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Roblosophy – The Rob Pattinson Fandom, a Double Edge Sword?

2005photoshootbeanieDear Rob,

I was going through videos the other day and stopped by one of our most favorite vidmakers Biel and as I was watching one of her creations I was reading the sidebar description that she wrote and it made me a bit wistful and reflective… she says:

“When I started making this vid I  selected some of my favorite Robert funny moments; but, I don’t know why, yesterday I decided to change the former song and keep up editing with Thinking About You (in my opinion, a devastatingly beautiful song about an impossible love and all the feelings that the loved one will never hear from our mouth). Then I unconsciously began to include other clips… the type of scenes that had caused me a sort of disturbing -even sad- feelings. The result is a video sometimes funny, sometimes bitter-sweet…”

And it got me thinking about this whole thing and how most of us will never meet you and will never really be able to share all the things you’ve done to and for us just by BEING. Both UC and I have heard countless stories from readers and friends and acquaintances and even have our own about how you and the Twilight series made their lives better if even just for a few short moments every day. And maybe I’m a gushy person but I think you should know those things. You should know that you have made a difference in people’s lives just by being.

robusweeklyouttakeAnd of course that snowballed into thinking about how that must make you feel. It seems like a bit of a burden and a job to know that you influence people and their lives that you’ve never even met. That people’s entire image of you is portrayed through the media and may never really know YOU. As Marty McFly would say: “Heavy.”

Now I’m sure you’ve probably never thought about this cause you’re a boy and you’re too busy smoking and reading whatever random novel Amazon sent you this week to care. And that’s probably a good thing, cause I’d need a Valium if people thought of me the way they think of you.

Keep on keepin’ on!

PS Follow the cut to see the video that inspired this post

So what do YOU think? Has he/Twilight affected your life for the better? How do you think knowing all these stories would affect him? Should be know?

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Video by the radical Biel!


  1. Wow. Great post, great video, great song. Now I feel a little sad.

    That said, feeling sad is sometimes part of having all these crazy, mixed-up feelings for this man, at least for me. Infatuation? Love? Lust? I (sort of)jokingly call it an obsession-it has taken over my life in a way,but I’m not completely delusional. I know I’ll probably never meet him and certainly will never be in a relationship with him, and yes, call me crazy, but sometimes this knowledge hits me and I fell frustrated and sad. Why?
    I have an amazing husband , a generally happy life-damn you, Rob, for making me feel like something’s missing. You.

    But that’s just part of this whole thing. I love the world SM created, I love losing myself in it and (mostly) enjoy lusting after Rob like a hormonal 16 year old. Even if I don’t really understand it.

    Sorry for rambling-your post got me feeling all philosophical, Moon.

    • That’s what Roblosophy day is for love…. you did well

      • Here, Here.

    • Reading all the posts and replies and talking about it made me realize several things:

      Life has been hard in these United States for awhile now, and I think that gets to our psyche. Reading the books made me very happy and I think gave me hope. Seeing the movie (now 36 times!) encouraged me to believe that there is good out there and there are good times to be had. It didn’t hurt that he was so easy and yummy to look at – but – just the feeling that “Yes, I can have a better life” that it inspired.

      Actually, a lot of self examination took place for me after that, and since February I’ve lost more than 150 pounds, without surgery!! I plan to do a lot of things in the future, especially travel, and Forks is one of the first destinations!

      Keep on keeping on!!

      • OMG lisa congratulations on the lose and continued success!

        loved your comment!

      • Lisa – I completely agree with you about Twilight and Rob lifting up our spirits! Everything about Twilight is so POSITIVE and puts a smile on your face. I think that’s why so many people love the story because it gives you hope. I remember Stephenie saying it was her objective to make Edward an optimist by the end of the series – and she succeeded. He did believe love conquers all and that even he deserved a happily ever after.

        I lost my job some months back and wasn’t feeling so great. My friend (also laid off from the same company) recommended I read the series and I’m so glad she did. It’s really made me much more of a hopeful person, less of a cynic, and much much much more open-minded. I try not to ridicule anything I know nothing about. I will admit I was skeptical about Twilight before reading it but I trusted a friend’s advice and now I’m so happy to share and discuss the Twilight world with all you fine people.

        Rob is a sweetheart – that video made me just love him even more. I’m like the Grinch when his heart grows two sizes larger. I always think I couldn’t adore him more, and then it happens.

        Love the post, Love the comments, Keep em coming!

      • I am doing the same thing! OMG life changing,hasn’t it been? I am recapturing my former self, too!

    • i know dazzeled, he does that to us! gets us all thinking a lot!

    • Ohhh,I so feel the same way. A little sad, definitely dazzled at my response to this man that I will never meet. And amazed at the power of my own passion, I haven’t felt this alive in 12 years. I don’t understand it, but I am running with it because it is making every other aspect of my life better and much brighter than it has been in a long time. I am hanging on tight to my fantasy/obsession, even on those days,like earlier today when they announced Rob as #1 Sexiest Man Alive (and I was jealous of all the women he will eventually be with). How wonderfully absured. I am embracing my lust and finding that it is one of the best aspects of my self.
      Thanks for being here LTR.I would be lost without u and Rob

    • Feel a little sad too. But it is really,really good to know all u lovely ladies are out there feeling the same way.

  2. I agree completely with you! I’ve been in the fandom for almost a year now (after that fateful first EW article), and my what a year it’s been! I was living a rather dull life before. All work and no play makes Amy very…tired (to say the least). And then *poof* – I have something that makes me feel young again (not that I’m an old fogey or anything…36 is the new 26, right?).

    I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to RP. He makes my days a little brighter. He gives me and my friends something to fangirl over, he’s the one I picture in every fanfic I read, I love he doesn’t dress himself very well (it’s the musician in him), and he’s the reason I set thru Twilight at the theater 8 times!

    So he’s definitely given us so much, and I’d like him to know that, but if I were him I’d keep doing what I’m doing and try not to let it all get to me. And I’d already be on the valium!

    • Rob and Twilight have definitely brightened my days. I agree with the feeling younger part. After reading the Twilight series I was just floored at how emotionally invested I’d become in the books. Let’s face it, they’re not exactly high literature-I couldn’t figure out what it was that made me love them so much. I think it’s the “first love” aspect-it brought back every feeling I had the first time I fell in love ( I’m married to him btw)-it was so amazing to relive that through Bella and Edward. I loved watching B&E learning about each other, figuring out how to be together-it’s why Twilight is my favorite in the series. I loved watching them fall in love.
      As for Rob- it’s indefinable, it’s so many things. If he could bottle it and sell it he’d make a fortune.

      • I’m married to my first love, too! That’s exactly how I felt. I related a lot of E&B’s story to my own (well, except for the bloodlust). I’ve been w/my better half since I was 14 years old – that’s 22 years now. It was so fun to be able to go thru the emotions of falling in love all over again (since it’s been so damn long since it was new!). It kinda help rekindle some stuff (ifyouknowwhati’msayin’).

      • The first love part reminded me of my husband too. It was the piano scene in the movie and then the book, brought back a memory I had completely forgotten, so I’m really grateful for that.

    • Oh…and let me say, not only do we owe RP and big thank you for how he’s affected our lives, but also to folks like UC and Moon, and help bring us our daily dose of Rob. The fandom would definitely be lost with you two gals and your dedication to the cause!!

      • aww.. thanks

        • Agree! This blog is like my caffeine in the morning. It’s where I can be myself and not worry about being judged and of course where I can dream a little about Rob. Thanks!

      • AWWWWW you guys!! group hug!

  3. Both Twilight and Rob have made a difference in my life. Twiight came along for me when I desperately needed a distraction. And it worked. I was able to escape into those four books for 10 days or so. Once I had torn through those I was frustrated and sad because I was back to thinking about my life. Until a friend of mine gave me a few links to youtube videos of Rob and said ‘Watch these when you’re sad’. And it worked. Rob was the first person to make me laugh in months. For a long time he was the ONLY person who could make me laugh. He would probably be completely freaked out if he knew that he pulled me out of a very deep depression, but I also hope that he’d feel good about it.

    • @JodieO – I can really relate to that. He did bring us laughter and joy.

    • Agreed. Rob and Twilight was the perfect distraction in my life when I craved it most. Granted, my family became a little concerned about my new “obsession”, but oh well. Makes me smile, who cares! 😉

      • ‘Granted, my family became a little concerned about my new “obsession”

        Don’t worry, that’s normal. And it’s just Summit’s fault.

        • Right. That’s Normal and we always blame our problems on Summit!

          • Did you know that Summit caused world poverty? True story. I know myself and my fellow fans are in or near debt because of all the crappy merchandising.

    • Absolutely! Perfect distraction when I found him, and still my preferred distraction.

    • @ Jodi

      From the character Tyler/Rob in “Remember me”….

      “Every life has a meaning… whether
      it lasts one hundred years or one
      hundred seconds… Every life…And every death… changes the world in its own way…
      Ghandi knew this. He knew his life
      would mean something to someone,
      somewhere, somehow. And he knew
      with as much certainty that he
      could never know that meaning…
      He understood that enjoying life
      should be of much greater concern
      then understanding it. And so do I”

  4. Roblosophy is “heavy” today. I don’t know how whether I want him to know about all of these. That boy has lot of things in life right now, he’s doing best, he’s being true to himself, keeping himself grounded and in the words of Robert Pattinson “trying not to drown” in [am I right about the quote, if not then i am sorry].

    I know he will be immensely humbled by all of these but it may or may not make him a bit worried..I don’t know. But its true he does brings us joy, laughter and so on , just being himself. All I want him is to be happy, content, safe, protected and loved..have anything he wants.

    • I hope Rob wouldn’t be worried about the way(most) people feel about him. Yes there are those who take things too far but I don’t think that’s what it’s about here.

      Unfortunately you can’t help the way you feel about someone. I don’t know that I’d choose to be so “acutely fond” of Rob given the choice-but it is what it is and this is a great place to vent all those feelings.

      I wish nothing but the best for Rob and am happily Robsessed. In a good way, of course.

      • I heart you! And you are right..duh. It is a great place to vent our feelings.

        Oh I heart Rob too.

    • I think that too – I hope so much that his career flourishes with good roles that make people (and not just 12 year olds) stand up and say, wow this guy is really talented. That he will have a long-lasting respected and respectable career. That he doesn’t fall where so many have before him. That he breaks free of his self-described fear/paranoia of singing again. I’ve hardly ever heard singing that raw before and it gives me shivers each time I hear it. And he is humble – you can see it on his face each time he’s being attacked – it’s like his eyes say “really? for me? well that’s nice!”. I could go on and on about how I “feel” about him and how I’m nervous as crap to be living so close to filming and having the possibility of seeing this dream-man in person while awake, but for now I’ll end with this: Beautiful Rob is amazing. Nuff said. 🙂

      • well said. *really? living close to near yet so far*

  5. Moon..your post today is great! I’m a closet Robsessed. There are only two other people that know my obsession with Rob but you’ve inspired me to talk. Rob and the Twilight books sparked my “Mid-Life” crisis (Turning 45 in a couple of weeks). Much to my surprise in a good way.

    Me Before Rob & Twilight: I’ve been divorced for 14 years and had found myself sitting at home doing nothing but watching TV and stuffing my face, of course, getting bigger and bigger all the time. People at work saw me as moody, bitchy, and just plain mean. I had acquired the nick name of “crusty”. I hadn’t been out on a date in 3 or 4 years. I barely even saw another human being on weekends because I just stayed stuck in the house.

    I started reading the Twilight books which by the way just happened by chance. My co-worker had it lying on her desk and I borrowed it. I hadn’t read any book in ages but while reading this one something inside me began to change. Then the thing that threw me over the edge was Rob’s interview videos. I just couldn’t get enough of them.

    Me After Rob & Twilight: People began to see a change in my appearance and attitude right away. For some strange reason I was much happier. I’ve lost 51 lbs since June 1 and I’m actually going out now. I’m planning trips across country, exercising, going to bars with friends, and talking to people on the Internet. I’ve reconnected with old high school friends and people at work no longer call me “Crusty”. My new nick name is “Slim”. Just yesterday as I was walking out of my office to go to lunch, the Executive VP of my company, who by the way doesn’t know me from Adam, stopped in mid-sentence (he was talking to some business men) just to say a gleeful “Well hello there” (was he flirting??). I said “Hello” and kept on my way but my ego and self-esteem was flying high. I believe I actually floated to the car!

    I know this is long and I’m so sorry for that but the bottom line is: I truly believe that because of Rob my self esteem has been improved which has improved all other aspects of my life. I would never be able to explain this to anyone because I don’t understand it myself….I’m just grateful for it.

    I don’t think I would ever want Rob to know. I believe it’s a lot of pressure on one person to know they have influenced so many people basically by doing nothing but being themselves.

    • @Barb – I love your post today. I am so happy for you.

      • Thanks so much Maygirlg! I felt a little pathetic after posting it but it’s the truth and I’m all about the truth these days.

    • If I could I would hit the thumbs up for like 51 times for this. =)

    • Barb, I completely relate to your post. And God – I fogot about the interview videos. That’s how I made it thru some of my days, because I knew when I got home I’d have about an hour of listening to the man talk, and get to see a glimpse into who he is. He’s just adorable, and humble, and true to himself. That’s saying a lot these days.

      Congratulations on all you have accomplished! I will use your story of transformation as inspiration for my own.

      • “He’s just adorable, and humble, and true to himself” – So true Amy…so true.

        Oh I heart Rob so bad.

    • I just felt chills reading your post, because I know what you mean. I stopped taking life too seriously and learned to enjoy this moment. With that I started feeling better about myself and taking better care of myself. I have lost 75 lbs since Jan. A happier me made for a happier marriage. I can’t really explain it either.

    • Barb — I was already feeling a little misty and gushy from Moon’s post and the video, and your post sent me over the edge. I think stories like yours are what makes all this obsessing NOT insane (or pathetic) but completely normal!! Thanks so much for your candidness today, and yay for you!


    • Awww Barb. I’m really happy for you!

    • i got goosebumps Barb!

    • Barb, you are brave, honest, and I ❤ You! I may have cried just a little, but only because you were putting it out there…and it was inspiring. Cheering you on, and relating. You are awesomeness! xo

    • Wow Barb!!! amazing!!!

    • Effing awesome! Glad to see it’s helped you…Now I feel NORMAL knowing its helped someone else who’s been down and our. Currently going through the divorce now, SUCKS….but Twi, RP and all my friends have helped.

    • HUGS BARB!!! thank you SOOO much for sharing!!!!!!!!! you are inspiring and encouraging just like rp himself!

  6. I think Rob IS freaked out by people who want to be bitten, feel they have a right to touch him, etc. It surely is a burden to know that strangers have such strong feelings for him and a desire to (metaphorically) have a piece of him. He wants to give back to the fans but , of course, can’t satisfy everyone.

    Hopefully he knows how much he means to his (normal) fans and feels good about it.

  7. Should he know that he needs to be my friend? Well…duh…clearly, he’s my people.

  8. @dazzledtodeath – your second post.

    I hope he knows how much he means to his normal fans. But sometimes people forget about boundaries and personal space. Just because he is famous now doesn’t mean he have to endure the fans who cross their line. Not just people, the papps..they just cross every line there is.

    • Agreed. I don’t think anyone should feel it’s their right to touch him in any way, chase him or be intrusive-interrupting him at dinner, sticking a camera in his face, etc. The papparazzi make me sick-they have no respect for him (or anyone) as a human being. I actually saw a pap video where the guy was asking him (as he took photos) “so how’s it feel to be papped(or stalked, something like that)”. I don’t know how they go to sleep at night-they’re such assholes.

      So, no, lunatics and paparrazzi don’t count as normal fans. I meant people who are respectful and only want to worship from afar. Or up close, as long as its done in a respectful and non-intrusive manner. I think Rob has shown he doesn’t mind being approached appropriately by respectful fans.

  9. It’s so strange. I think, normally, I wouldn’t be this attracted to Rob. It goes without saying that he’s very good looking, but I never used to oggle any man like I oggle him. It’s a bit more than that though – I feel so sad for him when he gets hounded by fans and photogs. Granted, it’s part of his job, but this guy seems to be under an extreme amount of pressure.

    His obvious vulnerability makes me want to both protect him and bang him. That might make me a bad person… I’m not sure. 😉

    • It makes you normal!

    • no, no that is absolutely NORMAL. I’d be worried if you didn’t feel this way.

    • Completely normal. This is always how I’ve felt about him.

      • I ❤ you girls to pieces. And that's totally normal!

    • Katie- I think you are spot on!

  10. The fact you quoted Marty McFly totally made my day.

    “1.21 gigawatts? 1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!” – Dr. Brown

    “What-what the hell is a gigawatt?” – Marty McFly


    “Let’s see if you bastards can do 90!” – Marty McFly (being chased by terrorists)

    and this one

    “There’s that word again; “heavy”. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth’s gravitational pull?” – Dr. Brown upon meeting Marty.

  11. To me, Rob seems like such a laid back, easy going, simple kind of guy, that I feel like this sort of thing could really freak him out. The thing I love about him (and can SO relate to), is that he often doesn’t know what to say because he doesn’t think he’s that interesting. It’s the reason behind his 2 minutes of stuttering “eh” and “I dunno” before he answers just about every question in an interview (and the constant giggling which makes me melt!). Knowing that you impact the lives of people everywhere is a lot of pressure for someone like that…

    And yes, I think he (and Twilight) have made a positive impact in my life. Not quite as drastic as some (i.e. Barb above – what a story!!). But he makes me feel like a giggly teenager with a schoolgirl crush all over again. It’s definitely a bit of a bummer to have a crush on someone who doesn’t even know you’re alive (not that I would have a shot in hell with him if he DID know), but I just have to laugh at myself for being so ridiculous and go back to swooning over his pictures.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading your blogs for a while now but this is my first time commenting… A very nice post!

    • heyyyyyBrother.

      love it….
      we got your email yesterday.. and i was excited to see your first AD reference:) I say that to my bro in law all the time.

      LOVE IT.. Thanks for commenting


    • @ Heyyybrother –

      Remember; “Bros before Hoe’s” (think of us as your “Bros” ).


  12. Awww, see, he needs to know there are fans out there that have appreciation for him and the whole cast and the films/books that has meaning. And that we’re not all just screaming girls that do just that, stand and scream and nothing else, LOL!
    I think it would give him warm fuzzies to know how many friendships have been formed because of him. I ♥ this blog and everyone in it!

    • ❤ you too!

    • xo

    • I saw someone jogging yesterday in a shirt that said, (I forget exactly) “somethingsomethingsomething JENA” and totally thought of you.


      • IT WAS ME!!!!!!!!!!!

        J/K! LMAO! That’s hilar!

  13. I had also “lost” part of myself in the seriousness that is life, but Robward and Twilight helped me out of it. Maybe this is “heavy or deep” but life happens for some unknown reason. I just hope Rob keeps on being true to himself.

  14. Great Post Moon. That video makes me want to wrap Rob up in my arms and rock him like a baby. Fame is definitely a double-edged sword. I feel really bad for him when it comes to the crazy fangirls but then there are sites like this with normal fans who (hopefully) wouldn’t scream in his face if they saw him.

    Reading LTT and LTR is a highlight of my morning and not only has Rob helped people personally, I know from reading this site daily that he brings people together and makes friendships happen – as evidenced by UC and Moon and the Quad. So what will Rob tackle next? World Peace?

    • send him over to the middle east, let’s get this done!

  15. Thanks Moon for the wonderful post and Biel for the great video.

    I do feel bittersweet about Rob. Twilight and Rob came into my life when I was feeling bogged down by the storms of life(finances, health problems). I was in the gutters. Reading it and seeing him gave me a better perspective on life. I’ve never felt this way about anyone especially someone I’ve never even met. I think I needed a massive distraction that time….well Rob is my beautiful distraction.

    I’m sad that he will probably never know how much he means to me(sounds so sappy, sorry). I’m happily married with a child but still feels like something is amiss. I know this sounds completely insane but I’m being totally honest. I feel like Eponine in Les Miserables. “Without me, his world, will go on turning. A world that’s full of happiness that I have never known.”

    • I could’ve written those words. I’m not ashamed to say that Twilight and Rob definitely fill a void. I too have a wonderful family but sometimes you need a little more. I’m at a point where I’m sort of examining my life, and Twilight and Rob are a welcome distraction when real life feels a little too heavy.

      Your words completely capture my feelings about Rob. I’ve never had these kinds of feelings least not since I was a teenager. In a way it’s exhilarating but a little depressing to know that nothing will ever come of it.

      It makes me feel better to know I’m not alone and I hope it does you, too, southernbelle. I think I’d be a basket case without LTR.

      You’ve hit a nerve with this post, Moon. I have never posted so many times in a day.

    • Since we are all sappy today, I took the liberty of posting this since I mentioned it in my previous post. I’ve loved this song since I was little and always knew it was meant for someone. Enjoy.

      Eponine/ On my Own from Les Miserables

      And now I’m alone alone at night
      Nowhere to turn nowhere to go to
      Without a home without a friend
      Without a face to say hello to
      And now the night is near
      And I can make believe he’s here

      Sometimes I walk alone at night
      When everybody else is sleeping
      I think of him and then I’m happy
      With the company I’m keeping
      The city goes to bed
      And I can live inside my head.

      On my own
      Pretending he’s beside me
      All alone, I walk with him till morning
      Without him
      I feel his arms around me
      And when I lose my way I close my eyes
      And he has found me

      In the rain the pavement shines like silver
      All the lights are misty in the river
      In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
      And all I see is him and me for ever and forever

      And I know it’s only in my mind
      That I’m talking to myself and not to him
      And although I know that he is blind
      Still I say, there’s a way for us

      I love him
      But when the night is over
      He is gone, the river’s just a river
      Without him the world around me changes
      The trees are bare and everywhere
      The streets are full of strangers

      I love him
      But every day I’m learning
      All my life I’ve only been pretending
      Without me his world will go on turning
      A world that’s full of happiness
      That I have never known!

      I love him
      I love him
      I love him
      But only on my own

      • Stop, please..I’m going to cry. Seriously this post is so emotional… please post something completely ridiculous and hilarious tomorrow, Moon.

        I think we need to form local LTR groups so we can get together and DRINK while we get all gushy over Rob.. really this kind of stuff calls for alcohol and hugs.

        • Agreed.

          • Yeah I agree. I want to meet some of you all for coffee and we can all dish out our Robsessions.

        • I’m in….

          • I’m in as well. Anyone in New England? Anyone actually an old man in his undies?

          • I’m in southern CT. Mourning Rob leaving NY.Don’t ask me why but it was nice knowing he was relatively nearby. Nuts.

          • @dazzledtodeath, I totally agree. It was kind of neat to have him closer. (I’m in MA). Which makes me feel nuts. But it’s actaully normal.

          • Vermont

          • I’m in Louisville, KY….just let me know. Anyone from the Kentuckiana area?

          • I feel a possible East Side get-together over booze…

      • I did a lyrical dance to this in a recital in High School…it was sung by my dance teacher right after her divorce…there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

        • Sassy, oh I can imagine. This song makes me cry everytime.

      • Aww..I really love the lyrics. Thanks southernbelle

  16. I lurve when Moon gets gushy and Roblisophical on us…..and that’s a great video, too! 🙂

    I’m also conflicted that I think it would be very overwhelming and way heavy for Rob to know how MANY people he has affected. I mean, if he knew a few people’s stories, how they made BFFs online thru blogs about him, made major life changes after watching Twilight interview videos, that might be interesting to him. But the VOLUME of people with stories like that….hundreds?….thousands? That seems like it could be too much. But I would be willing to use my wizened years to help him work through it all….

    • gush is my kryptonite!

  17. Rob has not changed my life at all.

    It’s not like a started a blog, have a folder on my laptop with photos better organized then my kids, that I nearly faint when I first catch sight of his BFF, that I have Google Alerts set up for him or that I have been working with my DH to get him to have a hairstyle similar to Rob.

    Nope, no affect at all. None. Not even a little bit.

  18. That made me sad, but good sad…thought provoking, contemplative and curious sad.
    Beautiful video, and we’ve all seen our fair share.

    I should know better. Period. I’m thirty-eight, married, with children, in a place in my life where all of this should be and IS nonsense. A few good stories, a young actor…a complete stranger. And online friends I didn’t know existed until early this year.

    HOWEVER…I am, without a doubt owned by the Twilight series, privately, yet thoroughly claimed. And Rob Pattinson, well…that’s more difficult to define. But I’ve got it bad, and I’m very grateful to be able to say that ‘out loud’ to whomever is listening. I was just thinking yesterday how much time and energy I invest into this, whatever it is…and it sort of ticked me off. I mean, there are many other things, pursuits, thoughts….work I could be focusing on. But the reality of my (our) 🙂 situation IS…something struck a chord, and it appears to be rather poignant. I’m done trying to figure it out. I love the varied people I chat with here on LTR/LTT, Twitter, etc.. It is a fortuitous extension of this passion for me.

    Rob seems to be a unique, and quirky person. I get quirky. I hope he lives up to his fullest potential, and I don’t mean his movie career or celebrity. I REALLY like this guy. Srsly. Glad he’s around. If I could narrow it down to one sentence, I’d say he’s an accidental motivator.
    God bless him. Hope he can last the distance and be happy. That’s what we all want after all.

    • We ALL should know better:). But can something that brings so much joy into our lives be that bad? I don’t think so.

      • Not bad…weird, unexpected, difficult to define, maybe slightly embarrassing…but never bad. I’m actually quite grateful, for whatever it is…for ALL the reasons everyone has already listed. I could have wrote each post thus far, for real. We are all commonly affected, happily so. xo

    • I wrote a load of things and you came in and wrote about it SO well! Thanks!
      I feel the same about all this.

      • It helps me just to know I’m not alone. There are days I think maybe I’m a lunatic, and that I shouldn’t ‘need’ a distraction. But, honestly…I do, and I’m not afraid to say I’m more exhilarated now than I’ve ever been. And the lunatic thing, well…I can live with that. Looks like I’m in good company. Conventional people scare me. 😉 xo

        • AMEN.
          I do need distractions too!! Oh boy, I know I NEED! LOL
          I just wanted all RP fans could be as lunatic like we HERE.

        • “Conventional people scare me.”

          That there’s why I heart you.


          • Another tee shirt idea? ^^^^^


        • @Proselyte3: three things here that move me: 1) i’m not alone, 2) if i’m a lunatic, i have company, 3) conventional people scare me.

          i led a very staid conventional life as befitted a lady playing the role that is expected of her—tea with the ladies, biking with the dogs, tending the garden, etc—then Rob dropped into my life like a bomb—the surface has remained pristine & surreally calm but the riptide beneath is awesome—& not at all ladylike—it’s back to the wild days with a vengeance—

          emotions surface that haven’t been there for years—& somehow across the years & across the miles it’s possible to bond with anonymae (been a long time since my last latin class) who are as perplexed as i am—analysis doesn’t bring much except ‘why Rob? why now?’—

          recently stumbled onto a definition of truth by a Spanish philosopher which has stuck with me (trans. mine): “Truth is a category which shifts to the extent that we acquire new knowledge.”—Rob has brought me new knowledge, changed the movement of my life & altered truths i thought were written in stone—

          could i achieve even a tiny portion of this in someone else’s life i would consider myself blessed—& Rob as a very complex man probably senses sth similar in his new role—

          • @Expat

            “Truth is a category which shifts to the extent that we acquire new knowledge.”—Rob has brought me new knowledge, changed the movement of my life & altered truths i thought were written in stone—

            I ❤ this, I really do…and I totally embrace it btw.


            I'm a little jealous that you have RL Rob/Twi friends. Wish we could all meet up in RL…that's a party I wouldn't miss! xo

    • I completely get where you’re coming from and what you mean. I’m nearing thirty (good lord I can’t believe I just admitted that, ‘out loud’), and there are times that I think this “little” Robsession is just absolutely ridiculous. I mean, I’m happily married, have a pretty good life, and Rob is just a fantasy. BUT, for whatever reason unbeknownst to me, he (and Twilight) has brought me much closer to a small group of friends, where without Twilight, I probably would’ve never been more than a “hello” friend-you know…you see them in the halls at work and say “hello”, and then that’s the extent of it. But because of all this mayhem, I now have a bestie that I can sit around with a cocktail or five, laughing our asses off, talking about all the things we would do to Rob, but knowing in our heart of all hearts that it will NEVER really happen…But it’s fun to pretend. Rob brings back the feeling of being young and silly, even if it’s for a brief moment. I think it’s all because he doesn’t come across like a pompous douche that is vying for everyones attention. Instead, he’s a gorgeous man that seems to be completely oblivious to it all and remains a seemingly sweet, and humble person.

      Alright…I’m stepping down from my soap box now. 🙂 But I also want to say that I have so much fun coming to this site everyday, and occasionally chatting with some peeps on here. Rob’s brought together an entire community of NORMAL, lovely people, and for that I can say nothing more than Thank You.

  19. Oh Moon.. bringing out the sap when I least expect it.

    LOVE the convos we have going- LOVE when everyone gets so involved.. this is why we do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh and also to make fun of pattinson pants lady)

    • mostly the pants.

      (I KID!)

  20. As if I wasn’t about to cry BEFORE I read this (I was looking at my bank account), now the waterworks are really coming down.

    As a stay at home mom of three teeny kids who used to live quite an exciting life as a lawyer and all around wicked cool chick, I must say Rob and Twilight have given me a much needed daily break from reality. Loves me my kiddies and husband, but there’s something to be said for reality breaks. The whole thing, as silly as it sounds to someone who doesn’t “get it” (my husband, for one), makes me feel like a kid again. And I really need to feel like a kid again.

    • Bingo.

    • I ‘get it’… xo

    • “Daily Break from Reality”…

      you said it, sister!


    • Oh lord, you hit the nail on the head. I swear, I could have written your post. Love my life at home w/ the kids but I sometimes miss my old crazy self. So do my friends, or so they tell me.
      Glad to know others “get it.”

      • That’s one hard thing about being a mom, especially a SAHM. I feel like I’ve completely lost myself and my entire life is consumed by taking care of a little one and also my husband’s needs. My DD has some special needs by the way. I sometimes feel I’m not myself anymore….defintely not the happy go lucky, risky and extremely outgoing single person I used to be. I have no regrets, it’s not that. It’s just that, sometimes I also miss my old self. Most of my friends are single and no kids and my BFF has told me she doesn’t even recognize me anymore. How sad is that? 😦

        So in short, yes I do “get it.” I’m glad we’re all in this together.

        • I’m totally pickin up what you are puttin down, sistah! I feel like I have lost myself much of the time, too. Then I do silly shiz like stay out until 4am at 100 Monkeys and the Brit Pack’s shows and feel like my old self for a while.

          We need to start a mom’s group in the Forum!

          • Yes Bellasnemesis! Let’s start a mom’s group! I go to one in our city but no one is into Rob or Twilight! I want a snazzy name though, I don’t want to be called a Twimom.

          • LTR Moms? I’m in.

            I love going to see bands with my husband-we don’t get to do it often, but when we do I feel like my pre-married with child self.

            Confession: before I found Rob, I had a huge crush on Dan Zanes. Those of you of a certain age or with kids probably know him. He was in the Del Fuegos. He puts on a great show-rock/ folk music for families-and for awhile it was the only live music I got to see. We saw him like twenty times-I’m sure he thought I was a stalker.And I do still think he’s pretty hot. He is the other end of the spectrum from Rob, though.

            I guess I’ve always been a little obsessive.

          • Dan Zanes! Loved the Del Fuegos and was shocked to see him at a kids’ music fest I took my oldest to a couple of years back. So funny!

            OK, let’s get this party started in the Forum. It’s witching hour here at home (the time right before dinner until bedtime, ugh), and my son is currently taking every bit of plasticware out of the cabinet (and I’m letting him because he’s quiet and somewhat still), so I probably won’t be able to do anything tonight, but tomorrow morning, I’m on it.

            Someone (Milfy goodness?) suggested once that we are not TwiMoms (ew!), but TwiMILFs. How’s that for a group name?

          • TwiMILFs-yes… perfect. TwiMILFs it is.

          • Hhaha, TwiMilfs!!! OK! I don’t go to the Forum that much but if you put a mommy group up, yeah I will. Great, now I really won’t get anything done LOL! Actually my sweet DH said I’m a MILF…..that made me feel dirty in a good way.

            My dear child is now asleep…hopefully all your kiddos are too!

            BTW I confess I haven’t heard of Dan Zanes! I might know the face but I just don’t remember the name. Sorry.

  21. Oh, RP DESERVES to know that he have fans like you all – not just that ones looking like a bunch of banshees coming out that he already have “the pleasure” to meet. It would be SO good to him to know you all – in so many levels haha

    You are amazing fans!

    • @ Giseli;
      Agrees whole heartedly! Robbie should check this blog out.
      I heard one of his buddies does. So maybe he’ll pass it along to him.

  22. (sorta) OT comment here… but I started reading that book ‘Kill Your Friends’ (because lets face it, it was the only one on Rob’s book club list I think I could handle) and OMFG… it has to be one of the funniest/weirdest things I have ever read. Not to mention it’s totally weirding me out thinking that Rob has read it.

    Anyone else reading any books from the list?

    • I ordered the same book last night! 🙂 The reviews seems really positive about it, so hopefully it will be a good read.

      • Awesome, that’s why I ordered it… I liked the reviews.

        You’re in for a treat though!

    • I just finished “Nine Stories”. It was alright. I liked some of the stories better than others. I have “Money” and “2666” but haven’t read them yet. I’ve been reading so much since Twiight and not just the ones on “Rob’s Book List”. I use to enjoy reading so much and then life got in the way. It’s back now and I’m loving it again.

      Do you guys think it’s weird that we’re reading books just because we see them in Rob’s hands??? I justify it by saying…I would read a book that my friend what’s the difference? LOL

      • @ Confessor – Is the book as funny as reviews have made it out to be? I have my reservations as to whether I’ll understand it as its to do with the music industry and probably contains a lot of ‘insider’ pragmatics/knowledge that an outsider wouldn’t necessarily have?!

        @ Barb – This the first book I’ve decided to buy because of Rob. I felt a bit stalkerish and weird about doing it before, hence why its taken me so long to do it. But, I figured that seeing as his interests are similar/appeal to me; we’d probably share the same taste in literature as well…thats my theory anyway! We’ll see…

        • It’s the funniest piece of snark I’ve ever read in my life! Also DONT read it if you are easily offended.. in any way, shape or form. (A couple of times I caught myself thinking… omg cover Robwards poor virginal eyes–yes I am that lame, lol)

          Some of the characters get really confusing and there aren’t a lot of breaks in the paragraphs which imo, makes it kind of annoying to read. But other than that it pretty much breaks down the lingo for you.

          • This book sounds awesome, I love dark satirical sarcastic humour! Nah, I’m not easily offended, I’ve grown a thick skin to racism. (I’m chinese btw.) I think its sometimes needed for the narrator to be controversial, it gives the story a darker edge, makes it even more interesting to explore it from their viewpoint.

            Thanks, for the mini review though! I get what you mean when books don’t have a lot of breaks, I always feel inclined to read the whole thing before stopping and going to bed, otherwise It feels wrong to leave it halfway through a passage, it irritates me to leave it like that! Probably another OCD thing.

            Are you going to read any more Rob related books? (putting it like that sound so LAME. I’m never going to say that again in public! haha)

      • @ barb

        Yeah I felt a little weird about it at first, but I only tried reading this book because it sounded like something I would enjoy. I wouldn’t read something he had read (just because he read it) if didn’t appeal to me.

        With that being said.

        Rob’s book club > Oprah’s Book club.

  23. Moon,
    That was a beautiful post today. And yes, it is heavy. Love Marty McFly! Rob has had a big impact on my life. I don’t know how or why but he is totally mesmerizing. The way he moves, the way he smiles, his spontaneous laugh, the way he really listens and responds to people–he’s just so genuine. He has both playfulness and kindness, two qualities that people need in their lives. Add to all of that his talent in music and acting, that expression of the creative spirit within him, and you have a man who is just about perfect. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he is positively gorgeous.

    Take those sentiments times how many thousand and yeah, that’s a lot to live up to. Very heavy indeed. I think he must have to block it out. Maybe your Valium idea isn’t such a bad one! I suppose being a guy helps.

    My life is happier just watching him and thinking about him and I’m thankful he’s in the world.

    Biel captured some really special moments in that video. Some were almost too private to watch. Combining those with that song–genius!

  24. @Biel – Great video, I heart that Radiohead song!

    @Moon & UC – It never ceases to baffle me how you two come up with such ingenious posts everyday. I don’t know whether you realise but your posts are also influential, its a haven for those of us who are still in the closet or want to share our interests with others. Thank you.

    @Barb – Firstly, WOW. Secondly, You have to let me know what your workout regime is like because thats AMAZING.

    I have to say, for myself its not so much Twilight thats been life changing, but Rob himself. Sure, Twilight kept me sane during my exam time and I’m glad I came across it by mistake because I wouldn’t have then watched the movie.

    But, Rob was the main catalyst for me. For the first time, in a long time I was truely inspired by someone. I’ve always been interested in playing guitar, but never actually took any action about it until I heard his song ‘Broken’ a few months back. Since then, I’ve bought a guitar and have been teaching myself to play, its been one of the best things I’ve done for years.

    Also, have changed my lifestyle, used to never exercise and generally be a slob. But, now I’ve committed myself to a healthier life and work out 6 times a week. I’m hoping to shift some weight before the end of summer break.

    I’m generally a lot more creative and active than I was before Rob came along. I’m looking into screenplay writing as well after reading the ‘Remember Me’ script, I figured that if I’m not cut out for acting then write the story for others who can act. He’s given me the motivation to pursue things I’d never have done by my own accord, his creativity has somewhat rubbed off on me.

    I think hes aware that he has power of influence over people he’s never met, but doesn’t fully comprehend why or how he has this effect on some people. I guess he blocks it out to avoid feeling more paranoid and self conscious about the consequences of every action he does. I don’t blame him, its got to be scary just thinking about the sheer magnitude of attention on him right now.

    Sorry, this is a long post. I got teeny bit carried away… 😛

    • @Salotape Thanks so much. I say the first 20 to 25 lbs was a lot of fluid, just cutting out soda and fast food, and actually moving. I had really horrible habits. My ex was/is a body builder so I learned a lot from him about strength training (just had to put my knowledge to use). I do more weight lifting/strength training than aerobics. More muscle burns more calories! I work out with a trainer now 4 days a week and do some walking on other days. I eat so much less now because I’m not using food for comfort anymore!

      • Thank you for the info on your fitness regime. If you don’t mind me asking, do you use scales to measure your progress or do you use a tape measurer because I’ve heard that muscle weighs more than fat, which means you would get heavier again as you gain more muscle, but at the same time you’d still be healthy…so scales aren’t always such a good indicator of how much fat you’ve burnt? I’m not sure whether to trust the scales if I start to reach the point where I’m regaining pounds I’ve already lost, despite being on the same regime and diet – am I to take this as muscle weight instead or should I increase exercise intensity? Sorry, for all these questions. I’m determined to lose the weight this time round, thank you for sharing your story, it proves that it can be done, I’m pleased that you’ve had such positive results with it!!

        • @Salotape I use both but I don’t get on the scales that often. Muscle weigths the same as fat (1 lb is 1 lb) BUT the great thing is that 1 lb of muscle is sooooo much smaller than 1 lb of fat. I use the measuring tape most of the time and also judge by how clothes fit me. If it’s in your budget, get with a trainer at least at first so they can show you how to work the muscles and when, so you can get the best results. Also there are tons of things to read about food and what to eat. It’s not easy but once you start seeing results you feel so good that you want to continue. Good Luck!

    • Hey.. I thought about screenplay writing as well! I’ve actually been somewhat of a writer all of my life (if I can even deserve the title) and I’m majoring in a field relating to it so.. And I felt that way after I read RM too, I don’t know why.

      Anyway, yes, knowing Rob exists makes me smile and I would think it makes him smile knowing that he can make people happy, even if it means just for a few minutes or for a few years.

      I think sometimes the smallest things in life that make us happy, can have the biggest effect on us overall. It’s not about one person (Rob), or one song from your favorite band. It’s not that within these things is a life or death situation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter. They’re like… parts of the pieces in your life that carry you throughout your life as you go along. And in my opinion ideas and faraway things and intangible things (like music) are what impact my mind and my heart the most.

      So thanks Rob for being you 🙂 If we ever meet I hope I can return the favor somehow.. well.. All I have to offer is treating you like the normal guy you are and being capable of an actual conversation. But I hear that’s a rarity for you nowadays. So take it or leave it betch.

      And I love you all. And this IS an incredibly cheesy, mushy post today, Moon. I AM in the sentimental mood though. *tear* I love him *tear* And although I don’t agree with everything you ladies post, I still think you’re awesome people who Rob would be superlucky to meet 😉

      • @ Salotape & @ Sarah

        You guys should definitely get into the screen writing.

        I started writing my own novel since since reading Twilight and it has been one of the funnest things I have ever done. Just started on Chapter 10 as of today!

        • @Confessor – Good to hear I’m not the only one who has been inspired to write again! Whats your novel about if you don’t mind me asking? Its odd how even Rob’s work choices has affected us in the long term unintentionally.

          @Sarah – Its weird, but in a nice way that we’ve both become interested in screenplay writing after reading RM. For me, not only was it the first script I’ve ever read, but I think it was the way the script was able to effectively convey and set up the strong message it carries over as little as 100 -130 pages. I don’t believe I’m good enough to write a novel, but a screenplay is a lot shorter and a lot more basic. In some ways, Its harder because you have to be consise, but then its better this way, it cuts out the waffle I tend to do! I was genuinely impressed with the RM script, it got me into reading other film scripts and I realised that I can both enjoy the film as well as the writing that inspired it, enough to make me want to write one myself. Have you had any thoughts on becoming a professional screenwriter?

          • @Salotape and Sarah; Very cool re: screenplay / script writing.
            I’m doing this as well. I started in March. Finished my first screen play, got it registered with the WGAw, and now I’m working on my second screen play.
            I’ve studied and read a lot of screen plays from here (its free):
            Good luck!

          • @salotape

            I’m not sure if I would read any other of Rob’s books, that was the really the only one that stuck out at me. I’m not opposed to it though.

            Without giving too much away, my novel is a satirical romantic comedy with a twist, written chick-lit style.

            (I plead the 5th as to where I get my inspiration from.)

  25. I can’t say that my life has changed since Twilight. Though like many of you I’m amazed at how emotionaly invested I am in the series.
    However, I know for a fact that Rob makes everyday a bit brighter. If I’m having a bad day, a quick look at him or a few minutes of an interview puts me in a much better frame of mind and helps me get through the rest of my day. My sister calls it “Robthapy”. I now start the day with LTR and LTW so I have very few bad mornings.

    I’m afraid if Rob knew the extent of our need for him he would run away and live in a cave. Not that I blame him. If I had to live his life, I would’ve gone “squirrelly” long ago. I don’t know how he’s been able to stay sane this long.

  26. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! for writing this topic!

    It is so near and dear to my heart. Everyday, I am so thankful that I found this young man a year ago… why? well there are the obvious reasons.. who doesn’t need a little eye candy now and then… He’s funny, talented… musical.. and so on.. you all know the drill….but beyond that the person I have built in my mind that I believe him to be seems like such a wonderful person.. someone you would be truly lucky to get to know. And Even if I never do.. it’s ok… I know my version is pretty dang close to the reality.

    Rob has brought so much joy into my life.. just by being. He makes me smile.. literally every single day! That’s an amazing feat. But then I think about that statement.. and I realize.. in reality… he is the subject.. but it’s all of you, the bloggers and the commenters on the blogs, that make me smile. It’s the passion and creativity that has come out of getting to know this young man. Passion and creativity by all of you.. the blogs, the comments, the videos and the fan fiction and the talks and the friendships… world wide. That’s amazing.

    Rob, thank you! Thank you for walking into that audition for Twilight, whether you thought you were right for it or not, and for going for it.. and for being Edward.. and for being you… Thank you for my new friends.. the women whom I laugh with, and sometimes cry with… for the women who inspire me… and let me know that no matter how crazy it may appear.. it’s really all NORMAL.

    As for any pressure you might feel… well for those that I know who share my love for you… don’t feel it.. you just need to keep being you, doing your thing.. we will keep doing what we have been doing.. because that is what has brought us the joy.. this… coming together… lusting… laughing… dreaming… about you… You don’t hav eto do anything but be you in order to keep us all happy.

    Thanks Rob XOXO

  27. Rob made me fall in love with my man all over again. We’ve only been together for seven years, but lately its been sort of.. comfortable. Not lucky, not in love, I’ve just felt comfortable. And that can get really boring. But after I started reading the Twilight saga, and saw the movie, and started “Robsessing”, I actually feel more alive! It is like I’ve woken up, or something. Peolpe comment about me, that I look so happy, and goofy and always laughing, babbling about. I’m just starting to be my old self again, the way I were when me and my BF met. And that benefits the both of us! Our sexlife is sooo much better, I get butterflies when I see him (my BF that is, not Rob. Ok, Rob too.. LOL). It feel so GOOD! I am so thankful to Rob, even though he never did anything besides being his wonderful self. He is a true inspiration, and I must say, I sort of love him. Or the idea of him.

  28. Ya know what I think? I think we’re all PMSing together. You know, when women are together in a group for a few months, their cycles sync up (been a part of LTT and LTR for a few months now, so that sounds about right)? I totally needed this post and all your comments today, since for some reason I’m feeling sappy. And now I am going to have a good cry. Anyone want to join?

    • HILARIOUS!! You may be right

    • Interesting. It struck me after the post about the Robsten pregnancy and the “Yaaa, now you’re ALL pregnant” Rob-stare that my menstruation has become surprisingly regular after joining the movement here. A first.
      Either Rob is making me ovulate or it’s the company of inspiring women that is having a psycho-somatic influence. What do YOU think? 😉

      • I think a little of both: the psycho-somatic influence makes sense, but I can’t deny that Rob induces ovulation.

        • Rob DEFINITELY induces ovulation. Sometimes spontaneous ovulation.

    • LOL…actually I just got my period today so yes I was sorta PMSing! Rob makes us all a little crazy I think.

      I knew I was because I cried watching Tori and Dean!

      • Srsly?! Me too!
        At 6:00 am.
        Wow. Weird.

        • Hahah…Holly I was a few hours before you but it was close!!! Yeah to the group period!

      • I haven’t had a period in more than 10 years, but I would be ok with havinga group period.

    • @ Holly;
      I’m eating a piece of dark belgium chocolate I picked up at Trader Joe’s.. here have some. (Passes a square of the best chocolate to Holly to munch on).
      Have a bit of red wine with it.. chocolate and red wine sounds yucky, but the combination of flavors are actually quite good.

      • Mmmm…sounds so yummy. Almost as yummy as Rob.

  29. There is nothing more that I can say that hasn’t already been said, but I’m going to write something anyhow. Rob and Twi have also filled a gap where I’ve needed it over the past year. See, I’ve been going through a divorce (almost done too) and had to overcome some sad, crappy, dark times. But through my Twi-obsession, that grew into Rob-obsession, via Interview Rob videos that I watched a gazillion times, I early in 2009, found this blog, where my life became so much more happy, light, crazy, obsessive, “normal” and numerous other words, I can’t even begin to think of.

    LTR, the queen bees (UC & Moonie), all the people I’ve met via LTR & Twitter, the new music I’ve been introduced too, and the life long bonds with great friends, are how I’ve been changed and affected by all this madness. Rob and Twi are the catalysts that created all the happiness and craziness that is now my On-line/RL life.

    However, unlike Barb, I still need to lose my fat ass! F*ckery! You see, Divorce causes one to eat comfy food. Please Barb, send me some effing motivation please!

    Anyhow, ❤ all your faces!

    • Moon, also obviously liked your Roblosophy! But wanted to say that I agree with Jena! I think Rob would think it was awesome that so many people have found, non-fangirl happiness from him and Twi.

    • janet!!! HUGS! and i think some day down the road he should get to read all this stuff.

      i heart you

  30. got so carried away with my philosophizing that i forgot to mention that i love your post, Moon, & the accompanying Biel video—philoporn with its concomitant urge to confession is probably also good for the soul–xox

  31. Oh, Moon, love your post! Roblosophy makes me…verbose.

    I have experienced both requited and unrequited love, and both have given me tremendous creative energy, joy and misery. Love is the supreme drug. And loving Rob is the happiest form of unrequited love possible.

    Consider the alternatives: falling in love with your pastor, your married co-worker, your teacher/student?

    This way there is no false hope, no selfish coveting and no betrayal of trust. You simply take joy in the fact that he is in the world and how that makes you feel. And you wish him all possible happiness, because you know for a fact that you won’t have a hand in giving him that…
    It’s perfect, if sometimes bittersweet.

    Unless we are all in violation of the First Commandment here?? To quote Madonna: “Now I find I’ve changed my mind…this is my religion.”

  32. Great post Moon.

    I think this bit that (Tyler/Rob) says in “Remember Me” may be relevant to quote here:

    “Every life has a meaning… whether
    it lasts one hundred years or one
    hundred seconds… Every life…And every death… changes the world in its own way…
    Ghandi knew this. He knew his life
    would mean something to someone,
    somewhere, somehow. And he knew
    with as much certainty that he
    could never know that meaning…
    He understood that enjoying life
    should be of much greater concern
    then understanding it. And so do I”


    • Oh God…now I’m really going to cry. That script blew me away. I’ve been wanting to talk about this ever since I read it-I’ve been checking the forums, but no one’s commented on it in a while. :(. If you’ve read it and want to discuss I’d love to hear from you.

      • @ Dazzeledtodeath..

        I read “Remember Me” last month.. it was somewhat of a hard read for me, because of some personal circmstance surround Sept. 11th..I went into it not knowing what it was about.. and we won’t give any spoilers here.. but what Tyler says in the end.. that bit that I quoted from.. It is so life affirming, I couldnt have put it better myself.. .. the philosophy of ..

        ” Enjoying life should be of much greater concern then understanding it”

        I am right up on that. Personally, I’ve adopted a much lighter attitude on life.. I like to take time to laugh and smile every day, and people smile back at me.. you’d be suprised! Its the new more childish me (in a good way). I feel younger (not that I’m old).. but …finding your inner child… Taking time to enjoy your life.. and have fun. Life is so fleeting.

        Suffice to say, unlike a lot of folks here; Rob Pattinson has not made the impact on me personally as an actor, nor has Twilight..
        However, I do enjoy this blog and its forums, the mature, funny, nonsensical comments.. the fact that you don’t get your head ripped off if you disagree with something helps..

        Personally.. I don’t care if Rob turns out to be a douche bag fucktwit, the funny things he says in interviews and those faces he makes..also drunk rob .. they crack me up. And anyone who can make me chuckle is ok in my book. Also he’s easy on the eyes.. and yes, we are only human, and its healthy to look and drool.. 🙂

        Also.. mostly.. UC an and MOON are a witty pair of wenches and I love to laugh and so they’ve got me reading there forum.

        Don’t cry. Enjoy your life, and if you don’t have one.. get one!


        • I do tend to identify emotionally with certain books, movies, music, etc. This script was one such thing. I do think Tyler’s words are something we should all try to live up to.

          Yes, I probably am a bit more um, under the influence? shall we say of Rob than I should be. But I’m ok with it. You know how snakes mesmerize their prey? well Rob kind of does that to me, lol. Right now it’s more positive than negative. And I do very much look forward to Moon & UC’s brilliance every day.

          Not to worry-crying can be therapeutic. And I do have a life. Somewhat.

          I am going to email you, too.

  33. Rob has made me feel young again! I’m in my early 30s, married w/ kids, and feeling like life was so routine. With Rob and the Twilight Saga, I have a place where I can escape and be ME. I can swoon all over Rob, share my passion with other Twilighters, and get lost in another world.

  34. You are all the best… I have to say my Robsession makes me a little more mopey (think ‘forever-unrequited schoolgirl crush’), but I do have a little more sunshine in my heart when I read about or see a new photo of Rob.

    I love this community. I love how there are no flame wars, how everyone understands where we’re all coming from, and how there’s no judgement. We all know we could be a little inappropriate when it comes to Rob, but it’s OK. It’s ok that we’re all mature women with children and relationships and lives and a common interest in this one person. I’m sure it would freak him right the hell out to read all of this about what we’re saying – I mean, imagine if there was a website (ok, more than one) about you and everything you did? Yikes… I’d never leave my house. But compared to other things I’m seeing out there, we do know how to keep it in check.

    I just love that we can all be ok with our fantasies, talk about it with each other, and go on living our lives. Some of us are more fortunate and get a moment with this golden man, and the rest of us live vicariously through those shared stories.

    Many of my “normal” friends don’t understand that I have Rob & Twilight on the brain. I’m so, so glad you ladies do get it and that there’s an outlet for us all.

    Thank you, Moon & UC, for this forum; for making me laugh and come back every day for new and more.

    Anyone want to have a meeting of the minds? I’m in VT and will GLADLY host!! 🙂
    I am planning a pre-game New Moon event and am thinking of a Twilight viewing / drinking game… you all interested?

    Also – Barb – you are GREAT!!!! Congratulations on your new lifestyle! The power of Robward!

    (and, everyone, one last thing: I got an e-mail from ‘Stephanie Meyer’ at work and almost wet myself…. it wasn’t THE Stephanie Meyer, but stilll….)

    xo to you all. You are the best.

  35. What a great Letter to Rob today. I hope he reads this one – it’s so true. It was straight ot the point, poignant, and very realistic of the gals that I think participate in this blog everyday. I feel exactly the same – if he knew personally the fans like us he would maybe not be so freaked out. He is a genuinely unique person. THANKS UC, Themoonisdown, etc!!!!

  36. Also… couple more things, sorry… LOVE that Radiohead song and LOVE the video. I smile when I see Rob smile, he looks so happy in those clips. They are an intimate look into his public life.

    I’m all in favor of being in the Rob Book Club. He’s turned me on to some great music (his playlist on iTunes, Kings of Leon… oh my god, listen to “Closer” and tell me you don’t have visions of some dirty deeds with him during that song….) and I like the leanings of his literary tastes… so why the hell not?

  37. I was so moved by today’s post. Rob has something special to share with the world and we have all benefited from it.

    I have not been this interested in anyone since I was a teenage girl crushing on Antonio Sabato Jr. Oh yeah, good times. Me and my friend would argue over who would be better for him. Ironically now I saw he is looking for love on a reality show, lol. So I guess now I could have a chance with him.

    With Rob though, it’s different. He embodies so many different feelings for me as a fan. I think he is HOT of course that hair, those eyes, and that accent! But he is also so normal. He says what he feels and he is just funny. I find him to be someone I would want to talk to and just hang out with. He isn’t some uber pretentious artist who thinks he’s above everyone else and that makes him adorkable. I could totally geek out with him!

    Twilight and Rob have re-energized my creativity. I feel more connected than I have in a long time and I have benefited from making so many new friends through this shared obsession.

  38. I’ve debated replying or not all day….

    All I’ll say is that Rob & Twilight have very much changed my life. Not a day goes by where I don’t (at the very least) smile because of something relating to Rob & Twilight. They appeared in my life at a time when I needed it the most (without knowing exactly what it was I needed). This was it.

    It’s all made me want to be a better person. There, I said it. Hell, I’ve far from achieved it, I’ve got so, so, so, so, so much I have to work on, but the motivation’s there.

    I can’t remember what it was like before. I don’t want to remember.

    At the same time, though (and this is the very immature part of me), when I think too much about it, it makes me truly, incredibly sad to know I’ll never end up with him. Because really, I deserve someone like that. (this didn’t sound the way it did in my head. I meant, I know I’m a pretty shitty person most of the time, I still think I’m somewhat cool and make a very good girlfriend and should end up with the real-life equivalent of Rob. or Rob himself. lol). *sigh* – this makes no sense. bah.

    /diary entry.

    • You are not alone. I tell myself that, and I feel a little less crazy:).

    • You make perfect sense to me – you deserve a Rob equivalent (or Rob, sigh)xo

  39. Except for looks and gazillions of fans, haven’t we all known at least one guy like this? Funny, dorky, fairly down to earth, dressed himself badly, etc. Looking back, we should have dated them! That’s part of Rob’s appeal (for me, anyway) – is that he’s a dork. Why oh why didn’t I date the nerds when I was young enough to attract them? Very philosophical post – really made me think about dorky guys and their (not easily visible) wonderfulness. Thanks for that! Nice “what-if” trip.

    If I was Rob, and thought about all of the stuff going on because of me, I’d lose it. He keeps it together really well, I think. He’s not stupid – he is aware of the rabid fandom; he just doesn’t seem to attach a great deal of importance to it or let it freak him out most of the time. Just makes him that much more wonderful!

  40. Claire and Dick raised him right! He’s got his head on straight.

  41. Eh,…
    Twilight (Robert Pattinson) has affected my life in a positive way but at the same time in a negative way because I noticed, the end of my freshman year of high school, two years ago, my grades started going down!

  42. Hell no, Robward & Twilight haven’t affected my life for the better! I’m now a 35 year old cougar who hasn’t read a book other than the Twilight series in the last 5 months. I’m sending you my therapy bill…

    • Twilight IS my therapy!!

  43. I also have to say that Rob & Twilight (but mostly Twilight as she doesn’t share my fondness of Rob – she’s a Jackson fan) has brought me closer to a friend! We’d only known each other a few months when Twilight entered my life and now we talk almost every day about EVERYTHING regarding Twlight. In fact, she’s the one who introduced me to LTR/LTT!! We have that kind of friendship. We send each other funny links and videos and watch Twilight and make fun of it and point out everything that’s wrong about it constantly, all the while quoting every single line. lol

    So, another reason Rob and Twilight have been good for me! 🙂

  44. Hi everyone, I’m new, wanted to say, Barb – you make me proud, Good Job! Thank you UC and Moon for being so smart and funny and giving us a place to confess-you make me humble with your talent.

    I want to send big love to everyone on here today, Jena you rock, Proselyte3 you make my day, Janetrigs you always make me laugh, Acquitedtaste, I dont think your on but you make me snort-laugh. You all are my ambassadors of “Kwan”

    • welcome spark!! glad you’re here!!!!!

      • Thank you – I love it here!

    • Aw, Spark…you had me at, ‘Hello.’ xo


      • YES!! Proselyte3, your had me at “Aw”. So glad you got the “Jerry McGuire” ref.

        Read your posts and laugh all the time. Like Rob, I think you have the “Kwan”(iis that how it’s spelled?) xoxo

  45. This post finally pulled me out of lurker mode. I heart this site. It makes me lol at work all the time.
    But RPattz is whole ‘nother story for me. I got into Twilight at the beginning of last summer. I was preggers, BD was due out in a few months and the movie had just wrapped production.
    I was pregnant with twins when I picked up Twilight. And I already had 2 kids (now 5 and 2) and I’m only 28 now. Reading Twilight brought me back to that intoxication of meeting my husband, of how crazy we were for each other before babies (so many babies!) and finances and work and blah! got in the way.
    And finding out the one more baby I wanted was actually two? RPattz saved my soul. I’d look at my swelling legs or hot dog fingers, feel those Braxton Hicks kick in, and think of how he’d see me and say something silly British, “Blimey but you’re huge! Have a seat, dear!” if he saw me. Sick, I know.
    But having twins is a journey that you almost lose your mind getting through. I ended up flat on my back on bed rest after hitting a wall in my third trimester. My hubby, God love him, sat in the hospital at my bed side and read me the books and held my hand. WHen the monitors beeped and the babies’ heartbeats were erratic and I was shaking with fear, he’d read LOUDER.
    They ended up 6 weeks early and we sleepwalked through NICU. But I had my laptop and my cute Rob pics to make light of it.
    And now, 7 months out, RPattz is helping me try to sort through who I am. I’m not that old. (barely 6 years older, right? That’s normal.) Who am I besides wife and mother? I want my body back (getting there), I want me and hubby to have dates, to rediscover us. (and I want him to make good on his promise to try growing his hair out a little this fall, but I digress.)
    I think Rob makes us all want to live our lives more. Really live. And yeah, that would totally creep the poor guy out. And I wouldn’t blame him.
    But I am thankful.

  46. Wonderful video. I died a little bit at 0:48. Wow.

    I can’t say anything new or better than the previous posters. I’m happy that I “found” Rob. I like his music, his voice, his films. His smile is contagious and it makes me happy.

    Nuff said. Group hug, everyone!

  47. God, seeing so many of you people who have a sig other saying how ROB has made your sex life or just love life, but SEX LIFE better…..hahahaha. Makes my cartoon eyes pop out.
    I mean, that’s insane.

    I think Rob should know that. And be on video when told so so we can see his reaction because even if he’s gotten better and not being so shy at comments like that, I bet he still dies inside everytime, haha, and I love making people squirm 😉

    Anyway, THAT’S the kind of stuff he should be told. Not fucking… “Did you know you’re the first Robert that comes up when you search on Google with over 98988887644 hits?” Yeah, I’m sure that’s something he’s THRILLED to know about. *rolls eyes* Just seems to me like that kind of info would only serve to freak him out (esp back then) when he obviously wants to put forth effort to stay under the radar as much as he can. Some people just don’t get it. Like this douche of an interviewer.
    interview i’m refering to-

    Another thing I hate about this interview (Might as well since I’ve gotten completely off topic) is how at the very end he asks “Do you think you’re going to marry a British or American girl?” First of all, LOL dude. Secondly, I’m glad Rob answered the way he did (“I don’t know”) Now, maybe he just said it quickly to get the interview done with or without really thinking much, but it’s nice to think that he’s a guy who likes to keep his options open. The reason this question is STUPID is because what if he was going to marry a… Turkish girl or something! Turkish-American maybe, but still Turkish. I hate close-minded people >:o
    (And no, I’m not Turkish, I’m Egyptian, but I’m sure Gozde will appreciate the ref;)

  48. Rob if you read this, know that you are very much loved here. You don’t even realize that you’ve helped so many just by being you. You’ve helped marriages, help us with our self-esteem and brough so much fun in our lives! Our sappy bunch love you! You inspire us in so many ways than you will ever know.

  49. Eh. And now I’m embarrassed that I posted. B/c I always write too long about things nobody besides me cares about.
    Go ahead. Feel second hand embarrassment for me. But standing in line to see Twilight six months preggers with twins was a hoot. My girlfriends from work (who are mid-40s) who went, too, wanted to take a belly pic of me by the poster (“Look! Renesme is coming!”). I didn’t let them. Even I am not that crazy. 🙂

  50. Twilight has made a big impact in my life. It has been a really crapy year. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. To try to keep her mind off things (since she couldn’t sleep) I gave her the Twilight series. She loved them and it gave her an escape from real life. It also gave us something else to talk about and obsess over. Then my mom suddenly died – which put a lot of things into perspective. Just reading your posts about Rob have helped me think of something other than real life and how sometimes it can suck. I was able to just laugh again thanks to LTR. Sometimes you need some fantasy to get through the hard times.

    • I’m sorry about mom. Hang in there. I’m so glad that you and your sister were able to get some reprieve thru Rob and LTR.

      • I’m sorry, I meant your mom and the other part is sister-in-law! I’m sorry, my DD is usually tugging on me while I’m typing here.

    • Wow, I’m so sorry for your loss. Best to your sister in law. Isn’t it amazing how such a relatively small thing like a series of books and a blog on the internet can become a larger than life escape? I’m so glad you and your sister have found something to make life a little easier. I know it worked for me and my sisters as well. It’s so lovely to be able to read these stories!

      Great job on the post today, Moon! 🙂

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