Posted by: Bekah | July 15, 2009

Oh Rob, I’m baaccck…

Dear Rob,

I’m back from vacation. Did you miss me? Did you know I was gone? Oh phew- you had me for a second there. Yeah, I was in good ol’ Canada for a few days- drove up to Montreal- I could have used you…. they don’t speak English up there! I know! 30 miles from the US border… crazy. I know zero French, so clearly I sounded like an idiot all weekend.

Uh, what? Did I miss you? Um… about that….NO! I didn’t! I know! It’s crazy, right? I blog about you daily, I tweet about you, I discuss you in Rob’s flat, I talk to my friends about you- and for four days I had to use a computer that was slower than in the dial-up internet days that typed a french symbol every time I went to use a question mark- so I couldn’t email. I couldn’t blog. And I loved the break. So, sorry, but I’m being honest. I didn’t miss you- not even a bit.

But I’m back. And kinda disappointed. You didn’t really do much while I was gone. Sure, you got drunk at dinner with Sam, TomStu & Nick:

Rob out at dinner

Press me for a good times Rob is drunk video

And you forgot to take the tag off the back of your new shirt:

I bet this was a $29.99 special at one of those Russian stores outside of your hotel, huh?

I bet this was a $29.99 special at one of those Russian stores outside of your hotel, huh?

And you looked hot, every single day on the Remember Me set:


Even those 3 dudes are like "Come on Rob, I was hot before you got here"


I got so much DONE on vacation!ย  I relaxed! I ate french food! I talked to my husband! I very rarely never once feared that I would get a text from Moon saying “It’s official- Robsten is out of the closet.” I didn’t think about you ONCE (Well, one time I did when I sent this twitpic of a French mag I found. Oh and then there was the time when my husband dragged me to a bar to watch the UFC fight & I was reading Harry Potter (yes in the bar) but put it down to watch the fight between the British guy & the American guy and maybe Montreal made me think about Cannes, France once which made me think about you- oh and the bar where they were showing the UFC fight served Heineken on tap, but that’s it, I swear) My mind was free & clear of worries over your safety from crazy teenage Twilight fans, Twilight moms, destructive paparazzi & NYC cabs. As we were driving home I had an epiphany: My life would be so much easier without you.

I might actually curl up with a man (possibly my husband) in bed at 1 am every night intead of an apple lap top. I’d actually get work done during the day and not be 6 months behind on projects (For example: The June 1st customer email I was supposed to send out would have hit customer’s inboxes on June 1st intead of July 9th) My neck muscles would finally relax after being strained for the past 9 months since I jerk my neck towards the sound every time I hear the words “Rob” Bob” “Slob” “Mob” Hell, anything with an long ‘O’ sound- “mop” “frog” “opportunity” or if I see the neon green lights of the Heineken sign. My social life would resume. I might start to find other guys attractive rather than just 6’2″, dark-haired, British celebrities. (I am happy to report I am totally guessing on his height.)

But with every decision comes a consequence, and I fear the consequences might be major if I choose to quit you. What will I do at 1 am every night? What will Moon & I talk about? We don’t have a friendship apart from discussions of you and Twilight.* What will I do from 9-11:15ย  am when I’m normally approving comments, making sure the blog posts look okay, starting the new daily topic in the forum, catching up on twitter & reading from my favorite blogs? And what about from 12:25-3pm when I’m e-mailing with the Bitchin’ Bloggers and chatting with Moon about the week’s posts? Would I have to, gasp, work!? And if I got a social life back, what would I talk about with my friends? Do you know how long it would take to research what has gone on in their lives and in the world for the past 9 months? And I don’t really care that much about neck muscles.

A fire hose did this... a fire hose.. fire hose... hose....

A fire hose did this... a fire hose.. fire hose... hose....

So as much as I loved the “break” from you while I was on vacation, it looks like I’m gonna stick around. Plus do you know how many dumpsters there are in a city? And fire hoses? It’s like I couldn’t escape you- dirty trash was calling out to me and equipment used to save lives from fiery deaths were reminding me of sexy wet pictures of yourself. I could never quit you! What was I thinking!?

Glad to be back,

*Not true. Moon & I just discussed her future wedding on this very night. I kindly told her I would refuse to go unless I could be “that drunk wedding guest.” And she said she’d have Rob pay for the bar tab, since he’d be the groom and all. Wait. We talked about Rob. While talking about “life.” Shit. Moon. Would we be friends if we didn’t talk about Rob?

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  1. Was he drunk? I thought he was tired.
    Nice post again!

  2. Good guess.

    It is 6′ 1″ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Is it sad that I was so going to post this?….nah…just great minds….

      • That’s Normal

        • 6’1!!!!!!!! its meant to be! i couldnt handle it if i was taller than him. PTL!!

          • You’re 6’1″??

          • I just feel really really small… Im just 5’2″ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
            Im gonna keep believing that Rob like small girls… jijiji hey he can carrying me wherever he wants… I dont take much space… jejejej

  3. Hahaaha “jerk my neck towards the sound every time I hear the words โ€œRobโ€ Bobโ€ โ€œSlobโ€ โ€œMobโ€ Hell, anything with an long โ€˜Oโ€™ sound”

    My BFF who I recently convinced to read Twilight was not convinced by the book, but after watching the movie I insisted on, she is totally Robnotized, which is just as good to me as loving Twilight because its almost just the same, right?! I sent her about 100 rob picture messages yesterday, so far no complaints!

    Thank you again for existing. LTR/LTT are playing a major role in my attempt to stifle Twi-talk in front of real people.

  4. Welcome back!

    I think life would definitely be easier w/o Rob-but would it be better?

    I wouldn’t have to dig through the laundry basket of waiting-to-be folded clothes for clean underwear, look at the legions of dust bunnies on the floor or worry about whether he’s really banging Kristen.

    Then again, I wouldn’t get that giddy feeling every morning as I start my daily rounds 0f Rob-stalking(LTR first, of course), wait for his latest movie to come out or pick up a new magazine that he’s in. And my sex life would probably suck.

    I’m sticking with Rob.

    • I agree, dazzledtodeath, nothing beats that giddy feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

      And there is a time for putting away laundry and dusting. It’s called “LATER” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • “And my sex life would probably suck.”
      It is amazing the difference having Rob in our lives makes to our sex lives isn’t it?
      Do you read Fanfic too?

      • Yeah my sex life would suck too if it wasn’t for Rob! My DH is grateful to Rob!

        I totally agree on the laundry…my poor DH has been asking me for socks and underwear….my response goes “go look in the laundry basket!”

        What’s fanfic? Sorry I’m so new to this.

        • should we tell her??????

          • Only if she doesn’t want to get any sleep for the next 6 months.

          • Tell me please! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • OK, southernbelle hon, you asked for it!

            Click on the link at the right for the Forum. On the Forum home page there is a link to a Fan Fic section. Most posts in that section are about particular Twilight/Rob Fan Fiction stories (stories using Twilight characters or actors, but written by fans), and the posts contain links to the stories themselves.

            Please note that most of these stories are NSFW (not safe for work/school/children/etc.), so don’t click unless you are prepared for some steamy content.

            Some personal recommendations:
            Mr Horrible
            The Office
            The Red Line
            The Submissive/The Dominant
            Wide Awake
            I Love L.A.

            Be sure you have a towel to sit on, and enjoy, darlin’!

          • Thanks! Is that what’s it’s called fan fiction? I write stuff similar to that, maybe I should post it online. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Thanks for the warning too! What’s the towel for? LOL

          • You should definitely post your stuff! We would love to read the fruits of your, uh err, creative juices. That’s what the towel is for too – creative juices. lol

          • Read the sub/the dom! definitely!!!

          • OK now I’m hooked. I’m reading “I Hate You, Kiss Me.” LOL. DH works nights and DD is fast asleep with her Edward blankie so I get to read! Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll get to them! I should print these because my neck is hurting from straining!

      • Of course. After my daughter goes to bed and until my husband gets home.

    • me too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. As if you could outrun him.

    Real life sucks. Give me Rob-time any day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • …as if you could fight him off. srsly.

      • Everything about him invites you in…


        • *sigh*

          • his voice, his face… even his smell…
            he is desing to (insert whatever you want him to do to you) you

            and every single sense of logic in you…

        • No wonder why he played Edward so well. In real life he did turned us into Robgirls instead of vampires. ‘Cuz he’s not a vampire.

          *after reading my own comment-‘I don’t have anything to say for myself. I am sorry.’*

    • oh i LOVED this!


  6. OK, folks admission time I’m sat in front of TV watching the re-run of THE Ellen show and as it’s started I’ve soo totally gone fan-girl…I’ve actually squealed out loud…….That’s Normal right?

    • Sad, Sad, Sad, it looks like over here in Europe we’ve got a different Ellen on and I was such a good fan-girl too……….

      • so sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • I spose its too much to wonder if Australia is showing this particular ep today?? Def. wasnt on yesterday. Oh well, only 1.5 hrs til I find out.

        • FANTASTIC – Australia does rock after all, we are also getting Rob today lol
          I will be indisposed for the next hour ;o)

          • WHAT?????
            OHHHHHH, bet I missed it! Did I? Did I??
            *checks time*
            Yep. Crap.

          • BTW “Hi Gambit9”, it’s hard to tell who’s from where on here – nice to ‘see’ another Aussie ๐Ÿ˜€

        • I am an aussie too *waves too Aussie Mum and gambit9* and was soooo pissed to get home today to find 4 messages from friends (non Robsessed but are happy to be enablers!) telling me to put the telly on! Damn school holidays and being a responsible (once in a new moon) mother and spending time quality time with the fam today!!!!! Grrrr!

    • i went in last night to interupt the DH watching ESPN so i could set the tivo for today’s Ellen. he wouldn’t give up the remote so i had to ask “please set it to record Ellen tomorrow.” he says “which star of harry potter or twilight is going to be on?”. i say “you know who. don’t make me say it. it’s a rerun and i missed it the first time.” little does he know that i’ve seen it on youtube 1000 times….i just want to watch rob in HD.

      • “little does he know that iโ€™ve seen it on youtube 1000 timesโ€ฆ.i just want to watch rob in HD. ”


      • HD Rob is soooo….. purdy.

        • He got purdy lips…..LOL

  7. You know I was thinking the same thing today. What if gradually I started to quit my twi & rob-life. But if I do, I have no one in my real life to talk about Twi or Rob or anything related to one or both. Where would I get to meet smart snarky internet friends who understands your love for all things Twilight &/or Rob. I will miss out on the funniest & snarkiest blogs[LTT, LTR & Lauren’s Bite, BTW.] in internet world plus twilight forum, websites, twitter, blogs. Whew..I can’t take that.

    Too much disadvantages and my love for Rob wins all the time even my logical Real Life mind.

    Hope that makes sense.

    • i am with you maygirl i am NOT leaving my lil bubble of RobWorld for anything!!

  8. The tags….. that is just the most hilarious, adorkable and endearing thing ever!
    He’s so priceless it hurts sometimes!

    Welcome back UC!!!

    “A fire hose did this!” LOL!

    • yes.. i forgot to shout out to you b/c i was rushing last night. EVERYONE JENA SENT ME THAT TAG PICTURE and for that she gets a fake prize- she can remove the tags…. with her teeth

      • I first got it from itsjustme over at the forum yesterday
        so I see two tags on his jacket so I’ll let her remove one
        with her teeth to, LOL!

      • I can’t see the picture… can somebody e-mail it to me??? please please…

    • OMG..Jena, the tags. LMAO. He reminds me of myself. That’s something which happens to me once in a few years. Its true.

      • Those suckers are so big though I’m surprised
        he didn’t notice it! LOL!
        I also wonder how many people let him
        walk around like that without telling him, LOL!

  9. Rob is so adorable, how could you ever go on w/o thinking about him at least once.. twice.. thrice during the day..

    And holy crow.. Just saw a picture of Rob flashing his man panties over at
    Wow.. HOT..

    Nice post UC!
    PS: Montreal = Scary traffic

    • Montreal= Scary French Canadians

      • You were warned.

  10. “I hear the words โ€œRobโ€ Bobโ€ โ€œSlobโ€ โ€œMobโ€ Hell, anything with an long โ€˜Oโ€™ sound- โ€œmopโ€ โ€œfrogโ€ โ€œopportunityโ€ or if I see the neon green lights of the Heineken sign.”


    I’m glad you didn’t quit him! Whew!

  11. Welcome back UC!!!

    That’s all I have to say other than that video makes me really feel for him. Everyone wants a piece (thatswhatshesaid).

  12. Welcome back UC! ๐Ÿ™‚ Missed you!

  13. OH, UC, you had me worried for a minute. When I first started reading this, I thought it was a break-up letter!

    And, nice Brokeback Mountain reference. “I wish I could quit you!”

    Welcome home!!

    • I know.. Moon said ppl would think that!

      Yes! My brokeback reference! glad you caught it:)

  14. Welcome back and hope you had a lovely vacation!

    I tried to quit Rob too (geez I sound like I’m addicted to drugs or something) but it didn’t work. My life became boring and I can’t imagine not having to see his beautiful face and hear his melodious voice. I don’t think I can go one day without having some “Rob fix” if you wanna call it that!

    I have to be careful because when I see him he makes me forget I have a husband and a child!

    • At least you have a husband.

      It is a possibility that most of us single ones here never will, except for Moon, because I don’t think anyone will be ever good enough for us after Rob (and I’m the one he will have a meaningless few weeks long affair before he falls for and marries Moon, and I’ll decide to like Tom Welling again).

      No, I’m not sad or bitter or disappointed with my RL, I’m just stating the obvious.

      • Hey Tom Welling is cute too! You know before I got obsessed with Rob, I was so into Jared Padalecki!

  15. The video…drunk right? Just tired?

    UC, If I didn’t have Rob/Twi and all the many, many distractions that go along with them….I would be fluent in French, know how to finally play piano properly, have all my ironing done, have written a best seller/pulitzer prize winner, cleaned out my basement, cooked….a meal, and not have 500 emails in my inbox.

    Meh, RL is overrated.

    • Agreed

    • Yeah, laundry would be folded, and there would be no weeds in my yard, but really, WHO CARES?

      • LOL, you’re doggone right!

      • Like I’ve left my house….what yard?

    • i have forgotten what my RL really was anyway! Meh!

  16. Oops, this was supposed to be part of my other post.

    Anyway, it seems Rob is my own personal brand of heroin and I’m in too deep now to quit. So I guess I’m a certified Rob addict! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dishes, laundry and dirty bathrooms can wait, I’m gonna have me some “Rob fix” today!

    • Thank you for spelling heroin correctly!!!! I know it’s anal of me, but I hate it when folks spell it heroine. (They might be homonyms, but they are not synonyms).

      Gotta have accurate drug references, people. lol

      • Ha! You’re welcome! My major is in Communications so I guess that comes with the territory!

        Let’s see what other drug references can we use to refer to Robert Pattinson? How about Marijuana? LOL

        Note: y’all I haven’t done drugs ok? Is Rob was truly a drug though, I might just fall for it. Who can resist him? Oh my gosh what am I saying?

  17. Tip on the laundry guys: Open your laptop and watch some youtube. Or Twilight. Or How to Be. Laundry will get done in a snap.

    My daughter wants to go to the water park today, and my only thought is: do they have wireless? Or if I print out some fanfic and pics of Rob, will I be able to keep them dry there?

    That’s normal, right?

    • completely.

    • My daughter gets to see as much “Postman Pat” (English series by the way) as she wants these days. Her only comment when she comes on over to my computer: “Mommy, are you playing again?” “Yes, honey, oh, look – what is that naughty cat doing now?” (She skips on over to sofa again). Oh, 3 yr olds are so easily distracted!

  18. i wish i could quit you…. haha. thats been a reference between all of my friends after watchin this movie.

    how was montreal!?! ive been there once to see the habs play at the bell centre! (they’re my fav team) haha did you try the poutine?! montreal has the best poutine ever! (for those that dont know, poutine is fries, gravy and cheese) mmmm

    reality would suck w/o the distractions that rob poses.. (and the distraction of his poses in my mind….)
    i was tellin my friends of this one sex dream i had w/ an american swimmer (ryan lochte!) and it was after watching this MJ video..

    now im thinking if i watch this video long enough and before i go to bed, if rob will make an appearance ๐Ÿ˜‰


  19. Welcome back UC ๐Ÿ™‚

    Missed you.

  20. That video really makes me sad. He’s like a caged animal. I want the paps to leave him alone, but then I can’t quit looking at the damn pics and videos! What to do?

    • Omg I just watched that video and he seems so drunk! I feel sad for him and I just want him to have some peace and quiet. He lives in a fishbowl and the whole world sees everything, how sad! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  21. Agree with dazzledtodeath, life would be easier w/out Rob. No more teasing from a six year old, I’d be caught up at work, I could stop tivoing(sp?) all of those stupid gossip shows (E!, E.T., Access Hollywood) everynight on the chance they might mention Rob and I could empty my DVR playlist instead of watching Twilight and Goblet of Fire constantly.

    However, how would I start the day w/out that wonderful “fluttery” feeling in my tummy that comes from seeing that FACE, and how would I get through another work dayif I didn’t have my “happy place” (LTR) to go to? Don’t even get me started on living without Rob interviews, (that voice, that hair, mmm!!) my desktop folder full of Robporn, or the amazing fanfic.

    Life was O.K. in black & white but after experiencing it in glorious “ROBCOLOR” (like technocolor only with “sex me hair”) why would I EVER go back?

  22. Welcome back UC.

    There is no point in trying to quit. When I was unplugged for 4 days, a couple weeks back, I didn’t think about Rob or Twilight all that much, I thought about these blogs and the peeps here, and the hilarity I was missing…. I was also planning how much time to set aside when I got back to catch up. That seemed pretty Normal, but I kept it to myself, nonetheless.

    • Normal.

  23. Without Rob my trip to NY next week would be full of visiting with old friends, seeing my favorite bands, and revisiting my old hangouts. Instead it’s full of plans that include repeatedly walking by a movie set and hotel, and going to see a singer I would have never otherwise heard of. And what plans I am making with friends will take place in Rob’s neighborhood Just. In. Case. And I wouldn’t have been crushed to learn that I planned my vacay for the same time as Comic Con. Heck, without Rob I never would have heard of Comic Con at all. Rob ruined my vacation! Hrmph!

  24. Speaking of removing tags with your teeth. I “lit’rally” did that once and “lit’rally” chipped my front tooth and had to go to the dentist and have it sanded down. True story. For serious.

  25. I haven’t taken a vacation…but I saw Harry Potter last night and all I can think about is the Hogwarts gang.

    Rob who?

    Oh yes. Drunk Rob who went off on the paps. Yes, I dig him.

    (Did someone comment “was he drunk?” Um…yes. That’s why he was slurring his words. Awesome.)

    • Harry Potter. Yes. I will not say “Rob who” on this blog for fear of being stabbed with a fork, but HP6 was way past awesome. SEE. IT. NOW. I know, Leigh Anne, I’m all about the Hogwarts gang today too.

  26. Delurking here after a week of discovering your blog: love the spirit, the humour and the naughty thoughts.

    Thanks for the good laughs ladies!
    And for giving us more Rob of course.

    • oh welcome! and thanks for delurking!

      • delurking, LOL! I โค that. Welcome to the best blog evah!

        • And welcome to the ruination of your life, have mercies, and being educated in ‘normal’.

  27. Wish I’d known you were in Canada – I live in VT and work near Burlington. Hope you had a fun time in Montreal, it’s a great city. And tell Moon that Quebec City would be a wonderful honeymoon spot. I think Rob would feel comfortable there, it’s very European.

    Have a good one! Welcome back!

  28. Haven’t posted in a while – too busy drinking/ dancing / karaoking all weekend & now I’m in Hershey park with kids! But I am on line for a big ass rollercoaster by myself (rest of fam too chicken) so I had time to catch up.

    UC – so glad u didn’t quit us! And I loved ur list of the things that reminded u of rob while away. Lucky 4 me – not much at amusement pk 2 remind me of rob. Can’t say the same for past weekend, when I got hammered and sang Sister Christian & you oughta know etc till 2am. Rob wouldve had a blast with me & my friends!

    Almost at the load point now – thx 4 helping me pass the time on line!

    • glad you’re back!!! Eat some chocolate!

    • you’re in my neighborhood….I can smell the chocolate from my front deck…

  29. That guy in the pic with suited rob was totally checkin out his package…guy lookin at his and then lookin at rob’s..thinks ‘i’m screwed’.

    And oh, whenever Rob or robert gets mentioned in my presence, I have the same reaction, 100% attention span again.


  31. LOL UC

    That was great! And so true. i went on vacay last week, and i still got on and tweeted and scanned blogs. i’m sick.

    Rob is just too scrummy. i can’t break up with him. ROFLMAO

  32. Welcome back, UC; we missed you. Isn’t Montreal just awesome (aside from the French,but don’t the men sound so sexy when they talk in French?).I love that city and love Canada, such a beautiful and laid-back place.
    C’mon, UC, you know you cannot possibly give up Rob. He just sucks you in and you can never leave.Even going to a RobRehab wouldn’t work. Nope, no way!!!

  33. ROTFL. you freaking rock. i was on vaca last month for a whole month and still managed to tie everything to rob and twilight =)

  34. I would find it quite hard to quit Rob. This week has been the busiest week for me. While I would normally check LTR and LTT in the mornings this week has been different. I am doing VBS at my church. I have a group of all girls who talk about Twilight. I have been getting into fights with 4th and 5th graders on who is better, Edward or Jacob. In church it comes up. I can’t have a normal life. It is impossible. After VBS, which ends at 12, I have work… at 12. I got off of work at 9 and checked LTT and LTR as well as my other Twilight and Rob related blogs and websites. Serving tables and thinking about what I have missed during the day is not great. Edward, Twilight, Rob or anything related to it is brought up daily at work. It will forever haunt me. If I go on vacation, someone will be reading the Twilight saga. It never goes away for me. I have learned to accept it and just live life that it is normal.

    End of ramblings,


  35. You know I’ve been watching the video of him getting caught with the papz with Sam, Tomstu and his manager Nick repeatedly and I’ve come to the conclusion that I LIKE IT WHEN HE GETS pumped up cause he gets ballsier and it’s sexy cause he’s so shy normally. It’s just a different side of him.

    I have another theory….you know how he was so AMAZING on the red carpet in ROME. I mean he was just ON FIRE and GLOWING and SEXUAL and THROWING IT ALL OUT THERE and doing the magical eyes and eyebrows and EVERYTHING SEXY THAT HE DOES but magnified. Well, I guess everybody thinks this, but I think he just gets scared and has a couple of drinks in the limo and when he does….>WILD ROB COMES OUT and plays. We both love adorkable Rob and sweet Rob and reading Rob and romantic Robward and funny interview Robs…..but man when he gets a couple of drinks in him, HE IS A HAPPY drinker for the most part and he just goes SEXUAL!!!!!
    I think ROME ROB on the red carpet was one of his most SEXUAL MIND BLOWING paparazzi appearances EVER. I mean even over the Oscars and the two Twi premiers. he was just ON FIRE in ROME. That and the SEX movie premier. LORD HAVE MERCY. But the thing with Rob is it’s a PACKAGE deal and you wouldn’t want all wild rob, or all adorkable rob all the time. It’s the JOY of not knowing WHAT HE IS GONNA DO NEXT that just blows our panties up in the air. HE IS UNPREDICTABLE. I mean the pap kick down with the “You need to find a new VO-CA-TION” was GREAT and manly man ballsy and then the next morning we have this SWEET little shy Rob back and hungover I bet and his TAGS are on his jacket. IS THAT JUST NOT THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER? You couldn’t write this stuff.

    HE JUST IS SO FUCKING ATTRACTIVE in every way possible….

    pant pant pant pant….
    ok, I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m ok……pats head with towel. I love me some Rob…whichever one comes today, I love.

    WEARN’T TODAY’S PICS GORGEOUS? THE SMILE ON THE PHONE? And yesterday with the blue shirt and the happy trail? WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    I LOVE THIS MAN. sigh.
    Can I get an AMEN from the ladies?

  36. Re: the video of Robbie getting caught with the papz with Sam, Tomstu and his manager Nick –

    You could tell Robbie was pissed off. He’s got good control over himself I’ll say. Also, did you see the way his manager Nick said to Robb ” let them have a few shots” .. and then when the Papp whined and said “he was looking downnnn” His manager said to Robb ” look up at them and give em another shot”.. ..Robb hated that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    oye veh.

    He gets his strings pulled like a puppet by his manager Nick.

    • AND IN FRONT OF HIS TWO FRIENDS….that’s what pissed ME OFF. ROB DID THE RIGHT THING. He stood up like a manly man and SHOWED his SCRUFF and did what any man would do…..kick some ass. I think they are trying to tie him down too much and if they do it too long…..SOMEONE IS GONNA GO WILD. he’s fucking 23, not 17. Let him GET HIS PARTY ON. Fuck. Ya know? Rob is a pro, he’ll be there the next morning…but HIS TIME WITH HIS FRIENDS IS RARE. That’s why the manager was there…he knew rob would go wild with his friends if he didn’t go. Well, KICK SOME ASS ROB BABY. FUCK EM. Go have fun. You are a man and you don’t need some asshole telling you how to live your life off set.
      fuck em.

      • Ooops I got carried away. I’m just proud of Rob for getting a lick in to the papz that night. But I still think his manager Nick went too far. Rob is 23, not 17. I hope Rob has a talk with the manager… just wasn’t cool what Nick did.

      • Yeah, my thoughts exactly. He’s a 23 year old guy, not 17.
        His manager (Nick) comes in when ever their’s something a foot going on I noticed (to handle Robbie). It’s like, Nick the manager is their to spank him or something.

        Bizzare. His manager looked pissy as well in that vid.
        Must have been some dinner.
        I bet they all had indigestion that evening.

        Did you see how TomStu kind of hid too?. (cuz of all the Bromance stuff that gets said whenever the twosome are together). allusions to being a bi couple, but what the hell. Were all progressive women here. You gotta love the one your with. Its done nothing to dampen eveyone’s ardor for Rob. Maybe its even increased it.

  37. Anyone hanging around tonight?

    • Lizzie, how is work?

      Saw the new HP movie – meh.

      • I’m not seeing it till sat, very much looking forward to it though. You didn’t like?

        work still crazy and all over the shop.

        how are you doing?

        • I won’t talk to you about the movie until you’ve seen it, then.

          Sorry that work is still crazy and over the shop ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and hope it settles down soon.

          First week back from hols – killer.

          Desperately waiting for HL5 to update – I think that Nuggety and Ee are trying to kill me with the FF.

          • i know the feeling, i have so many half finished ones now i am losing track of what I should be following and checking. Yes HL5 is a bit of a fav of mine as well.

            It is Ok with HP I am a spoiler whore.

  38. Well I’m still here but I think I’m hitting the sack soon.

    Goodnight ladies! It’s been fun!

  39. Dear Rob,

    I’m willing to look the KL sunglasses as on unfortunate oversight. (even if you did look hot while wearing them).

    Since you’re a smart guy I thought an equation might give you a better perspective:-

    RP + RB + Suit = Dead Women Everywhere

    I’m convinced that this equation is actually the theory of spontenous combustion for women around the world.

  40. Lizzie, I’ll be back in an hour or so.
    Nuggety should be around soon to keep you company! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. I’m around!! Just got back. EyeC, where are you?? I’m sorry I abandoned you last night. I’ve sent you an e-mail.

    • missing a night, you need tpo be flogged. seriously i have been reading way, way too much FF when your mind automatically goes places it shouldn’t…

      how are you little fn?

      • LOL There is no such thing as reading too much FF!!

        I’m doing okay. How’s the future??

        • a bit hectic, but we will get there. any news on the jobfront yet?

          • oh I am def seeing a lemon meringue pie in the immediate future, too, just thought you should know.

          • I think I’m giving up. No one is calling me back and I’m running out of time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


          • I’m sure it’s tough job-wise. It is getting very late before you’ll be moving. I think those hiring are also needing to work under tighter limits these days.

          • don’t give up, still have a good feeling, hang in there.

          • Thanks Lizzie. I appreciate your optimism!

  42. and yes calling E, where are you E, are you ok?

  43. I’m out here you guys. Just reading TOV.

    We had the big family dinner tonight for sister’s birthday and she also got her engagement ring today after her guy got down on one knee. The whole bit.

    • awww, that is sweet and made me smile, as did seeing your monster thingy appear.

      Did TOV update today, I did check earlier and didn’t think it had?

      • Yes, yes, yes! Hooray! The mermaid and the shipwrecked sailor, together at last!

    • I’m reading it too!! We’ll have to chat (naturally).

      That is so sweet!

      • It was sweet. She’s so happy. First marriage she didn’t get a diamond so she’s rather ecstatic. We all had family pictures the 2 hours before the dinner–ugh! Nice seeing the 3 nephews all grown up though.

        • Diamonds are nice.

          • They’re forever. lol

          • LOL They are!

          • They’re also a girl’s best friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Actually, that saying is totally untrue. Diamonds break down into graphite. Granted it takes about a million years, or whatever.

            My chem professor told us this lame Joke: “Diamonds aren’t forever, they turn into graphite. So the saying should be ‘Graphite is forever!'” I was probably the only one who laughed.

  44. Hi LOTN. I have to sleep, but I just had to pop in and say I read the TOV update…

    … And now I’m dying inside, because I need the next update. Now.

    • Me too!!

    • Hi Jenny. I’m glad you did check in with us! I’m still early on in TOV. It’s always that way at the end. Now we have to wait for another round. It’s looking like she will be figuring out the email thing. ’bout time! How are you doing?

      • Yeah, I’ve been missing you guys! But I keep sleeping in, so my body must be too tired.

        Yeah, I don’t want to say anything about the update (until you’re finished) because I hate ruining surprises, but this is the worst cliff hanger yet! So bad!

        How are you?

        • I’m good. The older sister got into town yesterday and she whips up a frenzy every time. So I play the calm one, always smoothing ruffled feathers.

          • A nice balance you have there. I imagine you play the calm one quite well, I can picture it nicely in any case! Lovely about the engagement too, I read about it in your previous posts. Very exciting. How’d the family photos turn out?

          • Overall, I think they went well. Lots of choices–this one or that one? We get them tomorrow.

  45. Ms J-m so happy to see you no matter how fleeting. Alhtough I am getting depressed everyone else is up to date with TOV and I will ahev to wait for the bus trip home – ahhhhh!!!!!

    • OK maybe I may cheat and read it before thenm, although I am trying to be good workwise a few too many deadlines looming, but it’s TOV….

      • TOV is way more fun than working, and therefore more important!

        • I second that. Especially this chapter. Make an exception Lizzie!! It’s worth it!

    • Lizzie, so happy to see you too! Our time together is rare these days! And I know what you mean about the updates. Sometimes at work FN tells me The Office has updated, and I’m like “Must. Not. Read. Porn. At. Work.”

      But it was a really great update. I think. Loving TOV!

      • it’s a shocker i liove ind read that someone sneaks up on me and sees what i am actually reading, at least I have good eyes so tend to keep the font quite small, just in case!

        • that would be i live in dread, it actually took me a minute to figure out what i had typed

        • Me too Lizzie. I make the window as small as possible. I pretty much read the entire fanfic “The Red Line” at work. And that has a lot of sex in it. I was like, “I will be teased mercilessly if somebody sees this.”

  46. Ok that next update better only be a day away, that’s all I am sayin!!!!!

    • RIGHT?! Ugh. She’s such a tease! And she’s so good at it.

    • For real! lol

    • OMG! No kidding! They got it! Update tomorrow, please!

    • Makes me want to go back and read all the phone messages.

      • WHEW! I thought I was weird for wanting to do that. lol

  47. Okay ladies, I need to sleep. I can already tell I’m going to sleep in again. I don’t think I’ll ever be on time!

    Sweet dreams!

    • buenos suenos! lol

    • Night Jenny. See ya soon.

  48. your footloose and fancy free what do you need to be on time for anyway?

    So lovely to see you MS J-m

    night night

  49. Ok, So I say Bella has figured it out which is why she went all loopy and then left, anyone else with me?

    • LOL Yes.

    • Yes. Finally.

  50. Ok, so I ahve some other fandom FF comments, I have read a couple over the past couple of evenings.

    Bella Hale – Cullens vampires adopt Bella as a 7yo you watch her grown and E & B both struggle with their relationship, quite enjoyed it, except when we are seeing B pov even as a 7 year old she sounds like she is 23, you know I have to have a gripe, a very long story but interesting not read one like that before.

    Resisting Edward and then sequel Seducing, introducing bratty E & B, SE has a darker theme (not for everyone) but it was done really well and comes to a ncie resolution.

    And there was an update to one of the slash FF i was reading, I seriously suspect Bella is going to end up with jacob so Jasper & Edward can be together, it;s going to take me a little longer to come to grips with that one i think. I am Ok when it is just E/J but not that Ok with B ending up with Jacob. Although given this is all fiction why i should care i really don’t know! LMAO

    • Maybe in a year I won’t care but right now, I do!

      • no i think i would always care if Bella ended up with jacob, i just can’t really go there i’m afraid! perfectly happy with J/E though, i know i can’t explain that either, as i said given these are all just fictional characters.. i know it;s all totally ridiculous anyway.

    • Haha. Edward and Jasper are okay, but not Bella and Jacob?? Strangely, I think I agree w/ you. Plus some E/J action sounds kinda hot. LOL

      • oh trust me it is seriously hot! and Bella and Jacob just eww

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