Posted by: Bekah | July 25, 2009

Saturday AM Delight: Videos of Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

I love Saturdays because it gives me an excuse to spend hours searching for the best videos of you from the past week. That’s all!


I have to be honest. I think the amazingness of this video comes not from the attractiveness of Robert Pattinson, but from the amazing lyrics & music, penned by Jordan Knight

Courtesy of EastFriend of The Quad

Raise your hand if you love Rob in his Ray-Bans!

Brillianty done by commenter natnonsense

We love Rob so much in his falling-apart vodka shirt, but we think Rob loves his shirt even more than we do!

Made by our very own Skeeter

And in case you are afraid you missed a picture of Rob at Comic-Con (I’m sorry, Robic-Con), here is a 5 min 26 sec video to ensure you plenty of Robic-Con Rob, set to a great song:

And done! Is that enough Rob for you today? No? Well, we have tons of Saturday AM Delight archives to dig through!

Or go to The forum & see what videos Jena has recently uploaded

And don’t forget to see what deets Moon is spilling over on LTT from her amazing Robic-Con experience!



  1. Rob + Jordan K = WIN!!

  2. Aw, shucks, UC!!

    I don’t know about ‘brilliantly done”, but hopefully fun. Besides, Rob and his Ray Bans. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

    That Stoli shirt probably dates back to when Jordan Knight was learning the 5 Steps. Seriously. Jordan freaking Knight?!

  3. I just can’t watch videos like these. I get this horrid voyeuristic feeling, like Rob’s sad eyes are staring into my dirty soul. Which they are, because he has that power. That’s what Life & Style says, anyway.

  4. P.S.

    UC, what is a commenter?!

    If it is a person who fills up your email inbox with pointless, wordy emails, about… well, crap…and is socially awkward even on a blog, and generally craps on a lot with the LOTN, then yes, I am a commenter. Otherwise, I have no idea what one of them is.

  5. ooooo have mercy… last video: 0:30 *DIES*

    hahahha i havent heard that jordan knight song in sooooo long!

    great, instead of studying (as i should be right now) im gonna be thinkin of sexy raybans, vodka (well.. thats everyday and anytime) and how much i jsut wanna go dumpster diving w/ this guy!

  6. The “package flashy shot” in the first vid k-i-l-l-e-d me!!! LMFAO…

    And thanks – as always! – for finding the most awesome vids amongst all the other turdy ones out there… Because we all know the awesome-to-turdy Rob-vid-ratio is like 1,475,983 to 1.

  7. Great videos, great way to start my day! He’s wearing the purple shirt, I don’t know why but I just love that shirt on him, possibly because I have one similar to it.

    I love the Raybans on him, adds to his sex appeal, as if he needs more.

    The Stoli shirt video is cool, I think he may never throw it away, he’ll just keep fixin it over and over. LOL. My hubby’s the same, he’s got a shirt I tried to make into a rag because it’s practically a rag! It’s his hockey shirt, boy did I get in trouble for that? I think men like to hang on to old shirts. :-).

    Who’s Jordan Knight? Sorry for my ignorance :-).

    OT but did anyone see Pride and Prejudice last night? OMG, all I could think of was Robert Pattinson as Mr. Darcy *sigh*. So much better.

    • Okaaay… I’m going to have to guess that you are young, because no female living in the US between the years of 1987 and 1995 would have to ask who Jordan Knight is. =P

      He was one of the New Kids on the Block. The one with the dimples and the falsetto voice who, sadly, turned out to be kinda crazy.

      Here. Try this on for size. =)

      • Haha, ok when you said New Kids on the Block, yeah I remembered! Thanks.

      • Too young or just a little too old. πŸ˜‰

        • A little too old then, I mean.

        • No I’m in my late twenties. Does that make me too old? LOL

          • I meant a little too old back in the late 80s and early 90s to know who Jordan Knight is.

            One is never too old to be robsessed.

    • Rob as Mr Darcy?!

      Heck. I’m having images of him rising from the pond now…

  8. Ack – oops – er, switch those numbers around, OK?? Gimme a break – it’s early and I’ve just been dazzled… I am physically incapable of doing anything properly at this moment. Der…

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the video’s….
    Skeeter did you contribute the ‘art work’ on Natnonsense’s video?…… looks awfulfully familar the same style of your other masterpieces that you have kindly shown us..have you enough for a viewing yet? I’d come to America for that no problem….<3 you

    • No, she didn’t. I found the unicorn thing on google for the second Ray Ban vid and I’ve never been able to find it again. So I don’t even know where it came from. The Dirty Dancing quotes are my own lame-arse handiwork.

      • It was a great video and I appreciate the hard work you’ve done, I am such a technophobe I wouldn’t have a clue how to begin so love everyone that does……we’ve just been joking around on the forum about Skeeter’s drawings they’re great fun and she’s a fantastic sport for laughing around the way she does …..I ❀ Skeeter and was just trying to raise a few laughs…..Happy Weekend

        • THANK YOU!

          I don’t get to the forum a lot – so forum/blog jokes/references go overhead.

          As for vids – on I-Movie, it’s actually quite easy.

          Now, if I can just teach myself to use actual film as well as still images…

  10. Oh my Lord! Why didn’t I think of it before? Possibly because it could make women all over the world actually die from happiness on large scales. Rob as Mr. Darcy….it is too much…

    I am struck by the power of that image. I think we should start a petition.

    • Yes, so romantic, Rob as Mr. Darcy (as I’ve said), we’ll be all dead, melting on the floor, hearts exploded in our chests!

      Now I must rent Pride and Prejudice and imagine Rob again. πŸ™‚

  11. God, I haven’t heard that song since when it came out in high school…used to remind me of the summer of the hot life guard, but now it def. reminds me of Rob! Love it! Great videos all together!

  12. saturdays seem to be slow days—looking for my buddy Proselyte3 but she’s nowhere to be found—loved the videos, but then i love anything with Rob on it—great foto but snarky comment on Rob in today’s WashPost entertainment slides–why all the legit sources are so down on him is beyond my ken—happy saturday to you all—

  13. Team Ray Bans!
    Team Stoli!

  14. I think fans- instead of sending Stoli-Shirtward pics of themselves in skimpy, age in-appropriate outfits, and leaving love notes in his car door- should throw old navy gift cards at him when he walks by, or even better, articles of clothing themselves.

    Clearly this kid needs a new wardrobe. Now that Moon has been in the same room as Rob (check!) I think our new goal should be to get him to wear…

    a team Jacob shirt,
    a buttcrack santa shirt,
    a Forks High shirt,
    an LTT/LTR shirt,
    or rather any twilight shirt in general.

    Yay for Fanward! πŸ˜‰

    • Stoli-Shirtward?

    • I’m so embarrassed about this but ok I’ll say it….I sent him a t-shirt for his b’day. It’s a black v-neck shirt. I’ve seen him in pictures wearing a similar one, not sure if that’s the one I sent him.

      I know it was silly but I did it anyway…felt like he needed more clothes.

      Ok you girls can laugh at me now…I know my DH did. πŸ™‚

      • Southernbelle, I ❀ you seriously….
        I've LOL and AAHHHed at the same time….Sending Rob clothes is OK by me that does not a CAS make and they are the ones I have the problem with…you go girl…….and it's brill that you've 'come out' about it…….

      • Looks like he also needs a new shirt soon. πŸ™‚

      • You’re probably making a joke, but sent him a t-shirt WHERE???

        • No I’m not joking, it’s true. I sent it thru his agent, Stephanie Ritz in CA.

          Gah, I wish I hadn’t said anything. But I don’t regret sending it to him. I dunno, one day I was shopping at Old Navy (for DH) and I thought how Rob wears the same clothes everyday. So I bought him a shirt identical to what I bought my DH. I know crazy huh? Now I sound stalkerish, believe me, I’m not at all a stalker. And I didn’t write a novel of a letter, just a small little note with the t-shirt.

          I sound like a weirdo now :-(. But yes, this is a true story.

          • Awww…..southernbelle…..You are not a weirdo!

            I thought that was very sweet and thoughtful of you to do. I hope that was the black v-t that you sent him, that he was seen wearing.

            I too, have been out shopping and have secretly wanted to buy him a shirt that reminded me of something he’d wear…but I never had the nerve. I seriously thinking about doing it now. HeeHee…. Never be embarrassed for trying to be nice and thoughtful, regardless of who the person is that your thinking of! πŸ˜‰

          • southernbelle, don’t be ashamed. A lot of people send him gifts, and I’m pretty sure you are not the only one giving him a t-shirt. Suppose there are even more shirts coming his way after this one (click).

          • No, it is not weird, it was a nice, kind gesture from you. I hope he’ll wear your T someday.

  15. Le sigh…

    I stayed up way too late watching Comic Con the videos here last night. The proof? I had a dream… ok, nightmare that my hair was cut into a mullet.

    In said dream, I was also joined by Rob at a carnival. I don’t know where the carnival aspect came into play, but my new mullet was not helping my game.

  16. Thanks for the shout-out, UC.

    @RubyTues: Not mine. But I appreciate your thinking of me when you saw it. β™₯

    OK I about lost my shit when Jordan Knight sang that song during the NKOTB reunion concert I went to in April. So I’m LOVIN’ the video with “Give It To Me”. πŸ™‚

  17. Ok, who knew I loved Bittersweet Symphony? πŸ˜‰
    Paired with Rob = Bril!

  18. UC here’s one.
    Sexy pics AND some humor, on a KOL soundtrack.. with fab ending your gonna luv πŸ˜‰

    x Hermes

  19. Yet another collection of awesomeness here — thank you!

    The flashing RobCrotch in the first video was lit’rally AMAZEBALLS! I was feeling kinda meh about the weirdly composed US Weekly outtakes, but in this context they worked really well.

    Rob + shades = so hot I will listen to Rocky soundtrack songs.

    Loved the Robic Con and Verve video, too! KStew’s look is growing on me (LOVE the dramatic eyes, still ehh on the hair). Could a guy have anything to do with that?

    The moral of this comment is:
    Rob makes everything better. Normal.

  20. New Chapter of Wide Awake is now up…

  21. I am actually a HUGE Blockhead (NKOTB fan). Have been since 1989. Saw them 4X’s in concert this year. Yes, Jordan Knightis sexy. You should hear him perform live. Whoa!

    Anyway, the only “addiction” that has even come close to paralleling my 20 year NKOTB is my Robsession.

    *Goes off to happy place wth Rob and Jordan*

  22. Just because I am a NKOTB stalker, just wanted to say, Jordan isn’t pycho. He is kinda like KStew *stomach lurches* in that he has some social phobia in certain situations. His stupid manager talked him into a couple very ill-advised reality TV shows where he was edited to be very, very weird. He is actually a very normal and cool guy. And his falsetto is hotter than ever.

    *back to my happy threesome with Rob and Jordan*

  23. just a quick thought…

    I think that we should all pitch in and send Rob a new Stoli shirt!

    OH and that last video of him at Comic con.. i love that song!

    • Hey Tara! Even though, I’m pretty sure you’re gone now…lol

      Any other LOTN around?

      • ME! I’m here!

        • Hi EP. Sup?

          • Hey sorry! How are you?

          • oh and I lost your e-mail address and I need to e-mail you.

          • So tomorrow is your last SS class. I know it will be sorta sad.

          • I’m going to cry like a baby. I’ll miss those kids.

          • OK. Here it is:


          • I know you will.

          • Thanks!

        • Why hello there! How was your day?

          • You’re such a smart ass today FN.

          • I am a bit….but I really did want to know how your day was….LOL

          • Oh, my day was good. I slept most of it.

          • Sleeping is wonderful.

          • Much better than not sleeping! I was up both nights in a row.

          • That’s not good EyeC.

          • Not good at all! How do you do it? I think I’d die if I didn’t sleep half the day.

          • There’s a point early on where you’re exhausted and if you get through it there’s another stream of energy that comes in. By the second day you’ve got to find a bed though. I don’t do it very often.

      • I’m here too.

        • Hey! How’s it going?

      • FN, I just finished chapter 51 of WA and I’m jumping up and down! I was right!!!

        • ACK! Don’t tell me! I still haven’t finished ch. 49!! I’m SUCH a slacker!!! lol

          • I won’t tell you. I didn’t think you had read them yet but I’m so excited because I remember discussing this with you months ago when we first started talking fanfic. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

          • ACK! (again) I’m sooooo excited!! We are FF experts! lol

          • Oh, yeah…. lol

          • So, you’re reading those final chapters tonight?

            I finally finished LOTK this morning. It had a really good ending–different than I have read in any of the other ffs. Now I’ve been reading the short one shots by her. I like her writing.

            It seems a lot of them update on Tuesdays.

          • I’m going to try. We’ll see how successful I am.

            It’s been a while for some of them! It’s killing me! I want the next Office update, and HL5, and TOV!! lol

          • The Office–that’s a slow one to update but they’re always good.

            HL5 must be close because she put out those two teasers.

            TOV–will be good because they will finally discuss their emails and continue to looks through them, comparing what they were doing at the time they were responding to each other.

            I’d like to see The Arrangement finish up too. That’s been hanging on a long time.

  24. I watched Fiddler On The Roof tonight. I think I have all the words memorized to that soundtrack. Last week I finally got Yentl from the holds list at the library. Guess I’ve been going through a Jewish phase. lol

    • I have never seen that. I should probably watch it.

    • I went through a similar phase, except I just wanted to marry a Jewish man. I don’t even know.

      • LOL I always like the movies and novels with Jewish themes. Do you know the one called The Chosen? It was made into a movie with Robbie Benson.

        • It’s seems sort of familiar to me, but I’m not placing it.

          • He was a Hassidic Jew and his father was a rabbi. He became best friends with a Christian boy and the story was told from his perspective. The rabbi made the choice to stop talking to his son for years and it seemed like a punishment he was enacting on his son but in the end it was a type of wisdom because the boy was very precocious and totally involved in mental pursuits. His father did it to bring out his loving nature, forcing him to rely on himself and have compassion for others. It left a big impression on me. The novel was by Chiam Potok.

          • Yeah, that sounds really familiar.

          • It’s one of those movies that they show on Sunday afternoons.

          • EP, are you keeping in touch with Jenny?

          • Of course.

          • OK. That’s good. I thought we might hear from her this weekend.

          • She has a friend visiting from out of town this weekend.

          • Oh. Good to know.

          • Is your sister feeling better after the Thursday scare?

          • Yeah, she moved out. She’s looking for a new place now.

          • That’s good. A fresh start.

    • Which one, FN?

      • Fiddler on the Roof. I forget you can’t read my mind. LOL

        • OK. LOL I still tear up at several places in that movie. The music is so perfect.

          • Aww…it’s sad? 😦

          • Poignant. It fits into a historic perspective–when the Russian Revolution was beginning to take place.

          • Freaking Russian Revolution.

  25. Oh EyeC, I just read you last FF comment. I always forget about The Arrangement! That one’s in a good spot too!

    • At least they both declared themselves! That took forever.

      • It REALLY did. Why do these FF authors like torture us??

        • Maybe they have real lives…lol

          • LOL

  26. Are you girls still here?

    • Yeah. I see your RB vid made the big time Nat. Yay!

    • Hey Nat! How are you?? I need to look your video up on youtube b/c the one up there kept stopping and I couldn’t read it! I did see the unicorns though! lol

    • Hi Natalie.

  27. EP – Happy Birthday for the other day!! Belated. Just missed you. So sorry to read about your dramas on that day. Hope your sister is okay.

    Yeah, the vid made the bigtime. It was made to entertain us LOTN, though, so hope you were entertained. Everything post that is a bonus. Thanks, Ee, for your positive thoughts. Always so positive.

    Nuggety, like you’d be surprised by the unicorns!!

    Finished reading LOTK last night – liked this one a lot.

    • Thanks, for the B-day wishes! Sister is fine, a little freaked out but fine.

      • She should consider therapy. Something like that could have enormous repurcussions.

        • She wasn’t actually there, Thank God. Her friends may need therapy.

          • I know I said it last time, but that was such a low sucky act.

          • Truly it was.

          • Even not being there… someone went through her stuff, yes? and stole her stuff… that plays with your head.

          • This is true, they stole all but 3 pairs of her panties. How creepy is that?

          • That is SUPER creepy. Why would anyone steal that kind of stuff? There is no value in it, except creepiness.

          • eeewwwwwww

          • What Lizzie said, times by a thousand.

    • Mwahahaha! I liked the video (except the Zygote pics! Nat, those are creepy! LOL) and the music cracked me up! I now have “Eye of the Tiger” stuck in my head! lol

      • I told you I had to be creative with this one, because he wasn’t wearing his RB’s much this month. I had to take what photos I could get, good, bad and Zygote!

        I only realised after I put it up that I also had him walking backwards in one section instead of forwards.

        Gondolier has put up the song list for HL5 which means that the new chapter should be published tomorrow.

        • good job on the vid Nat, you kow i share your ray-ban appreciation.

          • Awww… you guys are good for my video making esteem. Thanks heaps, Lizzie. I’ve said it before, but Rob and his Ray Bans are the gift that keep on giving.

        • Okay, so there is a reason. It has been a rough month for the Ray Bans… 😦

          I didn’t notice! lol

          Whoo hoo! I love HL5! Is the song list on her profile?? I can’t wait for the update!

          • He stopped wearing them after the stalker-skank thing.
            Went for the KL’s instead.
            I am intimate with the Ray Ban wearing timetable.
            So sad. So lame. So pathetic. So fan-girl. Yuk. Blah. Vomit.

            The song list is on Live Journal.

            It’s going to be a brutal chapter. I’ll see if I can find it again.
            Eddie Vedder, Hard Sun, is one of them. I remember that. The other two I hadn’t heard of.

          • Ick! The stalker skank thing….

            You’re funny.

            Thanks for the songs! Don’t worry about finding them, I won’t look them up before tomorrow anyway…lol

          • You’re going to need your Kleenex for HL5 and the next update, me thinks. So forewarned is forearmed and all that.

  28. Evening ladies, I;m here finally, lunch went ahh for a few more hours than anticipated!

    • Hey Lizzie!

      • i was sure I was going to miss you tonight, but pleased we connected! Getting ready for the concertm, you must be excited, I am jealous well that of course goes without saying except in my case where it is said repeatedly.

        • I’m so excited for the concert (s) and to meet everybody. Getting more excited by the day.

          • you have to make J-m take a little vid for me

          • Me too!!! WHOO HOO!!! πŸ˜€ lol

          • Umm… this is the meet and greet with the Bradley? Yes? When is this taking place? August?

          • Sam, Marcus, And Bobby all in August.

          • Too much. That has come around rather quickly.

          • WHOO HOO!!

    • Hola! How is the future?

      • excellent, being sunday has a lot to do with it i think, oh and a 6 hour liquidish lunch too, so looks good for everybody right now. lol

        • Yay. Rollercoastering or just pleasantly content?

          • pleasnatly content right now, in my jammies, full tummy, a little tipsy, and i’ve got chocolate, life is good,

          • Oooh, Chocolate.
            Lindt? Cadbury? Other?

          • lindt of course!

  29. So this morning as i was being a sloth and watching tv in bed as i was waking up on the breakfast show they kept advertising an upcoming segment on the twilight phenomenon, so i kept wathing adn then about 20 mins later it was finally on (hate that if they say up next they should mean the segment is up next anyway back to story) they said we are going to meet twilights biggest fan – i got really excited i thought they were goinbg to interview pattinson pants lady, oh so disappointing, was some 16yr old chick from texas who was surprisingly well spoken who just had a million photos/posters a pair of Rob’s actual ray bans (threw that in for you Nat) the Bella prop truck that her parents bought her and she lets fans take photos with for charity and had met rob once. i was so hoping for pattinson pants, certainly wasn’t worrth me being late to meet my friend for though!

    • She probably is the Pattinpants girl, but didn’t want to take anymore heat about them! Wow….the truck?? That’s insane. I’m not sure her parents should be encouraging her behaviour…just sayin’….

    • Did you ever see that show on MTV called “Fanatic”? she’d totally be on that show…

      • nope can’t say I have. actually they asked about her parents given they bought the truck for her etc and she said as obsessions went she didn’t think this was a bad one, she is trying to do good with it etc, i was disappointed as it wasn’t actually either pattinson pants or twilight tattoo freak, she was too grounded and well spoken for a true twilight freak, I wanted a freak, LMAO!

        • That’s unfortunate….I think she is a bit of a freak…she just hides it better than the rest. And yeah, she is putting the truck to good use.

          • She still owns the truck, whether putting it to good use or not.

            Actually, one of the best museums I have ever been to is in the Lake District in the UK.

            It has all these cars from the movies and TV. Like… all the Batman cars, series and movies. The General Lee. The motorcycle from C.H.I.P.S. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was even there – that was hugely exciting. Cannot remember what the museum was called, but it was so awesome seeing al these movie props for reals.

          • That sounds really cool.

    • I wonder how many pairs he actually has…
      He seems to have more RB’s than he does actual clothes.

      How does one acquire a pair of his actual RB’s? Not that I care, but it’s an intriguing question.

      • they looked like he had signed the case so i am thinking she got them from some sort of chrity auction, then again they could be fakie ebay jobbie too.

        • That’s so fucking weird.
          It just screams I’M A COMPLETE LOSER

  30. So EP, being the materialistic girl that I am get any good stuff for your bday?

    • Mostly cash. My sister got me a great coat for London that I had been coveting, and my grandmothers did really well a new carry on bag and a pearl bracelet. And I got a necklace, some tea cups, pajamas, it was a good birthday.

      • a pretty good haul indeed. cash will be very handy in London. speaking of cash and london if you are planning in opening a bank account in London you will need a letter of reference from your current bacnk, much easier if you get it before you leave home.

        • Oh, yes, opening a B/A in London is an enormous pain in the arse.

          Take many, many letters – banks, former employers, etc… statements as well… they’ll fuck you around like nobody’s business.

  31. so tell me technical question, how do you insert the little smiley thingies?

    • you do the normal smiley face and it does it automatically

      : + ) = automatic smiley face.


      • oh, then again i am not real good on the tgyping thing to begin with, i wonder what sort of face i would end up with my smiley will probably have smoe sort of palsy

        • Lizzie, you are a funny, funny girl.
          When are you coming down to visit?

          • was doing quarterly work trips, but due to cost cutting now doing vid conferencing instead – sucky! So nothing planned at the moment, but will no doubt be down in the not too distant future, will def let you know next time i am down your way

    • and : + D = πŸ˜€

      • Ooooh. An extra BIG smiley face… wahey, Nuggety.


  32. do any of you guys tweet?

    • I do, but I think I’ve already told you that…lol I don’t get on very often.

      • what is your tweet name? I’m gonna add ya.

        • I believe it’s French_Nugget I genuinely can’t remember! lol I’m pretty sure that’s right.

          • I just checked, that’s right. lol

          • Now I know what you look like! and you sure isn’t wearing no beanie.

          • LOL nope!

  33. Okay, my ladies of the knight, it is time for me to go and do stuff. Turn on the electric blanket, have an early night. Etc. Have a great today tomorrow, girls in the USA. Lizzie, enjoy the Lindt. It is the best chocolate in Oz.

    • Night Nat! Have a good day.

    • ni9ght Nat – and Haighs is the bvest choc in OZ! Love the speckles and berry chocs, devine, but lindt not bad in an emergency!

    • Night!

  34. i think we lost EP and E too FN!

    • that isn’t very responsible of us to misplace 2 of our friends, FN, we need to be more careful in the future.

      • We’re so irresponsible! We should! You should’ve seen that coming! Where were you?? Daydreaming about Rob again?? lol

        • yep, my bad i fell into the robvoid.

          • I can forgive you b/c Rob is the BEST excuse EVER! lol

    • Still here Lizzie. Maybe a little distracted, but here.

      • tell rob to stop tickling you and get over here, after all i am a little tispy and have chocolate…

        • See this is why you being from the future is creepy. You ALWAYS know exactly what’s going on.

  35. Did i mention i bought a brand new pair of wedge heels today for $3.85, they were marked down to get rid of them, i so love a bargin.

    • Wow, impressive.

      • i thought so too, even if they are crap at that price i won’t care.

        • Considering what you can pay for shoes, even if you only get a few wears out of them 4.00 ain’t bad.

    • Awesome! I used to work at a shoe store and was constantly finding deals in the clearance section! I have a pair of shoes I bought that I haven’t worn once! And that was like 3 years ago! They’re heels…I’ll find somewhere to wear them eventually…lol

      • you will note i only buy $4 heels too, cause i practically never wear themewither!

  36. So are you going to do anything special with the ss kiddiewinkles tomorrow for your last day

    • I think they’re doing a little goodbye for me. Nothing big, just something to make sure I’m crying when I leave.

      • cause it is your last day you should totally take loads of sugar lollies hype them all up and then let they’re parents have to deal with them for the rest of the day

        • I so totally should

  37. EyeC!! Where are you??? I’m getting worried!!

    • maybe she is having the blackout i had last sat night, after vall being from the future i of course had to have it first

      • Right!

    • I’m still out here. I’ve been reading an update that just came up. But I followed along.

      • Okay, just making sure. You’re lack of sleep had me concerned that you’d be waking up on the keyboard. lol (I think I’ve done that before…I’m silly)

      • that’s right E pop out of the woodwork NOW, cause I have to call it a night.

        Just read WA update – LOVED IT, love even more the epi comes out on my bday not a bad pressie huh?

        • Not a bad present at all!

          I’m working on WA! Slowly, I’m getting there…lol

          Have a rest of your day! ❀ ya!

        • Your BIRTHDAY??? Oh, I have it here–August 5th. That will be great! Fianl Epilogue. The End.

          Bye for now Lizzie.

  38. Ok my lovelies, i am wishing you all a very good sunday, no tears EP just lots of sugar, FN keep away from keyboard sleeping the alphabet on your forehead so not a good look, and E given you normally anchor our conversations hope you had a good lurker night off, lol!

    time for me to get sprted for the working week – oh joy of joys, not!

    Night all.

  39. It’s apparently 6:11 in the AM so I’ll be off now. Church calls in just a few hours. Night everyone sweet dreams when you go.

    • Night EP. Hope it goes well for you.

  40. Good night Lizzie and EP!

  41. So what are you reading now EyeC?

    • I’m reading outtakes for Devil’s Angel–Biker Edward who travels the California coast. She is writing this into a full story–same author as HOFY and LOTK. The Bella one-shot was very hot and this one is pastor’s daughter Angela.

      My computer is running its firewall right now so everything is running very slow.

      • Boo to slow computers! lol

        Biker Edward, eh? Sounds interesting.

        • She sort of depicts him as a manwhore with ladies up and down the coast and then he meets up with Bella, a bartender, one night and he’s found the complete woman. I’ll be reading the story once it starts. lol

          • Biker Edward the Manwhore?!? lol

            Edward is so often a manwhore in FF…I think it’s b/c TW Edward is such a prude. LOL

  42. EyeC I just noticed that it’s past 7:00. I need to get to bed. I’m gonna have to try to get back on a normal sleep schedule soon. (BOO!) Have a good day! Get some rest! Talk to you later!

    p.s. My goal is to have at least 1 WA update read by tonight. Wish me luck!


    • You can do it!

      Good Night FN. Sleep well.

  43. I loved that video of Rob and his Stoli shirt. I am so proud that one of the pics I took of him when I met him was used in it. LOL

  44. re: the girl singing to Rob at comic com.. she was actually not that bad, she had this soul/gospel voice.. Rob seemed.. impressed (do you think he seemed impressed?) He didnt look embarrassed.. maybe a little suprised…
    Kristen liked her comments.. nobody seemed embarrased…. oye veh.

  45. Just so you all know that jordan knight song was featured on darrins dance groves, which i got for my 20th birthday (7 years ago) and learned every step to that song… along with the nysync’s bye bye bye and britney spears crazy…. athankyou!

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