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The Quad talks Robert Pattinson

Rob's life that could have been...

Rob's life that could have been...

Dear Rob,

Sometimes The Quad breaks stuff down and Moon & I aren’t there. So basically it’s a convo between EastFriend & WestFriend and then we show up and laugh cuz they’re brilliant. This has happened quite a bit lately, and we thought you’d like to eavesdrop on their conversations with a little “Blurbs from the Quad.” Enjoy!

WestFriend: I just read this:
Interviewer: “Is it true that you did castings for vampire characters before?”
Rob: “Yes, I did an audition for True Blood, but that didn’t work out.”

Can you imagine if Rob was in True Blood..? HELLO! What part do you think he auditioned for?

EastFriend:  There’s not a single character on True Blood that I can see Rob portraying. Not one. Especially not Bill. Definitely not my hot Eric. Yes, Rob is hot. But Eric could totally kick his arse.

Dude–I’d die if it was for Jason. Cause that chap was naked EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of season 1. Seriously, by the 3rd or 4th episode I teased my friends, “Drinking game…let’s invent one and GO!…we drink every time Jason is naked and/or scroggin’ doggy style.” We never played it. None of us wanted to get that drunk.

WestFriend: Rob said, “but that didn’t work out”….maybe they saw Little Ashes and and said, “nope…not fit for doggy-style-Jason…! Go audition as a 108-year-old virgin!”

EastFriend: Or…he said, “Hells bells to the no, I will NOT be getting my doggy-style on.  Unless, of course, it’s with another man.  I have an artistic rep to protect!”

Also, I don’t think Rob has it in him to do a convincing southern accent.  As do NONE of those other characters on True Blood.

I am now off to church–where I will not use the term “doggy-style.” Not one time. I hope.

WestFriend: Oh my gosh. Rob with a Fakecent would be ridic. He can pretend to be from Arizonan…all he would need to do is throw in some random “gringo…taco….salsa…..vato” and he would be good.

A few moments later (or maybe it was a few weeks earlier, we don’t keep track) Eastfriend goes on a rant:

“Just last month I watched 30 Days of Night. You know, that whackadoo vamp movie that the director of Eclipse directed?

Yeah, it’s gross. Nothing sexy about it…vague plotlines, gross death scenes, and a total waste of my time.

And then Rob was interviewed in that Canadian newspaper and said he recently watched it (probably the same night as me, of course) and “really liked it.”

No dude. You didn’t. Quit trying to be all mysterious and hip and credible.

No one liked that movie. SERIOUSLY. I have to pray about my continued involvement in Rob’s world. He better say something else to make me change my mind. Like, “I want to have sex with a 33 year old southern mother of three who lives in the mountains of Kentucky.” ”


America runs on Rob err Dunkin

Eastfriend: He’s my people because I drink Dunkin Donuts Original Blend, Medium Roast. Every. Single. Day.

Westfriend: His hair looks fantastic. Do you think he uses “Got 2 B stiff”? A new product for your peen AND hair? Brill right thuuuur.

Seriously? EastFriend & WestFriend really just need to run LTR. It’d be way more hilarious (and a little more ghetto thanks to WestFriend’s skillz) Rob, I know you’ve been missing The Quad breaking down stuff vanity-fair style lately. We know, we know, it’s been awhile. But come on, seriously…. We can only say “Rob looks really hot today on the Remember Me set” 50-60 times before it gets repetitive. Give us something new! Knock someone up (oh wait, we’ll discuss that rumor soon, don’t you worry) Go gay on us! Get caught partying with the Olsen twins… give us SOMETHING to break down. I cannot handle any more hot pictures of you with cute little girls! Bring back the creepy uncle look or something.

Anxiously awaiting another day of hot pictures, even though I said I am tired of them,

I’m going on vacation today! Talk about how you’re going to miss me in The Forum

Find out what Moon has learned about life from reading Twilight on LTT


  1. Hahaha, my day is not complete without visiting LTR. Aww. Don’t worry, Comic Con is coming soon & I am praying Rob will be there. I think it will be epic. 🙂

  2. ‘His hair looks fantastic. Do you think he uses “Got 2 B stiff”? A new product for your peen AND hair?’…awesomeness nothing but pure excellence!!! ROFLMFAO!!!! 😀 Brought back memories of ‘There’s Something About Mary’!!! Thanks girls it looks like my birthday is off to a great start!! :)…oh yea I failed to mention that today is the day I was born 20-something years ago…can you give me Rob wearing nothing but a big red bow as a present?!?!?! Heck I’ll even take a ‘special hug’ if that’s all you can get me!! 😉

    • Happy Birthday!!!! ooh, betcha Rob is sending you sexy thoughts right now!!!

    • Happy Birthday!!!!! I know Rob is out getting you that special something RIGHT. NOW.

    • Happy birthday girly girl! may all your wishes come true. If not rob, then how about running into Harry Potter? I hear Rupert Grint (who just recovered from Swine Flu) that girl who plays Hermonine and the guy who plays Harry are back east on a publicity tour for the movie release.

      (funny how I can only remember Rupert Grint’s name), but not his character and vice versa with the others.

    • Happy birthday KrazyKidd!

      Well it’s not Rob wearing nothing except a big red bow … BUT it is a special from Rob to you … right at the end. 🙂

  3. Oh, I agree that “Got 2 B Stiff” is epic brilliance, indeed!

    And, you know…since New Moon is “premiering” in Knoxville, and since Rob will be there (for sure!), he won’t be far from the mountains of Kentucky. Or a ton of 33 year old mothers of 3 kids. And teeny-boppers. And Cougars. And psychos.

    I’m just sayin’.

    • *wink* ahem. 😉

    • gas up the car!

  4. I recently watched the whole season 1 of True Blood (thank god for Netflix) and feel like I cheated on Twilight. I love it though! And have thought that the cullens are total pusses compared to the vamps on that show. I mean even the James/Laurent/Victoria coven would prob get their arses kicked by the fang-o-matic vamps from True Blood.
    Also? I love the intro song and think how many bad things I want to do to RP when it’s playing.

    • LOL 😀 Amen to that!

      Every time I listen to Truw Blood’s theme song I think of all the bad things I want to do with Rob 😀 LOL 😀

      • this is another HOT one for wanting to do some baddd badd things to him ❤

      • Oh my god me Too! LOL

    • I love True Blood and that theme song is amazing. Of course my mind goes to all the bad things I want to do to Rob.

      For your viewing and listening pleasure:

      • YES!! i saw it on sunday when it was posted and died! true blood theme song and rob. WOAH!!!

      • Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I saw that on youtube but thanks for posting it here! I had to see it again and again and again! He’s so hot! He took my breathe away. I love that pic of him on his knees and on his hands(w. his pants partially open)….I had to get dirty thoughts out of my head!

  5. So, UC.
    You got to do Rob today.
    How was it for ya?

    Lizzie came up with great angle for the Kristen-Is-Pregnant-With-Rob’s-Baby story-fiasco that you can breakdown since you’re sick of saying ‘he’s hot’ on the set of Remember Me.

    She suspects that the reason that he has filled out is because he has become *sympathetically* pregnant with her…dude, it’s got credible story all over it. Ted C needs to run with this.

  6. Knock someone up!!! jajajajajajajaj
    Go gay on us!!!! ajajajajaja

    brilliant girls!!!!

    Oh Rob… I love you like every one of your caracters but definetely I love you more like yourself… keep being yourself!!!


  7. “Got 2 B stiff”? A new product for your peen AND hair?

    HAHAHAH if he’s likin the song “soft” and thinks that he can relate, then maybe he’s been lookin for this product LOLLL

    i had no idea that he tried out for true blood.. i think i agree that i really dont see him in there doin Bill, or any other vamps.. LOLif he did jason, hallelujah we would be seeing him naked for most the show! haha

    genious as alwayss!! ❤

  8. Yes Rob, go gay on us. It might help to preserve what’s left of my sanity, because I get crazy jealous when I read about you with Kristen(bitch), you with Emilie(bitch) or you with anything female(except Patty-that’s one bitch I don’t mind).

    If I saw a pic of you & TomStu holding hands or making out I’d think “oh, they’re so cute together!”. Because somehow in my twisted mind if I’m not even the right sex then hey, how could I be jealous?
    Also, thinking of you with a guy is HOT. To me, anyway. I plan on replaying your love scenes in Little Ashes ALOT. Whereas when I watch you kissing Kristen(bitch) in Twilight, my mental mantra is bitchbitchbitchbitchbitch.

    So please, Rob, just consider it. It doesn’t have to be with TomStu-there are lots of hot guys out there. And if you decide to switch back I’ll still be here.

    • I have yet to see Little Ashes, but I sure am excited to see “those” scenes.

      I wonder why man on man action is hot to me?

      Prolly cuz anything that has to do with Rob, and is dirty, is hot?

      Yeah, that’s it.

      • I had this convo with the hubs recently… I didn’t want to even see that movie and then I saw the man on man scene and ordered it so fast from amazon… That scene was so hot… I’m going with you, it’s cuz it’s dirty… yeah… hahaha!

  9. Knock someone up!!!
    I’d just about manage to complie with that sigh sigh in happy place now..

    Go gay on us!!!!
    My 20 year old son can help with that…..
    Come home Rob everything you need is here in Europe………

  10. Dude is looking unbelievably hot in that suit pic.

    I’m trying to wean myself off caffeine and seeing Rob with the Dunkin Donuts cup is really driving me insane.

    • There was a part of feelmeup–and Rob didn’t know how dominant that part might be– that thirsted for his coffee.

      • You got that right, girl. Well, his coffee along with certain other things. Did I just type that?

        I’m naughty.

  11. We’ll miss you U.C. have an excellent holiday and come back relaxed refreshed and RAZOR SHARP as usual……

  12. I gotta say I love Twilight more than True Blood but can you imagine Rob in those sex scenes?! HOT! Yeah, I would have liked that. 😉 Daaaaammnnn.

  13. “go party with the Olsen twins” LMAO!

    UC, have a fab vaca! We’ll miss you!

    And uh…heh….I liked “30 Days of Night”. I own it on dvd. It scared the crap out of me….and that was a good thing. I like a good scare every now and then. But definately not my type of vamps, that’s for sure. But imo those weren’t vamps, they were like cracked out zombies.

  14. Rob might not be giving you ladies much to work with lately, but you are still doing a fantastic job. It won’t be much longer before he’s forced to do all kinds of publicity and we’ll be saturated with goofy Robness.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  15. Have a great vacay!!!

    I forgot what this post was about…Oh Rob. Duh.

    So I also watched the first season of True Blood (netflix) recently and then started on this season. I’m ok, if I don’t watch it again…really. Blech. All those vamps (minus Eric & Pam, my favs) look dirty and hungry. That fake crap isn’t working for them. And then that Maryann chick…wth?

    But Rob made the best choice for his career and Bill Compton is a douche. We would love no one other than Rob for Twilight.

    I mean…really who could do it? Chace Crawford? Zac Efron? Some obscure dude no one knows?

    I don’t think so.

    • True them words.

    • Bill Compton is a HUGE douche-a-saurus. His accent sucks hardcore and he hired a VOCAL coach!!!! I’ve said it before, the only saving grace is Anna Paquin. Her accent is the only one decent and the rest grate on my nerves.

      • Is it my imagination of is Bill’s accent getting worse??? I love True Blood…although it makes me happy in an entirely different way than Twilight…but other than Lafayette and Eric (who by the way, I would like to have lots of sex and babies with), the entire cast is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me with thier “southern” accents. It’s not that hard to say ya’ll.

        • Yes, it’s getting worse.

          And I agree. I would totally live in a combine type setting for Eric. I’d be totally willing to share. That’s a lot of man that I am sure is capable of taking care of ALL needs.

      • “Bill Compton is a HUGE douche-a-saurus. His accent sucks hardcore and he hired a VOCAL coach!!”

        YESSS!!! fucking bill compton! listens to kenny g in his cadillac. WHATEVER.

        and ps ALL their accents suck, it’s painful to listen to but the show is SO campy i love it.

        • the guy who plays Bill Compton is actually quite British.
          Maybe I’m the only one out their, but it sounds to me like vampire Bill’s accent emulates ELVIS… (rather than a Louisinia accent), which is quite different actually.

          Oh well. Fangbangers beware, True Blood is like Twilight on crack.
          (oh yes, I can see Rob as the Sookie’s brother, the guy taking his clothes off every 5 minutes). heh

  16. I can’t see him in True Blood although it may be cute to hear him talk in a southern accent! LOL. I don’t know who he would play…anyway that’s fine he didn’t get a part in it! He got Edward Cullen’s anyway and it was perfect for him. I especially can’t see him play Bill or Eric! 🙂

    Now I gotta see that “30 Days of Night!”

    I saw that pic of him with that coffee and I was like “darn I wish I was that coffee he was drinking!”

  17. Creepy Uncle! Hilarious.

  18. Have a great vacy UC! I myself am rollin’ out for vacation at the buttcrack santa of dawn tomorrow. I already know I will be going through LTR/LTT withdrawls. *teardrop hits the keyboard*. Anywhoozle…
    Another fun post. Eastfriend and Westfriend always deliver. 🙂 Can’t wait to catch up on what I miss next week (is that wrong??)
    And ps Moon…thank you for the Zero 7 rec. I downloaded a few of their songs. Loves it! 😀


  19. Oh EastFriend… Definitely not my hot Eric. Yes, Rob is hot. But Eric could totally kick his arse.

    When you say things like this, it makes me think we are long lost friends… 🙂

    I did not like 30 Days of Night, and usually I’m all about gratuitous violence… the more the merrier I say… but that movie was just dumb. Althou, the main vamp scared the crud out of me… he was badass. The ending also made me want to throw the tv out the window, I mean really, what a craptastic ending…

  20. Love This Post!!
    You know Rob had to read for the part of “Jason”. That’s just sick, weird, and gross, and kind of sexy and hot and nasty all at the same time. (Wow, I’m visualizing Rob floating all naked in the forest high on ‘v’. Good distraction, I’ll file that under “things to think about in stressful situations” such as-dentist office, waiting for ticket when pulled over, chuckie cheese, etc etc)

  21. Happy Birthday,krazykidd!!! And, UC hope you have an awesome vacation, we’ll miss you!!!

  22. I know! I was a bit shocked that he read for True Blood! And that this is just coming out now? Odd.

    E.F. – No dude. You didn’t. Quit trying to be all mysterious and hip and credible.

    This WOULD explain the book choices, random music, obscure movie preferences, etc. Geez, doesn’t ANYONE cop to liking mainstream anymore? What!? Is it like the scurge of the twenty-first century to admit to enjoying a summer blockbuster, or a beach read? K, I’m done.

    E.F. – He can pretend to be from Arizonan…all he would need to do is throw in some random “gringo…taco….salsa…..vato” and he would be good.

    I’m also thinking…Hohokam, Gila, Saguaro, Guadalupe, VATO! Tempe Holla!

    Oh, and BTW…I think the jury is still out on the gay verdict…justsayin. Prove me wrong Rob BB, prove me wrong. Srsly…with me. 🙂

  23. EastFriend, I am so with your on the Dunkin’s reference. I don’t know why it made me so excited to see him drinking the same things I drink every day. Dunkin’s stock just soared.

    Oh, and I had to share:

    It makes me giggle. It’s a little George Michael. His smile is WIN!

  24. He doesn’t fit True Blood. He wouldn’t have worked as anyone on that show. Not for Bill, though Stephen Moyer doesn’t hit it out of the park, he’s just not a “Bill”. And no WAY for Eric. Eric is older for one and his air is different. Way more confident than Rob appears. I think it’s something you gain from experience, age and working more. Rob seems too quirky. I’m interested in seeing him in RM. A run of the mill “American” movie. Then I’ll fully form my opinion of his acting.

    And Rob+doggy style=I just can’t see it. Or rather, I just can’t see that he could pull it off…that takes domination that I don’t think he has. There. I said it.

    • Did you ever watch this video?

      Methinks he has plenty of domination skills (granted, he hides them well most of the time…)

      • Yes, I’ve seen that. I think he has plenty of potential. 😉 Once he figures out what kind of power he holds, it’ll fall into place. I think he’ll get even better as he ages.

        • Ripe ‘n Raw Rob…

          and I already get weak knees and rejoicing girlybits looking at young, adorkable hawt Rob…

          Lord have mercy this man will be the death of me *sigh* What a way to go!

      • I had never seen that video. It was so delicious. Thank you for sharing!

        • Anytime! RomeRob gets to me everytime…

          To quote the great enabler JAG from the girls over at Raor: he looks like he just got f*cked 6 ways to Sunday in the limo on the way to this premiere…

          • Hahah! That’s amazing, but true.

            I was in the back of that limo with him, so I should know. I swear.


          • @ Alexandraleaving: ” To quote the great enabler JAG from the girls over at Raor: he looks like he just got f*cked 6 ways to Sunday in the limo on the way to this premiere…”

            Totally agree! Look at the bags under his eyes – no way did he get any sleep the night before!

            Have seen that vid before, love the “leonine” look of his hair in Rome. And yes, he is totally scorchio in it. Every woman should have a man like that waiting to do her every whim …. if only

      • I think RomeRob could probably hang with the Trueblood vamps…I mean look at him…drrrty, sexy, totally glamours me to the point of forgetting my own name!

        Robward is hawt but the peacoat and the bouffant wouldn’t work on Trueblood! I’m sure Rob would agree.

        BTW…we don’t only talk about vatos and salsa in Arizona 🙂 We talk about Rob…or Robto or Robsa or whatever 🙂

  25. Damn. That creepy uncle pic gets me. every. time. LOVE it.

    PS– totally agree with EastFriend– Eric=hot and could kick RPs booty. And I’d so watch….just in case things escalated….ifyouknowwhatimsayin.

  26. Is this ok to post here??? Remove if you need to dudes…but…HOLY EFFN CRAP!!!!!!! Sorry. Just watch…found on ‘Robsessed’. You’re welcome.

  27. Erhm, excuse me. I loved 30 Days of Night, especially the ending. Maybe it’s a British thing?

    And I’m glad rob was not in True Blood, not his style at all. “go be a 108-year old virgin” – I’m still on the floor laughing at that one.

    have a good holiday UC and I will miss you every second.

    • I loved 30 Days of Night as well (not British). I saw it in the theater when they released it.

      And yes, I think Rob may exude too much sensativity for True Blood. Thought I love that show as well.

      …Rob exudes a lot of things. Like sex. And akwardness. Mostly sex.

      • …Rob exudes a lot of things. Like sex. And akwardness. Mostly sex.

        LOL…I concur.

  28. Okay, so I can’t picture Rob in True Blood either. But I can’t picture Stephen Moyer as Bill either, but here we are. And I’m disappointed.

    Yeah, the southern accents are top notch. Really. That’s exactly how southerners sound. Almost as awesome as the accents on Saving Grace. Don’t you all know I sound exactly like that?!? (sarcasm, and lots of it)

    • You meant to say y’all rather than you all, right Amber? lolz

  29. Rob in True Blood? humm…sounds like a joke to me. He is fond of the dry humor. Who knows! But if I go to watch him eff someone every week on a series, I’m pretty sure I would be dead! LOL

    Love to the East and the West! XOXO

  30. i love when the other half of the quad takes over!

    we’ll miss you UC but me and the team will be holding down the fort in your stead!


  31. RE: Westfriend: His hair looks fantastic. Do you think he uses “Got 2 B stiff”? A new product for your peen AND hair?”

    LOL !! “PEEN?”.. that’s a first time I’ve heard Mr. Wiggly refered to as :))

    Yeah… I kinda like that!
    “Try Got 2B Stiff and get a jiffy stiffy”

    I always wondered if he styled his pubes hair as well.. you know, if his pubes hair is as rightously stiff down their as it is on top of his head. Perhaps he waxes or shaves..hmm. something to comtemplate in another posting somewhere.

  32. WHATEVES!! Drink some good Bloody Mary’s for me while on Vaca. They have vegan one’s too you know.

    PS I go on vava tomorrow too, but to beautiful Jacksonville, NC (yup, going to see Sam Bradley and then a Marine girl friend)

    ❤ your face!

  33. Nuggety/Eye C

    Hoping that you see this – probably won’t be around for a LOTN FF discussion later today. 😦

    HL5 – best fan fic ever, along with WA – ruined. Heart break all round. Seriously. Epic. Read whole thing twice yesterday. So emotional.

    Thanks for the recommendation, girls. You are the biz.

    • I told you so….lol

      Glad you liked it!

  34. Just noticed today that True Blood starts in the UK on FX I think on 17th July, so interested to see what it is you are all talking about – I’ve never heard of this Stephen Moyer guy and he is British?

    • Yeah I think Stephen Moyer is British and he and Anna Paquin are actually dating in real life.

  35. When I saw the pic of Rob drinking his Dunkin Donuts I just HAD to post this video.

  36. I will be informing my husband, tonight, “Hells Bells to the No! I will be NOT getting my doggy-style on!” I love you guys! But I am totally offended by the comment about AZ! I only sometimes say “taco”, “salsa”, and “gringo”!

    • We use those words a lot in TX too…just sayin’ LOL

    • @Jaybird-

      That’s what I’m sayin! Is that what they really think of us in AZ? Wouldn’t there be mention of tacos, salsa, and gringos in Twilight then? LOL

  37. Yeah, I’m slow today…

    UC-Have a Super Great Vacation!!!!

    I feel as if this is a crowd divided. Should I watch True Blood or not? Reading comments here is not helping either case!!

  38. EyeC??

    • Hi FN, I’m here. What are you up to?

      • Hey! How are ya tonight?

        Just reading LR. Nothing new here. lol

        • I’m still on HOFT–probably will be for days! lol

          • I feel like I’ve been reading this one forever! lol

          • Kinda like WA. That one was FOREVER!

          • Yes it did! I’m so excited that the updates should be posted soon! Yay!!

          • It will be a relief to have it done.

          • Yep. And then we’ll have to wait for Of Gemini & Gypsies! lol

          • I’m dreading it already! Hope it’s good.

          • It’s pretty good already. I’m wondering what Bella and Jasper are running from…

          • G&G will have to wait until she is at least 2/3 done before I start it, the wait too painful otherwise for me, worth it I know, but i like to read in chunks to really get into the story.

  39. Afternoon all, and yes it is a good one, because it is Friday afternoon. Happy Panda face (miss ya J-m).

    AG was pimping this story as part of her teaser yesterday, I read it last night and really enjoyed it.

    • Hey Lizzie! I’m glad your a Happy Panda today! The future is looking good, no?

      Oh no…another story…is it finished? (PleasesayyesPleasesayyesPleasesayyes)

      • yep. it is a short story in 3 parts, really well done, you will like it nice and angsty

    • Hi Lizzie. Yeah, we’ve read the first 2 chapters. And it IS AG, so we can expect the writing to be good.

      • Hey E, the link wasn’t for G&G, it was for another story written be someone else for AG as a gift, trust me you will like it E, give it a whirl.

        • Agnsty? No way! lol

          • *Angsty

          • Dang it! That was supposed to be posted above! lol

          • of course it is angsty my new fav word, all the FF with angsty seem to tickle my fancy.

          • It’s a good word. I’d never heard it before FF. Those are always good ones!

        • I will definitely read it! I love her writing. Thanks for the link.

          Did you get caught up on work for the week?

          • almost, had a most productive mroning but it is now friday so being a bit of a slackarse to be honest.

            Was going to use an exclamation mark but then realised nearly every single one of my entries ends with an exclamation mark, i need to be more judicious in my exclamation mark usage!

          • I feel like I over use exclamation marks too! Plus I always add 2 of everything…question marks, ellipses, and exclamation marks. I have a problem. lol

  40. Oh, and True Blood rocks, but agree not sure that Rob would have worked as one of the vampires, but he would totally have rocked it as the dumb stud Jason, the fact he would be naked most of the time nnever enetered my mind…

    • I’ve only seen like 1 1/2 episodes. Not enough to make up my mind either way. Naked Rob would be nice…

      • I’ve read all the books, and really enjoyed them as well, the tv series is fairly true to the books but much sexier!

        • Yeah, what I saw was pretty hardcore…lol

          • yep, but worth it, give it a proper go.

    • For Rob’s sake I’m glad he didn’t get it. He would have had a whole different life. Not that what he’s putting up with now is any picnic but he has the opportunity to become the actor he wants to be.

      • true, although i also sort of get the feeling he is taking any half decent role offered to him worrying it may all dry up (silly Rob) and will take a while for him to settle in and really think he has the luxury of being really picky with his future roles

        • Yeah, I agree with that. It will probably take a couple years plus a good response to his other movies before he will feel confident enough to pass some up and for some really juicy ones to come his way. I’m not too worried about his talent.

          • I kinda like that he’s trying out different things.

  41. Hey EP, if you’re reading this I hope you’re doing well with those new classes. We miss you!

    Jenny, I’m with Lizzie too. Hope your work week is going well.

    • Miss ya too EP, hope 8am has been kind to you!

    • I miss them too! RL sucks for taking them away from our nightly chats.

      One day I won’t be here as often either 😦 I’ll miss you gals!

      • You’re already projecting! lol We’ll miss you too!

      • i’d do a sad emoticon, but i don’t know how, so sad panda face instead.

        how is the job hunt going?

        • : and ( makes a sad face. JSYK

          Job hunting could be better. It’s a work in progress. I’m afraid by the time I get hired anywhere it’ll be time for me to move! lol

          • keep at it, i have a good feeling

          • Yay! I like good feelings!

  42. Hi, thanks for the well wishes.

    • manifesting at its best, welcome back EP.

      I actually wrote the list for the UK for you this week, will email over the weekend, i get there eventually!

      • Thanks Lizzie for the welcome and the list!

        • done with uni for the week, all going well?

          • Done for the week, these classes are knocking me out. It’s been awful. How have you been, it occurs to me I didn’t ask.

          • all good here, esp since it is fri afternoon so how can it not be, lol.
            i can totally see how 8am would kill you, the only way to do it is to stay up and then go to bed.

          • It’s the combination of 8am and then not getting out of class until 10 pm. Sure, I have a 6 hour break between those classes, but I spend that on homework.

          • I am really impressed with your diligence, i was a really slack student, i rarely turned up to class if i considerd the time to be inapproriate, my first semester i had an 8am class, i turned up to about 4 of them then learnt not to pick subjects with stupid times. Not the way you are supposed to do your degree, but hey right out of high school you don’t exaclty think things through, well i didn’t anyway.

    • You heard us! Hope all is well.

      • All is really tired and kind of blurry. How have you been?

        • LOL Glad you’ve still got your sense of humor….

          I’m OK. Not much new.

          • Well when you look like death and only managed to shower 3 times in the last 4 days, humor is all you have left.

          • E we had wet Rob photos, what do you mean not much new? I really, really liked wetRob just in case you didn’t pick that up.

          • OMG!! WetRob!!! Whew!! I need a minute….

          • Sounds like a hellish week. There really isn’t any way to make it a shorter day when it ends at 10:00 PM. That’s just cruel!

          • sorry to tell you this is stupid lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            can you give me the email adress of robert pattinson and his email adress pls if you dont mind. if you have can you kindly send it to me on my email adress pls. thank you

    • Hola EP! Happy Un-Birthday!

      • I’m still 24!!!!!!!!! Thanks, FN!

        • Hooray!! You’re welcome!

        • but for how much longer?

          • Two weeks.

      • EP’s birthday, July 23.

        • thankyou oh wise notetaking one, you know i realy on you for these things. *insert smiley panda face emoticon*

          • Well, yeah. lol

  43. I just had a peice of lemon/lime tart, god ot was good, almost up there with wetrob.

    • I’m hungry.

      • sorry

        • It’s okay. I suppose I could get off my lazy arse and eat something if I really wanted too. LOL

  44. Random thoughts:

    I had my hair cut again last week, still not sure about it.

    WetRob, i like saying and thinking about it.

    I need to stop yawning

    Can someone go and do some exercise for me?

    • I’m getting my fringe cut tomorrow.

      What’s not to like?

      Me too.

      It doesn’t work like that.

      • yes if tired best not to do it yourself, i made that mistake once or twice.


        yawns are too contagious.

        it should.

    • I need to call tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about it all week and my hair’s driving me crazy! What does it look like?

      Me too!!

      I just yawned reading the word yawn.

      Let me know if you find someone and send them my way when you’re done!

      • I have a lot of hair so he went nutso with the thinning scissors to give me “volume” cause i have the worlds flatest straightest hair, so it always sort of comes as a bit of a shock when I have “volume” for a day ro two before it reverts to normal again.

        I will just think about it for another minute, ot two…

        so did i.

        nup, sorry i would be keepng them.

      • Why can’t I ever get my hair to do the things the stylist can?? It’s not fair!

        WetRob….very nice…

        I’m going to quit this conversation b/c evertime I read “yawn” I do! lol

        It’s a shame.

    • How did you get it cut?

      WebRob is yummy. I bet WetBobby would be yummy too.

      I’m not yawning. But that might be because I accidentally had a 2 hour nap from 7-9 pm. And then didn’t work out.

      I’ll exercise for you tomorrow.

      • see above

        i get the Bobby thing he just doesn’t do it for me, so you can wetbobby all you like!

        ohhh bad time for power nap Ms J-m, you are going to be up all night now.

        you legend, if you would that would be great.

  45. Awe, thanks Lizzie, I miss you too! Blushing panda face…? Does that work?

    Thanks EyeC, always good to be missed! The week has been so-so, very rainy and gloomy. But I sort of like it. How’s your week been?

    Great Lizzie, now I want a lemon tart.

    Hi FN, Hi EP.

    Okay, who’s excited that Harry Potter comes out next Wednesday? I’ve been watching interviews with the cast, and I’m still smitten with DanRad.

    • *jumping up and down* me, me, me, me, me, me how good does it look?

      and yeah J-m has come to play.

      • I know, it looks amazing! All the little clips have looked awesome. And the reviews are great as well! I get tingles just thinking about it. Oh, the power of HP (not steak sauce).

        • i do like HP sauce though too, although probably a little more excited about HP the movue right now.

    • I’ve got my midnight tickets ready. My ass will be kicked the next day.

      • but so worth it.

      • Totally worth it. I’m a little jealous. But there’s no way I could find anybody to go with me. And the thought of standing in line alone…

        • Yeah, that’s way more dorky than me standing in line with a large group of adults.

        • You wouldn’t be alone! There would be lots of other people there. I’m sure you’d make lots of friends if you took your wand. Just sayin’

          • yes, please take your wand, glasses and video camera and make a little movie for me J-m.

          • I think I’d like to have at least one other person there with me. It could be a long wait.

    • Hola JenNAY!

      I’m such a slacker. I’m excited to see it, but I’ll wait until I don’t have to go w/ a theater full of kiddos.

      • I’ll probably go the first week it opens, but I don’t have tickets for the midnight showing. Maybe I’ll do that when HP 7 comes out.

        I already have an authentic replica of Harry’s wand, and an authentic Gryffindor scarf (which both came in authentic boxes!)… so I think I’m okay to wait a few days after the movie comes out and still be a loser.

        • That is so cool. Am I a dork for thinking that’s cool??

          • I hope not, cuz I think it’s pretty rad too.

        • I love the idea of an authentic HP wand! Where did they find the Phoenix?

          • in China i suspect, where most “authentic” replica goods seem to come.

          • LMAO!!

          • Good guess, L. It’s so very exotic!

          • Don’t make me perform the cruciatus curse on you Lizzie, you cheeky buggar!

    • Good to see you Jenny. Hey, if the nap got you here, then YAY for naps!

      • I do love to nap. One of my favourite pastimes! And I do love to stay up at night. So it’s a win-win!

      • Good to see you too, EyeC! I forgot to type that, but it’s always true.

  46. so what assignement can we help you with EP, we liked the playground one that was fun, your degree seems way more interesting than mine was.

    • This degree rocks. Um, I need activities to do with Social Studies: ie history, geography, economics, government, etc. Tonight I used a game where the kids had to guess the famous person or place based on a few given facts.

      • i love that game. we play it where someone else sticks someone/something on your forehead and you have to guess who you are, even more fun when a little tipsy

  47. Holy mahama jahma, it’s like a meat locker in here. You could literally freeze massive slabs of meat in my room (that’s what she said, in a very sad pathetic way).

    • Massive you say?

      • that did make me LMAO, i do have a rather dirty and inappropriate mind, especially when iconsidering i am at work.

      • Oh, yeah. As big as you can imagine.

    • isn’t it supposed to be summer there?

      • Yes, it is. Please tell that to mother nature, Lizzie! She’s a bitch this year.

        It’s just been rainy and gloomy here, so it’s chilly at night… and my window was open all day. So sitting here in my skimpy pjs (yeah, I’m hot) isn’t the best idea.

        • well if it is any consolation it has been really cold here, the coldest winter we have had for quite some time.

          • How cold has it been?

          • at 4.20pm fri afternoon it is current 17.4 degrees celcius, but at night has been getting down to about 9-10 degrees, that is cold.

          • It’s 9 C here, right now.

            The high tomorrow is 20 C.

            Your “winter” is our “summer. This is weather we wear shorts in.

        • You can ef off with the cold comments. FN and I are probably going to melt in the heat we’ve been having.

          • Still funny. lol

          • need to eat more ice cream EP to cool you from the inside.

          • NO joke! It was freakin’ hot today! And my cousin asked me to help her rearrange her room (and the A/C in there was NOT working!!) it sucked the fucking balls of a goat!

          • eeww, well i wouldn’t be doing that in the heat, you will end up with salmonella poisoning FN.

          • LOL Ewww….Lizzie….thanks for the warning though.

      • Also, you should know, I’m pretty much the biggest wimp you’ll ever meet when it comes to being cold. I am cold pretty much all the time. And I always complain about it. And people think I’m crazy.

        • but you are an elf, so i would expect that.

          • I’m an elf? I have no idea where that came from, but I’ll take it. I’d adore being an elf!

          • Wait, it is because I’m short? Cuz I was thinking more sexy Lord of the Rings type of elf.

          • you can be LOTR elf, not so sure about the ears though, except on Orlando they did work.

          • I thought Orlando made a lovely Legolas!

        • Ohh – I finally read Storm Glass, loved it.

          • Did you?! Ugh, I loved it. I didn’t think I’d be able to get into as well as I did with the Study series, but it was awesome! Opal and Kade? Rawr.

          • Plus, I’m sorry, but her power is fucking awesome! I love that they always seem as if they’re not very powerful magicians, but then BAM, they have the best powers. Loved Yelena’s power too. Now I’m torn which I’d like more.

          • agree, really liked that she is still learning about her powers and yes awesome. Sleeping with blue eyes did take me by surprise, i like that she doesn’t always take the obvious route. Still a lot of fleshing out with kade’s character. was happy Janco and whatever the other ones names made appearances, i like their comedic relief.

          • Yeah, the whole Blue Eyes fiasco was weird, and creepy. I was sad, because I thought that guy.. uh.. Ulrich? (can’t remember his name exactly) really liked Opal.

            And Kade’s character has a lot of work. But I like the sizzle between him and Opal. Meant to be, definitely.

            And I agree, I love Ari and Janco! I can’t wait for “Sea Glass”.

  48. Random Thoughts:

    I hate 8 AM.

    I had to dance like an idiot in class today, this is what I do in grad school.

    I had 3 cups of tea today.

    • I’m not fond of it either. Unless it involves naked Bobby. Just sayin’.

      Oh the things I wish I could capture with my video camera. You’re probably the Johnny Depp of our time…

      I had 3 cups of tea today too. Exactly. Creepy.

      • I can see where that would make it tolerable.

        I’m not, but I bet I could name someone who is.


    • Me too!

      Can you describe this dance?

      I had no cups of tea today, but I now I want some.

      • MMhmm.

        Air guitar was involved.

        You should get some. (Tea that is)

        • Oh no, air guitar…sounds interesting.

          I should, but it’s hot tonight.

    • Yeah, 8:00AM is just about bedtime.

      Sounds a little strange, unless it was a dance class?

      You’re on a roll! Could lead to another tea story….

      • It is like bedtime.

        Science class, today’s topic: energy.

        Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

    • shouldn’t exist, as simple as that.

      you tube it next time please

      I had one yesterday does that count?

      • I know.

        I have a DVD of the dance, not me doing the dance. As soon as I can figure out how to copy it, I’ll send it to you.


        • excellent

  49. With all your Bobby talk, Jenny, I had a little daydream today about you and EP picking up the guys after their set and trying out a downtown bar, then who knows what? I was concerned about you both getting back to the hotel, if needed, and didn’t want you wandering around. I’m a little loopy today from lack of sleep….

    • I think you’re missing the point of daydreams EyeC.

      • ROFLMAO!!!

    • I don’t think it was a daydream, I think we should call it a premonition. lol

      • It could be hopeful.

      • Jenny can only hope.

      • FRannay, you are extremely extremely correct. Smartest person ever.

    • trying to work your manifesting magic again E, the future is supposed to be my trick! You have nice daydreams, can you work one with Rob and me in it there somewhere, pretty please with a cherry on top?

      • Well, if I can help Jenny out with Bobby, I certainly would! Don’t know about EP and her desire would be–unless Rob comes back from London early to meet up with the guys….

        Now, Lizzie, about your request. Getting him to Australia will be the biggest challenge. Hmmmmm. Maybe when you’re in the states it could be arranged.

        • Help Jenny out and EP will be helped out. That sound creepier than it should. Damn.

          • No, I was just wondering what your pleasure would be. lol

          • A little creepy, agreed. But probably true.

        • I;ll take that!

        • EyeC, if you use your manifesting powers to help me with Bobby, I will owe you forever. I’ll hook you up with Rob. (Sorry Mr. EyeC, and any other person who wants a crack at Rob)

          • That would truly take some manifesting skillz Jenny! Nice dream though….

          • *Stink eye*

          • Whenever I see “stink eye”, I think “pink eye”. And then I think poop. And then I think Long Bobby. LOL

          • EyeC, I know we (and by we I mean you) have the manifesting power to make it happen. If anyone does, we do!

    • EyeC, if it’s possible, I love you even more for having this daydream.

      • LMAO! It just came to me in detail as I was listening to Bobby. Whatever I can do.

        • That must be a sign, right?

          • I’m sure it is.

          • How could it not be?

          • You guys are the best.

          • It’s obvious to me.

  50. This has been fun, but the chamnpage corks have now popped signalling the weekend is here at long last, have fun lovelrlies and I will most likley catch you tomorrow.

    Nighty night

    • So lonf Lizzie. Happy weekend to you!

    • I don’t know why you complain, your workplace sounds amazing.

      Have a good Friday night, Lizzie! Shake your bon bon.

    • ok I said by to you but instead of replying it sent it to the next page. I know I hit reply.

    • Night Lizzie! Talk to you tomorrow!

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