Posted by: themoonisdown | August 3, 2009

Monday Funnies, Rob makes us LOL

Dear Rob,

It’s Monday and I’m in need of a good laugh to start this week. It must be something about you or something about the pictures you take because people LOVE to change them up and create something hilarious. Then our lovely readers send them in to us or we peruse our favorite google images to share on the blogs.

Wow, Rob’s just shilling for everything now… not only Vaginal Dryness and Erectile Dysfunction but now irregularity! Watch for Rob in the next Ex-Lax commercial

No hun, I think that’s the smell of your antiperspirant begging for mercy. Raise your hand if you’re sure!

Follow the cut for even more funnies! Get your LOL on!
So that’s the reason why he didn’t take showers?! This explains so much now!

Pattinson Cologne! Contains notes of shoe leather, burnt cheese, 2 day old coffee and an ashtray full of cigarettes. Put a dab on your abs and the fangirls will flock. Available at fine truck stops near you.

And my most favorite ever in the history of the world…

I think this is pretty much the essence of you and why I love you!

Happy Monday yall!

Head over to Letters to Twilight and read UC’s Monday goodness!
Then make it over to the forum and chat it up, share stories, watch video, plan a meet up, conquer the world!



  1. Moon, the last one is my fav too.

  2. The last one’s great. Also the water one. Although I don’t care if you shower , Rob. I’d only get you all dirty again.

  3. This is all so cool! I love the cologne one! Now that I think of it, some of his habits remind me of my younger brother. It looks disgusting on my brother but it looks hot on Rob!

    Can someone picture Rob’s place to be really clean and organized or a stinking mess? LOL

  4. The last one is perfect. Although all of them are pretty halarious. I’m so glad I can come to this blog and can always count on some giggles. 🙂 Thanks, ladies!

    the last one is a WIN!

    i dont think he would look as sexually appealing as he already does if he were cleaned up and showered. its hot enough bc its him..!

  6. SO love the last one. Still recovering from the Twimayhem this weekend, so I can’t think of anything else to add. ❤ you girls long time.

  7. “Contains notes of shoe leather, burnt cheese, 2 day old coffee and an ashtray full of cigarettes.”


  8. i hate mondays. this made it better.

    • Amen.

      • Um… I’m Amen-ing your Amen…


  9. Love the last one. Definitely made my Monday better!

  10. That last one is awesome. As is your caption on Eau de Rob. Brava.

    However, why is it that the things Rob actually says are often funnier than this type of thing?
    “I get twelve-year-old virgins to lick it.”
    “Cats die.”
    “Depends on what you look like.”
    “Edward was so beautiful I creamed myself.”
    Etc…. He is his own motivational poster.

    • “Do NOT like me. I am a DICK.”

      My personal fav.

      • Thats my favorite to! The guy is hilarious.

    • @ allryans..
      Forgot about those Robbism’s… !! excellent, excellent..
      espec.” “Edward was so beautiful I creamed myself.”

      Yeah, the boy IS his own motivational poster…

    • I actually snorted at this one! Too funny!

  11. Like Garfield, I also hate Mondays! Thanks for making it better.

  12. “I didn’t know I was supposed to give a fuck” = GOLD! I fucking LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Okay, I must be alone in this, but the picture of him with the sweaty pics does anything BUT turn me off. I would bathe in his sweat, happily.

    That last one is awesome though. 🙂

    • Thank you, yes, his face is adorable in that picture!

  14. No babe, you are not supposed to give a fuck! That’s why we love you! I hope VickyB gets over here soon to post her theory on why we know Rob does not stink. It’s effing CLASSIC!!

  15. WHAT ‘SUP! Missed you all…just returned from holiday and had to stop in for a long needed fix from my friends!

    The last pic is without a shred of doubt WIN! My sentiments exactly on a daily basis…ok, not really…but it should be.

    • Yo yo yo! We return the same day! And I have the exact same sentiment. What a surprise.

  16. Love the post! Rob the poster boy for Laxatives! Nasty, but funny! Thanks!

  17. Ok, a little off subject, but I know one of you will have this info – Does anyone have a link to the latest WA chapters? I have work to do… so it’s time to procrastinate.

    Maybe Rob can send me a link. Since he’s been reading it and weeping along with us.

  18. Last one is hilariouss, lol. Just perfect.
    Also nearly spit my cake I was eating everywhereee when I read the first Laxative one, hahaha.

  19. seriously. one of the best looking dudes in history hands down.

  20. Bahahha,the first one is hilarious.

    Ang here´s a pic referring to the awful make-up in Twilight…

  21. Funny stuff. Everytime I come here (thats what she said) you make me laugh and smile. My cube mates think Im insane. Keep it coming. (again)

  22. Either the first pic is the funniest, or I am really a 12-year-old boy. That last photo is a very very close second, however. Loves it!

  23. “I didn’t know I was suppose to give a fuck” Hands down winner!

    (Hey, thats MY motto too!) no wonder I likes ya Robbie!

    The “water” one is pretty funny too. May be he thinks he’ll melt if he takes a bath? is that it?


  24. I love the last one. I could totally see him saying that.

  25. Hahaha,Rexona commercial:

  26. LOTN??? Hellllooooo???

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