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A playdate with Rob’s Friend: Bobby Long

Dear Rob,

I’ll admit it. I was skeptical. I am skeptical. I hear things associated with you or Twilight and immediately write them off. It’s not fair, it’s not right, but I’m just being honest here. So when I watched that interview with you and Rachelle (sad!) where she mentioned hearing about Laura Marling from Nikki Reed who heard about her from YOU, I didn’t consider checking her out. And then there’s The Brit Pack- your buds: Sam, Bobby & Marcus. I unfairly wrote them off from the moment I first heard of them.

I am groveling at your feet apologizing because Laura Marling is my new “Patty Griffin” (don’t worry, Patty, I’ll be back- I just need a new album- how ’bout a repeat of Rain?) and Bobby Long is incredible. I don’t have opinions on the other two yet (well, I have opinions of course, but I’ll keep them quiet till I see them live) Forgive me!? I will never write-off things you say again (false- I probably will)

I wanna tell you about my experience with your good ol’ friend Bobby Long. Share this with others as advice on how to have the best experience possible:

Good music

Good music

1. Make sure the act you are going to see is actually good. Even if you follow all my advice from here on out and the situation is ideal, if the band isn’t good, you’re gonna be miserable (unless you’re really drunk- and in that case- just run up on stage and start hitting the snare) Case and point: This show that I went to in May (which was worth the misery because of all the amazing LTR gals I got to hang out with!)

2. Go on a Tuesday night. Cuz then it’s more difficult for people to make 2 day treks across the country, camp out in front of the venue & be in really bad moods all evening long (Listen lady- it’s not my fault you haven’t peed in 14 hours and your breath smells like day old McDonald’s flapjacks) Less people will be there- no one is there to be out till 4 am cuz they have to work the next day- it’s just a chill, relaxed evening.

3. Go with a good friend. Calliope came with me. I’d share a picture, but Calli, the only picture that turned out is the one we took with that drunk girl who asked to join us. And sadly she looks better than the two of us combined.

Attractive? Check

Attractive? Check

4. See the show at a dive bar. Cuz at dive bars, during the opening acts, you and your friend Calliope can order some food and sit at the front bar, two seats down from Bobby & his manager who are, of course, drinking Heinekens.

5. It helps if the act you are going to see is an attractive, British male. See picture to right for an example.

6. It helps if the act raps Will Smith songs in his cute British voice. It was the “Fresh Prince of Bel Aire” theme song of course! We were in Philly!

7. Make sure to enjoy the moment when he sings the song that first made you love his music (Thanks to my bday mixed CD from Lula) In this case it was “Left to Lie”

8. Drinking a lot of beer will help you to ignore the few ‘typical’ fangirls who do sneak in, drive the distance & brave the dodgy area in which the show is held. Cuz while there were no “Bobby Long” tattoo stories to report or any Twilight t-shirts (that I saw- and I have Twi-dar, so I don’t think I missed them), you can rest assured that the crazies were there… just on their “best behavior” that night.

So Rob- so far I dig your taste in music (ew, I just said ‘dig’) and I like your friend Bobby. We’re off to a good start.  What do you want me to do next? Come on over to your hotel room and give you an innocent massage? Done.



Phil, pre Bobby's beers, sweating his a off, cuz it was hot as crap

All of the above is true. And the night was great- It was chill, relaxed and much less 2nd-hand embarrassing than the 100 monkeys! A few more observations:

-Phil, his manager, sat on the stairs leading to the slightly raised stage. Just lounged. Bopped his head to the music. And then he must’ve thought, “Bugger (don’t English guys say bugger?), I’m thirsty. I’ll have to squeeze through fangirls to get to the bar. And look at Bobby there- 6 bottles of  Heineken & a shot. I know. I’ll steal a bottle. While he’s singing. I’ll grab two of them” True story.

-Bobby has GREAT merch- cute T-shirts with birds. Loves. However, that, to me, would be like sporting a Twilight Shirt. Not.gonna.Happen

-Like Robbie, like Bobby. Looks like Bobby wore the same shirt three times this week! NY, Philly, TwiCon. Brit boys rule.

Picture 1IMG_0686bobbytwicon

After the jump- more Brittish hottness!





  1. You should also see Sam live he is awesome

  2. I caught 2 of Bobby’s show’s here several months ago. He was surprisingly good. I was lucky/unlucky enough to get to hang out with him and Sam and about 12 hangers on on the night of the 2nd show. (no I’m not a fangirl…but my friend that I went with is so I guess that kinda makes me one by association…whatever) Anyway, Since I was actually one of the two locals in this group (I was completely amazed at how many women travel cross country to see these guys), everyone was turning to me and the other local as to where to go after the show. I had a good idea but alas, the more obnoxious of us locals ended up making the plan. Turns out the place she picked was closing as our group got there. Bobby and Phil, the other local and a couple of other hangers on ended up eating omlettes at a Greek diner while Sam and the rest of us alcoholics ended the night at another bar doing shots of something that tasted like crap. It was a fun/hectic night but I met some really great people. Moral of the story: Leave after the show and go do your own thing. You’ll have more fun with your own people and you can drink whatever you want to.
    P.S. It was April and as it tends to be here in the south, it was very warm. Bobby was wearing some old man wooly sweater. Bless the Brit boys heart, he was just sweaty all night…and not in a good way.

    • @ Laurahoney;
      Great story, thanks for sharing :))
      You can tell a lot about a guy by the friends he keeps. Robbie must be a pretty decent man afterall.

      I’ve heard his buddies are all pretty down to earth nice guys. Its a good feeling to think that nice guys do finish first everyonce and a while.. given a break.


    • Laura-I was at that second show, and got the heck outta dodge after the show. Are you going to see him again here in a couple weeks?

      • SHM, yes I will be going…and going to the Memphis show too. I’ve gotten caught up in this whole Bobby Long thing. Not sure how it happened but I’ve got a friend that is working with him on his Memphis show and we’re going to make a long weekend of drunken Beale Street fun out of it! I’ll be here in Nashville, hopefully I’ll be able to get the heck out of dodge before I end up over at Red Door doing shots of crap again 🙂 Will you be going? If so we should totally have a drink together!

  3. I read on twitter that he was singing I was Broken. I hope someone put it on Youtube. The Rob version is okay but he sounded pitchy.
    Still love ya Rob.
    Bobby is cute .

    • I thought marcus foster wrote I was broken. Do they all just recycle each others songs?

      • Um, yes I think so! Lol! The songs AND the clothes!

      • i think you’re right on the money tiffany. same songs, song clothes, same friends.

        • do they recycle girlfriends/lovers – that would explain “how many women travel cross country to see these guys”

          just wondering

    • @ Niahid –

      “I was Broken” .. That’s a beautiful song…words are very deep for a young guy to write. Its my favorite. I thought Marcus Foster wrote it?

      If Bobby Long did perform it.. I bet it sounded good (I agree Pattinson’s adhoc version from the Whiskey a Go Go was less than steller).

      Let us know when you have Bobby L’s version up on Utube so we can watch it too.


    • Its on UTube!!! hurray, I checked today.

  4. Bobby is way awesome. I saw him twice in NYC this past week and just plain fell in love (lust?) with him. I’ve even started referring to him as my new boyfriend (don’t judge). Sorry, Rob, but you stood me up!

  5. Seen Bobby twice in London. He’s so talented. Seems like pretty nice fellow. I’ve got two photos with him and he signed my cd. The two times I’ve been he has been so generous talking to people there, taking photos, hanging around and just relaxed. Would be great to see Marcus aswell as Sam perform live. Oh, marcus! he is truly killing me softly with his words 😀

  6. love B long. I’m not a sam fan but I love me some marcus foster and bobby long. Is it bad that I hope they never get out of control famous/ popular I like when I can see singer songwriters at dingy little bars

  7. i was at the philly show too and was really impressed. bobby is truly a talented musician. i’m looking forward to seeing him again when he comes back to the north star.
    uc- next time i’ll have to come find you and say hi. i got a vid of the fresh prince silliness which i’ll send your way.

    • yes!!! please email it to i wish we ran into each other!

    • That does Rock!! That was so much fun!! HEY UC! LOL!! Yea sitting 2 stools down from Bobby was pretty cool!! Ya should have hung around!! The place really cleared out and we took some pics with him (it wasn’t so bad cause Shannon hugged him bye then asked him for us! LOL!)

      Gotta see the Fresh Prince Video!! Please let me know if there is a link up on You Tube where I can see it! I Texted a friend to tell them about it and she srlsy question my sobriety!

  8. So, I just went to his site and looked at his tour schedule and found that he is going to be in town tomorrow night. I’m like UC and am pretty skeptical about anything related to Twilight. Maybe I’ll go see him since you guys liked him.

    • are you referring to the Phoenix show? I was thinking of checking it out to. I live in Mesa.

      • Yes … I live in Mesa also.

  9. I am super excited to see Bobby & Marcus this week in LA and to meet Moon and other LTT girls if we end up there on the same night. I have a my space place list w/ the Brit Pack and have loved everything. I saw Sam when he was in LA a few months ago (twice) and LOVED it… he’s actually quite funny so go see him.

  10. So bummed I didn’t know you were there UC!!!! I feel like I missed out on meeting a celebrity, lol.

    Bobby’s not even my fave of the three (I’m alllll about some Marcus Foster) but I was really impressed with him live! My favorite performance was Dead and Done…loved that everyone was singing along.

    Show was super fun, love a day trip to Philly that turns into three days! I was having so much fun, I couldn’t leave.

    You should go up to NY for the Marcus Foster show at Arlene’s Grocery. I’ll totes buy you a Heinie. 🙂

  11. Aw, sounds like it was a fun time! I was at a show at North Star in May and you’re right, it was a dodgy area! I was a little creeped out … From the angles of your pictures it looks like you were on that balcony, that’s where I was too and I liked being up there except the guy never looked up so I could get a good picture, did Bobby ever give the balcony fans some love? 🙂

    • no… he never looked up… but it was so worth it- being close but not having to feel other people’s sweat drip on me!

  12. Thanks for posting! I’d never heard any of his music, but after watching that video, I think it’s safe to say I ❤ Bobby Long! I would have loved to hear the Fresh Prince theme song!

  13. looks like bobby and i are cut from the same cloth. we find an outfit we like and want to wear it every day. but he actually wears it every day and i just wish i could.

    i will tell him this super exciting info on thursday! 😉

  14. also love that you all were at the perfect angle to look for any bald spots or possible early male patterned baldness. i see none. this bodes well for our future fake children.

  15. I can vouch for Sam Bradley. I saw him live last night (well, at 3:00 this morning, actually) along with Marcus Foster and Bobby Long. Sam was a-freakin-mazing. As a matter of fact, he was my favorite of the three. So entertaining and a voice like buttah. Bobby Long a very close second. Bobby was super nervous and overwhelmed with the crowd, I think. Marcus was also great. I’d see them all again. I left wanting more!

    • We got no Fresh Prince last night, but we got a little Dre, Yo Diggety from Sam. It was so fun!

    • I was at Poor David’s Sat night, too! My friend and I thought that Sam sounded like Elvis a little! The tone of his voice is so beautiful! All three are amazing! It was a great time! If you can catch them, do! I’d like to see them again outside the world of TwiCon…I’m sure there’d be a lot less peeps!

      • And, Marcus sang “I was broken” and let me tell you, I was, too! Freakin’ amazing!

  16. UC and Moon should get access to do 1:1 interviews with these guys. The outcome would be pretty interesting. And I’ve always felt that Pattinson and his buddies would prefer to interact with the type of fans that participate in this particular type blog.

    Bobby L. will be in my town next week. I’m debating whether to see him or not. (thank goodness its a +21 club as I can’t stand the little TwiGirlies screaming, drives me batshite nutters). Drawback…. is its a real dodgy area.

    • GO!!! GO GO GO!!!!

    • For real. GO!

  17. JAG… I know exactly what you mean about resistance… skepticism… because I’m same way.

    I was telling someone just a few weeks ago about how I really resisted getting into Twilight and then Rob… because I don’t WANT to like them BECAUSE of the fact that seemingly everyone else does. I feel like such a goddamn sheep! But, resistance was futile… especially when it came to Rob. I really, really didn’t want to go down that road, yet here I am.

    So, yeah, I resisted Rob’s friends, too… just because everyone else seemed to be hopping on that train. But, I really love Rob’s version of “I Was Broken”… the music and lyrics. So, then I looked into Marcus’ stuff and I love it… damn it! Then someone convinced me that I should listen to Bobby’s stuff. And, crap, if “Left to Lie” isn’t a piece of fucking genius! Sigh.

    I’m still holding out on Sam, though… but, he doesn’t have anything out on iTunes, yet. I’m weird about listening to music on MySpace pages… don’t like it. But, I guess time will tell. I hear that, personality wise, he’s a lot like Rob. So, I won’t watch his vids either… because I’m still resisting and what I love about Rob most is his personality. His looks didn’t automatically get me, but his personality (and then music) did.

    Anyway, yeah, I’m probably going to see both Bobby and Marcus this coming week… driving 3 hours to do it, too. I’d have to go on the weekend, though… and I just know the fangirls will be there and I kind of don’t want to deal with that. Sigh… what to do?

    • Ok… forgot where I was… that should have been to UC, not JAG. Oops! :/

  18. Really enjoy reading what you all have to say. I love to laugh at everything. I am glad I am not alone in my Robsession. First time I have replied been a long time reader keep up the awesomeness.

  19. OOO lalala!!! I looovee me some Bobby Long! A letters to Bobby Long would be great

  20. UC,
    O ye of little faith! To think that Rob’s recommendations would not be worth checking out. lol

    In my continuing quest to leave no stone unturned in all things Rob, I have also been pleasantly surprised with many ‘finds’.

    I’ve been following the Brit Boys for a while now and they each have their area of expertise. They’re all ready to make the jump in their careers and this tour is the kick-off. I think when they made that pact they must have signed in blood because once Rob made the big time he dragged every one of them along with him. I’m slated to see Bobby and Marcus in another week and I’ll be taking all of your suggestions to heart. Guitar guys are my thing.

    Getting back to the RobRecs, he certainly has quite a range of intersts. I just got Prenom: Carmen and Breathless, the two films by Godard he mentioned in some interview or other. We’ll see. Believe me, I’m laughing at myself as I make my way item by item through this list! He includes the old timey classics from Van the Man, James Brown, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Franny and Zoey and Jack Nicholson to KOL, Laura, JCVD and Lust, Caution. The only one I had trouble getting through was Amis’s book Money. Maybe third time’s a charm.

    I’m hoping that he will be giving interviews on a press junket for New Moon, but I don’t have high expectations. We need some new favorites for him to spew out there for research purposes. I’m always trying to figure out what makes him tick.

    I enjoyed your post today. Long live Bobby Long!

    • Franny and Zoey? JCVD? Lust, Caution? Obviously I’ve missed some things… please elaborate…

      And, yeah, I’ve had Money out from the library for two months now, so I know what you mean. The good parts are good… but then other parts are really hard to get through…

      • Hey Nora,
        Just ran across your comment. I recently read somewhere that was one of the books he was carrying around on the Remember Me set. It’s the book Nine Stories by J. D. Salinger–you know, the recluse who wrote Catcher in the Rye. The JCVD is the movie with Jon Claude Van Damme that was recently released on DVD. Rob commented that it was a brave and emotionally affecting (not his exact words, but the meaning is there) performance. From my understanding, JC faces the camera and talks directly to the audience about his life. I’ve heard from others that it leaves an impact. I’ve got it on request at the library. Lust, Caution is a movie in Japanese that is one of those filled with political intrigue and betrayal with some very graphic sex scenes that start out as near rape and morph into a long term affair containing some very unusual positions. lol Probably the dream of any guy! Watch it and get back to me….

    • And, on this note… I think it would be cool to have a Rob Recs page of some sort. For everything…. books, music, movies, etc. I think most of us know most of them, but it would be nice to have it all compiled in one place somewhere…

      • I’m sure if we compiled all of our memories from his many interviews we could come up with a fairly accurate list. Not a bad idea. Like I said, I’m always wanting to see what makes him tick–like deconstructing Rob. lol

  21. The Office just updated.

    • Hi E

      big smooch for that info I, I have decided instead of E you can now be I, don’t know why i didn’t think of that before now…

      Just a pop in to say hi and i should be around later in the week, still a litlle under the gun at work right now.

      I wnat to hear all the goss from the weekend though, so if the others pop in tell them to wait for me!

      Will pop by tomorrow at some point


      • Hi Lizzie,
        Good to hear from you. I bet the girls have had a fab time tonight and I’ll be waiting to hear the scoop too. Tomorrow it’s Sam. Those lucky bitches! I know you’re working hard. Gotta do what you gotta do. See you later. Love ya.

  22. Gah. Bobby is amazing. So is Marcus. Those guys make some seriously good music.

  23. EyeC, you still around?

    • Hi Jenny! Yes, I’m around. What are you up to tonight?

      • I was getting a play-by-play of the Bobby and Marcus show via text. It was silently killing me and feeding my excitement all at once!

        What did you get up to? (Sorry this was slow, I was reading the comments…)

        • So, tell me. Did they love it??? No doubt. Were they surpeised when they saw each other?

          Oh, yes. Today would be perfect for you. All Bobby, all the time!

          I slept a long time and got all caught up. Then had to punch in all of my fanfics again because hubs cleared out the computer. Deciding on my next story. lol

          • Yeah, they loved it! I got funny updates throughout. Bobby grazed ErPattz’s boob. First Rob peeks, then Bobby touches it. Those babies are getting around.

            FN got Bobby to sign her poster with a drug reference, because she told him “I know you smoke”. He gave her a funny look. So my hope of his lack of interest in drugs lives on!

            Apparently Marcus and Bobby react well to butt picture inquiries.

            Marcus and Bobby made an ErPattz sandwich, in a non-dirty way (yeah right).

            Umm, what else? ErPattz and FN were a little awkward when they met, no hug, but then things were all good when alcochol and Bobby were involved. Apparently sister Nugget felt up EP. Obviously nobody can resist!

            I saw you said The Office updated, I’ll have to read that later! Woo. That sucks about the Hubs clearly the history. So frustrating to find all those stories again, I imagine! Which one do you think you’ll start now??

          • ROFLMAO!!! That is so great! That EP! She’s gonna get around and you KNOW Bobby will remember her. She will be able to introduce you personally by Vancouver.

            FN and her Mary Jane! lol I’d like to keep hope alive with you on the no drugs front. I’m just so happy that the girls actually got to talk with them and had a little fun!

            Sister Nugget. lol EP, irresistable.

            The Office–hot, hot, hot!! She had a bit of writer’s block but she’s back on track and lordy lordy! SSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssss.

            He just clears it out every so often because it slows down so much with all my wandering around. Still it’s a pain. Next up, Brotherly Devotion, then Deconstructing Dracula. Just finished Seducing Ms. Swan and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (loved it!).

          • The Office rocks my world!

            And, I also love Brotherly Devotion… I just wish it was updated more often. It’s been a while now… I hope she hasn’t given up on it!

            Will have to check out Seducing Ms. Swan and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  24. EP’s knockers are definitely unforgettable!

    FN is def obsessed with the mary jane, hence why her autographed poster says “Mary Jane” on it! After he gave her a funny look she said “Don’t worry, I won’t judge.”

    I can’t wait to read The Office now! I thought the last chapter was amazing, when they first got back from Seattle. Mmm, that kitchen. Bella sure knows her lingerie too.

    Yeah I’ve sort of been keeping up with what FF you’re reading. I read about the Breakfast at Tiffany’s one in some old comments. My favourite is still HL5 and WA… though I haven’t read ANY of the new WA updates yet! Ack. I have to reread a few chapters before I can get back into the story again. I don’t want to ruin the updates for myself.

    • Yeah, WA coming to an end. Sad.

      The Office. I got to see 2 of my 3 wishes so far. I wrote in a review that I wanted her to see his bedroom. Check. For her to see him with CareBear and for them to make themselves public. I guess I never saw the problem with them coming out and Bella still being his assistant but it’s obviously not so good for reputations or office politics. We could talk after you’ve read it.

      Clipped Wings and Inked Armor is my new favorite that I can’t wait to read the updates. She does a good job of that–once a week or so. Put that on your list for sure. It’s a slow but constant sizzle. lol

      And I loved Holding Out For You. 50 chapters and it’s completed. Includes 3 kids that add a lot. I was smiling through all of the boys’antics. Sweet but with some drama and trauma.

      • Have you read Art After 5? I read through the whole thing yesterday (it’s about halfway done), and I’m in love. Parts of it are heart wrenching, but it’s so good!

        • Nora, I just saw your post after scrolling back through before closing out and yes, I love Art After 5. It is fabulous, isn’t it? Edward is the mature one in this relationship. There were some points where we waited for an update that we were left sort of heartbroken. You think it’s only halfway done? I will hate it when this one is over! Good to have Counterpoint to follow along in EPOV. Good to hear from you.

  25. Yeah, WA ending is definitely sad. I have to get back into the story first, though. It’s been so long.

    Who’s Care Bear? Am I missing something? I wanted to see themselves go public too, but I knew it wouldn’t go well. We’ll definitely have to chat after I’ve read it.

    FN really liked Clipped Wings and Inked Armour too, I think. I guess I’ll have to put that one on the list. I’ve been resisting starting new ones… but then I started HL5. And it might be my favourite. Might as well do a few more REALLY good ones.

    I like completed FF. Waiting for updates is torture. And I’m starting to mix up characters and stories. I don’t know how you keep them all straight.

    • CareBear is Carrington, the daughter of Emmett and Rosalie. He has tea parties with her, remember? He becomes a whole different person when he’s around her. It’s so cute!

      Yeah, WA was a long time coming with those last chapters. It lost its continuity having to wait so long.

      The whole thing about Clipped Wings is that you don’t think you’d like it because of the tattoos and piercings but, let’s face it, it’s EDWARD we’re talking about here! He can make anything sexy. Besides, he’s a total softy inside (his heart, that is!). And he loves cupcakes! What’s not to love there?

      I love HL5 too. I had so amny tears in some parts. My heart was just aching. But FINALLY he’s made it! What a great chapter that last one was!

      Waiting for updates sucks! I can’t stand to wait around yet I have to. I just start a new story every time. I don’t know how my brain does it but I’m able to keep them all straight. Go figure. I do have a list of completed stories that I liked if you want them.

      • Ohhh right, his niece! I just forgot her name, I guess. She hasn’t come up in a few chapters. I loved seeing him with her too, he’s adorable around her! The tea parties.

        Yeah, I started reading Chapter 48 of WA again to reacquaint myself with the story. I forgot how long the chapters are.

        I cried like a baby while I read HL5. I read the latest update while I was at work, and I had to fight back the tears! It was slightly embarrassing. But it’s such a great story.

        Yeah, I’d love a list of the really good stories that you loved! Those always seem to be the best ones.

        • Jenny, so far I’ve completed–through the updates–46 stories. Fifteen are completed stories. All the others are still active. A few have sequels coming. Did you want the completed stories so you won’t have to worry about updates or were you talking about any of them that I am still in the process of reading and enjoy. You know I like almost all of them. lol

          Also, about the links. Someday I’ll learn the easy way to do this, but so far I type them in by number (I know, I know). I would just put the 7-digit number after each one.

          Let me know.

          • Wow, 46? That’s intense. Hmm, I don’t mind if they’re not completed. Just give the best ones! I know you like them all, but give the ones that rival WA or TOV or HL5 – I just realized that may be a long list. Haha Sorry.

          • Hey, TOV has updated too!

          • Yes, I read TOV. That was such a good chapter. The first day of the festival. You’ll like it!

  26. Quick – Ch 52 Wide Awake now up

    nite nite

    • Yeah! And FINALLY!!! Supposed to be last Thursday. Better late than never. Thanks Lizzie.

  27. I think you have all the early ones so I’ll skip those. I know you don’t want the Rob ones. The url for all of them is then the number followed by the title with _ between each word. C means comleted story.

    Art After 5 5027792
    Bella is 24, Edward is 17.

    Counterpoint 5139976 (AA5 from EPOV)

    Stitches and Scars 4273172
    Some grammar problems but the story is good.

    Mr. Horrible 4953962

    In the Blink of an Eye 4500819
    Bella is 27 with spinal chord injury after the cliff jump. Edward comes back into her life 10 years later. Sounds depressing but it’s not. Many lessons have been learned. Almost complete.

    Shadowboxer 4905129
    Good story. Bella’s backstory is kind of rough.

    Only Human 4293411 C
    Bella travels back in time to the last 2 months of Edward’s human life. Fits in very well with the saga.

    Library Rendezvous 4775304
    A sweet Edward. Romantic and very sexy!

    I Hate Myself for Loving You 4161407
    Bella and Alice are college freshmen and Edward and Jasper are juniors. B&A form a band, so it’s got a music orientation.

    A Little Less Than Before 4976805
    Sort of a ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ take. Bella and Jasper have been best friends for 8 years and he asks Alice to marry him.

    Alphabet Weekends 4918784
    Roommates B & E have known each other from the age of 4. They are tired of the long slump in their lovelives and decide to challenge each other using one letter of the alphabet each week.

    Lady of the Knight 4550368 C
    Sort of a Pretty Woman take. Edward mistakes Bella for a hooker when he picks her up one night after she’s been attacked by her boyfriend and she’s walking aimlessly into a bad area of the city.

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s 4864974 C
    Edward returns to NYC after escaping to Cali for 2 years to get away from all the pressure of being from a prestigious family followed by the paparazzi. Disapproval from his father for exploiting his position. Then Bella happens into his life, a free spirit assistant editor at Brown, Little. He woos her through the window at Tiffany’s where she stops daily to dream of a better future.

    Holding Out For You 4666438
    Bella is divorced from Jake with one 7 y/o son. Edward is widowed with a 7 y/o son and a 9 y/o daughter. She moves to Monterey where she previously got her degree in Marine Biology when she is offered a job at the local aquarium. Edward is a doctor but he coaches the boys (who become instant best friends) in baseball. Unresolved grief is at the heart of the trauma.

    Clipped Wings and Inked Armor 5143291

    Maybe: You Get Me Closer To God (C) and Bittersweet Symphony and Confessions of a Nanny.

    You already have HL5 and TOV.

    • Stitches and Scars is completed.

  28. Hey UC, glad you finally posted about your Bobby Long encounter. I’m glad you included pictures. I hope I get to go with you for the other guys visits to Philly, if any are in store. I’ll try to pay more attention next time.

    Also, I never got to say anything about your 100Monkeys venture when you posted, but I did want to let you know that I appreciated your honesty when you said you didn’t like them. Hahaha.

  29. I love that you used my ninja pic for this! The forearms were amazing. lol!! Bobby is AMAZING live! If you get the chance to see him, Marcus, or Sam you MUST go! You won’t be disappointed.

    Uploading more Bobby, Marcus, and Sam pics in a few minutes to my twitter. So amazing.


  30. Left to Lie is even better live…
    of course.

  31. I told you he was good! oh i love bobby long. love him. i can’t wait to see him again.

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