Posted by: themoonisdown | July 11, 2009

Robert Pattinson + Tom Sturridge = Bromance 4 Life

Dear Rob and Tom,

You know that ‘ol sayin’ “bros before hoes?” Well I pretty much think you two invented that cause it seems to me you’d rather be with each other than any girl. And I can’t say I blame you most of the time cause you’re two handsome strapping virile lads who could bag any lady you want, but I also know girls can be drama city and sometimes not even worth the 7 minutes in Heaven in someones basement closet. When you could buy a sixer, get a fresh pack and sit on the patio and have a good convo about Independent People or whatever book you’re carrying around this week to make you look deep.

Sadly for TomStu though, Rob you’ve gotten to be such a big star and you’re not available to pal around with anymore and I get the feeling Tom maybe you feel a little neglected. So I’ve taken to the Tubes to find some videos in honor of you boys…

And here’s what I found:

Feast your eyes on this classic story of unrequited love… Rob is the big star getting all the ladies, making new friends and Tom is the best friend waiting in the wings (or looking creepy over his shoulder) and all set to Clay Aiken, Invisible. YES CLAY AIKEN. Mind blowing. I almost peed my pants from laughter.

A true creeper of a song and perfect tune for a RobStu lovefest. Cause don’t worry Rob, every breath you take, every move you make Tom will be watching. Oh can’t you see Rob you belong to him. His fool heart aches with every step you take. BELIEVE.

Don’t worry Tommy, I’m pretty sure this one was made by Robbie just for you! *WINK WINK* All he does is think about YOU! He’s in “Tom Sturbia.” Isn’t that right Tom?! (Keep making these videos TOm, maybe he’ll believe it some day!)

Happy Saturday Boys! I can’t wait till you’re reunited again!

PS So do we think they’re together?! Do they love each other in the biblical sense? 😉

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  1. I posted this in the later comments, but sending it here too….

    LOVIS posted this in the comment section on ROBSESSED a link you guys say you like here.

    it’s THREE rob pics of PUBES from Little Ashes.
    gawd….Tucked? oh yeah…

  2. LOVIS posted this in the comment section on ROBSESSED a link you guys say you like here.

    it’s THREE rob pics of PUBES from Little Ashes.
    gawd….Tucked? oh yeah…

  3. sorry. duh.

  4. Just saw a movie preview for The Boat That Rocked. I saw TomStu in the preview and said, “Hey, that’s Rob’s friend.” The movie looks good (if you like Love Actually and those types) and TomStu looks good in the movie.

  5. Holy stalker Batman!
    Just found this little video and guess who we can see in the background? Yes! The one and only, TomStu. Plus he has the creepy beard!

  6. oh here you all go. A “skin scene” with TomStu
    from “A waste of Shame” (which takes the premise that Shakespear’s sonnets were really written for a young guy by the name of Will (TomStu) whom he was infatuated with.

  7. There are people following Rob at all times and commenting on his every move but Tom’s the creeper?

  8. […] besides UC. WHO?! Who else combs the internet looking for awkward pictures of you and videos of you and TomStu set to Clay Aiken songs? Ok maybe some other people. But tell me who has only watched half the movies you’ve ever […]

  9. […] back to that bar and we’re gonna start over! I’ve got a pocket full of quarters and that jukebox has Clay Aiken on it. So take […]

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