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Did you have any idea Rob, what this would all become?

smeyerksrpDear Rob-

What were you doing 6 years ago yesterday? I couldn’t tell you what I was doing other than I was a junior in college, had met UC a few months prior and was probably settling in for another hot Arizona summer with dreams of making the big move to Los Angeles. 6 years ago yesterday Stephenie Meyer woke up from the dream that would later become the novel Twilight.

Did you think 6 years ago you’d be doing this?! That you’d be the lead actor in a hugely popular movie franchise about an eternally 17 year old vampire in love with a teen girl. Did you think you’d be followed around by weirdos with cameras trying to catch you doing even the most mundane of tasks like tying your shoe or walking to your car? Did you think millions of people would gather online to ponder what your every move meant and what you really meant by a flippant comment or gesture? Did terms like “Dadcase” and “fake lesbian” mean anything to you 6 years ago? Did you think that people would care enough about you to create fan sites and blogs and write letters about everything under the sun concerning you?

oh Edward come and get me... SMeyer doing her best sexy frustrated housewife pose

oh Edward come and get me... SMeyer doing her best sexy frustrated housewife pose

I sure as crap didn’t! 6 years ago I could never have imagined I’d be sitting here writing letters to some English boy I didn’t know that tons of people I had never met, around the world, would read and comment about with a girl I wasn’t really even friends with. Heck, I didn’t even think 6 months ago that I would be writing daily letters to you and your Twi pals. And all because of a dream that turned into some fantastical story written by an Arizonian housewife on a hot June day.

It’s funny where life takes us.

What will I be doing 6 years from now? I don’t know that either… maybe I’ll write a book about an eternally 17 yr old Mummy and you all will write letters to whatever heartthrob plays him in the movie adaptation… or maybe I’ll catch you walking down the sidewalk Rob, and throw myself at your legs cause I know I couldn’t let you go like Bella lets Edward leave in New Moon. Or crap, let’s shoot for the moon (heh), maybe you’ll see ME walking by and throw yourself at MY feet not letting me go! Now that’s more like it!

Here’s to the next 6,

PS what were YOU doing 6 years ago?! Could you have imagined that vampires and a boy with an accent would take over your life?


Not a ‘funny’ letter but more a letter to remember where we’ve all come from, a letter of appreciation to Stephenie and a letter to remember there was life before Rob and Edward. SHOCK, GASP, FACEPLANT!

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  1. Six years ago is when I fell in love with Jason Statham and made him my boyfriend.

    Well…you asked.

    • traitor. get the hell out. we only talk about rob here

      • lmao!! Oh, UC.


  2. Six years ago I definitely had no freaking idea I’d be responding to a blog and reading fan-bloody-fiction and behaving like an excited teenager again over a stupid television program with loads of fake blondes and fake people and reading vampire novels that are SO not my thing.

    I was a ‘mature age student’ living in the arse end of the world with no money (what’s new) trying to get over the end of my engagement by going back to uni full time.

    Even three months ago I’d never heard of LTR, and yet you have RUINED me, with your Have Mercys, and your other 80’s/vintage 90’s throwbacks, and your Man Bags and Faux Relationships…and your freaking breaking it down Vanity Fair styles and your unwavering ability to find the most random and bizarre pieces of fan news ever assembled in one place.


    (It’s Sourly Cinnamon, thanks for asking – Fucking Wide Awake is definitely living up to its title).

    • Yay!! I’m glad you gave it another chance!!

      • Ha.

        My resistance is futile, Nuggety (do you sleep?!)

        LTR wore me down when I didn’t see anything to see in Rob at all (I now realise that his appeal, his hotness, comes from him not being hot-perfect, but hot-goofball).

        It was just a matter of time before my weak self succumbed to FF.

        It’s bloody brilliant.

        • I knew it was only a matter of time….

          LOL, yes I do sleep. It just takes some hardcore napping to maintain my schedule.

          YES! Hot-goofball is exactly right!

          Welcome to the world of FF! I’m so excited for you! It’s wonderful…

          • I’ll catch you tomorrow afternoon, no doubt, Nuggety.
            Sleep well.


    • have mercy

    • Ha ha ha, Nat! So glad you gave WA another try. Long live FF!

    • HAHAHA fan fic. it’s broken even the best of us.

      “and your unwavering ability to find the most random and bizarre pieces of fan news ever assembled in one place.”


      love your comment!!

      • Uh hemmmm!! NOT all of us. No FF for me.

  3. Six years ago, I was still a newlywed, impatiently waiting for my husband to come home from his first deployment. We’re now on our third and I’m more patient in the waiting, maybe because I have my Robsession to distract me. lol

    This post made me all kinds of nostalgic. I love that my life now includes words like totes, sparklepeen, dadcase, and fake lesbians. =)

    • And then there’s the Lauren’s Bite lingo as well… lame spice, I am died, kthanxbye, I love you long time…

      It’s a whole new world…

    • P.S. Hope that the baby-ta-be is healthy and safe and that you are, too.

    • “and I’m more patient in the waiting”

      i like that! 6 years gives a lot of perspective and patience

  4. 6 years ago I wasn’t even out of High School! I had no idea anything existed outside of the world of me and my first love. Even after Twilight took over the world I wasn’t immediately interested. It took a co-worker to coax me into reading it and finally I gave in. In the depression that followed when I finished the series, I went online looking for everything I could find…Pocket Edward caught my eye and the rest is history!! Thanks gals for giving me a place to gush and act like a crazy fangirl! (without going overboard and making Pattinpants and whatnot) 🙂

    • I think Pattinson Pants is misjudged.
      There’s a lot to be said for those Eclipse shoes.

      Pocket Edward is the biz. We heart him.

    • blog yes, mini edward yes, pattinson pants? NO. that’s where we have to draw the line. and this all keeps us accountable cause we all want to give in!

  5. I love the picture of Rob walking by, throwing himself at my oops I mean YOUR feet and not letting go…….

    Well sad to say 6 years ago I was having a bodyclock crisis and trying to talk hubby into having his vasectomy reversed…..all I can say now is Thank God he didn’t listen as my sons have taught me since that I don’t need to be dealing with ‘stuff’ in my late 50’s that I’ve dealt with this last 6 years………
    Please no question the ‘bodyclock crisis’ I’m having now for a young man who would get on great with said Son’s………IT’S NORMAL
    ❤ you all as always ❤

    • my bodyclock tells me to shag rob now!!!!! hahah love it

  6. I have no idea what I was doing 6 years ago. Visiting clubs, concerts, endless partying i guess.
    6 years from now, I am certain, I will remember that 2009 was the year of the Twilight, New Moon and Rob. My summer of love.

  7. I am pathetic, I know.

    • That’s Normal

    • im with you… im going from clubs and music and crazying partying to rob and chaste love stories.

      what has the world come to??

  8. Six years ago I was a newlywed and working a boring job I hated while my husband went to law school. I had no idea ‘Twilight’ was going to rock my world or that I was come to find Rob as the hottest guy on the planet (next to my luscious husband, o’ course).

    I’m now on my third child and chomping at the bit for my next birthday (which stopped happening after last year) b/c that’s when New Moon comes out!

    I imagine that in another six years we’ll all be mourning the end of the saga b/c Breaking Dawn will have already been made and overwith. At least Rob has no chance of fading into obscurity anytime soon!

    • DUDE talk about a birthday present!!! im jealous.

      and who knows maybe stephenie will be over her personal drama and finish midnight sun and the jacob/reneseme story by then!! fingers crossed!!

      • I know, right?! It’s the best b-day present in the history of the world!

        And I sure hope you’re right about midnight sun and jac/rene. That would be the bright light at the end of this dreary tunnel.

      • I’m positive that after Twlight have won so may popcorns that she HAVE to finish Midnight Sun. She owe’s us the fans that shit!

  9. I don’t think I could have imagined what Twilight and Rob would do to my life. I can’t really say why these books have become such an obsession, or why I am crushing so hard on someone I’ve never met and probably never will.
    It’s good to know I’m not alone and that all this is ..normal?? haha.

    • we’re all in this together!!!!!

  10. Six years ago. It was 2003…let’s see that year I was living in Charlotte, NC working in Football, having the biggest douchebag for a boyfriend.

    Then about this time that same year I moved back to Nashville for the remainder of the year before moving to Georgia to work for another football team.

    Simple times. Work, Party, Boyfriend…wake up and do it all again.

    Now, I am mommy. I work (though I hate every single minute of it) and I read this blog(s). Still simple times just with a little more humour thanks to you ladies!

    • please tell salacious stories if the boyfriend was a football player and you were a hot cheerleader…

      aaaannndddd GO!

      • Honey, I got WAY better stories than him. One in particular that involves a baseball player and a dugout. One that also involves a subway, Greyhound bus and NYC and picking up random strangers at the airport, seriously.

        Maybe I’ll start a blog out my times. All names will be changed of course! 🙂

        • ABOUT my times, not out my times.

  11. 6 years ago I was on my first year at the university, incredulous that I made it to the best Law School in the country and totally convinced I would fail! There I met the guy who became my boyfriend for 5 years and I kicked my dad out of the house.

    Wow! A lot happened that year!! I never thought this Twilight thing could happen, that it would make me realize that there actually IS a guy that has all the characteristics I’ve always said I love in a man. And I do mean all of them! It’s crazy, really, the way he fits perfectly in what I’ve always wanted. Too bad it’s not gonna happen! LOL I hope there are more like him out there, cuz if not, I’m screwed!!! LMAO!!!

    But most of all, I never thought I would “meet” and LOVE a bunch of girls that live so far away from Chile. I never imagined that I would truly care for people I’ve never seen in person, but now I can’t imagine my day without thinking at least once in each of you.

    Thank you, Rob, Stephenie, LTR, and whoever cast Rob for Twilight lol


    • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! HUGS!!!

      im coming to chile just to meet you that was so nice!

      ps there sure as heck better be more “robs” in the world, cause every lady in here deserves one!

      • It may be easier cuz I’m probably going in November for the LA premier! *crosses fingers*

        But if you do come to Chile, no matter when, in a year, in 10 years, you do have a place to stay. My invitations for LTR ladies to my house are for real. Nothing would make me happier than to have you here!

  12. 6 years ago at this time I was in Sydney, Australia staying with a friend of mine who I met on a Keanu yahoogroup 10 years ago and we have become the best of friends. Actually, to tell the truth, on this very day I was getting my wallet stolen at Manly Beach just outside of Sydney, just 2 days before I was to fly home, LOL! True story.

    I ❤ SM's brain….without her brain we wouldn't have a fascination.

    I ❤ Rob's parents for gettin' it on!

    I ❤ Rob period.

    I ❤ UC and Moon for creating this blog and giving me giggle fits each and every day.

    I ❤ everyone here, I've met some great people who I've developed friendships with!

    • oh yahoogroups!! the good ol days!

      i ❤ that you've been to sydney to meet someone you met online in a keanu fan group!!

  13. OMG ..This letter makes me want to cry ..But It seems very hopeful .. I don’t know .. It basically means .. that 6 years from now anything is possible .. I Hope I actually meet Rob in the next 6 years ..LOL .Yeah right
    But anything CAN happen 🙂

    • In next 6 years Rob can actually meet and marry and divorce around 11 girls from LTR, and father around 8 children…around

      anything can happen

      • Exactly!!

      • @jellybean that made me LOL

    • i try to live by that motto ‘anything is possible’ because it truly is you just have to work towards it and sometimes just get a little lucky

  14. Note to Myself Six Years Ago:


    Listen to me, NO, stop trying to commandeer the conversation and listen for once!

    K, this is your future self speaking, and if you’re smart, you’ll stay away from me…wait….no. Do over. If you’re smart, you’ll listen in earnest to every word I say. Let’s begin…

    Start running , don’t wait until later because your bum still thinks it’s twenty.

    Become a vegetarian now, dont wait another two years.

    Save up for that little operation your other friends had to correct the dilemma that is the ‘B’ cup (on a good day! These babies are hanging on for dear life.)

    Think long and hard (that’s what she said), about the following…the short haircut you’ll be getting next year, eating the raw, seared tuna in Autumn 2008, and pantyhose.

    Start reading fiction now, trust me. I know non-fiction is enlightening and superior, but don’t be such a stuck up bitch!

    Get more sleep.

    And above all else…be willing to accept the fact that in six years time your life will be swallowed up by a book series written for teenagers, a kinda cheesy attempt at a movie, twenty-three year old english cougar bait, and a blog written by two girls a decade younger than you are who may or may not be you in a parallel universe.

    • i heart you bad

      • *fake lezzie kisses*

    • Can you cc me on that letter? Cause I totally agree, mainly with the last three paragraphs.

      • What…not with the lack of boobage??? 🙂 xo

        • Not really, I had mine did 10 years ago. And other than my education it was the best investment I ever made.

          • You saucy minx! I am so jealous.

    • Amen sista.

      I wish I hadn’t wasted the last 4 months trying to get over my addiction and justify my obsession with a teen phenomenon. I’m much happier now that I have accepted it and revel in it.

      • THIS!!!!!

        • Better to go with it…however bizarre it may be. It’s good times! Life is short. And you’re not alone. What did we all do before this…for realz?

    • 23 year old cougar bait!!


      • And damnit, he KNOWS IT!

    • where is this parrallel universe and can we meet in it?!

      ps this totally makes me think of baz luhrmans “wear sunscreen” in the best possible way

      • Dude! I’m amazed that we haven’t crossed paths already!

        BTW, I had to google the ‘sunscreen’ lyrics…wow. Poignant.

  15. 6 six years ago, I was in 11th grade and my friends, music, art and so many other things were part of my life. But now I am obsessed with a 23 year old untttainble english guy and a series written by someone who had a dream 6 years about a vampire and human girl. I have no life now.

    • *dream 6 years ago about..* :p

    • 6 years ago hmmmmm *thinking*, ah my first day of a new school, wel thats pretty boring…but 6 years from now, when im 21, ill be starring in a movie with rob! 🙂 hugs kim

      • *hugs* back.

  16. 6 years ago I was weird and now I’m oh so NORMAL. right? LOL

  17. This is fun, Moon! 6 years ago I had just left the school that I thought I would graduate from and was heart-broken that I hated it. And I began the summer of hell: aka the first summer apart from my boyfriend after meeting him the prior fall. (i married him 3 years after TO THE DAY Stephenie had her dream)

    i had met Moon the fall before and I’m not sure we had spoken yet…. we probably did that summer 6 years ago, but I can’t remember!

    Dear UC 6 years ago,
    -hug your mom
    -your crazy metabolism WILL end, so start running now
    -save $1/day b/c in 6 years you can buy the macbook you have your eye on PLUS have something left over to treat yourself with
    -don’t register for ANY kitchen stuff when you get married.. you won’t use it EVER
    -the boy you will obsess over in 6 years? he’s currently 17. yeah, he still jerks off into a sock and hides it under his bed….

    • “-the boy you will obsess over in 6 years? he’s currently 17. yeah, he still jerks off into a sock and hides it under his bed….”

      Doesn’t he STILL do that?

      • don’t all boys/men?

        • Um, yes they do. Even the 30-somethings. I should know – I do the laundry round here.

          • Um, gross.

          • Well, they could just be crusty cuz they’re really dirty but I like to chide him that it’s cuz he’s using them to jack. He denies it tho.

    • i just threw up into the trashcan next to my desk. GROSS and awesome. such a fine line there.

      crazy your anniversary is the same as the twilight dream!

      • Again…just learned something I didn’t know. And I had a brother! Nasty!

  18. oh mooooonnnn …. the things i never thought i’d have been doing and am currently doing. like, oh i don’t know, wishing internet friends sweet rob dreams. yeah. never thought i’d be doing that. haha.

    • meeting internet friends for lunch? see you at 1!

    • HAHAH those are the best dreams and i thank you!

  19. OMR, 6 years ago? I graduated from Gymnasium to go to university and study law…And I got together with the boy I secretly loved for more than 1 year…It lasted 3 months…That’s life, shit happens 😀

  20. I think I was knocked up 6 years go. So I was prob puking my guts out. And cursing my hubs for saying the pull-out method was effective.

    • HAHA!

    • I was definitely knocked up 6 years ago and probably just getting over the puking part of it.

  21. Hmmm… 6 years ago

    -I was in my senior year of college.
    -I didn’t read anything, unless I was forced.
    -I only had a mild obsession with music, but with no one in particular.
    -I thought beer was an important part of the food pyramid.
    – I was NORMAL without having to tell myself that I was everyday.
    -I was not NEARLY as cool as I am now. True story.

    • Wait, beer isn’t an important part of the pyramid?

      • it has its own special tunnel off to the side that leads you to sweet freedom.
        at the times when they first designing the food chain, they didnt have wide screen monitors so it got cut off

        • I think I love you.

          only in a fake lesbian way, though.


          • haha as do i

            *lezzie kiss*

          • whoops… NON lezzie hahhahah

  22. lol 6 yrs ago, i was in gr 11 probably obsessing over whatever hot boy toy there was at the time.. (johnny depp anyone?)
    i was probably also thinking that i was invincible, and my metabolism would NOT slow down ever.. and that i was going to be attending every clubbing party/party limo that there was till i hit 30.
    that all ended when i got out of highschool and got me a big girls job. lol

    this past yr has been crazy for meeting new ppl w/ twilight and the whole olympics as well ( i have another crush on michael phelps)
    and i def didnt think that i would be obsessing over a devine god w/ perfect cheekbones and that o so awkward geekyness that he presents.
    bc of this guy i got introduced to KOL (from a fan site sayin that he liked them) and now think that not only rob, but caleb followhill are just like sex on fire.!

    have mercy you holy roller novocain!

    • and nathan and jared followill! ptl

  23. Wellllll, 6 years ago, my kids were little/preschool aged, so I am fairly certain I was semi-insane.

    BUT, I was already obsessed with Harry Potter and was shiatting a brick because 2003 was the year that no HP movie came out (between Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkeban)

    And I am Pretty Sure, had anyone asked I would have said, “No, thank you very much, I would not like to read a book about teenagers and vampires, that is just not my genre.”


    • i would have said that last year too!

      • Oh, the innocence of our youthful selves….

        ..wait that WAS just last year, wasn’t it?

  24. 6 years ago my husband and I were both forgetting our 2nd wedding anniversary, mostly because we had an 8 month old daughter that never slept (and by never, I mean never ever) so our brains were only minimally functional.

    So today is our 8th and and last night I found out that he’s jealous of Rob. Not because of me, no. Because of KStew. He thinks she’s a hottie. I told him that it looked like they were probably bangin’. Suddenly mister “there’s your boyfriend behind Mickey Rourke” is all dissin’ on Rob because “She can do better than that.” Yeah, 42 year old suburban dad software trainers are more her type.

    Luckily, 42 year old suburban moms are exactly Rob’s type. He just hasn’t realized it yet. I can wait.

    • “is all dissin’ on Rob because “She can do better than that.” Yeah, 42 year old suburban dad software trainers are more her type.

      Luckily, 42 year old suburban moms are exactly Rob’s type. He just hasn’t realized it yet. I can wait.”

      AMAZING!!!! hahhaha they are TOTALLY their types!

  25. I can always count on this as a safe haven to smile. I am still trying to cope with yesterdays post. I mean that was Da bomb!

  26. Dear Chinamother from 2003,
    -Forget the career. It’s not going to work. You will spend the next 2 years trying to make it work and then it won’t. You love being a systems analyst, but you will have to dump it. Sorry. You will be a stay at home mom and you will love/hate it. The grass is always greener, so deal, and shut up in 2009 ’cause many people have it way worse.

    – You will adopt 2 more kids from China. Yes, you will have 4 kids. No, you are not crazy – usually.

    -In 3 years your brother will die so hug him now, lots.
    – In 4 years you will get cancer. You will be scared to death, but you will be fine. So don’t panic. And for heaven’s sake, stop obsessing over it and letting it consume you.
    -In 5 years you will discover the world of Stephenie Meyers. You will resist because you will think you are above all of this. You will decide that the girls who post on blogs need to get a life. You will relent and decide to read JUST THE FIRST book to see if your 11 year old can read it (Not after Twilight). You will then see no one for the next 2 weeks while you read all 4 books in succession. You will get no sleep, you will barely eat, and your friends and family will think you’ve lost it. You will realize that this is WAY better than worrying about cancer all of the time. You jump in to fantasy world cause it’s kinda better than real world….
    You will hide your addiction like it’s a drug problem. When people mention the twilight books you will nonchalantly say “oh yes, I’ve heard they are good”. You will not tell your friends that now YOU post on blogs or that you have 50 twitter friends with whom you only talk about Rob/Twi stuff with. You will tell no one that you are 37 years old with a Team Edward keychain or that you’ve been in a Hot Topic.
    When someone asks to borrow your Twilight DVD that you waited in line for, you will say SURE, no problem and hand it over even though you will be sweaty and fearful to do so.

    you will wonder, in 2009, why the heck you are so obsessed with all of this, and why you care what a 23 year old is doing? You will ask yourself if it’s ok that you think a 17 year old has nice muscles. You will wonder why your house is not clean, your laundry not done and your dinner not made – but you are completely caught up on the twitter/blog/Rob world. Your husband will wonder this as well.
    You will not care. You will see a picture of Rob and all will be right with the world again. You will see the New Moon trailer and sprain your foot jumping up and down during the MTV movie award. Umm. Yes you will. Seriously. Believe me..
    Sorry if this is not how you thought your life would be in 6 years , but you gotta admit, it’s kinda fun!!

    Love, Chinamother from 2009
    PS…I know you are wondering Chinamother 2003, you do gain 30 pounds, but then you lose it again. Let’s try to avoid the whole gaining part, K?

    • (((chinamother)))


    • XO i love your letter

    • fabulous letter! I especially loved the part about hiding the obsession – just like a real addict!! I tote understand!!

  27. wow 6 years ago I was 17 and fresh out of high school and in a month 6 years ago I was engaged and in 2 months 6 years ago found out I was pregnant with my first. I was still a clueless teenager who never expected to be 6 years later happily married to the same man with 2 beautiful kids ages 5 and 10 months! oh of course never did I expect to be completely obsessed with a book series and stalking every movement of the actors of twilight and new moon. my how thigns have changed

    Who knows where I will be 6 years from now hopefulyl still happily married and most liekly still obsessing over this book series that has my life thrown completely upside down. Here’s to the next chapter!

    • hi wilda!! are you new?!! welcome!!!!!

  28. I feel like I’m getting to know everyone so well today.
    6 years ago to this day I was on a plane flying home to Australia (my home back then) after 5 weeks in India. I remember it very clearly because this was the day I had butterflies in my stomach waiting to see my then crush later turned in to my future finance which later turned into the man who strung me around for two more years until I moved back to the states and finally broke off the engagement. Thank you Jesus I never married him!!! As now he is 26 and balding! Dodged that bullet. (I’m shallow what of it!?)
    Never thought I would be 27 single and still trying to finish a degree in philosophy but unable to go to class because I’m so distracted by a story about a teenage vampire. I’m lame. Where did I go
    I take it back. I heart you rob long time.

    • it was gods providence! no balding for you!

  29. 6 years ago…hmmm. I was 25 with perky boobs and a tight ass. I miss it. Oh, and as far as Twilight and Rob are concerned – up to 6 months ago I actually felt quite a bit of disdain for the Twi series and viewed Rob as an average hottie. Thank you, UC and Moon, for making me realize my life just isn’t complete without my daily dose of Rob Porn. I will now raise my hand on the GQ Rob bible and swear that I will never, ever stop lusting after said bloody brit. Thanks for enabling me!

    • it is alright and encouraged!

  30. let’s see… six years ago..

    – i had just graduated from high school
    – i finally got my license and a car
    – i was a cashier getting paid $5.15/hour
    – my bf and i celebrated our 1 yr anniversary
    – i was obsessed with paul walker [BLASPHEMY!]
    – my life was all about school, work, the bf, and partying!

    fast forward to the present

    – i’m taking a brief hiatus from school
    – i still have my first car
    – i’ve come a long way from $5.15/hour
    – i am single and loving it!
    – paul walker is OUT.. RPattz is IN! I have seen the light!! [he’s been IN since Harry Potter]
    – my life is all about work, RPattz, and partying!


  31. Six years ago, I was 25 and changing diapers for 3 screaming kids.Most days, I just sat in the floor and cried with them. I didn’t have time to take a shower, let alone to “waste” on books or movies.I never would have dreamed then that I could feel so passionately about a guy I’ll probably not even meet. But looking back on those days, I can honestly say that Rob is the most fun I’ve had in a long time and I enjoy “wasting” my time with him… and you guys.

  32. Also, I’m done feeling guilty when people ask me what did all weekend (…um…found a pic of Rob I had never seen…) Now I just say, “I hung out with friends.” Thanks Moon for giving me a place to go to make that statement true. Makes me feel less pathetic.

    • never feel guilty or pathetic! if you like it, then you like it and people can hate all they want!

      and yes you hung out with friends: US!!

      now make it so!

  33. HI! Never commented before but have been reading your site for a while now…you girls crack me up everyday. Your question just inspired me so much I just had to comment on my “new” Twilight life! 6 years ago I just had my first of 3 kids…so I have been living in my baby/kid induced fog for 6 years now…until about 4 months ago when I saw Twilight and said, “that book has got to be better than that movie!” The next day I snuck out and secretly bought the book and then the other three right after. I haven’t felt the awake in so long…I don’t even know how to put it where I don’t sound like a complete crazy person! My husband thinks I’m nuts (I mean I watched the MTV movie awards for crying out loud!) but isn’t really complaining too much…Anyway…a lot can change in just 6 years, so I will be interested to see what it will be like in 6 more! Hopefully my love of all things Twilight and all things Rob will stay the same!

    • YEAAA JENN!! first time commenter!! welcome!

      and seriously how could you NOT watch the mtv awards? new moon trailer hello?! feed the obsession! hahah

      so glad you’re outta the fog and into a new twi one!

    • Welcome Jenn!!!!!

    Want to nibble on that neck! THUD!

    • OK, now when I click on the photo it goes to a totally different
      one than I intended. What the french toast?!

    • My mouth is watering.

  35. 6 years ago my oldest was 2 days away from 1 and my second baby was 12 days old! Things were definitely crazy around here and I had no idea I’d ever get to read a book again, much less become obsessed with a series and start a blog about it! Nor did I have a clue that I’d be a mom of four by now and, while happily married for over eleven years, be completely enthralled with a 23 year old British Boy…

    I’m getting dang close to the big 3 0 and I finally figured out why it’s bothering me… It’s because Rob is 23! Absolute craziness, I know. But that’s normal, right?

    You ladies say all the things that I might think, but would never say myself and make me laugh all the time!

  36. Six years ago I was moving from NYC to LA, I had recovered from my then addiction to the TV show Roswell, what is it with me and supernatural beings? I’m just not of this world apparently! Landing LA getting a job in the movies where I ended up working on waitforit… Goblet of Fire with this unknown actor named Rob… yeah… who knew…

    • What did you do?

      Please tell me it was wardrobe and you had to measure his inseam. PLEEEAAAASSEEEEE tell me that was it.

    • Lucky Beeyotch!
      Tell us all about this, please? LOL

      • no… nothing that cool, i was based in LA, do advertising, had to scour photos for hours looking at the champions for posters etc… it was hard work!

    • OMG Me too! I was trying to think of what I was doing 6 years ago… it was graduating high school and being obsessed with Roswell! I think 2003 was it’s last year… so it must have just ended
      I think there are similarities between Roswell and Twilight… so that’s probably why we love both 🙂
      Max and Liz forever!! 😉
      mmm Rob. I can’t say I’m not surprised at where I am today judging from 6 years ago… I’ve always been the obsessive type! lol

      • yeah, I was SOOOO bad w/ Roswell… I mean people think I’m bad w/ Twilight but that was WAAAAAAYYYY worse… I actually wrote a blog post last fall about “Interspecies Love Affairs” when someone thought Bella was throwing her world away. I use Roswell as my base. It’s here if you choose to read it:

        • Yes I was definitely worse with Roswell… Going on fan forum every day… skipping out on lunch with my friends in high school too, also! I read fanfiction (don’t for Twilight), wrote long posts, posted pictures, watched all the episodes endlessly It was a huge part of my life for years! I don’t have the heart to take the poster off the wall of my childhood room, and I’m still *so angry* at the writers/executive producer for having Max sleep with Tess. It literally broke my heart lol.

          Thanks for the link, I took a look. Great post!

          As for Twilight… I loved the books and they were hard to put down, but I’m mostly just obsessed with Robert 😀 Can’t wait for New Moon to come out though!!

  37. 6 years ago, I was growing my son in my uterus and a newly stay at home to a mom. I was probably sleeping and watch Maury and thanking my stars I knew who my baby is!

  38. 6 years ago (2003, right?) my life was a mess. What do I remember about 2003?
    – I was quitting my job at that stupid law office b/c I wasn’t taking that anymore – BEST decision EVER, but doing it sucked all my energy.
    – I decided to be a mother (Who could imagine this? Neither myself or anyone who know me – I became a mother only in 2005…)
    – Then I decided to go wild before to turn myself a mother (which I did just beautifully, thank you, and this is all I’ll say about this).
    – I traveled to south of Brazil (what a beautiful place, I almost moved to there. Best trip ever!)
    – I become friend of my BFF in RL (we worked together at this law office and we hated each other in there. Life is funny!)

    Rob. Pattinson: I knew only in Nov/25/2005 when I went to watch HP & The Goblet… – 1st movie night after I became a mother – WHAT a gift! –
    but I didn’t have much time to think about anything but poo diapers. EeewwW, I know.
    Then stayed in denial until I saw him again in Twilight – December 2008. So, I decided to *finally* read the books which I did only in Feb. 2009 – I was trying to be the last person on Earth to read the *teenage crap* – Hey, how could I know?!?
    And the rest is history.


  39. I never thought, six years ago, I would be discussing whether or not Rob and Kristen are dating or not. Hahaha!

  40. Six years ago, I just found out I was pregnant. I worked at a different job, lived in a different house and had a very different life.

    Six years from now, I will be entering into cougar-dom if I am still thinking about Rob in this way. Hey, but it works for Demi and Ashton, right?

    • I’m already in cougar-dom (only I have scruples and morals)… but it worked for Demi… so why not me? anyway…
      that’s my fantasy and I’m sticking to it!!!!!

  41. is sad to know Rob gets killed in his flick he is workng on in New York.

    Six years ago I grauated from college with an associate science degree in web and multimedia studies and working at my first internship.

  42. Six years and one day ago… I turned 18. I got a tattoo… I was in my ‘rebellious’ stage, so I skipped school… got a tattoo and a piercing… got drunk and smoked…
    Did I think that I would be sitting here today reading about some British boy that I have a slight infatuation about? Probably not. But… I’m more than elated that Stephanie Myer had this dream six years ago and gave me a new obsession. How could I ever thank her… 🙂

  43. Dear J-9 from 2003,

    You must know that in 6 years time your life will no longer exist IRL but in a virtual world known as the internet (you know that place you go, to forward funny emails once every month or so?) where all of your friends will be “strangers” which you feel “some cheesy kindred spirit kinda shiz” (that’s a WA reference – which you’ll believe to be the most amazingingly tragic romance next to Romeo & Juliet. Trust.) With these friends you will spend hours, upon days, upon months discussing all things sparkly vampires, smutty fan fiction, and jaw porn.
    But before all that take note of what I’m about to say…
    -working as a manager at that high end fitness club is not for you and frankly in 6 years time you still won’t know what you want to be when you grow up – other then be *Rob’s special hugs director. But it’s ok, because you’ll eventually figure it out.
    -that huge apartment downtown overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge you’ve been living alone in for almost 4.5 months, is one of those rare NYC finds that is fleeting – please take full advantage of your time there.
    -in about 2 yrs you will watch HP & GOF at the IMAX theater and will bawl your eyes out when Cedric Diggory dies. Please note that this boy playing Cedric Diggory will also be playing in your night and day time fantasies in about 3 years time.
    -your current boyfriend is a saint and will stick by your side for the next 6 years and counting. Treat him with respect and tell him you appreciate him every single day.
    -this saint of a boyfriend will also not mind scooting over in your heart to make room for the perfection of a man known as the 23 yr old Brit hunk Robert Pattinson.
    -because in 5 years you will walk into a Borders and see a book with a pair of creepy pale hands holding an apple – pick it up knowing that for the next 3.5 weeks you will NOT eat, sleep, boink this saint of a boyfriend, nor answer any phone calls while you inhale said book and the three following. And the rest is history!

    *Rob = the 23 yr old Brit hunk with the jaw you want to make love to.

    Love, J-9 from 2009

  44. hmm..six years ago i was 17, probably drunk at my friends pool…ah memories.. i want to go to there again.

  45. six years ago. I dont even want to admit to how young I was six years ago. [13 yrs old. yes. my bday is in april. just like kstew. we are babies]

    was I thinking about Rob? hell no. I didnt even know he existed. so there WAS life before Rob wasnt there? it doesnt seem that way these days.

    Six years ago i had dreams that are nothing like the ones I know today. Wild and outrageous ones at that. but dreams the same.

    six years ago I wasnt lusting over people I have never met, i was lusting over charactors in books. ones id never meet except maybe and hopefully in my dreams. yes, Ive always been a reader.

    six years ago was about the time I got into…yes ill admit…anne rices vampires. yes, once bitten, I was smitten on the world of vamps. thats probably why I latched onto Twilight as fast as I did.

    Six years ago I had no job, was still in school, and wanted nothing to do with online blogging. Now look at me! I dont even recognize myself from six years ago. but I dont think its a bad thing. I grew, I learned, I changed. for the better.

    six years ago, I was missin out on all the rob happenins! how lame. he was like what…17 then? wow…same age as edward. freaky much? I think so. I bet he was as awkwardly cute as he is now. only less body hair ;]


  46. six years ago. I dont even want to admit to how young I was six years ago. [13 yrs old. yes. my bday is in april. just like kstew. we are babies]

    was I thinking about Rob? hell no. I didnt even know he existed. so there WAS life before Rob wasnt there? it doesnt seem that way these days.

    Six years ago i had dreams that are nothing like the ones I know today. Wild and outrageous ones at that. but dreams the same.

    six years ago I wasnt lusting over people I have never met, i was lusting over charactors in books. ones id never meet except maybe and hopefully in my dreams. yes, Ive always been a reader.

    six years ago was about the time I got into…yes ill admit…anne rices vampires. yes, once bitten, I was smitten on the world of vamps. thats probably why I latched onto Twilight as fast as I did.

    Six years ago I had no job, was still in school, and wanted nothing to do with online blogging. Now look at me! I dont even recognize myself from six years ago. but I dont think its a bad thing. I grew, I learned, I changed. for the better.

    six years ago, I was missin out on all the rob happenins! how lame. he was like what…17 then? wow…same age as edward. freaky much? I think so. I bet he was as awkwardly cute as he is now. only less body hair ;]


  47. hmm 6 yrs ago i had been married 8 yrs with a 6 yr old kiddo,my life was pretty full with being a mom and all..

  48. OMG I haven´t commented in ages!

    I have to do it now though….Moon must´ve been rummaging in my head (ummm…Moon please ignore all the photoshoped pictures of #shirtlessrob and me in there, ok? cool!) cause I´ve been thinking this for a while. You know what PreTwi me used to do and what PostTwi me does now.

    6 years ago I was halfway into my first year teaching art at my old Elementary School. I didn´t know that pretty soon my high school sweetheart would propose, that we would be getting married at the beggining of the following year and that in about one more year I would´ve already become a mom (unplanned parenthood…lol).

    And I definetely would´ve never imagined being a 3o yrs old (constantly drooling) fangirl 6 yrs later.

    Looking back I wouldn´t dare change a thing……Especiallly the present (jizzing fangirl) state!! 😀

  49. Dear Mabeswife 6-years Ago,

    -You may wonder who Mabe is and why you are his wife considering you are married to someone else. Well, within the next year, this Husband will abuse you emotionally and verbally; he will not get help for his depression and will blame you for it. You will be forced to leave to save your own sanity and it hurts. It will be the toughest thing you go through to date. However, you will be a badass when all is said and done.

    -You will finish your thesis in August and even though you will go through a series of odd and horrible jobs, you will get an awesome job in 2007.

    -You will wonder if there is any man out there who is not a selfish prick. There is (“Mabe”). And you will meet him. And you will marry him in 2006. And you will be happy. And you will start trying to have kids (something your ex didn’t want even though he will remarry a skank with a son already and have a daughter with her). You don’t have to be bitter, so turn that frown upside down. You are good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

    -You will temporarily live with your in-laws…but it’s all good. You WILL get through it and purchase your first home in 2008.

    -You will quit obsessing over Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and become enthralled with this vampire book series and a certain debonair British guy who plays the lead character in the movie. You will start reading again and love it so much. And you will meet tons of cool people because of it.

    -You will turn 30 and it will be fine. You’ll do great. Just think about how those books make you feel younger and you’ll feel alive.

    Mabeswife from 2009

    • Oh dear! Julian Casablancas and his drunk warble = my life in 2003!

      • LURVE him so much. I love that he has grown out his hair lately.

  50. Dude, this makes me feel old. Six years ago I was 26. Married for 3 years. Doing normal married but no kids yet things… traveling, watching whatever I want on TV, sleeping until 9 am, only doing 4 loads of laundry a week, reading until 2 am, being spontaneous… oh the life.

    Did I ever think that beautiful boy and vampires would be taking over my life… heck no, but I couldn’t imagine it any other way now.

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