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Robert Pattinson’s playlist = the way to my heart

Because I can, I'm posting the BEARD picture

Because I can, I'm posting the BEARD picture

Dear Rob-

Since I don’t think I can find anything new to talk about regarding the Remember Me set and I’m pretty sure you’re over it yourself, let’s talk my favorite thing… and I’m pretty sure it just might be your favorite thing too! What am I talking about Robbie dear? Why MUSIC of course. The reason for being, the reason I get up in the morning (besides you of course), the thing I obsess over the most (besides you of course), what makes the world go ’round. Can you tell I enjoy music from time to time?

So anyhoo I’ve been wanting to talk about your iTunes celeb playlist for some time now and today’s the day, I’ve decided.

If you know anything about me you know I love a good mix. It’s how I show my love and it’s how I spread the word about music I think other people should hear. Making a mix is a BIG deal to me… much time, thought and consideration goes into making a mix. What’s the tone or the theme you’re going for, how will you start it, how will you end it and what are you trying to say by the time the mix is over? Not all people are this much of a freak about a mix but I am and I feel you might be too just from what you decided to include on here. I gotta say I’m slightly impressed, especially in comparison to your costars choices, besides Jackson’s, the others were downright embarrassing. So let’s mull this one over a bit, shall we?

01.  C-Jam Blues by Oscar Peterson“What I learned how to play blues riffs from. Peterson was the best”

Moon: I gotta say I didn’t know where you were going with this one… you’re really starting off a mix with this? But I guess it worked cause it made me wonder where the heck you were going after this and I had to find out. It also made me wonder where did you hear this kind of music? Does Dick listen to jazz in the garage?

02. Solid Sender by John Lee Hooker“If I could have a song as a wife…”

Moon: *le sigh* If I could have you as a husband… whew… ok, ok… back to reality. Let’s back up a second… when I first read this playlist it was pretty early on in my fandom and I didn’t know much about anyone so I went online to OD on any news I could locate, so I found out the cast did iTunes celeb playlists and of course I headed straight there because I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they listen to. So I read the others playlists and wasn’t surprised for the most part, then I got to yours and this song and it was at this point in the mix than I knew you were something special. Cause this song is SO hot and randoms don’t just put John Lee Hooker in their playlist OR say something about making a song their wife. Let’s just say I was a smitten kitten.

Think you can handle more? Take the cut to see what else Rob has to offer us in his playlist

03. Soft by Kings of Leon“I’ve always thought that I really relate to the lyrics of this even though I don’t really know what they are. I love the singer’s enunciation in all their songs. They are pretty much the only modern band I can say I am a fan of.”

Moon: Really, Rob? Really? You’re either the most self-deprecating person EVER or you’re a comedian because you’re saying you can relate to lyrics about a flaccid penis.

This is a funny follow up to quite arguably one of the hottest songs ever. Go from a raging sex-fest of a song to a diddy about not being able to get hard. NICE! Also this makes me think of when UC and I  became real friends cause Aha Shake Heartbreak had come out and we loved it. OH Rob, it’s like you know everything about us…

04. Cold Sweat by James Brown “This song hits me just as hard every time I’ve heard it since I was a little kid and listened to James Brown on the way to school.”

Moon: What the hell kinda car pool were you in? Were all the mom’s crazy sexed-up milf kittens driving little kids around in their station wagons in cut offs and tank tops? If this was Clare driving than I want her to drive me everywhere cause Cold Sweat is the jam!

At this point in your mix I think you might be some kind of repressed sexual deviant because all these songs are like hot sex and this is why you’ll be in charge of making the sexy time mixes in our house. Thanks.

05. Dean by Terry Reid“I love Terry Reid. I love the schizophrenic decisions he makes towards the end of the song when he’s choosing what notes to sing. Terry Reid was just one of those guys like James Brown who when they got into a groove, it just seemed like they’d want to keep singing the same line, let alone the same song, all night.”

Moon: Now here’s where you get to school me in your mix cause I’ve never heard of Terry Reid and that doesn’t usually happen often but that just means I get to go off and Wiki and research someone new. I love your quote about being in the groove because we used to talk about this in my music classes and at music school (holla UC!) and it was called being downlow and in the groove. It’s about being so present in the song so much ‘in the pocket’ that everything’s just hitting perfectly and there’s no desire to leave from that groove for a while. This is a nice middle track choice.

06. One Mo’gin by D’Angelo“I love D’Angelo. I used to always try and sing like him when I was younger and embarrassingly fail. I like his pronunciation when he sings. I think when you try and write lyrics and you think there is no way the listener will figure out what you’re saying or what you mean, you write much more honestly. I think.”

Moon: Seriously? Seriously? D’ANGELO?!You’re just teasing me now. Of all the things I thought you would put on a mix this is the last thing I would have picked. I don’t know why but it just adds another wrinkle to the enigma that is Rob. That’s why this is the perfect pick for the smack dab middle of your mix. Voodoo is an amazing album and this song is SO HOT. Read these lyrics people.

But can we back up and talk about what you say about pronunciation? You quite obviously have a thing for pronunciation as you’ve cited it twice in this mix and also talked to Haley Williams about how she pronounced “here” when you guys interviewed each other. It interests me that you think you have to be unintelligible when you sing or write lyrics to be more honest. Isn’t that the point of being a singer/songwriter? To strip it all away and be completely open and honest in your performance and then let people interpret what you’ve written for themselves? Thoughts? Can we discuss this one more?

Damn now I wanna listen to some “How Does it Feel?”

Listen to Blue Monday People here
07. Blue Monday People by Curtis Mayfield“Got inspired by putting D’Angelo on. This whole album is amazing. The production on it is incredible. A really interesting album which not a lot of people listen to. Don’t know why”

Moon: You weren’t joking Rob, there’s like NO embeddable version of this song anywhere on the net. Sorry folks. Buy this one though cause Curtis Mayfield knows how to bring the funk. Trust!

08. Brown Trout Blues by Johnny Flynn“I grew up with some amazing musicians in London who are still my friends. Marcus Foster, Bobby Long and Sam Bradley are recording their albums now, but Johnny Flynn completed his one a while ago. I just saw him play in LA and he was incredible. But he’s always been incredible so I can’t say I was surprised. Get this album its great and no one else does music like him at all.”

Moon: I’m starting to wonder what’s in the water in Barnes/London cause all these boys have such a similar sound, influences and style. What radio was playing? What record store did they frequent? Cause their influences are decidedly old skool blues, soul, jazz, American south, singer/songwriter. I’m continually surprised by the talent that’s come out of this one place.

(moon bonus vid: check out johnny (holy crap he’s cute!) and laura marling duet)

09. Ambulance Blues by Neil Young“One of the most moving songs ever written or recorded. I used to listen to the line ‘I guess I’ll call it sickness gone’ on repeat for hours when I wanted to try and write something.”

Moon: I never really “got” the whole Neil Young thing. Then I saw him with Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young) a year or so ago and GOT it. He’s a really great lyricist and his voice is quite oddball but I think there’s just something even more special sometimes about people who choose to make their living from their voice even when it’s not what the general public would call “pretty” or “good.”

(not the King Curtis version, this is the original)
10. A Whiter Shade of Pale by King Curtis “Just a beautiful song. Reminds me of Withnail and I.”

Moon: Such a stupid, beautiful song with such an iconic melody line. This is the kind of stuff you slow dance to with your sweetie in the garden in the summer after dinner.

(Add to your Netflix queue Withnail and I)

(the scene he talks about in Prenom Carmen)
11. Ruby’s Arms by Tom Waits“My favorite Tom Waits song. I cry almost every time I hear it. Plays over an amazing scene in one of my favorite movies too – Prenom Carmen.”

Moon: Another unique voice-d guy. I love Tom Waits and this is classic sad Tom music. Such a great pick to follow up Whiter Shade of Pale.

12. (First) Essay for Orchestra, Op. 12 by Atlanta Symphony OrchestraThis song just hurts, it’s so beautiful.”

Moon: Didn’t see this one coming. Going for the classical song, one track from the end… interesting move… don’t know if it would have been my choice but I think it works when you go from the sad Waits tune to the I can’t live without you song of TB Sheets

Go listen to TB Sheets here
13. T.B. Sheets by Van Morrison“Only Van Morrison can do a performance like this. No one else has come close.”

Moon: This song still freaks me out. I think I first heard it back in music school and it was so haunting and spooky that it would keep me up at night. This is the song you hear when some weirdo is following you out of a bar, through an alley to your home. Running. So crazy. I wanna give Van a kiss on the cheek for it.

Earlier I was talking about theme and tone and the innerworkings of a mix. I think the theme you were going for with this is what I’ll call the “undercover sex jam mix.” Because on the outside it’s not overtly bedroom music but after some deeper inspection and the order you put the songs it’s kinda screaming at me that this is what it’s supposed to be. The arc of the mix follows perfectly with that… begins with some up tempo sexy music, this is gets all out freaky hot, then it goes back down a notch to some love making jams and then way down into the let’s just lay here together music, then moves to the I don’t want to leave you but I have to songs, and then the wow my life is a depressive hell-hole without you songs. The whole mix is quite cinematic when you think about it in those terms and isn’t that what good music does? It makes you see and feels things much like the storyline of a good movie? At least that’s what I think both good music and good mixes do.

If it’s possible I think I love you even more now than I did from just your movies and interviews and even your own music. This playlist makes me like you more than any photoshoot or movie ever could. Because listening to other people’s favorite music is like seeing just a little glimpse into their soul. You get to see what they enjoy, what the react to, what gets them off. Give me a music nerd any day and I’ll swoon way more than looking at some smoking hot dude.

So this begs the question Rob, can we start a mix-off? This is like my ultimate dream and something I do with every guy I like… so how’s about it?

So what did you think of Rob’s mix? Any surprises? Any new favorites you discovered from his playlist? What would you have included that he didn’t or left out?

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  1. I dig “The Hooker ” too as well as Muddy Waters, but I would expect this from a more mature guy.. are you sure its one of robbies favs? he seems too young to understand or appreciate Hooker. May be his publicist thought it would be “cool” for him to be into it.. I heard in numerous interviews that he really likes Van Morrison.
    anyway..just a thought….

  2. what an odd, eclectic and fabulous mix of songs. c-jam blues?!! seriously rob, i wanna be on you. end of story. and i’ll be sharing you with moon because her list of your songs is almost better than the original.

  3. Awesome post! Educational and Funny! Where do I find some mom’s that want to try a “Rob” style carpool!?

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  5. Great post, well done!

    I seriously owe Rob my life for introducing me to Johnny Flynn…his album has been my fav for 6 months now, I can’t get enough. I never would have heard of him without this playlist.

    I want to see a mix from you!! I’m really curious about what you would put on it!

    • i second that.. mix from moon. mix from moon. mix from moon


  6. Moon, no idea how long it took you to put this one together, suspect you’ve had it on your mind to do for a while, that it involved a bit of research, and somehow you managed to still make it funny.

    Love the diversity of the songs.
    Love that it isn’t obvious and that there is some really obscure stuff on there.
    Love that he shouts out to his London mates, and even includes one of them in his playlist.
    Love that both Neil Young and Van Morrison are rated.
    Love that he appreciates music history and nods to it.

    It adds to the Rob enigma, doesn’t t?

  7. As if I needed more reasons to drool over this guy. The playlist? Carmen Prenom? Really? Rob, you can come over to my place anytime. I find watching French movies to be very, um…well, let’s just say the only thing “soft” would be my bed.

    • Ah, man. That should read Prenom Carmen. This is what he does to me! I can’t proofread!

  8. yea read the lyrics on that one! hahaha

  9. Yes, yes! Two songs were deleted at some point, but when the list was originally put up in November, these two songs were between “Dean” and “One Mo’gin”:

    “Stepping Out Queen, Pt. II” by Van Morrison: “Another guy who has such a visionary and unique take on what structure in songwriting is, what singing is, and what can be achieved emotioanlly and spiritually through music.”

    “Lengths” by The Black Keys: “Another new band I like. This is a beautiful song. I like how it’s produced. This whole album is great.”

    I’m guessing they became unavailable on iTunes, so they were deleted.

    Anyway, LOVE this post! I’ve had his mix on my iPod for a while now and I love it. And TB Sheets is one of my favorites, so when I saw that it was on his mix… well, you know.

    It’s why he rocks my world… music and books… humility and sense of humor… I’m so done.

    If I could find a guy like Rob in my real life… same kind of interests and personality… I’d be all over him like white on rice! He wouldn’t know what hit him…

  10. LOTN??

    • Hi FN! I’m out here.

      • Hey! How was your ice cream? I’m craving some really bad! lol

        • Very good! lol I thought that would get to you!

          • lol I’m glad you enjoyed it.

          • Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

  11. You know, I realized today that I haven’t heard any Johnny Flynn…why wasn’t he included in the Britpack?? b/c he’s already kinda famous??

    • I think that’s why. He had already made a name of sorts with that album and the 5 guys who were together made that pact to help each other get to where they wanted to go. Rob did refer to Johnny as his best friend at one time but we don’t hear much about him on any of the sites. Don’t really know. But that Brown Trout Blues is the best song on the album in my opinion.

      • Hmm…I definitely need to look into that. It’s really sweet that they’re all helping each other out.

  12. Nuggety, how did the temp thing go today?

    Eye C, you ruined my evening last night with Library Rendevous.

    • LOL–it’s hard-to-put-downable!

      • Yes. It was.
        Bit if I had sex 17 times in 48 hours I think I would be:-

        a) throwing up
        b) passed out
        c) walking with a cane for weeks
        d) have severe groin chafing

        • She did explain it was Bella calling out his name 17 times! lol

          • That’s 17 orgasms…
            I think I’d need seriously chocolate fix and a long hot bubble bath.

    • I’ve given up. But I did look for places that were hiring and I’m going to apply at:

      Lawn’s Plus (they need a summer receptionist)
      Jack ‘n’ Jills Donuts
      and probalby McDonald’s 😦

      I’m hoping for Lawns Plus

      • Don’t give up.
        Lawn’s Plus sounds like a goer.
        McDonald’s might not be all bad. Working as a waitress is one of life’s experiences. Everyone should do it once.

        • My coordination a situation where hot food and liquids are involved is scary.

          I’ve worked at McDonald’s before. It’s been several years ago.

          • I hear you.
            I was the worst waitress in existence.

    • Did you finish LR?? I’m STILL not done! However, I did read my other updates today so that took some time away…lol

      • Yes, I finished it. At 12.00am last night. Fuck.
        That’s me for FF for a while, unless there is an update of an existing story.
        I’m not starting anything new.

        • You say that now…

          • Story trying to corrupt me with more FF!!!

            You are truly evil sometimes, Nuggety. Evil.

            I was thinking about starting Mr Horrible or H5 (have you got the link for that, BTW?!?!?) but I really need to focus on my non-virtual life.

          • Hydraulic Level 5:

            Mr. Horrible:

            I hate to break it to you, but you’ve already been corrupted…mwahahahaha!!

          • That link for HL5 is to a MAGAZINE SPREAD, Nuggety!

            Where’s your focus?
            Thinking of the wet-Rob photos still?
            Or trying to get me to look at them again and admit defeat (which I won’t on this occasion).

            I prefer to look at it as ruined, rather than corrupted.

          • Hahahaha…my focus is out the window. That was another hot pic from that magazine (did you see this one EyeC???)

            Here’s the REAL link to HL5:

          • Thank you for delivering, Nuggety.

          • You’re welcome 🙂

          • LOL FN! You’re kinda out of it! OK, I just saw the leather jacketRob. Were these the Dossier pics that they used in Rolling Stone. This must be one of the outtakes. Haven’t seen it before. James Dean Rob. Boootiful. He was 22 when this was taken people! Get your facts straight! LOL

          • Yes, I think it was part of that Rolling Stone shoot. He’s freakin’ HOTTTT!!! The James Dean thing is hot too. The person responsible for checking facts was probably too distracted to think straight. LOL

          • No doubt! lol

          • I believe that the right word might be… dazzled.
            Does Rob Dazzle?

  13. Have you gals seen this?? I need an Us Weekly ASAP!!

    • OMG! Besides the wetRob look, do you see that crooked smile??

      • It doesn’t do it for me.
        It’s like a child playing dress ups.

      • I love everything about that pic!

        Nat, you are insane woman! lol

        • I can live with that!
          He’s still hit and miss for me.
          There are some photos that are completely phwoar, and there are others that leave me cold.

          • *shakes head* It’s a sad, sad thing. LOL

          • No, it is a way of keeping the insanity sane.

            I’ve decided that is why I don’t like the forum.

            Just when you think that an interesting conversation will take place, someone posts a photo of Rob and it becomes a drool fest.

            Which is all fine and dandy, but I want more from him than that.

          • I know what you mean.

            We’ve been deprived of our Rob Pics here for a while.

            Where oh where is Gen?? I miss her pic posts so much!! Remember the good ol’ days?? lol

          • I do. I was thinking about her today. Things change. But I do miss the pics.

          • Who is Gen?

          • Genevieve she was the ultimate supplier of the hottest (and biggest) Rob pics. I think her collection was over 1,000 pics. She could look anything up for you. It was ahhhh-mazing! lol

          • Seriously?

            I don’t have Rob photos on my computer, except for the RB photos for the vids, and I delete them after the film is made.

            I’ve gone with a Rocky theme for the new one… oh, yes.

            Fun, fun, fun.

          • Haha. Rocky theme…that sounds interesting.

          • Yes. Well. The lack of RB wearing as discussed every day this week, has meant serious challenges.

            I wonder how many new downloads of John Lee Hooker that I-pods has had today after this blog entry?

  14. I wonder if that’s where he goes when he’s back in London? There were so many days that nobody saw him. I hope he wasn’t just sitting around the house all that time. I’m sad that he wants to get out of the US as quickly as possible because the fans won’t leave him alone. On the other hand, he does need to recharge back in the one place that is home, the one place that has his heart.

    • Poor Rob 😦

      I’m afraid he’ll be like MJ and never go anywhere b/c he’ll be mobbed by fans. Hopefully it never gets to that level.

      • How often do you see photos of the male cast members of Friends these days? Or of Leo? These things come and go.

        His friends actually get a better deal from his fame than he does at the moment – they get the second hand fame, the smaller fan base, and can still remain relatively anonymous. Losing your anonymity must be brutal. Wouldn’t wish fame on anyone.

        • You’re right.

          • I’m always right 😉
            Sometimes I just recognise it before everyone else!! LOL.
            That makes me a genius! ROFL.

          • I might have believed that before your absurd statement about WetRob…lol

          • Wet Rob looks like a schoolboy caught in a rain shower.
            He doesn’t look comfortable.

            The GQ photo of him rolling on the floor with his hands between his legs is quite another matter. God. Fan. Self.

          • GQ Rob is the best! Mmmm….

          • Seriously, that photo should be illegal.

            It has so many phallic connotations going on, it is INAPPROPRIATE!

          • I actually liked some of the outtakes better than the ones that got put in the mag. They were all nice though.

        • But how long will it take to die down with 2 more TW movies after NM?

          • If the timeline is correct, BD will be filmed either in the lead up to the Winter Olympics or during the Winter Olympics.

            That should dilute the paparazzi attention somewhat for the Twilight Cast, you would think. But the Twi-Crazies have their own stalkerish-ingenuity. So who knows?

            BD will probably end up being 2 movies anyway – highly unlikely that all that nonsense will fit in to one script.

            It’ a script that Melissa whatsherface cannot fuck up, because the story is already fucked up.

            RM has all the makings of being a hit, based on the script. He’ll build a new audience from that. Especially if it really is the ‘Love Story of our Generation’. Blah. Grimace.

  15. @ MacyBlair, YES! You are 100% correct.
    I actually took a screen shot of his playlist comments back in January (I’m a nerd) LOL. He says:

    “Another new band I like. This is beautiful song. I like how it’s produced. This whole album is great.”

    ‘Length’ is actually one of the three songs I bought from his suggested list. LOVE IT.

    @ Moon. YOU are brilliant. I love, love, love how you’ve broken everything down. Thank you for sharing that Johnny Flynn bit, I am in love with his music. ‘A Larum’ is one of my top favorite albums of all time. And I couldn’t agree more… there’s got to be something going on across the pond, because we keep getting amazing voices like Rob, Johnny, Marcus Foster and Bobby Long. Honestly!!!

    Another gem was ‘Essay of Orchestra Op. 12’ by Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Yoel Levi.

    Again, this post was pretty amazing. Music and Rob being two of my favorite subjects… well, you’ve just put a HUGE smile on my face missy 🙂

  16. This is really cool. Thanks soo much, I have new music to buy!

  17. “Man Dies After Falling in to Hot Chocolate”

    There’s a headline.
    What a way to go.
    I’d die happy.

  18. I find myself smiling or grinning throughout this story, Holding Out For You. They are so cute together—and the situations they find themselves in with 2 7-year-old boys and a 9-year-old girl! With the kids involved it’s another whole take on E&B.

    • An adult take on their relationship?

      • Yes. He’s a doctor and she just got a job as a Marine Biologist at the Monterey Aquarium where she works on the White Shark Project. With both having kids they are responsible parents with a budding romance.

        • Dr Edward.
          Oh. Shivers.

      • HL5 is another good adult story. It might make you cry though, just warning ya!

        • I’m two chapters in. Loving it already.

    • Do you have a link for that??

      (like I really need to add anymore to my “to read” list” LOL)

  19. Just popping in to deliver a present:

    Ch 50 teaser for WA:

    Sighing, I returned my attention to my food and tried to muster up my appetite.

    “You’re not hungry,” Edward observed in a soft voice. When I raised my gaze to him he was staring at me worriedly, one corner of his lips pulled down into a frown. “You didn’t eat a lot last night,” he accused, dropping his fork.

    Curving a brow, I asked, “Just how much did I eat?”

    Without pause he answered, “Half of an enchilada and two bites of rice,” and takes a long pull from his straw.

    I simply stared blankly at him, my fork impaled through my two pieces of toast. “Well, I wasn’t aware someone had been keeping track of my caloric intake,” I replied dryly.

    He rolled his eyes, quirking one side of his cheek upward. “You said you’d take care of yourself. Excuse the fuck out of me for caring.” He diverted his gaze to his plate once again, his eyes now irritated.

    “This won’t work,” I murmured, dropping my fork and pressing my back against the booth with a huff.

    Sparing me a brief glance, he whispered nervously, “What won’t work?”

    “This!” I snap, making him flinch as I wave my hand back and for the between us. Instead off looking me in the eye, he grimaced and turned to the window at his side, looking out of it unseeingly. “Are you going to tell me what happened this morning, or just spend an indefinite amount of time in a crappy mood?” I ask.

    He rolled his eyes again, but didn’t meet my gaze. “I’m not in a crappy mood,” he grumbled, propping his elbow on the table and running his fingers through his hair. I simply waited, watching as the edges of his eyes crinkled as they squinted against the sun. Finally, his eyes swept over the table and fixed on my own. I raised my eyebrows skeptically. The twitching of his lips into a sad smile made the majority of my tension melt. “Okay,” he sighed in defeat, retrieving his fork. “I’m in a shitty mood. Sorry,” he admitted, gazing at me apologetically.

    I returned his smile automatically, though a bit tightly. “It’s okay,” I assured softly, tucking my hair behind my ear.

    But he protested as his smile fell, “No, it’s not,” and pushed his plate of food to my side of the table with a drawn clank. Before I could question him, he rose from the booth and walked to my side, sliding in next to me. My smile grew as he snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me close, pressing a soft kiss to my temple. “I’m a dick,” he mumbled against my hair.

    Settling into his side, I gazed up at him and considered arguing. Of course, with Edward that was pointless, so instead, I asked, “What did you talk about?” I knew it wasn’t any of my business and Carmen’s office was a verbal sanctuary of sorts, but my curiosity was gnawing at me mercilessly. I knew what Edward had planned to discuss with her. I’d have to be stupid not to.

    • Lizzie, you ARE AMAZING! I was waiting for my Twilighted forum registration to get approved!!


      • actually thank my sis, it was courtesy of her, i could take the credit but am feeling generous! After Twilight I put her onto WA and I think she actually likes it more and checks for updates daily.

        • Yay! Another convert! lol

          Tell her I am VERY grateful!!

    • Lizzie you are a goddess… I’ve been wanting to read this all day…
      Yay. Yay. Yay.
      I heart you today, and I don’t heart.

      • It’s about time other peope starting recognising what a goddess I am. LOL.

        Just to keep you in the loop had meeting with vasectomy man today and no new embarrassing revelations. oh well, there is always tomorrow.

        Ok back to work now, i should be Ok for tomorrow afternoon fingers crossed.


        • Thank your lucky stars for that.

          One day he’ll tell you about his stitches and you’ll be grateful for days like today.

          Thanks for looping, Musty Toast Goddess.

    • A belated Thank You, Lizzie girl! I couldn’t get in there today. Thanks to your sis too. Hopefully by tomorrow you can visit. Miss your craziness!

  20. Why on EARTH do people do this???

    • Because they are seriously fucked up.
      Why would you want a giant Rob tattooed on you?!
      And if you were going to be that weird, surely the laying down GQ photo would be the one to go with, not the Edward one.
      I’d get the BB tattoo.
      Who am I kidding?
      I’m trying to get rid of my current tatt, and I’m talking about getting another?!? Wrong. So many levels of wrong.

      • LOL!! Right when I’m starting to think, “that’s a nice quote, it’s not sooo bad” I see the giant Robward and I’m snapped back into reality! This is NOT right! What was I even thinking???

        Are you sure you wouldn’t like BB tattooed next to your heart?? lol

        • No, it is not right.
          Tattoos are for life and all that.
          How will you feel in your thirties…err, late sixties?

          You know when you have hot oil flick on you when you cook?
          That is what it feels like to have one removed by laser.

          Should have got the fucking pain injection and not chosen to be tough-Nat.

    • I have no idea. Life is long.

      • Very true. I guess we all make decisions like this that are…less permanent…lol

        • Get a piercing, Nuggety.
          But anything to do with ink…avoid, avoid, avoid.

          • I have several piercings. Nothing extreme though. All of mine are in places I wouldn’t be ashamed to show my parents. lol

    • I’m enjoying that story Clipped Wings and Inked Armor because I can live the tattooed life in fantasy! That will be enough for me. I understand the desire to mark life-altering moments on your body permanently once I’ve read into the story this far. But Twilight???

  21. This HL5 is breaking my freaking heart!
    So sad. So very sad.

    • I’m telling you!! It’s hardcore! But you’ll love it.

      • It is so breaking my heart.

        I’m blubbering over the computer about Thanksgiving and feeling a bit like a loser.

      • I don’t think any other story has as many sad moments as HL5. There are several in WA and some in TRL and at least one in S & S—oh, and in the Sub, but the sadness continues in a lot of HL5. It had better end where I want it to end!

        • AMEN! I’m gonna be angry if it doesn’t!

          • Oh, they had so better end up together.
            Crying. Again.

          • I can relate, Nat. I sat here and bawled at some parts and then woke up the next day still feeling sad. She can really write!

          • I have no clue how I held it together. It got really close a couple of times. lol

          • Nuggety, is is 4.00am and time for you to go to bed now.
            You have a big day ahead of you.

            Ee, I’m going to go now and finish this in solitude.

            Have a great day, girls.

          • Bye Nat.

          • It’s only 3 here. LOL Thanks though!

            Good night!

  22. I read you all the time but never post….and I have no good answer to why I don’t.

    His list = sexy time tunes
    The Black Keys – The Lengths and TB Sheets (underpants gone!)

    He had my *music heart* at Whiter Shade Of Pale and Van Morrison. (swoon)

    I always picture kidRP walking down the street , grooving to Cold Sweat, like the kid in About A Boy did with Shake Ya Ass. 🙂 hahahaa not usre why but….Anyways love this site, you girls are great!!

  23. “So, tell me Bella; now that you’ve seen Edward in action, what do you think of his penis skills?”

    Why do I have a feeling Esme really said “pianist skills”??? I’m sure I’m about to find out. LOL

    • Bwahahahahaha….I was right! lol

    • This is one of the funniest scenes in all of the stories! Poor Bella! LOL And Edward just sat there looking at her like she was a bit slow….

      • Plus she wrote a one-shot that was hilarious. Check that out on her profile page.

      • How funny! It’s all his fault!

        Does it go w/ this story or is it completely new?

        Awww….Carlisle was a stalker too! lol

        • Yes, it’s about the same scene that she did for some contest. Yeah, isn’t that a sweet story about Carlisle and Esme? lol

          • They are the sweetest! I was kinda worried when the author warned about Esme’s questioning. I was like, “oh no, this Esme’s gonna be a bitch” but she wasn’t! yay!! And the layout of that house is crazy huge!!

          • I KNOW–isn’t that a great house? All that and Edward too!

          • Maybe you ought to hang out at the library in SA???

          • FF ruins RL for me…lol

            I totally should!! That’s the greatest idea EVER! lol

          • Yeah, it’s like the Cinderella story—girls always looking for their prince.

            Who knows? lol

  24. OMG! This Edward IS insatiable!! lol Sheesh!

    I’m all up for finding a guy at the library! Beats the losers hanging out in bars or frozen food sections of the grocery store! lol

    • He IS, isn’t he? And so gorgeous and sweet.

      Frozen foods? lol

      • *SWOON*

        Yes. I’ve heard of guys hanging out there to see ladies w/ their “headlights on.” I don’t know anyone who’s actually done it, but I’m sure those guys exist. LOL

        Alright, EyeC I have found a good stopping place. I look forward to your thoughts on HL5. Have Sweet WetRob dreams!! Night!

        • Night FN. Don’t say it! See you manana.

  25. Great music selection. I love it. Great stories with the songs. Lots of great memories..Summer of 1969. Thanks for reading.

  26. It’s taken me months to find this list. Thank you so much! and what insight – It’s great to find new music. and Brings back fond memories of my own vinyl collection! Obviously whoever was driving in that car pool was very cool!

  27. I agree! I’m a HUGE playlist maker. I’ve made my own Twilight and New Moon mixes.

    I also agree with the fact that knowing someone’s music taste gives you a little window into their soul. And I also agree that when I saw what was on his playlist, I was more smitten with him. LOVED it. All of it. I couldn’t believe how good his picks were. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but WOW. And yes, the others were so so so predictable. Boring. But….oh ROBARE!!!

  28. Pretentious much Rob!!!


    Only joking, of course. Just well read, well informed etc. (but a bit of Abba would have made you seem so real)

    No car pool for Rob, he lives about 5 mins walk from Harrodian 🙂

  29. Fantabulous post!

  30. First of all, relax. There’s nothing inapropriate in the text I’m about to submit. It’s in spanish! A song by “La Quinta Estacion” featuring Natalia Jimenez. For some reason, it reminds me of Robert Pattinson! As a matter of fact, I’m willing to hook them up. Don’t ask me why, it’s a hunch! Here it goes: “Que hoy te veo y aunque lo intente no se me olvida… que eras tu el que no creia en las despedidas. Que sigo siendo la misma LOCA que entre tus sabanas se perdia…Y a fin de cuentas no soy distinta de aquella IDIOTA, QUE TE QUERIA!!!” Take your time to translate if you wish! And if you care, music is a universal language. Feel free to check out the video and you’ll understand what I mean! LOOOOVE IT!!!

  31. Moon: Loved your post. Music is what brought me to Rob. I got the book “Twilight” from my 17 year old niece & was hooked. Went to Barnes & Noble for the sequels, saw the DVD, thought why not. The rest is history. “Who is that interesting looking guy?”I remember thinking. Listened to the audio commentary – wow! His voice. Led me to itunes and I saw Rob’s celeb play list. My first love at 19 was a serious blues lover with a very eclectic taste in music. I fell into this website and now I know I’m never getting out! Rob is a true romantic.

    • I’m so glad you found us… Patricia Arquette…..

  32. Rob'[s Playlist -> Johnny Flynn -> Laura Marling
    When music leads you to new music = happy me!
    Thank you!

  33. A small comment to your Cold Sweat comment. Haven’t read all the comments here so perhaps someone else already written this.

    This is actually a little culture difference. I reckon you are’s kind of different over there..alot of parents drive their kids to school because you’re cities are practically build around cars and’s different in london and Rob lived pretty central..I’m absolutely sure he walked to school as a boy and CHOSE to listen to James Brown on the way..and that makes it all the cuter 😀

  34. […] gold, that is! The idea of covering you in the first place is laughable. You have the weirdest pronunciation that you are so fond of that makes even understanding the lyrics next to impossible. Then couple that with your unorthodox […]

  35. Moon – this is an awesome post. Rob’s playlist was one of the first things I looked for when I decided I was smitten with him and then it was love love his picks. So random but so synced..I love your analysis. You are a music wizard. I so hope Rob has a mix-off with you – if he knows whats good for him he would.

  36. As my grandma used to say “O tempora, o mores!” – cannot use sarcasm over this.

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