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Hotter than Robert Pattinson

Brooding, sexy, mysterious, British

Brooding, sexy, mysterious, British

Dear Rob,

For awhile now we’ve been talking about the finer points of Twilight over on LTT in a series we’ve called Twilosophyyou know, the philosophy of Twilight. It’s during these moments that we shelf the funny & have real, serious, heart-to-hearts about the deeper side of the Twilight series. It’s high time we do the same in our letters to you, don’t you think? So introducing our first session of Roblosophy- the philosophy of Robert Pattinson.

I have some friends from Nashville who are in a band.Β  And their band is becoming quite popular across the US, and they finally signed a pretty legit record deal.Β  I am quite excited for them and was THRILLED to finally see them perform for the first time since I last saw them with their last band for their farewell show in 2005. It had been over 4 years.

When the guitar player came on stage, I was pleasantly surprised to see he was still quite attractive (and not bald like most late 20’s guyfriends of mine seem to be), but surprisingly SHOCKED at how attractive he actually was to me. If you’re wondering if his attraction faded when he played his electric guitar and sang, you would be wrong.Β So much hotter that it caused me to text The Quad and say “I think I may have found a guy hotter than Rob.” (Forgive me)

But then something happened. After the guys played we went out for drinks with them and got to catch up. Turns out “hotter than Rob” is not only hot, but he’s the sweetest, most endearing guy ever. I knew that, but I just forgot. You just want to cuddle him. And hear him laugh. He asks the best questions and is like a little boy in the body of a very attractive, sexy musician. But that’s weird- cuz you can’t be little boyish and attractive & sexy & goofy all at the same time. You might think you can, but take it from “hotter than Rob,” it doesn’t work. I came away from our night out with the band excited for the next time I’ll see them again, but putting “hotter than Rob” back to the “less hot than Rob” status. His personality was just too adorable & geeky for him to be that hot.

"Hey. I'm a really hot guy, but I just farted & told like 10 people, so now I'm less hot"

"Hey. I'm a really hot guy, but I just farted & told like 10 people, so now I'm less hot"

So that got me thinking. All cast mates of yours talk about how goofy you are. Anytime Ashley Greene is asked about you, she sighs and says “Oh Rob.. he’s just… such a dork.” And that’s obvious- we know you are a dork. That’s why we love you. You’re constantly being described as “awkward” in social situations, and I think it’s quite obvious you’re a loner who doesn’t really mind being holed up in a hotel room all day, away from the public eye.

I think in my mind you’re this sexy, brooding, mysterious British guy who is sexy, brooding, mysterious & British all the time. However, my fantasy of seeing you in the corner of a dark bar and noticing in my peripheral vision you occasionally looking my way, biding your time before coming up to me, asking for a light, buying me a drink and then starting a deep conversation about music and literature (wait, is Twilight considered literature?) is probably pretty incorrect. In reality, if I did ever bump into you in a dark bar (and controlled my animalistic urges long enough to allow you to approach me) and had the privilege of speaking to you, instead of discussing literature and why suddenly I’m listening to Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” like it’s 1966, I fear the conversation might go something like this:

You: (tapping my shoulder, accidentally grazing my breast, awkwardly) Excuse me?
Me: Yes? (acting like I have no idea who you are)
You: Are you an astronaut? Cause you are outta this world.

leaving me so confused as to whether I should be offended or charmed by your complete, utter awkwardness. So, I have to wonder, if it works the same way it did with “less hot than Rob,” is it possible that after conversation & a few beers with you, I’ll just want to give you a hug (and not the “special” kind) and call you “pal?” Will you become less hot than yourself?*


LTR101: for your homework, discuss today’s Roblosophy in the comments. What do you think? Would his socially awkwardness & dorkiness make him ‘less hot than Rob’ if you ever got the chance to meet him? Do we idealize Rob & expect someone that he’s clearly not? Discuss.

I know you want to see a picture of “hotter than Rob,” but I’ll die because someone is sure to recognize him. And there is no way he can ever know I call him “hotter than Rob” (well, “less hot than Rob,” now) but if you’re wondering if EastFriend from The Quad still swears he is, indeed, hotter than Rob the answer is yes. Yep, he’s that hot.

*I feel like I just made Carrie Bradshaw proud with this post. I’m feeling a very “Sex and the City” vibe



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  2. You have a confounding variable here… is it his dorkiness that would make him less hot than himself or his attainability? Because yes, guys who act totally indifferent to your existence are hotter than those that acknowledge you. So out of the combinations…

    dork and paying attention
    dork and doesn’t know you exist (WIN)
    suave and paying attention
    suave and doesn’t know you exist

    *sigh* I need therapy

    • wow, i lovez me a dorky dude but how could i deny the hotness of the mystery dork? HMMM. what a conundrum. ANy hoo, come see if rob gets blown behind a dumpster and how you can tell if your frined’s are dorks at muh blog

  3. Maybe, maybe not. I had a boyfriend who was absolutely adorkable and I really adored him…until he tried to feel me up. Then it was srsly creepy. No sexual tension, zilch, notta…that was 10 years ago and I still remember feeling dirty – and not in a good way!

    I know I totes idealize Rob – how can I not seeing as I only “know” him through photos, videos and other people’s perceptions?

  4. Hmmm..that’s a toughie. I mean, of course we idealize him…we don’t even know the poor guy.

    Me personally…I love a dork. I think it’s hot. I love a good fart joke and cheesy pickup lines. So for me, it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I can see how that would be a turn off for some.

  5. Again…nice written. I almost chocked eating my babycarrots here in the office: “Hey. I’m a really hot guy, but I just farted & told like 10 people, so now I’m less hot”………………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA

  6. I know what you mean. I mean – when members of the Twi-cast talk about Rob – there’s always a tinge of incredulity at his popularity because as you said, they all see him as this big dork. I remember thinking before that everyone else in the cast must’ve been like the BMOC / cheerleader types in school … except for Rob (and Kristen, which is why I also think they click – but that’s another story).

    Even his past co-stars in Harry Potter (Emma and most recently, Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley) have positive things to say about him – but effectively close with something tantamount to, “but he’s not my type”.

    We’ve all seen the proof in his interviews and such – and I think this is what sets him apart from the rest – he’s a dork and never tries to deny it. Perhaps that’s the difference between being “adorkable” (of which Rob is the poster child) and just plain “dorky”.

  7. I honestly think his awkwardness would be really endearing!!! But then again I am the social butterfly and I always find myself attracted to the quiet/socially awkward kind of guys!! So Rob’s just my cup-o-tea…YES SCORE!!! Great post btw as usual!! πŸ™‚

  8. well.. i think rob being a ‘dork’ would still be attractive (like specialhugattractive) IF his dorkiness is more like over obsessing about bands, girls, awkward silences and being self conscious – then i would still find him sexxy
    but! if the dorkness is more like playing warcraft, telling knockknock jokes and being accidently rude.. then it would tarnish his mmm-ness.
    still the most attractive man, but just a little bit less..
    i doubt i’ll ever meet him, so i guess i never have to lessen my view of rob! lol but i still wanna meet him nonetheless

  9. I personally like the dorky kind. But you have to talk to them one-on-one in a private setting to find out who they are inside. I don’t mind them being silly and Little-boyish at a party or in a public setting as long as they aren’t loud and obnoxious. But often they turn out to be quite sweet and sensual in private. And that is what I think Rob is. But he is very young still, so maybe he has not quite gotten there just yet. I imagine when he is truly in love and she is THE ONE, he will be wonderful to her and make her very happy.

  10. He is beautiful, tall, slim and smart, well read, intelligent, and funny, humble, not caught up in the fame thing, but at the end I think the sub-conscience and the pheromone factor would prevail.
    We would fall for guy or not.
    But we can never tell before we meet him in person.

    And even if LTR girls say he smells like Sunshine and Jellybean and Rainbow ( hey, that’s my name!) and iforgotwhatkindof Bookbinders, I am afraid I wouldn’t like his smell. I like guys who look like they shower daily and smell like Gucci or Dior and I fear Rob uses his perfume very rarely.
    And he would be my friend forever. A very special friend I would touch his abs and stroke his jaw and hold his hands but would never wish to do behind the dumbster.

    So, no, I don’t think of him being to adorkable for me in RL, I’m only afraid the chemistry wouldn’t be there.

  11. PS

    I LOOOOOOVE ROBLOSOPHY, we should do this on a weekly basis!

    • i have some others in the works!

      • before i got to the carrie bradshaw remark, i was definitely feeling her vibe! nice work!

  12. In my own personal fantasies of meeting him in a dark, smokey dive bar (He taps me ont he shoulder as well. I would in no way approach him……………..ahem), he would be smooth and suave and a little… or a lot… cocky.

    Obviously, I’m 100% idealizing him. We all do, but that part of the fun. In reality, if I was ever in the situation of seeing him in person (in which he would NOT approach me and be smooth and say, “I just want to try one thing”), he would probably smoke like a chimney in my face, burp, and then comment on some other girl’s cleavage.

    I prefer fantasy, thank you very much!

    • i know… I think we all in someway want that cocky mysterious guy- and Rob is NOT that….. hmmm

      • Did you see that video of the paps hounding Rob in NYC and he tells them to “go away”, giggles, but then gets mad. It makes me want to cry, hug Rob, and then punch the camara guy.

  13. Ah, see it’s the incredibly adorkable, adorable, shy, goofy guys that can turn around and be incredibly brooding and hella sexy the next that attract me. I don’t think he can be too adorkable for me, that would actually be a plus!

  14. @UC…cool that we are going this direction today.

    THIS…has been an uncomfortable, recurring mental battle with me for years. Knew I wasn’t alone.

    See guy, watch guy, get obsessed about guy…everything is idealized, perfect, and (if I’m being honest) I dont even want to mess with the perfection by taking it to the next level. But I do, so we get to know one another, and ugh…crush over. Cause the mystery is gone. And my mental version of this person is not accurate. So fickle.

    This guy could be the Lord’s gift to the woman race, and I’d find a flaw. This has always been my dilemma. I fill in the blanks in a way that satisfies me alone. No guy can live up to this. Hence Edwards appeal, he has a woman’s mind. Rob=Edward subconsciously now for pretty much everyone. Hard to dissect the two. Even if Rob really is as ridiculous and dorky as we hear.

    Naturally, Rob is flawed, awkward, dorky, immature in some ways, insecure, and etc.. But we idealize him because:

    a. He’s drop, dead, down and dirty hot. Period. You cant help what mama gave ya, right.

    b. He brought Edward to life, nough said.

    c. He is a celebrity.

    d. He is unattainable, but comes off as vulnerable, therefore, seemingly attainable.

    e. He is a musician…..HELLO!

    f. He is witty, clever, well-read, and slightly off the grid. This is so current, he is bound to climb the ladder.

    Do I think we would all be marginally disillusioned upon spending an extended amount of time with him, maybe some of us. Do I think I could get past the way I would like to him to be, rather than be paralyzed by the way he actually is? Depends on me. Cause he’s flawed, guaranteed.

    I would love to, just once, shock the hell out of myself by genuinely finding a person (attainable or not) attractive AFTER I know them to be ridiculous. Cause I suspect he is. And guess what…still interested. πŸ™‚

    • You always in the award for longest comments ever. And I love them.

      We all have to admit it- we’re idealizing Rob hardcore!

      • I know, right? And I cant stop talking in RL either! I am soooooo an Alice. No, not a Jessica….an Alice! xo

        • And you have a knack for hitting the nail on the head, as well.

  15. He’s a hot, dorky mess. Just the way I like ’em.

    Besides…we’ve all heard/read that in real life he’s just a scaled down version of Art in Hot To Be. And Art was a hot, dorky mess. Brilliant.

    p.s. UC, you are soooooooo Carrie Bradshaw. UC in the City! Woooooooooo!

    • seriously. Big needs me NOW

      • Did you catch my Freudian slip?

        “Hot To Be?”

        I’m amazing.

        Almost amazing as my boyfriend, Eric, last night…in FOILS. You know how I love me some Vampire Eric. And dorky Rob. Amen.

        • don’t give away the secrets

        • mmmm….Loves me some Eric. The foils sent me into hysterics for several minutes. Tearing the cape off before he strikes. Classic.

  16. I live in Nashville, I know some bands. Who is “Less Hot than Rob”? I’m intrigued for no other reason than if at any point you thought he may be “hotter than Rob” I may have been missing out on a hot guy…and that’s not like me. If you don’t want to out him, just give me some initials or a little clue or something.
    BTW…Rob doesn’t need to be clever or cool or suave. He can be the biggest dork in the world. I don’t need him talking to me when he’s rockin me πŸ™‚

    • email me and i MIGHT tell you.. he’s married though πŸ™‚

      • ahhh….the “Hot Married Guy”. Nevermind. I already spend enough time on unobtainable dorks. Thanks though.

  17. Nope, doesn’t make him less hot. Its Robeffect. Only makes him hotter. Can’t be helped.

  18. UC you’ve made me proud with your Carriesque post. Brilliant!

    As for Rob *sigh* it pains me to say it but I fear that upon meeting this beautiful speciman of a man, my crush would be over. I too have allowed my imagination to run wild with ‘how we met’ and I of course would behave semi stuck up and pretend I don’t know who he is – that is until I pull out my keys and he spots my Twilight keyring (d’oh) – in the end my fantasy always ends up with him being completely smitten with me (of course) and I being completely turned off, hoping someone calls me to say “something bad happened” πŸ˜‰ so I can get away from the bozo!

  19. You raise a very good point…would the goofy side of Rob bug me after a while or does the goofy end once he becomes more comfortable with someone.

    BTW, damn “hotter than Rob” actually exists, in real life. That I’d like to see *wink*

  20. So far some agree & some think his dorkiness wouldn’t make you want to call him “pal” and be on with it… and I WANT to believe that.. i DO! however….. remember my story about “less hot than Rob?” it happened. And I’m not kidding- the guy is GORGEOUS… but.. he’s just too ‘cute” to be that hot! ya know!? I guess I’ll just have to meet Rob to find out!

    • There you go…you HAVE to meet Rob… for research purposes of course. Then you have to tell us all once and for all how he smells, how he talks,if he really runs like a goat, how he chews his food, etc. It is hard to say for sure because on paper he is the total package, but we all know from experience that is not always a good thing. Damn you UC for making me think (even more) deeply on Rob (and of course, that’s what she said ;))

  21. I think that Rob is the type of guy that you become friends with first. You don’t meet him in a bar and begin a relationship because that’s not how he rolls. He’s much to shy/socially awkward to get to know in a bar setting. I think if you were like friends of a friend and got to know him in that context then he might his adorkableness would win. But in a bar you’re expecting cool and suave, and that’s just not Rob. But that is totally why I love him!

    • i agree…. he definitely isn’t the ‘send a drink your way’ ‘hit on you in a bar’ type of guy..

      • Oh but he would love it if you sent one HIS way…. alkie that he is… I wonder why someone with his smarts drinks and smokes as much as he seems to?

    • I second that. You are right Mer about the meeting through a friend’s part.

    • I would want to be friends first, then friends with benefits shortly thereafter.

      • yeah, like 15-20 minutes after!!

        • I like the way you think πŸ˜‰

  22. Brilliant post UC, just BRILLIANT.
    It is definitely a Carrie Bradshaw/Sex & The City post, complete with voice over & everything.
    You’re totally channeling Carrie & NYC due to Rob being there.
    Seriously, this is the 1st post I’ve read in 2 weeks (you know why) but it’s officially going to the top of my favorite posts list. πŸ™‚

  23. Photos of Rob filming “Remember Me”

    • Actually, try this for more:

      • I ❀ his hair & awkward feet.

      • Thanks Jena. I’ve just done a little squeeky noise of excitement.

      • *waves frantically* Hey Jena!! It’s been a while!! Thanks for sharing those pics! I ❀ those shoes!

      • One can always count on you Jena…you enable…may you live long and prosper. πŸ™‚

  24. You know, you raise a very good point. I never thought of it that way, but it makes total sense!

    And, yes! When you said it, I did feel a “Carrie/Sex in the City column” vibe. Bravo!


    P.S. It was great to meet you yesterday! πŸ™‚

  25. I must admit> He is my type…that dorky, intellectual, goofball…opinion arrived at from, of course, that “outside “observation and all our collective musings.

    Do we Know Him ..NO…Yes, the “Mystery” is intriguing, the attainability fuels it.

    A “boring” mess can be sooo DELICIOUS….add his HOT looks…shoot me ACROSS the UNIVERSE.
    Chemistry is Chemistry;)

  26. As hot as I think Rob is and make jokes about the sparklepeen (which my bf now calls his OWN peen, AS IF!)…I have to admit that I don’t really look at him in any sort of sexy time way. I honestly think if I were to meet him I would really only want to drink and hangout and listen to music with him.

    He’s just THAT guy.

    • Prob true.

      I wonder if THAT guy ever morphs over time into THE guy? I’m willing to do a controlled study, for the sake of science of course! πŸ™‚

      • I think we could get government funding for that study. Or at least have a bake sale to fund it. Because it is a theory that NEEDS to be proved! Science shouldn’t suffer any longer.

        • *running to bake brownies now* In the name of science! And while we’re at it I can use my grant writing skills to get that Rob Cloning experiment underway as well πŸ˜‰

      • LTR girls got skills…

  27. You know, I was thinking today that I actually think Kristen is HELLA more awkward than Rob is. I guess its just because of his quick wit to save a situation.. I dunno. But I really think he’s more genuine than anything. That’s a good word. And that’s what I would expect if I ever REALLY got to meet him for more than 2 seconds – at least a few minutes of conversation. Would I be less attracted to him though if he was awkward? I don’t know… Like some of you already said I actually DO have a thing for awkward, blushing boys. That gets me every time…though I do like more outgoing guys as well (Because I’m somewhat shy myself) and I dunno, Rob seems like a good mixture of both! *blushes*

    You know how though.. When you get to know someone… like REALLY know them your perception of them changes from when you first met them, obviously. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite of your initial reaction. Like you liked the guy at first, now you can’t imagine being anything but friends. Or vice versa. I imagine that’s how relationships go with everyone, Rob being no exception. And I find myself wondering which one it would be for me. More Roblosophy for y’all πŸ˜›

    • Oh Sarah, I love your comment. I agree with you.

    • Sarah – I agree, I think Kristen is way more awkward than Rob – verbally at least. We call Rob dorky and awkward …. but actually, from my point of view I think I’m doing him a disservice – really I don’t think he is dorky at all:

      Yes, physically he holds his body sometimes in “dorky” positions (twisted feet, strangely over bent hands – this guy is def. hypermobile which is probs why his feet and ankles get all twisted up – too much flexibility!). But to me verbally he doesn’t come across as dorky in his interviews and behind the scenes footage at all – humourous – yes; flirtatious – yes; humble – yes; intelligent – yes …. but like someone else above said, it’s not like he’s into dungeons and dragons or Star Trek (so maybe I have a different definition of dorky than Americans do? So dorky – no not for me.

      Maybe it’s because I’m also English his sense of humour is completely familiar – he’s the sort of guy I went to school and uni with. OK my guy friends were sadly no way so beautiful …. but I digress. The little comments he makes knocking himself down, taking the piss out of himself (to put it rather crudely) the quick wit etc, that’s what I’m used to in life anyway. That’s not dorky to me at all. OK, so maybe v. slightly dorky are the “too much information Rob” comments. But again, I think that is something which we Brits are quite likely to do … we are much more open about ourselves and our faults than many other nationalities. So again it’s kind of normal for me. I often type a response here and then have to censor myself as I realise “you can’t say that EG to all the world ….”

      And we’ve had lots of fan reports about people who have met him and asked for autographs and photos etc. They’ve just about all said he was really sweet, perhaps a bit quiet or shy (understandable). But not that he started sprouting Forest Gump type prose (ie dorky).

      So … after warbling on for so long about someone I’m never going to meet, but enjoy following as a fan …. and kind of going off on a dorky tangent somewhere along the line …. think about all the responses the female interveiwers have had to him. You know the ones who you can see being dazzled and going all gooey when they interview him.

      I think he’s just too *bleep*ing hot to be fair. And if I ever got to meet him (apart from being embarassed because I’m far too mature to have silly movie star crushes) I’m sure I’d find him just as scrumptious as my imagination does presently …..

      *fangirl squee* *slaps self and says “get over it EG”*

      • Yeah, what EG said! πŸ™‚

        • Ditto that for me, too… only, I’m not English. But, I did live in London for a while when I was in school… does that count?

  28. For the first encounter with Rob …I don’t think it would matter what he said …as long as it was in that sexay Britsh accent and he was sporting that sex hair …he would totally be Hot Rob and I would be all over him like white on rice! Nuff said.

    • I dated a Brit before I met my husband. Did I love the accent, yes. But after awhile, I didn’t hear it anymore, the novelty wore off….and sadly, he was not my guy (he was my brother, ya know?)

      Nothing against Brits…cause my whole family is Brit, Scot/Irish, and German. Basically, this boils down to…I will never have a tan. Ever.

      • My family is British, too, and my friends used to come over and go on and on about the accent, and I would think, what accent? It’s true! (I’m ‘merican and have no accent, myself) I got the weird mutant gene from my British side tho, and I totally tan!

        • You can tan???? B*itch! πŸ™‚ xo

          • Ah, now don’t take the p*ss out of us because we don’t tan well.

            It’s always really embarassing going on holiday in Europe and playing “spot the englishman” by the massively red sunburnt blob on the beach. Or the completey white new arrivals … who are then glowing red the next day.

          • Ya, that was me. And you know what really stinks, the sunburn fades and the freckles stay! Grrrrrrr.

          • Oh it’s weird, I look like the milkman’s kid in all the family photos of my pastey family, and there there’s me…. I do live in the Pacific NW, so my opportunity for tanning is a pretty narrow slice of the year, though.

    • I’m a bit worried about his accent right now. At the MTV awards show it was seriously watered down. And it really is such a nice accent, even to me as another Brit.

      Rob … you need to hang around TomStu even more. And speak “english english” together. And don’t let Emilie’s auzzie accent get you even more confused accent wise.

      But yes Proselyte3 …. it is only an accent girls. Lucky he has his looks to fall back on really ….. (he he he).

      • So this happens to other people? Even the Brits?

        Cause when I lived in Tulsa for four years, I started to drop my ‘g’s. I’m goin to the store. How are you doin? Etc. Now I’m in Canada for fourteen years, and I caught myself saying ‘been’ instead of ‘ben’. Not on purpose. Just unconsciously to avoid attention.

        • Yes my accent has really changed in the last 12 years as I’ve lived abroad so much and it is really hard to hang on to your accent when you are surrounded by american or aussie accents. They are just infectious and they slip in and get you before you know it. Then I have a US friend who has spent so much time around Brits she sounds half british now to me … very strange.

          You know whose accent totally kills me? Christian Bale. I know he likes to do his press junket stuff in the same accent as he used for the particular film … but his accent, it’s such a jumble. I have no idea what his own original accent sounds like anymore. Mind you not sure he’s used it much recently. I just saw Terminator Salvation in the cinema and his accent in the film sounds ok to me … but then they showed a programme on the TV about the making of TS and his accent in that was totally confusing and different each time they spoke with him. It got me all confused.

          • Isn’t he from Wales?

            Ya, I dont hear it at all.

            I am from AZ, I swear we have no accent to speak of. But my husband claims that the ‘Valley girl’ is still hanging on.

          • Yep originally. I don’t think he lived there for that long though. I certainly haven’t ever head a true welsh accent come out of him. Remember him in Empire of the Sun when he was a young teenager, but that certainly wasn’t a welsh accent.

            Hey, a valley girl accent sounds like it might be a good one to me! So keep hanging on to it.

          • So when Madonna started speaking with a British accent it was just more of living there not because of a stroke?

            Cause you know, you can have a stroke and all of a sudden become British…true story from the internet.

          • Good god in heaven. Who published that rumour then? The Enquirer? *shakes head and laughs* “A stroke?” No no no.

            Madonna sounds just like my US friends who has spent too much time with Brits (though she doesn’t live in the UK interestingly, but she doesn’t live in the US either). Any Gwyneth P as well.

          • I was speaking with a British accent this weekend cause there was a bunch of British soccer players in this Irish pub here in Atlanta. They said I did good but it got messed up when I dropped in the occassional “y’all”.

            HA!! Man, they were hot.

          • OMG!

            Cause you know, you can have a stroke and all of a sudden become British…true story from the internet.


          • I’m laughing.


            Yeah, that is one thing I didn’t pick up when I lived in Texas!

            I hope they were all suitably bawdy and drunken but in a friendly and not aggressive way. I’m sure they were probably all off their heads knowing Brit lads.

          • Yeah, they were off their rocker drunk but they kept telling me I was the hottest girl in the bar so I didn’t really care what they were!

          • This reminded me of something…

            I have a friend who’s married to a guy from France but went to college here in America. He was a linguistics major and speaks VERY good American English… almost no hint of an accent.

            At their wedding, I met his sister who was married to a British man and learned most of her English in England. She had a London/British accent. It was very weird to be sitting at a table with two siblings, one with an American accent, one with a British accent. It kinda freaked me out a little.

  29. I think his dorkiness is just what makes him so irresistible. I’d take Rob with his lame pickup lines, possibly greasy hair and maybe airbrushed abs over a Ken doll like Zac Efron any day. The fact that he embraces his dorkiness only adds to the hotness.

  30. Beautiful post, girly! You are totally channeling Carrie, down to the wondering question at the end….

    “I couldn’t help but wonder….are dorkiness and hotness mutually exclusive? Or do they work together to create the ultimate unattainable man?”

    Carrie I am not.

  31. Hi. Sarawthouttheh here. You know me. We email. I send you ridiculous fanart photos. Anyway. I’m thinking you should hook me up with “hotter than Rob.” Because you said he was kind of a geek. Well, I happen to love geeks, especially if they are in the body of hot musicians. You have my contact info, make it happen πŸ˜‰

    • haha.. he’s married already!

      • Oh shame.

        I was thinking Robsten Mark II was going to be enabled there!

        • You should totally set up a dating website UC/Moon.

          We’ve got a lot of knowledge about the perfect man between us all.

          Of course those of us that are already attached will have to abstain from the service and just recommend our single male friends.

  32. wow this post is just all kinds of fab. i gotta admit tho, dorky rob is ok with me. hes obviously socially aware enough to go on interviews and be summits whore, so he cant be that much of a creeper. im ok with a slightly socially awkward dork because im a slight socially awkward dork myself. match made in heaven.

  33. Lainey’s got more new pics. He looks hawt! Seems the pics Jena posted above were from the rehearsal. Anyway love the plaid shirts.

    So I guess this guy is playing his bff then… no TomStu 😦

  34. My hubby teases me that for all I drool over Rob, if I actually had him in my presence, I’d probably just feed him full of Italian food and cookies, and otherwise mother him to death.

    /sigh I’m a little afraid he’s right, so for now, I’m keeping my inner Italian Mama stuffed in the corner while I ogle pics, because NO ONE is hotter than Rob.

    • “Look at you my little bambino, you so skinny. Here have a meatball.”

      “But maama, I no hungry.”

      “Eaaaattttt. You waste away.”

      HAHA!!! That’s fantastic.

      • I see you’ve been to dinner at my house.. πŸ˜€

    • Ha, ha – totally what I would do! And, he’s looking way too skinny these days… Poor bb.

      • He is def too skinny at the moment.

        It breaks my heart to think he’s been living out of hotels for months now, well for over a year I think, apart from a few weeks back in London over Xmas. I think he forgets to eat half the time. And because he’s probably cut back on the booze a bit compared to life pre-Twilight, he’s not getting any bad calories there either!

        • WAIT!!!! Booze has bad calories??? That is pure blasphemy and you need to say 10 Hail Marys RIGHT NOW!!!

          • I know I know. I just wanted to set a good example for the younger members of the board.

            And be educational of course ….

          • Of course. πŸ™‚

        • No, no… every good Englishman knows Guinness is a food group! You can practically chew it, even.

  35. The question you pose is interesting. However, I would be far more attracted to dorky Rob who accidentally grazes my boob then to smart, philosophical Rob.

    So, in answer to your question, I would jump his bones. Just sayin’, there ain’t no doubt in my mind!

    • “accidental” boob graze= WIN!

      Because that’s the only way “dorky” guys (who can’t seem to find a girlfriend-WTF) get to second base… Right?


  36. My last ex-boyfriend was the super goofy, socially awkward, adorkable sort. Here are a few things I discovered about dating someone like that:

    1. He will always be sweet and polite with friends and family and they will love him.

    2. He will keep you laughing.

    3. He’s not always awkward, ifyaknowwhatI’msayin’.

    4. He’s fun to shop for.

    5. When you get him talking about something he’s passionate about and get a glimpse of his confidence it is triple sexy.

  37. And …. I’ve just noticed he’s spilt coffee all down his front on his first day of shooting in NYC.

    Yep, he sure is clumsy. Only Rob.

    But still hot.

  38. Is this why you gave me the ultimatum and made me choose between Rob and Chris? Were you brainstorming that day?

  39. HOLY CRAP….!

    Found on Robsessed….dear Lord of all that is pure and holy….look at THIS vvvvvvvvvv

    • oops, didn’t mean to do that! Sorry, well…enjoy!

      • 1.03 is… OMG… it just is…

    • Ouch!!! That is hot! Thanks

    • OK……I’ll not sully your imaginations with what this video has just done to me as I’m sure the same physical effects will be felt by all who press play……
      Proselyte3 ❀ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…..There's nothing like Rob to prove there's life in the old dog {bitch in my case} yet!!!!

    • Nummy! That boy should be illegal in all 50 states – oh, the things he does to me!

      • My pleasure….srsly,…

    • Yummy.

  40. OMG

    I just forgot everything I said. I would so love/like/adore/do him no matter what!

    • ditto…can’t believe I ever doubted…

  41. OMG

    I forgot everything I said. I would so love/like/adore/do him.

    • Of course.

      It always comes back to that doesn’t it!

      • Just when I think I’ve got a grip on this obsession…. we get more pictures for me to drool over, an account of Robsten that sounds real and makes be positively green……. {why when she’s lovely and someone really needs to be getting some Rob action?}
        And I’m back to stage one and will be watching Twilight again tonight whilst checking for updates on all my ff over on the forum……..Still at least I’m in my Happy Place…..

  42. Gosh, I don’t know. I’m thinking that his dorkiness will make him more hot. Maybe not at first. I mean, obviously first impression is that he is hella hot and gorgeous. Then once you get to know him, you might think he’s a little….odd?? But then after that wears off I think his idiosyncrasies and dorkiness will be truly endearing.

    I can’t help but think of one of my best friends in high school. We were very close all 4 years and he was such a fun, kind but really geeky dorky guy. But somehow, our last year of school I *totally* fell for him. It was like all those stupid jock idiots I liked before were so pretentious and cocky and BF was just so real and genuine. I think that’s how it would be with Rob.

  43. I love it when the blog post of the day really gets everyone going.

    We do like to ponder things over here at LTR don’t we …?

  44. I started this rollercoaster ride of Robsession about 3 months ago… and I’m at a place now where I can appreciate a good Roblosophy discussion.

    Rob is deliciously dorky in that suave European way… which is why it comes off cool to us poor Yankee bitches. I have always loved an accent that was different from my own (southern drawl)… hence I married a NY Yankee!

    What really draws my interest in this young man is all the craziness that comes out of his head via that lovely mouth.

    Sense of humor… check.
    Intelligent vocab… check
    Not afraid to make faces… check
    Expressive eyes… check
    Talks with his hands… check
    Willingness to listen… check

    I would be happy just being the chick that had to squeeze by him in a smoking section… how “normal” is that? At least that kind of “encounter” is based on something real… rather than begging for a photo or asking for him to scrawl on some stupid piece of paper

  45. The Ray Bans. In New York. The Ray Bans.

    There are so many weird random facial expressions in those Remember Me photos, and then the Ray Bans appear and…

  46. Every time I question my sanity and wonder whether I’m just being carried by the LTR beast, my previous rational mind overcome with the sheer… lustdom of the Church of LTR… there are photos of the man, in Ray Bans. It’s like his face is made for them…

    • And Amen.

      • Hallelujah!

  47. The Lainey pics are so well-timed for this Roblosophy 101 discussion. I really believe he is more or less playing himself in Remember Me. Seeing the filming and the completed film may help each of us resolve whether we like the dork or the sex side more. BTW, did you notice the one where he is doing air guitar (#19-yes, I checked)? Epitome of the adorkability.

    As for me, it’s his adorkability that really does it for me. I adore the skinny bod, the scruffy non-shaving, the unaddressed need for manscaping, the thrift store-slash-nerd-slash hipster clothing, the take-the-piss Brit humor, and most of all the vulnerability (because I think that’s what makes him so humble and embarrassed all the time and I think it’s what causes his ridiculous TMI comments in the media and at, ahem, awards shows). And, oh yes, the voice/accent.

    The fact that all of that fabulousness happens to come in the Robporn face+sex hair+body+height (he’s the perfect tall-ness) is what has caused my Robsession! I’ve never cared this much about any celebrity and it’s because of the adorkability that I’m attracted to in real life being part and parcel of the hotness that is Rob.

  48. so i get a message from a gf of mine thats in NYC right now, and goes to NYU.. yeah. i get the txt of

    my friend, the biotch that she is (*tho i love her to death ) MET him infront of the elevator today! (at like noon)
    her rendition of how he is, a bit nervous, crazy ass pale (bc of twilight..?) a great guy w/ a great smile!

    thats how i envision our first meeting to be, well.. our first PG rated meeting to be.

    in interviews, he seems the nervous type. no one really prepped him up for what twilight was really about. if you watch his interviews, you can tell that he clearly listens to each question.. whether or not he really thinks of how he responds, is another story. and thats where (my) appeal is in him. he’s not afraid to say whatever is on his mind. he’s got a twisted sense of humour that he’s willing to put out there on tv.. there’s one funny interview w/ him and rachelle. and one line was

    rob–“i dont know why everyone goes on about my hair, ive got plume’s of dandruff fallin out all the time”

    rachelle- “PLUME’S of dandruff? where, i dont see any?”

    rob– scratches his head

    rachelle- “the fact that you just did that on camera just made you 10x hotter! see, we have a problem here!”

    in conclusion, his whole quirky down to earth self is what drives me towards him, and makes me just wanna pounce. πŸ˜› haha


    my friend, the biotch that she is (*tho i love her to death ) MET him infront of the elevator today! (at like noon)

    Wow! She met him!!!! So, did he speak? Can your friend confirm whether Robbie still has his fabulous English accent?

  50. wow. this discussion has been very interesting. I’ve been reading LTR for a while, but i just never posted a comment. But this has got me wishing that there will be a Roblosophy 101 class that I can take when I start college in the fall. I personally think that if I were to ever meet Rob in person, his dorkiness really wouldn’t change anything about him, because he’s always seemed like such a private person. Were I to really get to know him, I bet he wouldn’t be awkward at all. Plus, I kinda hope that he really ISN’T all that brooding for one reason. Rob has always reminded me of James Dean – with Ray Bans or sans Ray Bans. He looks a lot like him. But frankly, James Dean is just too cocky for my taste. If Rob is the way that some of us think that he is, then I personally believe that it’s just a facade. Not only that, but I prefer dorky Rob. I relate to him better, seeing as how I myself am such a dork, and a really private person. His dorkiness wouldn’t detract from his hotness for me at all. But just because I think that he’s adorkable, doesn’t mean that I think he’s just a pretty face. He seems to me like a very intellectual and deep person, someone you can have a profound conversation with. Plus, I happen to be a sucker for a guy with a British accent. lol

    • It’s so much better with the Ray Bans.
      I’m just saying. He should be a Ray Ban ambassador.

      • hear hear! he should be like the ruler of all ray bans. i wonder if the person who invented the ray bans knew that someday, Rob would wear them and the fans would find the picture and obsess over them. I’ll bet he did. lol

      • here here! he should be like the ruler of all ray bans. i wonder if the person who invented the ray bans knew that someday, Rob would wear them and the fans would find the picture and obsess over them. I’ll bet he did. lol

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