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Rob Pattinson’s mail bag

It’s been eons since we’ve gone through Rob’s mail bag. We have so many amazing letters to post we don’t know where to start. So we’re just gonna start… somewhere:

"Drink up, baby, stay up all night"

"Drink up, baby, stay up all night"

Dear Rob,

I’m concerned about you, and I feel that it is imperative that you stay in top physical condition…Here is my concern: You seem to be thirsty…a lot. In 5 minutes time over on Robsessed, I saw no less than eleventy-thousand pics of you drinking something. We all know that you partake of the swill that is Heineken on a regular basis, and we all know that you love your Cokes, but I have also witnessed you with Snapple, Coffee, a freakin’ Pepsi at one point, Evian (which we all know is just plain old overpriced water), Mystery Drinks in unmarked paper cups (that I hope are spiked with a little sumthin’ sumthin’ because I would like to think that you are my people) and today it was Nestea.

I took it upon myself to do a little research and came up with a few possible causes for your extreme thirst. These are listed in no particular order:

  1. Dehydration–this one in my opinion seems likeliest. You are so Smokin’ HOTT that any liquid you consume evaporates on contact.
  2. Diabetes–this one is tricky. I don’t know too much about the disease itself but my stupid ex-husband’s mother has it and she always seemed to be a waxy yellow color…obviously you, other than when they had you in the clown white for those little Vampire films you did, seem to be typically, Britishly pale. So the verdict is still out on this one.
  3. Hangover–I don’t think I even need to comment on the possibility of this one.
  4. Marijuana use— maybe? It’s not out of the realm of possibility. And you have been know to associate with people who have been rumored to allegedly partake of the doobage **coughKStewcough***… but I digress.
  5. Sassoon hospital syndrome: An epidemic disease caused by a type of fungus (Rhizopus nigricans) found on millet grains. Now, I have no idea what Millet grains are but I find myself wondering if one uses them to make some type of hoity toity bread that they make cucumber sandwiches with over at the salon. Which begs the question…who does your hair?? We may need to take this up with Vidal and see if he’s involved.
All of my concern may be unfounded. Maybe I’m just a mother who has neglected the
needs of her own children in lieu of spending all of her free time obsessing over someone much closer to her children’s age than her own (but That’s Normal, right?) and I have started to notice unhealthy trends in others. But I feel like I may be onto something here. I just want to make sure you stay tip top.
a secrete msg to rob
a secrete msg to rob
Read another concerned fan letter after the jump
a secrete msg to rob
rob's trousersDear Rob’s American Trousers,

I am a little concerned.  The old adage of “two nations divided by a common language” has been replaced with “two nations divided by trouser length.”  Waking up to my daily dose of LTR and LTT, something caught my eye.  Something of great concern and angst- the battle of the trouser lengths.  I have often wondered why, in the States, men, and I mean College-educated men, continue to wear their trousers like flags flying at half mast?  Our poor R-Patz was forced to wear such a pair during his recent filming of Remember Me.

“Such a travesty of justice,” I shouted for all to hear.  I felt his pain.  “No wonder he looks so miserable on set these days,” I thought.  It has nothing to do with the crazy, die-hard twihards throwing themselves at him, the absence of the smells of London he so fondly misses or even, dare I say it, the distance between a certain gal on the West coast.  It’s the utter embarrassment of having to wear trousers that lack the Savile Row touch – and I’m not calling them pants in case he thinks I am referring to his knickers!

So dearest Rob, please cheer up, all is not lost by wearing  a pair of trousers that your mother bought for you in Primary/Elementary School. Remember, we love you just the same…….

Your Knickers x

UC note: I notice tons of British people write ‘x’ after their letters/tweets/emails. What is that? Is it like XO? but Just a “X?” A kiss?

Read more Fan letters to Rob. And you can always submit your own by emailing us at letterstotwilight (at) gmail (dot) com !

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Rob’s flat in the forum is like one big on-going fan letter!


  1. a certain gal on the west coast?! ITS ME!!!!!

    also this post is making me sing… you’ve never fully dressed without a smile…

    …it’s what you wear from ear to ear! and not from savile rooooww thaaaat maaaaaatttterrrrrss!

    LOVE it gals!

    • Ah, the lovely Boylan sisters….

      • your clothes me be all grummily they stand out a mile but brother youre never fully dressed with. out. a. smile.

        seriously what was in the az water? are we seperated at birth?

        • I think grummily is going to be my new favorite word.

        • We were. Might as well acknowledge it. And I will totes share Rob with you, cuz u my AZ sista! Me first!

      • Doo doodle-oo doo
        Doo doodle-oo doo
        Doo doo doo doo
        Doo doo doo doo

        I love that song! Reminds me of my years in NJ, rather than my time AZ though.

  2. Haha, is it wierd that when I read “a certain gal on the west coast” I thought Moon and not KStew?!


    no no, that’s NORMAL! >.<

    • YES!! i totally thought it was me too and then i was like damn she probably was writing it as kstew. but in MY MIND it was me! im glad you thought so too dawnzilla cause then im not the only one!

  3. I can´t pass a day within ltt or ltr.
    And you are right: x=kiss for british.

  4. “…allegedly partake of the doobage…**coughKStewcough

  5. …whoops, I submitted before finishing!

    …”**coughKStewcough**” LMAO! Too funny!

    • premature postulation

      • *snort* it happens.

  6. It is so true! He is a thirsty little boy. Could it be the heat and humidity? Could it be that he is on a strictly liquid diet? Well, liquids and cigs.

    Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

    And how low is the budget on this freaking film? Isn’t he just wearing everything out of his own closet?

    • that’s what im thinking. they threw 20 bucks at him and told him to augment his wardrobe. he ended up buying a case of beer and a fresh pack instead.

  7. Hee! These are funny. =) I have also noticed that they keep putting him in the least flattering pants possible. They all seem super saggy in the bum and just a wee bit too short. It’s depressing. If need be, I am an experienced costume designer and I have a measuring tape in my car. I’ll get the proper inseam measurement, Honey.

    • Robbie’s wearing TomStu’s clothes.. they often switch off on clothes.
      Thing is TomStu is like 5’9 (I know I met him once) and Robbie is like 6’1.
      His buddie Bobby Long, the guitar player is even bigger (at 6’2).

      But I digress.. yeah, where is the budget for costume in this movie? (Remember Me ) I bet y’all are right, they threw a 20 dollar bill at him and instead of going to salvation army to get his clothes he bought a six pack of heini and some cigs.

  8. These are great. I love you ladies to pieces.

    Maybe they are putting Rob in unflattering clothes because they want to see how far they can push it. Maybe they think, “If we put Rob in these pleated, too short trousers, his potential love/sex slaves will lose interest.”

    Well, I’m on to you! Not happening!

    p.s. – Dear LTR/LTT girls,
    I will be starting my vacation tomorrow. I will be gone for WEEK without my updates from my fav bloggers at LTR/LTT. This should not be problem. …It is! I don’t care about my e-mail or even my facebook! But you ladies… I will miss you.

    If I get a special cell phone, a RobPhone, if you will, just for LTR updates would you call it and tell me what Rob wore today on the set that day? Or what he drank? Or if he picked his nose? It would make my time away so much more relaxing.


    • dude does wardrobe not know how to let out a hem?! cause i do, hire me and ill do all robs tailoring… down on my knees in front of him… letting out “hems” ahem…

      ps get a jitterbug, im sure you can get interwebs on those! 😉

  9. I love Moon–because upon reading the 2nd letter, I immediately began singing, “Your clothes may be Beau Brummelly, they stand out a mile…”

    And all because “Your Knickers” mentioned Savile Row.

    “It’s what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe…thaaaaat maaaaatters…”

    I loved both of these letters, but now all I can imagine is Rob performing as Rooster. I’ll be Lily St. Regis (named for the hotel!), of course.

    • Only if I can be Ms. Hannigan!

    • ef you bitches i’m GRACE FARRELL! the beautiful, lovely, graceful, best dancing assistant daddy warbucks ever had!

      *tap dancing in my dressing room and pushing the chaise lounge across the room with annie*

      • You ladies slay me……

        (when my daughter was about 3, she sang it’s a hardknock life, 24/7!!) (It was funny because her life was not very hardknock…)

      • Um…
        Ann Reinking was my hero. She’s the only reason I stuck with tap dancing for 12 years. No lie.

        But I’m with Proselyte3…Ms Hannigan was the BEST character in that movie. (I don’t know about the Broadway version–never seen.) Carol Burnette at her finest, for sure.

  10. “Dehydration–this one in my opinion seems likeliest. You are so Smokin’ HOTT that any liquid you consume evaporates on contact.”

    Love this! I just hope he’s staying hydrated well with water, all the coke and coffee he drinks, I worry he’s gonna get a kidney stone. LOL! It’s happened to me and it’s not fun. I believe it when the pain is compared to child birth. LOL! I had to give up caffeine because of it. So now everytime I see him with a coke I get the twitches for a coke and get the twitches to do him silly! Ahem…

    Dear Rob’s American Trousers, LMAO! Priceless! Signed Your knickers. Priceless again!

    • I had to give up caffeine too…I was consuming coffee and then Cokes during the day and I ended up having GERD! Each time I see him drink one I remember the pain, yikes. I hope he slows down on the carbonated drinks especially. You see Rob if you read this, I’m stressing about you like you’re my own child, only I’m not even remotely old enough to be your Mom.

    • Twitches to do him silly….you’re a nut! I love it!!

  11. Silly Rob. All that soda and coffee is full of caffiene. Caffiene dehydrates you! He is just compounding the problem! I’d be more than happy to be his onset nutrition consultant; put that minor I got in college to good use. Anywho, it might involve personally feeding him, but I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

  12. Its so funny that you would post a letter about his health. There other day I was talking to a friend about how I was concerned if he didnt stop drinking all that coffee and soda he may get a kidney stone. haha this is why I love this site because just when I think no one will understand me…you guys are always thinking along the same lines as me 🙂

  13. heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!! XD Oh you girls kill me!

    Have I told you today how much I love this blog?

  14. hahahhahahahha

    thats perfect! i myself am a coffee FIEND, however i was thinking the other day about how much coffee he is seeen drinking, unless you’re right and he’s spiked it with something. in that case, im lovin him 10x more!!!!

    ❤ perfection 😀

  15. Your absolutely right about the X

    An x is ment as a kiss 🙂

    I guess it’s a european thing if you are not familiar with it in the states.

  16. He could easily fix the trouser problem by simply taking them off.

    • LOL I second that!

      • we should get paid for this level of problem solving.

        • I’m not too greedy, Rob and I can work out a trade agreement for these bits of wisdom.

  17. The *x* is something I have done forever when writing….one big kiss to you all,

    Your knickers x

  18. Is it just me but I don’t see anything wrong with the length of his pant? hahaha I mean it could be the fact he’s in motion that makes these “trousers” seem short…if standing still and straight they actually could have a single break in the pant therefor making it an acceptable length..

    lol plus really who’s look at the bottom of his pants? I’m looking more in the middle-ish area

  19. he is always so thirsty! and I noticed the pants thing too! HIGH WATERS!

    I think he drinks alot because it doesn’t look as nervous as some of his other habits. Poor guy, his nerves are probably so fried!

    Okay…that was all too serious, I didn’t even throw in a “but I can make it all better”…oh, wait, I just did. Because yes, yes I could make it all better Rob, turn that nervous feeling into…uh…something else. ha!

    I’ve got nothin….lol

  20. I’m worried too. He drinks an alarming amt of Coke. His bones are gonna be brittle as hit by 40!

    I love me some Coke, i mean, i’m a southern girl for heavens sake, but the boy needs to get a grip on this addiciton! LOL

  21. Anytime you can use the scientific number of “eleventy-thousand”, you know your blog is going to be a win!

    And I’m so tired of everyone dogging on Pepsi. C’mon, I love it!

    • ….(I like Pepsi, too, my favorite is the one with the lemon in it.)…


      • I actually prefer regular Pepsi over Coke. I switched over to diet a few years ago during one of my “I’m really gonna lose weight this time” kicks and got hooked on the Diet Coke. Don’t care much for the Diet Pepsi…but I still drink Regular Mt. Dew so go figure. It’s all about personal preference 🙂 I only referred to it as “freakin” Pepsi because we all know he seems to prefer Coke. No offense to the Pepsi Drinkers…you’re my people.

    • I hit the coffee all morning and then I start on the diet pepsi all afternoon…and then it’s time for beer
      I think my internal organs are probably well preserved and dyed caramel color
      but f*ck it, I’m happy
      Rob can submit to his oral fixations all day, watching him drink makes my tongue and toes curl with glee….that’s normal right?

  22. KNICKERS! Sorry, I just like to randomly shout that.

    • But you have to pronounce it “nickAHs”! It’s way more fun that way. Though not as good as the way he says “undahpahnts”.



    • Seconded.

    • hahahahahaha


      I LOL’d. Boy child wanted to know what was so funny. I didn’t tell him….

      He asked if I will EVER tell him what the ‘big inappropriate joke’ I am always laughing at on the computer is….

      prob’ly not….

      • Never tell, it’s the WTV pledge.

  24. I think rob has an oral fixation. That’s why there is always something for him to chew on, drink, and this also explains his nasty smoking habit. Obviously Clare didn’t breast feed him or this wouldn’t be a problem. (thanks Freud)

    • Ok, you had me at Oral.

    • PTL.

    • yeah I deserve a metal for keeping this post PG there is much to be said about how his oral fixation could be resolved. But alas Im trying to be a good Christian

      • Why? Don’t be good.

        • hahaha.

      • hmmm yeah, i could see Robbie having an oral fictation.
        His need to constantly have something in his mouth, either fluid or sucking
        (ok ladies get a grip, i’m refering to booze and sodas for fluid) and cigs for (the sucking thing).

        Gooddness get your minds outta the gutter!! 🙂

  25. I’ve also noticed the massive intake of fluids Mr. Wonderful seems to need on a constant basis. What is he doing at night that requires the constant replenishing of fluids?
    If it is a replenishing scenario, good for him! I would think however that he’d be smiling more.

    As to the trouser questions I agree with pixiechick, no pants would work fine for me!

  26. Great Post! “Too smokin’ HOTT” So true, so true!

  27. *Your Knickers x*


  28. Adding the Diabetes bit…so NOT cool! Obviously he doesn’t have it and with his habits he would have been in the hospital or worse…

  29. Okay, I am glad to not be the only one having these concerns about Rob’s caffeine intake. It’s normal! However, since I am all about the discreet sippies, I really hope that the PAs fetch him some adult beverages on occasion. Maybe Buttcrack Santa dropped off a care package to Rob’s trailer?

    As for his trousers, the short length was news to me. My eyes don’t usually make it that far down y’all. Help me out here — that’s normal right?

  30. can’t say more then what has been said… i sign most emails xo but now so i can be more british will drop the O and save it for later… when a hug isn’t just a hug, it’s a special hug… sorry where did i go?


  31. Thought I should write Rob a letter today…..

    Dear Rob,
    Do me.
    (hugs, kisses and a little something, something)

  32. OK, I have wondered about Rob’s crazy liquid consumption for a while….I always assumed hangover. However, my son who is 12, is the same way! He only likes water, though, and I swear he drinks about 2 gallons a day…..(I asked the DR, and she said he is fine, just thirsty)

    But I think the theory that he is so hottttt, the liquids just immediately evaporate, is the best one. Great letters today!!


    • I’m going with the hottness as well….it makes the most sense

  33. Dear Rob,

    It’s okay that you have an oral fixation and you try to smoke less by drinking all the time. It could be worse. You could be biting your nails or pulling out your eyelashes as a manifestation of your anxiety disorder. So keep drinking (water would be healthiest) cause if you ruin your nails or your eyebrows, you’ll make many women very very sad.


  34. “Dehydration–this one in my opinion seems likeliest. You are so Smokin’ HOTT that any liquid you consume evaporates on contact. ”

    I love that one! So true! Heck, I bet when it rains it just smokes on his skin! He’s that hot.

    Ok about the pants, um yeah, it’s short. I’ve noticed it before and I’ve also been wondering why they put such hideous clothes on him? I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s sexy no matter what he wears…but what’s up, doesn’t he have a stylist? Ok if he doesn’t, hey I’ll style you Rob.

    The caffeine consumption, smoking plus the drinking is alarming to me at least. But hey I’m a mom so maybe all mothers feel this way. Granted I’m way too young to be his mom but I can’t help but feel sad for him sometimes, someone ought to take care of him.

  35. u know, if he pulled his trousers a little lower, they’d be a good length and his happytrail might come out to say hallo! heehee (>_<)

    • 🙂 You’re nasty! LOL

  36. good observation, yeah, he drinks a lot of fluid. I hope his bladder isnt the size of a pea.

    1- I bet you its Dehydration caused by getting his drink on too much.

    2- Unfortunately, I would not rule out diabetes. Sometimes that is the way diabetics find out they are are diabetic by the amount of thirst they have (always thristy). I have noticed his eyes look a little buggy, and he is pretty thin. I would check into that Diabetes possibility though… blood sugar check is always a good thing. (sorry to worry you all). I have close relatives who’ve got diabetes, those are signs.

    3- the other reason he could be really thirsty and thin is that its hot and humid in NYC. Also, the girlys screaming is making him more nervous and he has to drink something.. anything.

    Seen him on TMZ the other night. Girls were screaming screaming (oye veh).

    Poor little snowflake Robb.. looked like he wanted to melt in a puddle and hide (puts her arms around imaginary Robbie to comfort the boy), gives him hugs.

  37. The RN in me thinks he has to be perpetually dehydrated what with all the coffee and alcohol.

    Rob, would you like me to start an IV of normal saline?

    And after that I could give you a sponge bath.

    • LOL on the sponge bath!

  38. Ladies Of The Night?

    • Hey EyeC!

      • Hi EP. How was your day?

        • Lazy. Got to sleep until 11. Got my hair cut, had lunch with a friend. I got her addicted to Tai food.

          How about yours?

          • That sounds like a productive one! What’s your favorite Thai dish?

            I got a full sleep in and it really helped me to focus! lol

          • Anything with curry pretty much. What I get most often is just chicken and veggies in a dark sauce though.

            I would have liked to have more of a sleep in, you’re so lucky.

  39. It’s spicier than most Chinese food, isn’t it? Guess it depends on which dish you order.

    I’ve been pushing myself a lot lately and not getting more than 4 hours a night so it was good for me.

    I’ve got a sister coming into town for a week–but staying at my brother’s house–so I’m cleaning.

    • It is spicer. But I love it. My place lets you customize your spice, I usually go pretty low.

      That’s good for you!

      Oh cleaning is not fun. I’m sure it’ll be nice to see your sister though.

      • It may or it may not–sort of unpredictable.

  40. Hello laydees 😀

    • Hola FN. What movie did you see?

      • I saw Public Enemies and if I wasn’t convinced before, I am now that Rob and Johnny Depp need to do a movie together ASAP. And it should be rated R for strong sexual content and some nudity. LOL (still working on the female leads, any ideas??)

        How are y’all doing tonight?

        • I nominate myself, in all my modesty. 😀

          • How nice of you! After tonight, I think I should seriously consider becoming an actress. By the time I get well known it’ll be time to make the movie. It’s the two of us JenNAY! Whoo hoo! I call Rob! lol

          • So I get Johnny, eh? I’m totally into old dudes too, so it all works out.

          • Don’t worry, there’s totally a scene in there where we each make out with the other guy.

            (Oh yeah, I’m gonna write the screenplay too)

          • So I get to make out with Johnny AND Rob? I don’t even care if the screenplay is crap, I’m in. I have no artistic integrity when it comes to sucking face with Rob and Johnny.

          • Are you implying that my screenplay would be crap??

          • Basically, yeah.

            Kidding. 😀

          • Do I need to remind you that I’m also in charge of casting??? LOL

          • I’m not worried. I’m probably the only person on the planet who would pass up Rob for someone else (i.e. Bobby). So you pretty much HAVE to pick me. 😀

          • Dammit! You’re right!

        • Well, you know I agree with you there. What a team they would make–and the R rating is badly needed! I’ll think on the co-star….

          • We got it all sorted out EyeC! LOL

    • Hey FN

      • hey! Is it just me or are those “rate this” things annoying??

        • Hey, I was literally just saying that to EP. Stop creeping one me! (<3 ya)

          • Sorry! lol How are you tonight??

          • Not bad. Sucking back a massive drink at the moment, yum! Well deserved after all my hard work today, eating ice cream and all. How are you?

          • Jenny is celebrating my hard work from the week.

          • Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’m doing…

          • I want a massive drink! I might go make myself one…

          • That’s nice of her. How were/are your margaritas?

          • I drank one and took a 4 hour nap, I’m now drinking a second, I made this one. I can pour mix, tequila, lime and ice into a cup like no other.

          • i knew there was a reason i liked your ladies!

          • Was it the nap or the tequila that made you sure you loved us Lizzie?

          • Why do you like EP’s “ladies”? That’s sexy, and disturbing, Lizzie.

          • Who doesn’t like my ladies?

          • I wsa going with the tequila, but hey if Rob approves of EP’s ladies, weill then I guess we all should too.

  41. Hey LOTN. I’m here. You can all breathe now!

    Also, I’m going to be a bit distracted, as TOV has updated and I need to read this chapter before I can converse properly.

    • I’m JUST finishing it! I didn’t get it read before I had to leave for the movies!!

    • Hey Jenny. Finished it about 10:00 here, just before we started up. Good one!

      • Is it? I’m a bit distracted, so I haven’t read much of it yet. I was hoping she’d skip the whole dart scene in the beginning and head straight to the Halloween party! Darn. I’m anxious to see what happens.

        I like that she apologized for updating so slow. Does this mean that we’re going to get more than 1 update a week? Cuz that makes me an ecstatic panda!

        • After the darts it gets good!!

          I was hoping that’s what it means too!!

          • But I loved the dart game where they exchanged statements/questions! It was the best talk they had had together. It also made me want to get some darts and start practicing.

          • True EyeC, it’s the most communication they’d had. Which is actually really pathetic. But I still liked it!

          • It was good, but it gets even better!

            BTW Tanya is CRAZY!!! (I thought so before, but now I’m REALLY sure)

          • And I see where it comes from…

          • Really! What a mother!

          • poor white trash Tanya. happy enough with this ch, at least she didn’t draw the whole blackmail thing out for too long, let’s just get them back on track!

          • I loved this quote from the dart game:
            “I stood still, trying not to make a noise or hurl myself at him and lick the back of his neck where his hair made a tiny point.” I totally get that!

          • And this one, which reminded me–wasn’t it EP and Jenny–“He had very nice teeth.” LOL

          • I like where it ended too. Also, I think he might recognize her costume….as something familiar…just sayin’….

            I love that quote!! I read a good one from the Dom today.

            That song from the TOV chapter was soooo good. I ❤ it hardcore!

          • I LOVED that part, EyeC! You hit the nail on the head with a very large and heavy and accurate (I don’t know it’s that possible, maybe if it was electric? Do those exist even?) hammer!

          • Two more comments:

            Yay for Rosalie!!! That was hilarious! Ya gotta love this Rose. And she was icing her fingers down after a full day of playing. How’s the guitar coming along Jenny?

            And the mermaid costume that Bella will be wearing—Edward is a shipwrecked sailor! Love it!

          • I guess I was excited about this chapter because I can’t shut up!

            I listened to the two songs, too FN. Do you mean the Dan Auerbach one?

          • Yes! It was HOT! I’m adding it to my playlist…lol

          • It was–and right down my alley. lol

          • Guitar is coming along great, EyeC! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I wanted to finish TOV before I read anything. Loved Rose! She rocks.

            Also, a mermaid? I’m too tipsy to have figured that out. But that’s so sexy! They’ll match! Adorable! Now I can’t wait for the next chapter.

            And ew, Tanya’s mother is gross.

          • Glad you’re still working with the guitat J.

            I’m reading too. Holding Out For You. Three of my stories today have had tearjerkers in them so it’s been an emotional day for me. And we thought Edward leaving Bella in NM was a tough one!

          • I’m not thrilled about her costume being a mermaid, but I see why it’s necessary. W/ the whole poem and stranded sailor and whatnot…I guess

          • OK, why doesn’t that thrill you? I like the idea of Tanya being the pirate that threw him overboard and Bella being the one to capture his heart.

          • Okay, well, when you put it that way it sounds better. I was just thinking that a fake mermaid tail sounds lame-o. And I imagine her w/ teased red hair. I think my frame of mind was all wrong.

          • EyeC, your depth rivals the deepest sea.

          • Wow, this thread is long!

            I guess it’s all in how you look at mermaids. I’m sorta partial….

          • I don’t know about that Jenny, but my mind does wander and comes up with a world the way I like to see it! Reference my daydream yesterday….

          • Now you’ve made me swoon all over again, thinking about that daydream. And by daydream, I mean future reality.

          • LOL

  42. I’ve got a statement about the new rating system:

    Great, now we get to rate each other on how clever we are—as if there’s not enough judgement in this world. I’m not so clever but I am sincere and I love Rob so that should count for something.

    I’m taking a Robattitude on the whole thing—and I think you all know what HE would say….

    • BTW that “thumbs up” aka “Rob would marry this” was from me!

      Wait, is it supposed to be anonymous?? Whoopsy….I think you’re VERY clever EyeC and I really do think he would like that you said that 🙂

      also, those smiley’s are WAYYYY creepy!

      • I can always count on you FN!

        • That’s what I’m here for!

    • The new rating system doesn’t bother me. But that’s probably because pretty much everything that comes out on my mouth is chalked with wit and hilarity.

  43. Also, these new smileys are super creep. And resemble my real face much more accurately.

  44. Relax, i’m here too. Howdy all.

    Clearly we need to rate the ratey things with a down thumb.

    love, love; love thai food, that is the standard take away round these parts.

    • Hey Lizzie!

    • Hi Lizzie!

      Great, now I want Thai food. Somehow everything sounds more appealing when
      you say it. Please don’t say “anal”.

      • LMAO! Reminds me of Bella in TOV!

      • well clearly that was the first thing i was going to say but obviously i can’t now, so will have to settle for chocyrob instead, actually i better not say that either, uuhm maybe straberries, no sctrach that too, i think I need to go and get somehting to nibble on, no better not go there either. might just shut up now, you have areally dirty mind Ms J-m. that a thumbs up from me in case you were wondering.

        • I could go for all those things. But I think I’d pick chocyrob above the rest. Don’t tell Bobby.

    • Hi Lizzie. Yeah, I’m all for a thumbs down.

      Glad you’re here.

    • Hola Lizzie! How are you?

      • very good thanks, just getting ready to snuggle under the blankie and read new TOV update, how good is that?

        • That sounds good to me!

  45. those bloody thumbs up and down means it takes for ever to update comments on my puter, not happy!

  46. If I could marry a food product, it would be cheese. Right now. I could change my mind.

    NO, mashed potatoes. Oh god yes. With seasoning salt, and garlic salt, and butter…

    Or chocolate.

    Maybe all of those combined.

    • mashed choc cheese, are you sure you]re not the preggers one J-m, Rob sure ahs been getting around.

      • No, my eating habits are just disgusting. True to form!

    • Did Bobby make you some brownies??? I thought we decided not to eat anything they made!!

      • No, but I think he spiked my drink. With something non-illegal, cuz that’s how we roll.

    • I refer you back to our other conversation.

      • Yeahyeahyeah, all your ideas are genius! I still think the cheese wheel would work out okay. It might have a spongy feel.

    • Hope Bobby likes cheese.

      • He does, when I’m licking it off of his juicy nipple. (Sorry Erin)

        • It’s REALLY scary how fast I found this like for real!

          • It’s not that scary, it WAS your desktop after all.

          • I told you that was Rob’s idea!

          • Okay seriously, Rob has seen Bobby’s ass and likes his nipples. Something weird is going on here

          • He just misses him! Jeez!

  47. OKAY, THAT’S IT. We’re taking a poll.

    Who thinks Bobby’s nipple is juicy?

    • I’m not sure “juicy” is the word I would use….well, okay, “juicy” might work. However, juicy doesn’t mean sexy in my book. (just to clarify)

      • I can’t remember what it looks like, but I’m pretty sure it looks suckable. Just sayin’.

        • Second time I’m posting it, but now it’s in the right place! LOL

    • I can’t even respond to this one way or another until I’ve had at least two more. My dignity won’t let me.

      • Drink up, and then let the truth fly! You know you want it.

        • Why do people always say that last part to me when I’ve been drinking?

          • cause we like drunk Rob and we also like drunk EP

      • who need dignity when you have us!

    • I’d rather vote on Rob’s, but hey for you Jen to help skew your stats, you can have a thumbs up for Bobby, cause to be honest I just don’t care how juicy his nip may or may not be.

      • LOL More juice for me.

        And to clarify, I hope there’s no juice.

        • LMAO, unless of course you have poured the juice, oops, maybe I shouldn’t read slash FF, drink and comment all at the same time.

          • Juicy nipples in that sense sounds very kinky.

            And sticky.

          • I could be thinking something that’s more gross than it’s supposed to be. LOL

          • I know something else that is sticky and juicy, FN. Long Bobbys.


          • no i think you are on the right track J-m. LMAO

          • Ewww!!!! That sounds dirty in other ways. B/c the way you meant it is pretty gross anyway! lol

          • As long as it’s self produced juice Lizzie, it’s all good. LOL

          • EWWWW!!! LOL

  48. Random Thoughts:

    I want cheesecake. If it weren’t nearly 3 am and I wouldn’t be risking a DUI, I would go find some.

    I got my haircut today, it’s pretty hot. I’m starting (continuing?) to sound like Jenny.

    It’s sort of warm in here.

    • That sounds SOOO good!

      It’s part of the merge. BTW when will that be complete?

      I thought it was just me.

      • Doesn’t it.

        If we knew that it would make life much easier.


    • Me too. I want some. Somefin’ fierce.

      You mean narcissistic? You’re welcome.

      It’s cold here. My nipples could cut Bobby’s tongue.

      • Why do I not keep any in the house!?

        Yes, that’s the word. And thank you.

        I hope he’s careful then, that could really cramp the singing.

    • Yay, you with your hot new hair.

      • It was hot before. My hair is the sex, Rob and I have that in common.

        • Yeah, it’s because you guys pull at each other’s hair way too much while you’re doing the nasty. I almost wrote nazi.

          • I told you that in confidence and you go blabbing it all over LTR.

          • LMAO! “doin’ the nasty” (or nazi, whatever)

          • Secrets turn into common knowledge when you’re drunk. Duh!

        • Sex hair.
          Is sex hair better longer or shorter?

          • Medium, just enough to grab onto.

          • sex hair is whatever is on ROB. sigh… Short, long, medium…it’s everything together. it’s the package for me.

    • What is it with you lot and all things cheese tonight?

      Just don’t start sounding like Putrid Hilton and it will be fine

      cold here, under my blankie

      • I’m watching the Food Network. Cheesecake was there. I don’t even pretend to know what Jenny’s deal is.

        Cool, I don’t plan on it.

        It’s still warm here.

        • Hey, my deal is awesome.

      • Did you guys get the bad winds as well?

        • given the way the conversation has been going tonight, i feel the need to confirm i am answering this in a weather related way, and say no, we didn’t have wind today.

          Now on the other hand J-m with her cheese may be a different matter.

          • LOL Lizzie. I’m so elegant and dignified I don’t even know what you’re going on about!

          • ROFL.

  49. Can one of you please send the link for the TOV update.

    THank you, me ladies.

  50. Gem, Nuggety.
    Okay… WP is being bastardo tonight.
    Have a great day/night girls.

    @ Nuggety – good luck with the job stuff and the film casting. It might prove to be more challenging than you think!
    @ Lizzie – stay warm in Dullsville
    @ Eye C – Rob’s big year continues as he drinks various things to… improve his stamina!!!
    @ EP – Enjoy the hairdresser sex hair – hope Rob enjoys the silky tendrils tonight – his improved stamina should be awesome for you.

    • Thanks for leaving me a comment too, Natalie. I really enjoyed reading it. Everything you write is classic.

      • LOL–I was wondering about that too Jenny!

      • Maybe she thought you were gone….??? *shrugs*

        • Sometimes you’re way too nice, FN. LOL

          • Well…I try! LOL

    • Natalie, you should know that the LOTN stick together. Not leaving Jenny a comment is seriously uncool and bitchy. Just sayin’

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