Posted by: themoonisdown | May 31, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Action figure? MTV Movie Awards!

mtvmovieawardsliledDear Rob-

By now you know that UC and I will be live blogging the MTV Movie Awards with our pals from, Lauren’s Bite and Twicrack Addict but Little Edward was just too excited to wait… when I was cleaning this morning I found him already in front of the TV just waiting for a glimpse of you and really who can blame him? You’re going to be live and in the flesh presenting the NEW MOON TRAILER for the first time! If it was socially acceptable I’d camp out in front of the TV, eating ring dings and drinking jolt cola till I fell asleep in a pool of my own drool while a Sham-WOW commercial played in the background. Oh wait… that was last night. Well that’s neither here nor there… but anyway we know where we’ll be tonight, what about you?

Ready to get my live blog on…

Location: My living room, Los Angeles, California

Where else has the Edward action figure been?

PS Don’t know what we’re talking about? Want to be apart of the magic aka yours truly live blogging the MTV Movie Awards?? Well Check it out here! Then come back and join us on the blog(s) (either one!) at 9PM EST AND PST TONIGHT* and settle in for all the best bloggers in the Twi world bringing you the funny and play by play like only we can! See ya tonight!

*Not sure when the awards will air outside of the US, but we will be liveblogging at 1am GMT on 6/1 (and then again at 4am GMT) if you want to follow along and read about all the awesome stuff you can’t see yet on TV. We’ll be uploading clips & pictures as we get them!


  1. Hi Moon. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. can you give link for live stream ?

    • i think we’ll be able to… working on it now!~

  2. @Moon

    Ok I give….what the heck is a “ring ding”?


    • Thanx Brummie. I forgot to ask her.
      Yes, what is ring ding??

      • A ring ding is similiar to a Ho Ho or Suzie Q(different shape, same concept and holy shit I’m actually on the internet explaining the differences of trans fat laden chocolate snack cakes)…it’s a chocolate cake with cream filling in the center. It looks like a hockey puck.

        You can google it. LOL But seriously, you can google ring ding and it’ll bring up pictures. I’m going to bet it’s an American thing. ;o)

        • Thanx. I will google it.

        • hahahaha sweeeeeeeeeet TA pinkfluff

    • I think they are like a round version of mini rolls

  3. Can’t wait. I understand Lil. E impatience. Though I am not morning person but I have to get up at 6 am to catch all the fun. Doesn’t matter, it’s all worth it.

    See ya.

  4. Can’t wait!!
    I know you will rock the internet Moon, I am praying for drunk husband {after our family BBQ this afternoon} so that I can put him to bed and follow live from here in Eire…….
    I know it’s just shameful the lengths my Robsession will take me too, but ooh it feels soooo good {thats what she said}
    ❤ you all

    • Ruby, we both used ‘Can’t wait’. lol. Seriously can’t wait.

  5. So… I have to wake up at 7 am to join the fun but be at work by 9, my life sucks. Hope to join the second part of the blogging, I canttttt wait!!!!

  6. i’m ready tunning in from the Netherlands, it’s 11:45 pm here now.

    Any news on the live stream..?

    I feel like a total dork by the way …

  7. OMG!!! It’s almost time for Red Carpet Time!!!

    • @Carrie

      Was that a fangirl squeal I heard :0) Don’t worry, We don’t judge! lol

      • I did fangirl SQUEEEEED!!!! I think they heard my all the way in LA. 🙂

  8. Kellan and Ashley and on the Red Carpet Now!

  9. ok, so we’re here and not at the newest post?

  10. Anyone here??
    The Hill sucks. MTV U suck for making me watch this crap so I can get a glimpse of HHH.

  11. Hello all! Are we excited yet?!

    I am! I am! 🙂

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