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Robert Pattinson + Tom Sturridge = Bromance 4 Life

Dear Rob and Tom,

You know that ‘ol sayin’ “bros before hoes?” Well I pretty much think you two invented that cause it seems to me you’d rather be with each other than any girl. And I can’t say I blame you most of the time cause you’re two handsome strapping virile lads who could bag any lady you want, but I also know girls can be drama city and sometimes not even worth the 7 minutes in Heaven in someones basement closet. When you could buy a sixer, get a fresh pack and sit on the patio and have a good convo about Independent People or whatever book you’re carrying around this week to make you look deep.

Sadly for TomStu though, Rob you’ve gotten to be such a big star and you’re not available to pal around with anymore and I get the feeling Tom maybe you feel a little neglected. So I’ve taken to the Tubes to find some videos in honor of you boys…

And here’s what I found:

Feast your eyes on this classic story of unrequited love… Rob is the big star getting all the ladies, making new friends and Tom is the best friend waiting in the wings (or looking creepy over his shoulder) and all set to Clay Aiken, Invisible. YES CLAY AIKEN. Mind blowing. I almost peed my pants from laughter.

A true creeper of a song and perfect tune for a RobStu lovefest. Cause don’t worry Rob, every breath you take, every move you make Tom will be watching. Oh can’t you see Rob you belong to him. His fool heart aches with every step you take. BELIEVE.

Don’t worry Tommy, I’m pretty sure this one was made by Robbie just for you! *WINK WINK* All he does is think about YOU! He’s in “Tom Sturbia.” Isn’t that right Tom?! (Keep making these videos TOm, maybe he’ll believe it some day!)

Happy Saturday Boys! I can’t wait till you’re reunited again!

PS So do we think they’re together?! Do they love each other in the biblical sense? πŸ˜‰

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  1. Aww – poor Tom. He does seem a little stalkerish in the background of some of these pics, but he’s just trying to hang with his friend but stay out of the way and let Rob shine.

    I think they are really close buds. I doubt they are lovers, but who knows what action might go down after a long night of drinking…

    • Hey, I ran into (literally) Tom Stu in person a few months ago. He’s about 5’9, slim and fine boned. His lips are pouty and red (for a guy) Ladies.. He’s a pretty guy, I mean like beautiful pretty. His eyes are a true blue, and he does have long eye lashes. He’s better looking than Robbie (dare I say) And he’s got really white skin. I told UC that I thought TomStu was about the whitest guy I ever met, and I know British guys are a pasty white…TomStu does have muscles in his arms and his chest is hard (I turned around in a bar and bashed right into his chest). His hands are small and slim. But he’s a small guy, Not as masculine as American men, or like Robbie, but he’s not as effete as everyone makes him out to be, and yes, he looks at women, he does check them out. Also he’s very polite, and he does have a upper crust british accent . His voice is modulated and deep. He sounds like he studied shakespeare (I mean his voice is so well trained).

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Am struggling to keep my laughter under control…..please remember it’s the weekend hubby is here and I have to convince him Robsession is waning NOT getting stonger…..
    Loved the Police’s Every Breath brings back happy memories and is pretty much how we are about Rob…
    ❀ you moon even if hubby is rolling his eyes….

    • come on hubster clay aiken the police?! does it get better?!

  3. “Do they love each other in the biblical sense?”


    • or my favorite term did the “know” each other. and know NOT meaning they were acquaintances

  4. omg between the clay aiken and that last one with tom stu popping up all over im close to tears this morning. haha.

    ps. whats with that random dude from road rules/real world at 1:41 in the tomsturbia vid? did they actually mistake that for rob?!

    • omg!! thats SOO random i didnt even see CJ the first time i watched it. god i hope they didnt think he looked like rob!

  5. Oh. My. God.

    Now THAT was some funny shizz.

  6. I just have to say that Tom is very very pretty.

    Don’t know if they are biblical, but I will say that a guy needs his dude friends. Have you seen ‘I Love You, Man’?

    Also, thank you for the musical education once again, I don’t think I ever heard a Clay Aiken song before.

    Happy weekend, y’all

    • having never heard a clay aiken song might be a good thing…

      • Of course I CAN spot his photo on the front of a tabloid from 100 yards…

  7. […] two invented that cause it seems to me you’d rather be with each other than any girl. … Daily […]

  8. “TomSturBia” LOL

    12.38am Sunday morning here in Oz, going to bed, goodnight!

  9. To me they look very similar to each other. So if they are getting it on they would just look creepy together.

    • narcissism! HAHAHAAHA maybe they just wanna do it with themselves and this is the closest they can get

  10. Ok awesome vid’s total and complete utter awesomeness!! Oh.. RobStu LIVES! (Holla NONsten!) πŸ™‚

    • Woot Woot!

  11. But this is your fave ever:

    Him: “…and Tom. Do you know Tom?”
    Me: “Only that he’s a friend of Rob’s.”


    They are total BFFs. They drink Shandy Bass and devour Cadbury Flake and wax poetic about BritPop from the late 90’s.

    Or at least they do in my scenario. Sigh…

    • and then they make out

  12. This post made me laugh hysterically!! Well done. Who knew so many people were into the bromance? KStew may soon be old news, make way for RobStu.
    That first video was especially hilarious. The last one was a little creeptastic, and why did they keep showing a picture of some little girl….or was that Tom?

    • little girl? probably tom or rob a few yrs ago. theyre both pretty effeminate looking at times

  13. Please stop postng these vids cos i can’ watch it! I couln’t even watch the hot rob vid which evryone was droolng over about 1O or was it 15 days ago?..either. Nd its makng me INSANE! So wheres da damn link? But im accesng frm my phn so mayb its the phn’s fault.

  14. Hahaha, I *love* Tomsturbia! Total win with Tom-on-a-stick popping in on Rob.

    I have to agree, Tom is verah, verah pretty in his own right.

    Only a matter of time before he lands his own ‘breakout’ role?

  15. Too funny!!
    I admit, I know NOTHING about TomStu other than the fact that he is Rob’s BFF (and Lauren wanted him to play Edward, which I can totally see), and, after watching these videos, that he is one beeeeautiful specimen of a man/boy. Yes, he is!

    • man/boy! haha!

  16. Awwww….that first video is kind of sad, with Tom being in the background. 😦 But I know they are BFFs so I’m sure he understands.

    Tom is ok–not my type but he seems like a nice guy and a good friend.

  17. Funny as hell Moon!! I love it!

    • hi CBA!! glad you enjoyed em!

  18. I was laughing so hard at these vids. Hilarious. The Popping Tom freakin’ rocks. The only thing I would have changed is Tom should have popped up in the Haunted Airman bath picture at the bottom-middle of the screen not the top corner. I mean come on that’s a given. You know you were thinking it too. I know I am not the only one who went there.
    Wow, there are so many ways that could be taken. πŸ˜‰

  19. Awesomeness!
    that vid with the clay aiken song, I was laughing so hard. “Tom is the best friend waiting in the wings (or looking creepy over his shoulder)” LMAO he does look creepy.
    I heart RobStu. “bros before hoes” damn right!

  20. WOW!
    That was just…WOW!

    And I find Clay Aiken much more creepier then The Police.

    Creepy looking TomStu with the beardand the sunglasses NEEDS to be in the background of every Rob pic fot the rest of time.

  21. Honestly, completely LMFAO.

  22. OMG, this is the first time I’ve heard of Tom Sturridge! He’s not bad!
    Why can\t I watch vid 2 and 3? I get this funny message that these vids are not available in my country due to copyright infringment. Can someone upload these vids to some file hosting service please and post a link ? please please please

    • same problem :sad

      Luckily The Boat That Rocked is playing in our cinemas and TomStu has a lead role and I am so going to enjoy two hours of his hotness.

      • theyre still working gals. try again, refresh or go to the original video by hitting the arrow that points up on the video

  23. HAHAHA ❀ tom!! rob's entire possy of british artsy Heineken lovers are all too funny..!
    rob's the deep one, tom and bobby seem chill, sam's the joker, and marcus.. well.. im not sure about him yet.

    not that im a stalker or anything and read their behaviours..

  24. Creeptacular! Love me some Clay Aiken!

    • Hear hear! That’s my all-time favorite Clay Aiken song (YES I downloaded the whole album) – it’s the only one that made me wish he was straight for a second. A very split second.

  25. Okay these videos were HILARIOUS! You couldn’t ask for better song choices. TomSturbia was the best, though. @amylouwho, I was expecting for Tom to pop up in Rob’s bath as well…great minds, eh?

    I never noticed before, but TomStu is pretty cute. Doesn’t Rob have any unattractive friends we can suck up to in order to get to him? Besides Dr. Phil?

    • Thank you I feel much better now. πŸ™‚

  26. LOTN??

    • Hey FN, I was just checking and you’re here early!

      • Yep yep. BTW, sorry I passed out last night….the room wouldn’t stop spinning for some reason. It was the weirdest thing….LOL

        I didn’t get to tell anyone bye and I felt bad.

        How was your day?

        • What was it you were drinking?!

          I’ve been reading HOFY all day and I’m on 45 of 50–whew! Plus I’ve got 6 updates still unread.

          I’m baking a chocolate cake for tomorrow and plan a Chinese chicken salad in the morning for a barbeque at my sister’s ex because the Marine nephew is now in town.

          Plus I should be cleaning around here for my older sister coming in Tuesday. Busy week.

          • Well…it was Rum mixed with various sodas. lol (Diet Dr. Pepper and then Cherry Limeade Sunkist which was pretty good)

            I’m still reading LR! lol I think I want to read about Tattward next.

            6 updates?!? I wish HL5 would update already, btw I read your e-mail and will be responding too it soon. I have to think up my comments for the points you made. lol

            Mmm…chocolate cake sounds amazing! And the salad sounds good too.

            Bleh. Cleaning is no fun. My room is a mess again…I have way too much crap to pack up!

          • That drink must have packed a wallop! I’ve always like a cherry-lime mix.

            I’d definitely rec Tattward! It’s very hot–slow burn getting there. Also some very sad stuff in their backgrounds, sorta like WA. It adds a lot of depth to the story. It looks like she keeps her updates on a schedule so that will be good. Not too many chapters in yet, but worth the read. I am loving HOFY. Very involved and I find myself smiling while I’m reading it. The kids add a lot.

            I KNOW! I have to remind myself to breathe! Yeah, get back to me on HL5.

            The choc cake is the one on the back of the Hershey’s box and we don’t even add frosting because it’s always moist and everybody can have an extra piece!

            Have to clean carpets too. That’s how I broke my wrist 1 1/2 yrs. ago. Caught my got on the machine as I was stepping over it to empty it.

          • Yeah…it only took 2 to get me that way. The first one was pretty strong and the second was even stronger (of course I couldn’t taste the difference).

            Tattward sounds hot. Aww…Tattward is angsty?? I’m not sure if I can handle that?? Is it good like TRL though?? LOL

            I might have to try that. No frosting? It must be pretty sweet.

            Cleaning carpets doesn’t sound like fun at all. Also, OUCH! Is your wrist okay? Or does it still give you problems?

          • My choices aren’t working for me these days.

            Yeah, I guess you could say that. His tattoos all represent his trauma. Has lots of piercings too–some have not been revealed yet. lol But Bella has gone through something unbelievable and at least you find out about it early on because these are the things that will draw them together–beyond that initial intense attraction they have for each other. I think it will be very good. It has a dangerous edge–maybe it’s just the tatts! lol

            It’s always good.

            You think that once it heals it should be fine but I can feel the weather changes in those broken spots. It took forever to heal–2 breaks.

          • I’m glad his tattoos represent something. And now I’m interested in what Bella is going through. Tattoos and piercings definitely help with the dangerous edge! lol

            That thing you said about it taking forever to heal reminds me of Harry Potter and bone growing. lol (btw I watched the first 3 movies today on tv)

          • That’s immersing yourself in Harry Potter! You will be all ready for #6.

          • LOL. It was cool b/c they had some “sneak peek” stuff from the new movie.

  27. Hey you two!!

    • Hey!! How are you?

      • Im good! By myself tonight! lol

        • How are you?

      • I’m good. Does that mean you’ll be able to spend a little bit of time w/ us??

        • Yes for sure!

          • Whoo hoo!! lol

    • YAY Tara! Good to see you! Alone on a Saturday night?

      • yes yes lol! BF went out with his buddy! So im all by myself… (thats code for boyfriend is gone! YES! and Rob and I are going to In-N-Out! LMAO!

        • Ooo…kinky! lol

        • At least you have a plan, you animal!

        • LOL i know right! HA

          • LOL So what’s bee keeping you busy?

          • *been* keeping, not beekeeping!

          • Nothing really! I was off of swim lessons for the week, but I start back up this week.

            What about you? Anything intresting?

          • I took my trip back to Iowa and that went really well. Now I’ve been trying to get back in the groove again. Reading fanfic. Family starts descending on Tuesday for my younger sis’s big bd. She just got engaged and is IN LOVE….

          • What did you go to Iowa for again… I remember seeing it on here the last time I was here but I cant remember!

            I hate having to come back home and get back to a schedule. That sucks!

            Family! LUCKY! lol LOVE!

          • I went back to visit the gf I’d been emailing for a year–since our class reunion last summer. Then we went down to the old hometown and met up with a bunch of classmates and talked the night away.

          • Oh that sounds fun!

          • Yeah, yeah. It was.

  28. So there have been some pretty nice pictures coming from that Remember Me set! I cant wait untill that movie comes out! It looks like it is going to be really good!

    • Those pics are really nice! I’m excited for it too!

      • I know! I love seeing the pictures… but I hate knowing how they are getting taken! plus all the crazy stalker fangirls! it makes me sad! 😦

        • I know! I also feel like part of the movie won’t be so much of a surprise. Now I’ll recognize/be waiting for certain scenes.

          Don’t even get me started on the crazy stalker fangirls…they make me nauseous! (and sad)

          • Yes that is true!

        • Yeah, the fangirls and stalkers make me real sad for him. I can’t come up with any solutions other than what they are doing. I hate it that he is getting such a poor opinion of American girls/women. When did it all change? No respect anymore. Guess it’s the media who whip up the frenzy.

          • Exactly! But I am glad that they beefed up on security! It looks like he has like 6 body guards!

          • Poor Rob! So much for being ‘one of the people’! If he just wasn’t so desirable!

          • Haha. That’s clearly the problem.

            Dear Rob,

            Quit being so hot and people will quit stalking you.


          • LOL! Guess that day will never come!

          • I’m kinda glad. lol

          • but not for the crazy stalker fangirls. I would never be glad for them!

          • lol FN!

            That would be a sad day!

  29. yep its all his fault! lol

  30. Hey!

    • Hey EP! What’s shakin’?

      • Hey, not much. Really sleepy been a busy day.

        How are you?

        • I’m good. So you’re close to finishing with your SS teaching?

          • Counting tomorrow, 3 more weeks.

          • Kinda sad. But it does free up your time in August.

          • It’s really sad, I’ll cry.

          • Yeah. You’ve gotten close to the kids.

          • Watch them be monsters the next few weeks.

          • If they are, you’ll be glad to go! lol

    • HI EP!

      • Hey Tara, haven’t seen you in a while.

        • I know! I got to come out and play tonight! πŸ™‚

          • Glad you did.

    • Hola!

      • What’s up?

        • Oh nothing. Just sayin’ hi! lol

  31. alright girls im out! i cant hold my eyes open anymore!

    • OK T. Always good to have you here. Sweet dreams.

    • Night Tara, sweet dreams

    • Night Tara! It was good having you around for a little bit.

  32. So, EyeC how long will your sister be in town?

    • Tuesday until early the next Monday. Long enough…. We’re having that slumber party on Saturday night next week.

      • LOL “long enough”

        A slumber party sounds nice.

      • Y’all should play drunk “truth or truth” LOL

        • I don’t know if that’s such a good idea! lol

          • Haha. It was just a suggestion…

  33. EP, I just heard from my sister that the tour of the Denver Mint takes reservations which now have a year long waiting list! Eek! Who knew?

    • That’s insane, I never would have guessed.

      • Me neither. I haven’t been too interested in going but everybody else thinks it would be cool. My parents dragged us to all the touristy stuff when we were growing up and DH is from a tourist town so I’ve had a lot.

        • I can go either way on the touristy stuff. I guess the mint is interesting to a lot of people. It wouldn’t be my first choice of vacation, but then I once toured a Dr. Pepper factory in Dublin, TX. Population 575. It was cool though, they still use cane sugar in their’s instead of corn syrup. You used to only be able to get it in Dublin, but now sometimes they have it at the store. And I always get one when I’m in Waco.

          That’s a lot of information on Dublin Dr. Pepper.

          • LOL. I have been wanting to try the cane sugar–did you mention this before? I saw some cs Jones cola recently but didn’t buy it. I thought it was interesting. lol

          • I’ve had a Dublin Dr. Pepper. Today I had a Dr. Pepper made w/ Imperial Sugar. The label was green. I could actually taste the difference. (I’m not sure why the label color was relevant…it was an interesting shade of green though)

          • @ E I probably have brought it up before.

            @ FN Yeah, that’s Dublin Dr. Pepper, although I think they just make it now. It used to be special to Dublin. They also make root bear and orange soda.

  34. Hi girls.
    How is your day going?

    • Hi Nat! It was a good day.

      I’ve got The Dom on my ‘to read’ list.

      • Yay.
        So what did you get up to on your good day, Ee?

        It’s a very moving chapter. Quite painful.
        Worth it.
        It made me feel differently about the whole Dom/Sub thing.

        • I slept. And I’ve been reading HOFY–a finished story of 50 chapters. I’m on the homestretch. Baked a cake for tomorrow’s potluck for nephew who’s home on leave. Made potato salad. Listened to music. Lots of good stuff.

          Now it’s into the sad stuff in The Dom. Glad you are getting into the Sub/Dom. Need both sides.

          • What’s HOFY about?

            A finished FF?!? Do these things actually exist?! They are the holy grail.

            What is potluck?

            Yes, need both sides of Dom/Sub. He’s really in pain in that chapter. It’s very moving.

          • Holding Out For You is the one where Bella has a son (with Jake, her ex) and Edward has a daughter and son (his wife died in a car accident) and the 2 boys are both 7, become best friends. Edward is a Dr. and coaches baseball for the boys’ team. It’s heartwarming. Good sexy times. Angst with Edward’s daughter (age 9).

          • I clicked too soon.

            Potluck is where everybody brings a dish of something for the table and it’s buffet style.

          • Awesome.

            You’ve been talking about that on LTR for a few days/nights now, so it must be good.

            Have you got the link there?

          • Holding Out For You:


          • Thanks, Ee.
            You are the biz.

    • Hellooo, my day was pretty good.

      I didn’t see that.

  35. Did you see that The Dom has updated?

    • Actually, I did see that. You’re behind lady! I read that yesterday! LOL

      • Not everyone has everything on alert like you do, Nuggety!

        Besides, I’ve been side-tracked with HL5. Again!
        I’ve printed it out, all 135 pages of it, and I’m addicted.
        This is my favourite FF, even more so than WA.
        I’ve been listening to the music that is referred to throughout it as well.
        Awesome stuff – it’s like a whole new world of music.

        • Yeah, well, it makes it WAY easier to keep up with. lol

          The music is an awesome addition. I really like the music in TOV too. There was another one that had really good music in it too. I can’t remember which one it was though. You Get Me Closer To God maybe? Idk.

          • Yeah, it’s cool.
            Didn’t like the TOV update.
            I was hoping that the Tanya thing would be a lot more.

            YGMCTG, as in the NIN song?! Too much. Funny.

          • Yeah, that was it. I Hate Myself For Loving You is music oriented too.

          • Thanks for that recommendation, Ee.
            Love the music ones best.

  36. howdy dudy, everyone well I hope?
    I see we are going to go with the soft stuff tonight!

    • Soft?
      Well it’s only a matter of time…

    • soft stuff?? How’s the future Lizzie?

    • Hi hi Lizzie. Nothing hard tonight. EP may already be drinking tea.

      • I’m not but it sounds good.

        • You’re easily persuaded.

          • When it comes to tea, yes.

        • Hard stuff or tea?

          • Either really.

          • LOL

            I often wonder if other people look back and read our LOTN conversations, what they make of it.

          • hahahahaahah yes they do Natalie πŸ˜‰ Very good read !

  37. Hi Lizzie and Natalie

    • Hi, EP!
      How as your day been?

      • Pretty good, and yours?

        • Apart from being brutalised by Jim, it’s been all good.
          New music… all good.

  38. I went to buy my turkish bread for my brekkie and as i went to pay the guy said no not that one and got me one fresh out of the oven, the smell tormented me all the way home, still warm and delicious, i had to do a taste test, not sure it is now going to survive until tomorrow.

    • That’s a great little story. Nothing like hot fresh bread!

    • My weak stomach would have given in already.
      Fresh bread – the smell, the texture, the taste…

      Mouth watering delights.

      • mine did that is the problem, and I went back for seconds, odds on i will also be going back for thirds very shortly

        • Brilliant.

          Sans or with dip?

          Are you leaving some for tomorrow, or will you say stuff that and just consume the lot?

          • just as it is straight from the oven, it is the size of a skateboard, but at the rate i am going will not be having turkish toast for brekkie by thursday. oh well, so be it.

          • That’s a big slice of turkish bread.
            But all good. Especially as it is fresh.

            It’s not going to hurt to buy another loaf.

  39. So while I was hanging out my laundry just now, i was thinking about todays post, and when guys hang together inevitably at some point the topic of conversation will turn to girls. Can’t you just see it, Rob and Tom sitting their with their heines a little pissed, working through the list of who they would do and at the end Tom, just turns to Rob and out of the smoke haze looks at him and says “You know you can do any one of them don’t you, you just have to say the word.” LOL.

    • Gold.

      And Rob says… yeah, Lizzie, I’d do her.
      Super intelligent and funny, and who could resist a bit of mouldy toast on the side?

      • well der, that goes without saying!

        • And the crap claws have so much potential.

          And then Rob goes… she’s in Sydney. I could fly her to NY and we could fly back to LA and do things mile high.

          Snigger, snigger.

    • Exactly! He’s got just about anybody he wants at his fingertips. Little did he know that in less than a year he would be THAT GUY!

      • don’t get me wrong, i don’t want Rob to be a manwhore, but truley i hope he is getting a bit of someone, i’d hate think he is just sitting at home reading Proust in between bonding sessions with the dudes.

        • He’s got Kristen pregnant – obviously he’s no saint…! LOL.

          He seems like a gentleman. Discreet.

          It must be hard – he only has to talk to a girl, or co-star with them in a movie, and suddenly… he’s doing them.

    • Of course they talk about women. I’d like to know what kind of woman Rob is really attracted to. I can see the personality traits that he’d find appealing (obviously not high-maintenance) but what physical qualities appeal to him, ya know? And he can’t get specific in interviews b/c he has to make everyone feel like they have a chance.

      And yes, he could have anyone. It’s true, but the fact that he’s not (to our knowledge) using that to get laid is SOOOO appealing! lol

      • Meanwhile Rob responds to Tom as he blows a smoke ring, “yeah but dude, the hassle of picking up the phone you know? Then the chick will probably end up preggers like that other one thinks she is and who needs that. Just pass me another heine instead.”

        • LOL! That sounds about right.

      • I agree with you FN. If he were doing anyone indiscriminately it would be all over the sites and tabloids. I think he’s gonna fall for every co-star along the way because there is a comfort level once they’ve worked together. I still think he’s a little shy that way. Definitely discreet.

        • He can’t even buy dessert at a bakery without it being gossip.
          It’s not much of a life…

          You can see why celebs date other celebs.
          Because it is one fucked up life that they are living.

        • I’m choosing to believe that he’s happily single and won’t be ready to settle down until he meets me. LOL

          But I think you’re right about the comfort level. I don’t want to believe that he’s falling for KStew though. He’s VERY discreet.

          • I try not to think about it. lol

          • So, we need to have style over for this ‘accidental’ meet up.

            What book should you be carrying?
            What newspaper?
            What should be playing on your I-pod?
            What should you be WEARING?

            This a vital questions and considerations.

      • It’s hard to say what his taste is – he’s been very discreet, very considerate.
        His life has been film sets and hotels for the past 12-18 months or so.
        You can completely see why he’d say ‘fuck it, this is so not worth it’.

        And I say fuck it about the interviews. Say what you want, Rob, you normally do anyway. Seriously, you’re not going to lose your fan base at this stage for saying what you find attractive. In fact, it would probably make you more appealing.

        Even if you did a Rob Lowe or had a Devine Brown moment (classy, Hugh) you’d still be beloved.

        • EyeC check your mail! I sent my comments to you!

          • Dang it! That was supposed to be at the bottom of the page! lol

  40. It’s late, I’ve got church in the morning. Talk to you ladies later. Night and sweet dreams.

    • Night Night EP. Have a better week if we don’t see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

    • Good night! Sweet Robdreams!

    • Night EP.
      Hope that the hairdresser sex hair is still working for you.

    • Night EP, enjoy SS.

  41. Hey E – In the blink of an eye updated today, just read the new ch

    • It’s on my list–I’ve got 6 updates to read after I finish this story.

      • Not like you not to be up to date E!

        Blink is a shorty ch

  42. This is kind of random but Nat, can I ask if there was a reason you left Jenny out of your last comment to us last night? I’m just curious. Whether it was or not, it seemed intentional and I was wondering if something happened? We all get along so well and I don’t want to anything to mess that up.

    I really like Jenny and I wouldn’t want her to feel unwelcome.

    • ?!?
      No. It wasn’t intentional. Definitely not!!!
      I would be so horrified if it came across that way!!!

      To be honest, I didn’t even realise that I’d missed somebody out.

      • Okay good, b/c it really did seem that way. Glad I got that off my mind. I was afraid!

        • Well, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to all of you, and I’m especially sorry to Jenny.

  43. Crap. Double crap.

    Well, that was a stupid and heartless thing to do, wasn’t it.

  44. I feel like such a bitch.

    I wasn’t really talking to Jenny last night… I wasn’t really talking to anyone… it just didn’t occur to me.


    My bad. My big bad.

  45. And on that note… I think it is time for me to go and have dinner and think about how small things can be perceived differently online, regardless of whether it is your intention or not.

    • before you go check Robsessed it has a great big close up of Rob in his Raybans, little pressie for you.

      • Thank you, mouldy toast goddess…
        Hope it is warmer in dullsville tonight!

      • Holy mother of God.
        I am dead.
        There are so many hot photos in there, it’s hard to know where to begin.

        Giving good Ray Bans.
        I shall sleep well tonight.

        Thank you, thank you mouldy toast goddess

        • thought they would cheer you up, they cefrtainly warmed me up!

    • Night Nat! I’m glad it was just a misunderstanding. I love what we have going here!

  46. I just watched the vid with jaime bowers on robsessed, another brit kid who has his act together.

    Completely random – they don’t need much of a budget for material for girl dresses on dancing with the stars…just saying.

    • Was he the kid in Sweeney Todd?? B/c I totally just googled him and obviously he’s not very famous b/c it took me a min to figure out that one of the pics looked like him! lol

      • yep he was in sweeny todd and is playing caius (well one of the volturi anyway). He is also going to play Grindewald in HP7.

  47. Have either of you read Creature of Habit?

    • No, it’s not familiar.

    • Nope.

  48. I’m going to take off. Need to be functioning tomorrow. Sleep tight munchkins.

    • you too E.

      I’m heading out to FN, need to sort a few things out here, enjoy catching up with FF FN!

    • Night ladies!! I love you all! Sweet Dreams!

  49. Hasn’t anyone noticed that there’s a picture in the Tomsturbia video that isn’t Rob? It’s that guy from The Real World. JT or KC or something with two letters that I don’t remember.

    It’s the pic with the guy on the bed in the brown shirt.


  50. Rob and Tom are so cute together….I read somewhere there was something about them getting drunk and were kissing but it stopped there? FORGIVE ME if this isn’t true. Doesn’t matter either way to me. Love him always. Probably made up.
    But still sexy. Let me in boys….

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