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What is it about Robert Pattinson?

Dear Rob,

Moon & I were watching this paparazzi vid from the Remember Me set when we were just struck with your…. your… amazingness? adorableness? awkwardness? We’re not sure.  All we know is that we couldn’t’ stop watching. Even though it was a total stalker video.  We just couldn’t turn it off… Even after the paparazzi starting calling you RP and getting all creepy. The following is the conversation we had to try to figure out what it is about you…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Moon: Seriously, what is it about this boy?! Like really what is it?!
: I know! I dunno!
: Is it that he played Edward??
: I mean, NO! I don’t think so. I mean. It helps, but…
: of course
: He doesn’t look like Edward on the Remember Me set. He’s not being Edward
: he’s pretty hot
: Let’s discuss this
: yes let’s break down the allure of Rob:

Breaking it Down

Ok so obviously the physical- he’s tall, good looking, great hair, but he’s not like the hottest man ever, right? Like if I saw him in real life and he was a regular dude…
: No. Not Ever. Like, there’s this dude named Nacho who is probably hotter. Lemme find him. He’s smoking
: I would think he was cute and stuff but I wouldn’t lose my shit
: um yeah- Nacho=smokin’. Rob= attractive
: he’s hot??
: I think nacho is hot! So yes Rob….
: Rob….not the world’s hottest man
: nope
: we know this
: not in the best shape….we know this….and agree
: not even a great dresser
: kinda an awful dresser
: interesting for sure, a tad hipster but not by choice I think
: wears that shirt from that quinceanera party he went to in ‘01. Right. He’s the real kind of hipster. Hipster b/c he doesn’t’ care OR maybe he does.
: I think it kind of adds to the allure, like WHY does he wear a sweater from the 90s?
: he DOES care, but just doesn’t know how to care. He’s my best guyfriend I grew up with, I’m not even kidding. They’re the same person. He still wears stuff I remember him wearing in jr. high. I’m either becoming less attracted to Rob or more attracted to my guyfriend

Before Edward

Moon: I think he doesn’t care and is also trying to hold on to that last piece of the BEFORE life. BE- before Edward
: right- BE. Sad time for me. Happy time for him
: I don’t think he hates this at all that’s the other thing. I think he’s just like yea this is a weird job I fell into and people throw themselves at me for no reason
: me neither. I think he’s walking away in that Remember me Paps vid thinking “Did that kinda cute girl just look at me? why? I just took a huge dump in my trailer”
: right. “I just ate 10 doughnuts, drank 50 cups of coffee and took a huge shit… little does she know.” HA- I’m on Twicrack & looking at a gif & it reminds me. He’s not all that coordinated
: not at ALL
: very clumsy and goofy
: probably pretty bad in bed, as a result- not that i’m not willing to try
: hey ill give him a whirl, let him convince me otherwise
: right, exactly

Find out if we figured out what it is after the jump!

So what is it?

Moon: so WHAT is then??! He’s not THAT hot, he’s clumsy, questionable dresser, probably bad in bed

UC: I DON’T KNOW! Let’s discuss his Pros

  • musician (although i’d like him even if he wasn’t)

Moon: yes musician and not LAME music. He likes interesting stuff, musically.

  • he reads books!

UC: yes!

  • smart & intelligent (probably so much so that we might get a little bored in conversation with him- i’m all about the smarty- but it’s gotta be mixed in with a little bit of relevant “today’s” stuff)

Moon: I think the opposite
: and I doubt he knows anything current
: once he’s over the awkward weird shit, he’d have A LOT to say
: hopefully. You think he’s up on his Newsweek? Knows about politics? or he’s just reading literature and philosophy
: he knew Obama read twilight. I think he probably knows about it but not his like MAIN thing. he seems more in his head than to be political
: right
: and he’s British what does that mean for politics anyway?
: right, I dunno! They have a queen!

Things you shouldn’t do during lunch

Moon: ok this Kiss .gif is making me crazy, Twicrack: Good Lord!
: oh jeez!!!! Stop watching! That’s like reading The Sub fan fiction at lunch! hahaha
: HAHAHA. its in the side bar
: I may or may not have read the deleted chapter at lunch. Shh
: I cant get away from it. Back to RP. Pros:

  • the smile
  • the laugh
  • he seems really joyful and I like that in other people (not always a debbie downer)

UC: yes. he seems happy, often.

  • care-free
  • he’s British. Did we say that? And not like white trash British (which isn’t a thing), but, like…well bred, educated, well spoken and ENGLISH. I bet he’ll be knighted. I’d knight him (that’s what she said)

Moon: I’ll use my sword to knight him. Wait, I don’t have sword. Pros:

  • the accent. US gals LOVE a good accent
  • Family. They’re not all riding all over his fame like the Lohans or something

UC: right! They don’t seem to care! I think he’s seen the fam ONCE this year! Poor boy
: they’re like yea this is a good time! Christmas and his bday! Damn
: they’re hoping for Lizzie to get famous
: I would die
: he’s gotta be lonely. he has no home! He won’t be back in London for MONTHS
: Seriously didn’t he say he had lived in hotels for 6 months?
: maybe he’ll have a quick weekend run to London before Eclipse starts. No wonder he wears the same outfit. You never seen him with luggage All he owns fits in his Hampton’s bag.
: oh another pro:

  • THE DOG. The fact that he talked about his dog- very compassionate I can tell!

robert-pattinson-for-ray-bansUC: yes! you love the dog

  • THE RAY BANS. sigh!

Moon: I do love the dog and that he said it had attitude like Beyonce. He’s in tune with his dog.
Yes! the ray bans always a pro! Dude he should be a spokesmodel

So… what IS it? What do you think? Help us figure it out. Roblosophy class in session!

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  1. I don’t KNOW!

    But if loving Rob is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. 😉

    Ummm, how did I not know he had a dog?! That is NECESSARY and RELEVANT information! 😛


    “UC: oh jeez!!!! Stop watching! That’s like reading The Sub fan fiction at lunch! hahaha”

    Or like today, NEW CHAPPY of THE DOM! (that i’m trying NOT to read on my phone at work and wait till I get home. MUST. RESIST.)


    • new chapter? screw work.. will read NOW!

    • yes a dog!! his name is PATTY

      how flipping cute is that?!

    • Hi Marta *waving*

      New chap of The Dom?!!!

      Thanks for the alert!


    • And PS You can follow his fake dog (@FakerPattyPattz) on Twitter. I do. That’s normal!

  2. for me, it’s the undefinable “it” that makes him so freakin hott..can’t even come close to putting my finger on it (thats what she said), and yet i drool everytime i see him in a ratty old sweater or playing drunk air guitar in an alley…

  3. DRUNK ROB is always the BEST ROB He just looks like he doesn’t caer when he’s been drinking and is just chill with his friends. I adore DRUNK ROB. HE is the SEXIEST!

    • drunkward




    in 5 seconds that gif shows exactly what is it about ROBERT…


    wait, Ill be right back… I going to see that gif again… jejejej

  5. jejeje I just realize that I write: WHY I CAN’T SPOT LOOKING AT YOU GIF!

    What I meant was: WHY CAN’T I STOP LOOKING AT YOU GIF?

    but that’s what that gif is doing to me!

    sorry *_*

    • SEE!!! i told you!

    • Yes. that gif is hynotic! It’s like eye-crack! I watch a different part of his body every time it starts over. You can tell it’s the beginning of how fuckhawt he’d be in that bed if allowed to continue on. Holy Jesus Mary and Joseph!

  6. I loved RP as Edward, but he was AMAZING as Cedric in Harry Potter IV. Most people don’t remember that he was in that too and gets killed by vouldemort. (I have no idea how to spell that)

  7. I’m on overload here! I agree. I agree. I agree. I’m mesmerized by that video, just watching him—and then he smiled! I’m gone.

    I really think there’s some kind of energy from his soul that just shoots out from him ( come on, I said his SOUL!) and connects with people because there has never been this kind of attraction for me before. It’s ridiculous.

    “I’d knight him!” LOL
    Loves his Patty dog. Melt.

  8. Lol, so funny! That gif gets me every time – it’s hypnotizing!
    P.s. What’s “the sub fan fiction”?

    • its a story called the sub go to or to our forum and look for the story titled “the sub”

      anyone with a link?

      • Loved your Ray Ban photoshop, Moon.
        The girl has got a skill.

      • Here’s the link to The Submissive, moon.

        Enjoy, you new readers out there. Robward is f*ckhawt in this story!

  9. Hi everyone! First time I’ve had the nerve to write…but I had to weigh in on this one. He freaks me out! I’ve never had a celebrity crush/lust/obsession/craving/aching/etc/etc/etc before our boy! What gives? Quite simply he is imperfectly perfect. He is beautiful but unsure of himself. Awkward, because I bet he was tall as a wee lad and couldn’t quite get control of his limbs (as a tall woman – I KNOW!). He has mischief in his eyes. He bites his lip and runs his fingers thru his hair. He’s an artistic, style-clueless type – I so adore him for it! Who needs clothing anyway? He’s extremely intelligent but silly and says the first thing that comes to mind – no rehearsed crap. And actually, I think he’d be great in bed, but not in a typical “stud” kind of way. He’d be sensual and fun, and his confidence would grow (yep, that’s what she said) with each sweet successive f*ck! And I love his ears! No one mentions his ears – lovely shape – perfect for nibbling and whispering into. His humour is divine in such a pure way. There is just something so sexy about him, but it’s not stud-sexy. It’s soo much better.

    • so glad you had the nerve to write! join the fun more often!

  10. “He’s in tune with his dog.”

    Moon, is it bad that I found that very innocent statement about his pet, very… uhhhh…hot and dirty and not referring to his pet when I read it? 8)

    I have ORPD and I need a 12 step program.

    Ok, so is it 12 steps to Rob’s bed or what?

    • LMAO…

      I know of five steps…

      Step 1 – we can have lots of fun
      Step 2 – there’s only so much we can do
      Step 3 – it’s just you and me
      Step 4 – I can give you more
      Step 5 – don’t you know that the time is right

      I’ll leave Step 6 – 12 for you, Spunk Me, since NKOTB could only count on one hand.

    • 1. We admitted we were powerless over our Robsession —that our lives had become unmanageable.

      2.Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves (LTR) could restore us to sanity.

      3.Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of HHH

      4.Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves via FF

      5.Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs via the LTR forum

      6.Were entirely ready to have Photoshop enhance for our amusement all these defects of Robsession, such as Pattinson Pants and weird gifs

      7.Humbly asked HHH to wear his Ray Bans on a daily basis

      8.Made a list of all FF that we have read, and became willing to bookmark them all

      9.Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, letting them know of recent Robscapades

      10.Continued to take personal inventory of your wardrobe, and when you get it wrong, promptly admitted it

      11.Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with HHH as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His Will for us and the power to carry that out.

      12.Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other Robsters and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

  11. I think that Jena and shuddertothink summed it up so beautifully. Hey, I’m in my forties and have a huge Robsession (and proud of it). Have never had this before for a celeb and for me it just keeps getting worse every day, can’t get out of it! Who knows, maybe if I met him one day I’d get him out of my system, but probably not!!

  12. Why am I so turned on by his long, silky eyelashes? His are So long for a man to have, and every time I see a closeup photo of him, it just kills me! Of course, I still love all the rest of him also!

  13. So unnecessary to repeat everyone else, but I didn’t want to lurk without posting!

    I think his appeal is largely his sense of humor and smile and laugh. He seems like the kind of person you could just hang out with drinking and smoking (which I don’t do, but I would pretend just for him) and telling a million hilarious stories for hours on end.

    Also the hair. I can’t overstate the appeal of his crazy hair for me.

    OK – and the weird tractor beam of sex he seems to be emitting. He’s like the death star of male hotness and we are all just trapped, being sucked in. He can’t help it any more than we can.

    Alright – one more thing – it’s the accessibility. I really believe that if I met him, he would be happy to chat with me (before I take him back to his trailer and make a man out of him).

  14. You know… Edward Cullen really bugs me. He looks different in every scene! At the start in the cafeteria he looks completely different to say when they have dinner, and he looks different again in the kissing scene. And again at the prom. When I picture Edward in my head there’s like four different faces lol

    But Rob, well I’m glad he is without makeup and sharp dressing in this movie as I really need to reconcile the Rob in interviews to Rob the actor. I think my initial interest in Rob was basically the intrigue about him, and that he was so different in movies to how he is in real life. Remember Me will help.

    For a giggle: I am seven years older than Rob and a married mum of two but conveniently forget all this when I’m on this site lol
    My hubby rolls his eyes at me whenever he sees me looking at pics/videos of anything Twilight related and he refuses to watch the DVD with me. Looks like I will be on my lonesome when New Moon comes out!

    Oh, and to appease my devastation that I live on the other side of the world to him and will NEVER see him for real/get to touch his goolies/explore each other’s mouths with our tongues… he has said that he likes girls with STRONG character and I’m basically just a mouse. IF I ever saw him I would be morph into a puddle on the floor.

    Oh and if anyone would kindly like to email me the Remember Me/Memoirs script I will love you forever. That is all.

  15. I’ve been thinking about this all day. It’s his neck. I love his neck. It’s long and strong. Follow it up and you get the beautiful scruffy jaw. Follow it down and you get the lovely collar bones and chest. On the back is double freckle porn, not to mention a good place to thread fingers through his sex hair. Yes, his neck makes me want to do all kinds of things.
    Glad I finally figured that out.

    • I’ve always been into necks and hands. And my does he have good ones!

      • Mmmmm definitely a Robgasmic combination.

  16. (moment Cedric jumped out of the tree+the kiss+his music+the RayBans)*(his smile)/(shiteous Nikes)= …Sorry, went away for a sec.

  17. my mom asked me why i liked him. she saw the clip of when he was on Leno, probably wasted, and she was like, “i don’t get it? he doesn’t even comb his hair.”

    i love his nervous laugh and smile. his accent is an A++, i like his hair. i like that he cares, but doesn’t care.

    but if wasn’t an actor, i don’t know if would like him either.

  18. Knock, knock

    • Who’s there?

    • Hi, Lizzie.
      How’s your day going?

  19. and i meant if *he* wasn’t an actor. dang it.

  20. EP’s here, too?
    The party can really start now.

    • Hey Natalie. I think we may have lost Lizzie.

      • Darn. She’ a busy gal and her job sounds like it is full of nutcases.
        You’re going to lose me, too, for 1/2 an hour. Gotta get home.
        Back later on…

        Meanwhile – enjoy the latest Ray Ban vid…


  21. Ok. This is the first time Ive come across LTR. OMG. You chicks (ladies, women, whatever) and hilarious. Great, just another funny ass site to further increase my infatuation of Mr. Robert Pattinson. Just what I needed. He’s on my laptop, my phone, in my cubicle. Really, this is getting out of hand.

    Night Night All!

    • awww welcome!!! glad you commented!!

  22. Hello I’m back!

    • and i did have a whole knock knock worked out too, oh well!

      • Hi Lizzie.

        • how has today treated you EP?

          • Not too bad. How about you?

          • the sun is shining, i’ve eaten chocolate and photos of Rob smiling are hanging around, all is right in my world.

  23. Hi girls!

    • Hi EyeC, how was your day?

      • Hi EP. I did get sleep but I’m now working on this project that I have to finish this week and getting very frustrated. My fingers aren’t strong enough and progress is slow. Argh!

        • I’m sorry to hear that, that does sound frustrating.

          • I’m getting a little panicked. But I’ll just keep at it. How are you tonight?

          • I’m okay. I think I’ve about gotten everything into managable bits so I can complete this week.

          • That’s good. The last couple weeks have been tough. Sounds like you’re finally getting into the rhythm of things.

          • that’s great EP.

        • we know you will get there E, just think of the trip and work those nimble fingers!

    • all well E?

      • Hmmmm. How are you Lizzie?

        • i will send you some of my chocolate vibes, i think you need them.

          • Alright. That might help! lol

  24. OK, I know Rob is busy, but i wonder if it is too late for home to get a role however small in this – how fantastic does it look?

    • i would love to see him as the cheshire cat

      • LOL–the cheshire cat! This looks very intriguing. What costuming!

        • pretty fantastic aren’t they? i can so see Rob’s face as the Cheshire Cat, he can even wear his raybans

          • Ha Ha! I’m sure they’ve got a full cast but I could see him as CC. It’s his grin sometimes.

          • yep, that’s what i thought too.

      • That’s kind of creepy.

        • It’s Tim Burton, enough said!

          • True.

          • EyeC, I think it’s funny that we were just talking about Tim Burton and HBC the other day! This movie looks trippy! I wanna see it. I ❤ Johnny Depp. I was watching an interview of him at the premiere of his new movie and he says he rarely watches movies he's in. When the movie started he went back outside to sign autographs and stuff.

  25. So when is the Austin concert?

    • August 2- Bobby and Marucs

      August 3- Sam

      • practically my birthday and with the time difference Sam more or less is my birthday, and you guys get the presents, now that is major sucky. I want photos.

        • I’m sure photos will be taken. It’s about 2 weeks after my birthday, I consider it my present as well.

          • See i knew there was a reason we were on the same wavelength EP.

          • Same astrological signs will do that.

          • You’re in July EP, but when?

          • July 23rd.

          • Good. That’s all of us but Nat. My notes, you know!

          • you’re our official record keeper E, which is probably a good thing i am not known for getting times, dates or days correct at the best of times

          • Of course, your notes. 🙂

          • we rely on your notes E

          • LOL—gotta keep the notes!

      • OK, when is your birthday exactly?

        • I’m 5 August

          • !!! Thanks. lol

        • Lizzie, this is for you. August 2-3-or 4?

  26. Howdy!

    • Hey.

      • How are you EP??

        • Same as I was this afternoon.

          • LOL, I realized that was a silly question after I hit the submit button. That’s how it goes…

          • Not silly at all.

    • Hey FN, good to “see” beanie Rob here.

      • He IS beautiful, isn’t he?

    • Hey there FN!

      • I hope we can help get rid of some of your frustration. Good luck w/ your project!

        • It’s going a little better now.

  27. One of my staff just announced she has lost weight today due to the excessive huffing, puffing ans sighing she has done.

    • Hmmm…..I’m trying to decide if that’s good or bad. lol

      • personally i just rolled my eyes at her

        • Probably would have been my reaction too.

  28. FN, Kississaknife sounds like it came right out of the bayou–or Deliverence! lol

    • is that bajoes duelling i can hear?

      • or, it may even be banjoes, you never know

      • Ya, and that snaky feel.

    • I always think of the book “Where The Wild Things Are” at the end I kind of picture them “rumpusing”. I’ve been teaching too long.

      • is that just mattressing by another name?

        • In the book, the wild animals dance around, they call it a Rumpus.

          • not nearly as sexy as where i went, but Ok it still works

        • What is mattressing?? Should I wiki that shit?

      • That’s good! Also this one In The Shadows. Are we sure he didn’t grow up in Louisiana?

      • I love that book! I don’t remember the “rumpusing”

        • Oh, and I love the “Shut UP” at the end, too!

        • Could be I have no idea how to spell it and I couldn’t find my copy.

    • LMAO!

  29. Random thoughts cause I may have to gos hortly.

    WTF was Roger Federrer wearing at Wimbledon?

    Big boss bought me a pomegranate juice, really not quite sure why, probably cause he had foresight that he was going to be annoying the crap out of me soon after and was trying to bribe me in advance.

    I like NY Rob, now he has relaxed a bit seems to suit him.

    These really are quite random, random thoughts.

    • I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on Tennis lately, so I don’t know.

      I’m not sure if pmoegranate juice is much of a bribe. Perhaps he should have given you a raise instead.

      I can see where Rob would like NYC more than LA. Makes a lot of sense.

      They are sort of random.

      • “Give you a raise”… it just took me to BB and Seattle.. naughty.

        Random Thoughts –

        Rob has the most awkward body poses sometimes.

        Cannot decide if his eyes are weird or not – sometimes they look too big, sometimes they seem squinty.

      • lucky, it was hideous

        true, although i believe our bonus this year will take the form of “Congratulations, you are still employed”.


        yep yep.

        • Federer didn’t have on his typical little Wimbledon cardigan?

          • if only, this years makes the cardigan look good. Actually Serena Williams wore a little belted trench coat which was surprisingly good for a change.

          • That’s good for her, she can wear some odd things.

    • We’ll miss you!

      I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      I’ve never had pomegranate juice by itself. Only mixed w/ cranberry. He sounds like a clever little devil!

      It’s ironic that he seems relaxed when the crazies are attacking him there! I think someone may be giving him meds w/out him knowing….Manager Nick, maybe???

      So they are named!

      • I should say I don’t know WHO you’re talking about, I am familiar w/ Wimbledon.

        • You don’t know who Roger Federer is? Only the best tennis player of all time and one of the most famous people on the planet?

          • I know who Andre Agassi is and that’s about it :/

          • Ummm… you need serious educating in tennis.

            If there was a Twilight FF set in the world of tennis, you’d know all about it.

          • True dat. lol

          • I am sure there is one out there somewhere amongst the 89,000 stories.

        • Roger Federer, he’s number 2 in the world. Or he was, Nadal might have had a bit of a suck fest and now Federer is 1.

          Andy Murray is the favorite to win, he’s been playing really well and he’s a Brit. Not a sexy one, however.

          • Murray def not a sexy one at all, but that’s probably cause he is Scottish (*ducks quickly* if any Scots are reading).

            Nadal injured so Fed favourite again, he has gone with a white/gold military theme, icky, icky, icky.

          • I met this really handsome Scottish dude one time, to be honest, I mixed up the accents and thought he was English. I think his name was Edward. I cannot believe my boss didn’t hire him.

            I thought Nadal might be injured, my RL BFF is going to be so upset. I think she’ll pull for Federer, she hates Murray.

          • stuff your boss, you should have hired him.

            Got to admit not that big of a Murray fan either, I like Djokovic, he is sufficently crazy that he appeals to me.

          • I was pretty sure he was going to ask me out, he didn’t really get the chance.

            I don’t know much about Djokovic, only when he’s winning and I get angry text messages from RL BFF.

    • It’s weird. It looks like sheets.

      Yes, NY Rob. He doesn’t have to worry about getting busted with Kristen!

      • We don’t use the K word in the LOTN.

        • And there’s a good reason for it.
          I don’t hate her like others, I find her refreshing, but the ‘paper cut’ scene in the NM trailer did make me think… that was a bit flat.

          • i just thougt not enough blood

          • I want to see loads and loads of blood gushing from Bella, but maybe that is just me *evil laugh*

          • From Bella, or KStew??? lol

          • well KStew is always crapping on about what a “method” actor she is, i say let’s see it!

    • I start with the most important first—Rob does look good in NYC! I loved that video today even if it was invasive. When he smiles, the sun comes out and all is right with the world.

      I’m reading a book about the marketing of POM called Rubies in the Orchard.

      • that’s actually the juice he bought me. I am pleased to hear you occasionally venture away from the FF E!

        • I USED to read a lot! FF will be the death of me!

          • but think of all the “interesting” things we have learnt from FF, I am sure Mr E approves!

          • But what a way to go, no?? lol

  30. Okay, this is a fly by shooting – hope you are all well, BLESS your youtube comments – and see you tomorrow maybe…

    • Hi!

      You’re welcome!


    • OK. Great Video Nat! Loved it. The unicorn on his happy trail! lol

      • Thanks, Eye C. That unicorn so made me laugh when I found it.
        I hope you all like the tattoo. I think I said last night that it was for you, but it really was for you lot.

        Now, really must go… busy work week day and night. Blah.


        • That tat was hilarious! Thanks for thinking of us….lol

  31. Randome thoughts:

    I’d like to add that I do know who the Williams sisters are. And that one chick that Enrique Iglesias was groping everywhere in his video…Anna Kornicova (I’m sure I butchered the heck out of her name, oopsy! I can’t find it in me to care)

    I started reading TOV b/c I was telling Jenny how good it was and I just HAD to.

    Johnny Depp and Rob is a combo I would love to see in a movie.

    I’m freakin’ thristy! I think I’ll get some tea.

    I ❤ my nieces! They are freaking adorable!

    • Your tennis knowledge could use a little work.

      I don’t know how you find the time for all the FF.


      Good call.

      I’m sure they are.

    • Tennis is clearly not for everyone

      I have that one printed with 4 others waiting to go, decided I will read the finished ones first, give the others more time to write more ch before i start, otherwise it could get nasty by having to wait for my instant gratification.

      Hell yeah

      I can offer some pom juice, i don’t want it.

      I ❤ my neeices too, to cute for words.

    • Can I just skip this one?

      You mean you’re re-reading TOV? I may do that in the future. I loved that one so much.

      Def agree. What a combo!

      Good choice.

      Sweet. I only had nephews. BFF had a boy. Cousins had boys. It took a while to find a little girl to buy bebe clothes for.

      “Whiskey is always my friend”–you know what I’m listening to right now.

      • Sure.

        Yes, I’m re-reading TOV and still trying to finish APD. I like, it I just haven’t had time to read much of it.

        Who do we send our ideas to??

        I only have 1 nephew. He’s adorable too.

        LOL! The new songs on Bobby’s myspace are pretty good.

        • I could write one of my famous letters to some producer out there again and try to get the ball rolling for that combo! NOT.

          Need to listen to Bobby’s new songs. STAT!

  32. I think I may be having Rob dreams, unfortuanetly i don’t remember them, but when i wake up he seems to be on my mind so I am assuming that means I have dreamt about him.

    • That could happen. I dreamed about Sam the other night, that was surprising.

      • wsa it a good dream though?

        • Yeah, it was nice. It wasn’t sexy if that’s what you mean.

          • nice dreams are good too.

          • Better than the horrible nightmares I was having. I’ll take Sam over scary images any day of the week. (Duh!)

          • I hope so, Sam is such a cutie, impossible to have nightmaes with him hanging around in your dreams

  33. Random Thoughts:

    I’m seriously procrastinating on writing a paper right now.

    I’ve wondered this before, but how does Rob look so good in gray? I have a picture of him in Dallas wearing a gray t-shirt, he looked so good in it. I, of course, might be biased, but I thought he looked extra good in Dallas.

    One of my toes is asleep.

    • Join the club.

      casue he just looks good in everything. sigh.

      WAKE UP!

    • Not good.

      I’m gonna have to agree that Rob looks good in anything. Except that outfit those crazy people put him in for that Zygote photoshoot.

      My foot is falling asleep. I hate that tingly feeling!

    • I do understand procrastination…. Pot meet kettle.

      It must be his gray blue eyes (or gray blue green). He also looks very good in blue.

      Weird. Don’t talk about sleeping phylanges to me!

      • I have to say how amused I am by the word “phylanges” not sure why…

        • Some words are just funny. The comedians have it all figured out.

    • Seems we are all in agreement here.

      He does look good in blue as well. And well everything.

      lol sleeping phylanges.

      • sleeping phylanges, I am so going to use that at some stage.

        • you know I’d really like to her Rob say that

          • He could read the the menu at Denny’s and it would be beautiful.

          • speaking of Denny’s I ahev alwasy wondered, is it actually worth eating there given it appears in so many movies/books/tv?

          • If you’re drunk it’s good.

        • OK.

          • I was thinking of hs Twilight commentary, i can just imagine him throwing somehting like sleeping phylanges in there somewhere.

          • Lizzie, if we hear it, we’ll KNOW he’s been lurking on LTR, LOTN–dead give away!

          • Go on Rob, you know you want too…

  34. Bedtime ladies. Early day.

    Night and sweet dreams.

    • Night EP, happy dreams

    • Night EP. Sleep well. Robdreams.

  35. Ok LOTN and any lurkers who may be hanging around (feel free to join in we don’t bite, well not unless you are Rob), its bye bye time for me. Have a good night all.

    • See you Lizzie.

    • Bye Lizzie. We shall see you on the morrow.

  36. Bye gals! (even though by now you’re long gone)

  37. EyeC? Partner in late, late night crime?? Did you leave too?? lol

    • No. Still here. Finally back to my Library Rendezvous.

      • Good! I was going to be sad.

        Library rendezvous?

        • LOL No need to be sad. That’s the one I started last night. So good! Edward just took Bella home to meet his parents—of course he lived in a mansion and didn’t prepare her for it. Last chapter was called insatiable–continual fucking. lol

          • I don’t know what my deal is, but I feel kinda down. Idk if I’m just tired or what.

            Oh wow….lol

          • Does it have anything to do with not enough sleep? Did your sister get back to you today about the apartment?

          • It could. I did get up earlier than I wanted to this morning. I was in a good mood all day though…I’m not really sleepy.

            My sister did call me today and she said that her mom (we’re half sisters) had a house that we could rent. The ups to that is no credit check, no deposit, I can move in whenever I’m ready, it comes w/ a W/D and we don’t have to sign a lease. The downside is that the bills will be a little higher and there’s only 1 bathroom. My sister takes forever to get ready. She always has. I’ve never been one for make-up so I don’t have that problem. lol It’s kinda hard to know what to do…she said she’d talk to her mom about at least adding a 1/2 bathroom, but idk.

          • I guess I could have read that better. You said it could be that you’re tired…. But sometimes it just is. Nothing you can put your finger on.

          • I think I’d rather do the apt just b/c it seems like a little less hassle.

          • Well, not even that, I just like the idea a little better.

          • I see. There’s also an unspoken obligation when you rent from family. That could be a nagging little voice you haven’t listened to. There should be some kind of discussion before you commit. The bathroom situation is worth the concern. Outdoor upkeep?Would you feel like you had the freedom you need? Is the location good?

          • Will your sister back out if you don’t want to share the house and stay with your original intention of a larger apartment?

            I know all these small type of questions can send me into a downer. And I’m not as assertive as I wiah I were so I try to accomodate. That makes me feel like I’m betraying myself.

          • I really don’t think she would mind if it’s what I really wanted to do. She’s being so nice about everything. I think I might tell her I’d rather do the apt. However, then the whole rental history/co-signer thing comes into play and I’m not sure how this complex will handle that…

          • Just so you’re honest about things with her. It will work out one way or the other.

  38. Yeah, she was going to talk to her and get back to me. I didn’t even think of the yard or anything, thanks! The location is pretty good. I’m not sure about the freedom thing.

  39. Maybe you’re getting bored with the fan fiction?

    • *GASP* NEVER!!! lol

      • LOL I just wonder how long it will be before it’s time to move on. Not yet anyway. There are an awful lot of them out there. I was so involved in Twilight for a long time and now it’s been several months since I’ve thought about reading it. Living in fantasy for too long can make real life very unsatisfying. I know I’ve changed a lot and I don’t know that I can go back to where I was before. But I will probably eventually take another shift in my life. Just like how this site has changed in the months since we’ve been here. It’s always sad to contemplate.

        • You make a good point. It’s really sad to think about 😦

          It does make real life a bit unsatisfying. However, in someways it has made me realize that I deserve better than I’ve been settling for. It might sound weird, but it’s the truth.

          • That’s right! And that is worth a lot to realize. Don’t settle. You don’t have to. With all this knowledge under your belt (so to speak!), when you do meet the right guy you’ll have a whole bag of tricks to share with him from the beginning! That should be fun. Very fun!

          • I was in a really unhealthy type of relationship and it really did give me the confidence I needed to say “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

            Oh the good times that will be had….LOL

          • I can relate to that. It’s really empowering to stand up for yourself when you know it’s not a good situation. I was so unhappy and felt trapped–and way too young. Never looked back.

          • I think it’s awesome that we have so much to learn from one another!

          • Or rather, I’m glad you can make me feel less weird. I’m not sure I have much to offer just yet. lol


      *covering ears* lalalallalalallala…I’m going to my happy place….where Bella’s blowing Edward w/ a mentha mouth! lol

      • ROFLMAO!!! Now THAT was a helpful suggestion, wasn’t it? Keepin’ a list!

        • OMG! YEAH! That’s totally going on my list! (and since I don’t have an actual list, I’ll have to hope I don’t forget it! lol)

          • Maybe we do need to start a few lists of various types. There’s a lot of information being thrown at us and we don’t want to lose track of anything important.

          • You and your brilliant ideas!

          • Was that tongue-in-cheek???

          • LOL, NO WAY! I think that’s an excellent idea that I could never pull together myself. I’m glad YOU have ideas like that. We certainly don’t want to forget any good ideas!

          • There should be a list of the music.

            A list of the ‘best of’s.

            Quotes, of course.

            Best authors.

            Order to recommend the stories to a newcomer.

          • All good ideas. The recommendation list is going to be hard to do b/c different aspects appeal to different people. I guess we could start w/ the tamer ones first.

          • That’s true. But some people are more suited to The Office right away and others, what, Wide Awake? The problem with WA is the length. A person has to commit to it. I guess it does sweep you up in the story, s that usually isn’t a problem.

          • Yeah, I think WA is an all around favorite. I think TOV is in the same general vicinity. The writing is good and although sex is discussed a lot, I think like WA, the focus is more on the story.

          • Yeah. It was the same with Black and White for me. That’s my first one and she is now turning it into a book so it’s NA anymore. Story was everything and only in the last chapters do they get to the sex. But it didn’t matter. Another one was Hydraulic Level 5. I didn’t even miss the sex because the story was so good. Now it will begin as things move into the B/E reunion.

          • B&W was on my “to read” list!! Dang it! I better read HL5 before it goes away!

            Seriously…I NEED a TOV update!

          • I’m planning on buying the book for B&W when she self-publishes it about September. I’ll loan it out to you. She still has the juicy chapters to add and she has about 5 one-shots that she is making available that fit into the story.

            I need to keep track of TOV. It’s slipped off of my daily check list.

          • That would be awesome, thanks!

  40. Best lemons. Filthiest fanfic. Sweetest lovemaking.

    Just a list of everything you’ve read.

    Ones you don’t recommend.

    • Those are good categories!

      Are you asking me for that? Or just telling me? lol

      • There are some that don’t leave you as excited as others. One I’m still reading is kind of irritating, but do I quit? NO! I’ve got an investment in each one and dang it! I’m going to see them through to the end! lol

        Sometimes you like one that someone else didn’t so you just kind of keep quiet about it. Like Stitches and Scars. I really liked that. Some drama, some lemons, some humor.

        I really did like the two part story A Lesson in Release and A lesson in Fate. I was just perturbed at Jasper but by the end of the second one it had worked itself out. I felt so bad for Edward, but he did do some changing because of it and that was a good thing.

        • I know what you mean. I still need to finish LYLS. Even though it wasn’t my favorite, I still feel like I need to give it a fair chance. How will I know for sure if I don’t read it all? lol

          To each her own! lol

          I need to read those! I like it when Jasper is a significant character. After reading Nothing Left to Lose, I realize that I’m not anti-B/J (haha…no pun intended!).

          • LYLS/ALE keeps getting better. There’s a lot of humor and a lot of thought provoking discussion of the super powers and a lot–A LOT– of sexy times, and a visit from Aro and another from Tanya. Both of those were very revealing. You watch the relationship between B/E develop an even deeper love connection.

          • B/J lol!

          • I think it’s the vampire aspect I don’t like. Jenny laughed at me b/c she was like “you DO like TW, right?” and I was like “of course!”

          • I know exactly what you’re saying. We loved TW but now that we’ve seen human Edwards and Bellas it’s almost like they are more real, more attainable and WARM and that feels like it could really happen. They are just like regular stories but having the TW background, they’re richer.

          • I agree! And I also said that TW was good enough already (except for that whole honeymoon thing and the demon baby lol)

  41. The Dom is also a good one. I think a lot of people are hesitant to read it b/c they think it’s super hardcore and it’s really not that bad.

    • Right. It can be off-putting to someone new, especially because we’ve now been raised to stand up for ourselves and never be subserviant and that seems to go against the grain. But once you’re into it–even The Submissive–you know it’s a choice and like APD says, who are we to judge another’s choice? Actually, The Dom is such a loving character (and I think a bit unrealistic) that it takes away amy doubt about his intentions.

      • APD does certainly shed all kinds of light on these sexual practices and deviations from the “norm”. I think this one might not be for everyone though. I can imagine some people getting upset if they disagree w/ some of the viewpoints.

        • I agree. It’s fairly strident feminism meets the D/s culture. LOL It makes you think though. There’s a guy on The Batchelorette (I know!) who had a foot fetish and I kept saying ewww. But that’s just the sort of thing that is addressed in that story. Open mind, EyeC.

          • I saw that guy on The Soup! He was kinda weird looking before the foot thing. lol

          • Yes. He kind of creeped me out anyway.

          • It’s really interesting to think about what kind of secrets people we know have, ya know? lol

          • I’m sure the world is full of them! Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors.

          • That is SO true!! lol

          • lol, just like no one REALLY knows how much time I spend reading FF. Well, aside from the ladies here. lol

          • Just as well. LOL

  42. A/N for ch. 8:

    “So, I cut the lemon out. Then I added it back in, because dammit, I just spent the weekend with 14 women at a cabin in West Virginia…if it’s crappy, just pretend it didn’t happen.”

    • I LOVE IT! lol

      • I love it too! She had the best A/Ns!

  43. After showing Bella around the mansion he took her jogging down the stairs piggy back and ran into Carlisle and Esme at the foot of the stairs. They were holding hands and both of them sort of twinkled, clearly amused at their display of affection. Awwww! So sweet.

    • *sigh* one day…lol

      • Some of these Edwards have such a beautiful spirit as well as being so damn hot that you can barely contain yourself! Why can’t there be a world full of well adjusted, loving, fuck-hot men out there?

        • I ask myself that question every day! lol

          • LOL

          • I sure do sit here in the wee hours laughing a lot! Out loud!

          • Me too!

          • That’s what friends are for…….

          • I can hear the intro to that song now. lol

          • Yup.

  44. Also, I don’t remember where I saw this one, but I didn’t know if it was one you read. Sounds full of drama! lol
    Les Liaisons Dangereuses, je croix. We were Cruel Intentions. We are Gossip Girls. We do not care. At all.” all-human.

    • No, haven’t read it. It does sound maybe bitchy.??? So many stories, so little time! I am going to go into withdrawal during that week I’m without a computer. Who the fuck doesn’t have a computer at home anymore???

      • Yes bitchy sounds about right…I started reading the 1st chapter. Here’s an excerpt. I thought it was funny:

        “The daughter of the chief of police cannot be infiltrated,” Alice said, her proclamation punctuated with a nod of her head. Rose gave a sneaky smile; I already knew where this was going.

        “I have no wish to do the new girl,” I said, a bored tone entering my voice. Shit, ladies. Give me a challenge of some sort. That Lauren chick had bugged me for like, two weeks afterward. I am not interested in inducting another member into the “Do Me Again, Edward” Fan Club.

        • And I’d like to know how to become a member of that Fan Club…lol

          • Ooooo. That might be very good! Yes, where are the papers to join up???

          • lol, Idk, but I’m sure doing Edward ONCE is a requirement to join 😉 lol

          • One I’d gladly fulfill.

          • hahahaahahaha….

        • Edward is quite a douche in this one if I do say so myself.

          • APD? Is that after the bathroom incident?

          • Nope. Scotch, Gin and The New Girl. Bathroom scene?? hmm….not there yet. She’s just wearing the corset and they’re all going to have dinner.

          • Oh, OK. Nvr mind.

          • lol it is forgotten!

      • And to the no computer thing…I have no freakin’ idea!! lol

        • She doesn’t seem to want one. So how am I supposed to turn her on to fan fic? I ask you that! She’s a Scorpio too. She would have liked it!

          • I think the Scorpio thing should be the opening lines! Then, you print out like 5 chapters of WA and give them to her to read. She’ll fall in love with the story and just HAVE to know what happens next and she’ll realize that this isn’t the type of story they’re going to give you access to at the public library, and her mind will be made up! Viola! lol

          • *voila (?) I know vi-o-la is wrong! lol

          • She is also the one who still hasn’t read TW which I gave her at Christmas. Makes me sad. She would so relate to Bella because she took over the household when she was 8 with a Mom who was a bit flaky like Rene.

          • What is up w/ people not making time to read TW? My BFF hasn’t read it either! I asked her if she still had the book and she said yes, she needed to bring it back to me. What a loser…

          • Yes. Voila with an accent over the a. lol

          • Losers. Guess we haven’t been as persuasive as we thought we were. I’m blue in the face trying to convince her. Even promised to send the next 3 books on loan–and I don’t do that lightly!

          • I know what you mean. I’m terrified her kid ruined it or something. And it’s my hardcover copy!

  45. Well, my tired is catching up w/ me. Talk to ya tomorrow! (or later, whatever lol)

    • OK. Sounds good. See ya.

      • Night!

  46. There is so much more to Rob than his movie persona!
    What I love about him is his inner self-expression through his eyes……it reflects his mere presence in the way he inhabits his being (his body, his mind, his laugh, his outlook, and his sexuality). Honestly, how can you resist such an amazing talented soul who’s polite, intelligent, witty, humble, shy-yet-captivating, who unintentionally makes all kinds of crazy-ass uproarious goofyness (not to mention a case of ‘words vomit’).
    Srsly, it doesn’t matter what he says or does not say. He is always genuine (in a ‘WTF? what-you-see-is-what-you-get-and-i-couldn’t-care-less-what-you-think’ kinda way) that he’s hot.. no matter what he wears (Rob in a Tux or Rob in his-natural-state ‘Hobo-Chic’ *cough.scruffyunkemptpubhoppinguitarstrumminboozer.cough*) All he has to do – flash his undies to the papz, work those eye sex, throw in some jaw porn, sex hair, sex fingaz, bicep action, pursed lips, crooked smile, and self-deprecating humor…
    and we would all be pushed over the edge into Dirty Girl Land.
    SO…..I think….THAT IS the secret behind the sexilicious f*ckhawt phenomenon that is Rob Pattinson!
    PS: I agree with Vanessarae that Rob seems more approachable and real (not too perfect or too intimidating); plus his adorkable personality and down-to-earth attitudes connect with us on that level.

  47. I just love that he is still so stymied as to why women suddenly find him attractive. He once said something about how he had been walking around with the same face for forever and no one paid him any attention and now—everyone’s stalking him because he is sooooooooo smokin’

    Also, two words—-JAW LINE.

  48. I think its the “regular” guy-ness coupled with the fact that he’s unatainable and rather good looking could have some psychological basis in his popularity and “hotness”… but I digress.. its the accent that’s the big turn on . That and the fact he wears a size 10 shoe that has women drooling.

  49. […] this video explain the allure of Rob Pattinson that we were pondering the other day or does it just compound the questions we were […]

  50. OK.. first, I love your site. Been reading here for months and this is the first comment I’m making. Why now? Well this topic is near and dear to my heart. It is the reason I am on your site and many others. Trying to find an answer to this now age old question. Sure there are the physical aspects, he’s tall, he’s got great hands, he’s got a terrific genuine smile(not the forced ones the real one) His accent, his hair, his eyes(those long eyelashes *swoon*) I could go on…but lets get down to busines here.

    OK so I am in my 40’s, let’s leave it at that. Too old to be obsessing over a 23 year old boy, sorry no offense but 23 year olds are not men, and yet this one.. is different.. something in his eyes speaks of wisdom that come from age. Is it an understanding of the world? An understanding of himself? I’m not sure, but there is wisdom there, and that is a turn on.

    There is a relaxed way about him, it’s approachable, comfortable. You feel like you could sit and talk to this person. There never seem to be walls up with him, he’s almost an open book, almost. That’s sexy… being able to be comfortable with someone.. totally sexy

    There is an insecurity about him, though I don’t think he lacks self-assurance, nor self confidence, I do think that he wonders if he’s fooling everyone. Um Rob, I’ll tell you over and over how great I think you are dear man.. if you need a pep talk.. I’m the one you should call!

    It seems he doesn’t really put weight into the whole “fame” thing. Though it is a career he pursued and a career he thought perhaps he should give up on.. he made it… and it’s tough and it’s silly, and it’s invading.. but he still manages to have a way about him that says, ” I know this could all be gone tomorrow, I know it’s almost as fake as the job itself, I’m just gonna do my thing and hope it all come out ok” Ah yeah… HAWT!

    How he carries himself I think is about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. The way he walks, the way he stands, the effortless attire.. I haven’t seen a really bad picture of him. I’ve seen pictures that aren’t as pleasant as others.. but none that I’ve seen are bad.. I mean it’s disconcerting at my age to see a picture and have butterflies just take off in my stomach.. friggen butterflies!.. That’s so not right.

    I can tell you the moment it started for me. It was the video interview where he is sitting on a light colored couch, and he’s looking into the camera and the female interviewer is not in frame, but you hear her talking, she had a really calm voice, and he kept picking up an empty coke bottle and tried to drink from it… you know the one I mean? That was the moment I fell head over heels, I’ll kill anyone who tries to harm this man, in love. Not love, like I want him in the worst physical way, (though I do) but Love him in a very protective, please don’t ever change you are perfect just the way you are way.

    I know most of these sites are tongue in cheek, and poke fun at the closet obsessors of this young man. And I’m fully aware of how silly I appear to my husband and the kids, and even some of my friends, (though I have some friends who are right there with me). And there are days, like when I’m in a store and my 10 yr old son announces, loudly, while pointing at a magazine with Rob’s picture on the cover “Look MOM it’s your boyfriend” in a sarcastic way that I wish this would all just go away. I wish I had never heard of Robert Thomas Pattinson, my life would be so much easier.

    Easier.. perhaps, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy. Because daily, in a world that is complicated, and a life that is always trying, on a daily basis, somewhere on the internet, I can find a smile, a giggle, a sigh and I can remember what it feels like to believe in possibility, to believe in magic, to believe in the impossible.

    Because really, isn’t that what it is all about. Millions of females(possibly men too) around the world, have found in one person a reason to join together, and be friends, and form a common bond that has led to new friendships.

    So what is it… after all my rambling.. I have a few reasons, but in all actuality, I don’t really know.. I don’t have the answer, but I would like to say this….

    Thank you Robert Pattinson, for brining joy to my life. For bringing new friends to my world. I wish there were something I could do for you, and I know there is not, other than possibly just continuing to admire from afar, continuing to love your work, and support all that you do. You have more than just fans, I believe you have friends.

    One last thought, about my earlier comment about killing people who try to hurt you.. I might not throw myself in front of a bus (or cab) for you.. but I would be willing to dive through a crowd to knock you out of the way of an on-coming bus or cab… (ok that would be a win-win.. win for you, you get to live.. win for me.. I get to throw myself on top of you and after all.. when you get right down to it.. dude.. I’m only human)

    Sorry for the long post, I should post more often, I probably wouldn’t have so much to say.

    Thanks for all your hard work ladies, and I know I’m posting this a few days after the fact, sorry about that too. I’m also sorry I don’t have a real answer for you, not a conclusive one anyway : )

    • loved the longwinded novella posted by “Too-old-4-this” because, girlfriend, you mirror my thoughts very closely and i am even older than you are!
      i love that Robert Pattinson is ALIVE!!
      my other irrational obsession has been with ELVIS PRESLEY and i have been an Elvis fan for all of my life since i was about 5 or so…i still am an Elvis fan now. people who know me and who love me (yeah, the gorgeous Irish husband and my 3 Irish-Chinese children and my other friends in NZ etc) accept that there is this part of me that has never been quite “normal” for a 50 something professional woman who, for all intents and purposes, is an otherwise intelligent, focused, practical, ambitious, dililgent and logical person whose life is busy, fullsome and wonderful!! thing is, it is BECAUSE i choose to also totally embrace the irrational, obsessional, illogical and crazy sides to me. ALL of my sides contribute to the fullness of my life. being able to come onto spaces like this connects me to a whole community of like-minded people who are funny, loving, creative, honest, soulful and who are all in love with the wonder who is Robert. Like Elvis was, and still is to some extent, Robert is a unifier of people, a builder of communities, a connector of diverse individuals, a common reason for assembly and sharing. He is a miracle-maker. the music, the physicality, the prodigous talents, the humanity, the freshness, the promise…
      Michael Jackson, another huge talent who graced our world and did much that was fantastic and good, just died.
      Robert lives and breathes still, and that is the single most wonderful thing i love about him. For me, he channels Elvis. Long may he do so, long may he live so we can all share in his gifts. i am happy to be part of this celebration. arohanui kia nga wahine ataahua (lots of love to all you beautiful women) from New Zealand. you girls bring on back the good times!

    • Oh Too old – no! That was my 4 year old son screaming at the Twilight Display at Border’s books last week! he did the same thing…and then he said..”Oh he’s soooo cute!” Now if my husband heard that then I would definitely be in some trouble but what can I say? he has heard me sighing way too much over all the rob porn out there. But I loved what you wrote and agree completely, happy you posted it for me to read 🙂

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