Posted by: Bekah | August 4, 2009

Robert Pattinson: What will he do in VanCity?

Wheres Robldo

Where's Robldo

Dear Rob,

I miss you. Is that creepy & stalkerish? Yes? But it’s true. I had the worst Monday in the history of Mondays and usually I can count on a hot picture of you to surface to give me some reason for living.

I blame Summit. Mostly because it’s just fun to blame Summit for stuff, but also because they cast you in Remember Me where you were stalked on set all summer long which wore me out and actually made me immune to the power of your hottness on camera. So for the past few weeks I’ve been like “Meh- Rob looks hot again” and it’s done nothing for me. Hasn’t made me short of breath, hasn’t made me clutch my Edward Action figure while I fall asleep, hasn’t made me suddenly think about trash day and large trash receptacles… life has sucked (it got so bad that I even considered buying that hot shirtless Jacob action figure just to switch it up).  I took this summer for granted. But now… now that I don’t have you? Well, you’re like a drug to me….. Yeah, I said that. My Monday really was that bad that I just said a Twilight quote.

Where are you? VanCity? In transit? I can’t believe the summer has flown by and you’re back to filming the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. What are you most looking forward to being back in Canada? A pick-up game of hockey with Taylor, Kellan & Big Daddy Lautner? Are you going to try to sweet talk Bryce Dallas Howard into letting you call her Rachelle (or Rachael) just because it’ll be easier than trying to remember which one of her first names is her real first name? How about rekindling the drama between Nikki & Kristen? I bet it was fun when two hot young chicks were fighting over you (sadly, you don’t think it’s as hot when two older chicks (not too much older- just old enough to know enough ifyouknowwhati’msaying) like Moon & I fight over you) Will you be seeing if you can start dating rumors with all the rest of the girls in the cast? Or will you take on a real challenge and see if the tabloids catch you holding Justin Chong’s hand under the table when you’re out to sushi one night? So much to do… so little time.

Just be sure to save some time to study your Eclipse lines! That book was my favorite- Edward is kinda perfect in it- and so you gotta deliver okay? I’ve even done some of the hard work for you- I commissioned Zephyersky to come up with some RobPorn based on quotes from Eclipse. All you have to do is look at these pictures, practice the lines & make the same exact facial expressions. I promise there won’t be a dry seat eye in the movie theater if you listen to me!

Practice makes perfect!

serious exit



serious city



See more RobPorn here

Let me tell you a little story about our Rob Porn (click that if you don’t know what we’re talking about- it’s G rated, promise) from today. I emailed my Rob Porn enabler- Zephyersky– and asked for just one little “Eclipse” related RobPorn- and what does she deliver? 14 of them- thus changing my ENTIRE post and making me a very happy little UC.  THANKS Zephyersky. You are the best ever. And go check out the FanFic she’s writing! (It’s my fault she didn’t get the new chapter posted- whoops!) (Yes.. you’ll see the rest of the delicious pics she whipped up soon!)

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  1. Yes Rob, life would be easier without you…but I can’t seem to get rid of you, not that I really want to. You really ARE like a drug.

    This morning my husband called me “internet-addicted”, but he’s wrong-I’m Rob-addicted.

    • Let your husband blame it on the internet.. but remember it’s really Summit’s fault 🙂

    • My husband told me the same thing last night!

      • My husband said the same thing to me this past weekend. We just got a new laptop for me (I work from home) so that he could be online as well. Now, I’m just using both at the same time!

        • LOL
          That’s normal.

  2. oh my godward!!! That rob porn is amazing! THANK YOU Zephyersky!
    I cant even figure out which one is my fav… maybe the last one……. or second one, that made me swoon lol sigh.

    • just wait till you see the ones I didn’t post yet.. SO GOOD

  3. All you have to do is look at these pictures, practice the lines & make the same exact facial expressions. I promise there won’t be a dry (seat) eye in the movie theater if you listen to me!

    So true…….and what about the t-shirt I saw last weekend that said:

    “Forks makes me wet” – enough said.


    • I want that shirt!!!!

      • @Proselyte3: So glad to see you back—was afraid you might have cured your Robfliction somehow—also never got a chance to reply & say thanks-ever-so for your immodest proposal—Prosey love, muff-diving isn’t on my dance card but if we can keep it pure & platonic like Bella & Edward, i’m in—soul to soul we can dance off into the Twilight together—forever—<3<3<3

        • Well hello Expat! What?! Cured my Robfliction?! Bite your tongue my dear. 😉 No, just on holiday in AZ, very distracted. Glad to have been missed though, truly. I accept your stipulations with regard to future matrimony. I’m all about the romance. 😉 xoxo

  4. the first one is amazing
    it looks like Rob is staring at your chest.
    Oh Rob Stop It! (i’m joking, don’t stop)

    • Oh Rob Stop It! (i’m joking, don’t stop)

      You made me laugh while drinking coffee and I snorted it out my nose… now that’s an

    • OMG, you’re right!! He’s totally checking out my rack!

  5. Ahem… Um, what?? Sorry, just staring at RobPorn #2 for 5 minutes straight.

    Oops, doing it again.

  6. Zeph you are amazing. The rob porn + Eclipse quotes = total win!!

    I love the last one and the second one and the… well you get the picture, I love them all, can’t wait for the rest

  7. What will Rob do in Van city? Me (if all goes according to plan). One month til the big trip!

    Rob in the meantime should try to avoid the hot mess of Nikki/Paris. He’s joining her in Van city, you know, in a pathetic attempt of Nikki trying to make Rob jealous.

    • U R going????? Lucky Beyotch! xo

      • There are pics online today of Nikki/Paris, Kellan, and BDH arriving in Vancouver for rehearsals. I think I saw them at Celebuzz

  8. Swoon! I’ve never seen that first photo. Me likey. Those are awesome, Zeph!

    And no, Robward, my life would not be easier without you. I’d have to care about things like vacuuming and weeding the garden instead of spending lots of, um, imagination time alone.

  9. Now this makes me want to read the Twilight saga books all over again :-).

    I must be PMSing because looking at those pictures and seeing those lines were making me teary-eyed, sniff. My favorite one is the third.

    I can’t really get enough of Rob….for the past few days it seems there’s no new pics of him. Where is he now?

    • God, I feel like a stalker, but I read somewhere that after CC he was back in NYC doing interior shots for RM

      • Thanks Erin. I hope he’s not getting mobbed again by crazy fangirls.

        Gonna read Eclipse again tonight. Not sure if I miss Edward or in reality I’m just really missing Rob.

        Oh and I saw some being told by their DH’s that their addicted to the internet and such. My DH and I had a fight about the day when I was following CC online. He also said I’m addicted, but his words were “you’re addicted to this Rob!” He was like, “what is it about this dude, why are y’all so crazy about him?” Well…..I guess DH will never know. 🙂

        • Sorry for my typos! I hate it when I do that.

  10. I forgot to say great post! And as always, Rob looks so beautiful in these pictures.

  11. Me being totally out of touch for the last few days have helped me tremendously. My addiction to this site was curbed. Thus curbing my need to see Rob pictures and porn and everything else.

    Going back to simplier times of not having computers can do wonders for your life.

    Maybe Rob will get better protection in VanCity vs NYC…we can hope, especially with Nikki/Paris in town.

  12. All I can say is ‘Thank You’

  13. I think to add to “that’s normal” I’m now going to say “it’s Summit’s fault” for everything wrong that happens! LOL! Why? Because it’s fun…..and because well…’s Summit’s fault.

    -Oops, I just realized I’m driving on E….it’s Summit’s fault.

    – Starbucks forgot the extra shot in my latte….it’s Summit’s fault.

    – I overslept for work….it’s Summit’s fault.

    – Rob is not in my bed….it’s Summit’s fault.

    See, try it, it’s good times!

    “Hasn’t made me short of breath, hasn’t made me clutch my Edward Action figure while I fall asleep, hasn’t made me suddenly think about trash day and large trash receptacles”

    LMAO! Win!

    “Do you ever think that your life would be easier if you werent’ in love with me?’

    Um…..hi….I can’t fathom that.

    “I need to be with you. Just you.”

    Ok, I’m totally reading Eclipse again tonight!

    “just because it’ll be easier than trying to remember which one of her first names is her real first name?”

    LOL! I know right!? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to show the BDH love…..this is just too many levels of wrong in my book right now that Rachelle is gone. 😦

    • And Jena has now created my new favorite catchphrase…
      “It’s Summit’s fault.”


      You’re brilliant, girl!

      • It’s fun, isn’t it?! LOL!

    • I have a hangover on a Tuesday…can I blame that on Summit too?

      • yes

        • It would be blasphemous not to blame it on Summit!

    • “- Rob is not in my bed….it’s Summit’s fault.”

      my fav 🙂

  14. Wow! What a great post to come back from a 2 week vacation to!! I actually HAVE been missing Rob, (and LTR….) so I can’t quite relate, but what a beautiful bunch o’ photos right off the bat…

    Zephersky, you win the internets today, those are the best RobPorn Ever!! The quotes were perfect, I may need to reread Eclipse now.


    • missed YOU!

    • Is it sad that I reread fanfic now instead of the Twi-saga (or even other books!)

      Someone slap me…..hard. It’s time to reread Twi again.

      Missed you LPB…welcome back!

      • GLAD to SLAP you. STOP READING IT NOW!!!

        • Annnnnnnnd, how did I know you would chime in my luv???? 😛

      • Awwww, I missed all you funny peeps, too. I really did. I never had much time to try and find any WiFi, and I didn’t even get CELL reception where I was….AND I was with Mr LPB’s family, who have likely never heard of Twilight, let alone that bloke who plays the vampire….yeah, I was in a big drought…

  15. Amazing, as always! We are all in a little Rob drought and only a few of us were fortunate to get Rob’s BFFs to fill the void this weekend. Don’t know how the rest of you are handling it. Seriously,

    • Stop bragging!!! GAHHHH! Only 3 more weeks to I get Simba to myself, okay, with Vedders…and Jess…….Dammit!

  16. Awesome post, UC! Eclipse is my favorite too. This is the best Rob porn to go along with my brand new fanfic addiction. I don’t know whether to hug you girls or slap you – I haven’t slept in three nights thanks to Wide Awake. And now I have to read Zephyersky’s fanfic too! Maybe I’ll just blame it on Summit.

    *Hugs (and slaps)*


  17. I miss him too… And I think he’s still in NYC.. but who knows.. it’s odd that a person can effect your mood by their mere presence.. and not knowing the person at all.. just looking at them.. I’m trying to think of one other time in my life.. when looking at a picture of anything has brought me that much joy… outside of family members.. someone I don’t know.. anyone.. or anything… it’s weird.. it’s a happy weird.. but weird non the less.

    • Yeah, it is weird. Not gonna sugar coat it my friend, and it looks like everyone else here is drinkin the kool-aid. And loving it! xo

      • Ahem. That’s normal.

      • Right, right…normal.

      • Pass me anotrher glass.. I’m all about the Kool-Aid… 😉

    • @ Kelly-
      Its the cult of the “plaid” … Rob’s got a spell on you!

      • You know something Hermes… it’s closer to the truth than anything probably… LOL… a spell.. an affliction… and addiction.. what ever…. hey I’m not complaining.. I adore him.. just adore him.. he doesn’t seem to have changed since all this started.. and i love it!!

        Good – Bad…. no matter.. imperfect perfection is what he is : )

  18. Dear Rob,

    I thought your leaving would free up some of my time, and let me concentrate on work. This is not the case. I miss you too. It makes me…anxious…to be away from you (that’s right, I went there). Now, I must resort to checking for pics of you on set, off set….and of course, waiting for the newest edition of Rob-Porn. This does not bode well for the ever-growing pile of paper in my in-box. So…

    Dear Rob,
    If I get fired, you’re paying for my health insurance. Meet me behind the dumpster so we can “hammer out the details.”

    Love, Me

    • OK, I am sorry, I just have to share that I am so terribly excited that I have gotten two “Rob would marry this”-es on my first post here. I don’t feel worthy of the web-mistresses (hehehe) nor the other posters. It’s a little bit like getting invited to sit at the cool table in high school. If Rob were a religion, I nominate Moon and UC be the high priestesses. (Also, I’m pretty sure I am going to burn in hell for that blasphemous statement…)

    • @ Sara; You know you got it bad when:
      You accidently inserting a bit of Rob porn in a marketing presentation. Good thing I reviewed the preso before I ran it last week (WTF!)

      You know, someone would make a bundle if they made a Rob mask for holloween… or perhaps Disney should create a “Rob ride” we could all go on?
      Kind of like a merrygo around, you could climb on flying Rob’s back and hang on to his pole as it goes up and down…..
      I’d bet the demand would be high for that one.

      • Climbing on Rob’s back, hanging onto his pole as it goes up and down. If you didn’t intend that comment to mean what it sounds like = WIN. And if you did = DOUBLE WIN.

        • OMG!!!! LOL!

      • I know the feeling. I almost posted some hot Rob pix to our company intranet site the other day. Oops – that would have been first-hand embarrassing.

      • No, you didn’t! LMAO!

  19. OMG this was SOOOOOO funny!!

    “Are you going to try to sweet talk Bryce Dallas Howard into letting you call her Rachelle (or Rachael) just because it’ll be easier than trying to remember which one of her first names is her real first name?”
    Freakin hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and the porn! the 1st one isn’t that the mantra of all of the LTR girls!!!!

    “Must I always be the responsible one” was EPIC!!! and “my virtue is all i have left” GOLD!!!
    Loved it!!

    Oh and by the way i’ve got bad period cramps – it’s Summit’s fault!!!!

  20. Cast has arrived in Vancouver….it makes me sad to see BDH instead of Rachelle. 😦 No photos of Rob yet.

  21. ROB Porn from Zeph = EPIC, TOTAL WIN, as always!

    PS, I wonder if she’d make me some DRUNK ROB porn?

    • @ Janetrigs. ..
      Yeah.. gimme some drunk and wasted dumpster diving Rob porn…. cuz drunk Rob IS the best rob (I think we’ve started a cult here).


    • I would love to.

      • I >

      • Somehow my message got effed, but said I ❤ your face and to check out my LTT Forum topic for DRUNK ROBs……

        • @ Janetrigs- Hey thanks for the linky! on Drunk Rob.

          OMG your right!!.. whohoo.. Robbie is totally wasted in those pics! He doesnt need to be a vampire to fly that high… (from Dec. 2008)? LMAO!!! -Never seen those “drunk Rob” pics before. Not even on utubo!

          Poor Ashley Green, she’s got our boy by the arm trying to get him to walk in the right direction, when he keeps staring numbly in the papp’s camera face. oh that funny little lopsided smile….

          lol. ahhh.. we luvs us some Drunk Rob, YEAH!

  22. Soooo missed my fix!

    Sorry about your crap-o-la Monday UC. But, ah…Robporn, and Twi-quoting and Eclipse filming…what did we do before? No. Seriously?

  23. P.S. Great Robporn Zeph!

  24. Funny, I really wasn’t much of a Rob-Addict until I can to this site…what have you two done to me?! Whatever it is, you two make my days go by so much faster with your hilarity and Rob-Porn…however G-rated it may be. If you ever get frisky..I would love to see some JackBone-Porn so I could post it on my blog!

    • haha… Zephyersky did hint that she had “done’ Jackson before… 🙂

  25. Re: that last picture of Rob porn (the prayer)

    I can’t believe you mention Pattinson AND VIRTUE all in the same sentance.. ..ooohh sacrilegious!- ( LMAO )

    (BTW- it is Summit’s fault if our boy turns into a HeWhore).

    x H
    ps. – I love my new little Eddie action figure.
    Has anyone thought to take little Eddie with them to a Bobby Long concert and get Bobby and little Eddie to pose in a pic together? (or am I hoping for too much).

  26. “Must I always be the responsible one?” + cancer stick = GOLD

    I knew the Christmas-like deluge of new Rob shiz every day would eventually stop but I am still missing him. As for what he will do in VanCity, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will hopefully be put to good use, assuming I get a damn job and the funds, asap. :/

    • I agree… absolute perfection.

  27. Just out of curiousity, did anyone see this OK mag article? Doesn’t sound like Rob, but who knows?

    It weirded me out when he was talking about what he likes in a girl b/c it sort of sounds like he is describing a … dude.

    If not, well- I’m getting to the gym!

    • OMG, thank you! Now I am excited after reading the OK interview! I am so on to something here! Rob is so on the same page with me!
      1. What do you look for in a lady?
      ” I like people being forward. Gosh, I don’t know. I like strong people, chiselled abs… I don’t know, I take what I can get!”

      I knew working on my abs was going to get me into Rob’s arms! Hang in there, only six more months to go, Rob and we can compare abs! (No cheating!)

      If you could live forever, like Edward Cullen, what would you do?
      “Probably learn to speak French.”
      And my suggestion for a pick-up line with Rob the other day was: “You really need to work on your French. Let me take you home and start by teaching you what Voulez-vous coucher avec moi REALLY means..” YES! It will work!

      You have said that Edward is a little obsessive – are you surprised that girls think of Edward as the most perfect boyfriend ever?
      “It’s weird, but girls always seem like that. Being a guy, you always just look at girls and think, why are you with that guy? With virtually anyone the nice guys always seem to come last.”
      But Rob, don’t worry, we have seen through all that! We know that you are a nice, unobsessive guy, not at all like Edward, and we all love you for it! Leave the obsessing to us, by all means. Come here, and let me cuddle you, poor boy!


  28. Mmm, my sentiments exactly UC…after this long hot summer of over-exposure to Rob-love I find I am going to work, going home, running errands, going to the gym, talking to friends, and all the time I feel as if there is someone standing right behind me on my right side, and if I just turned my head, he would be there, smirking at me. Creepy? Yes, well, but kind of bittersweet yummy too, like dark, dark chocolate melting on the tongue…

    What was that you said Rob? “Could we just forget everything…” What? Forget what? *blinks* Did you just dazzle me? Awww…

    • MariaCecilia you and I have similar fantasies! LOL.

  29. Tonight on E! News, new New Moon footage!

  30. LMAO – too funny!!

  31. Bet you our boy will show up at Lollapalooza in Chicago this week. KOL will be performing.. (wish I could go, I LOVE Kings of Leon).

  32. Thanks UC and Zephersky… love these!

    Oh, and Z… I found Across the Hall a few weeks ago… LOVE! But, James is a douche… like I should be surprised, huh?

    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re liking it. And I like my new term for James – penis-wrinkle!

  33. When arriving at a B&B yesterday, I immediately asked the owner about the WIFI. The smartass reminded me that “I’m on holiday and shouldn’t be thinking about the internet” (his words).

    Okay, should I even TRY to explain to him that a holiday ain’t no holiday without a little bit of RobPorn or fanfic or should I just blaim Summit?

  34. just lurking around
    great site by the way

  35. LOTN?

    • that would now officially be old LOTN!

      Just got to say it, loved The Office update.

      • Hi Lizzie. What? lol So many updates but I’m now caught up. I think we’ll get a report tonight from the weekend in Austin.

        • Excellent, I am sure they had an absolute ball, i am looking forward to hearing about the wedding though, I am sure by now Bobby is awar he will soon be a groom?

          • I think he still might be surprised to hear it.

          • well surprises can be fun, lol.

  36. I also liked the ending to WA, nice symmetry with the sleeping and shutting of the door, although i have to admit i liked where ch 51 ended with Ed deciding to become a shrink, i liked the optomism of that ending, and thought it would have led to a nice epilogue, but understand why she had ch52 go where it did.

    • Yes, I liked how both chapters ended. I was so excited because I had predicted that he would go into psychiatry–perfect for him! I was glad he used his experiences to write his college essay. I also figured Bella would have a bakery–or at least work with food somehow. I knew they would have a place off campus and move in together. I loved how she ended the final chapter with the words ‘wide awake’. I bet she planned that for a while. It was kind of neat that they felt like they didn’t have to live up to anyone else’s expectations as long as they were happy with themselves. Hope she sticks to her schedule and gets the epi out tomorrow.

      • my money is on the epi next week, schedules are not her string point, but who cares when youc an write like AG does, i would rather she spends the time so she is happy with it than release early.

  37. so what’ s been keeping you busy I?

    • I’ve been moving ahead on a couple more fanfics–Seducing Ms Swan and Brotherly Devotion. Just now I’ve started Ethan Church. All from the forum.

      Then there were a lot of updates. Made a library run. Not too exciting.

      • any progress on the jewellery, huuummmmm?

        • No.

          • I guess I could say I’m thinking about it. That’s progress.

          • that’s not what i wanted to hear, but then again probably not what you wanted to tell me either.

  38. I tell you everyone knows how to milk rob and twilight. I just saw that they are bringing out yet another special edition of Twilight this one with red tipped pages, seriously, so unnecessary. All the twilight books are still in the top 10 bestsellers here, just annoys me when they start pulling crap like this.

  39. Hey LAYDEEZZZ!!

    I am SUCH a loser that I commented on Monday’s post and was wondering where the heck everyone was!

    How are you?? I’ve missed you SOOO much!!!

    • so, so so???

      • that means details, details, details just inc ase you didn’t understand!

        • Haha! You and your knowledge of the future! You knew what I was gonna say! lol

          • i forget sometimes not everyone is fluent in Lizzyspeak.

      • Whatever are you talking about??? LOL

    • I was wondering where you were. lol Nobody else was there last night!

      • 😀

  40. I don’t know what to say….what do you want to know. There’s just so much to remember!

    • Everything, start at the beginning … I believe it is a very good place to start…

  41. I am out for about an hour, back soon.

    • Aww…..okay!! Think of what you want to know! lol ❤ you!

  42. I just got to quickly look through the album. Sister Nugget is a riot! It’s so good to see your faces! I didn’t realize that you were also a Marcus/Bobby sandwich. lol

    • Yes! Sister Nugget was HILARIOUS! I was a Marcus/Bobby sandwich. It was quite nice. lol Glad you liked the pictures. They weren’t very big.

      • I’ll be going back to look through all of them–once I clicked on them they were larger.

        I’ll ask a few questions until Lizzie comes back:

        Did you have any trouble recognizing EP? Did you have a good time together?

        Was Bobby as soulful as he seems? As gorgeous?

        Did you like Marcus too?

        Did anybody mention LTR? (NO.)

        Did Sam put on a good show? Is he as fun as he appears on the videos?

        • No trouble at all. We got to the hotel right at the same time and I had seen pics of her before so I recognized her right away. We had a lot of fun together.

          Bobby was hard to read. He’s so mellow and quiet. I don’t really know. He’s definitely as gorgeous!

          No one mentioned LTR. I did see Carrie, but I was afraid it wasn’t her so I didn’t say anything.

          Sam was awesome! He was so funny and you can see the emotion when he sings.

          • I’m playing the reporter here so anybody who’s reading along gets some answers. lol

            How long did they play?

            Did you look at the merchandise they had for sale?

            How long did they stick around afterwards for pics and autographs?

            How busy was the place? Full?

          • LOL I like it! It makes it so much easier on me!

            I’m not sure how long they played maybe an hour and a half to 2 hours???? Divided between Marcus/Bobby and Sam and his opening act.

            I got one of Bobby’s CDs and Marcus’ but I don’t think they’re referring to them as EPs?? I’m not sure. I suck at this really. lol I listened to them and they’re really good.

            There were there for a while. I’m sure everyone that wanted to talk to/take a picture with them got to.

            Neither place was as full as I expected, but that was kinda nice.

          • I think it would be nice not to have it crowded. Here in Denver I think it’s open to 16+ for their sets. That doesn’t thrill me. I don’t know what to expect for a crowd.

            I’m glad you enjoyed Sam. He does put himself into his music–the words are his stories and they give us a peek into his life. Like that one to his Dad called So What? I understand that feeling of a young guy trying to get his Dad to just accept him and what he wants to do with his life even though it isn’t what his Dad wants. It looks like Sam has pushed through the resistance and actually taken the steps he needed to to begin a credible career. It’s the age old struggle of the artistic soul and society’s need to have everybody fit into a mold.

            Bobby didn’t have any of that need to rebel because his parents were into the music scene back in the 60s/70s. He did make the move from Calne to London so there would at least be an audience. He really is the poet.

  43. Happy Birthday Lizzie!!! I totally almost forgot w/ you being in the future it gets confusing! lol

    • That’s right, it is the 5th–maybe the 6th already–there!


      Did you have cake?

    • thanks guys, still my bday much to my horror, have been tryiung to keep it on he down low without too much success it must be said. LMAO as a joke my friend gave me the Twilight calendar and suggested maybe i may want to hang it in my closet rather than on my desk at work, ahh hell yeah.

      ah and did i see mention of photos, they better be in my email inbox by the time i get home tonight Ms FN, just saying!

      • LOL!! They will be there. It’s a photobucket slideshow and the pics aren’t very big. I’m working on how to edit them and share them w/ you guys and not the whole world b/c I’m greedy like that! LOL

        • I’m fine with that, it works for me!
          Good to hear you guys had fun, not that i really thought there was much doubt about it. How am i going to tell one munchkin from the other, unless your rack isn’t as impressive as EP’s?

          • or did you per chance wear a beanie?

          • LOL! My rack isn’t nearly as impressive as EPs!!! LOL Plus, I’m Mexican….haha.

          • ok will see how i do on my own, could be interesting, will report back tomorrow on my powers of deduction.

          • LOL! I look forward to it.

            Also, I hope you guys like the pics b/c editing them on freakin’ photobucket blows!! lol

        • Yes, we need to keep this stuff on the D/L!

          • yep and absolutely yep, lol!

          • Fo sho EyeC!!

  44. BTW can’t believe they are starting to get ready for Eclipse, seems weird given NM is still not released!

    • I know!! It’s so soon! Do you think they’ll try to make BD two movies?? We had this discussion the other night, but I don’t remember if you were here or not.

    • I know what you mean. Seems like only yesterday they were getting set up for NM. Did you guys see that they’ve added Jody Ferlund (sp?) as Bree? She’s the one I thought would be perfect for Jane. Jane is supposed to be about 12-13.

      • will have to check her out as i don’t think i have heard of her before

      • I didn’t see that. I have no idea who that is. I’ll have to IMDB her later. lol

    • I know it’s exciting for the cast to be reconvening after their summer break but I’m feeling a little nostalgic about it. With Twilight they had all this new excitement and getting to know each other. Then with NM there was the new director and changes in their make up/hair. They knew each other already except for the wolf boys and the Volturi. Taylor had bulked up and Rob was working out to prepare for Italy. This time Rachelle is gone just before her big scene that she was all geared up to shoot. They have another new director. They’re getting weary of the paps and fangirls (at least Rob is). It will have to be dovetailed with publicity for NM. I suppose they are glad to be together again. It actually starts shooting on the 17th I read. There’s always the possibility of something new out of Vancouver but it will never reach the level of that first movie.

  45. I asked her before, Lizzie, if it was surreal to actually meet and touch these guys after all of the months we’ve talked about them and played their music. That will be the strangest thing for me–not that I’m planning to touch either one but I’ll be glad to listen to them live. lol

    • Given the brit boys were pretty much all your doing to begin with I, will be really interested in your take after you ahev seen them live, and yoiu so want to be bewteen them when you get that group photos for me, case you know you have to.

      • Don’t count on it Lizzie. Seriously.

        • ahh i think you are discounting the powers of persuasion of my secret weapon Ms J-m!

        • Awww…you’re not going to get a pic w/ the guys??? And you better at least talk to them!! lol

          • yes AGREE!!!!!


    Soon, Nuggety, was it good? How was it meeting EP?

    WA – conclusion – brilliant.
    Office Update – love?

    • tazy.
      and agree on Wa and Office, such nice birthday oresents, cause as you all know it is ALL about me, so clearly they were just waiting for my bday to update.

      • Clearly all about you.
        Great birthday pressies *indeed*.
        So, what did ya get, apart from some FF updates – oh, the Dom has updated, too.

    • Hey Nat! It was SOOOO good! Meeting EP was awesome as well. I think we got along quite well (she may tell you different LOL).

      I think like 6 of my FFs updated while I was away. I have more important things to do right now (GASP!! LOL).

      How are ya??

      • So glad that you two finally had a chance to meet up and meet your brit boys. That is so grand.

        • It was a ton of fun! I’m sad it had to end so quickly. Also, FYI there is virtually nothing to do in Austin during the day. LOL

  47. Ok my birthday Strawberry Tart is calling me, adn no i mean a real strawberry tart and not someone i have nicknamed strawberry tart, so I am out of here for tonight.

    Sorry it was so quick Nat, catch you soon, and thanks and Robdreams to E and FN ❤

    • Bye Bye. HB L!

    • Enjoy your tart and what’s left of your B-day! ❤ ya!!!! I hope you have steamy Rob dreams (only b/c it's your B-Day though! lol)

    • I replied to this I guess it’s stuck in moderation 😦

      Hope you enjoy the rest of your B-Day! ❤ ya!

  48. Okay, LOTN, I’m out of here.
    Enjoy today tomorrow!
    Enjoy that tart, Lizzie.

    • Bye Nat.

    • Adios Nat! Maybe we can chat more later!

  49. EyeC I’m moving our convo down here.

    Sam’s show was all ages and it still wasn’t overly packed. There were several younger girls and other than their “bold” fashion choices they weren’t bad at all. None of them got all fangirl and freaked out. lol I don’t really think you have to worry about too much.

    Several of Sam’s songs are about his dad. I never really paid too close attention and EP pointed it out to me. He passed any issues he had and it is good that he’s using his life experience to make music.

    • I hope it’s not too busy. It is on a Wednesday and I’m not sure how many fans there are around here. On one hand, I want there to be a decent turn out for them but on the other, not a crowd.

      So which FFs are you reading first? I think they are all good. Love TO–finally! Clipped Wings–finally! Yay for Cosmo! CoaN–prep for that date with Emmett–the stinker!

      • ACK! I don’t even know where to start!! LOL There are way too many choices! lol

        • But so nice to have them there to choose from!

          • I know!! All I need now is for HL5 to update! lol

          • That’s right, TOV is one of them too. That was so good! lol

          • Oh yay! I can’t wait!

            I’m adding some other pictures to that album. I’ll let you know when it’s done being edited.

          • OK. I liked No Diggety. Funny that Sam chose it.

    • I just typed a response but it isn’t here.

  50. Haha! Isn’t that a funny choice for him?? It took me a minute to realize what it was.

    • I imagine it would have a whole different feel from Dr. Dre!

      • LOL For sure! It was still good though. lol

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