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A tale of seeing Robert Pattinson

"Damnit! I live LTR-gal on MY movie set!? And I missed her!?"

"Damnit! A real-live LTR-gal on MY movie set!? And I missed her!?"

UPDATE 4:20 ET: Vanessa wrote in with her recap, pics & vids from Tuesday TOO! Some of you may have seen, but they were new to me: See them all at her blog here

Dear Rob,

There’s nothing we like more than when one of our very own LTR-gals gets to see you in person. Wait, did I say we like this? Actually we’re insanely jealous bitches and wish it could be us. it. When will it be our turn? So for now let’s push aside the jealously and celebrate with our fellow LTR sister her good luck. And we shall try to keep our insane, raging jealousy in check.


UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

A Tale of Seeing Robert Pattinson- by Milfy Goodness

Three friends and I went Tuesday June 30th to the Remember Me set. We Checked a very helpful website which told us where to go. We showed up at 11am, so we missed the rehearsal on the Alice & Wonderland statue – too bad, those are pretty hilarious pictures.

Protecting Rob Patrol

Protecting Rob Patrol

We stood on 5th Ave & 76th street, across the street from Rob’s trailer, along with at least 50 other stalkers/girls. After 1/2 hr, one of the P.A.s came over to us and cleared a path for Rob. We had to promise not to run into the street and attack him or yell at him when he came out of his trailer. The paps all lined up on the other side. Then his body guards and personal assistants and other folks formed a circle around him and walked him across 5th Ave and into the park.

Can I touch?

Can I touch?

When he was safely at the set, we were allowed to follow down and stand on the other side of the path from the statue. Then we watched them film the scene a few times. I took a lot of pictures – he touched his hair a lot during the breaks – I like that Robporn the best, so I captured that a few dozen times. Again – if I knew how to insert a pic

Then he put the RayBans back on (or are they Gucci now?) and the bodyguard group reconvened. Rob paused to take a pic with some girl who must have a connection on set – she was sitting with a bunch of the crew. He put his arm around her and sort of smiled for her phone camera. Then the posse walked him back to his trailer and we took a lunch break.

We wound up at a deli a few blocks away with one of his personal assistants. My friend suggested that she would offer to, um, “take care” of the guy if it got us Rob access. We just laughed and laughed. “Taking one for the team,” she called it. Really, giving one for the team. We watched this guy like a hawk. Was the chicken noodle soup and tuna on a roll for our boy? Then I trailed the guy into the drug store to see what he was buying. Ciggys for Rob? Condoms? We worked ourselves up into a frenzy – but it was just 2 large bottles of water. We trailed this dude back to the set, but he must have known by that point that we were following him and he sprinted across Park Ave. to beat the light and lose us. I would have run, too, but my girlfriends weren’t that committed. Wimps.

So, we went back to the park and sat on some benches and ate our lunches (which was really hard to do – I was too nervous/excited to eat!) and waited for Rob to return. Unfortunately, by then (it was 2pm), the crowd had swelled to at least 200 and at least 2 dozen paps. So, after all the waiting, we were very disappointed when Rob was packed into a car and driven into Central Park from the other side! His crew of protectors then led him down a hill and on to the set. All the fan girls were lined up behind fence-like barricades and kept a very safe distance away.

To our great annoyance, the paps were given much better access than the fans. They were lined up on the other side of a path from us, between us and the set. It was very hard to take pictures in the afternoon because the set was in the shade. Rob spent a good amount of time behind a black screen getting his makeup done – this scene must be after the fight scene, cause they made him look all bruised.

Finally, they rehearsed and filmed a scene where he is talking to the cute girl that plays his little sister. (Did I mention that I have a 3 degrees of separation connection to her?) Her name is Ruby. Anyway, she walked on a bench and he walked next to her, rolling his bicycle.

"Right leg only"

"Right leg up only"

During this scene was the only time we heard him speak. At the end of the walk, he would lean on the bicycle and put one leg on the bench and talk to Ruby. But one time, he put both legs up. The director called cut and said “right leg up only” and Rob repeated it loudly. All us fan girls then oohed and ahhed because we had actually heard him speak! There was much analysis of the comment (not that any was needed – I did mock one or two teenagers near me for their swooning over his repeating his blocking directions).

After filming that a few times, they moved the whole scene one bench further from all of us. Now it was 4pm and the sky had gotten really dark. I decided to leave before I got poured on. I chatted up one of the P.A.s briefly – he had been in charge of all of us – keeping us quiet and reminding everyone over and over to turn off their flashes on their cameras. I asked him what his job title was. he said “security production ass’t” and I said that it thought it might be “fan girl wrangler” and he laughed and admitted that it was pretty much what he had been reduced to. I was just laying the groundwork so when I visit again, maybe he’ll recognize me and remember how funny/clever I am, so he’ll agree to give Rob a note from me.

Milfy Goodness did not disappoint with all her pics! Check ’em out after the jump!

Don’t be shy! Click on each pic to make ’em bigger (that’s what Eddie said)

Celebrate Milfy Goodness’ luck in The Forum
We got all random on you and wrote a letter to Joan Jett on LTT

Stuff we do other than Twilight & Rob (yes, I know.. shocking huh?)

UC’s friend works for Discover The Journey and they are heading to Africa this Sunday, July 5th for a month long documentary filming journey. It’s an awesome non-profit, check them out, and if you feel so inclined, Support them by buying the PAIX Shirt – Clicky on that link- it’s an awesome concept & they need to sell about 50 more by Sunday in order to distribute 200 to the children in Africa



    ugh. makes me wish that i was in nyc! a friend of mine as well is there, and has been checkin out the sets too. they were filming at nyu in her building.. haha ive beeen livin vicariously through her these past few wks 😀

    ugh. up wayyy too early 😦 even after being up late for Canada day yesterday :S

  2. This was brilliant.

    And now I’ll be singing that classic rap song from days of yore…Half Pint’s “One Leg Up,” for the rest of the day.

    Good stuff.

    p.s. Doubtful the chicken soup & tuna sandwich was for Rob. He only eats junk. Amen.

    • I eat junk too. Ahem

      • Such a short little reply, but so much WIN!

        This is why we love you, UC!

  3. I have an emotional struggle inside because I am so happy for you but also so jealous…

    • it’s a balancing act between wanting to hunt her down or hug her

      • HAHAHA such a delicate balance!

        high fives milfy!

  4. You’re soo LUCKY ! I’m really Happy for you .. I Hope I get this lucky ..Seriously you stayed focused .. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk two steps If I were in your Place ..LOL

    • Rob! The Ray-Bans Look Better on YOu!!

      • Touche.

        Fuck the Gucci’s! It’s all about the Ray Bans, preferably the Wayfarers.

        I wonder how much Gucci paid Summit for this product placement in the film?

        • I noticed his new shades have “KL” on the sides.
          What does “KL” stand for?

          • Ahhh.. they are Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses or whatever the hell is name is.

            He designs/designed for Chanel and Fendi.

            Socialite Life tricked me!!

          • Karl Lagerfeld KL 603S 004… just in case you wanted to know, Jena, when you co-ordinate his wardrobe this week for him.

          • LOL! Thanks, Natalie!

  5. Rob, if you keep touching your hair like that, all your dandruff will fall out and you’ll have none left.

  6. ‘Taking one for the team’ LMAO

  7. “Right leg up only” is now my life’s motto.

    Milfy, should you ever need a more committed girlfriend to chase down production assistants in the streets of NYC, I am your woman. I have freakishly strong legs and an uncanny ability (cough*bigboobs*cough) to make bouncers, bodyguards, roadies and probably production assistants do my bidding.

  8. Love the pics with Emilie! With Kristen he looks bored like he is thinking “Been there, tapped that—I’m over it”

    With Emilie he looks cute and a little nervous.

    Not that I think there is anything going on between them, but I would prefer him be with anyone (myself included, of course) other than Kristen-the-nonamazing-blinking-spaz.

    • He looks HAPPY.
      New York Rob is SMILING. A lot.

    • ME TOO

  9. the other day, this one guy came by my workplace and he looked like Rob…so much that I got the butterflies and had a bit of trouble breathing, but his voice was kinda high, and he had a weaker jaw, and not as soulful eyes…but yeah, lucky gals…

  10. I love this recap! So great! Perfect pictures!!! Congrats.

    On a side note…do we have a name for the Guido looking body guard that is ALWAYS with him? The bald one with the mustache? I think he is Rob’s favorite cause he is ALWAYS barely an arm length away.

    • I’ve heard some people call him Dr. Phil, LOL!
      Cause that’s who he looks like, LOL!

      • Yeah … Maybe he’s his EVIL twin or something

      • LOL! Damn! I have been wondering who the H this Dr. Phil was that everyone was talking about! I learn something new (and important) every day!

      • I think to think of them as Dr. Phil and The Wedgemeister. They are really starting to become little celebs themselves!

    • Love Dr. Phil … Rob’s and the RL Dr. Phil!!!

      And I think he looks like a very nice man.
      Always close by to protect Rob.
      Ready to push him to the side if there’s another fan girl attack.

      Exhibit A:

      Exhibit B:

      Exhibit C:

      • Although Dr. Phil is a litte grabby – always with a hand on Rob’s waist, etc. I wonder if Rob is thinking, “All day, I get screamed at my women and touched by men…” So much for stardom!

    • All of them look like we are the Nice-Guy-Mafia-but-if-you-come-near-our-boy-we-will-fuck-you-up…and as Dr. Phil says…How’s that working for you?

      • I read this and hour ago and I’m still laughing, SS!

  11. How awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience and your photos! YUM! Reading it made me feel like I was there to! I love detailed descriptions! How awesome that you got to see Rob do his job! Sigh….

  12. I adore fingers-in-hair porn, but am worried that repeated gesture will make hair fall out. Would fingers-rubbing-bald-pate Rob be as hot? So sad that I’m even thinking of that!

    • I would do bald Rob.

      • Oh yeah – me too! The question will never be “to do or not to do,” but it would be nice to have something to hold on to *wink!

      • I would do Rob bald.

  13. That’s so nice! I hope you enjoyed your encounter, Remember Me Rob does seem more chilled {since the CAS incedent and he has a bit more security}.
    Photo’s are lovely must be good to have your own Rob porn……….

  14. way to go milfy!! I’m totes jealous you got to see HHH in person!! what I wouldn’t give to be in new York right now stalking…er… Observing rob filming . *le sigh*

  15. Good job, Milfy!

    This has made me seriously rethink my strategy for set-stalking when I visit NYC next month. And by strategy I mean wandering by while pretending I have never even heard of Rob and frowning at the fangirls. If the crowd is that big I guess I’ll just have to own it! Maybe I’ll make myself a Twilight bag just for the occasion… Then he’ll know I’m a *true* fan!

    But seriously, I had been thinking of leaving the camera with the the big lens behind, but I’ll be reconsidering that, too. Sheesh.

  16. AWESOME MILFY! Sooooooo Jealous. I can only watch the King of Papparazzi videos myself, but good for you and your Non fan-girl stalking. Oh and great descriptive writing too!!

    UC & Moon = easy out on letter writing today NICE

    • Wow that sounded extra snarky. Didn’t mean for it to. I just still havn’t had any coffee. 🙂

      • bitch!
        jk.. you know how we roll… it’s a holiday weekend this weekend.. just you wait…..

        • Whatever whore.

  17. Great pics! Love the encounter tale.

    I fear Rob may make himself pre-maturely bald with the hand in the hair all the time. Not that I don’t love the hand/hair porn. Just don’t want him to start to recede. :-/

  18. ooohhh!!! that was brilliant! thank u Milfy! thank u

    I was all excited reading it! like I was there, lame!

    thank for sharing ur non crazy stalker experience with us… cuz I love non crazy stalker stories 😀

  19. Milfy– I am so excited for you in a I-hate-you-kind-of-way. 🙂

    Totally kidding– that was awesome! Thanks for sharing and keeping calm enough to get all those great pics!

  20. Soooooooooo excited for you Milfy.

    You go, girl!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Anyone know if Rob is back here in London anytime soon?

    • my guess is no- unless he quickly runs home for a few days before starting eclipse filming in august….. hopefully he can! Keep your eyes peeled!

      • Thanks 🙂

        Why the heck didn’t I stalk him/hang out in Barnes more in 2007 and mid 2008?

        Err, mainly ‘cos i didn’ty knwo who the eff he was! hahahaha!!!!

        • seriously… WHY DIDN’T YOU KNOW WHO THE EFF HE WAS?

          i’m saying that for myself too. since he was at my local mall.. in october.. FML!

  21. GREAT JOB MILF! i know how hard it must have been to get these pics


    there is still no confirmation out there on this that i’ve seen..,

    Thanks for the great acct!

    • Oooh, yes, this I want to know as well! I had assumed American, but someone before pointed out that since Pierce Brosnan was from overseas, they could be a Brit family living in NYC.

      • good thought. i heard american.. but someone might have made that up… emilie is austrailian, no?

  22. hehe “right leg up only”

    I’m so jealous…lucky girl 🙂

  23. Great, Milfy!!

    I bet you were going to run through the street to follow the guy with Rob’s food! It was worth the try, no? lol

    Well, I’m so glad you got to see him and even got to hear his voice!! Congrats!!

    So, what did we learn today, Milfy??
    “RIGHT LEG UP ONLY!!” LOL!!! Don’t forget!

  24. Milfy,

    Does Rob use an American accent in this film?

  25. Dear Milfy,

    Does Rob really look this gorgeous in RL? is he waaay better looking in person? Did you hear a chorus of angels sing when he emerged from his trailer? Was there a heavenly light emanating from him at all times? Did he sparkle in the sunlight? I’m sure its a YES to all of the above.

    Congrats on the Rob sighting.

    I hate you.

    But I love you.

  26. That was awesome! I love that your friend was willing to “Take one for the team”!

  27. […] website which told us where to go. We showed up at 11am, so we missed the rehearsal on … Daily […]

  28. That’s awesome! I’m jealous! He looks gorgeous! I wish I could see him too.

  29. OMG, ‘right leg up only’. *THUD* I could pray asking for ~just~ a dream with Rob saying this (line) to me, true story, and Milfy just heard it?!? LIVE?!?
    Dear Milfy, I love to hate you! I LOVE to hate you! I love to hate YOU!

  30. “Right leg only”
    + Hair in “Can I touch?” photo
    = Have merrrrrrrrrcy

  31. […] A tale of seeing Robert Pattinson UPDATE 4:20 ET: Vanessa wrote in with her recap, pics & vids from Tuesday TOO! Some of you may have seen, but they were […] […]

  32. What a great story — my b’day’s coming up and I what better guft to myself than to trek from NW CT to NYC and watch filming of happy RM RP– any hints on the website for locations? I can go anytime except July 8-13.

  33. uhhh, GIFT to myself…

  34. Good evening LOTN!!

    • Howdy FN, all good in your world? Probably another fleeing appearance by me today

      • Hey! Any appearance is better than no appearance.

        I’m doing okay. Hopefully Monday I’ll have a temp job to do. I went and did my clerical tests and stuff today.

        How are you?

      • Hey Lizzie, good to see you, even if it’s just for a minute!

    • Hey Fannay! How are ya… 6 hours later?

      • Jennay!! I’m good. I had a nap and I feel fabulous! You?

        • I’m jealous! Though actually, I napped too. But it wasn’t a good nap, and it wasn’t for very long. So I don’t feel fabulous, I feel tired. But I’ll sleep soon, so it ain’t no thang!

          • I hate naps that aren’t restful.

          • Yeah, it makes you feel more tired. Pointless.

          • It does. Do you ever wake up feeling groggy and yucky? That’s the worst!

          • That’s how I always wake up, no matter what. I’m so grumpy in the morning, or when I get up from a nap. It isn’t pretty.

            I was born to live in the night.

          • Hence your LOTN tendencies. I usually wake up in a decent mood. For the most part. Well, I think it’s decent anyway.

          • Yeah, LOTN comes in handy that way.

            You’re lucky you’re in a decent mood when you wake up. Being grumpy makes you feel… grumpy.

          • Lately my niece thinks it’s funny to come and poke me and stuff while I’m sleeping. I have no idea why. I guess she likes my reactions or something. THAT makes me wake up in bad mood. A couple of times I’ve woken up and she’s like literally 3 inches from my face. Scares the bejezus out of me!

          • I do that to my mom. Still. At this age. It’s funny though, because I make so much friggin’ noise trying to alert her. But she’s basically dead to the world. So no matter how much noise I wake, I have to poke her. And then sits straight up all freaked out.

            I’m not jumpy when people wake me up. I’m more “Uggggggh, I don’t care what’s happening, goooooo away!” Then roll over and sleep more.

          • My mom is a really heavy sleeper too.

            LOL I ❤ your description of people waking you up! I can imagine it in a sleepy, scratchy voice (not yours of course b/c I don't know what you sound like).

  35. Hey People!

    • Hey!! How’s it going?

      • I’m good. How are you?

        • Pretty good. What did you think of KStew falling? LOL

          • I loved every second of it. Nothing against her, but I cheered a little.

          • Haha. I the comments on LTR cracked me up. AND they mentioned that AWFUL hospital scene! I swear I would fast forward right through that part if Rob wasn’t in it.

          • I *loved 🙂

          • Yeah that hospital scene was extremely cringe-worthy. I’m cringing right now, just thinking about it. Rob looked hot though, that’s what counts. I love Rob in a hoody.

          • Dammit, I meant the LTT comments. Where is my mind?? (that’s a Pixies song btw)

    • Hey ErPattz!

      • JLong!

        • I’d ask how are you tonight, but I already know. Merge.

        • JLong makes me laugh b/c one of the schools I subbed at was Jane Long. It’s not hilariously funny, but amusing nonetheless.

          • The school was called Jane Long? That bitch better step off!

          • Haha. That reminds me of a Missy Elliot song called “Step Off.”

            Apparently things are reminding me of other things a lot tonight

          • I was gonna say…. lol

  36. Ummm, I just watched that video of KStew biffing it over at LTT. Why the fuck does she yell “YEAH” when the director yells “cut”? Seriously, your running is not that good. And then you biffed it.

    I shouldn’t talk. If that was me, I would’ve biffed it long before then.

    • She looks awful. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

      • You aren’t sorry, don’t lie! 😉

        I was 2nd-hand embarrassed by her screaming “YEAH”.

        • Okay, you’re right. I did feel a tiny bit sorry for her when she fell.

          • I’d like to expand on this statement and add that I also felt bad for those leather pants b/c they probably got a little scuffed when she went down.

          • Yeah, the leather pants probably took a beating. I don’t leather + cement is a good mix. But I guess no one told KStew that.

          • They probably did, and she just didn’t care. Now that she’s playing Joan Jett that diva/rockstar personality is taking over.

          • What a bitch. But I love that attitude, so ruh roh. She may get into my good books yet.

          • Ahhhh!! I take it back. All of it! Don’t go to the darkside! I was totally joking! lol

  37. Hey, i disappear and EP arrives, coincidence, I think not!

    And what’s this KStew has a spew attack, love it and I haven’t even seen it

    • Hey Lizzie, I haven’t been avoiding you if that’s what you mean. I’ve been very busy with school this week.

      • nah just having some fun with you. it’s been the same here, ridiculously foul at work and I am officially over it.

        • I was over school 2 weeks ago, so I know how you feel.

    • You definitely need to go and see the LTT post today! ASAP! We’ll wait.

      • clearly the mullett unbalances her

        • Ick. That mullet is dreadful. Did you know that Joan Jett made her cry? Because she totally did.

          • well Joan Jett is legendary, and now methinks to a whole new generation of little girls and not so little girls.

          • She’s definitely reached a new level in my book.

        • Yeah, must be. Cuz it definitely ain’t her boobs weighing her down. Just sayin’.

          • LMAO

          • yep, you got that right, if when you wiggle it doesn’t jiggle…ok i ran out of ryhming things someone else will have to finish it

          • prepare for people to giggle?

          • yep that works FN

          • It’s really hard to think of words that end in “iggle”

          • Squiggle!

        • I also love chief umbrella wrangler running in to protect her from the cameras. what a job, so what did you do today dear?, well I opened an umbrella and then held it for morst of the day, very stressful actually. of course if i was Rob’s chief umbrella wrangler, well that WOULD be different

          • You would be the best chief umbrella wrangler EVER! Rob would totally love you. And he’d invite you to go everywhere with him. Even w/out an umbrella.

          • well that obviously goes without saying, although maybe someone just may need to tell Rob.

          • I’ll tell him tonight. We have a “date.”

  38. EP are you still here? I miss you! It’s been like 30 mins since your last post 😦

    • Sorry FN, I’m sort of blank tonight.

      • Okay, just checking. I thought you didn’t like me anymore or something.

        • Impossible…Lizzie on the other hand

          • but i left my bitch pants at home today and everything, i think i have my no-one home dirty blonde pants on today instead

          • Oh Lizzie, you know I love you in any of your pants. Just don’t put on the Pattinson Pants and everything will be dandy.

          • damn it, how did you know that was me, i thought i was keeping a sufficiently low profile about those

          • You have a very extensive wardrobe Lizzie.

          • How low profile can you be in pants with pictures and puff paint?

          • it is quite large as it is absolutely imperative that I have a pair of pants for each of my moods, but i have a speial glass case for my pattinson pants, they hang on my wall, they are too good for the wardrobe.

          • Well that’s the creepiest thing I’ve heard all day and that’s not for lack of Jenny trying to creep me out.

          • You wouldn’t want all that time and effort to be wasted. lol

            Do you have a pair of “Can’t Touch This” MC Hammer pants??

    • I had to look that up. Don’t be weirded out. I haven’t been timing you this whole time or anything. lol

      • Mhm, first you keep a calendar of my life, then you time my comments. And here I thought Rob was your obsession…

      • LOL FN, you creep.

      • that just made me laugh, starting to get paranoid now FN?

        I have the blank thing going on too, has been a very, very, very long week,

        • Maybe a little. I should’ve known it would come back and make me look like a crazy. You guys are making me paranoid. lol

          18 hour workdays will do that to a person.

  39. I should probably head to bed, ladies. I’m not that tired, but I still have to get up in 5 1/2 hours.

    Sweet dreams! And don’t miss me too much, or anything.

    • Night lady! I’ll try not too. Tell Bobby I said good night! 🙂

      • Done! Tell Rob I said good morning. 😉

        • Haha. Will do!

    • you know we will, and you still owe me a good dream, since you are not tired i am expecting good things tomorrow Ms J-m.

      Actually I am out too, will this work week never end?

      • Night Lizzie!

      • Night Lizzie (and BFF)

        • Night BFF. I’ll meet you at the picnic.

      • I always deliver good things Lizzie, I won’t disappoint! Night!

  40. FN?

    • I’m here!

      • I wasn’t sure.

        • I felt like a little kid waving their hand frantically in the air. lol

          • It’s difficult to convey that on here.

          • I’ve got a good mental picture of you jumping up and down waving.

          • hahaha

  41. So, uh, any random(e) thoughts tonight? I don’t have any thoughts of any kind.

    • I don’t have any randome thoughts tonight. Maybe I can think of some in a few minutes.

      Do you have any special plans for this weekend?

      • I bowed out of all 4th plans. I intend to lay in bed and watch nascar. What about you?

        • I think we’re taking the kiddos to watch the firework show. That’s all I’ve got planned. lol

          • Sounds good. I didn’t know what anyone might be planning so I said leave me alone, this is my weekend off!

          • I don’t blame you. Summer classes are rough.

          • I like them because they are short and you can get a lot done in a summer, but at the same time, you don’t have much time to think.

          • very true.

  42. So, I missed the last bit of our myspace convo the other night and I can’t remember what we were talking about! lol

    • I don’t remember either.

      • Hmmm…guess it wasn’t that important. lol

        • My memory sucks lately.

          • My mind always sucks 😦

          • I doubt that’s true.

          • Aww…you’re so nice.

          • Mostly it’s just my memory. I can’t ever remember anything.

          • Oh yes, I’m a complete angel.

  43. I would prefer he screamed (at me)both legs in the air, pleeze. C’mon you knew that was coming!

  44. I could tell. lol

    • All I’m missing is a halo.

      • Do you have a cloud and harp already?

        • Duh, what do you think I do with my time. I’m floating around playing “Too Far Gone” right now.

          • LMAO!

  45. Ok, FN I feel like I’ve been up for days. It’s my bedtime. Have yourself a sweet (or sexy) little dream and have a good night.

    • Alrighty! You too. Good night.

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