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Will Edward change because of Rob?

Dear Rob,

In celebration of Eclipse rehearsals starting this week, I decided to pull out some of the left-over Eclipse-quote RobPorn Zephyersky made us last week. Although these should hardly be called left-over. I saved the best for last. But before I kick us off, I gotta say: The night Zephyersky was helping me out last week, she sent me a list of quotes that Edward says in Eclipse. I swooned.ย  He’s so freakin’ romantic and I gotta break out that book again and remember why it was my favorite my first read-through. You’re gonna do a great job. I hope. If you don’t, I and 10 million hot, angry women are gonna kick your ass, but no pressure.

But then, as I looked at the amazing RobPorn she sent my way, the quotes took on a whole new meaning. It’s like I was reading Edward’s words totally out of context- I even messaged Zephyersky and said, “Was that quote really in Eclipse?” even though I had read the exact quote minutes before. So my question for us to ponder today, is Edward in Eclipse going to take on a whole new meaning for us since you’re playing him and, for lack of a better term, you’re’t.breathe?

Edward is attentive, attractive, sensitive, sweet and romantic. You are hot, sexy, British, shy and awkward. Will Robward in Eclipse be a combination? Hot, sexy, romantic, attentive, possessive, old school American with the occasional British accent slip?

I dunno… All I know is that the following pictures after the jump gives Edward’s words a whole new meaning…




self control




Anxiously awaiting June 2010 (yes already)


If I were a 11 year old boy with a straight-laced father, but had a 11 year old male friend with a father with a little edge to him and that 11 year old friend of mine found his daddy’s secret stash of playboys hidden under the Bible in the bathroom and shared them with me, that would be like what Zephyersky is to me and my RobPorn. She steals her daddy’s stash then brings them to the playground and we look at boobs for the first time under the monkeybars.ย  Seriously. Zephyersky is like an 11 year old male friend who gets you hooked on boobs. She makes the best RobPorn. And writes fanfic- read it! Now!

Will having such a sex-symbol like Rob take away the romanticism of Edward? And just make him…. Sexward!? Discuss.

Then waste your day away on The Forum (where you can find Zephyersky hanging out and thank her for today!)

See what Moon has for us on LTT

More RobPorn



  1. I will never EVER get tired of the Rob/Eclipse porn. Thank god Smeyer is a wordy person and left us with a ton of good quotes to attach to Rob.

    “There are things between my hands right now that I can’t live without. You could take care of them.” Why yes Rob, yes I could, I could take care of them very well…

    I could stare at these all day, and I probably will, what a wonderful way to start of the week.

    I vote that every Monday starts with at least one piece of Rob porn.

    • I like that idea too! except that sometimes it’s not as effective when YOU have to make them yourself, so I vote Zephyersky makes them for me:)

      • UC is that a hint?

  2. Wha? Who’s Edward? .. got distracted by the first photo…

  3. Hilarious! And you are right . RP has probably changed mine and other’s perception of EC, for better or worse… I still love Edward, but now I love Rob too, who is more hot than cold. Edward would NEVER put up those suggestive faces and positions with those quotations, being the chaste if smouldering vampire that he is.

    I will go back and read Eclipse again specifically with Rob in mind and see what happens! Sexual healing or epiphany?

    • I just totally did that…. after reading Edwards’ Eclipse by Vixen1836. I didn’t think it was possible to improve on the Fire and Ice chapter, but this author totally made it 1000 better…. you get to see what Edward and Jacob were thinking (maybe)…check it out.

  4. No, no, no. Seeing Rob play Edward only fuels my fantasies. Eclipse is my fave book(kinda tied with Twilight but Eclipse is more fleshed-out and of course it introduces Edward’s BED).

    I can’twait to see Rob and what’sername reenact some of the scenes from Eclipse.Especially the leg-hitching one.

    • OMG dazzled, I love that leg-hitching scene! That one when he comes back from the hunting trip and Bella was being held “captive” at the Cullen mansion! LOL. Sounds very fanfictiony to me, LOL.

      Eclipse is my favorite of all the books!

      • Yes-LOVE Eclipse.
        Rob, if you ever hitched my leg over yours you’d need a crowbar to get it off.

        • Hahahah! Me too! Crowbar! That’s gonna be one of your sex toys dazzled! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I couldn’t agree with you girls more…the leg hitch actually made me all tingle-y…down there…I read that part more than once LOL! It is sort of fanfiction-y…I am sure that Rob will do an excellent job…can’t say the same for the stuttering-blinking-mess that’s his co-star…whateves he’s going to bring it or like UC said he’ll have about 10 million angry women!! LOL

        • I looove that leg hitch but I always thought it was a little sadistic.Obviously Edward didn’t intend to folllow through-that was just cruel, teasing a girl like that. I wonder why SM wrote that in-it seems out of character for Edward to tease like that when he’s the one who’s always worried about not going too far.

          • I think it was meant to be a teaser! LOL. There was so much sexual tension between them, it’s great!

          • Re: The Leg hitch scene. Yeah, I know what you mean. Its almost like a dry hump.

    bugger new moon, when is eclispe going to be here?

  6. Think I had a mini orgasm looking at the second picture…at work. Thanks for that.


    • lucky!

    • I have to comment on your screen name. I don’t know what the origins are, but I think you’ll find this amusing.

      So, I just spent the week at the Jersey shore (that’s what we call the beach here in New Jersey) with my kids, and there is a huge boardwalk in the town where we stayed, so, of course, the kids had to play all those carnival games that cost like $5 a play and you win a prize that cost 5ยข (made by some kid in China). So, my 8 yr old daughter won an inflatable pink dolphin at one of the games and it hung around in my bedroom all week. We quickly discovered that if you squeeze the dolphin’s fin, it squeaks. And that became the euphemism of the trip – whenever my husband did a good job in the sack, he “made my dolphin squeak.”

      Hope your reason for the name is the same as mine! Everyone loves a good dolphin squeak.

      • LMAO.. PINK DOLPHIN / hurray!

  7. I just need some leg hitching in my life…

    • ooh we forgot that one… although.. it’s not a quote…. hmm.. i bet zephyersky can figure it out!

      • Doesn’t he throw her down in the meadow too and tell her he wants her … “NOW” … that might be hotter than the leg hitch. Almost.

        • um i forget but this sounds AMAZING so yes, let’s pretend he does…

          • I’ve only read Eclipse once… save for the leg hitch part, which I read over and over approx 15 times. Call me a horndog but I so don’t care. They’d better keep that in the movie. Along with that meadow scene (which I don’t really remember but holy hell!).

        • @allryans that part is @ the end of the book. He doesn’t throw her down but slowly rolls Bella over and hovers over her *thud* I love that part!! he is sooo schmexy! Nothing in better than the leg hitch but this is def my second fav part of the book!! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • He does almost give in in that meadow scene at the end of Eclipse! I totally forgot about that. And then she says she’s not ready! I nearly threw the book across the room.

        • Yes, and Bella inexplicably decide to wait-wtf?? That book was one long tease.

      • There had better be leg hitching in the movie. I will walk out if there’s no leg hitching. I read that part whist on our beach (and by “our,” I mean UC’s and mine, of course…we’re honorary Hilton family members, for sure!) and literally could not ascertain if the waves were pounding louder than my heart. There also could’ve been a hurricane brewing, for all I knew…because I was literally so buried in that part of the book that I had no knowledge of the world around me.

        Man…I love Eclipse. After I finish the Sookie books (cause @janetrigs promised me some good times with Eric by the 4th book!) I will reread my beloved Eclipse. Zephyersky can make more porn.

        • @Leigh Anne… They simply cannot leave it out. Cannot. After almost a year, and various readings, this scene still gets me every time. Thousands of women can’t be wrong. This and the tent scene. Someone better make this happen, or it’s not my Eclipse. See how I said, ‘my’, there? I’m in touch with reality like that. xo

          • It’s ok. I call him “my Edward” or “my Robward”. I totally prefer my own personal reality.

        • I know what I’m talkin about. ERIC = FUCKHAWT

          PS I’ll invite everyone to book club when we re-read Eclipse, and we can scrutinize the leg hitch for hours. Just bring the Sangria. Lawyer bitches love Sangria

          • I’m in.

          • I am so in, and I have multiple sangria recipes. I am not a lawyer bitch, but I also love it!!!


          • @janetrigs; True Blood is fangtableous. Eric is a nordic God. (sigh).

            So Sookie and Eric do get it on? whoohoo!

          • I’m in. Only if we include discussion on Eric’s sexiness as well.

    You sure know how to welcome a girl back from her hols……Zephyersky I think I โค you……

    Being out of the loop for 2 weeks {only browsed 3 times} I started to wonder if "IT" was wearing off and whilst was sort of sad there was a part of me that was glad {oldest cougar in town remember and really struggle with Robsten which seems more likey thnaks to moonie-pie}……..
    Then you go and do this post and I'm back to square one again…..
    Good job I like living in a state of constant arousal drooling over a man my sons' age who I will never meet…..reading blogs about him, stalking him on-line and then reading FanFic {that I never knew exsisted} which means real life aka cleaning meeting people face to face no longer happens…
    Thank the Lord for everyone here and for taking me back to the fold…..

    • welcome back! we missed you! x

    • Welcome back bb…was wondering were you had run off to. Hope it was lovely.

  9. O.M.G. 3rd from bottom is totally HOT!…considering where his hands are…*swoon*

    I think that Rob puts his own influences on Edward and makes him, MORE and also definitely more SEXY…
    Looking back throughout the saga, I don’t think that I would be able to live through as many viewings of Twilight as I did if Rob had played Edward EXACTLY as in the book. I mean, Edward was a bit more relaxed and intense at the same time in the book (actually some more humor, too) and the constant skimming his nose and lips across Bella’s jawline and throat and collarbone, and the tender moments they had at their meadow and the other romantic moments in between “Look after my heart. I’ve left it with you” “Be safe”…etc. idk, book Edward, more romance; Robward def more sexy? am i making sense? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. This may be the best porn on earth. The “things between my hands” one? Pure gold.

    Just the other day, I confessed to a fellow fan that I was moving past being anxious for New Moon and I’ve moved on to losing my mind over Eclipse. She thought I was crazy. I’m so happy to see that it’s not just me. Heart you.

    • Honey that’s not crazy as we here all know, New Moon is ‘in the bag’ and on it’s way…we’ve faithfully drooled over every pic-glimpse-sighting-fan obseesed blog that’s out there…
      Remember Me is ‘in the bag’ and we all know how hot and over the top that was..
      And since anticipation is sooooo good…..well Eclipse is next and only a few days away before interweb stalkers aka me! get to cream themselves all over again..
      I lurve all this crazy cause That’s Normal!!!

  11. I have got to say I f-ing love you ladies. Nothing like some sexy Robness to get me through a Monday morning.

  12. “It’s hard and cold and throws rainbows in the sunlight.” —–jewelry, pfffftt, he’s so talking about his sparklepeen!

    LOVE this, it definately makes the fact that it’s a Monday morning a whole lot better!

    • Hi Jena,
      Missed your face and the excellent pics you get least I’ll have a day or two catching up before the ‘new’ stuff gets going…

      • โ™ฅ U!

  13. “You have no idea how loud your little fantasies are. It’s like you’re shouting them at me”

    Huuuuaaaarrrrrrrrrr, if ONLY you knew what we would all like to do with you……grizzly bears, or even a PMT Bella, would seem tame by comparison : )


  14. *phftoiddfnijenoivns;apasnf* That’s my brain kersploding. Every.Single.One of those is beyond ridiculously hot. Brava, Zeph. I am breaking out Eclipse today.

    I hope they make Robward over sexed in Eclipse … it will be a nice balance from the batshit crazy Bella, who loses her mind and keeps running to Jacob and the whole battle stuff, which should be epic.

    Diamond pendant : sparklepeen :: Rob’s bits : Bella’s face ===== BRILLIANCE.

  15. Rob….Edward….potato….potaaahto. Splitting hairs if you ask me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will take either one anyday, anytime. Rob porn makes the work day bearable! Many thanks!

    ps. What the eff was K(beef)Stew wearing to the Teen Choice awards??? Seriously. Just sayin.

    • nails.. i think..

      • I’d wear it…JS. And I’m looking for the shoes right now….cuz, I need those in my life.

        • Her shoes are totally screaming “sex shoes” yeah I need a pair of that…maybe a dozen!

      • She always wears stuff like that….the shoes are awesome! It totally looks like “sex shoes.” We all need a pair or two of that! LOL

        • Ugghh…sorry girls for my double entry! My laptop is acting up.

      • because… that’s the only way she can get nailed?! (ba doom-boom choo!)

    • I loved her outfit last night. It was totally rockin republic can’t you see victoria becks wearing that same thing? I would wear that anyday nikki looked amazing too. Ashleys fashion choices are not my fav usually. She is so friggin beautiful she doesn’t need to try so hard at events. I do love her everyday look tho super casual and cute. I think that’s why it throws me off when she wears friggin painted on super short dresses with zippers in awkward places.

  16. The fifth pic was priceless.
    “There are thing in between my hands that I cant live without. You could take care of them.”

    Kudos, Zephyersky, brilliant job on the Rob Porn.

  17. I can’t even formulate coherent sentences right now… The “things between my hands” one had me laughing hysterically and swooning at the same time – Zephyersky is a genius. GENIUS.

    I will be back to ogle these repeatedly throughout the day. Happy Monday to me.

    P.S. This just reminded me of my love for Eclipse as well. As if the anticipation for this Nov wasn’t bad enough, now THIS…

  18. Zephyersky…you are my hero.

    Those were more porn that ever and I love you for being my supplier.

    “Cold, hard thing”

    Yeah, total win!

  19. I haven’t been able to indulge my obsession for the last week – been on vacation with the family, and I had to share my computer with the rest of them. Like anyone “needs” to play webkinz or read the news on drudge report.

    But what a welcome back!!!! Holy fucking shit! Those pics and those quotes! I am having palpitations. The “things between my hands” one is totally brilliant!

    UC – I also loved Eclipse best. I love that Edward is done “trying to stay away from her” and I love the leg hitch and the entire bedroom scene and the sleeping bag. The story is all plot – it should make a great movie. And I get Bella’s confusion – when I met my husband, I was dating another guy, and it took months to figure out who to choose. When someone is crazy in love with you, it is hard to dump them, even if you love someone else more.

    But anyway, back to the pics and the quotes. I will peruse them again and then go “take things into my own hands” as they say. Happy monday morning to me!

  20. Robward…are you trying to distract me from (as follows)

    a. my life as a whole
    b. my husband
    c. my children
    d. reading actual literature
    e. laundry
    f. grocery shopping
    g. cooking
    (someone save me from myself right about here…)
    h. personal hygiene
    i. going out with ppl I can ‘see’
    j. work…um…HELLO!
    k. cleaning my house
    l. exercising
    m. any other interest whatsoever
    (please someone make me stop)
    n. back to school shopping
    o. gardening
    p. eating breakfast
    q. purging my basement
    r. doing the dishes
    s. returning phone calls
    t. dropping off the drycleaning
    u. picking up the drying
    w. sending bday cards on time
    x. my RL Facebook page
    y. my RL Twitter page
    z. MY REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s working.

    • Amen.

    • Perfect!

    • Hahaha….Amen sister!

    • Did you get a hold of my To Do List! We have the same list!

    • So true. My daughter starts school this week and I am completely unprepared. I was commenting to my huband, “I don’t understand where my head has been…” And then I remembered where my head has been, and shut my mouth.

    • That was brilliant.

    • so sad, so true!

    • why on earth should you have it any better than the rest of us—;)

    • omg, you are hilarious, and SO RIGHT.

    • Yeah, I don’t do any of those things anymore, either…

  21. i just made the first pic my desktop background and work… and apparently i was staring at it with a goofy grin on my face when someone walked and said “you look like you’re looking at porn, you know that, right?”

    and i was

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BWAH! My husband asked me last night, while I was reading some fic, why the hell I was blushing so damn hard.

      • My boyfriend rolls his eyes at me every time I giggle while reading fanfic. He knows. And he knows he will usually benefit.

        • I try and read fanfic when hubby’s not home! He works nights and that’s when I read FF. Toddler’s asleep and who cares if the living room looks like Babies R US exploded and the kitchen is dirty :-).

          Oh and yeah DH benefits too…once he asked me “where is all this energy coming from?” ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I’m the same, I read it while he’s at work, kids at school, and who cares how dusty the piano is, or whether or not the clean socks are matched…?


      • All you had to say was ” come over here hon… and we’ll blush together!!!!”‘

        Must admit I’ve not told anyone in RL about FF but….I’ve shown Hubby a thing or two that I’d never tried before…an old dog can learn new tricks …WORD!!!

      • Fans; I’m curious to know how many husbands/lovers are getting “some” more since you all started getting deep into Twilight and Rob Pattinson?
        It sounds like he’s a catalyst. (I’m sure if he knew he’d be honored).

        In fact, if this is the case, MTV should hand out another award and title it
        “The husbands and Lovers -I thank you award” -given out in honor to the man who’s helped my sex life more than viagra .

        • LOL…totally! Rob is an inspiration in the bedroom!

        • Robert Pattinson… getting husbands laid since 2008

          • heart this LONG TIME

          • Need that on a t-shirt.


  22. I think Rob is perfect for Edward, because Edward IS sexy!! The above mentioned leg hitch and meadow scene alone, not to mention what we have in store for us in Breaking Dawn!! And lets not forget Bella tries to jump his bones any chance she gets!

    • I just had to let you know that I adore your user name, and hear Rob saying it every time I see it here. Lucky me!

      • Thanks, Katie!

  23. I think my computer just timed out from all the sexiness.

    I am LOVING number 4 # which sums up the entire point of the speculation of the post for me. Its Rob saying ” I am not a stuffy romantic vamp-boy with a cold_____. I will ravage you right now, no regrets.”

    The funny thing that I just realized is that Rob is always playing these ” I cannot have sex with you” characters. Think about it.

    Daniel Gale: my ultimate fav Rob and so Hot, but total “it will take me at least ten times to last more than twenty seconds” virgin

    Cedric Diggory: again. total virg. and i am pretty certain that sex in Hogwarts is strictly prohibited by the Ministry of Magic

    Toby Jugg: hey you tell me if you saw the slightest hint of his ‘haunted airman’ in the tub scene…

    Salvador Dali: plenty o’ swordfights but seems he’d rather tuck it than use it.
    and finally,

    Edward Cullen: super hot vampire and most eligible bachelor since Mr. Darcy who will eventually do you (but not until the wedding night) and then spend the rest of your honeymoon apologizing for doing you.

    All I am saying is:

    Edward: “Oh my god i cannot believe that i did not have enough self control. How can I ever forgive myself for making sweet love to you! I promise that it will never happen again.”


    Robporn Rob: “Wow, I didn’t think that there was actually room in this tiny lift to do everything that we just did. You’re a really talented young woman..Glad that all of my tugging your hair and loudly moaning your name didn’t distract you from enjoying those nine orgasms i just gave you.” “What’s that you said?” “Well, I am quite fond of even numbers myself…”

    I’m just saying.

    • Robporn Rob: โ€œWow, I didnโ€™t think that there was actually room in this tiny lift to do everything that we just did. Youโ€™re a really talented young woman..Glad that all of my tugging your hair and loudly moaning your name didnโ€™t distract you from enjoying those nine orgasms i just gave you.โ€ โ€œWhatโ€™s that you said?โ€ โ€œWell, I am quite fond of even numbers myselfโ€ฆโ€

      Whoo! Sign me up for some of THAT!

      • Oh yeah- sign me up for some of that too !! In a lift? that’s even less room than behind a dumpster.

    • Haha you are sooo right! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Cedric Diggory: again. total virg. and i am pretty certain that sex in Hogwarts is strictly prohibited by the Ministry of Magic

      Bril! just amazing cuz it probably is…

    • I would have given this twenty thumbs up if my computer would let me. Sooooo funny.

  24. That’s the best Robward porn ever, subtle, and not in-your-face. Well, most of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s so LTR.

    • I like it when Rob’s porn is right in-my-face.

      • Yeah, me too!

  25. Best RobPorn yet – they just keep getting better.

    There is going to be a store section on here soon right? you know where we can order laminated copies of our PattinsonPorn book?

    Zeph I know you’re up for it!

    • Yep Pixiechick and I are all over that. Laminated bedside RobPorn coming to a Barnes & Nobel near you.

  26. Well I just got back from a horrible doctor’s appt. Rob’s pictures are just enough to make me smile.

    Rob adds a dimension to Edward’s character like no one else can. He’s so perfect for this job! I actually like Rob as Rob…you know, messy hair, wearing the same ratty looking clothes all the time, the Nikes….the works. :-).

    The 5th picture is my favorite….I had it on my desktop(laptop) and DH said Rob looks like he’s whacking off in the photo! Haha. Anyway, that pic is so hot…very bad boyish which of course most of us hot-blooded females go for!

    • Whacking off is fine by me and far preferable to doing that “stuttering, blinking mess” (as KrazyKidd put it).

      May I watch, Rob? Or help, whatever you prefer. I’m easy.

      • OMG dazzled2death you are so naughty!!!!

        • Naughty but nice…….

          Do you have to be English of a ‘certain age’ to get this comment?

          • Ruby….LOL!

      • “I’m easy.”

        Hahahah! Oh, I think we all might appear to be easy.

      • @ dazzledtodeath;
        YOU are a saucy wench for that remark!

    • hey southernbelle – Speaking of Rob’s shiteous Nikes, it was funny, I was watching the Teen Choice Awards and I made a comment to my son and daughter about how I wished that Rob would’ve worn his boots instead of those nikes. I said that it seems like he’s had them forever. And my son says to me, but I really like those nikes, I wish I had a pair of them. LOL Just thought I’d share that.

  27. OMG. Zeph, these are BRILLIANT! And thank you for the peen pic…lol

    and the fantasies one, absolutely perfect pic for that quote.

  28. Zeph = Genius!

  29. Rob Porn! Yeah! Now all we need is some cupcakes and the day is saved!

  30. This post is major sex on a stick! If any of these quotes make it into the movie I might lay down & die! **love**

  31. Zephyersky…I think I love you. I’m going right after I make my comment to read your ff, b/c if this Robporn is any indication of your talents….

    These are all so awesome, that I can’t decide my favorite. I don’t know about you ladies, but Robporn #2 up there seems like my type of man. And I’ll be totally fine if Edward changes b/c of Rob. More sexy = happy Holly.

  32. it.
    In the second picture. Who is saying “I’ll take care of you” robward to bella or creepy lunker Nick F. To rob?

  33. “Will Robward in Eclipse be a combination? Hot, sexy, romantic, attentive, possessive, old school American with the occasional British accent slip?”

    This is what I’m hoping for!!!

  34. Nothing funny to say except that ZephyerSky is Cool and is the best 11 year old boy ever.

    PS DRUNK ROB PORN purty please!

    • @Janetrigs….maybe you should make Zephyer’s FF your first…srsly!

      • Where can I find her ff?

        • Katie UC linked it above.

          • Oops, sorry! You have to understand that I may have been distracted (for obvious reasons!). Blame Rob. Or blame Summit.

            Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Hahahaha!! “Things between my hands…you could take care of them”


  36. I may or may not be getting barely any work done because I keep coming back here to look at this RobPorn.

    This is post is simultaneously ruining and enhancing my Monday.

    • I hear ya! This whole Twilight thing is simultaneously ruining and enhancing my entire life.

  37. I โค Eclipse Edward! That is all!

  38. SUPERB! finest Robporn to start the week—can ponder rainbows in the sunlight & things to take care of—the image that stays, though, is the elegant Rob with a dangerous edgy stare straight from hell—more porn, ZephyerSky—more porn, UC—more—more—more—<3

  39. ZEPHERSKY, you totally rule.

    I really have nothing to follow up with, you just totally rule!!!

    Thanks for that today!

  40. Of all the books Eclipse is my absolute Favorite!!! I am just worried that the director they have picked, although great in certain genres, may miss the whole point of the book…you know….the hawtness! The leg hitch, the tent scene….I don’t want some scary creepy music playing in the background. I am worried! This movie will make or break it for me, there are just so many scenes that I love *sigh*

    PS Zephersky…I love you and your porn stash you can come to my playground anytime ๐Ÿ˜‰ !!!

    • I will riot in the streets if Slade doesn’t BRING ON THE SEXWARD.

  41. Oh.. Who knew those quotes could be so.. satisfying? Well. Eclipse will never be the same for me. And I’m perfectly happy with that!

  42. I think I prefer what appears to be the real Rob over Edward.

  43. “Sexward”
    Call me a pervert, [which I am] but I wouldnt really mind at all if we got ‘Sexward’ instead!
    And my favorite picture is the 5th one but the last one and the 2nd one come in close! Especially the second.
    Oh Robert, your eyes, your lips, your face, YOU makes my heart race like a cross country marathon runner with asthma! [& I know what that feels like]

  44. Question for all the Twilight mythologists out their; re: vampire hickey’s.

    Does Edward ever give Bella a hickey (a bruise left on the skin caused by prolonged sucking of the mouth). I would think Edward would leave hickey’s? I mean, dosent he kind of lick and suck on Bella (a lot?)

    Why didnt Meyers mention this? or did she? (or is to too pornographic). I must have missed something here.

    • He totally hickey’d Bella all over in Breaking Dawn…some of ‘those’ bruises were caused by mouth surely? {hopefully..yeah I read FF}….

      • I didnt realize what Horndog Edward was in that book.

        So would you say that Breaking Dawn had more “heat” than the other Steffy Meyers books?

    • Hmmm..let’s really delve into this. Leaving a hickey would bring her blood to the surface, possibly breaking the small blood vessels if he got carried away. Wouldn’t this make it more difficult for him not to bite her?

      Eh..If you can believe his dead, 100+ year old sperm could get her pregnant, I guess anything’s possible.

      I have a number of questions about the physical aspect of their relationship, being that he’s dead and all, but I guess suspension of belief is what ‘s really important here, not scientific principle.

      • Yeah.. another thing… whats the deal about 100 year old sperm working?? (there’s a michael jackson joke in their somewhere).. .. that’s a stretch eh?

        ok, ok, I’ll put my pragmatic brain away, and turn the cruise control nob on lust and fantasy and just let it be.

    • I just read BD again and got hot reading the scene where Edward changes Bella, biting and then licking the wounds to seal the venom in. Never hit me before, but I re-read it like eight times.

      • I love that part! Wasn’t Bella naked there too? ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I was reading that yesterday. Same thoughts.

  46. “I will take care of you”

    Bwwahahahahaha…. DIED…

  47. Robporn yum. My stomach hurts. “I will take care of you” I need some air…

  48. LOTN??

    • Hey hey! yes….

      • Hola! How’s it going??

        Personally, I have a killer headache that won’t go away. I’ve taken medicine, but it’s not helping ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        • Oh no. Only two things help me when I get one of those: Excedrin EX (@) and having my neck rubbed to cut through the tension.

          • I don’t have any Excedrin ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m trying to drink some water and hope it’s due to dehydration.

          • I’m sorry.

          • Aww..thanks!

  49. So are you still reading Inked? How is it?

    • Yes I’ve been at it most of the day. Not quite half way. One thing is that it is supposed to be kind of a fluff piece–not a lot of angst. Once they’ve gotten together it’s FULL of lemons. Nice change. There’s a lot of mj involved and Jack Daniels. They both think they aren’t capable of sustaining a relationship but they can’t stay away from each other. It’s sweet and very sexy. Tension with the parents for both of them.

      • AWWWW!!! I can’t wait! I just started House of Cards today. I’m not very far into it.

        • That’s good. Someday I’ll read that set. I just couldn’t face it last time I started it. lol

          • I understand that. It’s pretty “hardcore” lol

  50. I made a run up to the location for the show on Wednesday. It’s called the Hi-Dive and it REALLY is! lol Very sad looking place. There is another show going on the same night. I have no idea how many people it will hold.

    • I thought the same thing about the place they played in Austin. It wasn’t bad at all though. And they were the only two that played that night. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

      • It sounds like these are the types of places that they are playing at all along the tour. The restaurant I had chosen has moved 4 blocks away so I’m glad I checked! Parking shouldn’t be a problem. Still don’t know which hotel though so I can’t be sure about the timing.

        • I’ve found that these small places have good drinks! Something to keep in mind ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m glad you checked on the restaurant too! It could’ve been fun trying to find it though! lol I haven’t heard anything about the hotel either.

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