Posted by: themoonisdown | August 1, 2009

Lemme touch you for a while Robert Pattinson

Dear LTR Ladies-

On Saturdays we usually get right to the point with some hot upbeat smexy music and hot vids of Rob… but like a good Roller Rink DJ I’m gonna slow things down a bit and call for a couples skate.

First up we’ve got “Let me touch you for a while” so I hope you all like sexy understated country/bluegrass music cause this Alison Krauss song does it just right along with some hot pictures all in black and white

Nerd it up with a little Art from How to Be! Awwwww

Don’t forget this gem from this week…

Created by Biel and dedicated to us, Gozde @ Robsessed and Jag at Raor

So report to the rink it’s time to take a whirl with your sweetie… Rob!

Happy Saturday! Go check out the goodness at Letters to Twilight and visit all the good times in the forum!


  1. Love Alison Krauss! Great vid!

  2. Thanks for going Jr. High on us this morning.

  3. Allison Kruass+ Rob Pattinson pics = amazing start to a Saturday!

  4. Amen, sister! I am all with you on the touching, only let ME be the one doing it, pleease!

    Thank you! What a great way to wind down on a Saturday evening after a bikeride to the gym, sitting on the balcony with a drink and relaxing. Wait, this isn’t relaxing me, though, my pulses are racing…aarrgh, is it possible to go into cardiac arrest from an overdose of Robness, when you are an otherwise perfectly healthy, hot-blooded female? *pant* Must go get some more ice…

  5. Awwh! I love me some Art on a Saturday. I still can’t decide if I liked the movie or not, but I do love Art. He’s DOMINATING.

  6. Moon, thanks so much for the 1st video & for identifying the music for an American abroad who hasn’t been plugged in to the US music world for some time—the Biel video with its jazzy flair is also great—& with that we come to the crux of the matter—

    admitting the Robsession was hard enough, recognizing the emotional proximity to gushing (screaming????) teenagers put a real dent in my ego—but having to admit that the music to which i naturally respond is Jr. High cuts pretty deep—

    feel so out of it when you all rave about musicians who have mastered 3 chords & who swallow the text while singing in 3 diff. keys—i know it’s an in-crowd thing, but it’s still such a bloody relief to hear anything i can identify as sth i call music—

    for example, before Rob really started spinning on the superstar carousel & there were stills of what i call Spaced-out-Rob looking scruffy after a wet night the song that always played in my head was ‘Sunday Mornin, Comin Down’ up to the halfline ‘watched a small kid’—

    frankly, the whole sorry business is a royal pain in the ass—which doesn’t change it one bit—so as a great aunt always said: ‘What can’t be cured must be endured’— ❤

    • Expat, I also associate Spaced-out-Rob with Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down. That song expresses all the morning after feelings I see in him after one of those nights. It’s sad, it’s wistful, it’s real. He has to miss some of his old life. I’m always surprised to find someone else with my thoughts. lol

  7. just took a stroll thru the Twilight department store at LTT—god’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world!!—gonna buy me an Edward shrine for the empty corner ot my b.r.—<3

  8. As a 16 year old girl, I’m not ashamed to say that besides the *morning cartoons*,…
    This is another thing I look forward too on Saturday mornings!
    Thanks again.

  9. Biel’s videos freaking rock. They are clearly, clearly, the best Rob videos out there. Every single time.

  10. ahhhh (sigh).
    thank u!


  11. love the vids. Sorry if this has already been answered or its just really easy to find and im stupid but whats the name of the artist/song in the video Biel put together.

    xoxox you moon

    • Intro Song: “Good Enough”, Evanescence.
      Vid Song: “Rose Rouge”, St Germain.

      love it!

      • Thanksss a bunch

  12. I will have to view that b&w video with the Alison Krauss song multiple times. One of the best ones I’ve seen of him paired with some great music. I watch most of your videos (and read your site every day!) but this one seemed special. Thanks!! It made him seem more human and not just a fangirl obsession. However he does have some Robsessibility potential!!

  13. Well, you know how I feel about Alison…i.e. she rules my world and I bow at her feet on a regular basis. (As in–on the plane yesterday–when I teared up while listening to her sing “Ghost In This House.” No lie.)

    Awesome. Happy Saturday!

  14. Nice vid Biel! And Rob…I’ll take you just as you are…tics nervaux included. Now ain’t that sweet of me! I’m normally a terrible person..but you bring out the best in me Rob!

  15. Holy shit! I only had 33 views on that Rob/Allison vid and nearly took it down the other day. Now there are 665 views. Thanks Moon!

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