAHAHAAA

  47. That blow up doll picture scarred me for life. I can’t help it that I have a strong imagination and Megan Fox naturally leaves her mouth like that. Next time I see her, I’m going to look for the plastic on the inside.

  48. Wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE! Does this mean I am sleeping with Jennie Garth, because we both discuss Rob’s sex life with our husbands?

    • Ah, apparently, Hubs and I get slightly more in depth (hehe, in depth) about Rob’s sex life than PFach and Kelly T. Is that a good thing?

  49. Hilarious! I love Hugh and Rob so much that I wouldn’t care if they did meet secretly behind a dumpster! Truely!

  50. I don’t know how you guys keep doing it – but you make my day, every single day, with these blogs. Love you guys!!

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