Posted by: Bekah | June 5, 2009

Celebrating my anniversary with Robert Pattinson


Quite possible the hottest picture taken of you in the past 23 years. New York looks good on you...

Dear Rob,

I don’ t know if you heard, but on Tuesday I celebrated my 3 year wedding anniversary with Mr. Choice. Oh stop it- unplug your ears. I know it’s so hard for you to hear about me with another man, but to be fair, he was in my life before you were. Actually, funny story- I was first introduced to you on my honeymoon- so 3 years ago this week! The resort we stayed at had DVDs we could rent, and one night we rented Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (What? You can only have so much sex on a honeymoon…sometimes you just need to relax with a little magical adventure about a 13 year old boy)

Anyway, he’s a pretty great guy. I mean he does allow me to have this obsession with you…This year is my year to plan our anniversary get-away. I’m taking us to the Big Apple! It’s only about a 2 hour train ride away, and since we’re trying to save money, we’re going to stay with one of my best friends- she’s busy all weekend and is giving us a key to come and go.

Coincidentally you are said to be in New York at this very minute.* Hmm.. how convenient… I’ve already got gawker-stalker set up on my phone so that I can be notified immediately when you’re spotted somewhere.  It’ll all be part of my anniversary surprises for Mr. Choice. We’ll head uptown and he’ll assume we’re going to MOMA, but after I get notified that you’re near Union Square, we’ll hop on a different subway and head towards the village. He’ll think it’s a game- to confuse him with more anniversary surprises! He’ll never know! (well, unless he looks through the pictures he thinks I took of him modeling his new jacket in Union Square Park and notices they are off center or he’s barely in them, and they are zoomed in on a familiar-looking British guy about 20 feet behind him….)

nyWe gotta be sneaky about this, after all… It is my anniversary, and I promised I wouldn’t blog or mention the words: Rob or Pattinson (or twilight, new moon, moon, the quad, robsten sucks, that’s normal, summit, ‘a friend I met online,’ vampire, young adult fiction, the blog- gosh.. what are we gonna talk about?) the entire weekend. Here are some suggestions I came up with so that we can see each other without hurting Mr. Choice’s feelings or ruining our anniversary.

  • You could be a hot dog vendor. I’d even eat one, despite being a vegetarian. Plus you’d look adorable in the vendor apron
  • You could coincidentally be crashing on the couch at my friend’s apartment. She always has random friends or friends staying at her place- it isn’t unusual to see a hot, famous British actor on her couch from time to time.
  • Since you’re staying over, late one night I’ll liquor up Mr. Choice & suggest we watch “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” to help us reminisce our honeymoon. He’ll be so drunk & tired from me dragging his ass all over town, trying to find you, that he won’t notice if suddenly “Cedric” is no longer on the screen but snuggling up next to us.
  • Commandeer a cab for the weekend and magically show up at every location I tell you to. In front of the MOMA, in rush hour Times Square Traffic or in random alley ways. Each time, try out a different accent (and maybe even a mustache?) to trick Mr. Choice. You could try Russian, Indian, British (easy!) and even James Dean!
  • Late at night, after Mr. Choice is long asleep, you and I can rendezvous in the Meat Packing District. (Wait for it…) That’s what she said!

Can’t wait to see you,

*As I’m penning this masterpiece, rumors are circulating that you are no longer in NYC, but there is no proof. And little do they know that you ARE there, just in hiding, waiting for me.

Just to clarify, I made our anniversary plans weeks ago.. It truly is pure coincidence if we end up inviting Rob to our anniversary dinner at Tavern on the Green

I feel silly from all the birthday love yesterday. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Moon & The Quad & the forum mods and ALL of you who left the loveliest comments. XOXO

Friday Task List:

  • Go visit the forum. Rob’s flat is always fun. Are you pro-Robsten? Anti-Robsten? There’s something for everyone!
  • Go see what Moon has cooked up over on LTT
  • Vote for us! See how we’re the Top Twilight Site & Blog at #27? Clicking on that will make us more popular on those sites. When you’re there do you see the little graph under our icon? Clicking on that will bring you here and you can rate us (it defaults to 3 out of 5- so change that to 5 out of 5- you know you wanna!) Repeat the steps for LTT!
  • Check out Bella’s Jacket. You see it up there. You want it. Go look. (Plus they pay us to be there & they’ll be happy with us AND you if you look)
  • Hug a kitten. Or fine. A dog if you like those. No pets? Kiss a picture of your favorite vampire.


  1. Meat Packing District…NIIIIIICE one!

  2. Hot Dog Rob…hmmmm I have his sausage anytime………..
    Love the sound of the anniversary trip, I’m sure Mr. Choice won’t notice a thing…..
    Have an excellent time U.C. ❤

  3. LOL Yes Mr. Choice, you and Cedric all snuggling in bed…OME I think I just blushed 😉

  4. Happy anniversary UC… Wow Mr. Choice is really nice putting up with your obsession … If I don’t get Rob .. I want a Man like that 😉
    “Hug a kitten. Or fine. A dog if you like those. No pets? ”

    I don’t like animals … But I’m not a particularly an animal hater don’t get me wrong ..I just keep my distance ..

    “Kiss a picture of your favorite vampire”
    Sure of course I’ll will .. I do it everyday ..I hug the screen occasially too ..My sister saw me one day .. It was crazy ..she even told mom ..and they all had a big laugh.. LOL

  5. Meat Packing District – that will keep me laughing all day long. HAHAHA! 😀 Thanks for that UC!

    Happy Anniversary! Have fun in NY!

  6. It is a special thing to find a man who will love you unconditionally.
    To accept that even though you agreed to love honor and cherish him that you could also love honor and cherish another man at the same time.
    A man who will understand that his needs come first as long as Rob doesn’t need you for anything.
    A man who will forgive you if you accidentally slip and land on sparklepeen.
    Only real men are capable of this.
    You have a keeper (and so do I!!! I will be married 10 years on June 12th to a man who laughs along with me as I read the comments! Side note though: I don’t read him mine)
    Have a great trip!

    • hugs!

    • loved your comments pishposh71. My hubby is also beyond tolerant – perhaps even a bit of an enabler – and he is rewarded with many trips to the meat packing district!

      It’s true – only a great guy can embrace the greatness of the Edward/Robsession and make it something you can share.

      Happy 10th anniversary – I just celebrated by 12th a few days ago.

  7. Happy anniversary UC. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. A contigency plan you may want to consider just in case RP has left the Big Apple; stop at the thrift store on your lunch hour and pick up a 2 dollar black hoodie. Who cares if it’s gonna be 80 degrees in NYC this weekend! Keep telling your husband how great he looks in it. At least if you don’t actually bump into RPatz you can pretend. And if you can convince the hubby to keep it on in bed you will become even more of legend to your legion of devoted blog fans.

    Happy Anniversary, and many more!

  9. WOW, I gotta agree on the pic, his profile shots are DELISH!! Gotta love that freakin jaw!! Oh the visuals….

    Have fun in NYC! I wish you the best for casuallybumpingintoRobandmakingallyourdirtiestfantasiescometrue… I mean, uh, for your Anniversary!

  10. WOW, I gotta agree on the pic, his profile shots are DELISH!! Gotta love that freakin jaw!! Oh the visuals….

    Have fun in NYC! I wish you the best for casuallybumpingintoRobandmakingallyourdirtiestfantasiescometrue… I mean, uh, for your Anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary.

    And, my husband has band me from saying anything associated with Twilight and Rob indefinitely.

    So, I’ve come up with code names.

    Well… I’m coming up with code names. I’m not that witty and fast on my feet!!

    🙂 Have fun in NYC!!

  12. The minute you find him, call me…so we can go over the “how NOT to act when seeing Rob” rules, which I realize you know by heart, but still.

    put him on the phone with me and I’ll come up there. We can double date!!!!

    This totally wasn’t your plan, huh? Ah…well…
    Go eat some sausage.

  13. Have fun on your anniversary trip with Mr Choice, Rob, and his hot dog. Sounds fun. I will be visiting NYC for the first time EVER (yes, I am way to old to have never been there) later in the summer. Maybe Rob will be back doing re-shoots, and we will rendez-vous in the MeatPacking District, too! Thanks for the ideas!!

  14. happy anniversary!
    remind rob as to which dumpster to be hiding behind for u 😉

  15. Bella’s jacket won’t clicky for me. Is it me?

    • really? that’s weird….

      • Hmm, tried again. Could it have something to do with Mr LPB’s tendency to install every possible pop-up blocker? I always forget how to get those off, because unlike you, I do not rule at all things computer-y. Alas.

        I’ll get my son to help me, later, he DOES rule at all things computer-y. Kids today….

      • My son’s solution (he’s 12) was to try to open it in Internet Explorer, as I use Firefox, and guess what? He was right! Totally worked. So I clicked on it 5 times for good measure….

        It’s great having live-in tech support!

  16. Happy Anniversary! It’s totally NORMAL that you will spend your entire time in NYC only half paying attention to the hubby. You gotta keep your eyes peeled for that Faded Glory hoodie and the shiteous Nikes!

    • that’s normal!

    • especially the shiteous Nikes ! LOL

  17. Happy Anniversary! New York is a great place to celebrate (that’s where I live. Not in the city anymore, but commuting distance). Have fun at Tavern on the Green – are you going to ride in Central Park on a horse and buggy, too? It’s very touristy (like TOTG), but still super romantic!

    So, as to thinking about another man on your anniversary – as my hubby of 12 years pointed out – I can think about whatever I want, as long as I’m still having sex with him. A win win.

    Oh – and a fun rec for the much less formal meal – you can go to Great Jones Cafe – a very cool divey place in the village. There’s an Elvis bust in the window. And McSorley’s for drinks. It’s a bar that’s been open for 100+ years. Know what it was during prohibition? A bar.

    • thanks for the tips! we’re not really going to tavern… we’ll probably stay in the village area… we’re my friend lives in b/t east & west village (the ‘central’ village!) but i will look into great jones cafe!! i love divey places…

      we actually got engaged on a carriage ride in the park! you’re right- they are so touristy but it was perfect! wouldn’t ask for anything different:)

      • I am planning a trip up to NYC to um sight see…? But I am thinking you can see my email from me posting this – but I know what hotel you should make sure you walk by…

  18. One more thing – I bookmarked stalker gawker on Monday when Rob flew to NYC! I LOLed when you mentioned it. I’ve checked everyday – so far, no mention of HHH. But I did get the location deets of Colin Hanks and Morley Safer. Not *quite* as exciting.

    • Haha, I looked at stalker gawker, too. You should really get out there and get some cell phone pics of Morley….

  19. You do know that the traditional 3rd anniversary gift is leather, right? I’m pretty sure you can work that into the plans somehow so that you can have your cake AND eat it too – lmao!

  20. this a great post! thank you for normalizing this obsession. i have also been keeping an eye out for the black hoodie in nyc. nothing yet, but i know filming starts on june 15. best of luck ladies!

  21. Can you program your gawker-stalker to also advise you of the nearest dumpster to Mr. Pattinson? Could come in handy…just saying!

  22. love love love your blog. hilarious!

  23. Happy Anniversary UC!

    You know, every time I hear o read something about harry potter I always remember how obsessed Rossie O’Donell was whit the saga… Can you imagine if she were that obsessed with our Rob right now? If she still had the talk show and everything… for sure she will call him cutie patudie (or whatever it was) all the time! hhmmm
    ok… it was something that just came to my mind…

    Happy Robstalking anniversary!!

  24. I’m heading to NY in a few weeks too–he better still be there!

    This trip MUST be more successful than my SAG awards trip to L.A….when his hot ass was in London =(

  25. Happy Anniversary UC!


  26. “she’s busy all weekend and is giving us a key to come and go.”

    @UC – You know how you have the magical land of convenience stores called Wawa?? We have gas stations called “Kum & Go” …sicknast, ri?? Yeah, thought I would share.


  27. Have a wonderful time on your anniversary trip, UC! And if you get to meet HIM in NY, give him a kiss from me 😉

  28. This week is all about UC and her anniversaries and that’s why Rob is missing from public life? Have fun with him, girl. And hubby too, right.

    Finally you reminded people to click for your blogs and sites, I’ve been clicking for a while and was sad because there were only 5-14 people rating. Hope numbers will go up and so the rating of our beloved blog. See you at NO.1 soooooooon!

  29. Happy anniversary Mrs. and Mr. UC!

    NYC is a fantastic place to spend an anniversary weekend. It’s been a long time since I moved away, but I’m sure it’s still pretty awesome. If you’re looking for a place to have a romantic anniversary dinner, but don’t want it too fancypants check out Candela just off Union Square. I really really miss the chocolate cake with the melty center.

    Have fun! Wish I could go, too! Well… not on your anniversary getaway, but you know what I mean.

    PS Is 10th anniversary the traditional Isle Esme getaway?

  30. Oh girly… I RARELY leave posts but, gotta say “Happy Anni” and if anyone deserves to “meat” Mr Pattz it is certainly you…. well the quad….. oh, and me….

    Hahahahha!!! Have a great anniversary trip and can’t wait to see the candids of you and your “boyfriend”…Okay, and Mr Choice…. 😉

  31. WOW You have so eloquently written everything that I have been thinking of doing. Let me know if it works out. Have fun!

  32. happy anniversary Uc and mr choice!!!! and when ur done with rob behind the predetermined dumpster in the meat district,can you please send him to me???i wanna land”accidentally” on the sparklepeen….

  33. ha. i linked gawker stalker to my phone yesterday! have a great time in nyc. keep your eyes peeled for the shiteous nikes.

    p.s. am i the last to realize that googling ‘shiteous nikes’ brings up a hilarious rob montage??

  34. one of the best posts ever! have a great weekend UC! happy anniversary! i wonder if you’ll sneak a certain “action figure” into your suitcase??
    ps i had never heard of gawker-stalker until this post. there are no words…

  35. What *are* you going to talk about all weekend, UC?!

    I’ll bet you’ll have blogging twitches in your fingers…

    Enjoy New York City…

    Good luck with the false “treasure/anniversary hunt”.

    And Happy Anniversary.

  36. I just discovered this website. It rocks by the way!

    Happy anniversary!

  37. Any LOTN around yet?

    • Hey FN.

      • Hey! I was just about to give up. How’s it goin?

        • It’s good. How are you?

          • Pretty good. I’m not feeling so good. I think it’s the weather. It’s been hot one day, cool the next and so forth. I think my body is trying to figure out what the heck to do.

          • I hate that, we’ve had hot days and cooler nights, but that’s actually nice.

          • Tonight’s really nice. I kinda wanna go hang out there for a little while. But then I remember the killer mosquitos and decide against it. lol

          • I hate mosquitos, they aren’t bad here yet, they will be soon.

  38. Hey girls.

    • Hey! How are you today?

      • I’m OK. I’ve got a kink in my neck from sitting here too long.

        • I knew someone would be injured from too much time spent here.

          • LOL It’s the fanfic—damn stuff!

          • Fanfic neck, like tennis elbow?

          • FF is just dangerous all around.

          • A new medical condition. Wonder how the med community will respond?

          • They’ll all go crazy and the CDC will have to research it’s effects and in turn, become addcited themselves, it’ll be havoc!

    • Hola! Bummer about the kink in your neck. I have a headache. I think EP accidently sent it my way.

      • Sorry!

      • Oh no! No fun. She’s pretty powerful!

      • As long as it goes away tonight I’ll be okay. 🙂

  39. Hi ladies. I’m here too. Have been for a while, but I was occupied elsewhere.

    *cough* MakingoutwithBobby *cough*

    • We understand….it happens. (like on TW when Angela and Jessica are in front of the restaraunt…)

      • Did that make any sense? I didn’t want to go through the whole scene. I was being lazy 😦 lol

        • I got it. A little TW shorthand.

          • EXACTLY! lol

      • LOL Yes FN, it made sense. ❤

    • Hey the Jenny. I’ve been lovin’ some Bobby music today–well all of them actually.

      • I’ve had a Marcus kind of day.

        • He’s got the whole band thing going on there doesn’t he? The horns really stood out today.

          • It sounds good loud, but has a lot of bass. I got some funny looks listening in my car.

          • It’s definitely unique music!

          • Yeah and the white girl bopping to the bass-y music was cute.

          • Now why would that be weird?

          • I can’t imagine why that would be odd.

        • Naturally 🙂

          • LOL

      • I had a Bobby day too. Aren’t they the best?! But my days are usually Bobby days now. It soothes me at work.

        Also, the coolest thing happened. “Being a Mockingbird” showed up on my playlist! It was lost, I guess. But today it randomly showed up. A nice little present.

        • Cool. I love the way he annunciates.

  40. EP, I read the latest (and final) chapter of I Love LA this morning and look what was in there:

    “I made brussel sprouts so well even people that never liked them ended up asking me how I made them taste so good. I had mad brussel skills.”

    Had to laugh!

    • lol

    • Now I want brussel sprouts.

    • Ewww….brussel sprouts! I haven’t had them in ages, but from what I remember, I’m not missing much.

      • LOL “ages” like I’m hundreds of years old or something. BAH! I’m a nerd.

      • You’d like mine. I didn’t like brussel sprouts either until I did it this way. And Rob uses “ages”, just sayin’.

        • That’s probably why we’re getting married. He’s the best Mr. Nugget. 🙂

      • We had a long drawn out discussion the other night about bs and were surprised to find most of us liked them. I thought it was universal to hate them. EP was having them with bacon and parmesan.

        • Hmmm…I’m still skeptical…

  41. I’ve gotta put in a word for Sam here too. I love his songs. He has the ability to put it all down in a song and you feel where he’s been. Had his heart broken. “Is Love Enough?” gets me too. A good question.

    • I love the way he belts that one out.

      • Me too. Really gets into it.

    • Oh, I’ve had a lot of Sam kind of days.

      • He was/is playing in LA tonight and they were going to talk about it on the RF krunk thread tonight.

        • One of the LTT ladies went and they’ve been posting pics on twitter.

          • Anything particularly interesting?

          • Not really.

          • We’ll see if this works….


            it’s just a few.

          • I would absolutely go to Sam’s gig if he shows up in Denver. Eventually he will….

          • We should start manifesting…

          • I agree. It’s not working so far with my KOL ticket though. I think without Byrdie we are lost and I need to leave her alone.

          • Aww….Byrdie 😦 I e-mailed her today. Hopefully I’ll hear from her soon. I just wanna know how she’s doing.

        • I’m guessing it’s Moon. B/c obviously UC is busy! Duh! lol

        • So much Sam love here.

    • ErPattz and Sam look good together. True story.

      • LOL!!

      • I’ll let that slide.

        • Stepping on your territory?

          • Ahem….

          • Oops.

          • I know. I can’t sit back and wait anymore. He’s a hot commodity!

          • You know that whole wedding fiesta was cut short when the fight took place. It never did get to play out to its ultimate conclusion. Could have been fun.

          • There is no telling where that would have gone.

          • All those brides….it was destined for a bad ending.

          • And we’ll never know. Sometimes it comes up in passing discussions around here. *sigh*

          • 30 Brides for 30 Brothers

          • I still can’t believe it took off like that. Never know what will catch fire.

          • That was the whole Robsten vs. Wedding Fiesta thing, right?

            And LOL to your last comment.

          • Yes. It was compared with Rn. They didn’t like it on the comments and vice versa. Makes me sad because it was all in fun.

          • It’s unfortunate 😦

          • EP, it was kind of like a wildfire, wasn’t it? Everybody was grabbing at their guy and their dress and the honeymoon. lol

          • I didn’t expect it, all of a sudden everyone was married off and throwing around some of the most hideous wedding dresses ever.

          • Yeah. I was just thinking about my dress today! Lit from within. Thanks to FN!

          • I remember that, lol. There was a lot of ugly and trampy.

          • No problem! That’s what I’m here for! I forgot what mine looked like, Hello Kitty maybe??

          • Mostly ugly and trampy!

          • Yes you were splendid in PINK–HK Couture!

  42. I started another fanfic today (what else is new?). In the Blink of an Eye. There’s a lot to think about in there. The author takes the story to a whole new place and Bella breaks her back in that cliff dive. I thought it would be creepy but it really isn’t. She marries and when he dies unexpectedly when she is 28, Edward returns. With 10 years of maturing and facing obstacles she is at a whole new place in her life. The Cullens have broken apart and she becomes like a catalyst that brings them back together. The author has really developed some of the threads from the books and as they begin to gather again they find a real purpose that will involve them all in a cause greater than they had in the saga. Here’s a quote:
    There are no perfect families, just those that are more or less healthy in their dysfunction. LOL

    She also takes a deeper look at vampire time perception.

    I’m liking it so far.

    • Oh EyeC….you amaze me!! I’m STILL not done w/ TRL!!

      • Get it finished so we can discuss it! There’s nothing to say at this point that wouldn’t ruin the ending. You’re so close.

        • I’m trying. I have to admit that I didn’t get to read much earlier.

          I just passed the part where they were at the Indian Festival thing. It reminds me of Santa Fe. I love all the hand-made jewelry they have downtown.

          • I LOVED that day at the festival! They got so much out of it—you’ll see. I can imagine it, too. Living here in CO we are all around it and growing up in IA everything was an Indian name. My school team, all the towns around my area. There is so much wisdom there.

  43. Did we lose Jenny??

    • She’s probably making out w/ Bobby again 🙂

      • I’m sure.

      • She spends more time that way.

  44. LOL EyeC “HK Couture”

    • Was it Lizzie who had the fingerless gloves?

      • LOL, I don’t remember. I think so…

      • Yes, it was her.

  45. Sorry ladies. Bobby keeps me on a demanding schedule. And who am I to turn him down?

    • I really hope he lives up to the hype! He may be shaking in his boots when it comes to his ‘couver gig.

    • You of all people should be the most attentive to his needs 😉

    • I’m sure he does. I wonder if he can live up to the hype? He’s probably shaking in his boots when it comes to the ‘couver gig!

      • I didn’t see that come through first time—sorry.

  46. Is it just me or does Sam sound different in every song? lol Well, at least a few of them.

    • I noticed that today. Didn’t recognize him on his first song today.

    • You can always tell its him, but there is a difference to some of them.

  47. “Heaven is a place where people die pretty….”

    • I love to sing “on a autumn feel”! LOVE IT!

      • I KNOW!! Me too!! I think that’s my favorite song!

        • Me too. It sticks with me the longest. And I love to sing “mee in’ and a gree in’.

          • I like the “split a bee-uh” part.

          • Yeah, yeah!!! Johnny Cash!

  48. Random Thoughts:

    Full moon tonight. It’s super bright right outside my window.

    I’m watching a show on Wild Weddings, which is appropriate considering. None of these are as wild as the “fiesta”.

    Lynchburg Lemonade is still good. I should try the real kind and not just the malt beverage.

    I cannot have another week like this one. It was too much.

    • I love full moons. They’re beautiful!

      Maybe the Fiesta could be like a special celebrity edition…

      I’ve never heard of either. I can’t drink malt beverages, they make my tummy hurt.

      I’m sorry. I hope it gets better. Was it school? Or everything?

      • They are beautiful.

        lol, that would be special.

        I can drink some but not others, I happen to love this one. Jack Daniels makes it. The real kind is lemonade with Jack and something else, which might suck because Jack sucks.

        Everything. Way more stress than I anticipated, but school played a big role.

        • Stress sucks balls! I hate it. It ruins everything!

          • I know. And I’m pretty sure my professor (I just have 1 but 2 classes) thinks I’m a complete idiot.

          • Screw him (her?)!!! We know the truth.

            I hate talking to my professors, I can never seem to get to the point. I think I get intimidated or something. I feel like they think I’m an idiot.

          • Her. I’ve had her before and she didn’t think I was an idiot then, but apparently times have changed. I still like the class though and maybe I can redeem myself.

          • The Head of our Dept. also taught like 2/3 of the classes and she was just mean. I always thought she hated me, but apparently she didn’t. I was amazed. She had an odd way of showing her favor.

          • I found out this week, that one of my professors who I always thought was really nice has a darkside. She recommended me for London and apparently she never does that. I thought she liked everyone.

          • Wait, so going to London is not a good thing?

    • I love full moon nights. It’s like it’s day, but it’s night…!

      Very timely.

      Still haven’t tried it. Must do.

      Yeah. That was bad. *places two fingers in the sign of the cross* to ward of the devil.

      • I love your sign of the cross! That’s really funny to me for some reason.

        • Supposed to be–lol. Nasty headaches and stress to the fiery pits of hell!

      • True.

        I know.

        It’s good.

        I know I keep crossing myself and I’m not Catholic, but I do that sometimes.

    • I love the full moon. Usually I stand on my deck and stare at it like a fool. At 2 am.

      I think somebody needs to tell me the full story about the wedding fiesta. Now I’m intrigued.

      I want to try that. We’ll do it in Van city.

      I’m sorry, BFF. Next week can only be better!

      • I do that, but we don’t have a deck, so use porch instead.

        Does someone want to handle that one?

        We’re going to be obnoxious and drunk.

        I hope so BFF, I don’t want to see worse.

        • Uhh….go ahead EyeC….lol

          • You leave that to me??? LMAO Because I was last in line? What’s to say?

          • I guess a summary would be nice.

          • I’ve never really heard anything about it. Except that there was a wedding fiesta, where some of the girls claimed a guy.

            What happened with all of that?

        • Samies.

          Somebody tell me!

          Yes. Most def.

          No worries, I’m never wrong!

          • It was like a Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am! JBell started it saying she wanted Rob. Then everybody online at the time came in like gangbusters claiming one of Rob’s friends, one of the TW guys, one of the wolves, one of anybody remotely connected to TW or Rob in any way. It went from there to the choice of the ugliest dress we each could find to the location. Someone found a Wedding Fiesta resort in Fiji and we all decided to go there together and have an extended honeymoon, some included some trading.

          • Also, it’s important to mention that JBell had a moment of crazy and decided that she wanted TomStu (who I had) and traded me for HHH.

          • Didn’t someone want to get married in space?

          • It was a month long honeymoon if I remember correctly. I insisted the guys bring their guitars because, really, a month of sraight–you know–they needed a break some time and the guys HAD to have those guitars with them! Then some trading around went on and FN ended up with Rob when JBell went for TomStu. While all the deets were being worked out some lurker put up that JibJab video with the 5 Brit Pack Boys and it’s on Sam’s site.

          • Yes I think Carrie wanted to have her wedding in space. Now that FN has HHH, I swear the merge is on!

          • LOL, I forgot someone wanted to get married in space!

  49. “I know it by heart…and the darkness has always been my friend…until lately…when an angel revealed to me the magic of the sunshine.”

    I love this line!!

    • Them’s very pretty words!

  50. “When I’m lying in your bed, your kiss is a knife, your kiss is a knife, your kiss is a knife. Ah-oooh” lol

    (apparently I’m in a quoting mood)

    • btw, I love the random “shut up” at the end of that song.

    • Yup. Miss your quotes. That is def a ssssssnakey song. It slithers right into your brain and coils up, making itself at home.

    • It’s in my head now.

      • slither slither

        • LOL I was going to say something to the same effect.

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