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Robert Pattinson’s playlist = the way to my heart

Because I can, I'm posting the BEARD picture

Because I can, I'm posting the BEARD picture

Dear Rob-

Since I don’t think I can find anything new to talk about regarding the Remember Me set and I’m pretty sure you’re over it yourself, let’s talk my favorite thing… and I’m pretty sure it just might be your favorite thing too! What am I talking about Robbie dear? Why MUSIC of course. The reason for being, the reason I get up in the morning (besides you of course), the thing I obsess over the most (besides you of course), what makes the world go ’round. Can you tell I enjoy music from time to time?

So anyhoo I’ve been wanting to talk about your iTunes celeb playlist for some time now and today’s the day, I’ve decided.

If you know anything about me you know I love a good mix. It’s how I show my love and it’s how I spread the word about music I think other people should hear. Making a mix is a BIG deal to me… much time, thought and consideration goes into making a mix. What’s the tone or the theme you’re going for, how will you start it, how will you end it and what are you trying to say by the time the mix is over? Not all people are this much of a freak about a mix but I am and I feel you might be too just from what you decided to include on here. I gotta say I’m slightly impressed, especially in comparison to your costars choices, besides Jackson’s, the others were downright embarrassing. So let’s mull this one over a bit, shall we?

01.  C-Jam Blues by Oscar Peterson“What I learned how to play blues riffs from. Peterson was the best”

Moon: I gotta say I didn’t know where you were going with this one… you’re really starting off a mix with this? But I guess it worked cause it made me wonder where the heck you were going after this and I had to find out. It also made me wonder where did you hear this kind of music? Does Dick listen to jazz in the garage?

02. Solid Sender by John Lee Hooker“If I could have a song as a wife…”

Moon: *le sigh* If I could have you as a husband… whew… ok, ok… back to reality. Let’s back up a second… when I first read this playlist it was pretty early on in my fandom and I didn’t know much about anyone so I went online to OD on any news I could locate, so I found out the cast did iTunes celeb playlists and of course I headed straight there because I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they listen to. So I read the others playlists and wasn’t surprised for the most part, then I got to yours and this song and it was at this point in the mix than I knew you were something special. Cause this song is SO hot and randoms don’t just put John Lee Hooker in their playlist OR say something about making a song their wife. Let’s just say I was a smitten kitten.

Think you can handle more? Take the cut to see what else Rob has to offer us in his playlist

03. Soft by Kings of Leon“I’ve always thought that I really relate to the lyrics of this even though I don’t really know what they are. I love the singer’s enunciation in all their songs. They are pretty much the only modern band I can say I am a fan of.”

Moon: Really, Rob? Really? You’re either the most self-deprecating person EVER or you’re a comedian because you’re saying you can relate to lyrics about a flaccid penis.

This is a funny follow up to quite arguably one of the hottest songs ever. Go from a raging sex-fest of a song to a diddy about not being able to get hard. NICE! Also this makes me think of when UC and I  became real friends cause Aha Shake Heartbreak had come out and we loved it. OH Rob, it’s like you know everything about us…

04. Cold Sweat by James Brown “This song hits me just as hard every time I’ve heard it since I was a little kid and listened to James Brown on the way to school.”

Moon: What the hell kinda car pool were you in? Were all the mom’s crazy sexed-up milf kittens driving little kids around in their station wagons in cut offs and tank tops? If this was Clare driving than I want her to drive me everywhere cause Cold Sweat is the jam!

At this point in your mix I think you might be some kind of repressed sexual deviant because all these songs are like hot sex and this is why you’ll be in charge of making the sexy time mixes in our house. Thanks.

05. Dean by Terry Reid“I love Terry Reid. I love the schizophrenic decisions he makes towards the end of the song when he’s choosing what notes to sing. Terry Reid was just one of those guys like James Brown who when they got into a groove, it just seemed like they’d want to keep singing the same line, let alone the same song, all night.”

Moon: Now here’s where you get to school me in your mix cause I’ve never heard of Terry Reid and that doesn’t usually happen often but that just means I get to go off and Wiki and research someone new. I love your quote about being in the groove because we used to talk about this in my music classes and at music school (holla UC!) and it was called being downlow and in the groove. It’s about being so present in the song so much ‘in the pocket’ that everything’s just hitting perfectly and there’s no desire to leave from that groove for a while. This is a nice middle track choice.

06. One Mo’gin by D’Angelo“I love D’Angelo. I used to always try and sing like him when I was younger and embarrassingly fail. I like his pronunciation when he sings. I think when you try and write lyrics and you think there is no way the listener will figure out what you’re saying or what you mean, you write much more honestly. I think.”

Moon: Seriously? Seriously? D’ANGELO?!You’re just teasing me now. Of all the things I thought you would put on a mix this is the last thing I would have picked. I don’t know why but it just adds another wrinkle to the enigma that is Rob. That’s why this is the perfect pick for the smack dab middle of your mix. Voodoo is an amazing album and this song is SO HOT. Read these lyrics people.

But can we back up and talk about what you say about pronunciation? You quite obviously have a thing for pronunciation as you’ve cited it twice in this mix and also talked to Haley Williams about how she pronounced “here” when you guys interviewed each other. It interests me that you think you have to be unintelligible when you sing or write lyrics to be more honest. Isn’t that the point of being a singer/songwriter? To strip it all away and be completely open and honest in your performance and then let people interpret what you’ve written for themselves? Thoughts? Can we discuss this one more?

Damn now I wanna listen to some “How Does it Feel?”

Listen to Blue Monday People here
07. Blue Monday People by Curtis Mayfield“Got inspired by putting D’Angelo on. This whole album is amazing. The production on it is incredible. A really interesting album which not a lot of people listen to. Don’t know why”

Moon: You weren’t joking Rob, there’s like NO embeddable version of this song anywhere on the net. Sorry folks. Buy this one though cause Curtis Mayfield knows how to bring the funk. Trust!

08. Brown Trout Blues by Johnny Flynn“I grew up with some amazing musicians in London who are still my friends. Marcus Foster, Bobby Long and Sam Bradley are recording their albums now, but Johnny Flynn completed his one a while ago. I just saw him play in LA and he was incredible. But he’s always been incredible so I can’t say I was surprised. Get this album its great and no one else does music like him at all.”

Moon: I’m starting to wonder what’s in the water in Barnes/London cause all these boys have such a similar sound, influences and style. What radio was playing? What record store did they frequent? Cause their influences are decidedly old skool blues, soul, jazz, American south, singer/songwriter. I’m continually surprised by the talent that’s come out of this one place.

(moon bonus vid: check out johnny (holy crap he’s cute!) and laura marling duet)

09. Ambulance Blues by Neil Young“One of the most moving songs ever written or recorded. I used to listen to the line ‘I guess I’ll call it sickness gone’ on repeat for hours when I wanted to try and write something.”

Moon: I never really “got” the whole Neil Young thing. Then I saw him with Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young) a year or so ago and GOT it. He’s a really great lyricist and his voice is quite oddball but I think there’s just something even more special sometimes about people who choose to make their living from their voice even when it’s not what the general public would call “pretty” or “good.”

(not the King Curtis version, this is the original)
10. A Whiter Shade of Pale by King Curtis “Just a beautiful song. Reminds me of Withnail and I.”

Moon: Such a stupid, beautiful song with such an iconic melody line. This is the kind of stuff you slow dance to with your sweetie in the garden in the summer after dinner.

(Add to your Netflix queue Withnail and I)

(the scene he talks about in Prenom Carmen)
11. Ruby’s Arms by Tom Waits“My favorite Tom Waits song. I cry almost every time I hear it. Plays over an amazing scene in one of my favorite movies too – Prenom Carmen.”

Moon: Another unique voice-d guy. I love Tom Waits and this is classic sad Tom music. Such a great pick to follow up Whiter Shade of Pale.

12. (First) Essay for Orchestra, Op. 12 by Atlanta Symphony OrchestraThis song just hurts, it’s so beautiful.”

Moon: Didn’t see this one coming. Going for the classical song, one track from the end… interesting move… don’t know if it would have been my choice but I think it works when you go from the sad Waits tune to the I can’t live without you song of TB Sheets

Go listen to TB Sheets here
13. T.B. Sheets by Van Morrison“Only Van Morrison can do a performance like this. No one else has come close.”

Moon: This song still freaks me out. I think I first heard it back in music school and it was so haunting and spooky that it would keep me up at night. This is the song you hear when some weirdo is following you out of a bar, through an alley to your home. Running. So crazy. I wanna give Van a kiss on the cheek for it.

Earlier I was talking about theme and tone and the innerworkings of a mix. I think the theme you were going for with this is what I’ll call the “undercover sex jam mix.” Because on the outside it’s not overtly bedroom music but after some deeper inspection and the order you put the songs it’s kinda screaming at me that this is what it’s supposed to be. The arc of the mix follows perfectly with that… begins with some up tempo sexy music, this is gets all out freaky hot, then it goes back down a notch to some love making jams and then way down into the let’s just lay here together music, then moves to the I don’t want to leave you but I have to songs, and then the wow my life is a depressive hell-hole without you songs. The whole mix is quite cinematic when you think about it in those terms and isn’t that what good music does? It makes you see and feels things much like the storyline of a good movie? At least that’s what I think both good music and good mixes do.

If it’s possible I think I love you even more now than I did from just your movies and interviews and even your own music. This playlist makes me like you more than any photoshoot or movie ever could. Because listening to other people’s favorite music is like seeing just a little glimpse into their soul. You get to see what they enjoy, what the react to, what gets them off. Give me a music nerd any day and I’ll swoon way more than looking at some smoking hot dude.

So this begs the question Rob, can we start a mix-off? This is like my ultimate dream and something I do with every guy I like… so how’s about it?

So what did you think of Rob’s mix? Any surprises? Any new favorites you discovered from his playlist? What would you have included that he didn’t or left out?

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  1. hahahahahaahaaa HE DIDNT actually say he can relate to the lyrics of Soft without actually knowing the lyrics!!
    And if he listens to the song how can he not understand atleast some of the lyrics to get the point of the song?
    Oh gosh….

  2. Okay…wow…that was great Moon! This post is a good example of why I’ve come to love this site so much…
    I actually LEARNED that:
    1. There are such things as Celeb Playlists! (Very new to iTunes, can you tell?)
    2. Rob’s playlist is “Not available on the Australian iTunes store” – WHAT??!
    3. I will be spending a loooooong time listening to all these clips….lol
    Enjoyed this post immensely, thanks! 🙂

    • I’m with you Aussie Mum…MOON I’M NOT WORTHY, I’M NOT WORTHY!!! Rob and you should totally do a ‘mix off’ I have a feeling that you guys would give a great challenge to each other. I have always had love for music and love to expand my taste as much as possible and seeing that you and Rob are practically mix king/queen you are now officially one of my Mixes Heroe/Heroine!! I LOVE some of the songs/artists on here like KOL and D’Angelo of course James Brown…and some of these songs are new to me so I definitely will be doing some research…and as Aussie Mum said…this post is a great example of why I LOVE this site soooooooo much! 😀 Thanks again for the magnificent post!!!

    • YEAAA you guys! im so glad you liked it and want to delve deeper… i was wondering if it would be TOO much music…

      good to hear

      and austrailian itunes needs to get on it! LAME

      • LAME is right! There seem to be a few things us Aussies miss out on….if it wasn’t for the internet (eek!) we would be totally in the dark, HAHA! No, just kidding 🙂
        Anyway, LTR has all the info I ever need….keep it coming!!

    • Aussie Mum – did you try looking under the celebrity playlist of “Cast of Twilight” on itunes? As I couldn’t find it at first either by looking just under the R’s or P’s for Rob Pattinson…. He’s one of a few of the cast who give their picks…. so try looking under the C’s in alphabetical order for the Cast of Twilight….hopefully you’ll find it there….

  3. I think about 50% of Rob’s charm is that he is so into music and a really cultured one…!!!!
    I have a thing for musicians… and a hot serious musicians is just yummy! xD

    • Ditto!

  4. I love love love that you broke down the playlist! Excellent idea! “If I could have a song as a wife…” that is such a romantic, passionate statement and I love him even more! Sigh…

    • What you said, Jena.

      “If I could have a 23 year old as a husband…”

      • Ha ha! I’ll pretend to be a song for you Rob, if you’d like!

    • seriously i DIED when i read that the first time. i so love it when people get THAT serious about music. HOT

      ps i say hot like 58 times in this post. oops time for a thesaurus

  5. Wow, I’m impressed at your music know-how Moon! My tastes tend towards the mainstream so a lot of Rob’s choices were new to me, and thanks for grouping them all here. I think Rob will be impressed with you too – and I’m sure he’d love to read your thoughts on his choices – he may just take you up on your offer to have a mix-off. 🙂 I do hope he gets to read this someday – it will help reinforce the message that his fandom extends beyond 12 year old girls!

    • yea most of his picks are out there in left field but i love it. what a horizon broadener!

  6. I don’t believe Rob anymore .. He’s always joking around .. I can’t believe this Playlist ..seriously ?!
    “Soft” ..of course I had no I dea what it’s about and I thought you were joking but then I read YouTube comments .. and one said it’s about “erectile dysfunction” ? Excuse ME! ..I’m Sorry I’m just shocked right now

    • yea read the lyrics on that one! hahaha

  7. “The arc of the mix follows perfectly with that… begins with some up tempo sexy music, this is gets all out freaky hot, then it goes back down a notch to some love making jams and then way down into the let’s just lay here together music, then moves to the I don’t want to leave you but I have to songs, and then the wow my life is a depressive hell-hole without you songs.”

    I love this….I love it when people see the passion behind music and it’s meaning and not just seeing it as something to listen to.

    This is an excellent post, Moon!

    • im glad you appreciate my nerding out

  8. BEST. POST. EVER. I am also a huge music freak. I obsess over playlists all the time. There is hardly a moment in our home where there isn’t some kind of music playing. I have a mix for cooking (separate lists for italian, mexican, mediteranean…whatever I’m cooking), cleaning, playing with the kids, working out…a mix for everything. Anyway, my obsession for all things music is what got me so into Rob. My bff was begging me to read Twilight last summer and I was looking for stuff about the movie and I came upon the youtube Rob songs at the whiskey. I found out everything I could about him after that (God, I sound like a stalker). I love his taste in music and I have to say, I am a much bigger Rob fan than I am a Twilight fan. GASP! I said it. I bought the soundtrack when I found out he was on it and then I got Twicurious and I read the books a couple of days after the soundtrack came out. It was all over after that. His voice and musical abilities are the sexiest thing about him. (doesn’t hurt that he looks like hot sex all the time, either)

    • exactly at this point his looks are just a nice addition!

      id love to hear your cooking genres mixes! love that! and SOOO glad you loved the post sometimes i worry about these less “funny” posts but they usually end up provoking a lot of conversation and thought.

      • for Cuban/Mexican cuisine: I have an awesome mix of Cuban music that you’ve probably never heard of mixed in with some Carlos Santana. We listen to it right on through the meal. For Italian, it’s a little more cheesy (no pun intended) I play ‘Mambo Italiano’ by Rosemary Clooney and ‘That’s Amore’ by Dean Martin and I have a couple of Tarantella mixes and La Traviata (yes, from Twilight) is always a favorite (I did it before the Cullens). Most people think this is nuts, so I only fly the freak flag in this way in front of the hubs and close friends.

  9. I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t some 50 Cent Disco Inferno on there.

    Not really.

    Being from Nashville, like you I adore music especially the kind you feel so deep in your soul that you can’t help but move.

    Being on this site has given me some great new music to learn and appreciate. I am a classic person, classic blues, standards, along that line. But what gets me is a great guitar and a sultry voice that just ‘gets it’…

    Great post! And I would love to see your mix!

    • 50 cent disco inferno is on his ‘club bangers’ mix!


      yes we should do a mix off on here! good idea!

  10. I also like Ashley Green’s playlist. Because of her I now love Sia.

  11. I think it’s funny that he mentions pronunciation twice, because I can’t understand anything he sings. Not that I need to . . . I’m besotted by his voice alone.

    I absolutely believe he knows what “Soft” is about and that his comment on it was tongue-in-cheek.

    *pauses for a moment to think about Rob’s tongue*

    I was surprised by how many of the songs he chose were raw and sexual, and how many were very tender love songs. I don’t think there’s anything undercover about this sex mix. A couple of these songs have been added to my own “Get It On” Collection.

    Thanks for putting this stuff together Moon. I’m entirely too lazy to look it all up for my ownself.

    • haha… i loved your pause

    • i think thats why his voice is so oddball (weird pronunciation, odd timing etc) cause he’s SOOO influenced by this type of music!

      ps he SOOOO knows what soft is about!

  12. This is a great post–love your insights, Moon! I was also unaware of such a thing as celeb playlists, but now I have music for all day and an excuse to get rid of all the itunes gift cards I have been accumulating.

  13. Moon – I feel like I just attended a seminar on music. It was awesome! I miss college.

    So, I had already heard the playlist *1 or 2* times. Someone linked to it here or on RAOR in the comments a few weeks ago – why, I don’t recall. Anyway, I immediately found it and bought the songs because, well, because I am totally and completely obsessed. And to be honest, I didn’t love the mix. I am not a huge blues fan. Which is a bit odd, because I’m nuts about jazz, but not the straight up blues. And I’m not crazy about guys with wacky voices, which is clearly a favorite of Rob’s.

    But, your commentary really helped me enjoy these songs more. Well, appreciate them anyway. And I loved your analysis of the arc of the mix – I don’t know if you are right, but associating Rob’s music with a sex fest works for me. Thanks for the great post!

  14. Moon, decided that you need to educate me on music. Clearly I am way too main stream!

    …Sorry was zoning out thinking about D’angelo’s V.

    • Oh YES! The V in ‘How Does it Feel.’ I have to go and watch that video now. Oh yum.

  15. I love, love, love me some Johnny Flynn! I love that album! I wish he would come to the US so I could see him live….

    And Blue Monday People is one of my favorite albums. Curtis is so awesome!

    I laughed for so long when I read Rob’s KOL Soft comments…. he’s such a doofus. Do you think he really didn’t know what that song was about? hahahaha!

    Ahhh, girls, love this blog! Really good post today!

  16. As people have said before me, wow, you have put a lot of work into this and as usual, you have put me in a great mood to face the day with two small children. One of your best postings ever!

    I’m just going to work on my pronunciation a little bit more…….

  17. Interesting point about Rob liking pronunciation when he is horrible at it. “Let Me Sign” came on shuffle on my drive in to work today, and I was trying my hardest to figure out what he was saying, but all I got was “Andinawoooaaskldfjlka bitter shame…”

    • LOL .. That’s what I got too !

    • brilliant!

    • I thought it was just me, LMAO….

      • …Still LOVE the song, though 🙂

    • I said walk on over to the bitter shade. I understand you rob er… Sometimes

      • i will wrap you in my arrrrrms

        • Hee hee! We always sing along with Rob when Never Think comes on – Rob, baby, we are laughing at you, not with you. in my family, we think he alternately sounds like he is speaking in whale tones or like a cat that just stuck its paw in an electric socket. Except when he sounds like someone sight reading Dutch for the first time.

  18. Clearly, he is my people. (Well, except for James Brown, whom I like, but not enough to put on a playlist, and Neil Young. Cause he needs to remember” a southern wo(man) don’t need him around, anyhow…”

    Lynyrd Skynyrd, REPRESENT.

    OK, back to your post.
    Which was brilliant. BRILLIANT!
    Because you are my people, too.

    And…well…we now know some of his people are my people, too. (Minus the Pabst Blue Ribbon.) Ahem.

    • he was just trying to be hipster…

      • He was SO trying to be hipster. Oh, how I wish you’d been there with me. I needed your astounding wit. And to use the word “hipster.” How ’bout “hipster redneck?” That works.

        And do we love that Rob is so not hipster? Because he’s not. He just…is…Amen.

    • he is GOOD people!

  19. I love his taste of music!!! makes him so interesnting… and sofisticated… He´s should do some music, the kind of music he likes… moody, happy, funny, serious…
    Oh well… lets hit play in “Never think”…

  20. his music is def an interesting variety.! i couldnt say anything agianst it.. im also the one that has anything MJ BLASTING from my car [HHEEE HEE], and then putting on KOL after… right to metric, the arkells and other indie bands. i like a more edgier variety.

    i like how he’s not afraid to go the oldskool way either. he’s also the one that got me hooked on KOL!

    • i’ve been listening to metric for 2 weeks straight…. i wanna be a real lesbian w/ emily haines

    • if you like that sort of style, you should check out The Arkells. they’re from hamilton ontario, and they’re touring right now.. they’re gettin pretty big here in southern ontario..
      also, alexisonfire and city in colour.! all are canadian bands that deserve some recognition!!

    • MJ! hollllaaa

      i will check out the arkells!

  21. MOON!!!!! I knew you would come through for us! Clearly this is your bag! Now we are primed for you to school us with YOUR ‘mix off’ offering. Oh, and I need a new running mix…have anything for me? Twit me up sister!

    Rob, Rob, Rob…your wry sense of humor may be lost on the conventional, but not on a LTR girl. Do you know what turns ME on…your non literal and artful cheekiness…you mind owns me. Well, that and everything else you’re walking around with.

    And did he actually say..”If I could have a song as a wife”???…dear God, I may have just jizzed.

    My opinion..a perfect song should should be so honest and authentic it hurts. That’s messed up, and I love him for it! Gah!

    • “And did he actually say.. ‘If I could have a song as a wife’???…dear God, I may have just jizzed.”

      I know, me too lol… just knowing that he muttered the word “wife” even if it was about a song (a damn great song, but I digress) made my heart and my uterus skip a beat lol 😉

      And I know what you mean about a song hurting… I have always loved music, I like just a little bit of everything, and I have a LOT of songs that I just love to sit still and listen to and you FEEL the emotion just dripping out of it… and that’s why I like listening to Rob sing, too… so much raw emotion pouring out *swoon* so beautiful….

      It’s so cool to see other people’s playlists, I do agree that you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to, because despite cultural/language barriers, music is above all of that…

      • I couldn’t live in a world without music. True story.

        However, unlike Rob, I can find something that moves me from many different genres (Samuel Barber aside.) I don’t get music snobs, it’s deliberate ignorance. In all fairness, he probs has far more varied taste than this list leads us to believe. After all, sometimes a mix needs just needs a little eighties, right?

        BTW, I attended my first symphony performance in college with a group of friends. And it was ALL Samuel Barber works…let me just say hearing ‘Adagio for Strings’ in a darkened theater with a real orchestra is second only to religious experience, or possibly sexing up the Rob. It was gooooooooood.

        BTW, somebody tell Rob I have picked, ‘our theme song’…’One Way or Another’ by Blondie. Be afraid boy, be very afraid! Cause music snob or not…I’m gonna getcha. 🙂


    • When do we get the Moon itunes playlist?

      • omg i wouldnt know what to choose!! should i do my undercover sex mix like rob?

        hmmm maybe ill start this topic in the forum!

        • Ohyeah!

        • Undercover sex mix! Ohhhhhhh, bring it baby!

  22. I didn’t think I could be more in love with this boy than I already am. He’s an old, old soul, this one. With some damn good taste. Just yesterday, I was reading the “wanna do Rob” poem and thought, “he’s only 22 (23?), he couldn’t really be good in bed.” After seeing his playlist, I think I may be wrong. You can’t listen to this music and be bad in bed.

    • word

    • You make a really good point here…

    • “You can’t listen to this music and be bad in bed”

      sing it sister. i like where your heads at on this one

  23. “03. Soft by Kings of Leon – ….. They are pretty much the only modern band I can say I am a fan of.””
    And they are not modern at all!!! They are so 70’s revival, especially older albums.

    No, I don’t get Rob and his music.

    Van Morrisonn??????

    Growing up in London where there was so much great music being made in his teens and he doesn’t like it.
    the Libertines, Pete Doherty,…..
    ARCTIC MONKEYS, the best band in the world at the moment!!!!
    Rob should have been best friend with those guys!

    No, I don’ t get it.

    • Van Morrison is hot.
      Completely hot.
      No knocking of the Van.

  24. Moon: I’m gonna guess that you were up till 1:45 working on this post. If I’m right I get to Do Rob tomorrow

    Moon is the queen of mixes. Clearly she proved her music knowledge here. I still rock the “HOJ for (insert UC’s real name)” mix that she made me in ’05. It’s awesome. And she’s not afraid to throw in a little Lindsey Lohan when it’s needed.

    Rob needs to see this. Rob needs to love this. He would

    • PTL.

    • i was most defs up till 145… i think i finally got in bed at 2. took damn near forever. this music was NOT easy to find online.

      but anytime i can DO rob till almost 2am is a good night.

      so ill send him over to you tired as all get out and you can DO rob!

      ps PTL and HOJ for mixes

  25. Moon,
    A few months back I went through this playlist song by song and did some thinking about each of them. I loved reading your take on the individual songs and how they fit together as a whole.

    Solid Sender–definitely a sex song!

    KOL–What the heck was that choice all about? But from here I moved on to all of their music and now I love them! What a great bunch of tunes.

    The King Curtis version of A Whiter Shade of Pale will break your heart wide open, bring tears to your eyes.

    I did get Withnail and I from the library–leave no stone unturned!

    Ruby’s Arms left me a Tom Waits fan and I have been going through every CD he’s done, picking and choosing my favorites–that’s a heck of a lot of songs!

    I bought the Samuel Barber piece and it is beautiful albeit an odd choice. I wonder if he plays it?

    Thanks for putting this post together. It really does give an insight into Rob’s head. Wonder what he’s listening to these days?

    • im in LOVE w/ caleb and his voice. !!
      amazzzzing group! their music is one that i can listen to over and over again, be singing at the top of my lungs (off tune of course.. lol) and still not be bored or get tired of it being over played!

      • hunnieb–I say Rob brought us to the party but they kept us there! I’m with you on Caleb. Yum! I find myself going around the house singing Yay-o, your sex is on FIRE! And I can definitely see Rob from that V Man photo shoot when “I loosen my tie, I loosen my tie…”comes on! I listen to them almost daily as I’m fixing dinner and every single song gets under your skin.

    • you could be listening to tom waits for years!

      “I did get Withnail and I from the library–leave no stone unturned!”

      HAHAHA seriously. i added it to my queue see what its all about

      • Do it, Moon!

        It’s funny and quirky, and extremely quotable.
        Soundtrack is interesting and diverse.

      • Wait, you’ve never seen Withnail? You’re kidding.

        Bet you a bojillion bucks UC’s husband has.
        It’s so British. Watch it with a few drinks. Cause lawsy, Withnail and Marwood are drunk the entire movie.

        p.s. I own it–want me to copy it? AND The Pirate Movie. No, I haven’t forgotten.

        • The Pirate Movie?
          Oh my GOD. Christopher Aitken.
          So bad, so cheese, so daft, so GOOD.

      • Tom Waits–you’re not kidding, years! Very prolific. That man can paint pictures with words with the best of them!

  26. Wow! You did it. You broke down the entire list. Kudos to you!!

    Sorry, but the fact that Soft is on this list and the way he talks about it like it’s some powerfully moving song just slays me. And how does he not know the lyrics? Oh, you know them Robbie, you are just a big tease!

    • he’s a TEASE!! 100%! this whole list is a tease. damn him. makes me wanna slap him

  27. I also first found Rob’s mix a few months ago…by accidently searching everything about him. hehe. I was really impressed with the sexy, bluesy quality in his choices. Definitely a sexy-time soundtrack.

    I also agree that the music people listen to gives great insight into their soul. This mix just made Rob even hotter and adds to the complex-sexy-alluring thing he’s got going on.

  28. Make me a playlist. I love them too. Remind me of the Mixtape era. Loved your analysis….I am music tard, so I appreciate your insight.

    • janet- i’ll make you a mix called “drunk times fuckery”

  29. Okay, I’m not going to lie. I kinda feel like an idiot. Most of these songs I have never even heard of before. And I LOVE music. It’s one of the things in life that would be hard to live without. But, srsly, I feel like an idiot.

    Moon, thanks for “schooling” me a bit in music. It’s evident that you truly have a passion for music, and also further showed that Rob is much more than just a pretty face.

    And Jena, (if you read this) I absolutely ❤ Sia!! My husband introduced me to her music years ago. "Breathe Me" is my favorite song. Beautiful words, beautiful music.

    Wow. I kind of feel like I should say something snarky, but I just don't have it in me today (thatswhatshesaid). Ops. Never mind. : )

    But for reals Moon, exceptional post today! Loves you! 🙂

    • yeaa!! if you like sia try Zero 7 she sings with them too and theyre awesome!

  30. le sigh indeed….

    This list def makes me love Rob all the more, is that even possible? I’m no wealth of musical knowledge, but can I just say that I have been loving Van Morrison since HS? Back when I still bought every thing I could by him on vinyl!! Now I have about 40 of his CDs, and many of my friends say that Van makes them think of me….see Rob, it was meant to be!!!!

    • And I shall drive my chariot
      down you streets and cry
      ‘hey its me, I’m dynamite and I don’t know why’.


      • I want I tee shirt with this written across it, normal?

        • Well, yeah!!

          Astral Weeks is my Desert Island disc. I could survive all of eternity with only that to listen to.

          • Perfect!

  31. Wow. This is a seriously impressive post. Especially since I don’t understand music. I love it, I really do, but I don’t get it. I took a music appreciation course in college where we were told that since it was all about how music made us feel there were no wrong answers. And I usually got things wrong. Sigh.

    I also regularly have to admit to people who ask if I’ve heard this song or that song that if it was recorded after 1987 I have probably not heard it. I consider myself fairly well-rounded in musical tastes and fairly educated in music recorded between 1950 and 19NKOTB, but I am ashamed to say the only one of these songs I was familiar with is “Whiter Shade of Pale”. Looks like I have some homework to do.

    • 19NKOTB!!!!

      my favorite year!!

  32. Moon,
    This is a great letter. I am as passionate about music and the mix as you are, so much I have dedicated my life and education to the music business. Reading your analysis of Rob’s playlist was entertaining and educational. I think that you are right about the underlying theme (whether conscious or not).

    • me too! i ❤ the music business and hate it!

  33. i ❤ *le sigh* that's one of my favorite parts!

    I must not be a fan because I don't have Rob's playlist on my ipod… I have Ashley, Jackson, Kellan, Nikki and Rachelle's but no Rob… The one I listen to most Kellan. When he was active on Twitter he'd give great song recommends and I loved everything he ever suggested. Ashley's list is a close second. Jacksons is almost as weird as Rob's… but then they are the "ar-teests" of the bunch right?

    I think celeb playlists are my favorite part of itunes, that and free music discovery downloads. 🙂

    • me too!! i love the playlists!! fave part

      also i think kellan had a fun mix! i would listen to that in the car duing the summer!

  34. Gah, nothing like watching D’Angelo get a BJ before lunch! I love him.

    I love Van Morrison…and Solid Sender is such sex recorded. A lot of this music is 60’s/70’s music and I know a lot of it he listened to because of his parents. His musical taste isn’t near as weird as his taste in books. I’m very eclectic with my music so maybe it just SEEMS more normal. ;o)
    However, there are PLENTY of ‘new’ artists besides KOL that are totally worth buying. That comment made me sad.

    • he’s SOOOO getting a beej in that video! i love that dangelo is all chunky now!

  35. “What the hell kinda car pool were you in? Were all the mom’s crazy sexed-up milf kittens driving little kids around in their station wagons in cut offs and tank tops?”
    Your ability to create this backstory from Rob’s innocent little comment about hearing James Brown as a kid is what makes you BRILLIANT. Love your analysis as always.

    • seriously it’s exactly what i imagined! clare dropping off the neighborhood kids at the pool with james brown cranking on the radio.

  36. best. post. ever. thats pretty much all i have to say. his taste and appreciation for music is soooo hot and is a big part of why i love him so much.

    plus im betting his parents must be pretty awesome too, since they were probably the ones who exposed him to this kind of stuff.

  37. omg i completely feel like i am in rob’s dirty, sweaty bed (completel with stains on the sheets)just from listenin to some of those tracks! Holy shit that was awesome!! That is sooooo his sexytime mix!! Well i have stolen it and is now gonna be MY sexytime mix! lol! Feel dirty bout feel like its wrong – NOT!

    “What the hell kinda car pool were you in? Were all the mom’s crazy sexed-up milf kittens driving little kids around in their station wagons in cut offs and tank tops?” That was f*ckn GOLD!!!!!!! Laughed so much it made me spurt my beer out my nose!

    • LOL @ the carpool thing… me too that was great!!! 🙂

    • hee, patticat –

      only robert pattinson could make a “dirty” and “stained” bed seem impossibly fucking hot. normally that would invoke images of some filthy, fleabag motel.

      i seriously want to do him. how does one make that happen? i’ll open to all suggestions.

      • i dunno yet but when you find out make sure you take me with you!!! lol!

    • id do him in the fleabag motel AND in the station wagon.


  38. I’m a huge fan of Johnny Lee Hooker!! My dad used to listen to his stuff all the time. When I found out that Rob loved JLH AND Van Morrison I almost died. Okay, well I didn’t almost die, but you know what I mean. JLH jams with Van Morrison on a song called “Rainy Day.” I encourage ALL of you to listen to it!!

    If anything, Rob has opened alot of eyes to different types of music. Especially the old blues jazz classics. Thanks Rob!!

  39. Moon, I impressed. and this time more by you and this amazing post, and only then by the list 🙂 (well, cause I already knew it more or less)

    I love music, and it took me quite a while to get through this post today :))) ql work, really really loved it

    • awwwwww wow i eclipsed (ahem) mr rob!!

      LOVE IT! take that rob

      and thanks litl_ving

  40. Great post and thanks for the breakdown and posting the full songs.
    I, for the most part, related to Kellan’s playlist more than any of the others. Why? Because I really don’t know THAT much about music, other than if it has a good beat.. I am sold. Hence, when I looked at Rob & Jackson’s playlists it was pretty much crickets because I really didn’t know any of the artists. Scan.. nope don’t know them.. don’t know.. OH KOL.. oh James Brown.. then more crickets. Jackson’s was TOTES crickets and tumble weeds.

  41. Oh, and I may or may not like Johnny Flynn’s music/voice more than Rob’s…justsayin. Don’t kick me out of WTV. Rob likes his lovers to have a mind of their own.


    • he does and besides johnny looks SOOO doable in that bonus vid i found of him and laura marling. HELLOOOOO blond hair blue eyes!

      • Totes doable! And I LOVE L.Marling! Any more like her out there?

  42. Okay. Yes. YES. YES!!!! I have been waiting for someone other than myself to break down his playlist. and I completely agree with all your findings! BRILLIANT!

    I can honestly say that if I came across his playlist and it was all crap, it would have taken him down a notch on my list. but no, the man has no flaws. *sigh*

    Music is one of the most important and wonderful things in this world and he gets that. He lets music take his emotions all over the place, funny, happy, sad, sexy and again….ROB JUST DO ME ALREADY!!!

    • *walking to meet you at the intersction*


      if his playlist was like all creed or metallica or spice girls or something this place might not be around. ahem.

      • Please add in Seether, Shinedown, Matchbox 20, and Pussycat Dolls. Ahem.

      • Or Nickelback. Ugh.

  43. oh moon you and I are one in the same. when I was dragged to see twilight by friends and then fell in love with rob the first thing I literally did was grab my MacBook and search iTunes for his playlist. I think he probably spent a long time on it so people wouldn’t find out what’s really on his iPod I’m pretty sure rob has shuffle shame from time to time. Once my head phones fell out of my iPhone exposing the fact that I may have been listening to nsyncs “tearing up my heart” in the middle of the library at school. Ipod was on shuffle and I was ashamed 😦

    • girl we are one in the same cause i LOVE nsync. like seriously the only other time ive been obsessed with anything to THIS level was NSYNC.

      • awww i love finding fellow NSYNC girls. i agree i haven’t been this obessed since the NSYNC days either.

  44. I love that he listens to Van Morrison. For so long I have been voicing my love for Van and nobody ever seemed to know who he was. Rob’s such an old soul. This playlist proves it.

    • Come on over to my house, chances are good that Van is on…..

  45. Wow. This floored me. I just realized that because of our divergent taste in music, Rob and I will just have to keep on mattess dancing and not talk about whatever the h*ll tune is playing. Because I’ve got Backstreet Boys on my jogging mix, and I’m not ashamed to say it (at least it’s their newer stuff). I’m pretty sure that Rob would run screaming if he heard that – so I’ll just nod and pretend like I know and love all these songs, and get busy!

  46. I haven’t read all the replies…I’ll get to it.

    Wow Rob wishes he could have a song for a wife…wow, wow, makes me love him even more. I love his taste in music and I always fall for men who are musicians. Rob plays the piano, guitar and he sings! Perfect! I’m new to Itunes so I have no clue about playlists :-(. Thanks for breaking it down! This is fun and so nice to know what he’s listening to. Music is a big deal to me, I too play the piano and guitar and I sing…my guitar and piano playing has taken a back seat since I had my daughter almost 2 yrs ago though.

    I have a hard time understanding him too when he sings but I still listen to him anyway. LOL. His voice is so soothing, especially when he sings “Never Think.”

  47. I agree with you moon! I never thought Rob would be listening to D’angelo, I was like really? really? I gotta read that again. Ahhh…the layers of Rob that keeps on giving

  48. Have you all seen this! Go…you must…you’ll faint.

    • Cool, I’m gonna get that mag! Thanks!

  49. first thing I thought of when I saw this playlist was “has Rob been raiding my dad’s vinyl collection?”LOL-my dad has more records than any record store I’ve ever been (I am trying to get him into KOL…I know he’ll like it if he can just get over the ‘new’ music bias he has)
    I have really odd taste in music (well I think my taste is great, my friends think its odd)
    I like everything from cajun zydeco to bluegrass, 60s psychadelic, the twangiest of twangy classic country and pretty much all British bands of any era, but that’s because I’m a complete anglophile….
    anyway Rob, where are the chicks on your playlist????
    how ’bout some Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline or some of the new bluesy Brit girls???

    BTW Moon, this post completely rocks and a good music discussion will always lure me out of lurkdom!

    • YEAAA no lurkers! especially on music!

      dude im pretty sure WHEN i go over to clare and dicks for the first time i will walk out with half their record collection shoved in my hangbag.

      oh whats this weird square thing sticking out of my bag dick? oh nothing just some stuff i need for “research” OH LOOK WHATS THAT OVER THERE?! *runs*

      • I read “bag dick” in a weird way and laughed out loud.


        • LOL!

          • LOL! I am glad I’m not the only one who had to read it a few times. 😀

  50. I will always love kings of leon, always.
    and I read a long time ago on Vanity Fair’s website, I think, that he also liked The Lengths by The Black Keys. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT SONG NOW.

    • That’s what I was going to mention! The Lengths is such a stunning, beautifully written song. And Rubber Factory is a GREAT album.

      I was amazed at Rob’s ability to pick not only good bands, but discern the best songs from those bands as well.

    • I swear that Lengths by The Black Keys used to be on his iTunes playlist, but is now gone?!?! I think his comment was something like “Another modern band that I am a fan of.” Someone back me up here.

      • yup that song was on there too, cause i had never heard it before and i went in search of of it after seeing he liked it (lame i know). now its one of my absolute favorites.

        • me too, it’s not lame. haha. that’s another reason to love rob, awesome music taste. weird with some, but mostly awesome.

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