Posted by: Bekah | June 6, 2009

Rob is hot in any language

Dear Rob,

You may not know this (or want to believe this) but you’re hot. You know: hawt, attractive, smokin’, caliente, heet, chaud, heiß, varm, quente, καυτός, caldo… Doesn’t matter what language it’s in, it’s true.

Today is “Rob Pattinson is hot around the world” day. I made it up. Just for you. Look for cards in your area Hallmark store soon!

Ro-bare looks tres magnificant in Cannes, France

Ro-bare looks tres magnificent in Cannes, France

Curly Rob looks like he wants speghetti in Italy last year

Curly Rob's hair is cute as spaghetti in Italy last year

Rob is muy caliente in Mexico

Rob is muy caliente in Mexico

Japan Rob wants to take you out for sushi (that's what she said)

Japan Rob wants to take you out for sushi (that's what she said)

London Rob misses all the other countries...

London Rob misses all the other countries...

Rob foregoes that extra helping of pasta and instead produces AMAZING abs in Italy in 2009

Rob foregoes that extra helping of pasta and instead produces AMAZING abs in Italy in 2009

And my personal favorite: US Rob, where he should always be because it's home of James Dean, In-and-out burger and... ME

And my personal favorite: US Rob, where he should always be because it's home of James Dean, In-and-out burger and... ME

Stay here forever, baby,

-What did I miss? What other countries has Rob looked hot in?
-How bad did I mess up your language when I said “hot” in it (blame google translator) Correct me in the comments OR leave Rob a special message in your very own language!


  1. “Rob Pattinson is hot around the world” day.
    Cool Idea … Hope he goes to more countries..

    • who can argue with the hotness that is him? I think if Rob was in South Carolina it would be the hottest, then we could meet,bang, fall in love behind a dumpster, and then laugh at Kristens’s awkward sad face. Yay!!

  2. Well, In swedish its het not varm. Varm is like warm… or something. Whatevs, he is het !

  3. Sizzlin’!

    • OMG! First! First! Wheeeee!

  4. Je suis mort maintenant. Merci!


    Mes culottes sont allés.

    Ha ha ha! If I screwed up, I blame google translator as well.

  5. …and a squee(!) was heard ’round the world for His Holy Hotness…

    Thanks for another awesome post, UC!

    p.s. my RL is totally lamespice, because I am sending you Happy Birthday greetings two days late. Hope all your Rob fantasies come true this year! it may take 12 months to fulfill them all..:)

  6. No canada pictures? With all the pics from filming in Vancouver, there must be one worthy of that group. (and that group was so, so good)

    I think hot in Canadian is “he looks hot, ay”

    • eh

    • whoa… there’s a country I forgot.. HA!! whoops!

  7. Alright, I am a chick from AZ, who lived in OK, then moved to Canada….let’s see. I’ll just go with whatever pops into my head.

    HAWT MESS!…this works.

    desordre chaud de sexe….better.

    Yes please…honest and direct.

    • @Moon/UC…please interrupt my rather uneventful existense with NY/Sam show details. Please, this is me begging.

      • seriously. it’s good stuff. just wait. Moon has it for tomorrow!

  8. “heiß” is the right translation for hot in German, also you can say things like: unwiderstehlich, wunderbar, hübsch, schön, bezaubernd, charmant, gutaussehend, hinreißend, zauberhaft, verführerisch, ansprechend, begehrenswert, berauschend, anbetungswürdig, attraktiv, unglaublich, fantastisch, …

    So my special message to Rob is:

    Du bist einfach … [such dir was von oben aus, es passt einfach alles]

  9. Mmmmm, what a delish way to wake up in the morning. Better than coffee. Thanks for all the worldly hotness! And I agree, Rob should ALWAYS be in the US. Okay maybe an occasional trip to Italy…he does always look especially hawt there.

    Thanks for all the worldly hotness! And congrats on the shout out at Sams show last night! Very exciting! Did the crazy ho ever make her move. LMAO

    • you girls would keep poor rob from his precious U.K.? thats just cruel! and he misses it so…

  10. Hai Rob,
    Saya dari Jakarta, Indonesia. Cuma mau bilang, datanglah ke sini. Dijamin gak bakal nyesel. 🙂 semoga sukses dengan film barumu.
    Cup cup muah muah…

    Btw , Hot in indonesian = Ganteng abis

    • Hi..
      I’m Australian but I live in Bali, Indonesia.
      This are my nieces def of Robhawt in Bahasa…

      Buseeet deh Rob!
      Adow, seKseh..
      gaNteng abiS..
      mantaP buangeet sih..
      keRen luar dalam..
      gile ni cWo… cakep bo! kyaaaaa *histeris*

      Get the drift!

      PS: Dear Rob, if you ever need a vacay. Why don’t you bring your amazing self and come on down and have a Bali Getaway. You can chillax and enjoy the culture. I’ll be your tour guide FOC! *winks*
      Just be new moon-shirtless, wearing only your sexpender pants and unlaced shit kickers ‘cause it’s kinda hot here, and I”ll supply the rest *whistles innocently*

      PPS: Thanks UC/Moon love your site.. *hurraaaah*

  11. V R O Č E !

  12. Yes, yes, definitely HOT!!!
    Is there something wrong with me for not looking at his abs because I find myself continuously staring at his arms and shoulders??!

  13. Robert is hot in bulgarian = Робърт е горещ!!!

  14. Melding til Rob

    Hvis du leser dette – jeg mener NÅR du leser dette – du leser jo alt som blir skrevet om deg på verdensveven (=bloggen min). Jeg vil bare si: Rob, du er the shit. Jeg elsker deg. Vi bør være sammen. Jeg mener, bare henge…Jeg har en kjæreste, altså. Du skjønner, jeg tror vi har en hel masse til felles. PS! Jeg er helt normal.

    PS2! Er ikke UC og Moon bare helt, fullstendig fantastiske?

    • did you say something mean about us!? 🙂

      • No, she said that you girls are amazing and I totally agree! (I really think you knew that she said that though – but hey it’s always great receiving compliments right 😉
        You always make my day with your funny blogs 😀

  15. Rob, want a root, cause you’re hot?

    BTW when are you coming to visit us downunder, and yes baby we will.

  16. Robert is hot! in bulgarian = Робърт е горещ!!!

  17. Rob ni moto sana! Ninatumaini utazuru Afrika ya Mashariki …

    (though I haven’t seen any pictures of him in East Africa yet)

    • east africa!? really!? although your name is pennstateleah!? i’m confused….

  18. Rob, you are hot no matter which country you are, what you wear or don’t wear. It never matters. Heck ya..I even like your hobo look or what you say ‘Bum’ look. I don’t care about your looks[honestly, just a little bit. C’mon I am a 22 year old straight female, I have needs too, like you ;)] but seriously it’s your personality, sense of humor, laid-back attitude and so many other characteristics. I heard you can cook really well too which is really the best thing for me because I really can’t but I am open to learn if you teach me. You can cook and I can clean. We are couldn’t be more compatible. Well, we are but let’s just discuss that in private, okay. : )

    Oh and you totally make me hot for you above all of the reasons I mentioned here. Do, what you keep doing. Just keep it real, like you always do and I hope you always will.

    Much love.

    • *characteristics that makes me fall for you.*…*We couldn’t be more compatible. Well, we are more compatible than you think but lets…*

      Ignore my grammatical mistakes Rob, you tend to do that to me when I think about you. You make me very much distracted. Apart from the fact that English is actually my forth language, it really doesn’t help either.

  19. Rob es extremadamente caliente en El Salvador!!!
    Caliente, delicioso, rico, papasito, buenote, cosita…
    definitivamente es caliente en cualquier idioma, en todo el mundo…jijiji

    Rob is extremely hot in El Salvador!!!
    Hot, delicious, yumi, papasito (this one I don´t know in english), soooo good, yummy thingy…
    definitely hot in any language throughout the world … jijiji

    • papsito doens’t really translate.. i think it’s like “hot daddy” which just sounds weird… but I know what you mean!

  20. Hot in Hawaiian (even tho it’s technically part of the US) is “wela”. So Rob is wela. That’s not all that sexy.

  21. You did very well in portuguese: quente!!! 😉 Sadly he’s never been to Portugal 😥 But there’s always hope! I wouldn’t mind moving to London :p


  22. Rob is definitely not “varm” but het, sexig, underbar and överdrivet perfekt!

  23. And you wrote just right: Hot = quente!

    With an old and good Portuguese:
    Rob, você é quente; um tesão! E seu jeito atrapalhado somente te deixa ainda mais charmoso e perfeito! As coisas que eu penso em fazer com você, ah, Rob… isso é errado! Mas eu nem tô aí!
    Pronto, falei! RsRs
    Beijo e me liga!

    hahaha I bet Google can’t help you with these… Oh boy! LOL

  24. Danish word wouldn’t be varm, we do not use the exact translation of hot (which is varm). We use the term LÆKKERT – We have three of our own letters Æ,Ø & Å (as in type, not the kind of letters you write). Æ is basically A and E put together.
    But Rob would in Denmark be described as being lækker…..or in his case MEGET LÆKKER (very hot :-D).

  25. Dang! I am digging all these letters to Robbie in different languages! Probs would be even better if I could understand them. It also kinda makes me want to lose my writing-rob-a-letter-v-card. Here it goes:

    Dear Rob,



    How did I do??

  26. I’m southern…so even though the word for “Hot” is “Hot” here…we do have a few colloquialisms that fit. How bout this one:

    “Rob is hotter than two squirrels screwing in a wool sock!”

    • LMAO!! I ❤ it!

  27. “Rob is chaud” definitely doesn’t work in French, lol! It means he’s horny/a man slut, which while an interesting perspective, does not quite convey the right feeling.

    So, a good old “Rob est trop sexxxyyyy” will do :))

    • hahahahahaah. blame google translator! or maybeeee that’s what i meant 🙂

  28. Its like he radiates sex waves sort of like telephone lines bot they are invisible and attach straight to our…well, you know.

  29. In dutch if we say “hij is heet” we would say that “he’s (sexually) passionate”!
    he’s hot could be translated as:
    hij is echt hot!
    hij is echt sexy!
    hij is echt lekker!
    hij is echt jammie!
    hij is echt knap!

  30. Dutch (hot=heet)
    Rob, je bent een lekker ding die me heet maakt
    (trans: Rob, you are cute and you make ME hot)

    Papiamentu a language spoken in the dutch antilles (hot= caiente)
    Rob, bo ta dushi i kajente
    (trans: Rob you are delish and hot)

    And sobody already post in spanish

  31. Amor mío: Eres una delicia,de sólo mirarte me vuelvo loca,cómo puede existir en este mundo alguien tan espectacular como tú?..
    He perdido toda la esperanza de encontrar un hombre por causa de que has dejado la vara tan alta…por favor no sigas siendo tan gracioso,tan inteligente,tan sensible,tan ridículamente sexy,tan,tan….tú.
    Te amo Rob,mi obsesión contigo nunca pasará a menos que desaparezcas de este planeta o te dejen de tomar fotos tan hermosas.


  32. Rob is really skinny in the last picture, which I assume was taken in New York. Like… super skinny, that his jaw lines is extra prominent. Which, isn’t necessarily a bad thing… I just like my boys to have a little meat on his bones. So Rob… while in NYC, please stop by the street vendors and try their delicious selection of hot dogs. Don’t skip out on your daily intake of Heineken beer, too!

  33. Yeah he does look kinda skinny. He needs to go green with a 12 pack of Heineken!

  34. Cripey!

    I think I’ve learnt how to say complimentary things to the male of my choice in about 15 different languages tonight. Mr English will think I am being VERY NICE to him tonight if I choose to utter a few of my favourites.

    @Baguette – I love the look of “ridículamente sexy” – no translation needed there for sure!

    @Mia – as my other half is German I’ve paid particular attention to your lovely long list – I’d forgotten quite a few of those words! Mr English (it does make me laugh a bit to think that Mr E is not actually English …) will be most suprised if I throw a few of those at him in the near future!!!! I remember he used to use a few of them to me when we first met ….. I’m going to have to ration them though – don’t want him to get too expectant!

    And anyway I’ll be practising all my new sexy words first looking at my computer screen …. and you know who.

    We’ve said it before: Letters to Rob is SO VERY EDUCATIONAL.

  35. the other day at lunch… UC and i lit’rally went all fangirl about that last pic of Rob… it went something like this:

    Calli: Gagh! could you imagine if you saw rob in NY his weekend?!
    UC: I know… did you see those newest pics
    Calli: (getting all squee) ahhh yes!
    UC: (also squeeing) Omg that one… where he’s walking…
    Calli: uhhh… YES… the one…
    UC: yes that one…
    Calli: you don’t even have to say it … i know.
    UC: killed me.
    Calli: yes killed me.
    (breathless squeeing)

    we then composed ourselves and returned to pretending to be two normal people meeting up for lunch.

    p.s. i’m pretty sure one or both of us may have fanned ourselves like with our hands. don’t judge.

    • Calli – am with you both there all the way. Fanning with hands is a pretty self explanatory survival tool for a Rob fan, so not judging AT ALL. That’s normal girl.

      Oh, and I still want to wash those bloody jeans of his. SOMEBODY please do this guy’s laundry for him.

      Dear Rob

      I know you probably don’t care one bit about the state your jeans are in …. but it’s giving me apoplexies. Do me a favour …:

      There will be a plastic bag in your hotel wardrobe (or possibly a nice cloth one as I am sure you stay in very smart hotels) and an accompanying sheet which you just need to fill out with your name (ie Mr Handjob) and the clothing items (better stick all of them in frankly – you’ve been on the road for such a long time I think they are probably all on their 5th or 6th wear now). The very next day they will all be returned folded and packed in cellophane and stacked on a nice tray on your bed if you’re lucky. And clean! You probably don’t even need to pay the extortionate hotel laundry prices as I’m sure you don’t pay your own hotel bill. OK I suppose it is possible that not all the clothing will make it’s way back to you … the laundry mistress might have to mysteriously “lose” one or two samples, but you can just grab some more clothes next time you do a photo shoot. Just don’t forget to leave yourself something to wear for the next day if you send your entire wardrobe (so that would be about 10 items then plus the undies if you bother with them). Oops, forgot. You totally don’t care if you wear today’s stuff tomorrow as well.

      Oh well, give up EG. Go do your own laundry at home if you have the urge to purge! I am sure Mr E has some grubby stuff somewhere.

      ps Rob … even in grubby jeans … you’re still hot.

      • Rob is fine with his clothes for now.
        When he and Kristen stayed at Charlie hotel after the MTV AWARDS, she stayed in and did the laundry. Rob went out to party. Next morning, her mum came around to help her iron and pack his clean clothes. Then he was off to NY.

        /That’s what happened./
        And if you want to know where he was that extra day in Italy when no one saw him, I can tell you.

    • i remember fainting and waking up with a panera panini stuck to my forehead…

  36. Ok so it is like totally normally then to think that last pic of him in NY may be one of the hottest pics of him eva!

    Ok, I am glad cause I actually pulled that pic up and said that to my coworker.

    So I am NORMAL yea normal! thats me! lol

    • Hiya Brummie. Hows things?

      • EG… I was thinking about you… thought maybe you had mustered enough strength to give up the robsession!

    • so normal. hottest EVER

  37. Although Libby and Baguette already covered some ways to say “HOT” in spanish, I’d like to add a very chilean one:


    I don’t think there’s a translation for that one! lol

    So, mijito rico, you’re exquisito, mino, maravilloso, saboreable, ahhhhh la cagaste pa’ ser rico!

    The other things that came to mind are dirty words that a lady like me can not reproduce here lol

  38. Hey, there’s no better day for a “Rob Pattinson is hot around the world” day than today because it’s my birthday. 🙂

    @ English Girl: Add “anziehend” and “erotisch” to your list.

    • ooh yeah …

      It’s going to take a few nights to use up all these words! Can’t throw them all out at once you know!

    • happy birthday!!!!

      • @ English Girl: Yeah, make it nights to remember. 🙂

        @ unintendedchoice: Thank you. It has been a nice day although the weather was wet and pretty cold. But Rob heated it up, it was “Rob is hot around the world” day, after all.

  39. Clearly he’s giving good unicorns in Australia for Who Magazine.

    But he’s especially Edwardly in the Cannes Dolce and Gabbana suit.

    (there you go, Nuggety… two WA references in less than 50 words)!

  40. Would just like to say… every time I see that Italy photo…

    It’s the phwoar factor, again and again and again….

  41. @ team buffy: Rob må bare lære seg norsk først så kommer han sikkert løpende haha;)

    Er helt enig – digger LTT, LTR og RAoR! Får meg alltid i godt humør.

    og selvfølgelig….

    ELSKER Rob. He may not be especially “varm” (warm) but he’s definitely sexy and HEIT!


    No shit! You got that right UC!

    What a pleasure to see these pictures all lined up in a row…He is the universal language!

    The pic of shirtless Rob–OMG after getting lost in the V and the abs when you finally get to the eyes it’s enough to break your heart. The intention of what he’s about to do is written all over him. With just one look….

    And yes, US Rob is splendid. He’s sooo—ROB! James Dean and Rob in the same sentence, oh yeah!

    How does a heart skip a beat in so many languages?

  43. Dany,I’m also chilean!!awesome!!…el Rob es lo más rico que ha poblado esta tierra.No hay discusión.

    • Ay que emocion! Perdon por no haber contestado ayer, pero tuve que salir. Ojalá nos encontremos más seguido por aca!!

      Un abrazo!

  44. लूटने सेक्सी है <– rob is sexxyyy

    (in hindi)

  45. this was a fun day- especially b/c so many of you who don’t speak english as your first language came out to play! we’ll do something like this again!

  46. I love GlobalRob!

    Dear Rob,

    Even tho we, as your clothes, can walk off you because we’re so dirty, you’re still smokin hot, even as DirtyRob. But, we’re begging for some Tide. Please show us some respect and wash us. You should take Paris’s advice: Never be photographed in the same clothes twice, umm erm, 684 times.

    your clothes

  47. ………amazing.
    lol…i love your guys’ posts, always make my day.
    you should check out my friend and i’s youtube site, we gave you a shout-out in our first video =D

  48. I looooovvve this day ! I think it will become my fav day (maybe after my kids’s birthday and my wedding anniversary 😉 ! Rob is one of the best looking man in the entire world ! That’s all I had to say …

  49. Oh and by the way, I’m totally in love with your sense of humor and your website … I’m totally addicted (since I need to come every evening before going to sleep just to see if there is a new post :)) ! So PLEASE keep going, you’re the best !!!

  50. No LOTN tonight?? WTF?? lol

    • Hey FN, I was late tonight and thought we might be taking a night off.

    • I literally just said that to ErPattz.

      Hey FN! I’m here. Haha

    • I know FN, this is a first.

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