Posted by: themoonisdown | July 26, 2009

Loosen up those buttons, baby! UC and Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob-

When I saw this video of hot pictures of you set to a very special Pussycat Dolls song it reminded me of my lovely blogging partner UC and I knew I had to post it in honor of her. I know you love her almost as much as I do so you wouldn’t mind if this is more for her than you.


So here ya go UC your very own Rob video…

You’re the best!



  1. AWW! ๐Ÿ™‚ Buttons ๐Ÿ™‚ yay! Love this video with all my heart BTW….

    I may or may not have roughly 40 videos of this man in my favorites. Saved under “tutorials”. Nope, not even kidding.

  2. I have never wanted to be a button so badly, ever before….

  3. Buttons!

    love you

    • i love button fly rob. can we just for one second discuss the bill cosby sweatre in the vidoe though? i love that he doesn’t give a tiny rat’s ass about how he looks but the sweater? it’s truly a crime. ahh well, i’d still blow him in a dumpster. yes in one, i’m that dirty.

  4. Is it wrong that I think I [heart] him that much more for always looking like he just rolled out of bed and threw on the first clothes he grabbed off the floor??? And will someone please make sure that the jeans/black v-neck tee combo is ALWAYS the first thing he stumbles upon? ‘Cause he is rockin’ that outfit…

  5. Love this vid!!!!!!!!!
    “take the chance to recognize that this could be yours…”
    Yeah Robbie!!! all of this could be yours!!!

    love it!!!

  6. all i can say i: H O T

  7. I LOVE black t-shirt Rob! Jesus, what those pictures do to me! UGH!!

  8. thanks for ButtonflyRob—feel much cheerier now that we’re back to basics—LOL

  9. Those pants should end up in the Smithsonian. Along with the BBJ and the Stoli shirt.

  10. Buttons, zippers, elastic bands, … no pants?…..
    everything looks good on Rob

  11. I love Rob no matter what he wears….*swoon*

    Everything looks good on him!

  12. O.M.G!
    It’s 8.20am in Sydney – I just got into work, logged in, went straight to LTR (to look at the “oh my fuck” picture again actually) and came across this first. Did I say ‘O.M.G’ already?

  13. I will now have this song in my head for 2.5 days. I’ll think of you Moon (and my cute as a button friend UC) while I hum this diddy at my desk tomorrow.

  14. Where ever Robbie and his buttons are … I hope he’s having a good ol’ time, and resting well, (sans all the screaming girlies)
    (throws him a big kissy! ) smooch
    x H

  15. My daughter’s nickname is “buttons”.

    I guess I’ll have to think of a new one now.

    Damn you, Rob.

    • hmmmm my nickname might be buttons too ๐Ÿ™‚ thus the post…..

  16. i wish there was a blog about rob’s buttons

    • I agree!

    • I know I’d like to push Rob’s buttons.

      • You would?? That’s news to me! ๐Ÿ˜€ lol

  17. HeyHeyHey! LOTN??

    • yes Rob and his buttons, many an hour has been lost in that robviod by me!

      heya chickadee, all good with you, did you have a sunday 6 hour lunch too?

      • LOL I’m sure it amounts to days!

        Everything is good here. I didn’t have a 6 hour lunch, but did you enjoy yours??

        • well i guess it all evens out today was about a 6 min lunch unfortuantely.

          • Aww…sad day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  18. Hey FN–are you giving Lizzie a hard time?

    • Yes, I suppose I am. But she doesn’t mind ๐Ÿ™‚

      How are you? I’m trying to finish pt. 2 of ch. 51!! OMG!! WHEW! That’s all I’ll say for now…lol

      • <33333333333333333 WA, esp the end of ch 51, that's all i am saying too.

      • I’m sure she can take it!

        Yay! You’re movin’ right along on WA. I knew these two would make it!

        Great video today–a very pleasant rhythm. lol And those button fly pants have been driving me crazy for weeks!

        • She can.

          I’m happy for them!

          Yes….those pants….mmm….

      • nope don’t mind a bit, totally works for me, lol.

        <3333333333 Ch 51 of WA, and that's all i am saying too.

    • nah. i think she is just amused that when the words rob and buttons are used together i tend to blank out for a bit, OK quite a bit. damn ff, i tell you the places my mind automatically now goes is actually quite embarrassing, esp since it is broad daylight and i am sitting in the middle of the office spacing out!

      how you doing E?

      • LMAO! I can relate, Lizzie! Damn the ff! Bit it’s also very delicious!

        I’m doing really well tonight. So you have a chance to breathe at work today? They’ve been pushing you a lot lately.

        • not to bad thansk E, i will be able to play on and off over the next few weeks, but will generally be busy for about another 6 weeks or so, late, late, late nights should be getting close to being over though thank goodness.

          • That’s good. It’s always more fun when you’re here.

          • It really is!

      • That IS pretty amusing…lol

        FF has quite an effect on my daydreams too!

  19. I started this new ff last night, of course today i can’t remember what it is called or how i even found it and while i normally like the longer FF this one is 81 ch, seriously 81 chapters, that is going to take me a little while to plow thorugh i tink.

    • Let us know what it is and how you like it after you figure it out. That’s a lotta chapters!

      • will do, will remember to write some actual details down in the little book i am now using so i can keep track of all the stories i seem to have going on (finally learnt after losing the one i was enjoying then lost, so typical of me). I feel like a collector, as mentioned I hav been printing some off and have them ready and waiting in the meantime find somehting else that looks interesting and get hooked there instead, so have half stories everywhere right now!

        • Yes, I’ve got all of mine in a simple spiral notebook. I keep thar7-digit number right beside the title so I can easily get to it. After my browser was cleaned out again today I had to go back through all of the active ones and plug them in again.

          • annoying isn’t it, i am sure if i wasn’t so techno killer i could actually do it simplistically rather than the ahrd way, but then again this is the person that had to ask for help on how to insert smileys, which you will still note still seems to be one step too far for me.

    • 81 chapters??? Maybe it’s in your browser history?

      • it was, but how i found it in the first palce i have no idea, i took it as a sign to start reading it only about 10 ch in so far, Ok, no HlF or TOV but ok, i got a lemon in the last ch so you know, for now i;ll keep going. lmao, that kind of sums it up doesn’t it, get a lemon keep reading…

        • Yup! LOL

        • LOL, it’s almost like it KNEW you were getting restless! lol

          • yep was getting dicey there was 9 ch into an 81 ch FF and no lemons, was thinking maybe this is just going to be one very long tease, but ch 10 saves the day, so i will give it another 10 ch or so to see how big the lemon tree is.

          • lmao “how big the lemon tree is” that’s hilarious.

  20. So I hope you ladies are putting your best bridesmaids fruit outfits together ready for the wedding, I mean I think you are going to need to be ready at the drop of a hat to do the deed before Bobby can get that restraining order in place.

    • I think it’s Jenny who will have to be alerted. Let’s hope she will make her move. He’s got to notice 2 days in a row, doesn’t he?

      • poor dude, he has no idea what is about to hit, actually he should be so lucky, (and if anyone out there knows Kylie Minogue sing a long with me here, lucky, lucky, lucky, i should be so lucky, lucky; lucky, lucky, and ok now I;’m bored with that).

        • Dang it! I forgot what fruit I was supposed to be! lol

          I know Kylie Minogue, but the only song I know is…not that one…lol I can’t remember the title. I know she had a small part in Moulin Rouge! lol

  21. LR updated today if you’re interested EyeC. Haven’t gotten around to reading it though…

    • Thanks! I keep checking all of them but must have missed the update there. I was thinking how long it’s been since that chapter with Charlie. Wonder what they will find out about her job vs his medical school.

    • i tell yiou i was sure i checked if that updated today, it is almost like they wait until i check and then then go yep shec checked, quick lets update NOW, last week that happened to me so many times, i would check in the morning adn then when i catch you guys in the afternoon you are all reading updates to ones that had not updated for me. am I feeling precious today or what, it is always all about ME, ME ME, LMAO.

      • I get the e-mail alerts. I got that one around 9ish.

        ALSO TOV UPDATED!!! (thanks guys for making me curious what time it was when I got the LR update!!)

        • TOV, too??? Yay! Yay! Yay!

          • I KNOW!!! It’s so exciting!

          • off to the printer i go…

          • TOV—new words from Edward/Debussey88. Awww. Say it, Out loud! These two HAVE to start creating songs together. The words are so beautiful. She’s being drowned out by James and his guitar playing style. That’s good. She won’t stand out and they won’t win. I predict~~~.

          • For a second there I thought you were telling us what happened! I was like “WHY?!?” LOL I should’ve known better…my apologies.

  22. I’m reading all the one shot stories by ObesessingOverEdward (she wrote HOFY and LOTK)—Massage Therapist Edward, Best Man Edward, as Bella marries Jake, Biker Edward, College Professor Edward…. They’re quick and all have lemons. Yay!

    • i have to give the one shots a fair go, i am just not normally a short story sort of chick – obviously i somehow find an 81 story ff instead! do you get enough of a complete story from the one shots E?

      • That’s a good question. I don’t read one-shots either and I was wondering the same thing Lizzie. I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough character development.

      • I agree with you , L. I don’t generally get into the one shots but since I’ve read everything that this autor has written and liked it, the one shots have the same style. HOFY was 50 chapters and LOTK was 26 so they were really complete and detailed stories. Put those two on your list.

        Also don’t forget my current favorite, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor.

        • I am wiating for a few more ch to get up with wings and ink before i launch in, i read in chunks so only having a few ch kills me!

          • Got it.

  23. “Fuck Alice. I could make charts that would put her little black and white bar graphs to shame. I meanโ€ฆ come on. Itโ€™s an entire professional career being planned for. Iโ€™d think I could, at the very least, spring for some really fucking extravagant colored pencils or some shit. Better yet, I was confident we could go all kinds of Kinkos on that motherfucker.”

    That last line KILLS me!! lol

    • Hi-Lar-Ious!!! “go all kinds of Kinko”–great phrase to use some time in the future! lol

      • haha! I agree!

  24. No, I won’t ruin anything for you.

    “Bastard poet-man with lips like heaven and cinnamon, and a secret identity that understood me better than I did myself.”

    I love Edward!

    • Awww….me too!

  25. Ok my sweets, i need to go concentrate (and no not on TOV, alhtough having that sitting next to me will i am afraid not prove helpful), may be back depnding on how focussed i am, so nighty night just in case major distraction over focus wins (trust me it will!)

    • Bye Lizzie! Good luck concentrating! Hopefully, you’ll be back! lol

    • OK Lizzie. We may or may not see you again. Tomorrow. Happy reading later!

  26. Okay, so I FINALLY finished! How good for him! It’s nice that they both know where they’re going!

    • Remember I said that he was going to be a therapist/psychiatrist? I picked up on the clues. And I knew all those cookies she was baking would have an impact. It was her creative outlet. I’ll bet they do get a house off campus like Rose and Emmett did. And he’s going to therapy, like I predicted. I’m so excited that I got it and that they are going to be together after all that they’ve gone through!

      • I know! I remember talking about him being a therapist. And I think they just HAD to end up together! lol I hope Rose and Emmett are in the story again. I guess they aren’t really important, I’d just like them there for the end, is that lame? lol

        • I think they will be there at least in the epilogue. They will all be there. Carlisle and Esme’s wedding. If she sets it far enough in the future, they will all be married. HEA

          I’m siting here with a big grin on my face from TOV. So hot and so sweet. Still the words are coming and we just have the festival. Must be getting close for that one too.

          • I’m working on TOV. She just read his poem. BTW, I liked that Placebo song.

          • I’ll be listening to the Placebo song as soon as I finish LR. I wrote it down on my post-it.

  27. Hello, Nuggety, how is yesterday?

    Hi Ee, how are you?

    • Hi Nat! We got the TOV and LR updates tonight and I just have the last one to go. Things are good here.

      • Excellent. I’m trying to make my way through TOV right now.
        LR will have to wait.
        HL5 is meant to update at any moment today or tomorrow…GOD.

        Glad to hear that you are well, Ee.

    • Hey Nat! Today (yesterday) is going well. lol How’s the future?

      • The future has been a day off work feeling like crappola.
        I strongly advise you find your own future.

        • I think I’ll take Lizzie’s future. LOL

          Hope you get to feeling better!

          • Lizzie’s future involved alcohol again or chocolate?

          • I’m not sure….but I think I’ll pretend it did.

  28. Well, both of those updates – TOV and LR were awesomeness.

    • TOV ended so sweetly! On to LR! lol

      • Yes it did. They’ll keep writing.

        • I wonder if Bella will sing with them….??

          • I think yes. Now that Lauren put the idea in his head–and in ours–I’ll bet that they pull her up on stage with them. They don’t need the local backing if they get a bigger contract that will take them farther faster. Just like the American Idol winner–first place is not always the best outcome.

          • Right! Our talent scout theory might come into play here…lol

          • I think so–good call!

  29. Okay girls, I’m out of here.
    Have a good night.

    • Have a good day Nat. Later!

      And feel better.

    • Bye Nat.

  30. Can I just say that that black grandpa top, complete with jaw porn and the Ray Bans, and the sucking of the Ray Bans, has meant…entirely new direction for new video and new song choice, too.


    • Oh no…..can’t wait. lol

  31. Done and done! Hooray for updates!

    • Yay! I’m still haven’t started LR! I’m so easily distracted. lol Watching youtube videos is fun. lol

      • LOL Like shiny objects….

        • EXACTLY! lol

  32. I love the relationship Edward has with his parents in LR. Esme and Carlisle are such cool people. And, again, that house (mansion)!

    • They are cool people. And his grandma is hilarious! lol

      I’ve finally got that one pulled up and ready to read! lol

      • ACK! I was totally thinking of Mr. Horrible! lol

        But I do love their house and he does have a good relationship with them.

        • LOL It’s beginning to mix around again with so many going at the same time. I was halfway through one the other day and kept questioning it when I realized it was a different story! Usually that doesn’t happen. It’s more like trying to remember the last part of the previous chapter without having to go back and reread.

          • I always go back and read the last few sentences to remind myself.

      • Sweet chapter.

    • What story is LR? I know the titles for the other abbreviations here: TOV and WA. But I don’t know LR and would love a recommendation for a new story.

  33. I just started a quick story that I came across and found a reference to Priscilla Ahn. I recently bought one of her songs when I heard it in a craft blog. All these things are intertwining….

    • I’ve never heard of her. That’s really funny though.

      • I read a designer/jeweler’s blog out of Edinborough and she recommended her. Dream was the song I loved–it’s on the Disturbia soundtrack and I’ve also heard it on some TV show. This song is Wallflower. Sweet. I’m reading another Rob story but it will go really fast. I have 2 others going right now. I sort of like them.

        • I’ll have to look those up. I liked Disturbia even though I can’t remember any of the music! lol

          Maybe I’ll get around to the Rob stories eventually…maybe not….lol

          • I know, they’re not for everybody. I keep them limited. lol

          • LOL I’ve been thinking about giving one a try. I don’t think ILLA is for me. I think that one was just ruined from the beginning.

          • Just This Once. It’s almost finished and there’s some drama in it and lots of lemons. I love the female character, Anna. I think just one chapter left. I love the way she portrays Rob–except in a couple of places–guys! lol

  34. She has a really pretty voice. Have you ever heard Mindy Smith? She has a really unique voice as well. She redid “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. I like that song and pretty much anything else from that CD. I haven’t looked into any of her other albums, but I’m sure they’re good too.

    • She sounds familiar. I may have one of her CDs–did she do Homegrown Tomatoes? I’ll check.

      • I have no clue.

      • Nope. I must have her written on one of my post-its because her name is familiar. I like that type of music. Guitars, personal stories.

        • The lyrics to her songs are really nice. It’s funny how some music is just fun to listen to, but other music can really speak to you through the lyrics.

          • Yeah, I know what you mean.

  35. Oh wow….LR was good!

    • That ending…. And he’ll go with her! But why is she having the dreams? Just subconscious fear?

      • OMG! The ending! WOW! lol

        It’s so sweet that he’ll go with her. I think it is just a subconscious fear. I’m interested to see where she finds a job. And if he’s just willing to go with her, then where’s the conflict going to be? Everything can’t just be happy from now on. Do you think it’s going to be done soon?? I can’t imagine that it would be over already.

        • You’re right. There has to be conflict. Maybe he won’t be able to transfer or Carlisle will have something to say about it–I don’t know. There needs to be more going on.

          • Oh no! What if one of his parents gets sick or something? That would be awful. I don’t think that would happen though. That seems extreme. lol

          • That would be really awful. No, I don’t like to think about that possibility. More likely something with her job.

            I just answered your comment about the Robfic above–didn’t see it earlier.

          • Ooooo….maybe it’ll require her to travel a lot and he won’t be able to move to be with her!

            Oh no…what does “guys” mean? lol

          • The travel thing is a good possiblity.

            Guys–sometimes they’re blind. Like not realizing that Nikki appears as a threat to Anna.

          • Nikki? As in Nikki Reed?? It might take me a while to give that a try. I’m not closing my mind to it completely though! lol

          • She doesn’t have a big part so don’t worry about it. I think you might like it.

  36. Okay, that makes me feel better. I think I can trust your opinion. I’ll check it out when I finish TFR. I’m working on it now that I’m caught up on my updates.

    • There’s a sequel to that one–House of Cards–isn’t there?

      • I believe so.

  37. So many stories, so little time!

    • That is so true! lol

  38. So, I’m reading TFR and Jasper overhears a conversation between Edward and Bella and he assumes she’s talking about Edward, but I think they’re talking about Jasper….I must keep reading to be sure though…lol

    • Yes…

      • I was right! I’m good at this game! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Anywho, I better get some rest I have a few errands to run today. Talk to you tonight!

        • OK. Later. Bye.

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