Posted by: themoonisdown | June 7, 2009

Dressing up for the big event with Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob and Sam (why not?)-

Why do a good portion of your fans look like they got dressed in their closet in the dark before coming to an event to see you? I’ve been to a few Twilight/Rob/and assorted friends related events now and this seems to be a reoccurring theme. I understand the saying ‘to each their own’ but after a while I can’t sit back anymore and wonder if someone pulled the drapes off the windows Scarlett O’Hair style and ran out the door for a concert. The scary thing is I think some of these actually took thought and preparation and a couple trips to JoAnn’s fabric to pull off.

Of course we all know our BFF the Pattinson pants girl by now…
She really is a model of true devotion when it comes to her event outfit… comfortable denim for the long wait? Check! Cell phone with internet capabilities for twitpicing crazy outfits from the event? Check! Assorted ironed on images of Robert Pattinson on pants to look at when you get especially bored at event? Check! Comfy white Keds with handdrawn Eclipse motif to keep the tootsies from getting tired? Check!

Yup, seems like she’s ready.

Last night as the Sam Bradley show, gals were taking it to another level… witness
You never know when you’re going to need to be ready for a spontaneous Goth wedding, especially at a Sam Bradley show. This fan showed her preparedness by stripping grandma’s lamp trimming and borrowing the Von Trapp family’s curtains while also knowing a brown shoulder bag would be a practical addition. Well done! I didn’t stick around to see her production number of Doe a Deer or Climb Every Mountain.

Like Carrie Underwood sang, Jesus take the wheel! Because this young gal is headed for a head on fashion collision! I was so memorized by her shoes I followed them around for half the night trying to get the perfect angle to showcase their brilliance but alas a few too many birthday shots and trying to escape the dudes from one of the opening bands made this rather difficult, till finally there they were in all their polka dot glory. Marvel in their brilliance.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg in hot mess fashions that we’ve seen this year and will undoubtedly continue to witness as we draw closer and closer to the November premier date. And I can’t wait… just know boys that I’m looking after you and will continue to document each and every amazingly terrible and whacky get up that one of your fans decides to wear to an event in your name!

Make it work, people! (love you Tim Gun!)

PS be prepared for a full review of the Sam Bradley show at the Whiskey this week! We had an insane blast!


  1. If you’re not too freaked out by the Rob fanfic, I’m really liking Just This Once.

    • I wasn’t freaked out so much as adjustment issues I think, but as you said as you get into the story you sort of get used to the blurring of RL and FF fantasy. Will def give it a whirl, happy to try most things.

  2. So what’s up for yuou now the garden is in E?

    • Just seeds in 3 small areas to be finished in the morning. Then I need to keep working on my flower beds in the front yard. There’s always plenty to do.

      I’ve got a bit of crafty work for my brother which will help pay for the trip back to IA. Then I need to get back to my jewelry work, making some of the more elaborate pieces I have designed plus some of the chain and bead pieces so I can get my Etsy shop up and running. I need to learn how to use my camera and get the pics on the site. Still a lot to learn but I need to get going so I can make some money!

      • That sounds like a plan and very good to hear you gettung back into jewellery mode. We want to see your stuff too! Would offer to help on the techno stuff but we both know that is a completely empty offer, def not my forte!

        • That’s OK, Lizzie! LOL There are all kinds of training articles available on the site. I just need to settle down and get busy. I used to follow the site as intensely as I now follow LTR—and that’s saying a lot!

          • Yep that says it all really. LMAO!

  3. And I liked (well, you know I like them ALL one way ir another!) the one I Hate Myself For Loving You. I’m almost to date on In The Blink of an Eye. It’s the one where Bella is 26, in a wheelchair after breaking her back jumping off that cliff. The author has given a lot of thought to many subjects from vampire anatomy to vampire time perception to disabilities to v. hunting practices to family dysfunction to what the Cullens COULD do with their lives instead of just repeating school over and over again. Very thought provoking. No sex until in the 30 something chapters.

    • it’s funny how quickly your perception changes isn’t it, i now expect there to be sexy time lemons and even a bit disappointed if there isn’t, who’d ahve thought it. Then again in my wildest imagination i certainly didn’t think i would be reading on-line ff either. I did love that little shoutout to it in I love LA, particualry when Rob found it.

      • It is strange that I’ve become so addicted to it! I do love the lemony ones and thought that would have to be a part of it to be enjoyable but actually with this last one I find it is just as engrossing as the others and it really stimulates my mind. There have been a few like that. Of course I’m not ready to give up andy of the others any time soon!

        • Will give that one a whirl too, i like my lemons, but suppose i can live without! Actually so long as it has a story that engrosses me and makes me read through is a sure sign i have enjoyed it,

          • Yup. And those stories that make you think will stick with you even longer.

          • that is def true, they are the ones that have stood out, some of the others while I have enjoyed reading them have blended a little after time, I think i accidently started to re-read one i had already read, as I was reading I was thinking this seems familiar but as they all have an element of crossover it wasn’t till a major plot point it was like oh yeah, no i have read this one!

          • Yes, I know. That hasn’t happened yet to me, but it could. That’s why The Red Line was so memorable—nothing else like it!

          • Ah yeah TRL and stripperward stands alone!

      • Oh yes, the shout out—LOL! That was great. At least with Rob actually mentioning it in the GQ article that confirmed any questions we had about “Does he or doesn’t he?” lol

        • Yep, also loved the no filter and underpants references, I think that was when i started to really get into it as a genre, and enjoy ti for what it was. All silly stuff but it works!

          • It’s so funny how they will use the exact happening irl that Rob actually said or did and work them into the story!

          • I think it is great that there are so many amateur but talented authors now able to get their stories out there to an appreciative audience.

          • Me too. It’s a great way to test the waters with their writing abilities. Quite amazing how widespread it is!

          • I still can’t believe had someone not pointed me here how much i would have missed out on, *shaking my head in disbelief* I used to wonder how people spent all that time on the internet, now of course I wonder how do people ever stop. LMAO!

          • Speaking of being an appreciative audience, do you leave reviews E?

          • I didn’t even want to think about fanfiction for my first year after reading the Saga. It was too much to contemplate. But once I started on this site and took it from TW to Rob and then read the first couple that were recommended here I really did get hooked. And it doesn’t look like we will come to the end any time soon! I do need to put it in perspective though.

          • I do occasionally. It depends on how much the chapter inspires me. So many of them have been out there for a while and I feel like I’m late to the party and what does my review mean anyway? But others I feel like I HAVE to show my support. I usually write a paragraph or two and try to make it worth reading.

          • I had to review that Office chapter with the French in it! That still gets to me…. And Songirl, who I’ve seen here on LTR has a new one—a Rob one—on that I commented on her first chapter. I am liking it already.

          • I know I kind of feel the same about being late with it, but feel i should make some sort of effort esp as they are giving me such reading pleasure. Will look out for that one then, I just tend to go to the forum and pull one that has been placed in there, they haven’t driven me wrong yet!

            Just saw crowded house get the last song for Gracie and George, awww.

          • There are a lot on the forum and all but 4 of mine are there. Plus they keep adding more! I think it’s so cool that some of the authors are logging on and adding to the comments! I don’t think I’ll be running out any time soon.

          • no def not, each time I go to select a new one about 5 more have been added!

            OK E I need to call it, dinner, gracie and the mundane RL chores are now demanding my attention casue I have of course left them all to the last minute…yet again.

            Sweet dreams.

  4. What do you think about that last chapter of A Lesson in Fate? Adrian being turned??? And Edward in trouble!

    • oh, clearly i need to check the updates there too, they all just got married in england. I am behind!

      • those chores are so not going to get done, LOL!

  5. Good Bye Lizzie. It’s been fun talking with you. See you later.

  6. […] the now infamous polka heels girl… I’m still on the look out for identical pairs for Xmas gifts for all the LTR girls there that night. Shhhh don’t tell them! […]

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